Polywog 6

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Dear readers; here's the next chapter of Polywog. And many new chapters on the horizon. I hope ya like them.

Disclainer: This is a Science Fiction Story with Male to Male(?) Sex and Love relationships. If you are under eighteen years old, then you should not be here. You have been warned.

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Leo gasped and was awake. He thought, 'That was strange. No dreams!'

He got out of bed and jumped into the shower. His cock was painfully hard, but he didn't want to waste it just on himself. But it wouldn't let him go. He thought about a very tall muscular Bian. His bian. Red!

Before he clamped his hands on his much larger cock, he played with his stubbly chest hair. Leo said, "Oh no. I hope it doesn't chafe Red." Looking down he saw how hard he was and said, "Still there, huh?" He rubbed his nipples and said, "Just a moment and I'll take care of you too."

Leo closed his eyes and remembered the pictures Red sent him. Oh, that one was on Leo's mind. Where Red was half out of the water of some lush pool with ferns and lilies crowding the edge. That smile on Red's face could challenge the sun.

' NOW,' Leo thought as he grabbed his cock. It was only a moment and Leo was firing his liquid love again and again and again. He had to brace himself against the shower walls to keep from falling.

"Wow! Last time I got week in the knees when I jerked off; I was seventeen." He started to chuckle at himself.

Leo rinsed off and said, "Oh, You've got it bad." He needed two towels again, to dry off. He got dressed in his finest (and sexiest) clothes. He started to get breakfast ready and stopped short of cooking anything. Pancake batter was ready. Eggs for scrambling. He decided to cook the sausage and got them just right, then turned off the grill. He put them on a plate and covered them. He hated toast, but Red might like it so he had two in the toaster ready to go.

Leo shivered and pushed himself against the wall. It just so happened to be the wall next to the bathroom door. He straightened up and checked his height. He turned around to find he was nine feet two inches tall. Leo muttered, "Good./ I'm slowing down. Don't wanna be taller than the Emperor."

Leo checked himself in the mirror. Goatee trim. Clothes clean. It must be show time.

He walked to the gate and flung it open to.....

An empty square!

Rus' shop was closed. Kel's shop was closed! Was this a joke?

Leo almost whispered, "Where is everyone."

A deep bass voice rumbled Leo's soul as Red said, "No one here but little ol' me."

Leo's heart didn't know if it wanted to stop or beat a mile a minute. He took a breath and turned to his right to find a ten and a half foot tall Red haired Bian. Leo didn't even see the flowers in Red's hand.

Leo looked into Red's eyes and said, "Wow." Then rushed into an embrace. Before Red could think of something to say. Leo said, "You're so beautiful." Red hugged Leo back.

Leo said, "And you smell so good." Red chuckled softly and kissed the side of Leo's head.

Red said, "Either I've shrunk, or you've grown much taller than seven and a half feet tall."

Leo pulled back enough to look Red in the eyes and said, "I'm in Love."

Red searched Leo's face and then captured Leo's mouth in a long sweet kiss. They came up for air and Leo said, "I'm a few inches taller myself."

This time Leo attacked Red's mouth for a few minutes. When he could talk again, Red said, "I love you too, Leo."

Leo hugged Red again and this time Red softly said, "My Leo smells good, too." And kissed the top of Leo's head again. Then breathed in Leo's aroma.

They started kissing again until both their stomachs started to grumble. Leo laughed first and Red followed soon after.

Leo said, "Well that's good. They both have a conversation going while we're kissing."

Red chuckled and said, "I knew we'd get along. I just didn't think our stomachs would be the first part of our bodies to do so." They chuckled as their stomachs gurgled again.

Leo took Reds hand and pulled him into the courtyard and then into the kitchen. Leo said, "Let me feed my Red."

Red pulled back for a moment and Leo stopped.

Red looked a little shy but he said, "Say that again. I like how that sounds coming from your lips."

Leo shook Red's hand but held on tighter as he said, "MY Red. My Red. My Love."

Then he pulled Red into another kiss. Their stomachs were not going to be put off. But they tried to keep on kissing through the first grumble. The second and third grumble got them giggling.

Red said, "Their not going to shut up until we feed them."

Leo rushed to the plate with sausages and offered them to Red. Red took a bite and then offered the same sausage to Leo. Leo put his mouth over the sausage and Reds fingers and softly rubbed his teeth over Reds fingers and bit into the sausage. Then he pulled his lips over Reds fingers.

They pulled back and started chewing. But they were thinking of something other than food. Leo started the burner under the pancake griddle. He said "Do you like toast?"

Red saw the toaster and pushed the lever to start them. Red said, "Yes, but I remember you saying you don't. So what kind of jam do you have for me?"

Leo smirked and said, "Well I have cherry, strawberry, and blueberry preserves for us. I like cherry preserves with my pancakes."

