Skittish Stud Colt at the Stedman Ranch

Dear Readers; Well here's another one that got sparked from a picture. It was this guy riding bareback on a big horse with this expression I couldn't quite place. Then I just made up what I wanted. I hope it fits, if you ever get a chance to see the inspiration. And I hope you enjoy this new Fantasy story.

Disclaimer; This is a Fantasy story with Male to Male sex and Love Relationships. If you are under eighteen years of age then you should not be have been warned.

Randy was still growing into the position of General Manager for his Uncle's Stables. His brothers had been so jealous of Randy, when Uncle Al gave him the job. But his Uncle and his Father both saw that he was never going to get out from under his Bigger Older brothers. He was always the Runt, or Half-pint, or Munchkin. Or the despised Little Man. All five of them were bigger than Randy and that had been going on for eight years. Hell, he was six foot tall by the time he was fourteen. But with his brothers growing to six foot eight or six foot ten or His oldest brother, Deuce, topping out at seven foot three; they were always going to treat him like he'd never measure up.

His Uncle Al let him in on a little family history after Randy had been working for him for six months. Randy had been helping the farrier in the morning, with the horses that needed shoeing. When he started to lead a large skittish Mare out of the way for another horse to take her place, she tried to rear up and take Randy with her. Randy was quick enough a strong enough to be able to push her just enough off balance, that she settled down. But his shirt got the worst of the little shoving match. Randy got pissed and looked the mare in the eye and said "Suzy this is the third shirt I've busted through this week and I don't see your owner paying for it any time soon. Now you settle down and stay there, little missy, and I'll remember where those carrots are you love so much."

Randy hadn't expected the soft nickering or the rub of her head against his hip; but she settled down and remained that way when ever Randy was around. Al saw the signs of the youngest son in their family and pulled Al into his office.

Randy thought he was in trouble, though he couldn't see for what. All said " Son sit down, you are far from being in trouble. That little move with Suzy, like to remind me of your grandfather. Lord I wish you could have known him."

Randy said "Mom says the same thing. She said he made her feel like part of the family before dad ever got a chance to propose."

Al said " I remember that. He thought if your dad was foolish enough to let her slip through his fingers, then Jeb or I would snap her up. We knew we never had a chance."

Al looked at Randy's shirt as it barely held together. The seams over the right shoulder and along the back of both sides were blown out. Randy apparently thought his hard work in the stables was responsible for his increased muscle size.

Al smiled as Randy finally noticed what Al was looking at and fidgeted with the shoulder. All shook his head and said "That shirt is a lost cause, Randy. And you should know that most of your clothes will be going the same way in a few more months."

Randy frowned and said " Uncle Al, I'm twenty two. I think my growth spurts have passed me by."

Uncle Al chuckled and said " I thought that too when I was about twenty three. I started growing out of shirts first. And I will bet you that those boots of yours have just begun to be a little uncomfortable. Not enough to say they're tight. But they just don't feel right , do they?"

Randy feet squirmed and he shook his head no.

Al said "And how many nights this week have you woken up around two in the morning and just had to finish off the leftovers? Now that one's not fair, because Rosa has mentioned the fact that the leftovers have disappeared for the past five days straight. No big deal. She was just curious if we suddenly got real big mice or something."

Randy said " Sorry Uncle Al. I was half way to the kitchen.."

Al cut in with "Before you realized you were awake and hungry as a bear. Am I right?"

Randy said " What's happening, Al? "

All laughed and said "Son, you are finishing the growing that the youngest Stedman son goes through, after your older brothers have towered over you for years. Do you know that most of the family from your generation think that I'm the second oldest of the sons with your dad the oldest."

Randy said " What? But you're taller than dad."

Al said "And I love that brother of mine more than all the others. Because he never called me Runt, or Half-pint or Midget. The words Little Man never passed your fathers lips. I'm the youngest of the five. I turned twenty three and I grew out of my shirts. I just kept growing. My muscles got bigger than Brice and Avery's. At one point I still wasn't taller than Oscar or your dad, when Your grandfather wanted us five brothers to do a little work on the fences around the ranch. It was far too hot at mid day and luckily we all knew we could cool off in the old Artesian pond."

Randy smiled, having felt the very cold waters before. Al said "And the heat was so bad that day that the water wasn't as cold as we were used to. Still it was refreshing. Particularly when Oscar and Avery jump in and have a little visible shrinkage. Then your dad got in and waited for Brice to say something. He had caught a glimpse of me taking a leak a few days earlier and knew Brice's arrogant crowing was about to end. Brice stripped naked and pulled on his ten incher and said something like 'Matt, it still saddens me that the oldest brother doesn't quite measure up to the second born Man in the family." Then Oscar and Avery's eyes got real big and as Brice slipped into the water he turned to see a twelve inch cock on his little brother."

