Ripped Van Winkle 3

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Rip was woken by Beau's laughter. Then he heard the silliest thing in the world. Swede and Donovan both snored and exactly the same way. But they did it off cycle with each other. When Swede snored in Donovan fluttered out. Then they swapped and Donovan snored in and Swede fluttered out. Perfect timing and loud. It would be annoying if it wasn't so funny.

Rip tightened his grip on Beau as he put his hand over his mouth to stifle a louder laugh. "Shh, Beau."

"Why? They can't possibly hear us. And do you know the time?"

Rip looked at Swede and Donovan's bedroom alarm clock. "Is that right? Its eight AM? We finally conked out around 2 AM."

Beau snickered. "Yeah. And I know what you're thinking. How could we have slept soundly through six hours of that?"

Suddenly Swede and Donovan both snorted a different sound and shook their heads. Donovan was in back of Swede and while they both had a goofy smile on their faces, Swede had a more excited one. He hadn't gotten his eyes completely open before he blurted out "Morning wood up my but. I love the way you wake me up Donovan." Then he focused on the guests sharing their truly gigantic bed.

But Donovan beat him to it. "Well good morning, Beau and Rip. I hope our snoring didn't wake you. We've been told we snore very loudly."

Swede's concentration shifted to Donovan's cock, when his lover greeted their guests. And then his face just reflected his joy of morning wood up his but, applied in such a forceful and loving fashion.

Donovan chuckled as he looked at Swede's expression while pumping his Love Muscle into his lovers Rump.
"Swede is a lot more like me than I care to reveal at times. If it had turned out that I woke up this morning being spooned by Swede, then you'd be talking to him and I'd have that goofy sweet smile on my face as Swede showed me how much he loves me. So please feel free to follow along or just admire. I have to get my man to come hard while I keep his hands away from his cock. It's that little bit of struggle holding his hands away that pushes him so far over the edge." His own smile widened as he Pumped faster. w

A growl and whimper slipped out through Swede's clenched teeth, as Donovan plowed faster and faster. Swede struggled a bit and Donovan held him tighter. "Struggle all you want big man. I got you and I'm gonna love every drop of cum out of you. I'm as strong as you and I won't let you touch your Hard Thick Monster. No, man! Feel it slide on the sheets? I'm tellin' it how much I love you with my Great Man Meat plowing your fertile field. I'm pounding my mighty love into you. And my seed is gonna fill you so fast. Gonna fill you so full. Gonna make you cum like a cannon. Gonna make you sound like the great Bull you are. Gonna cum so hard. Gonna cum like a fuckin river !!!."

Swede's straining and growling changed to snorting and finally, as Donovan called him a bull, he groaned and bellowed just like a huge Bull in the fields. Donovan gave out two more might thrusts and his body went rigid. Swede's cock flared and seemed to get darker, as a huge volley of thick pearly spunk shot in a long connected stream from the wide tip. It was like a jet as thick as a pencil and as long as a yard just flew out of Swede's massive love muscle. And it was followed by three more of equal length and thickness. After the second spurt, Rip had himself firmly planted in Beau and was following Donovan's most excellent example. Rip had never been strong enough to restrain Beau as he made love to him. But now it was something he thought he'd try.

Rip chuckled. "Yeah. You are my big bull. Beau the Mighty Bull. No. Don't you try to touch. I think I can love every drop out of you. Just like our good friends just taught us." Rip's cock was much thicker and longer than Donovan's, so within ten minutes of that, Beau was firing off like a Brahma Bull.

Beau was chuckling as he came down off that lusty love fuck. "I got me a Big Big Bull, too. And he sure knows how to give me a right good ploughing." Beau rubbed his belly and it did look a little bit rounder. Like he had a lot to eat.
"Aw, Rip you fill me up so good. Every every time. I love you big Man."

"I love you, Big Bull Man. I love ya Beau."

No one moved for a good five minutes. Then Donovan pulled out of Swede with a kiss on his back and got out of bed. He went to the bathroom and returned with warm wet towels and a few dry ones. He pulled the bed covers further back and cleaned up most of the man cream the men had loved out of them. He tasted both batches and shared some of it in a kiss to Beau, Rip and his big Swede.

Swede giggled. "We taste mighty fine, if I do say so my self."

Donovan slipped back under the covers and let Swede hold him for a while. Beau and Rip dozed with them for another hour. The Private Investigator had made an appointment for Beau and Rip to meet with the owner of Ubervolks Pharmaceutical as if they were going to begin negotiations for Beau-Rip Supplements to buy some of their Products. It was a way of getting in to see the Master Chemist as well as the Master Brewer, since the PI learned from the neighbors that Herr Walden Aufpeppen ran Ubervolks Pharmaceuticals and Uberstup Brewery. On top of that, the PI had discovered that in both companies 95 percent of the employees were family members.

