The Smoking Club 2

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Here's the next part of the smoking club story. I hope you enjoy it. Please send feedback.

Disclaimer: This is a Science Fiction story with Male to Male sex and Love relationships. If you are under eighteen years of age you should not be here. You have been warned.

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It was two thirty in the morning when Bill finally got to the Smoking Club. He was bouncing back and forth between two thoughts.

First Thought :

' I'm gonna strap Jake to the Motion cam and Ford to the model I had to rebuild and have them collide a few times'

(Bill was the supervisor at a special effects house that had a new deadline. Jake screwed up on the motion cam program and Ford forgot to add enough material to the rest of the model and the first collision blew the whole thing apart. {That added four more hours that he had to make up for, since the guys left at the regular quitting time.}).

Second Thought :

' I'm gonna miss seeing just how big Nate's going to grow. And miss out on playing with him if Al doesn't mind'. {Al usually didn't act like a miser with the new guys . But this time it was LOVE, and he let every guy in the Smoking Club know it. That might tend to make a guy want to be alone with the man he loved}.

So for the trip to the Smoking club you had Bills thoughts whirling around those two thoughts like a boat caught in a river's whirlpool.

He finally slowed down driving down the Driveway and nearly slammed on the brakes when he saw two police motorcycles.

There was a space open one car down and he slipped his car into it.

Bill slowly walked up to one motorcycle and felt the engine.

He let out a murmured, "HMMMM. Stone cold. Maybe we have three new members."

His smile formed remembering Dean describe the cops that worked out at their Gym.

Bill thought, 'Well now. Meaty muscled authority figures. I'll go along with that.'

He had his key out and was pleased to find the door locked. It meant everyone was, "Busy".

From past experience Bill knew Al would use bedroom number 2. But first he went over to his locker, stripped, and put a tight old vest back on. He had a few for when he expanded. He loved the sound of cloth shredding off his body. Then he pulled out his monthly dosage and headed to Bedroom number 2.

The door was not locked, but there was some funky white goo oozing out from under the door.

He frowned and stuck a toe into it. His frown disappeared and he muttered, "Feels awfully familiar."

Bill got the door open and he felt like he was back at work again.

He couldn't help but burp out a low throaty chuckle, when he saw the size of Nate's dick.

Nate and Al were Gigantic! Nate had to be eighteen feet tall and Al was fifteen or sixteen.

And Nate's dick was five fucking feet long. At least eight inches in diameter!

He hadn't even noticed putting his smoke down on the dresser or walking over to the end of Nate's Monster cock. He said, "WoW, "so softly and lovingly, it sounded like a prayer.

This deep bass rumble coming from the middle of the bed said, "Why thank you. You have quite a big one for your size."

Bill scanned up the cock (past foot wide balls) to a beefy belly with no fat at all on it. Around Dean and Gene. By massive pecs and Al's handsome huge head and finally up to a face that made you stop thinking about anything else for a while.

Nate was handsome big or small. Big just gave people more areas to compliment and linger over.

Nate was really happy and that helped him be patient while it took a good two minutes between him saying something and Bill's eyes finally finding his.

Bill's smile had flattened out during the tour, but when he got to Nate's eyes he got a sexy little grin on and tipped his head to the side before he said, "Al is sure a lucky guy."

Nate got only a little bashful, so only his face blushed. He said, "That's funny, cause I thought I was the Lucky guy."

Bill stuck his hand out for a shake and Nate shifted just a little to shake Bills hand.

Bill told him, "My name's Bill Travers. But Bill works good. And you are the Love of Al's life.

Another deep voice chimed in with, "Damned straight."

Bill chuckled. He said, "No wonder you only took one picture of Nate and never let us see it. One or two of our members can be snakes, if you know what I mean. " Al chuckled at that.

Bill slowly reached out and picked up the end of Nate's dick. A happy groan came out of Nate.

Bill said, "I bet when you introduced Nate to the guys, you turned around, grabbed Nate and

told the guys ' Mine, Mine, Mine' ".

Al lifted his foot up and nudged Bill over by about two feet. Bill went with it but caught Al's big toe and held on to the rest of his foot with the other hand.

Bill tried to be a little quieter but burped up the comment, "Big Feet!! I can just barely get my hand all the way around your big toe! That's a good two inches in diameter. My cock is wider, but not by much."

All this excited talk got Nate's hydraulics working. His cock started to get wider, but it didn't get any longer. Bill was still a bit dazed and forgot to let go of Al's foot. Al just wiggled them and Bill looked shocked he had a big foot in his hands. He said, "Oh. Sorry Al."

