Special Delivery 2

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By the time I got to the Hospital, I'd had me an interesting little ride. I had to adjust the seat in my car, back a notch, as well as realign all the mirrors. I'd done that before getting started, but with slightly thicker thighs the angle and height of the seat was uncomfortable for half the ride. That was when I finally remembered that my car had more adjustment levers for the Driver seat. I was much happier by the time I found a parking place for visitors.

I decided to ask for directions at the Hospitals Main Entrance Information Desk, instead of Guessing which door a visitor was supposed to go through. And a good thing, too. Sal Johnson was no longer in the Emergency Room. He was in the ICU. I got directions to the Intensive Care Unit waiting room and found Rich talking to a doctor.

"Your brother is actually very lucky, Rich. The X-rays all show very clean breaks and the fourth one on the Fibula is a hairline fracture that should heal well when we get him in the proper cast. Right now we have him in a soft harness to allow the ice to reduce the swelling around the knee. We'll be checking him every hour for the next twenty four, Standard procedure for a Mild Concussion. You should be able to see him in about five minutes."

Rich stood up and shook the doctors hand before giving him a hug. "Thanks, Dr. Wells. That's a load off my mind."

The man in Rich's embrace was a very large man. Wide thick shoulders framing huge pecs resting over a somewhat round meaty belly, all in a doctors lab coat. Then I was even more shocked to realize that he was my doctor!

"Dr. Angus Wells? So you practice what you preach. But not at my gym."

They turned and stepped away from each other and I know my doctor was now a good three inches taller than last time I had an office check up. Then his belly flexed and rippled a little, just before he puffed his chest up a little.

But they both caught me off guard when they both said "Jake!" at the same time and smiled toothy grins at me. My new "Big Fella" got half way hard and acted like they were talking to him instead of me. Course, then they were.

"Special delivery," slipped out of the good doctors lips before they both focused back on the part of me that had ears. "Well Jake, it looks like we both have been gaining a bit of muscle. And I have to say yours is looking mighty fine. If I didn't have a behemoth of a weightlifter to come home to at night, I might have even thought of asking you to start seeing Dr James Patel, my medical partner. I couldn't start hitting on you if you were still a patient of mine."

Rich was watching this massive muscled Medical Professional flirt with his intended Muscle Daddy. And he kept his cool very well. "Doc, you've been our family doctor for over twenty years and now you decide to try to steal the Daddy I finally had the balls to ask out on a date, just this afternoon? And you know I am such a professional, myself, I would never think of mentioning any of this to Lars,. when I see him in the gym tomorrow."

I had gotten closer to the two hunks, and as I saw Dr Wells body stiffen up, I took the chance to see just how hard that damned thick belly of his was. My grin and touch set him on another line of thought. "Aww. Thank you Jake."

I had to smile bigger as I told him, "Not a speck of cereal." We all chuckled.

"Ya know I thought I would hate having a big gut like this, but all this muscle just makes me feel..." He looked at Rich again and took my hand off of his belly and laid it against Rich's cobble stone abs. "At first I had that moment of fear when you mentioned Lars. But upon reflection, I find I wish to savory those feelings I get when a certain behemoth, forcefully, re-stakes his claim upon my thick body. Rich, you better mention my flirting to Lars, tomorrow, or I will be seriously upset with you." Rich chuckled and laid his hand on Dr Well's belly. Which caused Dr. Wells to lay his hand on my stiffening crotch. Luckily we were alone in the waiting room, and the doctor didn't leave his hand there too long. I didn't think my clothes were strong enough for my new equipment, if he'd kept his hand there any longer. We all stepped back a bit as we adjusted ourselves.

"OK. I'll be here early tomorrow morning to see if the swelling is down enough for us to get your brother in the proper cast, and I'll give you a call, right after we're finished. I don't think his condition warrants you staying down here all night. Visit for a while. Let him complain about his headache and how we're withholding Motrin 8oo on a whim. He's not going to get any real rest until about noon tomorrow, due to the concussion; so complaining helps take his mind off of the pain he's complaining about."

Rich blinked then smiled as he hugged Dr Wells one more time. I joined in the hug slash mini-grope and the doctor was at the door. He frowned and pointed at Rich. "Don't let me down."

"Don't worry Doc. I'll spill my guts about your flirtin' ways to Lars on his second set of incline bench presses."

The smile on Dr Angus Wells face said it all. Then he glanced at me. "See ya Jake." And he was gone. Fast.

My hand was still on Rich's meaty belly. While I could appreciate, (and secretly want) a belly like the Doc's ; the abs I had my hand on were the kind I loved to look at and touch. He pulled me into a real hot kiss that made me loose track of time. He got his breath back before I did. "Thank's for trusting me. I hope you want to get big."

"Hell yeah. Maybe it's all the fiction I write, but when the real thing came along, I knew what I wanted. And it was coming from the guy that I've wanted for a while now. I been a good boy, huh?"

"Oh. Good Man. Good, good man." We tried out that blistering kiss for another few minutes. Then Rich remembered his little brother. We adjusted ourselves again and found the little cubicle in the ICU where they had Sal.

Sal was sucking down his fifth apple juice when he spotted Rich.. "Rich!" Then he covered his mouth. In a quieter voice "Sorry. Hey Bro. I knew you wouldn't leave yet. They can't let me sleep for twenty four hours! And if we hadn't played Rugby for so many years, this headache would really start to be annoying." He finished the apple juice. and looked my way with deep green eyes. Almost as captivating as Rich's

"You have got to be Jake Tolluver. My brother and I both have a problem introducing our new people to friends and family." He held out a hand and I shook it. Both very strong very handsome brothers. Though Sal looked a little shorter by a few inches, he looked a little bit stockier.

