Skittish Stud Colt at the Stedman Ranch 3

Dear readers; heres the next chapter of the story. This is fantasy story.

Disclaimer; This is a Fantasy story with Male to Male sex and Love Relationships. If you are under eighteen years of age then you should not be have been warned.

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Roger's horse body was as muscular as his human half. Randy hadn't had enough time playing with Roger's legs and he sort of missed them. But having a boyfriend that was attached to so much horse flesh was really turning Randy on.

Roger noticed just how excited Randy was and he said "Is that a baseball bat in your pants or are you just happy to see me. And feel me. Ohhhhh." Randy had leaned his heavy pecs on the back of Roger's flanks as Randy reached over and started to rub his belly.

Randy said "Oh. So he can talk. I was wondering if we had to use horse talk." Randy scooted up farther onto Randy's horse back, so he could reach his very big prize.

Roger snorted and said "Of course I can talk. I'm a Centaur not a hoooooooo." He was interrupted by Randy's handling of a very horse like appendage. Roger's nickering got Randy chuckling.

Randy said "You can't tell me this isn't a part of a horse. Now can you?" His hand couldn't reach all the way around Rogers cock near the base, but he had a little better luck near the tip.

Randy said "My God. This thing is a yard long!"

Roger said "You don't have to play with all of it. But you sure are doing a good job of doing just that. Ohhhhhhh." Another throaty nicker came out of Rogers mouth.

Randy chuckled again and said "Like that, do ya Mr. Swift?" His thick meaty arm was rubbing Rogers underbelly as Randy was stroking the yard long cock.

Roger said "Mr. Swift?"

Randy said "I told you I'd call you that when you impressed me and this" Randy's thumb rolled some of the precum over the tip of Roger's cock. Roger moaned and quivered to that.

Randy said "Yeah. This is damn impressive."

Roger said "So's what you're doin to it." More nickering

Randy said "Wow, Lover. This sure is a night for firsts."

Roger said "Not that I really want you to but, stop for a moment and come around to my front."

Randy and a funny grin on his face as he slid off of Rogers back and walked to his front half. Rogers hand went to the goofy smile on Randy's face and his thumb played with it for a second. Randy kissed it then bit at it.

Roger looked into his eyes and said "You're OK with this?"

Randy's smile got huge and he said "OK? I'm the luckiest guy in the world. My big time sexy boyfriend gets even sexier by moonlight and grows two more legs... Well some would say three more legs. What am I missing?"

Roger looked down and said "I'm a freak."

Randy tipped his head back up and said "Buddy, with that much muscle on your body, you were a freak before you ever grew another leg. And if that is being a freak than I love my freak. Be my freak, please. You still want to be mine don't ya?"

Roger said yes the way he had been all that day. Their kiss got Roger and Randy's erections hard as steel. The movement of that yard long dong got Randy stepping back for a second. He looked down at it bobbing near the ground and then near Roger's horse chest and said "He does seem to be insistent."

Roger looked down ad saw that Randy didn't have any shoes on. He said "Randy, try something for me. OK?"

Randy said "What ever you want."

Roger said "Get on my back and rub my lower belly with your feet while you rub my upper belly with your hands." His faster breathing let Randy know that he was in for a ride.

Randy started rubbing Rogers belly as he walked around and slipped onto Rogers back.

Randy said "I'm not too heavy for you, am I?"

Roger said "Oh no. That's a good weight." Randy's hands had come around to hug roger's belly and he slid them up to rub his nipples for a moment. Then arched his legs out so the bottom of his feet could rub Roger's lower belly. That got a steady quivering going all over Roger's body.

Randy said "Oh my God. My boyfriend has turned into a vibrator."

Roger nickered and chuckled and said "And you're the battery, Buddy. You're the big Damn battery, that got me vibrating."

Randy's thick erection was rubbing up the valley of muscle up Roger's upper back.

Randy whispered into Roger's ear "My God, Roger. You're like one huge erection. And I get to go for a ride on it. Whoo-hoo."

Roger nickered again and said "Oh ride em cowboy!"

Randy reached for Rogers nipples again and set off the whole show. Roger let out a strangled

"Oh God!" Then he started to buck a little as his whole body jerked. His cock slapped the tops of Randy's feet as he held on for dear life. Randy saw Rogers spunk shoot out in front of him, as it glowed in the moon light. Some of it got on Randy's feet and he waited for Roger to calm down before he reached under for a taste.

Randy slipped off his lover's back and stuck his fingers in his mouth. He walked around and brushed some hair out of Rogers eyes. He got Rogers attention before sucking on his fingers again. He had such a devilish grin on his face Roger just had to smile back.