Bill dropped the foot but Al played around and acted like he was going to grab Bill very stiff cock with his foot. Bill pulled away and looked up to see a playful expression on Al's face, so he knew nothing was wrong.


Nate's cock stopped expanding at ten inches in diameter with a two inch wide piss slit.

Bills face paled for a second as his imagination said ' Two inch piss slit/ two inch wide dick'.

His imagination said that softly in his head one more time and then it just gave up and screamed it at Bill.

Bill centered himself and asked as politely as he could, "Nate, I know we just met and all, But could I please please please Fuck Your Dick.? Mine's fifteen inches so I'm sure you'll feel it."

Nate must have liked that idea, because the rim of his dick head flared for a moment.

Bill smiled bigger and bigger. He asked, "Would that happen to be a yes?"

Nate chuckled and nodded his head yes a few times and said, "Yes, Bill. Would you please ram that horse cock of yours up my elephant cock? And then do it again and again until the whole room is screaming?."

Bill nearly doubled over (though his cock would stop him from bending any lower.

Bill said, "OH Damn, Al! You are the Luckiest fucker in the world."

Bill straightened up and pulled Nate's monster down to his hip level. He lined his own Iron stiff pecker up with Nate's piss slit.

Bill had no worry about lubrication. Nate's piss slit was flowing a steady slow stream of Pre-cum.

Bill said as he eased himself all the way in with a growing amount of resistance, "Nate you are more than a diamond in the rough."

Luckily Bill's dick head was a little bit wider than two inches. This gave some sweet friction, the last half of the stroke in.

Bill tested out the whole range of the in and out and he stopped all the way in.

He tried grinding his balls a little against the bottom half of Nate's cock head.

That also gave his dick a twist inside Nate's dick.

And while Bill was in as far as he could go, Nate's pre-cum decided to flow a little bit faster.

This caused The pressure to build in Nate's cock and for the pre-cum to start flowing around Bills cock-head and past his shaft.

Bill liked that feeling but didn't think it was doing too much for Nate. So Bill started to make short strokes, while holding the rim of Nate's cock. He pulled some of the precum to on top of the cock head and started pulling the rim toward his belly with his forearms. Every two or three thrusts, and Bill would let his forearms slide to the tip of Nate's dick, sliding over the more sensitive part of the Monster Cock Head in question.

After a few minutes of that, Bill reached under Nate's dick shaft and started to slowly rub the bottom of Nate's dick towards himself. then reach back where he started and do it again,

Bill now had Nate breathing a bit faster than before.

Gene and Dean had been awake for a while, and when they saw what Bill was doing, they felt it only right, that they man one mammoth testicle a piece.. They slid off of Nate and moved so they were on top of Nate's thighs and they could get access to Nate's Basketball sized balls.

Gene and Dean got a good massage of each testicle going and it looked real good from Al's perspective. Gene and Dean's heads were just out of sight Nate was starting to gently thrust and this got everyone jiggling just right. The final layer was when Nate started to moan.

Al was jerking his pud while watching some pretty good moves, and he remembered.

'Nipples need attention too!'

Al reached over and slowly engulfed Nate's big ole nipple and started to worry the tip and suck on it a bit.

Nate's eye rolled back in his head and he got more forceful with his own thrust. His head tipped down onto his chest and he burst out with a laugh as he told them, "There Is a God, there is a God." and then, "Oh God, Oh God!" and finally after a quick intake of air, "Cumming, I'm cumming!"

Bill had the distinct pleasure of feeling his own dick practically shot out of Nate's dick like a bullet.

He pulled with all his might to stay in a little and was able to keep two inches in, fighting against the flood. It felt like he was being blown up by Nate's dick.

For Nate it was indescribable with the cum flow friction just tickling the last bit of his piss slit.

And Dean and Gene?

They had never before felt balls get lighter as they pumped forth a torrent of spooge.

Al just enjoyed the stiffness of Nate's nipple and the look of joy on Nate's face.

Al thought, 'That look of Joy says we have done well.'

The spooge-nami continued for five minutes or more. When the spunk stopped flowing, Gene and Dean popped their heads up over Nate's still thick cock and Gene said, "Twenty pounds down to eight." and nodded his head yes. Dean nodded in agreement and said, "Yeah. Eighteen, maybe nineteen. And now it's eight pounds."

Nate asked, "I just came twenty-two pounds of pearl jam?!"

Bill stepped back and looked down at his own balls and then stepped back a little more.

Gene being on that side of Nate saw the dazed but happy look on Bill and was quick enough to catch him before his knees buckled.

He had been put through a real work out just holding his own ground.

Then Gene nearly dropped him and said, "Guys! Check out Bills new look."

Bills head looked up at Nate and he smiled as he said, "Thanks Nate. I owe you."

