Skittish Stud Colt at the Stedman Ranch 2

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It was closing in on the one year mark for Randy managing the Stedman Ranch. He was proud of the work he'd done. They had ten more horses than they had the year before he started and twelve of the owners were using the gym facilities. Turns out, the gym wasn't just his idea alone. Apparently Uncle Al had a hankering to be a trainer in more than one way. While the question had always sat there and never got asked; seems Uncle Al wasn't just family. He played on the same team as Randy.

The sixth month with the gym in use had Randy catching Al getting a little hands on assistance from one particular customer late in the afternoon. Marshal Thompson was about ten years younger than Al and had decided to return to Competitive Jumping. An injury when he was twenty two years old, had ended his young career. Now that he was a highly paid successful lawyer, he wanted to see if he still had what it took to make it to the Nationals. And it was well known that Mr Thompson was a champion of the Gay and Lesbian causes that came to trial.

Randy's discovery of a massage wouldn't have been so note worthy if it had been Al giving Marshal the back rub. But when the client is rubbing out a sore muscle in the owners back? Well, you couldn't say that Al was caught red handed since they both still had their clothes on and it was Marshal who was doing the rubbing.

Randy had refrained from asking Al why he never dated. Al had never asked any questions like that of him. So when he heard Al moan just a little and Marshal chuckle, he couldn't just step back out like nothing was happening.

Randy said "Al am I supposed to give clients a discount when Staff get the hands on treatment?"

Al and Marshal had been facing away from the door. When Randy started talking, Al shot up off of the bench he was on and nearly hit his head on the pull down bar. Marshal grabbed it in time to keep it from swinging back and hitting Al.

All got out " I... Um.... I...well.."

Marshal was barely able to keep from laughing at Al stuttering with a red face..

But Al and Marshal both had growing bulges in their shorts. Marshal burped out a chuckle and said "Yeah Al. Do I get a discount?" Before Al could process that request, Marshal looked down at Al's crotch and said "Damn! I'm good."

Al looked at him, then to where Marshal was looking. Al saw his growing erection trying to break free of his shorts, and said "OH!" then covered his crotch. He looked over at Marshal and then down at Marshal's considerable bulge and said "I'd say better than good. Quite a bit bigger than good."

Marshal stopped grinning for a second and covered his crotch, only to start grinning again when he looked up at Randy and just shrugged,

Randy stopped chuckling enough to say "I'll just let my Uncle decide that particular question." As he turned to walk out of the gym he said "But I agree with Al. That's quite a bit bigger than Good." He walked out still chuckling.

Randy heard Al say "Well it is." before he was out of earshot.

Randy had no doubt that Al was either still blushing or he had started to kiss Marshal by the time Randy got to his office. Randy cut a much bigger figure than he had six months ago. He was already at six foot six and climbing. And he passed the three hundred pound mark last month. Roger was growing like a weed, too. He was at five eleven and five pounds shy of three hundred himself. It seemed like Roger was going to pass Randy weight wise, if not in height.

Randy decided to give Al a break and used the pager system. He said "Roger Swift, please report to the Office. Roger to the Office, Please"

Roger had just changed into his work out clothes and walked over to the office. He walked in and said " What's up Boss?"

Randy was just changing shirts and said " Close the door." Roger and a frown and a grin when Randy said that. But he closed the door and walked over to the chair opposite the desk.

Roger said "Something wrong, Boss?"

Randy didn't have his shirt down over his pecs when he stopped pulling and frowned. He said "We've had this discussion"

Roger smiled and sat down as Randy continued pulling his shirt down. Roger said "Sorry. Something wrong, Randy?"

Randy was all excited again. He said "No. Pretty damn funny, actually. I just caught Al getting a back rub from Marshal Thompson."

Roger frowned and said "You mean giving a back rub."

Randy shook his head no. He said "Noooo. Getting. And when I surprised then with a question about client discounts, Al nearly beaned himself on the pull down bar standing up so fast. That wasn't the wisest thing to do either. They both had raging hard ons trying to get through their shorts. Then Marshal said something like 'Damn I'm good' and Al stuttered till he thought to look where Marshal was. Then he tried to cover himself up."

Roger said "Like that could happen. Your Uncle is too big for that"

Randy paused a second and said " Yeah. Um, then Al blurted out something like 'That's better than good, A bit bigger than good.' and all while looking at Marshal's huge bulge in his shorts."