Roger said "So how do I taste?"

Randy sucked an index finger and said "Salty" before he kissed Roger for a very long time.

Randy came up for air and said "I was just thinking that about ten inches of that monster could really hit the spot, if you're willing to go slow."

Roger smiled and said "I was just thinking you could show me what you wanted me to do by example." He wiggled his horse hind quarters and swished his tail a bit to make his point."

Randy said "You want me to be first?"

Roger said "I know how good you are with horses. I think you'd take me on a good ride. The best, I'm thinking."

Randy let out a throaty nicker of his own and kissed Roger. He tried to suck his tongue right out of his head and that turned Roger on again.

They pulled back and Roger said "Maybe we should continue this in the stable. Where you can get some Lube and maybe a condom?"

Randy said "Demon will follow along. Are you strong enough to give me a ride to the stable?"

Roger chuckled/nickered and said "Oh yeah. Saddle up."

Randy got on Roger's back and as they passed Demon, Randy flipped the reins on to his back. Demon knew a challenge when he saw one and lit out towards the stable. Roger had Randy as a handicap put got to a few horse lengths behind Demon when they reached the stables. Randy slid off Roger's back and grabbed the reins to cool Demon down. a bit.

Roger said "Here. Give me the reins and I walk the brute for a few minutes while you get the necessary. Then we'll see if you can work me into a lather. But nnno riding crops, OK?"

Randy couldn't help but laugh. "Buddy, I think I'll leave those for further down the line. I don't think we're gonna need any sex toys for a very very long time."

Roger started walking Demon while glancing back at Randy and said "Love that smile on you."

Randy scratched the back of his head as he turned and walked into the stables. He said "You know who put it there."

Demon was a little skittish with the smell of sex still on Rogers lower half. But the familiar smell of Roger calmed him down with the steady murmur Roger was talking at him. After about eight minutes, Randy came back and took the reins from Roger and led Demon into his stall. There were a few carrots as reward for his good behavior and Demon gently took them from Randy. Roger had moved to an empty stall after he closed the main doors for a little warning time, in case someone came out.

Randy had the lube and he used a pint at least to get his lovers large hindquarters prepared. The condom was slicked up and Randy's hands grasped Rogers flanks. Roger's tail obligingly lifted out of the way and stayed up and to the side. Roger didn't want Randy to have a face full of tail. Though that phrase had a certain ring to it. But not for tonight.

Randy's height was perfect for the right entry level of Rogers Centaur Butt. And luckily Randy wasn't a monster freak in the Cock t department. He said "Here I go lover. I hope your prostate isn't too far in."

Randy slid in and met little resistance. Then he tooled around for a few seconds before Roger could feel the situation and then tightened up his muscles. That got a groan from Randy.

Randy said "Oh, Babe. You have a lot of control back here. That is so, ooh. Oh Roger. Am I hittin'' it Man? Cause you got me. How can you do that?" His speed went up and down for the next ten minutes. And his commentary was a bit fragmented but very passionate. Then Roger clamped down a bit tighter and Randy changed gears.

Randy said "Oh my god. I love you Roger."

Roger squealed and nickered and said "Aw Randy, that's it! Rabbit fuck, me. You have got control of that love button back there. Oh fuck. A five hundred pound rabbit. Get it man. Ohhhh!"

Randy was the one to squeal as Rogers muscles clamped down tight as his Centaur Pearl Jam shot out of the tip of his yard long Schlong. Randy had a moment to register the pressure difference and his Rabbit fucking of his fine Stud lover got him over the edge and filling the rubber right after Roger blew his massive load. Randy started to slack off but the muscle squeeze from Rogers horse end still got little reactions from Randy.

Then the sheer volume of ejaculate from his lover got Randy's attention. He said "Damn Roger. How long do you usually cum? This is gettin close to the three minute mark." Randy leaned to the side and saw the huge pool of Centaur Spooge under Rogers front hooves. Randy snorted a laugh and said "And that has got to be a gallon, if it's an ounce."

Randy pulled out of Roger and walked forward while avoiding stepping in the puddle of cum. He pulled Roger over to another side of the stall and said "Was it good for you?" They held on to each other as their laughter grabbed a hold of them.

Roger was admiring the looks and muscle on Randy and he answered the rhetorical question as he looked into Randy's eyes.

"Mighty fine. Mighty fine." Their lips demanded another round of kisses and they didn't get to testing Randy's limit as a bottom. They decided to save it for the next night. And then they could plan a better platform and at the right level for Roger to line up correctly with Randy's rear end.

