Special Delivery 3

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It was day twelve and I was a lot bigger than I thought I would be. Sunday afternoon and Rich's Uncle invited us over for a barbecue. It was the second week of November, but Southern California was enjoying a little heat wave. We headed to the backyard and the sound of kids screaming and laughing in a pool were the first sounds I could hear of the party.

"I gotta warn you now, I'm a real hit with my nieces and nephews. Here's my wallet, just in case. The last two barbecues I ended up in the pool before I could get my pants off. Luckily I came prepared once more, with my swim trunks on under my pants. I'll dunk them once and get back to introduce you to the rest of the folks."

"No problem, Babe. As long as I don't get pulled in too."

"Oh they know better. The little hellions have to know your name before they can drag you under."

We stepped through the gate and shrieks of "Uncle Rich!" and Uncle Richie" preceded a pack of eight, nine and ten year olds. They surrounded Rich and started dragging him towards the pool. The apparent leader of the pack was a willowy eleven year old girl with the brightest red hair I had ever seen. She checked Rich's back pocket and smiled. "No wallet! We got em!" That's when Rich was lifted off of his feet and the whole mob ran right into the pool with Rich laughing as he went.


A Large hand descended on my shoulder. "Yeah. Little people in numbers can be impressive."

"Hey, Hugh! Thanks for the invite."

"You're welcome. But you forget that you and Rich are a package deal."

I snaughed. "And I sure do love his package." We chuckled at that and how Rich handily subdued his attackers with the help of the pool. He launched a few of the kids form the shallow end into the deep end and then a tall strawberry blond lady came outside.

"OK you guys. You've vanquished the giant. Now let him play with us adults for a few minutes before you meet out your swift justice." The little copper-top giggled. By the time Rich got half way back to his uncle and I, he had stripped off his shirt and pants and was dripping in his swim trunks.

"Thank you Uncle Rich." That got him turned around to face the little red haired general.

"Your welcome, Punkin."

Hugh and I took in the wide muscled beauty of Rich's back and meaty thick butt as he smiled at his niece. Hugh and I looked at each other to make a comment on my boyfriends ass, (at least I know I was), and Hugh frowned as he noticed something a bit different from a week ago.

"You're taller than Rich, now."

I just smiled and nodded. Rich walked up to us and shook the water out of his hair on to us.

"It's only been twelve days." Rich started to take my shirt off and hand it to Hugh. "How much do you weigh?"

Rich had been forced to pull my shirt off from the back and he stayed there after handing my shirt over to Hugh. He grabbed my slightly thicker waist and propped his head on my left shoulder. I glanced at Rich's smiling face and pulled my left arm up into a biceps flex. He joked around when his head was lifted up a few inches by my beefier delts. "My man is three hundred and thirty five pounds of solid muscle, on a six foot nine inch frame." Then he lifted me up from behind like a feather. So strong! He put me back down and kissed my back, before returning his head to my shoulder.

I shrugged his head off of my shoulder and then grabbed him so my left set of Lats just hung off of his huge delts. We smiled for a second and he scrunched his face up for a second. "Eewww. Pit juice on my shoulder." His smile came back so fast.

"Ok. Fair is fair." I got my shoulder off of his and placed it under his armpit, my arm around his waist and lifted. You'd think three hundred and eighty seven pounds would be harder to lift. I couldn't say who I was more proud of. Me for all the iron I pushed around or Rich for all the coaching and encouragement in the gym.

Suddenly I was very very hungry. The past twelve days had been filled with these sudden hungers. Hugh saw the look and reached over to a closed bag of potato chips. He started to crush the chips in the bag without opening them. In ten seconds the chips were crumbs. Then he handed them to me and reached for a beer. "Chaser after the emergency carbohydrates. We all have gone through those intense hunger pangs."

I smiled my thanks and popped the bag. Then I just tipped it up and poured the crumbs down my throat. I got half the bag down before I got stoppered up. Then that beer tasted real good. The rest of the bag followed and the hunger was appeased for a few minutes. I finished the beer, belched and smiled at Hugh. "Thanks."

"Welcome. Well your size increase is the largest to date. That's a surprise. But I think I have a bigger one for Rich." Hugh lead us over to the Kitchen door and knocked three times. A tall statuesque Lady in her fifties walked out and Rich shouted "Mom!" He hugged her and kissed her cheek.

"Oh Baby. I missed you last Christmas." He set her back on the ground. "And Easter."

"And Fourth of July." A short massive fireplug of a man walked out of the Kitchen and smiled up at Rich. The tension was there but like an avalanche waiting to fall.

