Special Delivery

I was just typing away when I heard the seductive screech of the UPS Truck's brakes. Those guys give a new meaning to the words Hard Driving. And the guy that delivered to my neck of the woods was very Hard indeed. and very large and .. He's a hunk with the Myostatin gene missing. I swear he reminds me of that enormous Massive muscled Bull they use as an example of what happens when the Myostatin gene doesn't work. Just muscle layered over muscle. And quite a few of them look like they are about to go to war to get some room from the bulging muscle right next to them. Whew!

And I was an idiot a few weeks ago and actually asked if he was related to that kid in Germany that is still in grade school but has big defined muscles. I could have had my package kicked in if he hadn't thought it was funny and laughed. Though he did slow down after that and smiled while I signed for a package.

Packages. Damn if he doesn't have one of the biggest packages of all the Hot UPS guys I've seen. What really gets me is how he can be so big and thick and have such a fine proud package and still hustle getting in and out of his Truck. He moves that massive meaty body like he was a skinny kid, but I would swear that he is close to four hundred pounds. And that at six foot seven and wide shoulders to match his thick thighs. He must have driven the UPS Clothing people nuts. Such a wide, thick shirt (XXXXXL at least) at the top, but a medium at the bottom. And he had to have his shorts specially made. Cause with a thirty two inch waist, thirty six inch thighs and a package from Heaven or Hell; you just don't start with circus fat man shorts and trim them down.

Burt, a fellow author and email friend, lives near me and is on the same route as UPS Delivery man Richard R. Johnson. We have asked the important literary questions of our day, regarding Mr. Johnson, such as:

1. "Does Richard go commando?"
(If so then that is a lot of UPS Johnson)

2. "Does Richard's Truck fold space like the Doctor's Tardis"
(Cause we see the truck moving back and forth under Richard's considerable weight when he goes in back for a package, but we never hear him hitting his shoulders against the racks that hold the packages. Well over three and a half feet wide. Must be very Agile.)

3. "Is he Gay and Friendly, or just Gay friendly?"
(Burt and I just happened to be receiving some fancy Lube from the same specialty shop on the same day and Rich happened to ask us both {Separately of course} if we thought it was worth the price! The package didn't have any invoice or dollar signs on the outside so our boy (?) er Big Man had to have seen the price on line. Unless he has a gay friend who bought that exact same stuff and told him the price. [Damn the logic of two curious gay authors.]
But that leaves it open to the idea that ha at least has gay friends.)

4. "Would a Medium Buff, Red headed, late Thirties, Versatile, six foot tall, Bear; stand a chance getting a date with a six foot seven inch, Chestnut brown, green eyed, Viking-on-Steroids, Muscle Daddy?"
(And if a miracle occurred, would I always have to Bottom for my Daddy?)
(Screw that last part, Daddy. Just pound away on your Baby Bear's ass.)

Yeah, right. Well my job involves imagination, hope and some nasty vocabulary.

Of course we never had the gaul to ask Rich those questions.

I looked out the window and saw Miss Harkness getting another box of her Meds from our Muscle God UPS man. "Go ahead, Miz H. He loves it when you run your fingers over all of those veins covering his massive forearm. Yeah, now reach up and poke his biceps and mention steel or granite. I know I would if I could get away with it."

Hell I'd give that fine looking man a tongue lashing (Bath), if I only knew it wouldn't be the last thing I did.
Aw he jumped in to the Truck. Wait. He's jumping around in the back. OH hell!

I'm glad he had such a big smile on his face when he stuck his head out of the back and caught me staring at him. I guess my own smile let him know nothing weird was going on. He's heading towards my door and I follow his example.
My door opens before he can get his hand to the button.

"You make that box look like it's full of tissue paper, Rich. I don't recall ordering anything, but you can come in for some lemonade if you want."

Rich chuckled and brought the large package down off of his shoulder. "Aw, it's only forty eight pounds."

