Ripped Van Winkle

Rip got home at his normal hour and felt like shit. His job wasn't physically demanding, yet the boss had been turning up the heat. His Boss. What a crock. Rip's father had been the one in the seventies that built the Van Winkle Supplements company into the powerhouse it was today. But after Rip's father passed away from a diuretic induced heart attack a day before a big Bodybuilding contest; Rip had turned over the managing of the corporation to a man the stockholders trusted. Luckily Rip couldn't be terminated form his position. But that didn't prevent the muscle bound CEO from putting more and more work in Rip's lap.

Rip's partner, Beau von Peck wouldn't get home for another hour. Rip looked at his gut as he rubbed it and though about making a healthy dinner for Beau and himself. Rip had been called a bear for as long as he had been out. He had some decent muscle, but on a five foot five inch frame with average shoulder width, the fat he had, hid just how much muscle was really there. Beau had been getting on Rip's case for the past two years, to loose the fat. Beau said he was afraid that Rip inherited his father's heart problems. Beau keep harping on the fact that Rip would live longer the less fat he had on his body.

Beau on the other had, really had a thing for big bellied bears. But it was for muscle bellies. Not fat.
About the only thing that was fat on Beau was the size of his full bulging muscles. He was six foot two and well above two hundred and fifty pounds of meat.

Rip's hand rubbed his belly and the thought of going out with Beau to that Rib Joint called the Bear Pit, steered him away from making dinner. Rip pulled the Bear Pit menu out of the pile of other menus, and gave it a look. Then Rip flopped down into his well worn recliner and took a nap till Beau got home.

Rip was woken up to someone rubbing his belly. It was Beau and he was in his gym clothes.

Beau said "Hey handsome. So you decided to go with me to the gym? Though you could have changed before you took a nap. Has Carl been jumping down your throat again?"

Rip had completely forgotten Beau asking him to go to the gym that night. Damn!
Rip got up and said "Carl doesn't jump. He lunges. He added three accounts over to my work load, and all within an hour of me getting there. I'll get changed."

Rip missed the Bear Pit menu fluttering to the ground at Beau's feet as he went into their bedroom to change clothes.
Beau picked it up and opened it. A light bulb went off over his head and he frowned. Rip had forgotten about going to the gym and had been planning to go to the Bear Pit instead. Wait! Maybe Rip was just looking to where they could go after the gym? Yeah right! But how to find out the truth?

Beau walked to the bedroom door and Rip was bending over to pull a big enough sweatshirt out of the bottom drawer. His big meaty butt got Beau tenting his own shorts. Then Rip stood back up and gave beau a perfect roid gut side view. There was some thick muscle beneath the flab, and Beau was reminded why he was with Rip. Then Rip turned before he put his shirt on and saw the amount of attention Beau's cock was paying him. That got a cocky grin on Rips face, until he saw the menu in Beau's hand. He couldn't keep himself from going bug eyed at that. Of course, that was when Beau looked up from Rips belly and saw the look on Rip's face. He had forgotten about the gym! Beau moved the menu from his crotch to his left shoulder. And Rip's eyes followed it.

Beau said "I should have known. You were going to try and see if we could go to the Bear pit for dinner. You forgot about going to the gym, didn't you?"

Rip's nod got Beau shouting "I love you but you drive me nuts. Do you just want to keep getting fatter till your heart goes like your father's? Just when I think we can talk about getting married and you start making me think I'm gonna be a widower before the honeymoon. Do you want to die young and leave me all alone?"

Rip burped out "Like that could happen." He regretted it immediately.

Beau was hurt and said "You still think there could be anyone else in my heart but you?"

Beau and Rip had gone around and around on that topic. And Beau still hadn't been able to convince his lover that, Beau saw more than the physical when he looked at Rip. Rip's self doubt reared it's ugly head and kept Rip silent.

Beau looked down and nodded once. He said "Fine. You go to your Bear Pit. I'm going to the gym. I'll see you when I get back."

