Ripped Van Winkle 2

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The air is humid. The mist parts and we find ourselves in a very posh destination spa. Just outside the steam room is a very impressive sight. A massively muscled man is laying face down on a very large, heavily reinforced massage table.
The hole in the table for the giant's face is larger than normal, too. He is seven feet tall and three and a half feet wide. When his arms are thrown wide, they measure eight feet three inches from finger tip to finger tip. When laying flat on his back, he either measures two feet thick (Back to chest) or three feet thick (Glutes and pelvic girdle to pubic bone{18 inches} plus Rip Junior {18 inches}) You can guess which measurement Beau prefers.

The mountain of muscle is Rip Van Winkle. He is on his honeymoon with Beau von Peck in the beautiful Austrian Alps. Rip and Beau decided to mix a little work with pleasure. Dirk Stumple had been seen skiing at a ski resort on the same mountain that held the spa where Rip and Beau were enjoying their honeymoon.

Beau was up in their room, talking with the private investigator that they hired for two difficult jobs.
Find Dirk Stumple and find out where the Brewery was located that created Uberschlong Ale.

Rip was being worked on by two very large, very strong Masseurs. Both were six foot six and weighed in at an impressive three thirty a piece. And NO. They were not named Hans and Franz.

They had people swearing they were twins. The way they just knew how much pressure to put on each muscle group and stay up with their partner's actions. It was massage poetry. And when a trouble area cropped up on just one side, man on the other side would lightly rub the entire area mirroring the troubled area.

But when people saw these two giants of the Austrian Massage World, people could not believe that they had just worked on their tired sore muscles in such harmony.

Michael "Swede" Thompson was a massive hairy platinum blonde from El Paso, Texas,USA. He never knew why people in New York called him Swede instead of Tex or something like that. He refused to believe it was just his blonde hair(?)
An appreciative client took Swede to Europe for a vacation and his talent landed him in this five star Resort Spa.

Donovan Cliff was a massive hairless jet black man from Hanover in Cornwall County, Jamaica. He never knew why people in London preferred calling him Cliff, instead of Donovan. That changed when he visited Austria with his sister and her family. He was visiting a small gay pub by his lonesome one night, when Swede walked in and noticed they had the same features. Same size head, jaw, eyebrows, cheeks, lips, and even their ears were very similar. But try as they might, they could find no biological link to each other. So they decided to exchange genetic material in the good old fashioned way and that made them both very happy. And Donovan was hired by the spa, two days later. They had a lot of material to exchange. It wasn't going to get done in one day.

What was truly entertaining for Rip was the way they talked to each other. Swede sounded like Fog Horn Leghorn. His conversations were peppered with "Boy let me tell ya" and Boy, I say boy." He could be talking to a customer that was eighty years old and he still got away with calling him boy.

Donovan got a chuckle each time Swede called him that, because when he called Donovan "Boy" in private it always had "Big" or "Such a Big" or "That's My Big Big" in front of it. And when Donovan hit the right spot in Swede, he got stuck like a record until he came, just saying "Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy." while his jaw dug into his chest.

But with Donovan being naturally more quiet to Swede's talkative nature, Rip was getting a little tired of the word Boy.
The two muscle masseurs had been working on Rip for at least half an hour and their magic had worked. But only so far.
Swede was just getting over how big Rip really was and how much flesh was there to be pushed around. And his way of getting less nervous was to gabber. Most people didn't mind and Swede was an excellent Massage therapist. If his actions caused a customer to tighten up he noticed it.

Well Rip was a whole new ball game. Hell he qualified as a whole ball park! and as Swede stepped up his "Boy this" and "Boy that", he was missing a few of the deeper layers of muscle tightening up on Rip. Donovan luckily saw what was happening and tried to get Swede to be quiet.

Donovan hinted that Rip might like some quiet as they worked on him. Swede would agree and then go off on another story. Donovan would ask Swede to shut up and he would. For all of half a minute. Then ask why Donovan was so upset with him. All the while, their good work was getting undermined.