His head went down to look at his truly gigantic balls. They had to be over five inches in diameter.

And his cock seems to have been plowed a bit because it was limp now and still fifteen inches long. But the stream of cum had opened Bills piss slit much wider.

Bill stuck his thumb up it and wiggled it and nearly fell over again,

Bill rubbed his balls with his thumb still up his dick and said, "They all feel so good. Oh thank you."

Dean said, "Your dick has got to be at least three and a half inches wide, Brother."

Bill nodded yes and then pulled his thumb out of his dick. There was a meaty pop sound and a little cum but his balls stayed the same size and he didn't just start spontaneously spewing spunk.

It looked like his balls were going to stay that size for the long haul.

Bill hadn't really thought this kind of a simple size change would effect him like this. He reached down and lifted up on his balls. The had to be at least five pounds a piece. and his cock liked his lifting weights. It got stiff again. And it was longer. By a good nine inches!

Dean said, "Wow, Brother. Milking Brothers does a body good."

Bill was still a little dazed but now with a two foot dick pointing to the guy that helped him grow it; Bill thought it was time to get a little closer to his new brother.

Bill walked over to Nate and put his hands out like a little kid does to get a hug.

Al moved his hips and said, "Come on up Brother."

Nate helped him up on to the bed and gave him a bear-hug from hell. Nate just laughed for the pure joy of it all. He pulled his head onto Bills and then leaned over to kiss Al for awhile.

The kiss was interrupted by a strange but good feeling, coming from Al's balls..

Dean had walked over and after respecting the kiss for a good eight minutes, decided to see how much less Al's balls weighed compared to Nate's.

Al was torn between the good feeling Dean was massaging into Al's balls and the weird feeling of being a prized stud bull.

Dean said, "Thirteen and fourteen."

Gene said, "I will probably check your estimation later . But for now I will trust your judgment on the heavy testicles."

Al said, "And I'll give you ten,. . ah twenty minutes to stop that."

Dean smirks and says ' Ah Well then . I must have my partner assist in this juggling act."

Gene said, "If we aren't meeting your expectations, please refrain from getting our attention with your huge billyclub. It's hard to explain that shape and size bruise."

Al said, "I understand completly." His train of thought was suddenly thrown off with Dean and Gene juggling his balls (so to speak)

Nate noticed. Bill had a rock hard erection that was lodged in Nate's navel.

Nate pulled Bill away from his chest. He smiled as he looked into Bills eyes and said, "We have another classic opportunity we should take advantage of. Let me demonstrate."

Bill was lifted higher and his feet put onto the top of Nate's belly. Bill shifted his stance and both feet were just under the huge overhand of Nate's pectoral muscles. But specifically Nate's nipples.

Nate had Bill with his cock bumping against Nate's nose. Bill lifted one foot and with his big toe and first toe gripped Nate's nipple.

When Nate started to lick Bill's balls with his huge tongue, Bill started to tweak Nate's nipple.

They both let out a throaty slow laugh which changed into a moan and a groan.

The laugh and moan duet got Al's attention. He leaned over and kissed Nate behind his ear. then nibbled on it. That got a little shiver running through Nate and then Bill.

Nate paused for a moment and Bill gave out a big sigh. Nate's hands kept Bill from falling backwards. Bill looked at Nate and Al playing nose and lip tag. Rubbing noses and almost kissing.

Bill accepted his envy of Al and turned it inside out. He said, "Yep Al. You are the luckiest man in the world."

Nat and Al glance over at Bill, who is still as hard as a rock, and then look at each other and tip their heads toward Bill and then both nod yes.

Bill saw that and wondered what's coming next.

Nate lifted Bill closer to Al as Al said, "I am, Huh?"

Now Nate and Al share supporting Bill's butt, as they begin another kiss. But Bill's cock is in both of their mouths. Bill put his hands on their heads to steady himself. He could only think to breath for the first three minutes of this.

Then they gave him a very quick breather, followed by a Popsicle licking demonstration.

First Nate would lick Bill from under his balls all the way up to the tip of his dick and then Al would do the same thing. This got Bill pulling his head to the side that the licker was on.

After five minutes of that Bill gasped out, "I'm a lucky man, too!" then, "Cumming!"

For his size, Bill let loose a prodigious amount of spunk.

But his balls were still huge at the end of it.

Dean glanced over at Bill looked back at Al's testicle and then did a double take on Bill.

He nudged Gene and said, "Brother Bill had to have let loose almost a quart of heavy man cream and his balls are still four inches in diameter."

Gene leaned on Al's dick so he was closer to Dean when he said, "Life is sweet, Brother."

Dean saw the twinkle in Gene's eye and said, "With you in it, It sure is!"