Beau left before Rip could pull the idea that he could loose Beau into focus. By the time he was ready to say something to Beau, his lover had already left for the gym. Rip's doubt and fear got the upper hand again and his belly grumbled. He thought 'Those little baby potatoes and some spare ribs. That's what I want.' What he really wanted was Beau but his doubt hid that with the allure of food.

Rip still wasn't happy about going to the Bear Pit, but he had to eat, right?
He got in his car and drove to that little secluded Old fashioned Mall and got out in front of the Bear pit. But something was really wrong. The smell that always pervaded the area was gone. Along with the smoke stack that lead out of the old style fireplace style grill, next to the smoking grill. He could barely see into the place, but he could tell that there were a few people inside. But they were moving around weird. He could hear something like the sound of distant thunder and it appeared to be coming from inside the Bear Pit. Just then he heard someone call out "Rip! Rip Van Winkle!"

Rip turned and there was a true vision of a bodybuilder. But the guy looked like someone had dropped a two ton weight on him. This guy was shorter than Rip by close to a foot. But he had to weigh at least three hundred pounds and all of it muscle. And talk about muscle. The guys package was ready to pull the seams out of those short 501 jeans the Muscle Freak was wearing.

Dirk Stumple said "Rip to earth. Rip. help me with this thing." Rip looked up past the guys handsome face and noticed a barrel just a bit short of a fifty five gallon kind. It was perched on Dirk's shoulder, but it was a bit unwieldy with liquid inside sloshing around.

Rip remembered Dirk from his father's bodybuilding days. Dirk had been in Europe when his dad died.
Rip said "Sure Dirk. Where is it going?" The label on the barrel said 'Uberschlong Ale'.

Dirk said "Into the Bear Pit Gym and Juice Bar. I just got my liquor license."

Rip grabbed one end and they carried the barrel through the entrance and into the bar area to the right of the check in desk. Rip could tell where the sound of thunder was coming from. The gym had about ten huge members shaped just like Dirk. And they were practically throwing the equipment and weights around the gym. When they dropped a dumb bell, it looked like it was trying to dent the concrete floor. And Rip could swear that he saw some chips fly off of the floor as the weights bounced.

Rip said "What happened to the Bear Pit restaurant?"

Dirk frowned and started to tap the keg. He said "Oh the owner and his brother both had fatal heart attacks within a week of each other. They had too many meals here. I saw the potential for a cool gym away from the interstate and the trendy Gay bars or gyms."

Rip smiled at Dirk and said "You've put on some serious weight. My dad wouldn't stand a chance on stage with you beside him. I know the chemo your father went through soured you on drugs.
So how did you get to look like a Freakin Huge Morph?"

Dirk pulled Rip closer and said "My friends from Austria finally let me in on their secret. And they started to ship me the Uberschlong Ale, over six months ago. It has just the right amount of carbs and proteins. Not to mention the synthetic enzymes and other hyper-hormones they add for the full affect."

Another peal of thunder went through the Pit and it was just the guys pushing the iron a little loudly.

Rip licked his lips and said "Hey Dirk. Could I have a glass of some of that Uber Ale?"

Dirk looked Rip up and down before he said "Uberschlong. It's called Uberschlong Ale." Then Dirk reached out and squeezed Rips Biceps. And after that he poked Rip's belly down to the muscle.

Dirk smiled a crafty smile and said "Strange as this may sound, this stuff will burn off that fat covering your roid gut, there."

Rip held his belly and said "Hey! I'm not on steroids. You knew my Dad. He never used any as far as I knew." then Rip frowned, recalling his late father.

Dirk put his hand on Rip's shoulder and said "I'm sorry Rip. I did know your father. And I never heard of him juicing once. I miss him, too." He squeezed Rip's shoulder a few more times than was needed to reassure Rip.

Then he turned to the Barrel and said "Let's tip back a few, in honor of your dad."

Rip smiled at that and said "Yeah. Thanks Dirk. I always knew you were a good friend of my dads."