"A feather for a man of your stature."

Rich smiled as we headed to the kitchen. "Ya know Jake, you are the only guy that can still get me to blush. But this is addressed to you from The Olympia Life company. So if you didn't order it, and they don't have your credit card number, This is yours for free. I've heard some cool things from these people. I'd keep it if I were you."

That sounded so weird I decided to get a better answer from Rich. "That sounds a bit weird, but I'll take your advice if you will tell me how you knew the Randy Lube was expensive and why you asked me and Burt the same question the day you delivered it to us." I handed him his lemonade.

Rich had that caught look and he frowned. "You know Burt? I just thought it was sorta neat my very masculine gay customers were getting the same thing I purchased a week before them. Course its pretty much only useful as lube on a butt plug or a dildo."

Rich had such an innocent look on his face as he took a sip from his glass. His smile would not obey and got wider and wider.

"So you think Burt and I look Masculine. Sorta like big bears?"

Rich smiled and nodded like that was all he would say. After looking me in the eye for a moment;
"Yep. I like Bears but I have a thing for Red Bears in particular."

"Even ones that look little next to your.. your. Oh wow man, I am so glad I can tell you how great you look.
You are a Viking-on-Steroids, Muscle Daddy."

"Really. A Muscle Daddy? I haven't been with that many guys to say whether I really like being in control or not." He put his drink down on the counter after he finished it.

I'm an idiot, but I could tell he wasn't going to hurt me for what I was about to do. "Well if ya like being the one to just pick up a body part and nibbling on it like it was yours to do with as you like, no matter how big or small the guy you did it to, then you could be my Daddy."

Of course I had just picked up his huge hand and brought it past my head so I could nibble on the veins that popped up on his massive forearm. Teeth, lips, teeth, tongue. A little spit to help my tongue follow the vein back to his elbow and biceps. I just got hit with his musk and stopped my tongue travels. I just had to put my face against the side of his biceps. It was so huge it was almost as big as my head. He lifted his hand from mine and flexed his forearm and biceps while pinching my head between them for a moment. I glanced at his face. What a face! What a smile.

"You like big ole muscle, don't ya Jake?" His hand found the back of my head and he pulled me to his face. We only had each others tongues for a moment and his cell phone went off.

Before he could answer the phone I whispered "I like these big ole muscles. I surely do. And the man they're attached to."

Rich frowned for a second. He was wondering if he really wanted to answer the phone! Yeah!

"I'm still on the clock. I have some leah way but not today. Can I come back after work and discuss just how I would be a Daddy to a man I want as my Daddy?"

"Oh. Answer the phone and make sure you don't get in any accidents driving back here. We will get ourselves settled out real good when you get back."

His smile returned before the ringing stopped, as he answered his phone. "Johnson here." (Pause)
"Sorry Boss. I was taking a break, and you know how many I ever really get to take." (Pause)
"What?! When?" (Frightened pause)
"Oh my god! How bad is he hurt?" (Longer pause)
"Well all us Johnson's are fast on our feet." (A more relieved pause)
"Which hospital did they take him to?" (A pause with a frown)
"You don't have to drive me, I can get there in my brother's truck." (A chastised pause)
"Ok you are the Boss, you drive. I'll be there in eight , ten minutes." (A thankful pause)
"Thanks Boss. He's the only little brother I have. The only brother I have. Bye."
He ended the call and turned to me.

I looked into the eyes of a worried man. "I write Drama, but it's not good when it gets into the real world."

"My brother works for UPS, too and he was going through an intersection on the green light, when a high speed chase came through on the red. Sal was able to see them before they plowed into his truck and he jumped out just as the fucker hit right where he had been sitting. The car still clipped his leg and broke it in four places. He hit his head too hard, rolling through his jump and got a mild concussion. But by the time they got him to the hospital he was awake again. I gotta get going."