Then proceeded to kiss Gene.

When the kiss ended, Dean said to Gene, "Sweet."

And Gene said, "Dude."

And Dean said, "Sweet!"

To which Gene said, "Dude!"

Al had enough of that movie reference and grabbed them both just below the ribcage.

Al's grabbing them got them to shut up, but Al had a different idea about that. He started to rub his huge thumb over their stiffening cocks.

He said, "You two could be using your tongues on each other instead of quoting a movie."

Gene and Dean had happy goofy looks on their faces when they leaned into another kiss.

Nate looked at Al and said, "AHH. The gentle art of manipulation."

Al said, "It's all in the thumbs."

Dean and Gene moaned together like they were saying ' Uh-Huh'. They did not stop kissing.

Bill had been watching this all and remembered he hadn't taken his monthly dose yet.

Bill looked up at Nate and said, "I'm gonna do a little smoking. But I don't wanna interrupt..."

He nodded at Gene and Dean. Nate smiled and nodded yes as he lifted Bill over the two lovers still getting a thumbing by Al.

Nate put Bill on the ground by the bureau and Bill turned around to get a good look at Nate and Al.

Nate saw Bill looking and he murmured, "What?"

Bill smirked and looked at Gene and Dean still lip locked and then jerked his head towards Al.

Nate chuckled and said, "Yeah I guess we look good doing that too." Then he leaned in for a kiss with Al.

Bill smiled as he watched the two couples get lost in each other. He took a deep breath and turned around to find three shot glasses with the formula in them.

Bill muttered, "Oh great which ones mine?" He checked each and one looked slightly less than the others. He picked that one up and poured a third of it in the ceramic pipe.

He said, "Oh well I don't need that much anyway ." as he started to smoke.

He started to expand and swell up bigger and bigger.

He was at eight and a half feet and still not slowing down, when his dick sort of popped ahead in size. His balls followed after and he was still inhaling when his vest finally ripped apart, and he ran out of formula in the pipe.

He held his breath and put the pipe back on the tray when he realized he was ten feet tall.

He let out a huge cloud as he said, "I haven't been ten feet tall for over two years!"

The cloud enveloped Dean and Gene and they suddenly grew a foot taller. The cloud didn't affect Al or Nate, but Al noticed the increase in dick size and all four of them stopped kissing.

Dean was the first to react to the forty inch cock pointing in their general direction.

He pulled Gene over with him as he said, "Bill that looks like a meter of man-meat in need of some assistance. I'd be only to happy to offer Gene and myself as massage therapists for this early morning rub down. A brother shouldn't have to do it all by himself."

Before Bill could say a word they were stroking his forty inch pole, while each took a side of his cock head and licked and nibbled on it. All Bill could do was reach over hold onto Gene and Dean. After a little bit he started to massage their shoulders.

Then Gene and Dean stepped up the pace by reaching over with one hand and they started to pull and gently squeeze Bill's Balls.

This got Bill to reach down and start playing with Gene and Dean's Butts.

His fingers were already too big to fit up inside them, but that didn't stop him from rolling the tips of his fingers around the pucker on each of them. That slowed them down a pit and got a satisfying moan out of all three of them.

Bill looked like a a little kid on christmas morning. He liked when he got good reactions.

Gene and Dean heard his bass giggle and got back to working on Bill's fence post sized cock.

Nate glanced over and said, "They're Good!"

He said that as he was stroking Al's whopper.

Al just looked at Nate and said, "You are too."

That started them on yanking the others Pud as they sucked on each others tonsils.

The energy was flowing well that night cause when the three on the floor got close, Al and Nate were at the same point too. The more vocal each one got just helped the others get more vocal too.

They were like an orchestra leading up to a crescendo.

Frank and Vic had explored each other a bit before Vic deflated. Frank explained the way the formula and sensitizer worked and Vic was all for it. In Vic's line of work, A stronger Cop was a safer Cop. Frank went into Jimbo's little fridge and got out the sensitizer.

Frank handed it to Vic and said, "Best advice is to chug it. It's not that bad but no one's liked the taste yet." Frank smiled and shrugged.

Vic had to look up at Frank and just as he started to wonder, Frank reached over and rubbed the top of Vic's shoulder. Vic didn't feel any pressure or worry from Frank.

Frank for his part was just happy happy happy, some guy like Vic could just walk into his life.

That feeling of pure Joy just flowed out of Frank and Vic had to reach up and kiss the big lug again.

Frank said, "I was just telling my brothers I wanted a guy that would make me smile like Nate makes my brother Al smile." He giggled like a little kid. He said, "And Damn, here you are."