Dirk smiled at that and started to tap the barrel. He said "Ya know I was the one who gave him his nickname."

Rip said "Really?"

Dirk said "Yeah. He was always telling me I had to stay hungry if I wanted those wins in Bodybuilding. So I started to call Steve, Wolf Van Winkle, cause he was hungry like the wolf. He got such a kick out of that."

With a grunt, Dirk got the tap seated. It wasn't the amount of strength that was need to do it. It was the satisfaction that the golden Ale would soon be flowing. Dirk grabbed a tall ale glass and poured it warm, like they do in Europe. Then he handed it to Rip and poured himself one. Two guys walked over to Dirk with raised eyebrows and he just nodded and handed them one each.

He turned to Rip and raised his glass. He said "To Wolf Van Winkle!"

The rest echoed the toast "To Wolf Van Winkle" and all four just chugged the whole glass.

Rip was surprised and said "Hey! This tastes good warm."

The guys just chuckled at that and handed their glass to Dirk for a refill. All four glasses were refilled and Dirk said
"And to his fine son, who seems to be following in his foot steps." Rip had his hand raised with the other men and he was the only one who didn't say "To Rip Van Winkle!" But he drank when they all did.

The glasses got refilled and before Dirk could say anything, he said "And to Dirk Stumple! My Dad's best friend and lifting buddy!" Dirk looked like he was about to cry, but he let the guys echo Rip's toast and tipped the Uberschlong Ale back with the rest of them.

There were a few more toasts but Rip couldn't remember them. The guys put the glasses down and continued their routine. Dirk said "Hey Rip. Work out with me like you used to do when your dad brought you to the gym."

Rip smiled and said "Sure. I may not be able to keep up with the weight you're using. But Yeah. Let's push some iron.

And that's what they did. They worked chest and shoulders first. and after the first few times of working back and forth between rip's weight and Dirk's, Rip was able to lift at the higher weight. They took a break and went for a few more glasses of the Uberschlong Ale. Rip started to get a really good pump. And he had to adjust himself in his short, too. They seemed a bit tighter.

They got back to lifting and worked on back and arms. That led to another break with a few glasses of Uberschlong Ale.
Rip mentioned "This stuff is sure refreshing."

Dirk softly said "It grows on you." he had a gleam in his eye as he smiled up at Rip.

Rip just nodded and finished the glass. He hadn't notice that he was now, almost twice his size, muscle wise. The Ale had dulled his senses a bit. But that was the only thing dull on young Van Winkle. Now his belly truly did resemble a full blown roid gut. But with a fantastical kind of depth and separation of the different muscles. And he missed Dirk's eyes following the swell and roll of his now massive biceps. They had two mighty peaks fighting each other as the glass was tipped up to Rip's lips. Dirk stopped Rip as he put the second refill down and filled it again. He said "Ya need one more for Legs, Rip."

Rip burped out a laugh and said "Sure." His hand reached out for the glass and Dirk saw how thick and massive Rip's forearm had become. But as Rip tipped the glass up to his lips, a tearing sound could be heard. And as Rip brought the glass down to the counter top, he saw the flap of what was left of his sweat shirt sleeve.

Rip said "Aw man. I thought I wore my loose sweats."

Dirk flipped the cloth back and forth and watched as Rips eyes followed the cloth. Dirk could see that Rip was a bit plastered now. But all he said was "Don't worry about it. I have some larger sizes in the office. I'll get you some to go home in after your shower."

Rip captured Dirk's hand with his left hand on his own bulging biceps and said "Dad had a good friend. A really good friend."

Dirk got serious and then captured Rip's hand between his hands. He said "And a real good son, too."

Rip just smiled like the sun when he heard that.

Dirk said "OK. Legs. No getting out of legs with all those compliments. I know how you hated doing legs."

Rip chuckled and said "Caught me. Let's get to em."

They bombed their legs and they both were a little shaky when they were done. They waddled over to the Barrel of the Uber Brew and tipped back a few more before Rip looked at his wristwatch and then shook it. He said "Watch must be broken. The second hand isn't moving."