Rich's frown deepened for a second and then looked into my soul. He pulled our heads together and sucked my tongue down his throat. I caught a breath. "Go see your brother. My contact number is in your hand held computer, if you want some company at the hospital tonight. I don't guess you'll be getting away from the hospital any time soon. But I know you will be heading over here in the foreseeable future."

The frown dissolved. "Damn straight. Open that box. Follow the instructions. I'll call you before midnight, OK?"

I pulled him into a hug and said to his left nipple "Ok with me." I rubbed my chin against the nipple as I looked up the slope of his massive chest. "Us Daddies have to stick together."

Aw that smile jumped out for me to see, just before he hugged my head against my new friend; Rich's left nipple. Then he was gone. My heart turned over as I heard the same race car sound, I always did when UPS trucks take off; so I really shouldn't be worried about him. And his Boss is going to drive him to the hospital. Yeah, Boss.

I thought about emailing Burt, but a more compelling desire won. I pulled out my knife and slit open the box. "What the fuck?" Seven Dildos??! and three tubes of special lube. OH MY GOD. Just how big is Rich? There was a dildo that was three feet long and five inches in diameter. That is just not human. Well I did sort of compare rich to a Clydesdale in my head, but not literally.

OK that's more like it. Twelve inches long, two in diameter. I can handle that right now. An order sheet popped out along with an instruction sheet.

Olympian Life Tonics and Creams (374)555-8912 Order Form
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Dildo / Cocks : For the man who wants it all. And knows where to put it. These come in the following colors: Pure White, Pink, Light Tan, Golden Brown, Swarthy Italian, Hispanic Brown, African American Brown
or Jet Black. [ PW, P, LT, GB, SI, HB, AAB, JB.] Use Capital letters of colors with numbers when ordering .(e.g.: #1PW) Made of a marvelous Synthetic material that feels warm to the touch, it is just rigid enough for you to hit the right spot, and still flexible enough to take a twist and keep it's shape. Each Dildo is made with over sized balls attached, to maintain that Horse-hung look. Includes a tube of Loose n Smooth Lube, to help your Dildo hit all the right spots.
(This catalog is unable to describe the other highly important features of these special
well shaped toys. Contact a Sales Rep at the number above and they will inform you about
the special features of these fine quality Dildos, that we are Prohibited from mentioning here.)
#1. Big 12" x 2"d ~ $
#2. Large 15" x 2.5"d ~ $
#3. X-tra Large 18" x 3"d ~ $
#4. Huge 21" x 3.5"d ~ $
#5. Magnum 24" x 4"d ~ $
#6. Enormous 30" x 4.5"d ~ $
#7. Gigantic 36" x 5"d ~ $
#8. The Stretcher Kit : This Kit includes any five Dildos from #1 to #7. Longest Dildo at individual price
with 2nd through 5th Dildo at one third individual price. Plus a tube of
Loose n Smooth Lube, to help you move from one size dildo to the next.
2nd (# )_______.___
3rd (# )_______.___
4th (# )_______.___
5th (# )_______.___
=________.___ / 3 = ________.____
+ Longest (# ) ________.____
= $ ________.____
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
#9. Loose n Smooth Lube ~ 16 oz tube. Lubricates anal passage during normal Dildo usage and when stretching
from one size Dildo to a larger one. Helps in conditioning ones backside for a very large lover.
Warning! Not for use during sex! For internal use only! ~ $
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
#10. Gonad Virility Cream ~ 16 oz tube. With each thorough application of Gonad Virility Cream, the testicles should enlarge one quarter of an inch in diameter. Each tube contains enough Cream
for approximately Twelve Applications. ~ $
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
#11. Colonel Magnus Muscle Tonic ~ 4 fluid oz. bottle. Our dear Colonel Magnus' formulated this Muscle Tonic
to put twenty five pounds of lean muscle on your body, per bottle. ~ $
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
#12. Vesuvius Energy Elixir ~ 4 fluid oz. bottle. You will be running circles around that Battery Rabbit, when you use our
totally natural Vesuvius Energy Elixir. And you will find that your stamina in bed is only equalled by the hardness and longevity of your erections. We won't tell you that this will lengthen your Cock. That's what all the other companies tell you. We'll just let you find out for your self. All we ask is that when you discover a real actual gain in size, you tell your friends what made it harder and longer and thicker. And kept you going and going.... ~ $
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~*~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~