Red was at the refrigerator and brought out the preserves and the Maple syrup. He said, "And maple syrup on top. I've tried maple syrup and find I like it, too."

The first set of pancakes were done and Leo flipped them onto Red's plate. Red frowned for a second then smirked. He had some fun in mind. then he reached for what he thought was a tub of regular butter. Without thinking about what he was going to say, Red said, "Hey your butter seems to have three colors..."

Leo blushed for a second before he finished what Red was thinking. Leo said, "Like the butter your father put on your honey sandwiches, he made himself; when you were five years old."

Red stuck his finger in the gutter and then in his mouth. He looked up into Leo's eyes and said, "That was in my second letter to you, huh? I never got to tell you how special that was for me."

Leo said, "I read enough of what you wrote between the lines, to guess a High Court Official didn't usually prepare their child's picnic lunch. And for him to do that for you and your friends, in front of your friends; said just how much he loved you. How important you were to him."

Red was having one of those multi feeling moments, but he chuckled anyway. His toothy smile said he was cutting through the still painful memories of loss of his father, and grabbing hold of his fathers love for him. Red said, "My friends couldn't believe they were eating sandwiches prepared by the Emperor himself. Usually Papa would either have food prepared or do it himself. That was considered a normal duty of the EmCom for their child."

Leo said, "But for the Emperor himself to serve children food?"

Red said, "What was the world coming to? But he was my Father. He was teaching me one of the most important ideals of the Bian people. It is an Honor to Serve ."

Leo flipped four more pancakes onto Red's plate and Red got that smirk again. Red buttered them up and spooned dollops of preserves on to the plate. Then he made a flourish of drowning them in Maple syrup. Leo had started another set of pancakes and glanced up as Red cut a bite of pancakes out of the stack with his fork. Red had his face tipped down at the plate but was looking at Leo's reaction, as he spread the pancake bite into cherry preserves and through the maple syrup again. Red's fork hovered over the plate until he caught Leo's eyes.

Red started to whisper the words, "Choo-Choo-Choo, Choo-Choo-Choo, Choo-Choo-Choo." Red started to move the fork towards Leo's mouth as he said that.

Leo burped out a laugh and said, "Oh no. You people do that with your children, too?"

Red smiled, "Yes. And we still have steam trains. And they have to be feed lots of food so they can chug chug chug through their day. Now open up like a good bian."

Leo thought to play a second and held his lips tightly closed. He pulled his head back just a bit, but couldn't keep his mouth from smiling as he did it.

Red played along and said, "Come on now. You love cherry preserves." Pause. "Choo-Choo-Choo."

That did it. Leo opened his mouth as wide as he could and still have a smile on it. Red put the pancake bite(of love) in Leo's mouth and Leo bit it off of the fork. Leo started to slowly chew and smile as Red said, "Good Bian."

The next set of pancakes were a little browner than usual, but still tasty.

Red alternated forkfuls between Leo and himself, while Leo finished making the pancakes.

Leo turned the burner off and popped the batter bowl into the sink to soak, along with the spoon.

He turned back to find Red buttering Leo's pancakes and putting cherry preserves on his plate. Leo walked over as Red poured the maple syrup over Leo's pancakes. Leo took Red's fork and said, "I know it is an honor to serve, but it's my turn this time."

Red didn't protest and Leo fed Red and himself until the pancakes were gone. Near the end Red said, "Service!" and then shook his head.

Leo looked at him and said, "With a smile?!" Red could tell it was still a question from Leo.

Red said, "When I turned seventeen, tradition holds that Heir-Apparent's to the throne should be silently apprenticed to a humble common trade for a year. I decided to apprentice to a baker near the outskirts of the Capital. At the time, Father had been pushing towards me apprenticing with an old military specialist. The Mabian War was getting frustrating for Father. Luckily Uncle Dan stuck up for me and reminded Father where he apprenticed when he had turned seventeen."

Leo said, "Where?"

Red said, "A little village produce store, located in the south along the shore."

Leo said, "Your father apprenticed to the bian that sold Rus his shop?"

Red nodded and said, "And taught Father how to surf."

Leo said, "Wow. Did he teach you?"

Red got a little more serious and said, "No. Rus did. We've been friends for over forty years now. No I never got to surf with Father. After I turned eighteen, I never saw Father again. My pride kept me from walking through the viewing room when he died. I was apprenticed to an architect at the time and it was easy to get leave to go to the funeral. The whole country was mourning."

Leo said, "Wait a minute. You said you wanted to apprentice to a baker! Who's this architect? And you said for a year. How could you do both in a year."

Red looked apprehensive as he said, "So all this time, Rus has told you nothing about what happened when I turned eighteen?"