Randy said " Uncle Al. I heard tell that it's closer to fifteen. Did you really throw a rod right there?"

Al said "Well at the time I was twelve inches, going on "is it ever gonna stop growing?" You have to realize, that five months before I was a happy and proud owner of a seven inch dick. But as to your second question. Hell yes! ! That arrogant wise cracking rooster never missed a chance to make anyone of us feel small. Whipping out his dick and jerking off, to show just how big his cock was. And he'd aim at us when he came and I don't mean we ever ever secretly had any desire to be involved with his body in any way at all. His mean spiteful words saw to that. He still has not figured out that we four brothers don't want to have a thing to do with him. His third divorce did not leave him any wiser. His children choosing their mother to stay with is all her fault. Well enough Brice."

Al's smile got Randy thinking some great things were just about to happen. Al stood up to let Randy know to get back to work. Randy focused on Al's large package bulging out his denim jeans. Randy said "So Uncle Al. Is that what I can look forward to?"

As they left Al's office he said " Son, you're already a might larger than I was when I began my last growth spurt. In a few months, I may have to start calling you Sir."

Randy couldn't stop from laughing. He grabbed his Uncle in one of their regular close hugs. As they parted Randy said " You know Al, I'll never stop calling you Big Al, no matter how big my britches get."

Al looked like he was going to blush for a moment he softly said "You know why I call you son, all the time? Cause I'm jealous as hell of your father, having a son like you."

Randy grabbed Al in a quick bear hug, and said " Thanks for the family history, Big Al. I'll get back to helping Jake."

Al said " You are the general manager. I'll keep my nose out of a well run stable. But it looks like there's someone gunning for your job." Al's eyes pointed to a thin young man helping Jake take care of another well known high strung horse. And without any trouble from the gelding, either. Kryptonite was a horse with hair so black it almost was a shade of blue like the cartoon Superman's hair color. He never liked anybody playing/working on his hind hooves. Randy thought he was still upset with the loss of his two friends, when he was made a gelding. But typical horse, nothing else to lose back there and still ready to pitch a fit.

At least that was what everybody was used to from Kryptonite. With this short teenager holding Kryptonite, he was happy and without a cloud on the horizon.

The kid must have great hearing. He said "I'm just being useful while I'm waiting to see if you have any jobs available . My names Roger Swift and I've worked in stables since I was ten. The last place I worked at, Montgomery Stables, got sold and the new owners didn't want anybody under the age of twenty one. I'm nineteen , so me and three other guys got the boot. I'm a hard worker and I usually don't talk this much. I just need the job."

Randy looked at Al who pointed back at Randy. Al smiled and said "Whatever you decide, is fine by me. You are doing a fine job, Son. See you at lunch."

Randy was thinking and remembered something. He said " Montgomery Stables laid off those people over a month ago. Where were you working all this time?"

Roger looked at his feet as he said "I've been working for my father with every one of my older brothers thinking they can boss me around just because I came back to work for Pop at a third less pay with twice the aggravation. All I need is a descent wage and a little trust from the people giving the orders, that I can do what I say I can. You won't regret putting me to work."

Randy liked the spunky kid. He was five foot eight but had some muscle on him. Like a slim Lee Priest, the bodybuilder. Randy would have to look into whether Roger lifted weights.

Randy stuck his hand out and threw out an offer at the medium wage for the Stable hands working at Stedman Ranch. Roger's face lit up and he took Randy's hand in a strong handshake, telling him Thanks.

Randy thought "This kid is stronger than he looks." He squeezed back a bit and Roger let up on the pressure. Randy let go and said "Wait a minute. Roger Swift. Your father owns Swift Stables and Horse Sales?"

Roger frowned and nodded yes. Randy said "I remember seeing you once over on the Auction side of the stables. That was over eight years ago. They were calling you Little Dodger and they were working you awful hard for an eleven year old...." Randy put his hand on Rogers shoulder. He said "You will never hear anyone at Stedman ranch refer to you by your height , size or question your abilities. My Uncle Al was the youngest and smallest of five brothers till he was twenty three. He out grew his older brothers. My father had six sons and I'm the youngest. So you will never hear me call you anything but Roger or Mr Swift when I'm impressed with your work."