Roger said "Wow." But he was wondering if Randy caught the fact that he had checked out his Uncle's crotch enough to know how big he was.

Randy said "Yeah, Wow. I had been worrying that Uncle Al was going to be alone all his life. We never talked about the reasons why I had to get away from my father and brothers. I think my father and Uncle caught me checking out my brothers and they wanted to head off a problem. I always thought my Uncle was Gay. And when I started to get so much grief from my brothers, I think my dad talked to Al. I think that's why I got offered this job in the first place. I'm real thankful for a few reasons."

Roger was a little shocked. They hadn't ever talked about the subject. Roger said "Wow."

Randy stepped closer and said "Ya know we never did talk about sexual orientation and employee Boss relations. Whatayou think about all of that?"

Roger felt like this was the most important question he had ever been asked. He thought 'Don't fuck this up!'

Roger said "Uh..Don't do it on Company time?"

Randy burst out with a laugh and said "Good answer."

Roger looked down and then at Randy as he said "I think my dad caught me checking out my brothers, too. All he did was work me like a dog and never stick up for me. He never called me a fag. But he stopped acting like my father." He looked down as tears gathered in his eyes. He said "I still love that man, too." He couldn't hold them back as he covered his eyes.

Randy stepped closer and started rubbing one shoulder. Just then Al opened the door. He was a little shocked to see Randy rubbing Roger's shoulder. The question on his face just got Randy shaking his head no. Al could hear Roger crying and just nodded as he quietly closed the door.

Randy said "It's OK Buddy. We got yer back." Randy was having a hard time not joining in.

Randy said "Ya know, I'd be proud ta call you my brother. But I sorta had a different relationship in mind. That is if you're as attracted to me as I am ta you."

Roger wiped his eyes and looked up at Randy. His expression had changed from sad to hopeful. Randy said "And I am." Roger's smile got Randy a little flustered, as he said "Ya know." Randy smiled back and said "Attracted ta you." He ruffled Rogers hair but stopped as Roger's smile got bigger.

Randy said "Damned, if that smile doesn't just rival the sun.... Son."

Roger slowly stood up and Randy didn't move when the big man was only inches away from him. They were both big ol boys now. Randy's hand rested on Rogers shoulder again. But he was just holding it there waiting for Roger to have his say. Roger started it off with his own hand rubbing back and forth across Randy's left nipple. It obligingly stood up proud with all that attention. He reached around and pulled Randy into a hug. His jaw just was able to rest on the huge shelf of a chest that Randy now had. The top of his own chest was tickling Randy's nipples.

With all that going on and a smile like that on Roger's face. Well what's a boy supposed to do? Randy reached down as Roger tipped his head up for a very intense kiss. His big arms reaching around Roger just made them both hold it a bit longer.

When that came up for air, Randy said "Well I'm glad that's settled."

Roger rested his chin on Randy's chest again and said "Me, Too." Then he tipped his face down into the valley of Randy Pecs and just rooted around for a second. Then he said into them "Me, too!"

Randy took the opportunity to kiss the top of Roger's head. Then he laid the side of his face on Roger's head as he said "A guy could get ta feeling real safe, with arms like those wrapped around him." Roger tightened his hug and nodded yes in Randy's muscular cleavage. Randy lifted his head off of Roger's as he tightened his hold on the shorter man.

Roger looked up and said "You don't think I'm a cry baby for all that stuff?"

Randy looked Roger straight in the eye and shook his head no. He said "I think you're a man with his heart in the right place. Family is important. I'm just glad you chose us as family, when ya did." He gave Roger a little kiss on the lips then rested his forehead against Roger's. They both took a deep breath that sorta moved them apart till they exhaled.

Roger chuckled and said "We have gotten a bit bigger in the past few months, haven't we?"

Randy stepped back to get a look at Roger and said "I would say quite a bit. And it looks like the next month is gonna see you getten heavier than me."

Roger blushed and said "Well a guy's gotta do something to look impressive next to a handsome man like you."

Randy's hand went to the back of his head as he blushed. He said "Keep talking like that and your words'll turn my head right off. Let's get ta our work out."

Roger nodded yes and they headed to the Gym. They had it to themselves for an hour. They usually only took and hour, but now that they could openly flirt with the other, the time stretched to an hour and a half. They ramped back the flirting when Al and one of the lady competitors, Miss Jolene Makepeace, came in for her five o'clock work out. She had already done her Barrel runs with Joker, her lightening fast gelding. They were the two friendliest creatures you could ever meet.

