The Smoking Club

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Dear readers This is a new Science Fiction story . I hope you enmjoy it. Let me know if you do or don't. It all helps.

Disclaimer: This is a story with Male to Male sex and Love relationships. If you are under the age of eighteen years then you should not be here. You have been warned.

Nate was nervous and he didn't know why. He was early getting to the Hardcore Gym. His training partner was fairly punctual. Four thirty on the dot, every single weight lifting day. So Nate had another ten minutes to wait for Al. He thought about the first time Al offered to help train Nate. It was exactly one year ago today.

Back then Nate was a bit on the thin side and since he just got a job that paid well enough for him to spend the kind of money you need to get big, Nate was going to go for it. He found a real bodybuilder/weight lifter gym called the Hardcore Gym. He told the manager what he wanted to do and asked for advice. The manager told him start working out for a week and then ask questions.

So Nate did as advised. He had finally discovered his body responded to a Heavy duty exercise program. But after the fifth day he started to get some grief from the bigger hardcore bodybuilders. He'd start his set on a machine or weight station finish that set, get a drink of water and find these three hardcore bodybuilders rotating through on the equipment he had just been using. Nate would just continue the same exercise on a different piece of equipment, but the group would always make remarks about skinny people. It just made Nate work harder.

The leader of the Bulk Meisters was Jerry Knudesen, and on Nate's seventh day at the Gym, Jerry decided to give Nate some advice.

When Nate was pushed to another piece of equipment, Jerry walks over and says, "Kid, don't ya want to be at a gym where ya fit in better. Skinny guys don't last long around here. They get frustrated real quick."

Before Nate could say a word, this truly huge bodybuilder put his hand on Jerry's shoulder and said, "Like being pushed from one piece of equipment after another. That's frustrating, isn't it Jerry?"

Jerry said, "Hey Big Al ." in a very respectful tone. Al was six foot two, three hundred and forty pounds of lean beef, while Jerry was six foot even and stuck at two hundred and thirty five pounds for months now.

Nate had seen Al lifting in the gym, but had just admired from afar. He didn't want any of the big guys catching him check them out. He was open about being gay, but he didn't want to find out they were homophobes after he said something. And here, one of the biggest men in the gym was helping him out. Or at least he thought that was what he was doing.

Al turned To Nate and said, "My names Allan Dresser, friends call me Al ." His hand shake didn't crush Nate's hand, but Nate could tell All was holding back. Al then said, "These guys call me Big Al." Al sort of frowned a bit.

Jerry mumbled, "Well you are big."

Nate almost grinned at that but caught himself. He said, "My name's Nathan King, my friends call me Nate."

Al said, "Well Nate, the manager said you needed advice on how to bulk up. And I need a training partner. So If you will show up here ready to lift serious weight, four thirty on the dot, then I will help get you get bigger. That would mean really following my advice on diet, types of exercise, Cardio, and proper amounts of rest. And that would mean your attention is on spotting me when I need it and not ogling some guys butt."

Nate said, "Yes sir." Nate couldn't believe Al guessed about Nate being gay and was alright with it.

Al smiled and said, "Nate, ya have to pay better attention than that. I said my friends call me Al."

Nate grinned and said, "Just a minor slip up Al. It won't happen again."

Al said, "Good." he turned to Jerr and asked, "Jerry, don't you have some equipment to hog."

Jerry backed up as he said, "Sorry Big Guy." And went back to where his buddies were lifting.

Al worked Nate hard. But Nate never complained or wimped out. By the end of the work out Nate was dragging, but he had a little smile on his face.

Al noticed and said, "That's what I like to see. A training partner with a good attitude."

In the locker room Al checked Nate out. It seemed Nate was not skinny down below. Nate had already seen enough of Al straining through his clothes to see that Al was big all over.

When they were dressed, Nate started to tell Al thanks, but Al stopped him with, "Good work out Nate. Would you care to come back to my Condo for a protein shake? We can write down your goals, say a year from now, and I can print out some of the guidelines on nutrition, I made for myself a few years ago."

Nate said, "That would be great, thanks."

Nate followed Al to a nice part of town and in no time Al had a large protein shake whipped up and the printer on his computer spitting out a few pages of good info.

Al was about to write down Nate's goals in a year, but instead said, "Nate, I'm gay. You probably could guess from how I shut Jerry down. And I'm assuming you are gay, by the way you checked out my package when you thought I wasn't looking."

Nate said, "Guilty as charged, but with extenuating circumstances. You are damn handsome as well as being big."

Al just nods his head like he was right to choose Nate. He finally tells Nate, "After I started to get really big, I became very popular. All the guys that were size queens had to have a go. But they were only interested in my meat. Either what was between my legs or wrapped on my bones. They had little or no interest in the man behind my eyes. I got used and I let them. Until I finally could identify why I felt so alone, while being so popular. They weren't my friends."

Al said, "I like you Nate. You didn't knuckle under to Jerry, you just moved on to what you needed to do to get yourself bigger. So I guess what I'm trying to tell you is, that while I find you sexy in a slim sort of way, and I appreciate the desire you may have towards me; I need to be just friends for a few months before I hop in bed with a handsome guy. I'm telling you, I'm worth the wait, and the minute my heart and head feel I can trust you, I'm gonna want you in bed in the best way."

Nate was taking this all in and looked down after Al finished. Nate said, "Al, I want a friend first too. And being wanted is another important thing on my list. Not needed. Anyone can fill a need. But to be truly desired, wanted for all you personal individual qualities. I can be patient for that." He smiled into Al's eyes and Al smiled back.

Al said, "Good. Then we have an Idea of the goals we're talking about."

Nate said, "Yeah. In a year I'll have twenty more pounds of muscle on me and good enough of a friend for our mutual desire to be able to get us into bed together.."

Al cut in with, "And be lovers."

Nate said, "Yes." and held out his hand. Al shook it then pulled Nate into a quick kiss.

Nate said with a goofy grin on his face, "And what was that?"

Al said, "Incentive."

That was a year ago and Al had helped Nate put on Sixty pounds of lean muscle. And while there were occasional small romantic gestures between them, they had remained just friends. Of course that was the real reason Nate was nervous. Had he been a good enough friend, so he and Al could take it to the next level? He would know tonight if he had succeeded at both his goals.

Jerry walked by Nate and said, "Don't worry, Big Al's been late before. Just not since he started training with you, Nate."

Nate says, "Thanks Jerry. I feel better already."

Jerry takes a good look at Nate and asks, "What are you up to now Nate?"

Nate said, "Two twenty. a year ago I was one sixty."