Leo blushed as he said, "My love, for some reason, the Emperor of the Bian People hardly ever came up in conversation. Rus did like to hear about my pen pal Red. But he never let me know he knew you. Either as Red or the Emperor. I guess he wanted me to make up my own mind, what I thought about you. And keep me from asking too many questions about you."

Red said, "I had asked Rus to refrain from telling you he knew me. Your first few letters had me very interested in you and I wanted to keep our relationship as free as possible from my position."

Leo smiled and said, "So getting back to the part where you didn't really want to talk about your father..."

Red said, "I see I can't distract you for long." Red looked down at his empty plate and Leo realized he was still hungry.

Leo picked up Red's plate and said, "I'm going to scramble up some eggs. And while I do that for the Bian that I love, he can tell me what happened."

Red said, "That seems fair, my love."

Leo got the frying pan started and Red collected his thought for a moment. Then Red said, "I turned seventeen, and with Uncle Dan's help I started to apprentice with Baker Dee~bek Ver-ked. But I over heard Father and Uncle Dan arguing about what I would be doing after I turned eighteen. Uncle Dan was angry because Father still intended that I was going to apprentice with the military specialist he had chosen for me at seventeen. Uncle Dan said ' a monarch should be teaching his heir how to minister to his own people, not make war on another race.' Father said ' I have to lead my people in this war if I ever hope to end it. Ben has to get his hands dirty if he hopes to lead the Bian people someday.' Then my Uncle said ' Does he have to learn the art of killing and death, to properly lead the Bian people? Isn't that what your generals are for?' I walked away without them knowing I heard them talking. If I had stayed a few moments more, I would have heard my father worry about being killed during one of his appearances at the Frontier Battle Zones, and leaving me to do all those things to fight a war. He was afraid if I didn't get enough training I wouldn't survive. He told Uncle Dan he wanted me to be an Emperor that ruled in peaceful times, but he thought he wasn't doing a very good job trying to end the war."

Red stopped for a moment and drank some juice. He said, "Pineapple juice. My favorite."

Leo just smiled and had the scrambled eggs seasoned and mixed with some cheese. There were some grated potatoes with some onions that he started with the eggs. They were still cooking, so he put the eggs in the oven on low and looked up at Red. Leo said, "So you never knew about your fathers fears for you?"

Red said, "Not until a year after he died. At the time, I was so angry at him. I felt betrayed or tricked. So I thought I'd teach him a lesson. I sure taught him." He hung his head and shook it a few times.

Red said, "Two days before my eighteenth birthday I asked Master Baker Dee where there was a good produce stand in the south. He told me of this little village called MosShoals. Then I informed him I had to take my leave of service to him. He knew who I was, but tradition kept him from acknowledging my station. I told him a wise ruler knew his people and that I had a lot of Crafts to learn before I returned to this city. Then I bent my head and said' Please Master. If anyone asks, I've never talked about any place but here. Please Master.' I was heartbroken that I had to leave, but I couldn't keep on think about the difference between my Father when I was five years old and my Father when I was eighteen. I thought my Father had become indifferent. I didn't learn the truth for twelve years. My father was just starting to become exhausted with the war. So what do I do? One day before my eighteenth birthday, instead of going to the bakery, I get on a bus heading south. Since the bakery was in the capital, I was never assigned guards for protection. Since I had never run away before, no one knew to look for me at bus stations. By dinnertime I was three provinces away, and hitchhiking to MosShoals. Then my father found the note I left for him. It said ' Father you think more about the war than you do your own people. I've left to learn more about the people you want me to lead. I will not be back until I have succeeded at that endeavor. I love you and Papa, but I just don't understand the look in your eyes anymore. I miss the bian that took the time to make his tad and his tad's friends some three butter and honey sandwiches. Maybe if I learn what the common bian does for his living, I'll be able to learn where my father went. I need to tell him I love him, as well as the Bian on the throne. Please don't look for me. I will return when I feel I am proper material for Heir to the Throne. You and Papa have my love. EhrEmRex Ben~aug Tan-rom" ."

Red stopped for a moment and Leo served the hash brown potatoes with the scrambled eggs. They ate quietly for a while and then Leo said, "Did your father ever try to find you?"