~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~*~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~
Olympian Life Deluxe Stretcher Kit Instructions
The Deluxe Stretcher Kit ~ Dildos #1 through #7. Included in your kit are three 16 oz tubes of Loose n Smooth lube. This is vital for the proper conditioning of your Backside and your Inner Cock.

1. An Enema is strongly advised, to clean out your rectum and large intestines. This will help the Lube do it's job of stretching and opening your Backside and your Inner Cock. A second smaller enema is ideal before applying the special Lube.

2, Starting with a small amount of Loose n Smooth lube on your fingers, coat your anus, rectum and as far into your intestines as you can comfortable reach. Add a second amount just inside the rectum and then liberally coat the first Dildo, you will be using. The Dildo is made of a special material that will hold the lube on it's surface for as long as needed.
You will not need to add any more when the final insertion is complete.

3. Insert Dildo into anal cavity and gently push in as far as it can go without forcing it. The intention is to widen your sphincters and cause your body to form an opening to your Inner Cock. Only when the Inner Cock Cavity is complete will the Dildo be able to be lodged in it and the Balls pushed through and into your scrotum.

4. As you push the Dildo in and out of your backside you should notice a tingling sensation in your Prostate. This should spread to the base of your cock and then farther along till it reaches the Head and then the piss slit. When it reaches the head, the tingling should stop at the prostate and then progressively stop at the base of your dick and then stop at the tip. When the tingling you felt at your piss slit stops then it is time to change angle of insertion.

5. With the Inner Cock Cavity complete it is then time to change the direction the Dildo is being inserted into your anus. With the tip of the dildo still slightly inside your rectum, find your prostate and the Inner Cock Cavity that should be right in the middle of it. At this point your Prostate has been stretched into a very large donut shape. When you find the ICC, start slowly pushing the Dildo into it. You will feel a stretching sensation at the base of your dick and notice your dick getting thicker. Do not thrust and then pull the Dildo out of your backside. You are making your dick larger, thicker, and your balls bigger, by slowly pushing the Dildo all the way in and up your dick. It will remain there as it melds with your flesh.

6. Make sure that the balls are below the Dildo or you will have a painful time getting them up your but and into your scrotum. As the Dildo stretches your dick longer and wider you will get a little resistance. Do not stop for any length of time. As the Dildo gets close to full insertion, pull one ball up and in back of the Dildo and push it up your rectum. Then do the same thing to the second ball and upon letting go the Dildo should move further in by itself and your new larger balls should drop into your scrotum. If they do not, right away, then take a very large dollop of lube and push it up your rectum massaging it towards your Prostate and what ever you can feel of what is left of the Dildo. That will cause the material to meld with your gonads which will then become larger.

7. Do not use the Loose n Smooth lube on your newly enlarged cock. It could cause deformation of your cock. Simply go to the bathroom sink and wash what is left on your fingers, off of them with soap and water. Be thorough. Wash twice, just to be sure. Then dry your hands and let them remain dry for at least five minutes.

8. With any other kind of lube for masturbation, cover your larger cock and balls and masturbate till you cum. Be prepared for a much larger volume of cum than is normal and a faster recovery time.

Period !! You could end up pushing the tip of your dick right off of your body. Your flesh needs time to settle and become used to it's new size and shape. The Dildo material needs time to become your flesh with your DNA. That takes at least 24 hours. Your Testicles just merged with much larger balls of a material that will become just like your old balls.
Put the other Dildos away and enjoy a bigger you.

