Un-Corked: Prelude

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Dear readers; heres a Fantasy story I just flashed on while watching a discovery channel show on Dubai. I hope you like it. It's going to be a different sort of Arabian Night.

Disclaimer : This is A Fantasy story with Male to Male Sex and Love Relationships. If you are under eighteen years of age, you should not be here. You have been warned.

Dubai. A myth. A mystery. A miracle.

The Palm Islands—a land being created by the hand of man with the praise from Allah. Well at least that's what the travel posters say. For the unbelievers there’s a little city of their own where they stay when they're not building part of the renewed and glorious city of Dubai.

Pat was an unlikely sort of man to be working on the rainbow edge of the pumper that was building the last bits of the Palm Island. He was a big man, but not in height.  Five foot nine but built like someone took a very muscular six foot six football player and crushed him down nine inches in height. The muscle that was spread out on his frame almost looked unnatural.
He didn't mind the funny looks people gave him. The kids loved it! In fact the kids were the best. They always wanted him to flex his arms and show how big he really was.  Their smiles got him through those days when every tall adult over six foot tall looked at him like he was a freak. He had gotten his fellow workers out of a few potential fights when he smiled and jumped down to arm wrestle one men talking shit in Arabic. The contest always took place over one of the small tables in the restaurant. Pat always won. The management always liked his peaceful manner of solving a problem.

Pat was doing his job monitoring the effluent coming out of the end of the thirty six inch diameter dredge pipe when he saw something unusual shoot through the air followed by a roaring sound. He stood and stretched his neck trying to see what was in the depression where the water ran back to the sea leaving the sand in the pit.

It was a man! A giant man and his back was being pummelled by the fist sized boulders, gravel, and water. Pat moved the pipe to the left in time to keep the man from being completely covered by the dredged silt and rock. He hit the emergency stop button but he knew that the pipe had to completely clear and contain only water or it would become hopelessly clogged. It still took a good minute and a half for the silt and rock to stop coming out. The workers on the ground saw it too and they ran for the pit.

Pat was waiting for his workers to start pulling away the debris from on top of the man, but each worker just got close, stopped and then froze like a deer in the headlights when they saw what was in the pit. Pat ignored the telephone ringing, and slapped his own cell phone as he ran out of the control cabin. He flipped it open and hit the emergency medical number.  He told them the location and that someone somehow possibly one of the scuba divers got pulled through the pumper and survived enough to yell when he got spit out.

"Get some EMT personnel here NOW!" he yelled and he hung up.

Pat got even angrier as he approached the pit. He started to push people out of the way. He couldn't believe it. The guy was still half buried under rubble.

Pat yelled, "Are you guys Insane! Start pulling the rubble off of him."  Pat jumped down into the pit and started to do what he just said working to free the big man. Pat looked back at his men and there still was no movement. He turned and told them. “If you want to keep your jobs, then help me save this man's life. Everyone else can start walking off this job and don't you ever try to get a job with this company ever again."  That's when hands started to fly and pull the debris off the strange looking giant.  Pat was the first to touch him and a strange static shock stopped Pat for a second. But he just thought the pumper must have caused a static build-up or something to the poor guy.  Pat really didn't think the guy was going to be alive when they got him out.  The heavily muscled giant was obviously Arabic, but in a classic form.  And yet all his hair was this pearlescent white. His face was scratched up, but he looked like a twenty year old man with a round goatee and very short hair on top.  There was the remnant of a small ponytail about two inches long, but. it seemed like most of its length had been torn off by the pumper accident. Pat made sure his head was stable. He was afraid of neck or head injury.  Pat was the one to take most of the giants upper body weight when they finally got him free. They moved the giant to a flat place to rest. 

Pat yelled to one of his friends. "Where is that EMT transport?"

"I called them and they said they got your message. They were twelve minutes away but that was over ten minutes ago." Mel replied.

Just then a siren could be heard and the eyes on the giant opened and looked right into Pat's soul. Pat knew those eyes saw everything within him with the first look; even that he was gay. Pat had never told anyone in Dubai that he was gay. The giants’ first words were whispered and Pat had to bend closer to hear.

"My bottle. Where's my bottle?" the giant said and then those eyes closed. The huge man’s loss of consciousness worried Pat, so he checked the giants pulse and it was strong..

"Bottle? What bottle?" Pat repeated.

Pat got out of the way as the EMT personnel strapped the giant into a backboard which was woefully too small. With the other workers, they were able to get the seven and a half foot tall mountain of muscle into the ambulance. The tires started to bottom out, but they were able to get him to the hospital and into the emergency room. His injuries were actually fairly minor and they couldn't understand how he could have gotten into, much less out of, the pumper dredge line and remain intact.  The huge pipe had so much debris in it, with such large size rocks, he should have come out like hamburger meat. The giant man wore some flimsy pants with a belt on his waist, and nothing else. That was no protection!  His feet were bare (except for a very large big toe ring).

Mel walked up to Pat and handed him a three inch piece of ancient glass about the size of his hand.
"Did you say something about a bottle?" Mel asked.

Pat took it and another static shock went through him.
"Where'd you find this?" .

Mel glanced towards the pile of rocks behind them. "Amongst the rubble we pulled off the big guy. I think that's going to be the biggest piece if glass. Look how the edges of the glass are ground smooth by being tumbled among the grit inside the dredge pipe. If it did this to hard glass I don’t see how that guy survived in the pipe. And did you see the color of his eyes.  That sure isn't normal for one of the natives." Pat nodded, lost in thought.

"Yeah, as blue as the Indian Ocean," Pat murmured.

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