Jerry says, "That's incredible. Sixty pounds in one year is great."

Al is right in back of Nate as he says, "So that fulfills one of your goals."

Nate jumps and says, "No fair Al! You are like one of those tigers in the jungle."

Al says, "I'm sorry I'm a few minutes late. I forgot to get the car gassed up yesterday, and didn't notice until I was at work. Lets get to it."

Al pushed Nate just as hard as he did one year ago. And Nate would have been disappointed if Al had slacked off on the training pressure. They finished and Nate was about to take a shower, when Al said, "Take a shower over at my place. I have something special I've been meaning to show you, and It's not some rude come-on line either."

Nate said, "Let's go." with a smile that got Al tenting up a bit.

When they got to Al's condo, Al mixed up protein shakes for them both. When they finished Al said, "Go take a shower and put on the sweats I laid out for you, OK?"

Nate was a bit confused but said, "OK. " and took a shower. All sorts of thoughts went through Nate's head, but he kept himself from going nuts by thinking 'Patience'.

Nate dried off and put on the sweats. They were a bit large, but they didn't fall off him, so he didn't say anything.

He found Al in a clean set of sweats that were also a little big for him. And he had a ceramic pipe and a little jar of something brown that looked like instant coffee.

Nate's heart fell when he thought that for all this time he never saw Al as a drug addict.

Al left everything on the bar and walked over to Nate and said, "That's not a good face Nate. Tell me what you think is going on?"

Nate felt a bit betrayed and said, "You tell me. Not once did you mention using drugs. and when I talked about how my brother almost lost everything to coke, you said something about,"

Al cut him off with, "Narcotics eat away at the soul. I can not explain to you well enough just what this is. I shy away from calling it a drug, but I guess it has to be some kind of a drug. But it is not a narcotic. And it is not addictive, though you'd think it would be. I have this here tonight because the other members of the Smoking Club know I'm going to show you what we've been doing once a month for over five years. Normally, we don't take any home. After the first time, it only works once a month. and in between times, not one man has jonesed for another hit."

Al had been holding Nate's shoulders and Nate had put a hand on Al's half way through Al's speech. Al hugs Nate and then goes over to the bar. He picks up the pipe like a tobacco pipe and puts a big pinch of the brown crystals in it and lights it like you would for smoking tobacco.

Nate frowns but then his expression turns to shock and then wonder. As Al inhales he starts to swell up bigger and bigger. After a good minute and a half of inhaling, Al is seven and a half feet tall and looks like he weighs five hundred pounds.

Al sets the lighter and pipe down and holds his breath for about ten seconds. Then Al walks over to Nate and breaths into his face. Al was so quick in what he did, Nate hadn't had time to think. Nate had inhaled a bit of what Al exhaled and Nate got noticeably bigger.

Al said with a lower voice, "Sorry Nate, It's one of the tests to see if your body will respond to the drug. Now you'll notice that in about ten minutes you'll shrink back down to your original size. For me, it will take about fifteen minutes. But I will retain about one twentieth of the size gain. For you there is an initial drink that starts you out on becoming receptive to the drug. It will make you very big, but it will only be an indication of the size you can obtain with this drug."

Nate started to speak and his voice was lower. He said, "How big do people usually get the first time?"

Al said, "They usually grow to between six foot nine to eight feet tall and the muscle swell is always huge. The drink only lasts half an hour. And none of the gains are kept. But your body will respond to the other drug in an extreme way for the first day or two. And the gains kept are about one eighth ."

Nate said, "Wow." Nate thought for a second and said, "Waiting a year to tell me about this was a test too."

Al nodded his head yes and said, "Like I told you a year ago, I'm looking for love. You've been a good friend first, but you didn't forget to throw in some great little bits of romance just to remind me what you were waiting for."

Nate gets a sly grin on his face as he says, "I don't know what you could be referring to."

Al walked over and put his hands on Nate's huge traps and started to massage them. Al said, "Oh like when you gained that twenty pounds of muscle in only four months and you came in for our work out dressed in tight spandex shorts and a brand new muscle T-shirt a size too small. Each time you boned up a little I thought you were going to pop out the bottom of the shorts."

Nate said in his defense, "I was just responding to your monster tenting up so much during the work out. Can't expect a guy not to react to that much meat coming to attention and not get a chubby himself."

Al tapped his head against Nate's as he smiled and said, "That was the first time you ever wore spandex to the gym."

Nate put his hands on Al's hips as he says, "Well it worked." Nate's smile was a winner.

Al says, "Yeah, it worked." Al says, "It's your choice what you want to do tonight. I'm gonna love you either way."

Nate asks, "How big were you when you started this stuff?"

Al scratches his head and says, "five foot five inches and one hundred and fifty pounds."

Nate says, "Your six-four and three hundred and sixty pounds! You more than doubled your weight and grew eleven inches in five years?"

All says, "Well no. Eleven inches in three years. I sort of hit a plateau height wise. I'm sort of glad. It's a good height."

Nate smiled and said, "Yeah. I sort of liked it. And Yeah I will go through with this growth thing. All this year you never once acted weird or neglectful, like some drug addict." Nate pulled Al into a good long kiss and when they came up for air Nate told Al, "I trust you Al. I love you, Al. just so you know."

Al had a hard time breathing for a moment, but his smile told Nate he had said the right thing. When Al could breath again, he said, "Just so you know, I love you Nate." another good kiss started up again.

When they ended their lip lock Al said, "Well the guys expect us within the hour if we're gonna go. So that means you should drink the sensitizing formula now. You'll grow to a huge size and in half an hour you'll shrink back to this size. Then we can go to the Smoking Club and see some permanent gains on your body."

Nate smiled and said, "OK, I'm ready."

Al went into the kitchen and from the refrigerator, pulled out a glass orange juice bottle with about a pint and a half of some milky blue liquid. He hands it to Nate and says, "It doesn't taste too bad. I generally advise guys to just chug it."

Nate takes the bottle and unscrews the lid. He asks, "How many guys have you helped with this stuff?"

Al says, "Well we have fifteen members in the Smoking Club, and I gave eight of them the sensitizing formula. Your the first one I wanted big like me, because I loved em. I've been looking for you for a while."

Nate gave Al a quick kiss and then swallowed the formula in one gulp. Nate shook his head like he had a bad taste in his mouth and said, "Good advice."

Then Nate started to swell up fast. Al's eyes got a little big and he mumbled, "That's fast." Nate got bigger and bigger. He passed the seven foot mark and then the eight foot mark. The sweats started to get real tight when the growth tapered off and then stopped.