10. With larger Gonads come larger muscles. You will start to become more muscular. If that is what you also are working for, then you should give your body at least four days per Dildo, to let them pump you with the proper amount of hyper-testosterone and make your muscles grow bigger and stronger. Then repeat the process from #1. to #8. with the next larger Dildo. Exercise is good for you during this time and you also may find your appetite becoming much larger. Eat a balanced diet and your body will be healthy as it gets bigger.

11. If muscle size is not something you want , then wait 24 hours.
After the 24 hours have passed, you may safely repeat the process from #1. to #8. with the next larger Dildo.

We hope you enjoy your larger thicker more potent gonads (Cock and balls). And remember, that at any time you feel they are big enough, we advise that you just stop after the last time you get to instruction #8. You can always start up again. But we do not have a way of safely shrinking your Cock and Balls down any sizes, and we have no intention of ever doing so.

We Thank You for buying Olympian Life Products.

#13 [GB, GB, GB, P, PW, SI, JB.]
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Hey! The order form didn't have a number thirteen. I felt real intelligent when I flipped it over and found
#13 Olympian Life Deluxe Stretcher Kit on the back. All seven at half the price of the individual Dildos.

"What is this? Is that how Rich got so big. Did he buy this for me?" My brain did not stop to doubt. I walked to the master bath and filled my enema bag with warm water.(Yes, and half of you readers have one too.) I stripped my clothes off and lubed up the enema nozzle and popped it up my butt. Just like when I was hoping for the right top to be at one of the clubs I would go to. I was a little in a hurry and went through the second flush faster than usual, but it all looked clean. I grabbed the twelve inch dildo and opened the first tube of Loose n Smooth as I sat on my bed. I put the foot long golden brown Dildo on the bed beside me and leaned back a bit so I could put the Lube up my butt. The smell was exotic and distracting and even vaguely familiar. But from a younger age..

I placed a dollop of the lube in my rectum and proceeded to coat the dildo with more of the LnS Lube. Suddenly I had this erie feeling that the Dildo was really alive. It didn't heat up or have a pulse, but it sure put out attitude. It was horny and in a hurry. It wanted to become part of me right now. At least that was the feeling I got as soon as I put some of the lube on it.

Since I was on my back, I positioned the bad boy with his balls pointing up. The minute I had the head of the little devil inside my love chute the whole thing changed. The surface became warmer and the balls suddenly hung loose over the end of the dildo. And now he really did seem to have an attitude. It was a good one, cause we were on the same page. Get him all the way in me and as quickly as possible. That in itself proved to be a slight problem.

The lovable cuss started to enjoy the journey into my innards as much as I was enjoying the way in. That was good since he was soon going to be part of me. I slid the bad boy in and out as per instructions and inclination, and was having a great time shared with the first responsive dildo I had ever used, when I felt that tingling the instructions spoke of. It started at the point I would say was just in back of my prostate and traveled on to the base of my cock. It was moving faster than I had imagined it would. Three complete in and out strokes of the dildo, and it spread to the middle of my cock. Three more and it was near the head of my dick. Three more and the entire head of my wang was tingling and I could feel it more intensely at the piss slit. Then after four or five more leisurely strokes with "Mr Twelve Inches" the tingling stopped near and in my prostate. There was another odd feeling, but I couldn't describe it well until the tingling was gone completely.

I continued with the needed plunging in and out of the foot long dildo until the tingle finally was isolated to the tip of my dick, and then vanished. It took a bit of self control to stop the familiar plunging and pull the happy thing back out to just inside my rectum.

I lifted my hips a bit and tried pointing the dildo into where my prostate was. That's when a weird feeling took over. Instead of getting that little jolt I usually got when I poked at my prostate, I was treated to a milder pleasure response and a sliding sensation, as the golden brown dildo started to pass through my prostate and into the center of my dick.