Red smiled and said, "At first he honored my request. Part of me had hoped he would search for me and not stop until I was found. Luckily he didn't do that. I had a lot of growing up to do. Begging to be taken as an apprentice, with no family to back you up, and no school papers to show you have half a brain, was humbling and enlightening. I had no real idea of the depth of generosity and kindness my people had, until I was taken in over and over again. You see, I was a fast study and soon pleased each master I apprenticed to. Father refused to acknowledge any question as to where I was. And for eight years the news media bians honored his request to ignore my absence. So without the royal clothes and no story from the royal family, I was able to convince my masters I just looked like the Prince. Then Papa got sick and Father gave an interview hoping to get me to come home or at least get more information as to where I was. I started to notice some softly inquisitive bians appear at my masters place of business. Then bians that had nothing to do but sit and waste the day watching where I worked. I tolerated that for two weeks and then moved on to the next craft I felt I needed to learn. Oh it got to be a game with me and the new royal guard. And Papa soon regained his health. Then rumors, as to what I was doing started to circulate. They figured out I was amongst the people doing common everyday work. Then I learned My Uncle Dan had skipped ship too. When the rumors started he decided to, "find me" by going from one rumored area I had been in to another. He would stay a week helping the master I had worked for and then move on. The news media bians didn't even ask permission to talk about that and Father was livid. But he did nothing to change what the news bians did. What was kept from the public was my fathers health. Four years after that the fun stopped. The royal fools( my name for the secret royal guards) hadn't arrived yet in my new little town, when the EmCom, my Papa, went on TV and radio and pleaded with me to come home. Father's health had suffered from a lung infection he caught while visiting the troops on the frontier. He had been suffering through headaches and one night Father woke up Papa with a seizure. He had a stroke. he wasn't expected to live more than a few days. That sure taught me the price of pride. If only I had stepped out into the center of the market place and said 'I am the Prince, Please take me to my Father' I might have been able to at least say good-bye to my Father. But NO. I had to do it on my own. That little town was at the other end of the nation. The flight I took had two connecting flights, just to get to the capital. A Security Officer at the Capital air terminal recognized my face and arranged transportation. I arrived at the palace and the driver turned off the siren on his vehicle. From that sound, to the tolling of the bells, was more than I could take. No one noticed one more bian stumbling around weeping for the loss of our Emperor. I had a Father to grieve for on top of that. When I came out of my funk, I contacted Uncle Dan and walked home to an exhausted Papa. I tried to apologize for not getting home in time. Papa just held me and let me cry."

Leo stepped close and said, "It still hurts, huh?"

Red said, "Yes. even after twenty years. I still miss my father. At least Papa was able to see The Bian people at peace with the Mabian people. He died Ten years ago."

Red was still sitting down on a kitchen stool and pulled Leo into and embrace. His head snuggled into Leo's chest. Red said, "But now I have someone to hold when I miss my parents. Someone who loves me as much as I love them." Red's legs wrapped around Leo's hips as Leo pulled Red's head tighter into his chest for a kiss on Red's head.

Leo started to rub Red's back and feel the massive muscle that rolled under the skin. Leo said, "I Love the way you smell right now, but I bet you'd like a bath after your long journey. Would you like a shower or a hot tub?"

Red looked up into Leo's eyes and said, "As long as you're in there with me, both sound wonderful." Red's smile lit up Leo's heart.

Leo smiled and said, "A hot tub sounds good right now."

Leo got Red to his feet and led him to the huge bathroom. Leo said, "Now I really understand why everything is built so large. I thought this was a swimming pool when I got here. Now it's just a good sized tub for two." Leo lost track of what he was saying when Red started to kiss the back of his neck. The water filled the tub and Leo had placed enough bubble bath into it for the stuff to make a nice bubbly mat on the surface of the water. Leo stepped in and helped Red get in facing away from him.

When they sat down, Leo had to pull his cock our of the way or else he wouldn't get around to washing Red's back. Red said, "I get this feeling you really love baths."

Leo started to wash Red's back and said, "This being only the third time I used the tub, I'm pretty sure that feeling your getting is all due to you." Then he kissed Red's massive back.

Leo said, "Who ever looks after your exercise program should get a raise. You have such a huge beautiful back.," Leo continues scrubbing but is using two hand cloths to do so. He stops and leans in to hug Red from behind. With the side of he head snuggling against Red's back, Leo said, "You feel so good."

Red pulls the cloth from Leo's right hand and bends his head down to kiss it. Red chuckled and said, "You feel good Feeling me."

That got a mischievous look on Leo's face and he tweaked Red's left nipple. That got Red to gently nibble on the tips of Leo's fingers.

Red twisted around and said, "It looks like My back is clean. My turn to clean you."

Leo got a mock sad look on his face as he said, "But I'm already clean. I took a shower before you got here."

Leo's erection was almost as large as Reds. this fact caught their attention as soon as they were facing each other in the tub. Red slowly and lovingly took hold of Leo's cock with both hands as he said, "Then whatever am I going to find to occupy my hands?" He then started to lick the end of Leo's cock, like an Ice Cream Cone. Pulling his lips up and off of it slowly. Leo only had the sides of the tub to hold onto as Red's lips made Leo's cock harder and harder,

Leo's toe's curled for purchase on anything. But the tub sides just let them slide by. They started to make a squeaky sound. Leo then said, "Oh my love. Oh, Oh Red. O Red, Oh, OH."

Red pulled off long enough to say, "Yes Leo, my love?"