Vic grabbed Frank and buried his head in Franks chest. Frank just kissed the top of his head until Vic let go enough to get another good kiss on the lips.

Vic stood back a bit and said, "Here we go!" and chugged the milky blue sensitizer.

Vic's face screwed up and he shook his head a few times real fast. He said, "Woah!"

Then He started to grow larger and larger. He slowed down and stopped at eight and a half feet.

Vic said, "WOW." and started to check out how big he was. Frank helped out by rubbing his chest and belly (he now had a bit of a roid gut but it looked good on Vic) and since his head was just a little higher than Vic's nipples, Frank decided to see if their taste had changed.

Vic held Franks head and moaned a little, then Frank said, "Tastes the same. What about the other one?" And Frank moved over and started in on his other nipple.

Frank's roving hands finally grabbed onto Vic's pecker. This got Vic's volume to go up by a few decibels and got Frank smiling around Vic's nip.

Frank didn't quite let go of Vic's nipple as he said, "I'm liking the way your soundin." Then he giggled again and sucked a little harder.

Vic just said, "I'm likin the way you are." He reached down with his big old hand and rubbed Franks balls and dick up against Frank's belly then after a bit started to stroke Franks thick baseball bat of a dick. Vic could be a little silly too. He started to hum 'Take me out to the ball game.'

Frank chuckled and looked up at Vic and said, "What are you humming that song for?"

Franks smile said he thought he understood what Vic was saying.

Vic said as he rubbed Franks big balls, "I think I got me a baseball player for a lover. And he carries his bat and balls wherever he goes."

Frank was so tickled by this he reached up and as they kissed tried to suck Vic's tongue right out of his head, he was so happy.

Vic got down on his knees so it was a little easier for Frank to kiss him.

They stopped for a bit, to look at each other and breath a little.

Vic was still rubbing one hand up and down Franks dong, while gently squeezing Frank's balls.

Vic said, "You sure know when and where to turn on the pressure. I Love my tongue being sucked on real hard like that."

Frank sighed and said, "And I love what you're doing to my balls."

Frank leaned down and put his forehead in the crook of Vic's neck.

Vic chuckled and said, "I'm just so amazed. I'm a giant now, and theses big boys still feel huge!"

Frank tipped his face over and started to kiss the crook of Vic's neck.

Then he slowly planted one kiss after another up Vic's neck.

Frank's nose pushed Vic's earlobe out of the way, then he kissed right in back of Vic's ear.

Frank pulled back an inch and smelled essence of Vic and smiled.

Vic got tickled by the look on Frank's face as he smelled his large lover.

Vic softly said, "Is that a smile on your face after smelling nasty smelly old me?"

Frank flashed a serious face for only a second and then a wicked smile as he caught Vic's earlobe between his teeth and worried it back and forth a half inch either way, real fast at least six times. Vic's whole body shivered.

Frank said, "Your nasty smelly old self.. smells real good to me."

Vic got Frank in another lip lock . And this time Vic tried sucking Frank's tongue out of his mouth.

That got Frank's whole body to shiver.

Vic sped up stroking and squeezing and Frank grabbed Vic's cock with both hands and started pumping.

Vic and Frank hit the right spots at the same time and by the time they had each other covered in their liquid Love, Vic started to deflate back to his normal size.

Frank pulled Vic to his feet and a big bear hug.

Just then Frank shrank back down to six foot tall and three hundred pounds.

Vic was six three and two thirty eight.

Frank looked into Vic's eyes and said, "Wanna take a shower?"

Vic nodded yes and asked, "Do you also have a tub big enough for the both of us?"

Frank smiled and led him to the bathroom. It was huge.

The bathroom had two doors on the same wall that led into Frank's bedroom.

in between the doors was the ten foot long four foot wide shower.

It had a thick glass door on either end and the first three feet into either side was marble.

The floor walls and ceiling were all the same kind with an accent tile at hip level on both sides.

The marble carried through from one end to the other on the floor, ceiling, and the wall nearest the bedroom.

The bathroom side wall had a four foot section of thick glass in the center opposite a small eight inch deep bench recessed in the bedroom wall. There were two vertical brushed nickel hand rails on either side of the bench . There was a lever above the bench made of the same metal within reach of anyone sitting on the bench.

One end of the shower had four heat controlled valves. The other had five.

On each end there was:

One for the foot wide ceiling shower head.

One for the bedroom side shower nozzle.

One for the bathroom side shower nozzle.

One for the four spray posts near each entrance.

The extra one on the far side was for a hand held spray nozzle near the bench.

There was one more and it was larger and near the bench.

Frank had turned on the four post spray first and walked through it to the bench.

Vic was curious and walked through behind him and sat down on the bench.