Jolene said "I swear, the way you two handsome devils keep growing, one of these days, I'm gonna find holes in this here ceiling."

Randy said "It's just compliments like that, from such an accomplished Horsewoman as yourself, that keep us growing with Pride."

Jolene said "Well I can't claim any hand in the Pride I saw your Uncle displaying today. I caught he and Mr Thompson exchanging more than words as Marshal was leaving. It does my heart good to see your uncle set his heart on a fine man, who'll do right by him. And I should know. Marshal is my cousin."

Al said " What?"

Jolene said "Oh yes, darlin. You don't think he just started rubbing your back for no good reason, now, did you?"

Al looked at Randy who shook his head no. Al looked back at Jolene. She chuckled and said "Who do you think suggested that little ploy to get you two together? He heard my observation of your "Pride" after your work out with my dear cousin and asked me what I thought he should. I told him a gentleman always returns the favor, when given one. You've rubbed his back many times, and with out charging the Massage fee. I know you have it on your list of charges."

Al got a lopsided grin on his face as he said "Oh my God. Those were his exact words. A gentleman returns the favor." His hands found her shoulders and he said "Thank you Miss Jolene." He kissed her cheek and pulled her into a hug."

When he released her, Jolene put her hand to her ample cleavage and said "Well that certainly got my heart rate up. But no thanks needed. I was doing it for my cousin. He's smitten with you. You just treat him the way he treats you and you won't have a problem with me Break his heart and I'll break you in two. Ya hear?"

Al believed it with the force she put behind her words. He said " Yes Miss."

She smiled and hugged him briefly as she said "Good. Now lets get to work."

Randy and Roger finished up their workout and took their leave of Al and Miss Jolene. They decided to take a shower in the main house. They did share the shower, but they could only take time to wash each other's back and cuddle a little. They promised each other "Later". The reason for "Later" was the time. At five thirty in the afternoon they still both had about an hour more of helping clients with their horses. The work out time had been decided by the influx of clients. It just seemed that four to five o'clock was the slowest part of the afternoon. As it was, they were behind a half an hour. Luckily this wasn't the first time they were late after a work out. Their clients either asked another available trainer, or they curried their own horse for the time they waited. The horses loved that anyway. Sort of a win situation that would have normally annoyed a client. Happy horses work better.

Roger and Randy met at the office before going up to the Main house for dinner. Randy had a big grin on when Roger walked in. Roger said "Do I need to close the door?'

Randy said "No. I don't mind everybody hearing this question."

Roger lifted his eyebrows in question. Randy said "Are you off the clock?"

Roger smiled and said "Yeah? Was that the question?"

Randy said "No. Will you be my boyfriend? Cause I love ya!"

Roger looked like he was thinking about it for a second. Then he walked over to Randy and pulled his head down for a kiss. Randy helped out by pulling him into a hug.

Tavo's voice cut the kiss short. He said "Oh wow. Boss. That sort of thing could make a guy blind. Too much meat sucking face. I'd say get a room, but you two have them in the Main house." He brought over an invoice and laid it on the desk. "The alfalfa guy was late again."

Roger said "I'm off the clock."

Tavo said "Just messin with ya. We wondered when you two would stop dancin around each other. I lost on the pool anyway. I had five bucks on last month."

Randy said "A pool? There's a pool on when we would get together? How many were in on it?"

Tavo said "Just nine people. Seven of our people, the Alfalfa driver and Steve the Farrier. And his girlfriend won the pot, too. She said first week this month. Oh, I forgot. It's ten. Rosa got in on it just before we closed it."

Randy grinned at Roger and then picked up the phone. He hit the pager button and said "Will the people involved in the "Who's dating who Pool, please report to the office. I repeat. Will the people involved in the "Who's dating who" Pool, please report to the office."

Tavo said "It's almost seven. Isn't Rosa just finishing dinner. I wouldn't want her angry at me with a tea towel in her hand."

Randy frowned and grabbed the phone. He said " Correction, folks correction. Would those participating in the "Who's dating who" Pool assemble at the Kitchen door of the Main House. Correction. Kitchen door Main House."

They started walking to the Main house and were soon joined by the rest of the crew that hadn't already left. Rosa was on the porch twirling her tea towel Randy said "No need for violence, Rosa. We were found out by accident and no one told us till after the fact."

Rosa backed down and hooked the tea towel in her apron.