Till finally Donovan just reached across Rips back and started to blow at Swede. Rip understood exactly what was happening. He started laughing. Swede just started asking why he was blowing at him.

Rip just kept laughing each time Swede refused to shut up. Rip told Donovan "Sometimes the bugs just don't get the hint and go away. I think you night have better luck if you just kiss him for a few minutes."

Swede got pulled onto Rip's back by Donovan and got out "Donovan are you crazy?" before Donovan's lips finally silenced the nervous Masseur. Rip was so wide that he could feel their erections poking into his lats. Actually felt sorta good.

He figured it was his dime anyway, so he reached up and rubbed both their crotches. They got a lot harder. He was still face down with his face planted in the oversized hole in the table. And unable to see what was going on.

"OK, you two. This is my massage and I get to decide how things go. You two are required to get naked this instant. Or I'll spank you like little children." He still couldn't tell what exactly was going on, but they got off of him and in under a minute got back on with out a stitch of clothing. He reached up again and found two very hard very long cocks, just waiting for a big man to take a hold of them. That lasted for a good five minutes. But the angle was a bit limiting.

Rip wiggled his big butt and got them giggling till Swede had to open his mouth again "Boy, let me tell you what, I have never been on a "

Rip got up with the words "Boy! BOY?!! Bucket of Balls, Yard of Cock. Enough hair to weave sixteen Indian Blankets and he calls me Boy?" Rip turned over with a cock that was quickly getting very very long and so very hard. What saved them was the fact that he just couldn't believe Swede was that stupid. Nervous, yes. Stupid, no.

Rip saw Swede sitting on the floor on one side of the table as Donovan sat on the other side. Donovan was smiling a little. He sort of guessed that an erection that hard was not on an angry man. Swede was just hypnotized by the length and girth of Rip's monster.

Rip couldn't let the chance pass by "OK ya got me there. It's only eighteen inches. But damn if Beau doesn't make it feel like it's a yard long." He looks for the laugh from Swede's side and still sees "Deer in the Headlights".
He sees a chuckling Donovan and shakes his head.

"My fine dark friend. I think your very blonde boyfriend has blown a fuse. Could you let him know that I would love for him to play with it, as long as I can play with his. Same thing goes for you."
Rip's huge gentle smile turns from Donovan to Swede and it finally gets trough to the big blonde Texan. They both stand up at the same time.

Swede blinked a few times and looked into Rip's eyes. "I'm real sorry. I don't know what came over me."

Rip put his fingers over Swede's mouth. He looked from one eye to another to see what was really going on. Swede was back, now. Rip smiled down at his enormous body and shared the smile that said "Aint this a kick?" Like his body was a party favor that anybody could get some fun out of. "Anybody could get a little bit overloaded with this much muscle just bouncing and rolling and..."

Rip put his big ole right hand on Swede's shoulder. Then he slowly tipped his head a little closer to Swede and brought up his left arm to flex it and pump it and pull as much blood into it in the few minutes he used to get Swede in a happy place. Swede reached up and put his hand on the flexing mound of meat. It was as big as large cantaloupe. But fruits and vegetables of that size never seem to have the veins that were as big as pencils, snake over the surface, like Rip's Biceps had. And they rolled around a bit as the two brother muscles played with each other like king of the mountain. The back peak winning, then the front peak getting the edge.

Rip stopped after a few minutes with a better idea at hand. Or at least they were about to be taken in hand. And mouth and where ever else they could fit with the proper protection applied over them. He had noticed that Swede was a good ten inches of thick meat, just stabbing into Rip's hip. And with the same feeling happening on the other side, along with a very big hand rubbing his thick wide gut of steel hard muscle; Rip figured he should change the focus from Biceps to another very fine muscle group.

Rip reached around and hugged Swede. "Just a sec here, Buddy."

Rip turned over a little and got a hug from Donovan "Donovan. Can this table sit up a bit like a lounge chair?"

Before Donovan could say a word. Swede had the back up at a forty five degree angle and locked. Rip just gave him another smile. Rip's cock was stiff again and leaking. but to keep the fun going, he wasn't going to touch himself.