Dirk said "It's early yet. Go take yer shower. I'll bring down some larger sweats for you to go home in and join you."

Rip didn't miss the predatory smile this time. He had always had a thing for Dirk when his dad would bring him to the gym. Rip was a little upset with Beau still and he decided to smile the same one back at Dirk. He said "Don't take too long."
Then Rip waddled his Uber pumped self down the stairs to the locker room and shower.

Rip got to a locker and started to pull his clothes off. He finally noticed that he was dressed in rags. They had been staying on his body from the sweat he had pumped out through his work out. As he tugged on his sweat shirt, it came off in pieces. And when he reached for the waistband of his sweat pants, the elastic snapped between his hands, then split in three more places and they were off his body. He said "Wow. that was a good pump."

He shrugged and tossed them onto the trash barrel that was near the showers. He was the only one in the showers and he turned it on full and hot. The steam started to rise and he ramped the heat back so he wouldn't get scalded. He knew how hot those industrial water heaters could get. He got under and just let the water flow over his massively bulging muscles. He wasn't half as sore as he thought he would be. But the water felt wonderful after a full body work out. He mumbled
"Well maybe not a full body work out." As his cock started to get longer and longer.

A sultry voice close by said "I bet that can be arranged." Rip's eyes flew open and he turned as his now massive dick swung around with him.

Dirk was standing there in the steam and mist with nothing on but a smile and an equally huge erection. He stepped back a few inches and said "Careful there. You could knock an eye out with that thing." Then he grabbed the end of Rip's cock, before he could try and get away. Not that Rip had any idea of running. He got an aggressive grin on his face and he grabbed Dirk's cock. It hadn't been difficult to find. It had been staring at Rip the moment Rip laid eyes on it.

The silently started to stroke and kneed the other's dong and Rip said "Do you know how long I've been wanting to do this to you?"

Dirk's grin became a huge toothy smile just before he said "I bet as long as I've wanted to do this to you." His voice rumbled and growled. It wasn't loud, but it still echoed in the shower and Rip's ears.

That got Rip growling back at Dirk and stroking his prong faster. They stepped closer and stroked from one end of the other man's dick to the other. The water never did get cold, but it seemed like they were at that for a very long time. They both caught their nut within moments of each other. The ropey streams of cum shot over their shoulders then into Rip's face and chest. It dripped off onto Dirk's massive chest and slid down his belly. They got underneath the water and washed the cum off of themselves.

Dirk led Rip out of the shower when they were done and helped him dry himself off. It took two rowels, now and still Rip hadn't noticed just how big he had become. He could be excused by the fact that he was getting to dry off one of his idols from his boyhood. Dirk had always been a studly short man. And in Rip's mind, a man's man.

Dirk handed sweats to Rip and got in to a clean pair of his own. They headed up to the gym and Dirk poured another glass of UberSchlong Ale. After Rip finished his Dirk frowned and said "Rip, I think you've had too many. You shouldn't be driving like this. Why don't you sit in my office and take a nap. It's early yet and if you look like you still can't drive by then, I'll get you a ride from one of my friends and you can come back for your car the next day. I'll even come and pick you up to do it. Whataya say?"

Before he could answer a huge yawn cut him off. He chuckled and said "I guess that answers it for you. I could use a little nap. Thanks for the work out, Dirk. And these cool threads."

Dirk said "Welcome. I saw those threads you heaved into the trash. Ya gotta start wearing better clothes, man. Those were rags."

Rip just nodded and yawned again. Dirk took an elbow and guided Rip to the long couch he had in his office. The sound of weights being pushed and dropped in the gym was a continuous drone. that actually caused Rip to fall asleep easily. His last words to Dirk were " Thanks Dirk."

Dirk smiled and turned out the light. He said "No problem, Rip. Sweet dreams."

Dreams came and they were wild and unfortunately, forgotten quickly as one fell on top of another. Until the sound of a loud crashing sound brought Rip awake.