Steve and the Alfalfa guy had already left. But the remaining Trainers and Stable guys were there for some fun. They all had an idea what was coming. But all were curious as to how it would play out.

Al walked out of the kitchen and stood next to Rosa. He said "Don't let me interrupt the proceedings. Carry on."

Randy said "While Tavo has admitted to loosing this particular betting pool, his admission has revealed all of your involvement in this nefarious form of gambling. I am shocked that you have nothing better to do than bet on whether Roger and I would finally come to our senses. Said Co-conspirator " Tavo raised his hands like a prize fighter , "Was instrumental in discovering the winner of said Betting Pool. And just so there is no mistake about it." He grabbed Roger by the back of the neck, "He already told me yes. I got me a boyfriend." With that Randy kissed Roger in front of the crew. There were one or two "Euhhs" but the rest were "Awwwwwws."

While impromptu applause erupted, Randy softly said "I'm sorry for not asking you if that was OK, but I'm real proud you being my boyfriend. And I had no intention of ever trying to hide the fact that I love you. OK?"

Roger chose the same form of yes he had a little while ago. Trudy said "Yes! Now I can afford that saddle I've had my eye on for six months. Thanks guys."

Roger pulled back and said "Welcome."

The meeting started to break up and Rosa nudged them as she said "Go wash up and set the table. Dinner's in ten minutes. Don't make me come out here."

Roger and Randy said "Yes Ma'am." together. and headed into the Main house.

~~~~~~~ After Dinner ~~~~~~~

All that muscle rubbing together and getting to play with each other after thinking about it for months on end and the two lovers were only able to come twice while giving each other head, before they conked out. It was due to the Job, and their intense work out in the afternoon, and the fact that they were still growing hard and fast. They were lucky to get two times out of the evening, before they both fell asleep.

But wouldn't you know it. That night was the night before the full moon. Roger had been able to keep his secret from getting out. Luckily he was pretty light on his feet and was able to resist the call of the moon until he was a few yards from the main house. He didn't notice Randy waking up moments later and following him out of the house. Even with the moon light to see by, Roger was too far ahead of Randy for him to see Roger change.

All Randy heard was a small horse gallop away towards the north field. He was still curious about where Roger kept the young horse. Cause after Rosa had informed Randy about finding hoof prints near the main house, he couldn't find any horse in the stable that looked like they'd been ridden in the night. If he had been a little more thorough, he might have found some odd prints where the hoof prints started. But he was off to the stable to get his stallion, Demonwind in a bridle for a bareback night ride. He was a bit slower heading to the north field, knowing that there was only one way in or out of the pasture. Unless the horse was able to jump seven foot fences.

Randy was just able to keep Demon from bolting an joining up with the small horse being galloped in the field. He gentled Demon with the promise "Don't worry Demon. If he won't stop for us, We'll race him down to where they keep him." The tone in Randy's voice promised a good run tonight, so Demon became a bit calmer. Then Randy was able to see a bit clearer. It was Roger! But where was the horses head!!

Suddenly Roger threw his hands wide and Randy could see that there was only one creature in the pasture. It was Roger! Suddenly Randy's heartbeat quickened. And his cock suddenly wanted to break its way through his shorts. Roger's horse body may have been smallish for a horse. But his Stallion equipment spoke of a far larger horse.

Randy whispered "Wow. He's almost as big as you." Demon didn't understand what Randy said, but Randy's arousal was quick to get into Demon's nose. He stamped the ground which spooked Roger. Roger headed to the gate of the pasture only to find it blocked by Demon with Randy on his bare back. Randy slipped off of Demon and tied him to the gate.

Randy walked towards Roger and Roger started to back away. Randy turned his shoulder to Roger and said "Roger. Please. You trusted me today. Trust me now."

Roger stopped and a frightened nicker came out of him. Randy looked out of the corner of his eye and then hooked his head like he was reeling Roger in. Randy said "I'll never hurt you. I'll never let anyone hurt you."

Roger walked with his head bent as he walked up to Randy. Randy slowly turned to Roger and tipped his lover's head back up. He looked into his eyes and said "I still love you. You still love me?"

Roger nodded his head and held Randy's hand against his own cheek. Randy kissed him for a second and then said "Trust me. I just gotta get to know my boyfriend a little better."

Roger nickered as Randy put his hand on the middle of his horse back and ran it slowly back to his horse rump.

Randy said "And I've got a whole lot more boyfriend to get to know."

The sound of a low nicker let Randy know he was moving in the right direction.

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