Leo got more frantic when he heard those words. He said, "Oh god. Oh Red. O darling. I can't hold back. I'm coming, Red."

Leo went rigid as Red said, "Good. I was still just a bit hungry." Then he clamped his mouth over Leo's dong and swallowed every drop of Leo's cum. Leo spasmed for a good two minutes before he could relax and breathe normally.

When he could open his eyes again, he saw Red licking his lips and a tiny bit of cum on Red's cheek. Red smiled and said, "You really know how to feed a lover." Then Red bit his lower lip.

Leo grabbed Red's head and said, "Come here you" and kissed Red long and hard. Red shared some of his prize with Leo. Leo felt like he was in heaven. Red later told him that that was exactly what he was feeling at the time, too.

They got out of the tub and rinsed off in the shower. Their love making got heated up again but they decided to dry off and move to the bedroom. They were both leaking precum and needed no lubricant to be able to enter each other.

Leo moaned, "Oo Red you feel so good."

Red said, "I was so afraid I'd be too big for you. But you fit just right. Leo I love you."

Leo said, "I love you."

They started working them selves a little harder and words went by the wayside. Their grunts and moans said it all until....

Half an hour later. Leo said, "Red I'm coming again."

Red said, "Leo. I'm there too."

The multitude of sensations were equally demanding and enthralling. As their bodies thrust into each other, held each other, surged and ebbed and fit and flowed around and in each other; they both were the ocean and the shore. Moving and being moved, with equal power and grace. Like the act of creation with the cresting of a wave.

Their love making left them both languid and in need of a brief nap. Leo had a bit more sleep the night before and woke up first. He hadn't forgotten what his sex play with Rus and Kel had taught him. In particular, He wanted Red awake before he tried to separate himself from his lover. That kind of reaction deserves full awareness.

Red was on his side but also leaning back a bit with Leo held on the left side of Red's chest. Leo looked at Red's face before he tried to get his attention. Red's face displayed contentment. Leo slowly stuck his tongue and gently licked around Red's left nipple. Red's nipple obligingly grew more erect with this attention from Leo. With more of a structure to play with, Leo's tongue slowly explored the tip and the cylinder shape of Red's nipple. Red's breathing quickened and his eyes slowly blinked open as his hold on Leo tightened a bit.

Red smiled an said, "That may be the only thing you'll be able to get up for a while."

Leo smirked and said, "Who says that's the reaction I'm looking for?"

Red started to say, "What are you talking about?" But didn't get much of a chance to finish the sentence when Leo pulled himself out of and away from Red. The typical reaction of removing a bian's privates from another bian's privates caught them both with a very powerful reaction.

Their arms pulled their shoulders together and their heads curled towards each other as their orgasms shot through their bodies.

When their breathing got back to normal, Red was the first to speak. He said, "I see you've learned a lot about bians and their ways. You little devil." Then Red started to pepper the side of Leo's head with quick kisses. He slowed down when they both got painfully erect again. Red found Leo''s mouth and gave him a kiss that tried to suck Leo's tongue out of his mouth. This time Leo was breathing a bit faster than normal.

Red had a lazy, sexy smile on his face as he said, "You love me." No question at all.

Leo caught his breath and answered with the same look on his face. He said, "Guilty as charged. Time for the accused to receive his punishment." Leo's smile got bigger.

Red muttered, "Ooooooo." And then tickled Leo for a moment or two just to hear him squeal at least once.

The tickling ended when Leo said, "You win, you win."

Red said, "So how do you propose your punishment be handled?"

Leo tipped his head to the side as he looked at Red's lips. He frowned and said, "You're going to have to find someone else for that job. Nothing you ever do to me could ever be punishment. Except leaving me." He smiled with his lips but his brow still frowned.

The power of Leo's words washed over Red and he knew the truth they held for both of them. Words wouldn't come for Red to Tell Leo how he felt. His own smile and frown left his face as he kissed Leo's neck where it met his shoulder. Then he pecked at it with soft kisses, till seconds later they both felt their hard erections slip into each other. Red's passion erupted like a volcano and he bit Leo's shoulder, while sucking on it with al his might. Leo's eye's screwed shut as his mouth flew open in the loudest, silent scream he'd ever felt. Their pouches tightened over their erections and they both came like the God of Love demanded every drop of cum be given to the one they love.

Thinking was not possible for many minutes. When Red realized the depth of what his body and soul just went through, the only reaction he could think of was to put as much of his body as he possibly could around Leo. He started saying, "Mine, mine, mine, mine!"

Leo was thinking the same thing. But their lovemaking had exhausted them both. This time they both pulled out of each other as they dozed off.