Strangely enough, Rogers rear end was a bit sore the next day. But it got a smile out of them both each time Roger felt like being a little cautious with how he sat down. Their coworkers noticed the interaction and started to give Roger little tubes of Bag balm and Udder ease cream. Then Rosa got into the act by placing a Hemorrhoid cushion on Roger's chair for Lunch. He decided to play a little with it and went into the kitchen and came out with one of those rechargeable ice pads and put it on top of the cushion Rosa left him. His little "Mmmmm" got Al telling them "Aw give it a break. Randy is just not that big. You youngsters have to ease up on the jack hammer action. Lay off the Rabbit fucking till you find each other's rhythm."

Rosa saw the look on Randy and Roger's face as Al's comment hit home. She tried to stifle a laugh as she hurried back into the kitchen.

Al said "Ah. that is a family trait. Rabbit fucking that not only hits the spot but does so ten times a second."

Roger stayed silent but couldn't help but smile thinking about how good it felt.

Al said "Nephew. Look at that smile on Roger's face. That is the very same smile your mother had on hers after her wedding night. We Stedman men seem to have a knack."

Rosa called from the Kitchen "I don't think I ever saw that smile on any of Brice's wives."

Al chuckled and said "Always an exception to the rule."

Their work out that day overlapped with Al and Marshal's. This time they were pushing iron, not each others muscles. But that evening, Al had a guest for dinner. Roger and Randy were able to see Marshals sense of humor up close and they liked how it could get Al blushing at his age. They also saw how Marshal could be a sweet talker as well as a smart ass. It seemed to be the right mixture for making Al happy. Cause Marshal was invited to stay for the night.

Before Roger and Randy went off to the stables that night, they were treated to the jack hammer sound of a man responding to his love button getting hit while in the middle of Rabbit fucking. Marshal sure didn't have any snappy come back while this was going on. As Randy closed the main stable door he said "I bet we see that smile on Marshal's face in the morning."

Roger snorted and said "I can't take that bet. I know first hand the effect you Stedman have on the men who love you. It sounds so crude. But no sane man could say 'Oh wait lover. Slow down a bit.' when they are in the middle of Rabbit fucking. If any man could, then they should have their head examined.."

Randy watched as Roger pulled the company video camera on a tripod, over to the stall they were going to use that night. Randy said "Roger? I thought the idea was to keep people from seeing a real live centaur. What's with the camera?"

Roger set up the camera but didn't turn it on. He mumbled a spell and his Centaur body flickered into the space behind him. Roger said "I won't be able to tell if I'm being a little too rough. You may be ignoring the pain while you've become injured. Until we are finished, we won't be able to look to see if there's blood or bruising. So while it may look like a bit of kinky stuff, it is really a bit of 'this will make sure I don't hurt you'."

The VCR didn't need to have a tape in it. It was happy just to get a signal and it passed it on to the TV. We had the modified Hay bale. The camera pointing at the place where the nasty bits will soon be. The oversized condom(part joke condom) and the large amount of lube got the show on the road.

Randy was face up as Roger slid his front quarters over Randy erection. Then the business end of Rogers meter long dong, nudged at Randy behind. Luckily Randy had been practicing with a few very large dilldos. But none the calibre of Roger's Centaur cock. Still they went slow and were able to get two thirds of the monster up Randy's love chute. Then Roger was able to try some of his own Rabbit fucking near the end of their Nasty Centaur Love. He got that smile on Randy's face and he knew he did it right.

Randy just gave out a low bass giggle and said "You have to be related, Roger. That rabbit fucking was .. was.." He gave up and just pointed at his own smile plastered across his happy mug.

Roger got a bit more comfortable as he waited for Randy to realize what is up.

The after glow was stretching into at least a fourth minute when Randy realized that Roger had not cum yet and was still as hard as he was over four minutes ago.

Randy said "Oh lover!"

Roger said "Oh yes. Wanna see how many times I can get you to fire off that cannon of yours with out anybody touching it?"

Randy just looked like he was gonna pop he was so excited. He finally found the words. "You are my Love God. You are my Love God. You are my Love God. You are the man, the horse the whole stable. Come here. I gotta kiss that handsome face. I just gotta love ya." They were occupied with just their tongues for an hour.

Roger was the one who had to come up for air. He said "Woof. You are the God of Kissing, though. No contest."

Randy sounded cocky and proud at the same time. "It's just cause of the lover I have. He's what makes the difference. I gotta be damn good, cause your awesome fine self loves me! Wow."

Randy smile got tender. He said "Babe. I never thought of my self that way. But I have to." His hand came up and cupped Rogers left cheek. His thumb fiddled with Rogers mouth and Roger sucked it in for a hello.