Frank reached over and twisted the tenth valve open and the entire shower was filled with drops falling from the ceiling like it was raining.

Frank sat down, reached up to the lever, and pulled it one eighth of a turn clockwise.

The rain got stronger, but the temperature was just right.

He pulled it another eighth of a turn and the rain stopped

A thin sheet of water started pouring from the ceiling from one end of the shower to the other.

Frank dropped his arm down onto Vic's shoulders. They kissed for a moment.

Frank said, "Pull the lever one more notch, but hold your breath first."

Vic stopped himself from turning the lever before he followed Franks example.

Frank was taking deep breaths, and nodded yes after Vic did the same for half a minute.

If Frank had read the words around the round metal plate in back of the lever, he would have seen the word DELUGE as the last notch.

Luckily the system that tried to wash Vic and Frank off the bench was only able to spray so much water at them and then it ramped back to a, "Hard Rain" level.

They had grabbed the rails by instinct, and Vic pushed the lever back to all over gentle rain; after he caught his breath.

Vic said, "I feel like I've been to a water-park and I haven't even moved."

Frank giggled through, "That's the whole idea." Frank was so happy his lover's first reaction was exactly what he had planned for when he built the Shower.

Vic saw the joy on his face and he said, "You built this didn't you?"

Frank nodded his head and got a little serious for a second.

He said, "Twenty years ago. Al and Jimbo and Steve and Gene helped. I was graduating from architect school."

Frank got quiet and Vic didn't push right away. He reached over and put his hand on the back of Frank's neck and started to massage the muscles that had tried to knot up.

Vic didn't know why Frank stopped but He knew it was something that embarrassed Frank.

Vic said, "Frank. I don't know what's got a hold of you right now, but I need to let you know I love you. I never really believed in love at first sight, but here we are, and it's L-O-V-E- love. So if you feel like talking about it or not; I'm still going to love you." He paused and made sure Frank was looking into his eyes.

Vic placed his other hand right under Frank's pectorals, flat onto Frank's sternum.

Vic said, "With Us.. No Shame. " He smiled into Frank's heart and asked, "Understand?"

Frank had so much love flowing into his heart and just as much that had started from his heart that was flowing out.

He couldn't speak. He barely nodded Yes, before he pulled Vic into an everlasting embrace. Frank felt like he was holding the whole happy world. Vic could tell, cause he felt like he was holding the whole world, too.

Frank and Vic got calmer and Frank lost all his doubt about what he had to tell Vic.

Frank said, "Ten years ago I was in an accident. A high speed chase and my car was in the wrong intersection at the wrong time. I had just been hired as a lead architect for a sought after Architectural Firm. Full benefits."

Frank saw that Vic was still listening. He said, "I was in a coma for six weeks. When I woke up, I thought I was sixteen years old. I was twenty eight at the time."

Vic chuckled and said, "You're five years older than me."

Frank smiled and said, "You thought I was younger. I act like a little kid sometimes, but I'm still together. I haven't told my friends or my brother, but about five years ago, I started to remember being an architect. I could go whole days with all those thoughts and memories and actually be like my old self. Or older self. But that's as long as it would last. Three, maybe four days, and then I'd wake up the next day and think, 'What have I forgotten?' "

Vic massaged the back of Frank's neck but remained quiet.

Frank said, "It would take from a week to almost two weeks, for me to get that able feeling back. and a few more days till I remembered everything. For all of three or four days, before I go through the cycle over again. You can't be an architect like that. You can't do much like that. I don't really have to worry about money. My parents left us with a tidy sum."

Frank paused and Vic kissed his forehead.

Frank smiled at Vic with a certain pride in how Vic was taking all this.

Frank said, "The last few years It would wear on me that I couldn't work. I'm responsible enough when I fall back to sixteen. It's just, the change is noticeable by the people I would try to work with. ' Why could you figure it out yesterday and now you need help?' Four different jobs, four bosses and not one would believe me. My brother Al final convinced me to just take care of this house and do the yard maintenance; and rent the extra rooms to my friends. Even though I own the house, I clean up after my roommates and feel like I'm doing something with my days."

Frank looked down at his feet and frowned a bit. He said, "The thing that really got me depressed was not having a lover. How could I put someone through a few days of being really intelligent, and then two or three weeks of being a teenager?"

Franks head dipped down, but Vic held his chin and tipped his face back to Vic's.

Vic asked, "Is your heart as strong and true and loving, no matter what time of the year it is?"

That made Frank really think for a moment. He came back with a little bit of a smile.

Frank said, "Yes. " with no doubt in his heart or mind.

Vic Looked deep into Frank's eyes and said, "Then that's the heart I want."