Steve said " Just so you know, The Stedman clan are men of their word. I'm gonna take a break, Boss. So you'll have time to have Roger fill out all that neat paperwork, before I need his help again."

Randy said " Thanks Steve." He looked at Roger and then said " Well we better get to it. My office is over here and you can fill out all the wonderful happy horse shit needed for the state to get their cut."

It only took about twenty minutes and Roger Swift was gainfully employed. Randy showed Roger the locker room, break room, the Tack room, the room they kept the Vet supplies and the special feed,like Carrots.

They got to talking about the rude behavior of their older brothers and Randy picked up a vibe from Roger. Randy was hoping he was right in his assumption. He was going to take it slow, and test Roger to see which way he liked things.

Randy said " From what I've already heard about your brothers; you sound like you would welcome a clean break. I take it you had to stay with your folks these past few months after getting kicked out of the housing that Montgomery stables provided, right?"

Roger said "Yes to both of them. And that was a big reason I just couldn't work around those Yahoos anymore. Get ground into the dirt all day long and then come home to more of the same. I'll take my ulcer at forty or fifty, please. Pop knew what kind of work I did for him, but he would never take my part in anything. Worked like a dog and then be disrespected by family. I've had enough of that. So where was your question leading? "

Randy had the old Tack Room in the Old barn combined with the New Tack Room in the Newer Stables. He hadn't gotten around to having the Old Tack room cleaned out for it's next use. And that seemed to be affordable employee housing.

Randy said " Follow me." They ended up at the old barn and it just so happened that the old barn had a break room(now unused,) and a bathroom with a shower and a tub, that shared a wall with the old Tack room.

Randy said " Tell ya what. Help me put drywall up in this old room. Mud it and paint it. Maybe even put a new door direct through to the bathroom and you will have yourself the first Affordable Employee Housing at Stedman Ranch. Interested?"

Randy's outstretched hand was used to pull him into a bear hug from the smaller man. Randy croaked out " I'll take that as a yes."

Roger let go and said "Thanks boss. This takes a weight off my mind."

Randy had his opening and said "Aside from Stable work, do you lift weights, too?"

Roger got an odd look on his face as he said "With the size of my brothers, I had to start lifting just to hold my own. You have some weights on the Ranch?"

Randy led him over to the other room that had just been renovated in the Old Barn. Randy opened the door and flipped on the light. Roger saw all the equipment and the mirrors and the rehab soaking tank and the sauna. and..

Roger said "Wow Stedman ranch and Golds gym. What's all this for?"

Randy said "I convinced my uncle when he was building the new stable, to keep the old barn, instead of knocking it down. I told him with a third of the people who board their horses with us, being in some serious competition, we could keep them as clients, keep them healthy and charge a little more if we had a full on gym. We have the treadmill and stair steppers. Then there's the Nautilus machines and the Free weights for every body part exercise. And of course there's a small sauna and a jacuzzi from the local college when the football team renovated their gym."

Roger had already picked up a one hundred and twenty dumbbell and was curling it with strict style.

Randy said "I think we should get back to work. We can head back here at the end of the day. And you're welcome to have dinner at the main house tonight. Won't be a regular thing but at least once a week, Rosa insists on making a big spread. Only way to please her is to bring extra mouths and finish it all off."

Roger said " I think I'll take you up on that invite. And about the Drywall slash Mudding slash Prime and paint of the old of the Inaugural Stedman Affordable Employee Housing. When can we start?"

Randy said "Well, we'll start tomorrow and work three hours each morning till we get er done. Our clients seem to need the most attention in the afternoon, so that's the best time to get that work completed."

Roger said "Sounds great, Boss. I really appreciate all of this. I won't let you down."

Randy looked at his pocket watch and said " Welcome. Well hell it's lunch time so Steve will be hiding somewhere with his favorite lady horse trainer. He and Trudy have been seeing each other for two years now. Let me introduce you to Rosa and finish off the dollar tour with the main house."

They ended up at the kitchen door, taking in all the wonderful smells Rosa was able to get out of the huge kitchen. It was like an old victorian kitchen except with modern appliances.

Rosa chuckled and said "I'll get my flyswatter and use it on you two if you don't wash up and set the table. Oh you're not Steve. "

Randy said " Rosa, meet Roger Swift from the Swift Stables. Youngest and longest suffering son of the same family."

Rosa said " Rosa Sanchez. I cook and do a little cleaning. The boys do their own laundry and vacuum their own rooms."

Randy hugged her and said "And she keeps the bathrooms spotless. But ya better put the dirty towels in the hamper."