Instead he pulled Swede and Donovan closer and then took ahold of their ten inch cocks and slowly jacked them. Rip's eyes closed to slits and a lazy smile got the two very large men seeing how many hands it took to reach the tip of an eighteen inch cock. That had some girth to it. Oh Baby!

The men got going on exploring and stroking and then tasting and nibbling on Rip's very happy manmeat. He just hoped he was giving them a bit of the same feeling. They would have to find a different place for him to pay back the quality lip service that he was receiving from Donovan and Swede.

It was getting a little bit more insistent and Rip was finding it hard to get that idea across, when he was saved by his true love.

Beau walked around to the foot of the table and had the cockiest smile on his face. Rip smiled and shrugged.

Beau laughed and told Swede "Get my big man a few pillows. He needs his ass plowed right now or his balls will be hurting. And I have sworn to love and protect my giant sexy lover. That means hittin his love button till it surrenders."

Rip burped out "Show it who's Boss, Beau. Show it who's Boss!"

Beau took Rip's cock in his large calloused hands and licked and nibbled at the end for only a moment. Then as the head flared, he loosened his grip just a bit "My man has control over his monster dick. I got me the best man around."

Rip's breathing speed up but his orgasm sat back a bit. Beau knew just what to say to get his giant lover primed, but at a safe level.

Donovan brought over lube and condoms. Rip looked down "We are married. But we ask that you sheath you big ten inch monsters to assist in any way you so desire." His grin and laugh right then was like a demented teenager.
But Beau had brought him to far heights of pleasure and right well each time he made love to Rip. Rip worked just as hard giving Beau pleasure; if you can call pleasuring the one you love, work.

Beau slapped some lube on his nine inch pecker and on the sensitive pucker of his meaty Rip. Rip purred for a second then his breathing slowed.

The pillows appeared and Rip's ass was elevated to the right fuck loving angle as the back rest was flattened.
Beau scooted forward, then smiled so sweetly.
He fell forward and as many times before, Rip caught him and lowered him down to a long passionate kiss that had Beau trying to suck part of Rip's fillings out. Rip returned the favor and then gently raised Beau back up to the best fuck button hitting angle. Beau slid in and as he was half way in, Donovan could have sworn that his cock got thicker. It was just one of Beau's bodily peculiarities. It really didn't get much thicker. Half an inch at the most. But it was fast becoming one of Rip's most favorite part of their lovemaking. Like Rip's love made Beau love him that much more that he grew wider.

Rip planned on making his lover a bit larger, the minute they found that Uberschlong Ale Meister and convinced him to sell a little to them.

The two Large men got back into their joy and praise of sheer size. Rip's cock was kinda on the beautiful side, too. Good proportion and skin that was just thick enough, with good sized veins snaking over it. A bit like Rip's glorious biceps. Except in tube form with a helmet on the end.

That two and a half inch helmut got a bit more attention once Donovan found out how much fun it was to get a third of his tongue down Rip's piss slit. As Donovan twisted the tip of his tongue, Rip had a similar twist of his head. His nickering and moaning just encouraged all four of them to keep exploring. Rip was turning out to be a wonderful humongous Science project of Love. They weren't taking notes, but they weren't likely to forget what they were doing for quite a while. Good reactions like Rip's were very instructional.

Beau had his lover on the edge for a good fifteen minutes. And he used his praise of Rip's control to stretch it out longer by another five. Then he warned Donovan that the true joy of Rip's first eruption was best enjoyed from a little bit of distance.
"I enjoyed the volume. But not the pressure that it had when it blew into my eye. I never knew a cock had the power to blow tears out of an eye like my man's did. We went through two bottles of Visine before I could keep the eye open for more than a minute."

Beau looked into the eyes of a chagrined Rip. Beau did a "sorry" face. "Ooops. TMI?"

Donovan got the laugh with a very thick Jamaican accent and "I thought that was very educational". Said with his head out of range of the human semen volcano. (Cum-cano?)