Red woke up an hour later to find Leo had turned in his sleep and his arms were locked onto Red's as they passed over Leo's chest. Leo's but cheeks were gently squeezing Red's cock. Red almost laughed out loud. Instead he rose up enough to look at Leo's face. Leo had a sweet little smile on his face and as Red pulled his left arm one way to look at Leo's face, Leo's grip on it tightened and a frown flashed over his face. As Red let him pull his arm closer to Leo's chest, Leo's smile returned. Red couldn't help himself. He tightened his hold on Leo and shook him back and forth just a little, as he giggled like a child.

Leo's breathing quickened and his eye's opened. He felt Red's chubby half erect cock between his butt cheeks and said, "Umm. that feels good." He promptly squeezed Red a few times.

Red said, "I'll say." Then Leo's stomach gurgled.

Red said, "I know what that means." Then his own stomach started to groan.

Leo started to laugh and said, "It's a conspiracy. They know how to get their way now."

Red chuckled as he helped Leo out of bed. He said, "And they won't stop until they get their way."

Leo said, "Quick shower?" Their stomachs made a quick comment on that idea and then stopped.

Red said, "Very quick."

The water got to the right temperature and they washed each other with a minimum of horseplay or love touching. Their stomachs took on the attitude of a slave driver. Each dalliance was soon met with a gurgle or a groan. They were soon rinsed and dry. Leo took Red's hand and led him to the large closet.

Leo said, "Kel, my neighbor and taylor, made me some clothes that are still a bit too big for me. See if you like any and they fit." Red's hand paused over one deep russet, almost red set of pants and doublet, and then moved on. Leo looked at the set of clothes he could still fit in ands saw one set almost exactly like the set Red passed over. Leo took Red's hand and guided it back to the Russet outfit and reached for the matching set in his size. Red smiled and in no time they were dressed and ready to see the sights of the sleepy little town called MosShoals.

When they opened the gate, they found Rus had been doing a little decorating last night. The produce stand was opened but was covered with multi-colored paper streamers accented with mylar stars of gold and silver. Rus and Col were finishing offloading a late shipment of bright red apples. They had noticed that this shipment from the grower was being driven by the grower himself. And that the grower was dressed in some very fine clothes for a simple apple delivery. They didn't say anything about his attire as their own was also a bit expensive than what they usually wear. Rus was in a deep blue doublet and pants outfit with silver trim and Col had a matching set but three or four shades lighter in tone.

When they realized Red and Leo had walked up to the produce stand; Rus, Col and the grower all fell to their knees. This got Red and Leo to both say, "Rus!" at the same time. They looked at each other and chuckled then they looked at each others mouth. They were kissing for a good minute before they heard Kel say, "Awww."

Red and Leo broke the kiss and found Rus, Col, the grower and Kel standing and watching them kiss. Kel realized his hand in stopping the kiss and not bowing yet. Kel looked embarrassed but fell to his knees.

Red held the bridge of his nose for a second as his eyes closed. He said, "Kel~set Tam-mos. As I recall you are my second cousin on my Papa's side of the family and we used to play together as children. Surely you remember how much I dislike people kneeling in front of me."

Kel stood up and smiled as he said, "Yes cousin, but I was kneeling to honor the way you treat the common Bian. It's one of your qualities I always loved about you."

Leo saw Red bow his head and saw how truly humble this Emperor was. Red took two steps and hugged Kel. He said, "It's been a long time, cousin."

Rus stepped a few feet closer and cleared his throat and looked at the sky. Red looked over and pulled Rus into the embrace. Red said, "Yes, I missed you too, Rus."

Leo noticed Col looking a bit left out, so he walked over and hugged Col. He said, "Here's one for you too."

Col looked happier. Then he felt larger hands around himself and Leo. Col opened his eyes to a serious Bian with a red goatee. Red was keeping his jealousy in check, but still said, "Mine." And slipped his arms around Leo only.

Col looked a bit afraid until he felt another set of arms wrap around his chest and Kel's head rest on top of his right shoulder. All Kel said was, "Mine." And then the whole group started to laugh.

Rus said, "Well now that that's settled. Who's hungry?"

More than two stomachs grumbled and Rus pulled Col with him into his kitchen. Kel walked over to two larger than average chairs and held them for Red and Leo. The table that Rus usually used had an extra leaf put in it to give them more room.

Kel looked at Red and muttered, "Traditions."

Red looked up and then at Leo and said, "Oh yeah." Then he leaned closer to Leo and puckered his lips. And waited.

Leo was smiling and looked up at Kel. Kel leaned over to Leo's ear and whispered, "The traditions of The Lovers call for you two to kiss each time you sit or stand."

Leo chuckled and leaned into a good kiss with Red.

When they sat back Leo chuckled and said, "So much to love about the Bian people."

Red looked proud of himself. His right foot started to rub Leo's inner thighs.