But the Meeting wasn't till two PM. With an hour drive from the Chalet, after an hour lunch feeding Rip's thick demanding muscles, a shower ( 4 guys in a huge shower- give another hour ) and a small amount of packing bags; they didn't have to get up and going till ten thirty. All that went through Rip's head as he glanced at the neat old Chiming clock, which was just about to chime for seven fifteen.

Beau wriggled around and pulled himself off of Rip with out a torrent of love juice washing over Rip's Meaty Ball Belly. "Rip, I think your love juice is making me psychic."

Beau rubbed Rip's belly then pulled a pillow near his hips to give them a little altitude. "Why would you think that Babe? And lets try two pillow under my hips. You get such a great thrust when my hips are higher."

"Plus I love how your cock keeps trying to fuck my armpit while I'm loving your oh so fine Uber Ass."

The second pillow was placed and Rip chuckled. Beau just pulled some of Rip's spooge from his ass to use as lube.
"Best lube around, Beau. Please don't make me wait for that monster to show me who's boss. But before I lose my ability to understand higher logic.. Why do you think you can read my mind?"

"Cause as soon as we both looked at that clock we knew when we had to get on the road, what we had to do to get ready and how long it would take. Then we got to the important part."

Rip started laughing. "Knowing how much time I could have your mighty Love Muscle pumping inside me. I guess your right, Lover. It's supernatural. Now show my ass who is the king!" Beau got to a beauteous rhythm that let them have another half an hour nap.

There were no tears between the four men. Both couples knew they would meet and love again. Swede and Donovan had a promise that they would be let in on the UberSchlong Ale, as soon as it was available.


They made excellent time on the Autobahn and were able to have a cup of coffee at the cafe across the street from their Target. The architecture for the Pharmaceutical company was totally different from the Brewery. Ubervolks was ultra modern and sleek. Glass, metal, textured concrete, Zen style garden around the edges. Uberstup was a Gem of Tyrollean style from the 1870's, Gingerbread, hardwoods, sections were copper on the roof, with skylights and old style exterior lighting making it look like a defiant survivor from a more genteel age.

They went in the modern side's entrance, but they would be leaving until they got an invite over to the quaint and more muscular side.

The receptionist was a very happy very large young lady. She was six foot five at least. Rubenesque figure, that went well with her height and sweet smile. "Herr Von Peck, Herr Van Winkle. It's an honor to meet you both. My family were so impressed with your rescuing of the Van Winkle supplement company when it went under. Your company took a dive when you hired all the laid off employees, but it came back twice as strong only three years later. Real business savvy. My father gets that kind of employee loyalty by hiring most of our family. But you know your employees work twice as hard because of what you did for them."

Beau stepped up for the hand shake and got a hug instead. She shared it with Rip and Beau was able to get back to business. "You say father. That means you have to be the very recently graduated, with honors, Hilde Aufpeppen, MBA, CPA."

"Such a charming CEO, who knows how to talk to an educated girl. I only wish you had a brother with you. You are together, am I correct. The story of your ten year search for your true love had my class mates spell bound. You never gave up hope. And built a Supplements Company into a powerhouse while you searched."

Rip had been blushing, but he held Beau's hand and looked him him the eye. "Sometimes I don't think I deserve him. But he deserves the best I can give, so I'm never gonna be far from him ever again."

Hilde sighed. "And neither of you have a straight brother or cousin that's even a little like you? But I will not give up hope. I think I deserve a love like that. Someday. But for now I would ask that you forgive father and my two older brothers. They are next door fixing a heater element in one of the boutique Brew Chambers. Ubervolks is fully automated and rarely has any problems. But Father promised his father and older brother that he would never change the Brewery or the way he brews his special Ales. Let me have Shotzy Uberkoogan, our Warehouse Manager, escort you over to where Father is directing the repairs." The man that stood up was well over seven feet tall and had a very well formed ball shaped gut held in by very sturdy looking overalls. But the belly never giggled. And it swelled and shrank with Shotzy's deep breathing. "And Shotzy. Please tell father that Lunch will be in one hour and both these fine gentlemen will be invited to stay. I think by then, your family and our family will be a lot closer. See you soon gentlemen."

They both thanked Hilde as they were shown through the compact Warehouse and shipping bay between the two companies and then into a world still happily held in a state that would have been normal over a hundred years ago. Polished wood. Every surface ultra clean but inviting. The brewery beyond the relatively large paneled offices was also to a scale. From outside it looked like any other turn of the (20th) century factory or warehouse. Inside it looked like they had climbed the bean stalk. The vats were a bit bigger than a small brewery would have and the controls and valves and view ports were quite a bit higher than normal. More suited for a...

A huge 9'8" mountain of muscle came around a corner carrying what looked to be a huge heating coil with transformer. Except the element was at least six feet in diameter and the box like transformer hanging down from it had to be two and a half feet on all sides. The whole thing had to weight close to half a ton, and this giant was just lugging it along in his arms. No sweat. He paused when he saw Beau and Rip. "Oh. You're here on time." He walked towards the opposite corner he had come from and called out. "Father. I win. I told you they would be on time and we really didn't have the time to get this completed." He turned back towards us and kept walking backwards like he didn't have all that metal in his arms and smiled. "Please come this way, Herr Von Peck and Herr Van Winkle. Father lets my brother and I do the.. you would say, grunt work. Then he spanks us when we don't do it just right."