"Aw. Jake, meet my younger, but hardly littler, brother Sal. And Sal, this is my.."

"Boyfriend." I hoped my smile said as much as my words.

Then Rich added to it. "Yes, Daddy. You are my boyfriend. Sir!"

Sal gave out a low bass giggle. "Well, Jake, I hope you are going to be the big Muscle Daddy, my big Bro deserves. He got me to try those wangers up to the foot and a half size and I was able to keep my girlfriend of three years from dumping my ass, but just barely. She said one more inch and she could just as well have a fine friendship with her Clydesdale Stallion with out the worry of the house getting messed up. I listened to that advice as well remembering to put the seat down."

"Uncle Hugh got to the bakery and told Stevie. He made her give him her keys and he's driving her here, even as we speak."

"Oh, thank God. For all the injuries this family goes through playing Rugby, my lady still freaks out when she hears I'm getting stitches, or dislocated shoulder and the coach can't set it. I lover her to death. And I am so lucky she took this getting bigger in stride. I was tough enough for the game, but I really wanted to be stronger for the family team."

Oh it just got better and better. "Your family is a Rugby team?" Rich just grinned and slowly nodded a few times. That smug look on his face was earned! Oh My God!

"Once you get big enough, you're gonna be on the team, too." No question. That kind of confidence I liked.

"Now see. This is a perfect example of how we are going to have to share that Big Daddy, Viking on Steroids, Coach thing. Cause as soon as you said that, I knew it was going to be true."

"Oh he's gonna fit in good, Bro. Jake. Rich is the Captain of the Johnson Team."

Then a bundle of blonde energy and long legs flew into the room "Baby! Oh Sal. Oh I am never gonna complain about you getting bigger again. Cause your Uncle told me the strength in your legs saved you. I've never been so thankful your Uncle and brother got you into that." She'd already kissed Sal in between what she was saying and when she stopped, she turned to Rich and mountain-climbed him to give him a kiss, then was on the ground again. "You are the best brother."

Then she was at Sal's side again and seemed to pull all that energy in and suddenly be quiet. Woof! From all that I really expected her to just keep going. Wow, Sal was lucky. A lady who knew how to turn on the pressure and when to let it simmer.

This six foot eleven mountain of a man followed Stevie and waited till she settled before he lumbered over to Sal's bed and kissed him on the forehead. "I told you, she's your lucky charm." That got Sal and Stevie kissing for a few.

A fairly large nurse came over to try to keep the noise down, but only shook his head. "Sorry Sal, But it's another hour check up. Sorry Miss. I'll be done in half a minute." He flashed a pen light in Sal's left eye, then his right eye. Had him follow his finger as he watched Sal's eyes.

"OK. See you in another hour."

"Thank You. And Thank you Uncle Hugh, for getting Stevie here safe."

"No problem. I had a few things to run by her about the way Manny had been ignoring his folks. But enough of us. Rich had again forgotten to introduce a new friend to his family. I'm Hugh Johnson, Sal and Rich's Uncle."

I put my hand in that huge bear paw of a hand and smiled up into more green eyes. He bent down to whisper "It's really four days and eight hours. That gets the most muscle and size." He put his left index finger up to his lips. I winked to let him know I understood. Then I got another huge Johnson smile. Then arms wrapped around me with all that muscle on them.

"Now that introductions and advice has been passed, I think we will let Stevie and Hugh help keep Sal awake. The Doc's gonna call me when he gets the cast on you, and I'll give you a call after that, OK, Bro."

"Thank's Rich. Good to meet you, Jake. Remember, real Big."

Stevie rushed over and gave us both a kiss that was engulfed in a hug by Hugh. I looked up through it all and told Hugh "I'll be driving him home."

Stevie and Hugh snickered. A deep rumble "That's heard a lot around this family."

We got to the parking lot and the crescent moon was peeking over the trees. "That your car over there?"


"Jump on my back.. Last few days I'll be able to do this." I frowned but jumped up. He grabbed my legs and hoisted me up a little higher. Then he ran the long way around the parking lot to my car, faster than I ever thought a man could run. Oh God. My stiff cock, ripped my underwear. "Oh. That feels good." He slowly crouched down and let me off his back but stayed hunkered over.

I knew what he was giving me, right then. So I pushed my hands over his huge wide back. Tried to grip the underside of his Lats. grabbed both sides of his thick bull neck. "Are you a horse or an Ox. Oh, there's your mastoid bone. Damn near completely covered by muscle and ear. That ear." I bent over him and let my thicker cock find a deep groove in the middle of his back as I reached for that ear with my lips and pulled and sucked the end of it. His head twisted up so I had more area to lip and kiss. I tried to move more to the end of his shoulder so I could start kissing his mouth, but the top of his glutes had grabbed the underside of my cock and they were not letting go of their prize.

"I wanted to kiss your lips, but a part of you is kissing me so hard I can't move. Don't know If I want to. Though a kiss from you is worth fighting for." Damn, the Glutes lost their hold on me. I hung with his pumpkin sized Delts holding me just under my sternum as I tried to suck his tongue down my throat. Then I just kneaded it with my lips.

"Damn you smell good."

"After a long sweaty day, I smell good?"

"A good big Man, listens to his Daddy about those things. You're a Good Big Man."

"I smell good, don't I Daddy?"

"Oh you surely do. Lets go to my place. We can make it smell like home." That got him trying to suck my tongue down his throat.

We stopped kissing and then we were in my car and driving home. And after a while we both got a chance to drive it home. And on top of all the other surprises Rich handed me that day, was a case of X-large Condoms. They came with the Kit!

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