Al was surprised. Nate was nine feet tall. Al said, "No one's ever got this big. You're gonna be huge man." Al was smiling so Nate didn't freak out.

Nate gets onto his knees so he can stand up straight. He gets a sly look on his face as he pulls Al closer and asks" You don't mind me getting bigger than you, Al?"

Al's smile gets bigger as he says, "Naw. You look good bigger than me. More of that handsome face to look at." Nate sees that Al really loves him whatever size he is. That gets Al another big kiss. Nate sits back and crosses his legs and Al sort of sits in his lap.

After they break the kiss and just look at each other Nate says, "This is so weird. It's like you're four feet tall, man."

Al grins and starts to rub Nate's very large erection through the straining cloth of the sweats. Al says, "Speaking of four feet tall. This bad boy is awful close to that."

Nate can feel more blood rushing to his cock and he starts to warn Al, "I don't think that material can stand much more..." A loud ripping sound finished Nate's sentence for him. His cock had to be at least thirty inches long. Al grabbed it before Nate could think of anything to do.

Al pulls the tip towards his mouth as he says, "I call dibs first, since I had my hand on it when he decided to join the party. I've waited a year to say hello to this part of you."

Nate starts to breath a bit faster as he says, "I won't fight you on this one Al. Just as long as I get to say hello to yours in the same fashion."

Before the enormous head on Nate's cock covers Al's mouth, Al says, "Sounds like a deal to me." And then Al got busy licking and sucking as much of Nate's new sized monster as he could.

The increase in size brought Nate more sensitivity to his cock. After only ten minutes of Al's licking and sucking, Nate blew his cork. Nate noticed that Al had shot a load while Nate's orgasm rolled through two full minutes. Al had aimed Nate's deluge of jism towards the kitchen, and now Nate could see half of the floor in there was covered with spunk.

Nate looked at Al and said, "I hope you have a Wet-Vac. Sorry."

Al said, "No problem. Besides, everyone knows you cum more when you're with the one you love."

Nate pulled Al over for another kiss. But the kiss lead to Al losing his sweats. Nate then proceeded to show Al what an Imagination and a four inch wide, twelve inch long tongue can do. Al's final spurt came just when Nate started to shrink. Nate set Al on the floor and Al helped Nate up from the floor. They kissed again and Al said, "Why don't you take another quick shower and I'll vacuum up your liquid love.?"

Nate said, "OK. But don't forget, you didn't get to take a shower yet." Nate's smile and thickening cock got across Nate's idea very well. Al pulled out the Wet-Vac and in two minutes had the floor clean.

He turned it off and walked quickly to the guest bathroom. Al knocked and called out, "Nate? Care to conserve water?" Nate is at the door dripping wet but with a sexy grin.

Nate says, "Back washing is more important than water conservation." Nate pulls Al into the shower as some steam drifts out of the bathroom.

Al looks down into Nate's eyes as he soaps up Nate's back. This kind of move means a sort of embrace, washing, rubbing action that usually leads to soaping the front of their bodies, too.

Nate said, "Remember the first time I gave you a back rub?"

Al chuckled and said, "Boy do I! I flopped onto the bed face down and you straddled my hips. You give great back rubs. Still, I almost flipped you onto your belly when I felt this night stick of yours poking me in the back." Al grabs the member in question and strokes it a little then fiddles his thumb over the tip of it. Nate groans and soaps up Al's pubic hair then his belly then his chest and nipples. Instead of continuing, Nate just smiles real big and hugs himself against Al's chest.

Al rumbles, "You feel good here." He wraps his arms around Nate and kisses the top of his head. Nate just nods his head yes and they both take a deep breath and let it out in a contented sigh.

After the water has rained at them for a few moments, Al said, "We should get going." They kiss briefly and rinse each other off. then tickle each other a bit as they dry each other off.

Al pulls out clean sweats for Nate and himself. They transfer the stuff from their pockets into fanny packs. Then Al locks the house and they climb into Al's truck.

Nate said, "So what kind of initiation do I go through?"

Al laughed and said, "That was it. If your body reacted to the smoke and then the formula; then you passed. The other members voted you in after an investigation of your background and my statement that I am in love with you." Al glanced over at Nate and smiled, then went back to paying attention to the road. Nate unbuckled his seat belt and scooted over to the middle seat on the truck bench seating. He buckled back in and leaned against Al. Without taking his eyes off the road, Al reached down and kissed the top of Nate's head.

Nate made a purring sound and said, "I love you too."

After only a few minutes, Al pulls into the long drive way of a home set back on a very large lot. Nate said, "Wow. That's a lot of land for one house in this neighborhood. How many acres is it?"

They pull to the side of the wide drive way and park in back of a row of ten cars. Al said, "The property is three and a half acres with the house a little back from the middle. There are no neighbors in back of the property. It butts right up to a national forest."

Nate said, "The place looks beautiful."

Al said as he got out of the truck, "Thanks. I helped my brother build it when I was fifteen. It was his masterpiece for his degree in Architecture. Ten years ago Frank got a position at a very fine Architectural Firm, I forget the name. Then two days later he was hit from the driver's side, by a drunk trying to run from the police. Frank was in a coma for six weeks. When he woke up he asked where mom and dad were. Dad had died two years before. Frank thought he was sixteen years old instead of twenty eight. He wondered how I got taller than him. That happened when I was sixteen."

Nate frowns and says, "You never talked about your family before this. I meant to ask why, three times in the past year, but you changed the subject. I figured you'd tell me when you felt the time was right."

Al smiled an ' I'm proud of you ' smile at Nate and said, "I noticed how you didn't push it each time I changed the subject. You got a lotta points for that." Al pushed the doorbell, and then put an arm around Nate's shoulder. Nate smiled and wrapped one of his around Al's waist. The door flew open and a Big man that looked a lot like Al, smiled at them.

Frank yelled, "Bigger little brother!" Frank gave Al a bear hug and lifted him off his feet. This was impressive since Frank was a bit smaller than Al.

Al yelled, "Hey littler Big brother, careful! You're going to break something on me."

Frank let him down and said, "Sorry Al. I am stronger than you."

Al smiled and said, "Yeah, but I'm bigger than you."

Frank was smiling again as he looked over at Nate. Frank said, "This must be Nate. Hi Nate. Welcome to our house and smoking club." Frank scooped Nate into a big hug but didn't lift him off the floor.

Nate said, "Thanks" as the air was squeezed out of him for a second.