Dust was everywhere. Even on Rip!. He sat up and reached for his face. Something was covering his upper chest and face. It was a beard! it was at least a foot long!. and it had gray in it. Just a little but noticeable. The crashing sound came again and the dust was getting knocked off of the filing cabinets and the blinds. The sun suddenly shot into the room when the blinds fell away from the windows and fell onto the floor. They had rotted away!. Through the window Rip could see the frightened face of a guy in a hard hat. The guy started waving his hands at some guy to his right and the sound of heavy equipment ramped down. Rip stood up and walked out to the gym. There weren't any weights or machines except for a twisted bit of what might have been a chest press machine. The counter for the bar was gone and everything was covered in dust.

The door flew open and the man in the hard hat ran in and then pulled up short. Short was the word Rip was thinking of him until he noticed just how short the doors looked. He looked back to the door to Dirk's office and he hadn't realized that he had ducked to get through them. He pulled his shoulders back and he heard a loud popping sound as his muscles and back adjusted themselves.

Speaking of adjusting himself. The guy in the hard hat still hadn't said a thing. But he was adjusting a growing erection in his pants as he looked at Rip. With wide eyes. Rip had no idea just how big he was but that silent look on the guys face bugged him.

Rip had a bit of anger in his vice as he said "Can I help you?" He looked at the guys hands hovering around his own crotch and the guy looked down. His hands flew away from his bulge and he said "Yeah. You can get out of here before we bring it down around your ears."

Rip said "What the hell is happening here. I fall asleep in my friends gym and the next morning it's getting demolished?"

The Hard Hat scratched his head and said "This place hasn't been a gym in over ten years. The city finally bought the property and the forest and this is all going to become a youth center for the park. Sorry guy, but you have to move on."

The guys eyes took in Rips huge body and then the guy said "You do any construction work, cause we could use some more guys like you."

Rip said " I have a job at Van Winkle Supplements."

The guy just frowned and said "Yeah right. I used to take those years ago. Great stuff really. But they went belly up four years ago. The CEO was stealing them blind for years, after the founders kid went missing. Seems the guy didn't feel safe bilking the company while Rip Van Winkle was still working for them."

Rip frowned and said "I'm Rip Van Winkle."

The Hard Hat said "Wow. Where have you been. And which gym do you go to. I wanna work out there." The guy got a cocky grin on his face and did a right biceps flex that strained the cloth in his shirt till it got real thin.

Rip lumbered over and felt the guys biceps. The guys eyes were suddenly glued to Rips massive biceps.

Rip smiled and said "Impressive." Then he thought about it and said "How tall are you?"

The Hard Hat shook his head and said "Six three."

Rip blinked and said "How tall do I look?"

The guy shot out a single laugh and said "Seven foot, easy. How big are your guns man." His hands shot out and he tried to get them both around Rip's upper arm. But they were too big. The guy went from touching his finger tips to his thumbs. Back and forth a few times with about a foot or so in between the gap.

The Hard Hat answered his own question with "Thirty two thirty three? You are massive man. I wanna know what gym you work out at."

Rip was getting a little excited by what the guy was doing, but now he wanted to see Beau. He said "I'll let you know, next time I measure them. Do you have a card for your company? I may need a new job after all."

The guy smiled and said "In my truck. My dad just turned the whole thing over to me. I'm Sky Horton. Horton Construction."

They got to Sky's truck and he handed Rip his card. Then he snatched it back and started to write another number on it. He had a shy grin on his face and said "That's my private cell phone number. If you need to get in touch with me for any reason."

Rip said "I may be getting back to you sooner than I think. So thanks. I'll let you know in a few days."

Sky said "Cool." Then he noticed his guys were standing around and his voice got an octave lower and twice as loud. He said "Get to work. Michaels. You told me the whole place was empty. You wanna tell me how you could miss this giant in that place?"