An older man at only seven feet and four inches did slap the butt of his son as he passed him. "Other than right then, when was the last time I used your posterior as a punishment?"

Both Shotzy and Bardon were laughing as they tipped the heating element into the depression in the floor. "What no answer. Just childish laughter at your long suffering father?"

Suddenly all that big beefy attention of that formidable man was focused on Beau and Rip. "I apologize for my son's manners. Herr Von Peck and Herr Van Winkle. Welcome to my happy family. Please call me Walden. My older and taller son is Bardon Aufpeppen. If he gets out of line just call him Don-Don, like his younger brother and he'll fall in line."

At that moment the younger brother appeared with a new cable and huge socket wrench. "Nardo, shake the hands of our fine guests and don't brake any bones."

"Please call me Beau and my partner loves being called Rip" While the eight foot ten inch mass of muscle was shorter than his older brother, he was at least a foot wider and almost the same weight. Rip's hand disappeared for a moment and he could tell Nardo had complete control. Luckily he listened to his father. "You are well on your way, Rip. And I think your lover will be able to catch up quite handily."

"Nardo. We have no real idea why our new friends have come for a visit. Unless they have questions about an old friend to both our families."

Nardo shook Beau's hand and took the cable to his brother. Shotzy softly told Walden that he wasn't needed for a while. He was going to clean out one of the trucks.

Rip took over the next bit. "I'm not gonna lie. We were following my fathers old friend Dirk. And we wanted to find out if you sold UberSchlong Ale to other's in the USA? Aw hell. And if you knew where the big guy was. We can't be angry at the time he took away from us, when he gave me this body to love my guy with. I just want a few answers."

"Well my friends, I will be able to answer a lot of those questions. My company was responsible for the special batch of Ale you drank that made you sleep for years. You were only meant to sleep for six. Luckily you stayed asleep for some of the most difficult parts of the Transplant."

"Transplant? I was operated on?"

"No. Your tree. You and your father as well as a few of my cousins... and Dirk. Are all Dryads."

Beau was not getting it. "What? Like some Dungeons and Dragons mythical creature that lives in the trunk of a tree? I'd need a bit more to let me even think of that as remotely real."

"Dirk was afraid you might get angry with what we did, so he left some of your wood here. Technically you are called Drynads, by your people. And being Male allows you to travel thousands of miles from your tree without feeling ill or week. Not so your mother or her sister." Walden held up a simple short branch and started slowly bending it.

"AAAAAA!" Rip was slowly bending backwards but his body looked like it was being gripped by a huge hand. Walden let the branch loose and held it in his other hand gently. "Oh my god. What was that?"

"Remember when you got very sick just before third grade. Gale force winds through the family forest, pulled out living branches of your tree. As well as your mother's. Your father's tree was much bigger and he didn't suffer from the damage. But he realized that he had to do something about your trees. They were too close to the state forest. If loggers went through, they could kill you with just disturbing the soil too close to your roots. Your father fought to purchase the latest equipment to transfer your trees to a safer local."

"But he died before that could happen."

"No. He insisted that the first tree moved would be his own. After your mother died he wasn't going to lose you. Instead, the operator of the crane was not as experienced as he claimed and tore out a quarter of your father's roots. He survived but got sick two years later. Then his heart attack."

"SO what did happen?"

"Your friend, named Dirk, is actually your cousin. He and your father moved to America before the Nazi's could harm them or the family estate. Their trees had been moved and shipped across the Atlantic, long ago. That's why he knew it could be done with out harm. Unfortunately for Dirk and his brother, their trees were planted in the improper soil. That's why he never got taller. Your father met your mother in nineteen sixty two and was overjoyed to meet an american native Dryad. But you weren't born till 1977. Your father was actually one hundred and thirty. You guys live a long time if you tend to your forest."

"And sleep a long time, too. Why?"

"Your father was afraid that something could go wrong, so when Dirk started to look for ways to protect you guys he met an old cousin. Me. I was working on a few different things. But when I learned what Dirk was and what he needed to have happen, I ran across a close connection between Dryads, Drynads and Hibernating mammals. In that state you could dig up the tree and not feel a thing. Like a real operation. Then when the new location was made and the tree filled in, in a few years the Dryad would awake on his own. You took longer because after Dirk had his tree moved he wanted to make sure you had more than the normal bit of fertilizer. Too much in fact. So much that he thinks you are going to be a little taller than my sons. You see I married a Dryad. She made me the happiest man or Dryad around."

Beau looked at me and then at Walden. "Taller? I already feel like the little guy. Even more?"

"Well we have some help for the average non tree associated man. This stuff will help you catch up."
And he held up a bottle of beer with the label "UberSchlong Ale". In smaller letters. "Big taste for the big man"

To be continued