Frank let him go and said, "My name's Frank, but people call me Frank-Frank too. Either one's good to use. We been waiting a while to meet you. Thanks for putting a smile on my brother's face. He'd been down in the dumps up to a year ago. Then he met you and he smiled a lot more and he would wrastle with me, and he would talk about you and get a goofy grin. Past couple of years we had it hard, even with this getting bigger stuff. Mom passed away two years ago and my accident ten years ago." His face looked like someone trying not to think about something.

Frank perked up and smiled at Nate. Frank told him, "But that all changed a year ago. You are like a ray of sunshine. Thanks for loving my brother." Frank hugged Nate again but this time Nate was ready for it and grabbed Frank around the waist. Nate lifted Frank off the floor.

Frank said, "Wow, Al. He's strong!"

Nate put Frank down and said, "Thanks."

Frank said, "You're welcome."

Jimbo called from a side room, "Frank-Frank who's at the door?"

Frank yelled back, "It's Al and Nate!" He smiled at Nate and said, "I'm not the only one here whose glad your gonna be part of the club."

Just then Jimbo and three other huge meaty men almost ran around a corner and piled up in front of Nate, Al and Frank. Jimbo elbowed two of the three in back of him. Jimbo said, "Back up ya big galoots. We don't wanna scare Nate off. Al would kill us."

Nate smiled and looked Jimbo in the eye as he said, "Four handsome over-endowed muscle men running at me with smiles on their faces aren't gonna get me scared. It's if you didn't have those smiles then I might have been worried. Besides, I had Al by my side. He'd hit em high and I'd hit em low." This last bit was said facing Al. Al was smiling real proud at Nate.

Jimbo smiled at that and said, "Hi Nate. I'm Jimbo. Welcome to the Smoking Club." And with that Jimbo pulled Nate into a hug. Right after Jimbo released Nate one of the guys in back of Jimbo hugged him.

The guy said, "Hi Nate, I'm Steve Carson" and then the next in line pulled Nate into an embrace.

Mark said, "Hello Nate. I'm Mark Gresch . Welcome to the Smoking Club." Then the last in line stuck his hand out to shake hands.

Larry said, "Howdy Nate. I'm Larry Sands." Just as Nate shook Larry's hand, Larry pulled Nate into a hug. Larry said, "Welcome to the Smoking Club."

Nate had a goofy grin on his face as he said, "Thanks guys." He sort of shook his head and said to Al, "Now I know where the beef is. Woof." The guys laughed and Al walked over to Nate and hung his arms over Nate's shoulders.

Al asked, "You OK Nate? This isn't too much for you all at once?"

Nate looked up at Al and said, "No I'm OK. I've been a good boy, huh?!" His smile is infectious, and the others cut in before Al can speak.

They say, "A very good boy" and, "Good boy, good boy." and three hands try to rub his head at the same time.

Al playfully pulls Nate away from them and says, "Mine, Mine! I found him first." Al bumps foreheads with Nate and smiles.

Jimbo said mock hurt, "Share. You were the one who taught us sharing."

Steve chimed in with, "Yeah." They had looks on their faces like little boys caught with their hands in the cookie jar.

Al and Nate looked at them and chuckled. Al said, "Let's pump you up. Then I won't worry they'll accidently crush you."

Nate said, "OK."

Jimbo said, "Well that's my cue. I'll be right back." Jimbo walk back the way he came.

Al told him" We'll be in bedroom two."

Jimbo called back, "OK, I'll be there in a minute."

Steve said, "We'll be right there. We have something we have to take care of." He pulled Mark and Larry off to another room. As soon as the door closed you could hear Steve saying something.

Al said, "Now what.? Frank could you go in there and make sure they aren't going to pull some practical joke."

Frank said, "They wouldn't do that. They know you'd pound on em and tickle them to death. But I'll make sure." He knocked on the door and turned the door knob. It broke off in his hand.

Frank groaned and said, "Sorry Al." He pushed the door as the guys turned the knob from the inside.

Al laughed and said, "No problem bro. I've forgotten how many times I've done that."

Half of his words were drowned out by the guys in the room playfully picking on Frank.

Al said, "Lets walk this way." He guided Nate to the back of the house and a bedroom about eighteen feet by fifteen feet. There was one truly gigantic bed taking up most of the room. It had to be ten feet by twelve feet.

Nate whistled and said, "You can get a few guys on this bed."

Al said, "And I have. But now I only want you."

That got them kissing for a good three minutes. The heard breathing and glance over at the door and Frank was smiling and watching them.

Frank looked a bit shy for a second and then asked, "Can I give my brother a kiss?"

Al and Nate said at the same time, "Yes."

Frank walked over to where they were standing, but he held Nate and gave him a simple little kiss. He smiled at Al with a mischievous little grin and then kissed Al's cheek before he said, "He's my brother too now, right?"

Al mussed up Franks hair as he said, "Yes that's right, ya sneak." Al was trying to hide a smile and wasn't doing a good job of it.

Frank turned to see Jimbo in the doorway. Frank said, "I'm number two."

Jimbo brought in a tray with ceramic tobacco pipes on it and three containers about two inches in diameter and an inch high. He set it on the dresser and said, "You little rat, I had dibs on kissing Nate second." Jimbo winked at Nate so Frank couldn't see him.

Frank said, "You had your chance when you hugged him. I waited to give you your chance. It's not my fault you didn't take it. And I asked Al if it was OK and he said Yes." Frank didn't want a fight but he knew he had used tricky words to get something.

Al backed him up anyway by saying, "Frank did ask." Just then Al gives Frank a kiss on the cheek to remind him Al knew what was going on.

Frank got subdued and said, "Thank you Al."

Al said, "You're welcome, Little Big Brother."

That got Frank smiling.

Jimbo said, "Nate, you are a very welcome addition to our Smoking Club. Al hasn't stopped smiling for a year now."

Nate said, "Thank you Jimbo. I have to admit this past year has been the best I've had in a very long time." Al and Nate touched foreheads.

Jimbo said, "Did Al give you the background information or did you two just play with your privates?

Al and Nate say, "Privates, "together and then rub the others crotch. This got the desired result.

Frank said, "Tentage! You better hurry Jimbo or they won't be able to pay attention."

Jimbo said, "Ok. Slow down and let me get through this quick and then we'll all be on the same page. I am a chemist at a pharmaceutical research corporation. I had designed some non-steroid Muscle building drugs that were all the way through the first two thirds of animal trials. The stuff was great. Not like the stuff we have today, but effective and with no side effects. Then my company decided to shelf the drugs and put me and my staff on totally unrelated drug testing trials. Back to rats and rhesus monkeys. And on top of that, the drugs they had us testing were very similar to drugs the company already had FDA approval on. I think the admen in the company said to shelve the work we were doing and wait for a less stressful environment."