Rus brought out a large tureen with a ladle and Col had the bowls and silverware. The table had napkins for six people and Col laid out the silverware. Jeb appeared with a covered tray from the Tailor shop and after placing it on the table followed Col into Rus' kitchen. Rus and Kel seated themselves. Col and Jeb returned with a water pitcher and glasses, and a very large pot of tea. The cups (almost mug size) were already on the table. The sugar, lemon and cream also had been set on the table from earlier in the day. Col started to serve chicken soup and Jeb uncovered the tray to reveal the many sandwiches already made. They were small enough that a normal sized bian wouldn't feel like a pig eating three or four. Of course Leo and Red had ten each.

The first comment on the meal was from Red. He said, "I still don't understand why I can't find one servant who can make tea that tastes as good as yours, Rus. There's a secret ingredient that you haven't told anyone about. Isn't there?"

Rus smiled and said, "Red I would never do that to my friends and family."

Red said, "My Papa said your family has a tradition of that secret ingredient in their tea. Your family serves it to everyone, but they only tell their lovers what the secret ingredient is on their wedding day."

Rus belched a laugh and said, "That's the silliest thing I ever heard of. A secret ingredient in tea."

Red did not look convinced but Rus cut him off and said, "Speaking of that, more tea anyone?"

All hands around the table held up their nearly empty tea cups. Rus just smiled and filled them. Red chuckled and shook his head. Red didn't mention it again. But the look on Red's face got Leo to thinking.

Leo knew Kel had been a biochemist during the Mabian War. Surely it wouldn't be that hard for Kel to identify the missing puzzle piece of Rus' family tea recipe. But then again. Leo knew the Bian nose was extremely sensitive. You'd think by now someone would have gotten a whiff of the extra ingredient. Then Leo looked into Red's eyes and any idea other than the contradiction of feeling lost and feeling like he was right where he ought to be, at the same time; flew right out of Leo's head.

Red said, "I saw three different thoughts dance in your head, like they couldn't decide if they liked you or not. Then when you looked into my eyes just now, I could see those thoughts had vanished. What replaced them was too much for me to comprehend. Except the part where they all revolved around me. And yes it did make me feel safe and loved. But I still want to know the rest of that non-verbal conversation." Red paused and said at half volume, "Unless verbalizing it in public will embarrass you."

Leo said, "No Red. Those kind of thoughts for you make me feel good. And it's kind of funny. Because two of those thoughts I had in my mind were feeling that you made me feel safe and loved."

Red's smile got wider, but he let Leo find the time to be able to talk. Leo said, "And along with Safe and Loved, were Playful, and Sexy and Humble. I see that in you and it brings it out in me." Leo waited so the next part would have a bit more impact.

Leo then said, "And your Passion for all of your people. I see that in more things than just in your eyes. But the one thing,. the one joyous thought/feeling that could have been missed while I took all those others in and let them play with my soul while you were watching; was the one that said, "We are going to have children someday. And you are going to be the best Father or Papa. And we are going to give our kids love, teach them love, show them how much we love each other and the rest of our family." "

Leo said, "So since that one feeling took so many words to help it sing, I can understand how you might have missed parts of it as you saw it form in my mind."

Red had not released Leo's eyes, so Leo could tell his words made the right impact.

Red let his eyes do a lot of the responding to Leo's words, but he still needed a finger to curl up and ask Leo to come closer. Leo knew the type of communicating Red had planned and was in 100% agreement with Red.

Col and Rus had been cleaning up the Lunch dishes while Red and Leo were speaking like lovers do. Words and kisses and long knowing looks. All singing the song of love.

As Red and Leo let them selves have a wonderful little silence after coming up for air; Red noticed that the dishes Rus had used were fine china. And now that Red and Leo were once again letting the world in, Red noticed a slight anxious look on Col's face as he cleared off the table.

Red knew very well what kind of chef, Col was. Rus' letters were always filled with glowing praise for his apprentice now Journeyman's ability and flair to cook.

Red said, "Col? If my lover was wise, and I believe he still is; he would have asked you to prepare and serve our First Lover's Supper."

Col smiled and said, "He agreed to let me cook the dinner before hew even knew it was part of the Lovers traditions for a third person to prepare and serve dinner."

Red said, "I have to say, that I am feeling full and happy with lunch. But your Uncle's letters only had the highest praise for your culinary skills. And just the thought makes me a little hungry. And curious to see the menu."

Rus and Kel gasped in frustration and then Rus said, "Red, you know quite well you are not supposed to see the Menu before you both arrive at Leo's front gate."

Red hung his head in mock shame and said, "Sorry." softly.

Red smiled again and said, "Well it can't hurt to know how many and who are going to be your helpers?"

Col had walked back into the kitchen and when he returned to answer Red's question, he brought a pitcher of Pink Lemonade with him. The glasses were on a tray with the pitcher and soon everyone was sitting back relaxing. Red's right hand found Leo's left hand and held on tight. Funny thing was, as their hands tightened, their bodies relaxed even more.