They kissed for quite a while. Frank played around and hit the lever for a few seconds, then they turned the valves off and decided to leave the bathtub for another day.

Chet is in a different place, mentally speaking. And sexually speaking, too.

Jimbo was on his bed with Red and Chet. Chet was already shrunk back to normal and hadn't even had the sensitizer yet. Red had only moments before sunk all fifteen inches of his love muscle up Chet's butt.

And Chet was able to take it with out any pain. Jimbo was dumbfounded.

Now Red was not the thickest of cocks-men. But with a quarter inch shy of two inches in girth on a fifteen inch cock; you should not be able to easily get it up anybodies butt.

Yet there was Chet rhythmically bouncing on Reds pubic bone. The slapping sound made by Chet's thick eight incher and moderate sized balls on Red's belly was driving Jimbo wild. Along with the last revelation that came out of Chet's mouth.

Jimbo had to be sure he understood what Chet had been saying.

Jimbo said, "And you're real close to popping, ridding my Big Red Bear of a lover's monster cock?"

Chet opened his eyes and looked down at Red and giggled as he smiled and nodded yes. He said

"Yes Sir. I can not believe how good this feels." Just then Jimbo grins and reaches over to tweak Chet's nipple in one hand and Red's nipple in another.

Chet looks over and smiles love at Jimbo. Jimbo chuckles and shakes his head in wonderment."

Here's the kicker. Chet bursts out with, "And you say this is like what my Wife feels when I make love to her?"

Red rumbled, "Ninety nine percent sure."

Jimbo says, "And your wife won't mind this?"

Chet says, "Well this is the first time for me. She always thought it would be with Vic."

Chet said, "She encouraged it?"

Chet looked up to the ceiling before he closed his eyes and said, "We talk about everything. She knew I had fantasies, but she said If I could come home every night with a smile on my face and make love to her like I'm fucking her into next tuesday, She said She would feel selfish and ungrateful for all the joy I give her, if she didn't let me play out some of my fantasies."

Chet slowed for a moment and looked down at Jimbo and Red. He said, "Can you believe it?"

Chet closed his eyes and started to bounce faster and harder while shaking his head back and forth.

He said, "You can't find another woman like that. She just makes me so happy all the time."

After Jimbo's eyes got a little wider and Red started to thrust more forcefully, Chet started to wind it all up.

Chet started chanting, "Here it comes" along with, "Oh God!" and, "Oh yeah". But he ended with the mantra

"Gotta get home" repeated over and over until they all got home. Even Jimbo and he hardly touched himself.

Chet collapsed onto the shockingly large puddle of pearl jam on Red Bears belly and chest. Red kissed the side of Chet's head and got into a lip lock with Jimbo.

Chet came to a few moments later with Red's dick still up his butt and the two lovers still kissing. He grinned real big and started to pull off Red's deflating monster. Jimbo and Red pushed him back without even looking, then when he tried again they pushed him down again.

Then without getting off Red, Chet leaned over and kissed Jimbo on the neck and then Red in the same spot.

Chet said" I gotta get going guys. Nora knows I would be late, but the minute I really start to think about her, she knows. And then all I can think about is seeing her face when she comes."

Red and Jimbo look at him and he's almost vibrating. After all that sex and he's still got a ton of energy he wants to give to his wife.

Jimbo shook his head and smiled as he said, "I am in awe of the first true Bisexual man I have ever met. She hits ever button in you doesn't she?"

Chet looked at Jimbo with a shit eating grin and nodded his head yes a few times real fast.

Chet gets a little serious as he says, "There isn't a day I don't thank God for that women's love. and twice on Sundays."

Smiling again, Chet said, "There's not a thing I wouldn't do for my wife. Her love for me gets me through the day. I could not do this job if she wasn't there for me. Smiling at me every day I come home."

He started to think about something.

Chet got another sly look on his face. He said, "You two know I'm gonna talk to her about tonight, right?"

Jimbo said, "Yeah." and Red said, "Sure."

Chet looked at them and said, "Well, she's had this fantasy she could fuck a gay guy so good he'd want to have sex with men and women regularly. If you two are willing to at least try, I think I have a way to let my wife try out that fantasy."

Before they could answer, Chet's cell phone went off.

Chet leapt off of Red and over to where his cell phone was. He shouted, "There she is!"

Chet answered the phone with, "Hello beautiful. Do you know what I've been doing?"

Chet's smile is threatening to take the top half of his head of, it's so big. He turns the phone to Jumbo and Red so they can hear his wife.

From the little cell phone, Nora said, "You finally had sex with two huge guys. Is one of them red haired?"

Chet laughed as Jimbo and Red both looked shocked. Red's mouth stayed hung open as Chet said, "Yes my love. Correct on both counts."