Jimbo frowns and then continues, "They didn't get everything we were working on put in storage. I kept the more extreme drugs we hadn't had the time to write up in a report. So when I found out about the effects of this drug and the effects the sensitizer had on Al and myself, We started to

bring in our friends. And the kicker was that nobody at work noticed me become huge in only three months."

Al said, "Since Jimbo is the one who's making the stuff, It's not expensive. I suppose when we get ready to market it to a company, it will make us some cash. But until that time, it is free to any and all members of the Smoking Club."

Jimbo said, "When I give you your clump of the stuff, it becomes yours to do with as you will. No one has the right to act like you should share when you don't feel like it. What we brothers have been doing for the past five years, is watch each brother and see if he hits a bigger growth spurt and a majority of the brothers take some from their stash and give it to him in the hopes their own little favorite bit they saved will do the trick and help him get bigger gains. We look out for our brothers. I know the way Al has been talking about you, that you'll fit in just fine."

Steve walked in right then and said, "Oh good. They finished the history lesson." He walked over to Nate and said '" In the spirit of brotherly love.."

Larry cuts in with, "And any other spirited love we can find."

Steve continued with, "and the big smile ya put on Al's face, I give you a portion of a batch I held on to for just such an occasion. I hope it helps you grow big, Brother." Steve put a shotglass with brown crystals in it, on the tray Jimbo brought in.

Mark was next and said, "Grow Big brother." Mark put a different shaped shot glass on the tray and then hugged Nate.

Larry said, "This batch made me four inches taller by the next day. I hope it helps you the same way Nate." As Larry hugged Nate he said, "Welcome to your new family, Bro."

Frank was the last of the early members to give Nate some extra formula. He said, "I won't say I hope ya get an inch for every smile ya put on Al's face, cause you'd be over a hundred feet tall. I just hope ya get as big as you wanna get." Frank walked over and winked at Al and hugged Nate. Then he gave Nate a big kiss on the lips, but no tongue. Al winked at them both when they stopped. The other guys started picking on Frank.

Frank smiled and said, "I asked first. Not my fault you miss out on the good guys cause ya don't ask. Nate? You sure you don't have a cousin like you? "Frank was serious.

Nate frowned and said, "Sorry brother. None of my cousins are like me at all."

Frank shrugged and grinned as he said, "Like I said, ya have to ask."

Jimbo mixed the welcome gifts together with the new batch and filled one of those ceramic pipes. He brought it over to Nate and said, "This formula is a bit strange. You saw how Al just kept swelling up?"

Nate takes the pipe and says, "Yeah. It was awesome. " Nate is smiling at Al.

Jimbo says, "Well, as you inhale, you'll find you don't have an urge to exhale for quite a long time. We've found if you go with that feeling, you make bigger gains. Just don't panic. You are not going to pass out. When you get the urge to exhale, just go with it."

Frank cuts in with, "But exhale into Al. It might make him bigger."

Nate frowns for a second and Jimbo says, "It's true. Your exhaled formula can cause some to get larger than they would with just their monthly dose. So please give it to Al. He's been stuck on a plateau for a few months."

Al tells Nate, "Or anyone else who wants to see if it will work for them. We share ." Al grabs Nate from behind and props his chin on Nate's shoulder. He told his brothers, "But we remember who's going home with who. Right?"

They all murmured, "Right Al."

Al lets go of Nate and starts to take Nate's sweat top off. He helps with holding the pipe and handing it back to Nate. Nate does a few quick poses for the guys and Frank did one of those real loud whistles with two fingers in his mouth.

Frank said, "Wow Nate, you worked hard this year. Al says you gained sixty pounds."

Nate smiled and nodded yes as he put the pipe up to his mouth.

Jimbo asked just before Nate lit the pipe, " Al. How tall did Nate get?"

Al gets a sheepish grin and says, "Oh yeah. I forgot to tell you guys."

Nate is inhaling and very quickly swelling up bigger and bigger. The guys eyes are also getting bigger. Al says, "Nate swole up to nine feet tall. Looks like he's going to get that big on just the first bit."

Jimbo remembers to add more to the pipe as Nate continues to inhale and grow. After two and a half minutes of this Nate is a little over nine feet tall. Nate frowns and looks at Al. He hands Jimbo the ceramic pipe and grabs Al's shoulders. They briefly kiss and then Nate starts to inflate Al to seven foot eight inches. Nate takes a deep breath and and then another before he says, "Wow!" He's a little startled by the timbre of his voice. He is definitely a Bass singer in the choir, now.

Al smiles as he exhales and takes a deep breath. He takes another and it seems like the other guys are waiting for something to happen. Al takes a few deep breaths and then smiles . " Hey Jimbo another first. No shrinkage."

A deep rumbling voice out of Nate's mouth says, "Guys. I'm new here remember? What's going on that usually doesn't?"

Jimbo clears his throat but Steve cuts in and says, "When you inhale what a new guy exhales, you grow, but you almost immediately shrink back eight or nine tenths of the growth."

Jimbo says, "You are a very special man. And not just cause you impressed Al for a year. Your body chemistry reacts much better to the formula. And It has a catalytic effect. It can change the formulas potency. I think."

Larry told Jimbo, "Whatever you think, you are not going to be testing things tonight or tomorrow. It's Nate and Al's time, we aren't going to screw with it. OK?"

Jimbo smiled and said, "OK. But as soon as we can without being rude, I want blood and tissue samples from Nate. Is that OK with you Big Guy?" He's asking Nate! First time anyone called him Big Guy. He sort of liked it.

Nate said, "No problem, Brother."

Jimbo said, "Thanks, Brother."

Al said, "Let's see what the next dose does to your meaty body."

Jimbo has the ceramic pipe filled again and hands it to Nate.

Nate grinned and said, "Round two." Nate lit the ceramic pipe and started to inhale. His body stretched and inflated. Larger muscles, wider shoulders, wider longer feet. His expanding thighs started to push against each other and forced his swelling balls to ride up higher on his thighs. And his head almost touched the twelve foot ceiling when he handed Jimbo the Ceramic pipe.

Nate held his breath and held Al for a sweet moment, till he pressed his lips onto Al's. Al grew much faster than last time and was nine and a half feet tall by the time Nate broke the kiss. As Nate straightened up his head bumped the ceiling. Nate let out a, "Whoa!" and crouched down from the twelve foot high ceiling.

A massive red haired man just inside the bedroom said, "Tell me that's his fourth go around."

