Special Delivery 4

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The view was quite impressive, though I couldn't see it. At least that's what Rich told me. I was laying there on the couch and four of the eight kids were draped over me like a blanket. I had gone back for thirds and the kids were so impressed they wouldn't leave me alone. The littlest named Billy kept poking my belly to see if the food joggled around in it. I had to tickle him to make him stop.

So I was napping (Not Sleeping!) and I heard Rich's cousin Melinda tell him "They look so cute. Like a pile of puppies. Well chihuahua puppies with one big Great Dane puppy in the middle."

"Hey, that's my Great Dane you're talking about."

There was a click and a flash and I knew I was going to be ribbed over the photo for years.

"Now don't you spread those photos over the internet. I don't know how much of his income comes from those Romance novels. You could be messing with our domestic bliss."

I heard a lady like snaugh come from Melinda. "Well I could see that with you two. But this last picture would get him a lot of sales with the mother contingent in his fan base."

"We've gotta get going Mel. I'll take the General and you take the second in command." I felt hands lifting the two kids on my right and they both groaned.

So I joined them. "Hmmmm. Warm." Then I frowned.

"I better fill in." Then Rich sat next to me on the side where the kids disappeared.

"Mmmm. Warm!" Then I grabbed Rich with my eyes closed.

"Yeah, warm." Rich nuzzled his head against my chest.

"I, on the other hand would say Hot. Very hot!"

My eyes opened to Rich's other cousin-in-law, Corin, picking up one of the two children left. "Aww, Corin, you say the nicest things about your cousin." She deposited her sleepy child in her husbands arms and as she reached down for her number two child, she kissed me on the cheek.

"Hot and cute, too. Welcome to the family, Jake."


"Mine! Mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine."

"Greedy lil thing aren't you?"

"With you, Yes! I know my priorities."

I looked into his green green eyes and just burped "Good."

I gave him a sweet little kiss and then told him a secret. I whispered it into his ear. I started falling in love with you before you ever got big."

He pulled back in shock to see if I really knew the truth. "Uh-huh. I wondered where that little fireplug of a UPS driver went. You were out here for all of two weeks, and I was being captivated by those green eyes of yours. I don't know why I did catch on quicker. You were a bundle of energy, getting your work done so fast and you never changed when you got bigger. I guess the green eyes and bigger package had me distracted. But I keep coming back to the green eyes and now I know. You are a spark plug whether you're little or big."

Just then Rich's dad came into the living room. "So you caught on to my son's secret to success. Gotta keep going, going, going." The stocky powerhouse of a man pumped his arms like he was a train or he was double punching someone to the belly.

"Like father, like son." That got a tender moment, I had to break up.

"Oh my God. My boyfriend's father is Jack LaLanne on steroids." We all chuckled till Loren had her say.

"Oh I beg to differ. My big man has never done steroids. I would know if his equipment ever got smaller. In fact I think they've only gotten bigger since I first met him." She draped herself over her shorter but much bigger husband and kissed him.

"La-la-la-la-la. TMI, Mom." Rich covered his ears and made me wonder about how old he really was.

"I just keep getting bigger, cause I married my Trophy wife the first and only time." They kissed again and I pulled Rich off of the couch."

"Come on, Babe. Lets take a walk." I got him out of the house and over to the Garage. His Uncle Hugh had a workshop[ in the back and a little room for storage, which is where I led him.

"Hm. Walk, huh? I think we need a little more exercise than that little walk."

"My thought's exactly.....

"Come on, Babe. Lets take a walk." I got him out of the house and over to the Garage. His Uncle Hugh had a workshop[ in the back and a little room for storage, which is where I led him.

"Hm. Walk, huh? I think we need a little more exercise than that little walk."

"My thought's exactly....." I pulled out the extra-large condom and rolled it on, then slathered on the lube from the little bottle in my other pocket.

"Oh, thought you were gonna get lucky, did ya? " All the while he said that and my big man was dropping his shorts, and Jock strap.

My eighteen incher was already throbbing by the time his Jock hit the floor. "I already knew I was lucky cause I came with you to this shindig."

"My Daddy is a sweet talker. Put it right there, Daddy. Your Son needs you deep inside him."

"Aww. Son." My meaty belly slid over his beefy Glutes as my cock slowly slid up his love canal. "Aw. How can you keep yourself so tight for your Daddy, when you've already used that twenty- one incher on your backside. Oh just right."

I reached around and grabbed both enormous pecs. It was a struggle with his bat wing wide Lats getting in the way. But he was hanging from one of the upper shelves and gave me an easier access to his lower pecs. He was already sweaty and my hands just slid down to his thick nips. Man, they were so big! At least half an inch in diameter and an inch long.

Oh, yeah! Oh yeah!" He was pushing against me, getting into that sweet rhythm we'd been practicing for close to two weeks. Then.. "Uh-Oh!"

We forgot to lock the garage! "Come on, Tiger. I need my big man inside me, right now!"

"We could just use our room, Baby."

"What's the fun in that? My big man can't be afraid of someone seeing his huge cock, can he? No he can't. Maybe frighten some of the ladies. Or embarrass some of the youngsters, cause they don't measure up. Ohh."

We must have looked like two deer on the highway, but luckily we couldn't be seen. The storage door was closed.

"That's my Mom and Dad in there." He started to pull up his Jock and I stopped him.

"Shh. I like the way she talks. I need some pointers."

From the other room, "Like this Baby?"

"Oh yeah, Tiger. Oh yeah." We could hear Phil speeding up. "Oh yeah."

I started to follow his example and at first Rich's face said NO. Then as I hit his love button again and again, faster and faster his open mouth looked like it was trying to take in more air. There were no more "NO's" after a certain speed was attained.

"Oh Yeah, Tiger. Rabbit fuck your Baby." His speed increased and I was very impressed.

I softly chuckled and whispered "Well, I gotta step up to the plate, Son."

I then discovered just how much energy you need to Rabbit fuck the one you love. And on top of that, try and keep quiet. Rich's mother was starting to squeak in the cutest little voice, as her orgasm approached. Luckily Rich took more after his Dad in that regard. And equally lucky was the fact that we got to our Orgasm before his parents. We were trying to breath softly through the after glow as they finished up.

We could hear clothes being rearranged. "Ya know Darling, it's moments like these that make me thankful I go to the gym as often as I do. Otherwise I would be a dead woman."

A low throaty chuckle came out of Phil and then a long kiss. I'm assuming from how quiet they got then the the intake of breath. Then the closing door and we were safe. We got our clothes back on and checked to make sure we were un-marked by the sex. We walked out to find Hugh and Rich's parents standing by the door.

Hugh was still smiling and turned to his brother before commenting. "And what did we learn today, Class?"

I smiled and said "Rabbit fucking?" Then I pulled Rich in front of me and cowered a little with a smile on my face.

Loren saved us when she snaughed. "Well you learned it from the best."

We were all laughing then. And as I was kissing Rich I could hear Phil tell Loren "Come er you."

I glanced over at Loren and Phil and then whispered to Rich, "Your parents are good examples on a whole lotta levels."

To be continued?