Nora said, "He's the one you were riding, huh?"

Chet said, "Right again, darling."

Nora said, "Well if you really want to give me a present of my fantasy, and they feel like helping ; I need two things."

Chet said, "Whatever you need, I'll get it for you."

Nora said, "You know that's what keeps a smile on my face. I love you."

Chet cradled the phone as he said, "I love you too, baby."

Nora said, "Sweetie, it's actually three things."

Chet said, "Tell me what you want."

Nora said, "Well I need to know their names and hear their voices tonight."

Chet smiled at the phone and said, "Oh baby, Here. This huge man is named Jimbo. " he hands the phone to jimbo as he said

"Nora, Jimbo. Jimbo Nora."

Jimbo had a surprised grin on his face as he said, "Hello Nora."

Nora replied, "Hello Jimbo. Thank you and your lover for taking care of my man, and sharing your love. It takes a big man to be able to do that. I told him he'd get that part of his heart taken care of, and be patient. I'm so glad he waited for you two."

Jimbo was afloat with many good emotions as he said, "You are welcome, Nora. And thank you for putting such a big smile on the face of a man that just came into our lives."

Nora said, "You're welcome."

Jimbo said, "I got such a kick out of your husbands response to our telling him that what he was feeling riding my man was what a woman would be feeling while making love to her man."

Nora said, "How did he react?"

Jimbo said, "When he was sure we were telling the truth, he started going faster so he could finish and get home to you. He's still vibrating like a little kid on too many sweets."

Nora said, "That's My Man." then softer, "That's my heart."

This got Jimbo looking at Chet and then he said, "Nora, here's my Man and my heart. Nora, Red. Red, Nora."

Red had pulled himself up onto some pillows and said, "Hello Nora. You can call me Bernie if you like."

Nora said, "I prefer Red Bear better. I heard in your lover's voice, that's what he loves calling you."

Red grinned and said, "You heard correctly, Chet's wife." Red happened to hear that name in Nora's voice.

Nora sounded like she had started to have an orgasm and she said, "Oh. That's my favorite name he has for me. I'm sorry boys but I need my husband home as fast as he can safely get here."

Chet heard and nodded his head yes. Red said, "Dear lady, the love of your life has heard and will be helped on his way shortly. But before we end this call, what is the third thing you need."

Nora said, "I'm reminded of what my mother said were the attributes of a true lady. She said a true lady would be able to greet nobility and commoners and put them at their ease, conduct fifty guests through an eight course meal while keeping everyone part of the table conversation and yet at the end of the day, be able to strip her clothes off and become the randy whore her husband needed without batting an eye."

That got the men silent in honor of the very concept of, "A Lady."

Nora said in the silence, "Red Bear, would you please send a lock of your pubic hair with my husband? One that is still holding some of my darlings liquid love?"

Red laughed and said, "Nora, I will be sending it with Chet. I'm handing the phone back to your heart."

Nora said, "Thank You."

Red said, "Welcome."

Jimbo had a pair of scissors and when Red and He decided which one had the most spooge clinging to it Red held it away from his skin and Jimbo cut it off.

Red reached into his night stand and pulled out a short piece of thin nylon cord and tied the lock together in the knot.

Chet said, "My love I will be on the road as soon as I get dressed."

Nora said, "Good. Guess who decided to take the kids for two whole days?"

Chet said, "Your folks are the best."

Nora said, "They love us. Now you be careful riding your motorcycle with an erection. See if Jimbo can lend you a sock. I don't want your love muscle dinged up by some low flying bug."

Chet turned to Jimbo who said, "Here's Red Bear's Red Hair. I'll get one of Red's socks, for your cock."

Chet said, "Nora, I'll be home soon."

Nora said, "Drive fast and drive safe."

Chet said, "I will. Love you!"

Nora said, "Love You." and they hung up.

Jimbo handed Chet a sock which he promptly hung on his throbbing dick.

Chet had been erect for the past eight minutes or so, and he knew it wasn't going to go down until he made his wife come at least twice.

Red asked Jimbo, "Love, could you hand me that small mirror."

Jimbo had a curious look on his face as he handed it to Red.

Red looked into the mirror and then handed it back to Jimbo.

Jimbo said, "What was that all about?"

Red said, "I have now looked into the faces of the luckiest three men in the world."

Jimbo moved over and practically lifted Red off his feet as he kissed him.

Chet had his clothes on and, after Red's comment, he picked up the mirror and looked at himself smile. Then as Jimbo and Red let loose of each others lips, Chet handed Jimbo the mirror.

Jimbo looked at himself and handed it back to Chet.

Jimbo looked at Red and said, "Yep, all three!"

To be continued?

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