Nate's crouched view was at seven feet off the floor and seeing Red in the doorway, or rather filling completly the doorway, got Nate to say, "You're BIG."

Larry and Steve chuckled and Jimbo laughed at the reaction on Red's face, to what Nate just said.

Red broke out in a huge smile as he said, "That has to be the best compliment you could get when a man whose head is tapping the ceiling, calls you BIG."

Red makes a bee line for Jimbo and kisses him just after Jimbo murmurs, "My Big Bear."

Red pulls back to admire the smile on Jimbo's face and then looks sidelong at Nate with a sly grin and says, "You must be Nate." Red looks at Jimbo and says, "My big Cub does good work." He ruffles Jimbo's head as he walks over to Nate and starts to hug him.

Nate envelopes Red returning his embrace as he says, "I had a cousin with your color hair. So I know your name is .."

The whole room busts out with a loud shout of, "RED."

He twists in Nate's arms and tells the room, "I never knew I was so popular."

He looks up to Nate's head and softly says, "Welcome Brother."

Nate bends and says, "Thank you Brother. " and kisses the top of Red's head.

Nate lets go of Red and sits down cross legged.

Red says, "Well I feel terribly over dressed for this shin-dig, So I will give you my best bump and grind.." He starts to take of his shirt but gets stopped by another massive man in the doorway.

Gene says, "Red you may want to put that off for a while. And the rest of you might want to put some clothes on. We have a prob..lem...." He finally saw Nate and said, "Wow. Big!"

Jimbo gets his attention with passing his hand in front of his face and saying, "Focus Gene. Focus."

Gene shakes himself and says, "Remember those two motorcycle cops Dean and I met at our gym? And how we invited them over so we could check them out without the uniforms on?" Jimbo and a few of the others nod and frown.

Gene said, "Guess who decide to follow Dean and I from the gym tonight."

Al said, "Oh, Great. We don't know if they're going to be cool with this ."

Jimbo said, "Well we had to tell the world sometime. This is not anything the FDA says is illegal ."

Frank looked at Gene and said, "You said these cops wanted to get big. Let's get them big. It won't hurt them and if they don't want to join they don't have to."

Gene said, "Good idea but clothing is a good first step. On the way over here I got a traffic light ahead of Dean and the cops. Dean is slowing them down but he can only do so much. If we're going to give them a view of BIG we should get ready."

Jimbo said, "Right . Frank and Red. Go into the front bedroom and get ready to take a big one. When their backs are to the door, I'm gonna ask them if they want to find out how we get so big. What ever they say, come out of the bedroom when they are talking. When they stop they have to take a breath. And then they will know. And hopefully they won't freak out."

Frank and Red nod their heads and Frank grabs his clothes as he follows Red. the others start to get dressed.

Al said, "And we'll just sit here and quietly bring each other to multiple orgasms. We'll try to aim away from the door so we don't have any slippery puddles under foot." Nate pulled Al against his chest and folded his arms around Al.

Jimbo said, "No reason for you two to stop before you want to. Just keep the door closed. Don't lock it. That looks funny."

Nate smiled and said, "And this doesn't?"

Jimbo had his shoes in hand and said, "OK. Point taken. We'll handle this. You two just handle each other."

Nate said, "We can do that." as he slowly strokes Al's growing massive erection. Al leaned back against Nate. Al said, "Thanks Jimbo."

Jimbo is the last to leave and said, "You're welcome. Maybe you don't have to be so quiet." His smile was the last part of him to leave the room.

Nate has his right hand slowly stroking Al's thick erection from one end to another, as his left hand is rubbing and lightly pinching Al's nipples. Nate does that for a good three minutes before he thinks to ask, "Al, should we finish smoking or wait for later?"

Al is very distracted and says what's true for previous occasions. He says, "It's better if you do it all within the first hour and a half."

Nate shrugs and says, "Then I guess we should finish up." Nate kisses the side of Al's neck and says, "We can get back to this as soon as were done with the formula."

Al waited a whole year for Nate, so he thinks a few more minutes won't be any problem. He tells Nate, "You betcha Big Guy!"

Al walks over and fills the Ceramic pipe and hands it to Nate with a lighter.

Nate says before he starts again, "I like the sound of that. Big Guy." Then he starts the lighter and starts to inhale and grow.

Al just stares at his expanding lover and smiles as he says, "Well Big sure looks good on you."

Nate is still inhaling after two minutes and Al realizes he's almost out and not ready to stop. Al grabs one of the shot glasses and tips another clump of the formula into it. Then Al pours it into the ceramic pipe and Nate keeps on inhaling for another minute and a half.

Al's attention is being torn between Nate's truly gigantic cock and balls, and Nate's very large nipples. Of course Nate's handsome face is the real winner of the fight when Nate lowers the ceramic pipe and looks into Al's eyes.

Nate pulls Al to his huge face and exhales into Al like he was blowing up a pool toy. Al just keeps expanding and expanding. Al felt his muscles sort of pop bigger and the sensation of when his balls swell up was incredible. Al's body was two thirds the size of Nate's, when Nate stopped exhaling. Nate then took the opportunity to play tongue tag with Al.

At the end of their kiss, Al hardly exhaled at all. Then after he took a deep breath twice, he smiled at Nate and said, "Neat!"

Nate said, "So how much more do we do?" His smile said he trusted Al's decision.

Al leaned back a little and realized that Nate's head was a little over a foot from the ceiling and he was sitting down! Then Al realized that sometime while Nate was blowing Al up like a balloon, Al had kneeled down into Nate's lap and his head was only about a foot and a half from the ceiling!!

Al said, "I think we reached our limit." Al stood up and just missed hitting his head on the ceiling by an inch or two. Al said, "If I'm twelve foot tall, then you are at least eighteen feet tall. And if the smoke and formula work like they usually do, then you'll keep an eighth of the growth. Which comes to a foot and a half of height."

Nate got serious and said, "Seven and a half feet tall."

Al's heart nearly broke and he said, "Oh Nate I'm so sorry. I never thought this would make you too tall."

Nate pulled Al into a hot kiss as his arms wrapped around Al. Nate and Al ended the kiss after a good five minutes. Nate told Al, "I will not regret one thing that's happened tonight as long as you tell me that you love me and you will, for the rest of our lives" As Big as Nate was, he still shivered just a bit, waiting for Al's answer.

Al didn't need any time to think about what Nate just said. Al told him, "Nate, I love you. And I will love you for the rest of our lives. And you just made me the happiest man in the world."

Nate's face broke into a goofy grin as he said, "Because?"

Al said, "Because you love me!"