Sky lost a little steam when Rip did a double bi shot and the guys mouths just opened. Sky looked back and said "WOOF! I really want to know where you work out."

Rip dropped his arms and said "Don't worry. I'll get back to you." He looked at the guys still staring at him and lowered his voice. He had a scowl on his face as he pointed and said "Aren't you supposed to be getting back to work?"

The guys looked like a herd of deer on a highway and an eighteen wheeler was heading their way. They scattered and the wrecking ball fired back up.

Rip turned back to Sky with a smile and there was one there on sky's face, too. He said "Hey you ever think about being a crew boss? I have another crew that needs someone like you."

Rip smiled bigger and said "I'll call you tonight."

Sky said "Cool. See ya Rip."

Rip said "See ya Sky."

Rip started walking towards the part of town where Beau used to work. Sky's loud voice carried through the air as Rip thought about what was happening. He thought "Ten years? What else has changed?"

He soon found out when he got to a huge building that used to be little and house Beaus advertising firm. The big sign on the side of the building read "Beau-Rip Supplements."

Rip started to notice the looks he was getting after he got in the lobby and found which floor Beau-Rip Supplements was on. He had to pass on the first elevator, as it was half full and he was too big to fit in it. The second one emptied out and he fit in as long as he crouched a little. Two other people got in with him and he chuckled. He said "Plenty of room for a few more."

No one moved. The doors started to close and he said "No?" He tipped his head to the side as the doors closed.

The bigger of the two guys in the elevator with him said "Do you use Beau-Rip supplements?"

Rip grinned and said "What do you think?"

The guy said "Sure as shit looks like it. I'm getting me some right after work."

The elevator stopped three floors from the top and the two guys got out. The shorter one said "I am too."

Rip chuckled as the door closed and it shot to the top floor. The elevator opened with a ping and the lady at the reception desk looked up and right back down. When Rip got to the desk, she held up her finger for him to wait. She finished on the phone and she actually smiled. She said "Mr von Peck's office is that way, Mr Von Winkle."

She immediately picked up another phone call and Rip said "Thank you," before he lumbered in the direction she pointed.
He passed a few offices and heard a few gasps. Then the words "No wonder he's been looking for him," drifted out of one of them.

The lady at the desk at the end of the hall looked up at the commotion and Rip walking towards her. Her eyes grew wide and she gasped out "Oh my!"

She stood up and backed towards the double doors with the name plate on it that read Beau von Peck, CEO Beau-Rip Supplements. She said "Mr Van Winkle. Beau uhh I mean Mr von Peck is in. Please go right in." She opened it and Rip could see Beau in a tailored suit sitting behind a huge desk. Beau was talking on the phone but he said "I'll call you back," and hung up before the guy was done talking. Rip walked in and the Secretary closed the door. The emotions flew across Beau's face. Then anger won out. Beau walked over to Beau and punched him in the gut with all his might. Rip grunted and was knocked back a few inches, but it didn't really hurt. What hurt was Beau trying to hurt him. Beau landed another punch but it had less power in it. Beaus face screwed up and he said "Where have you been? I've been looking everywhere for you for the past ten years." Beau started crying and he grabbed Rip. Before, Rip was the one who could rest his head on Beau's chest. Now Beau was holding his head against Rip's chest and getting it wet.

Rip put his arms around Beaus shoulders and noticed that Beau had grown a little in the years that had passed.

Rip said "I'm sorry, Beau. I still love you."

Beau grabbed Rip and lifted him off of the floor. He put him back down and wiped his face. He said "I still love you, too, Rip. But if you ever do anything like that again to me..."

Rip stopped him from talking by kissing him. They came up for air and Beau said "OK. You're forgiven. Wanna go to lunch?"

Rip nodded and said "Wherever you wanna go."

Beau wrapped his arm through Rip's and opened the door to his office. He told his secretary "Mary were going to Lunch."

Mary said "I'll clear your schedule for today, just in case."

Beau said "Good Girl."

As they were leaving the office Beau said "Where have you been working out?"

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