Rosa grabbed a tea towel and deftly snapped it against Randy's butt as he got the dishes and silverware to set the table with. She said " Or Else!"

Randy kept from dropping anything but still let out a sharp "Owwww. Hey, I'm being good."

Rosa said " Ok for now. Just you don't forget."

Randy said " Yes ma'am."

Roger chimed in with "Yes ma'am." right behind Randy. He set the Water glasses above the plates Randy set and put the water pitcher in the center.

Roger said "So you live here with your Uncle Al, right?"

Randy said "That is correct. Al gets the Master suite with a jacuzzi tub in the bathroom. My room shares a bathroom with one other bedroom. It's just a normal tub next to a normal shower, but Al had those new On demand Flash Water Heaters installed when they renovated the plumbing two years ago. So no running out of hot water half way through a long shower. Same goes for the set up in the Old barn."

Roger smiled and said " Nice. I was just wondering." He looked to see if Rosa was within earshot. Just in case, he whispered "Rosa doesn't look a day over thirty, thirty five. Your uncle has to be in his forties."

Randy stepped closer and asked softly " So?"

Roger grinned but still whispered "The 'Boys' do their own laundry? Boys?" Just to get his point across he looked down at Randy's crotch, which obligingly swelled just a bit. Roger looked back up at Randy and shook his head. "Boy? You, Sir, have left boy behind for a while now."

Randy said "Well thank you, Sir. I think you also have left boy far behind. But the answer to your question is that no sane man would ever try to get a five star chef like Rosa to do anything she didn't want to. Not if he wanted her to stay. And not if he wanted to live. You just got a glimpse of the tools at her disposal, if she ever had the need to put a man in his place or six feet under ground."

The sound of a large triangle being hit , rang in the kitchen and seemed to echo through the house. Rosa's voice then did the same as she said "Lunch is served. Please wash up before getting to the table, Boys."

Roger looked at Randy as they headed to the little half bath near the front door of the Main house. He said "Boy sounds good to me. "

Randy chuckled and said " Me, too."

Al walked in the front door just as they were finished in the bathroom. He followed their example and joined them at the dining room table. Rosa set out a simple green salad with tomatoes and a few different dressings. They passed that around as she scooped beef enchiladas in a chile chicken mushroom sauce, out onto their plates. She set out refried beans and then brought out a large pitcher of Milk and three smaller glasses. A timer went off in the kitchen and Rosa turned it off as well as the oven that was baking corn bread. The butter was already at the table and she made a show of slicing the still hot bread at the table and serving a slice to each of the 'Boys'.

Roger had a taste of what was already passed around, but the corn bread was different. He said "You don't really know how long it's been since your last piece of cornbread, until you've been served some fine cornbread, hot from the oven. Rosa, you know this already but I just have to say," Roger had been buttering his slice and just then bit into it. " You are an excellent cook. This is the best cornbread I've ever tasted. If my parents ever have the privilege to dine in this fine home, please don't make this for them."

He let that sink in for a second. Al's face said he knew what was coming. Roger said "I am awfully fond of my Mother's cooking. But if she ever tastes your cornbread she'll never bake another one herself. And that would just kill my father and brothers."

She reached over and pinched his cheek. It didn't leave a bruise, so he knew he said the right thing. She said " That was a very fine thank you for a Man that usually doesn't have a lot to say."

Roger smiled in confusion. He looked to Al since Randy had been with him since he said that in the stables.

Al chuckled and said "This should be all the warning you need. We are a gossipy group of people here at my spread. If you want something to remain private, then tell no one or tell them to keep it between you and them. Everyone of my people are men and women of their word. But they do need to hear those words, or else they figure you're asking them to spread whatever you just told them to the rest of the ranch."

Randy said "And the Feedlot. Oh and the Vet"

Rosa said " Which means the next few Animal owners he Vets for."

Al said "Your safe with the Manure man."

Rosa frowned and said " Poor Man. No body wants to talk to him."

Randy said " Sorta like the Andy Gump Pumper guy. Friendly as all get out. As long as he keeps his distance."

That led to some chuckles, but then silence. The food was speaking, now and they all paid the proper respect to what it had to say.

Randy was pleased to see that Roger had a healthy appetite. Half way through lunch, Randy just had to have seconds and then thirds. Al was trying to keep from grinning but his face slipped one out and pulled it back, quite a few times.

Randy burped and said " Excuse me. Al, is this part of the growth spurt you went through?"

Roger was shocked to hear that little bit of news. It was what his cousin Rudy, on his fathers side of the family, told Roger six months ago. How many families have a second or late growth spurt? And so close to reaching their twenties?