Nate started talking before Al finished . He said, "Because I love you! I love you so much!" Nate pulled Al to his chest and held him tight for a moment before they started to kiss again.

Any thought of getting bigger was lost in the joy of exploring each others massive body. Nate was larger, but Al had a few techniques that had Nate more than willing to let Al be in charge. Of course, Al was smart enough to let Nate, "take the reins", as it were, when Nate learned one of those techniques real good.

Al and Nate were in the middle of a spoogefest of Love Making. But fifteen minutes before, in the other room, there was a different style of intercourse going on. Luckily, the potential for it to become more and more like the kind Al and Nate were enjoying was becoming more apparent.

Jimbo had his pants and shoes on and at the last minute he decided to assist in the distraction of the potential new brothers by leaving his shirt off.

Frank and Red were in the bedroom ready to inhale enough formula to give the two cops a big enough cloud to swell up really good.

Dean finally brought Officer Chet Cordel and Officer Victor Andrioni inside and started to introduce them to Jimbo. Dean took Jimbo's example and stripped his shirt off.

Vic told Jimbo, "We're off duty for three weeks vacation. Please call me Vic."

Jimbo said, "Thanks Vic. And while Dean always introduces me as the president of our little smoking club, I only really respond to Jimbo."

Chet said, "Then Jimbo it is. You can't do too much to the name Chet. We want to apologize for just tagging along and showing up without calling first. Dean gave us your number and we planned to visit sometime this coming week."

Vic cut in and said, "Yeah, we are sorry for sort of barging in like this, but we were just getting off duty and swung by the Gym and saw Gene and Dean leaving so we rolled up and asked if we could unwind at your club. We don't get that many invites to private clubs."

Jimbo said, "Well you are most welcome. We wouldn't have given you an open invitation if we didn't want you to check the place out and see the kind of men we are." Jimbo motioned towards some seating.

Chet whispered to Vic, "Big is the word that comes to mind."

The front room had a couch facing away from the bedroom and the front door and Jimbo offered the couch to them and he and Dean took separate chairs.

Gene headed towards the kitchen and asked, "Can I offer you guys something to drink?"

Vic said, "Any kind of Cola is fine."

Chet said, "You wouldn't happen to have Root Beer, would you?"

Gene said with a smile, "That's my favorite. And I know what Jimbo and Dean like. I'll be back in a second."

While all this talk was going on Dean clued in to what Jimbo was doing with his body. Jimbo was looking at Vic and Chet, but absent-mindedly tensing up a pec muscle and scratching his chest while he did it or rub a nipple.

Dean decided that was a bit too obvious for both of them to do that so he started to stretch like you would after a good work-out.

Dean got up after only half a minute of this and said, "I'm sorry. Gene wanted to get back here early and I didn't finish stretching after my work-out."

Chet shrugged but Vic's eyes got a little larger as he said, "Don't mind us."

Dean said, "Thanks."

Jimbo kept on scratching and Vic's attention swung back to Jimbo's massive chest.

Vic had to ask, "Jimbo? One reason we wanted to visit was to find out how you guys got so big . That is if you can tell us knowing we're cops."

Jimbo said, "Don't worry, Vic. We didn't get this way with steroids, growth hormones or anything like that stuff. Nothing illegal, addictive or dangerous."

Chet asked, "Jimbo, How long have you been weight lifting?"

Jimbo straightened up in his chair and flexed his upper body, while still rubbing one pec (though he had actually gone on to just rubbing his nipple- it looked like Vic noticed). Jimbo said, "Just under six years." His smile got bigger.

Chet blurted out a blurred, "Huh?!" and looked at Jimbo and then Dean. Just then Gene came in without a shirt and a tray of drinks. He put them on the coffee table and sat in Dean's chair.

Vic had zeroed in on Jimbo's hand rubbing his nipple and the muscles rolling and bunching in Jimbo's forearm. The chest muscles bulging and the nipple disappearing behind Jimbo's thick meaty hand and the thickness of all Jimbo's muscles were getting Vic to drop some of his defenses.

Gene told Chet, "And I've only been lifting for four and a half years, same as Dean."

Chet let out another burp of a, "Huh?"

Then Chet got a little more sensory overload when Vic said, "You guys don't mind if I get out of the shirt? It's a nice summer night."

Jimbo smiled even larger as he said, "Please make yourselves comfortable."

Vic pulled the buttons open in seconds, and without popping any buttons. He did have a bit of a problem pulling his biceps out of the sleeves.

Dean decided to help and that got Vic's good sized package to swell up a little.

Dean handed Vic's shirt back to him and walked over to Gene, who was in his chair.

Dean had a questioning look on his face and said, "Back rub?" He nodded his head real fast while pointing his thumb at his traps.

Gene did a 'Well OK' and pointed in front of his seat.

Dean flopped down like a little kid and said, "Thanks Gene. I'll get your back a little later."

Gene started in with a pretty generic back rub and said, "That's cool. I always need it later in the evening anyway."

Vic was just glancing at Dean and Gene. His attention shot back to Jimbo who had now changed hands and nipples. It would have been too weird for both his hands attacking his nipples.

Vic had to say something so he could ask something. It was just the way he worked. Vic said, "Jimbo. I get a good feeling about you guys. I think Chet does too, but he gets a little over loaded with big meaty guys. I think it's because he loves his wife and kids so much."

Chet had a bit of a frown on his face with a little grin as he said, "Is that it? I though it was me getting so horny being around big beefy dudes and then my imagination seeing me three times my size fucking Karen like I'm a jack-hammer, until she starts screaming Yes,Yes,Yes and she scratches her fingernails down my back in a total uncontrollable orgasm."

All eyes are on Chet, who even has Vic's undivided attention.

Vic said, "Buddy, you've got to stop being so reserved and say what you mean."

Chet burst into laughter and Dean and Gene followed.

Vic turned to see Jimbo stifle a laugh. Vic started to rub his very well defined pectoral muscles and then just start rubbing his own nipple. Vic said, "Now as for me. Well I'm a cop and I'm gay. Not the easiest of paths to follow. But I do a damn good job of it due to the fine help I get from my partner and good friend." Vic and Chet were looking at each other with a mutual respect. Vic said, "Even if he won't sleep with me. Or men for that matter."

Jimbo said, "I hope my little chest play didn't mislead you Vic. I'm in a committed relationship with a Bear of a man, who understands I like to flirt, and that is as far as it will ever go with anyone but him."

Vic smiled and said, "Oh don't worry. I understand the art of flirting and the ground rules. It is just visually playing with each other. No physical contact unless verbally requested and verbally accepted." Vic smirked and said, "It's still a hell of a lot of fun!"