Beau just started the roller coaster up again and within two minutes Rip was a human Vesuvius. Donovan and Swede were shocked after two minutes of rhythmic jets of thick ropey cum blasting out of Rip's cock, that it could continue for another minute and a half at only half volume. Rip was nickering and mangling the english language, all through the full three and a half minutes of an over orgasm. When the flood abated, Rip's breathing became deep and full and then slowed down. He ended it with his little boy giggling.

Rip shocked Beau then with a bit of news. "Beau. I know it looks like it's all just me going on there. But the last three times we made love, and I went off like that. I could still tell when you started to shoot. And that is one reason why I get that extra minute and a half. It's like part of My orgasm and I have to share it with the world. And it's all from your love. That's all Love I'm feeling from you."

Beau didn't have the right words. So he threw himself at Rip and as they came together for that after bliss kiss, it looked like it was even more powerful than what just happened. Beau then started to rub his head against the side of Rip's.

Donovan and Swede decided that since they were the people responsible for giving a service at the spa, they began to clean up the two lovers. By licking them clean of the Rip spooge.

Rip laughed "Oh yeah. You guys know how to treat a big man and his big lover. You guys just get bigger and bigger in my estimation of you." He pulled Beau into a whisper "We gotta get these guys in our room, Huh?"

Beau backed up "Oh I agree. That is the only proper way to display our satisfaction with the Spa's personnel."

Donovan grinned and looked Beau in the eye "We both are off work in about three hours. Could we interest you two in a small family restaurant near by this wonderful establishment."

Swede joined in "A restaurant that just happens to be walking distance from our own little chateau. Which could comfortable sleep four."

Donovan cut in "Though sleeping would not be the first thing to come to mind after a fine dinner."

Rip giggled "Showers for all of us. And a nap for the Newlyweds. Then back here in three hours?"

Swede chuckled "Sounds like a plan. Boy let me tell you. I never knew how much I really sounded like that over blown rooster, until I could not shut my self up" Donovan covered his mouth at the end but they all laughed.


Rip and Beau get themselves set for a nap. They were a bit tired from the previous work out and then the Deep Massage Sex had them ready for a bit of shut eye. But as they snuggled, Beau gave Rip the good, the bad and the weird news that the Private Investigator had discovered.

The Good:
The Brewery responsible for Uberschlong Ale was a small seasonal brewery associated with the Pecs Brewery more associated with Hungarian Beer. But since Pecs was owned by Austrian's it all got a little muddled. But the Investigator was positive that Uberschlong Ale was being brewed at Uberstup Brewery. The really strange part was the fact that the building right next door was also owned by the same people and it was a Pharmaceutical company that dealt with Hormone replacement drugs and various supplements. And then they also made Revolutionary new steroids for cattle and sheep and other livestock.
The company was called Ubervolks Pharmaceutical and the Investigator had a hunch that the guy that owned them both was either named Uber or else he had a deep need to compensate for something. And the location was about a one hour drive from their Resort Spa.

The Bad:
Dirk Stumple was hard to pin down. He had been spotted at numerous Gyms he used to frequent with Rip's dad. But the past month all sightings had dropped off, and some thought he had returned to America. The Last words people remembered hearing from Dirk was something about getting ready for an old friends return and making sure a part of a forest remained privately owned. So it looked like just as they left for Europe, Dirk decided to return to the old home town.

The Weird:
People who knew Dirk had a memory of him being this short mega-muscled stud. Most were unsure of his age, or where he came from originally. He had a birth certificate from a hilly part of Up State New York. Out in the boonies.
But the picture Dirk was painting these days was far from being short. Each old friend when asked just had to mention that Dirk and his traveling companion were no longer short. They described a huge man that was at least six foot six inches tall and well over eight hundred pounds of Uber Dirk.
Why take this long to grow taller with the Uberschlong Ale?

There had to be something more.

And why take away ten years of Rip's life?
Was it a secret test for suspended animation?
Or just a bad batch of Uberschlong Ale?

They discussed the information and fell asleep for a few hours.
They awoke ready for more Austrian Hospitality.
And more fun with Massage Therapists.
They knew they would only get rubbed the right way.

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