Randy said "I'm just bursting with pride for you. But I just have to ask you to do a bit of sweet work. So I can tell god and man how many times my man can fuck an orgasm out of me with out ever touching my prong."

Roger got a devilish grin on his face as he said "They say you have to work at love."


Randy was still quivering. And his dick was at least a good eight inches longer than it had started out that evening. And it was as hard as a rock with thick new veins over it. That had been the twenty fifth orgasm, and Roger couldn't take it any more. He said "Randy, I can't help it. Twenty five is the record. I gotta suck that sweet meat, just to get some love into it."

Roger tenderly pulled it up to his lips and as he opened them a gush of white cream filled his mouth and coated his neck and chin. He ignores the rush of cum and kissed the member on one side and then another. He pulled his cock out of Randy and cast the spell. And was in for a surprise. His body went back to a normal human shape. His cock did not.

Randy got his eyes on Roger and came again. Then his weary brain just popped. He started to laugh. He pulled Roger's meter long cock onto his belly and pulled it to his lips. He softly said "Hey handsome. You have one fine human attached to you. Do you know how lucky you are. I do." He looked up in Rogers confused eyes and made it alright with "Come here lover."

Roger bent and kissed Randy and his fear vanished. They were exhausted and fell asleep at five thirty in the morning. Luckily Al was a morning person and was the one to find them collapsed on the hay bale.

Al was gentle when he woke hem up. He smiled as he saw them pull each other closer. Then Roger's cock slid off of Randy. Al said "Wow. I see why you're so good with horses. Randy. I have never been so impressed with you. You and your lover are an honor to this family."

Roger lost it. Randy smiled. and held Roger while he cried out every disappointment his father ever had for him. Randy said "Uncle Al. You are still the best man of this family You know just what to say to make a guy realize how good he really is." Randy rubbed Rogers back and Rogers cock slowly shrank back a foot. But that was as far as it was going to go that day.

Al said "Lets get you two over to the house before we get caught up with the Enquirer. I know they act like they pay well, but I have my doubts. Besides."

Roger was standing and Randy got up after him. Randy said "Besides?"

Al's crafty grin twisted the laugh in his voice as he said "This old man has a hankering' to see what kinda dance your meat is gonna do as you walk to the house."

Roger took it as an honor to display his member for Al to see. Like seeing the way a well bred stallion will go through his paces. Al had returned Roger's pride of self. Anything he wanted was what Roger was going to give him.

The motion was regal as he slowly walked to the Main house. He got to the door and opened it and turned as he backed in a bit. He looked up at Al and asked "Did that do your heart good, Papa?"

Al looked at Roger with his open flashing smile and devotion written all over his face.

Al thought there had been enough tears, but he couldn't stop from paying his respect to the Lady of the Joyful tears, himself. He pulled Roger to him and said "Son. Lord I got me two sons now. I'm more proud of you two than I could ever say."

Randy got pulled in and Rosa while shocked by the volume of men in her house, was still able to get herself to the clean laundry and find a few loose sweat pants for Roger and Randy. After she handed them to the men she giggled and said "Where my need to cover such fine parts of my family comes from I don't know. Next time, please remind me that I am not married."

The men had a chuckle and Marshal came down to a more covered viewing. He could still make out the massive size of Roger's cock. But he was still enjoying the smile Al put on his face last night.

Al saw the smile and asked Marshal "Is that from last night?"

Marshal was a bit of a smart ass. But this answer was good anyway. He said "Yes it is. But early last night. I don't foresee it leaving any time in the next few days."

Al said "Couldn't hurt to give it a boost, just in case."

Marshal said "The neighborly thing to do, ya might say."

Rosa started to bring out Scrambled eggs and Bacon, then toast and Hash browns.

Al said "We'll restrain our hunger. You two need a shower. But just a shower. Rinse off and come back down."

They nodded and followed Al's instructions. Damn it was difficult to obey. But they were truly tired. and after toweling themselves off just shy of arousal, they found sweat pants a bit closer to what they needed and returned to the dinning table. Marshal had been leisurely eating when the the young men just opened their mouths and shoveled the food in. Rosa saw the look and advised "Once you have yours on your plate, keep your hands near it."

Marshal said "Thank you Rosa. Good advice." Then he was treated with a slower version when Al went for seconds.

Al chuckled and said "I'm only slightly safer."

Marshal said "Yeah. But I know what you give back. And what ya give."

That Stedman smile was hanging around that table and Ranch for a while that week. And it started to become a habit over the long run. But that's a story for the next chapter.

To be continued