Roger said " Growth Spurt? Isn't Randy a bit old for one of those?"

Al said " I was just about in between my nephews height and your height, when I turned twenty three. By the time I was twenty five I was an inch shorter than I am today. All in two years."

Roger was Five foot eight and Randy was Six foot even. So from Five foot ten to Six foot ten, in two years. Six inches a year. An inch every two months!

Roger said " Wow. Every month a half inch, for two years. That's a lot of clothes."

Al said " The Thrift shop started giving me a discount the second year. I think it was because I was donating the clothes back to them, once they stopped fitting. Family history says it won't take any longer than two years. But nearly a third of the fast growing men of the Stedman clan, get real big in just under a year."

Randy frowned and said "You mean I could be a foot taller this time next year?"

Al chuckled then stopped. He put his hand to his forehead and then smiled as he said "And get a baseball cap type hat that can be let out at least four sizes. One that can have extra padding which ever side covers your forehead. You are about to discover the strange and cruel world of height markers, that shorter people leave for you to find. Of course you will find them with your forehead."

Randy said "I recall my brothers going through something like that. They never thought about a padded hat. Thank you, Uncle Al."

Roger said "This is just a little too weird. Not six months ago, my cousin Rudy told me that he went through a second big growth spurt when he was nearly twenty years old. I hadn't seen him since he was seventeen and close to my height. When we got together with the rest of the families, Rudy was six foot five. About nine inches all in a year and a half. He was the youngest of several brothers, just like me."

Rosa said "Expect to see a big jump in the grocery bills, Boss."

Al said "Now I'll know why. Randy, has Roger found a place yet or is he going to be staying with his parents?"

Randy smirked and said "Ya know how you wanted a new purpose assigned to the Old Tack room? Just so ya had it in your mind that it wasn't a waste of space? Well. New purpose found. The Inaugural Stedman Affordable Employee Housing is in the works. We will need to get drywall, Mud, Tape, Paint rollers, Insulation, ummm I don't think we need to extend the electrical. The outlets are already there, one per wall. Maybe a second Fluorescent lamp but that should be it."

His winning smile slowly withered as All shook his head Al said " I close my eyes. I shake my head."

Randy said "Well.."

Al chuckled and said "Sometimes Son, you are damn easy to get going. I blame your older meaner brothers. Have you ever heard of any of our relatives visiting here for more than a few days?" Randy's head shook no as Al said "Or heard me tell of friends from out of town staying more than a week?"

A similar head shake got Al to the last question that would actually give Randy and Roger a better idea of housing. Al smiled and said "And exactly how many bedrooms are built in this house?"

Randy was serious till half way through " Well five upstairs with Rosa in the downstairs ..Sixth bedroom.

Al looked at Roger and said "Can you tolerate living in the same house as your Boss and the owner of the company? I do snore, but the insulation does double duty. Temperature and Sound for the same price. I would suggest that you take the bedroom that shares a bathroom with Randy. Rosa will need to be able to discipline those who stray from the path of harmonious Bathroom users. It's a treat to see her swat a fly with her tea towel at seven feet."

Roger said "I heard her mention a fly swatter."

Rosa said "That's the sturdier tea towel."

Randy said " This is a fly free zone thanks to Rosa."

Roger said "You both know where I'm coming from when it comes to working with older brothers and and the owner of the company is your father. And I went home to them all without a break from their arrogance. I see this as a little slice of heaven. You can count on me, to do my part."

Rosa said "Just put the dirty towels in the hamper and you will never know what it feels like to be a fly in this house."

His enthusiastic head nodding got the desired laugh. Randy and Roger helped get the dishes into thew sink and soaking. They thanked Rosa again and headed to Randy's office, where Roger had left his backpack.

Roger decided that Randy wasn't really part of his biological family. The key change that would occur in his family would have been hinted at by now. And they certainly wouldn't have offered to house him in their own home and on the second floor besides.

He'd have to take extra care when the Full or New Moon was up. He'd spent the last two months avoiding his father and night owl mother when he had to go through the Change at night. The Moon was part of the key to the family Glamour.

His cousin Rudy was the only family member that took him through the first Unbinding Spell. Roger found out his father and Rudy's father were afraid of unbinding themselves. Their late grandfather had been a bit of a tyrant. Insisted each son learn their heritage and train to defend the family if need be. Apparently Grandpa wasn't much of a teacher. How can you learn to use a shield and a spear while you're trying to get the hang of running around on four legs?

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