Talk about your rock hard erection. While the previous actions gave me a wicked boner, the latest pushing action had me harder than I had ever been. What little resistance kept me from just shoving it into my dick, also was the reason for the pleasure sensation to slide up my dick as it went in further.

Before I knew it, the balls were the only thing left of it, outside my body. I was getting a weird sort of feeling from them, as if they were my balls. So I gently took the right one and pushed it up my butt. Thank God it didn't hurt when I met some resistance from my sphincter. The other one was just as easy.

I should mention that I had been a little distracted by the sensations being produced on my body. So much so that I had missed how the dildo had caused my dick to get thicker as it was pushed further inside. But as I pushed the left ball up my but, I finally felt the stretching sensation as my cock was pushed to twelve inches in length and the two balls settled in my nut sack.

OH MY GOD!! As the new balls merged with mine I had a monumental rush of Sweet Big Ball Pleasure. They were suddenly just as big as two handballs. You know, not quite as big as tennis balls, but bigger than goose eggs.

And my cock was happy at twelve inches, but it was definitely thicker than two inches. The whole process had stretched my own cock as the dildo took up space at the center of it. So say, add another three eights of an inch to both sides and you have a twelve inch long, two and three quarters inch wide, thickly veined dong; sitting above two balls that were approximately the same diameter as the new "Jake Junior".

My breathing started to get faster and my cock head flared the second I grabbed myself. Oh Shit! I couldn't jerk off yet. I still had the Loose and Smooth cream on my hands. I reluctantly let go of my throbbing wang and went to the bathroom to wash the stuff off. Just walking with larger equipment was a trip. Since my junk wanted release, my balls were being real chummy with my cock. It made walking easier.

I got to the sink and shook my head. I had to get the stuff off my dick , too. So I got the shower started and when the water temperature was just right I washed myself from top to bottom. Then I went back to the spot that complained the most when I had moved on to the rest of my body. The kind of soap I had was just perfect for my larger and more demanding package. My balls felt so great being rubbed and pulled. And I was having a bit of trouble keeping my hand around my cock as I stroked it. The added thickness barely let me close my finger tips together as I grasped it. But when I started jerking my bigger little buddy, I forgot about even trying to keep them together. At one point I dropped my balls to get both hands on "Jake Junior". I chuckled as the water flowed over my back and trickled a little over my shoulders and belly.

"I'm gonna have to find a better name for you, big fella, cause Junior just doesn't sound right with so much meat in my hand. Hey! How about Big Fella?" More chuckling, then a serious thought about the "Big Fella" that got me that kit in the first place. Oh that was a great idea.

I had perved on Rich's body and the memory of all that I'd been able to see of him. And now it all came back to me in a powerful rush. All that extra testosterone and the sweet image of that Real Life Muscle Daddy in training, had my pecker ready and starting the big O to start right then. My big balls tightened up against the back of my dick and I felt this huge gush of cum head for my happy member. I had the end of my dick pointed up and the shot nearly went up my nose. And the sheer volume of that one umph, had me dazed for a moment. Then six or seven more huge spooge jets, whizzed by my head and hit the ceiling in the shower. They were so powerful, they weren't even deflected by the shower's spray. I finally eased off after four more smaller shots and with a dribble of three more jolts, the show was over.

I took deep breaths and noticed my abs, chest and back were a bit tense, but starting to relax. Then I saw the real weird bit. The floor of the shower stall was briefly running in streams of thick white goo. I had spooged so much, the floor was just now being washed clean of the coating of sperm. I looked up and found a dripping coating of spooge on the shower ceiling.

"Wow!" I thought someone else was in the shower for a second. "What the fuck?" My voice had dropped half an octave. Not that I couldn't reach that note before, but my usual speaking voice was at a higher range. Now for some reason, I was speaking comfortably at a deeper tone.