Col put his glass down with the ice cubes tinkling. He said, "I was going to only have my Uncle Rus help with dinner. But now I want to add two special dishes to the menu, so i'll need the help of my lover. If he will?"

Kel said, "You let me honor the one whose assistance helped me find my true love. Yes, my love. I will help you. And since it is now an hour past noon, we should send the lovers off by themselves. To shop, or sit or swim or nap in each other's arms. And remind them to keep the time seven pm in mind, and return to Leo's front gate ay that hour. Col will direct his helpers in setting the mood and making the meal for The Lovers First Supper."

Col said, "I have quite a bit ready to take over to Leo's kitchen and start cooking. But before that can happen, the Lovers must each pay for their supper with a kiss to the Chef and to his helpers. And upon receiving a kiss back from Chef and helpers to Each lover, they must find themselves occupied away from the front gate and preparations for tonight."

Col soon had Rus and Kel lined up in back of him. all three eager for a simple kiss from those they truly loved as brothers. Col pointed to his right cheek, but Red held Col's head and kissed Col on the lips with only a tease of tongue. Leo tickled Col's molars while Red was doing the same to Rus, and then Kel. Leo followed in line and then looked a little confused. Then he looked back the way he came and smirked as he kissed Kel, Rus and then Col. Red followed his example and then arm in arm; Red and Leo headed toward the Book sellers.

Col mumbled to Kel, "Can you get a gallon each of Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry ice cream? And try to make sure it comes in the rectangular box, please. I'll also need three dozen eggs.

Kel said, "I'll start heading to the Dairybian and I should miss them while their in the book store.

Rus said, "I'll help with the rest of the food transfer."

Col smiled and said, "Excellent. Lets begin."

As Kel walked the same way red and Leo went, Rus and Col opened Leo's gate and kitchen door then cleared counter space and storage space in the refrigerator and freezer for the courses to rest before they get cooked or served. As Rus and Col started carting the food over to Leo's on one of Rus carts, Col noticed the water weeds in the nursing pool. As they got into Leo's kitchen, Col opened some of the smaller doors. He found what he wanted on the second door."

Rus recognized what the glass candle holding boats were for. He looked at Col and said, "I'll grab my garden tools and get the nursing pool look very inviting." He picked up five of the twelve boats and headed towards his place, making a little detour by the Nursing pool.

Rus quickly returned with a garden waste barrel and tools to groom the little pool to their needs. In only twenty minutes Rus got the pool looking great and ready with the five candle boats floating on the surface. He'd light the candles as the sun set. By that time Kel had returned, so he and Rus literally jumped into the shower to get clean, then jumped back out, dried off got dressed and were chopping or grating or doing what Col told them to do.

Their Mission was a pure one. Feed the Lovers. Feed the lovers Romantic settings. Sing one of the Assistant Mating songs. Guide them to the Nursing pool and serve the Honey mead. Then guide them to the bedroom and play it by ear. It could end with all three Chef/helpers helping in bed. Or too much Honey Mead and the lovers fall asleep in each others arms( after being carried to bed) and the three go back to Rus' place to, "take the edge off."

Rus chuckled as he was thinly slicing carrots. Col said, "Uncle Rus, now I asked you to put the humorous carrots in the stewing pot."

Kel raised one eyebrow and Rus said, "I was just thinking about the Traditions and all the crazy things that push them off kilter."

Kel said, "Yeah and then those same crazy things become some of the best parts of the traditions. Because we took them in stride and laughed with them. We remembered love."

Kel was finished slicing up the soup vegetables and poured them into the simmering pot. He rinsed the cutting board off, set it down, and walked over to Col. He slowly took the knife out of Col's hand. Then he turned Col away from the food. He looked up just a little into Col's eyes and had too much to say. His heart tried. But all of it was important and none would back down to let the other feelings and words out. Col saw the sea of emotions rolling in Kel's eyes and realized he was in a similar position. At least Col was able to say, "Me, too, Kel. Me, too." Then Col kissed Kel for a good five minutes. and upon ending their kiss they suddenly grabbed each other in a very tight hug. Their hearts were able to relax after five more minutes of that and they were able to remind each other, "I love you ". Then they got back to the dinner and were ready to go by six twenty. Everything was either simmering, baking, chilling, or ready to toss. Col got the three Baked Alaska's ready and back into the freezer. That was when Rus and Kel picked up Col and took him to the bathroom. He didn't struggle or complain. Particularly when the two older bians washed him from head to toe. Rus had a second set of clothes ready for all three. A cream colored doublet with gold piping. and Golden knee pants with white piping. No sandals.

Kel had earlier lit the boat candles and the candles on the Patio table, when the sun set. They were almost to the gate when the bell was wrung. They took a deep breath, smiled and opened the gate upon their Emperor and his Emcon

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