"Dad?" Rich's face looked like he was about to cry or shout.

"I figured I better get my head out of my ass before I loose both my sons. Can you forgive an old man for just being wrong and finally admitting it? Cause I never stopped being proud of you. I never stopped loving you, son."

I guess Rich couldn't think of what he wanted to say, so he just grabbed his father and lifted him into a big bear hug. It was spoken into the side of his father's neck, but we could still understand him. "I forgive you, Dad. I'm sorry for the things I said. I never stopped loving you." Suddenly the sound of vertebrae popping and a low moan came out of Mr Johnson.

Rich let his father down with a concerned expression on his face. "Are you OK, Dad? I didn't hurt you did I?"

His Father's smile let us all know he was fine. "No, son. My back has been locked up ever since I made a fool of my self and said those things to you. It was all shit from my own father. He never had a good word for anybody. It was your grandmother that healed me of most of his venom, after they got a divorce. I guess some of it stuck, and I'm sorry you got hit with it. I'm really proud of all of my family. Even if yall make me feel like a midget."

That got another hug. He whispered. "No son. What hurt was thinking I lost your love. Or that you thought you lost mine."

Rich let him go with "Not gonna happen."

His father shot a big smile back at him with "Right back at ya."

Rich's mother draped her arms over her shorter husband as she kissed the back of his head. "Now that my big man had finally set things right, how about introducing us to your big man?"

"Um. Jake Tolluver, this is Loren Johnson, my Mom. And Phil Johnson, my Dad. Mom, Dad. This is Jake Tolluver, my..

"Very lucky boyfriend. It's a pleasure to meet you both." Handshakes turned into hugs, real quick and a smirk was on his Mother's face as we parted.

"I'm very protective of my sons and I did a little research through my modeling agency. Seems we both have a friend in Publishing. A certain editor for Heart Song Press."

"Oh Damn. Well, I had to tell him sometime. Now is as good a time as any. But admit it. You've read some of them, right?" Her guilty look made me smile. "Ah-ha. I knew it. Melody Brooks or Constance Harding?"

She caved in. "Both. But I will never admit to the guilty pleasure of reading a Constance Harding Romance to any of my colleagues. And I swear I will never give up your secret outside the family."

"Ok Jake, now I'm worried. Romance novels? Mr Butch Bear? My Muscle Daddy writes Ladies Romance novels?"

"Hey. I got tired of all the people saying my stories were so romantic, but none of the publishers wanted to read a word of them. So I sat down and read eight of the suckers back to back. Then I just churned out six books. The first two didn't sell but the rest did. They didn't care if I was a guy or even human. As long as the women got wet when they read it, the publisher bought the book."

A little voice spoke up right about then. "Constance Harding has twenty two books to her name. And Melody Brooks has fifteen. The last one is still on the best seller list."

There stood the red headed general smiling sweetly. Rich helped out. "Sara Ann Johnson, meet Jake Tolluver...aka Melody Brooks..aka Constance.."

My glance stopped him, though he still chuckled. I crouched down and shook her hand. She smiled over at Rich for a second. "I also go by the name Punkin."

"My parents called me that, too. But I didn't have such beautiful colored hair. You aren't gonna tell all your school friends your uncle's boyfriend is Melody or Constance; are you?"

She was such a good planner. She shook her head no. "No. But first, you have to go in the pool!" The kids slipped between the adults legs and pushed me onto my back then grabbed wherever they could. She had to get them to spin around so we went in head first. But they didn't have to worry. The speed they were up to when they got to the pool edge, we all just sailed into the middle of the pool, anyway. And she even had my wallet out of my pocket and into Rich's hands before we hit. The next fifteen minutes were spent with me acting as a diving board or flinging them into the deep end over my shoulder. Rich joined in and we let Sara show off her gymnastics. Rich and I put our arms out and had one hand touch the pool rim and the middle one touch each others hand. Sara walked across our arms like a Balance Beam. Then she went back tumbling in a cartwheel. She just barely missed slipping off when her feet hit my traps. She recovered and did a handstand on the pools edge. She got a long applause for that one.

Rich and I were cuddled in the shallow end and she swam up as the food started to get placed on the tables. "Thanks Jake, for going along with that. The human balance beam was great."

"Well you are welcome. Thanks for including me. It was fun."

"You're welcome.But Jake. You're family, now." Then she kissed my cheek and gave Rich's cheek a kiss, too. She got out of the pool before she could see how much that meant to Rich and I. Then my stomach growled. Loud.

Rich rubbed my belly with a grin on his face. "We better feed that before it gets angry."

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