"Or maybe it's the acoustics of the shower?" Nope. I remember the many times I either sang in the shower or had a lover that was helping me wash my back and we talked while the rest of our bodies got "helped". My voice was deeper.

I looked down and noticed that the roll of fat that had started to cover my lower abs, had disappeared and left a cool bit of definition on the whole six-pack. My pecs were a little bigger and fuller. Oh wow. I was going to have to think up something really great, as way of thanking Mr Richard Johnson. It was going to have to be something special, cause he gave me two gifts, today. All this new body and that sweet feeling when someone is attracted to you. Oh. I didn't know which one was the better gift, cause I had been attracted to Rich for such a long time.

I rinsed myself off and decided that I didn't want to wait till midnight for Rich to call. I got dressed and was pleased that I had to go commando because my package was too tightly bound in my old underwear. My loose fitting jeans still fit, but I would have to stop referring to them as "loose fitting". And my extra large sleeveless button-up shirt that shows off my modest but toned arms, was fitting a bit tighter. And my arms were no longer just modest. Not huge, but a bit bigger than this morning. OK, now for the man who helped this come about. And about whom I have come many a time.

I was able to find the local UPS number and after a bit of hold time, I was able to get through to Rich's boss. "Colin Barque here. So how can I help you Mr Tolluver."

"Well, let me just start by telling you what an excellent group of UPS delivery men you have."

"Thank you. I'm proud of ever one of my employees."

"They all are a credit to UPS. But I was calling because my delivery man, who also happens to be a friend, received some bad news while he was at my place, making a delivery. You called Richard Johnson and told him about his brother's accident. He told me he was going to call me later tonight, but being an author, I can change my writing hours to suit the situation. I thought If you could tell me the hospital his brother was at I'd help keep his mind off of a bad situation while waiting. I know you can't just give that out without his permission, but Rich has never given me his company cell phone number. We both agreed it would be a possible misuse of company equipment and he's too ethical to ever mess up that way. If you could reach him on his cell phone and tell him that I decided to visit him sooner, he could give me a call from a pay phone and tell me which hospital to go to." I was a good writer, but I might have spread it a bit thick, just to get him to actually call Rich. Hey! even if he called him up and asked 'Is this guy Tolluver a stalker?' it would get the information to Rich, that I wanted to be with him, even if it was just hanging around a hospital waiting room. Good friendships are made of such things and I wanted our friendship, our relationship, to be the best it could be.

The pause was not too long, but it let me know that Rich's boss was a bit more astute than the average Supervisor.

"Well Mr Tolluver,"

"Please call me Jake."

"Well Jake, Rich has talked about you a number of times to me. He never mentioned being a friend, but he showed me all of your books that you've had published and I've been able to read about half of them, so far. I also know about all of the times you invited Rich in for Lemonade and a little conversation. I have to thank you for that, because Rich doesn't take breaks, unless he's visiting with you for a few minutes. He's my best delivery man and sometimes I think he works too hard. His father and I go way back, and I think of him as a nephew. So that means I look out for him when he needs it."

I thought at that point I wasn't going to get that help after all.

"But so far, Jake has had nothing but good things to say about you. and when he makes a delivery to you, he ends up smiling the rest of the day. So if you want to surprise him and keep him company while he waits at the Truman Memorial Hospital on Fifth street, then you didn't hear it from me. Cause company policy prevents us from giving out any information about our employees or there whereabouts."

"Thank you so much, Mr Barque."

"Now Jake, If I can't call you Mr Tolluver, then you have to call me Colin. Fair is fair. And you tell him to give me a call on how Sal is doing, no matter what time of the night the doctors tell him. I'm real proud of them both."

"Will do Colin. And thanks again."

"Bye now.'


I got ready to leave in five more minutes and was out the door for Truman Memorial Hospital on Fifth Street. My heart and package both were trying to swell up with anticipation. "I'm coming, Rich."

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