Jimbo said, "Amen Brother!"

They all took a sip of their drinks and Jimbo knew now was a good time for the test.

Jimbo said, "Vic. Chet. Would you two really like to find out how we all got so big?"

Vic and Chet looked at each other for a sec and turned back to Jimbo. Just then Red and Frank came out of the front bedroom with a huge lung-full of smoke and not a stitch of clothing on.

Vic said, "If it doesn't include anything that would threaten our careers.... Then, Yes!"

Red and Frank exhale a huge cloud a foot from Vic and Chet. The shock of a cloud of dense smoke around their heads gets them to inhale enough to do the right amount of growth. Vic stood up fast and grabbed for his holster, only to find Frank and Red with their hands up and nearly seven and a half feet tall. Coupled with Vic's and Chet's immediate growth, and the truly huge erections Red and Frank were starting to sport, Vic pulled his hand away from his holster and instead started to unbutton his pants that were now very tight in the thigh/cock and balls department. Vic and Chet couldn't really help out with their expanding thighs, but their now heavy expanding cock and balls were very, very happy for the freedom.

Jimbo walked over to Red and asked Vic, "Can my Big Daddy Bear put his hands down now? We promise no more surprises. And we'll tell you what just happened."

Vic was almost laughing as he looked at Chet's bigger body and extreme erection. Vic looked at his own massive body and straining mule dick. He looked up at Jimbo and said, "OK. As long as you don't expect us to holster our weapons anytime soon."

Most of the men started laughing. Frank thought he saw something in Vic's smile. Frank said, "If you want, I could help. I'm real good at getting big guns into tight places." Just then Frank clenched his glutes which sort of tipped his dick up a little and tensed his thighs.

Vic thought he saw something in Franks smile. Vic stuck his hand out and said, "My name's Victor Andrioni, but my friends call me Vic."

Frank stepped closer and shook Vic's hand as he said, "My names Frank Dresser, and my friends call me Frank, or Frank-Frank if their playin."

Vic's erection was being deflected by Frank's hip as Frank's was being moved aside by Vic's hip. Vic said as they embraced, "I'll call you Frank, even though I wanna play with you. Will you play with me too?"

Frank's pulse got faster and he had top breath a bit deeper. Frank caught his lower lip as he looked into Vic's smiling eyes. He told Vic, "Oh, Yeah!" a half breath, "Real nice, real nice!"

They came together. Their lips were not going to tolerate anything less than everything. Their tongues fought each other all the way to the deepest part of their hearts. This was a part of reality outside of time.

They were forced back to our mundane world by their traitor lungs.

They both seemed to need to breath very very deep and it was Vic who bit his lower lip and looked into Franks eyes and said, "Oh, Yeah!" as he nodded his head, "Real nice!"

Red helped his Brother out with the words, "Frank you have a room."

Frank came back down for a second and glanced at Red and said, "Oh, Yeah!!" He held his hands out like he was going to catch someone and looked a question at Vic.

Vic giggled and threw himself up into Franks larger arms. As Frank carried Vic to his room, Vic reached under his own bottom and started to pull on Franks erection and fiddle with the tip of it and the precum flowing out of it.

The words, "WoW, "and, "WOOF" were heard as they left and Chet was left with a painfully stiff talleywacker.

Chet looked to Jimbo and Red and said, "I am at a bit of a loss. I can't very well drive home on city streets like this for my lovely over-sexed wife to demolish this . And I do want to hear the whole story."

Red reached out as if to shake hands but grabbed Chet's cock instead. Red said, "My name is Bernard Fields. But you can call me Bernie, or you can call me Red.

Jimbo reached out and grabbed the other side of Chet's cock and said, "Or you can call me Jimmy, or you can call me Jimbo."

Chet reached out and grabbed Red's and Jimbo's cock and started the handshake motion. This got a good reaction from Jimbo and Red.

Red said, "Our bedroom is right over here, but we'll have to let go for a second to get through the door."

Chet and Jimbo said at the same time, "As long as it's temporary."

Dean turned to Gene and said, "Back in ten minutes?"

Gene said, "Fifteen. They'll continue past the deflation."

Dean nodded his head in agreement.

Gene suddenly got a light bulb above his head. Gene said, "Dean. You have got to see how big Nate is."

Dean said, "He is here . Great! Is he as handsome as Al said?"

Gene said, "Big time. and he was buff just from working out with Al. Al told me last night, that Nate gained sixty pounds naturally in one year."

Dean said as he walked to bedroom number two, "I gotta meet our new brother now."

Gene tapped lightly and heard a positive sound. He tried to open the door but there was a rubbery but firm resistance to the door.

Gene called out, "Hey no locking the door, Al. That's rule number two, and you wrote them."

A deep bass rumble that sounded like, "O sorry that's me."

The resistance went away and the door swung in. The opening of the door let a thick milky puddle seep out onto the hall carpet. This caught Gene's eye then the look on Deans face got Gene to look more closely at the bedroom. Then at the two massive giants humping away on and off the bed.

Nate was still eighteen feet tall, but he filled out a little more. Al was able to get his ubercock up Nate's backside, and hit the huge prostate that Nate now had. This explained the amount of cum all over the bedroom. It was very certain that Nate's cock was not going to be buried in anything living short of a sperm whale anytime soon. Which explained the current Kama Sutra position.

Dean was just trying to get over the fact that Nate was on the bed, but his foot was what was blocking the door. Oh yeah. And the five foot long cock attached to an eighteen foot tall mountain of muscle.

Gene gentled him out of shock by giving him head. Gene knew he was OK when Dean started to stroke Genes head.

Al came a few more times and then insisted that Dean and Gene participate if they were going to be in the same room and so Dean, Gene and Al, licked and sucked and nibbled the head of Nate's dick.

When Nate came the first time, Dean was giggling and in shock again. Gene got him to come back into focus after Dean explained that when He heard Nate's Spunk travel up his dick, it sounded like the ocean rushing through a sea-cave. He said his hair was blown out of the way by the wind pushed in front of the spooge.

Al and Nate didn't start to shrink when they should have, but nobody was checking for that to happen. So Nate and Al fell asleep with Dean and Gene sucking each other's dick on top of Nate. With Al in the crook of his arm, Nate fell asleep thinking he was in heaven.

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Well now. I hope that did it for a lot of you guys. There will be more. What if Nate and Al don't shrink back to a more normal size? What if Red and Jimbo help Chet only to get him hard as a rock before he can get to his wife? What if Vic and Frank' s love is so intense they sexually combust? What a way to go.