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Disclaimer: This is a Fantasy story with Male to Male Sex and Love relationships. If you are under eighteen years of age, then you should not be here. You have been warned.

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Pat was able to get the rig started again without too much trouble. And his supervisor wasn't very upset with the delay in the schedule. Pat’s shift change came and he was able to convince his supervisor that he had nothing to do with the giant being spit up by the pumper.

"What possible reason would anyone want to pull a stunt like that?”

Pat challenged him. “Unless they were trying to kill the guy, and that didn't work now did it? Does the hospital have any idea who this guy is?"

Matthew, his supervisor, shrugged and shook his head. "No and they said they had a hard time getting a blood sample. They wouldn't say anything after that."

"Well I'm too stressed out to go out with the guys tonight. I might just head to the apartment. You have a good night boss."

"Home via the hospital?" Matthew grinned.

Pat shrugged and a grin played across his face. "Maybe. See ya Matthew.”

"See ya Pat."


Hospital Emergency Room

Pat was surprised they let him in. They told him they could not find any finger prints or foot prints on the giant. It was as if they had never grown on him. Maybe they were abraded away in the pipe. Then they whispered the real oddity on the mountain of muscle. No navel! The wall of his abdominal muscles was without an innie or an outie! They were also very upset that the blood sample they were able to get from him was suddenly unusable. It seems every blood cell in the sample burst. For no reason! They tried several times with the same results until they gave up trying. They were afraid to take another blood sample, but wouldn’t say why. The staff wanted Pat to go see if he could get some information out of the giant, since he worked for the company that was footing the medical bills for him.

Pat walked into the curtained off room and saw the medical monitors bounce and beep like any other human. The hospital gown was stretched to its limits across the very wide chest of the guy. His belly was covered by the rest of the gown and the blanket covering (or barely covering) the rest of him.

Pat thought 'Damn! Can't check out the navel thing.' Pat walked up to the man with the very blue eyes and said "Bottle." Just for the fun of it. The monitors started to speed up and the guy’s eyes started to flutter.

Pat muttered, "Oh now I've done it." But instead of the words Pat thought the guy might say, he was completely caught off guard with what the giant said next.

"Patrick. Master Patrick. Help me Master."

Those eyes zeroed in on Pat’s and he was lost again. He hardly noticed the guy’s hand holding onto Pat's arm. Big hands, too. But gentle. Pat could sense how strong the guy really was. Yet even in pain his control was incredible. Pat could tell he was still in pain.

Pat leaned closer. "What's your name guy? What do people call you?" The monitors went nuts and the pain seemed to radiate out of the giant. His hand lifted off of Pat and it went to his own head.
His look of confusion and pain was heart breaking. The giant started to cry and mumble over and over. "Allah, help me!"

Pat couldn't take watching the giant in so much pain. "Don't worry big guy we'll find out who you are. You've been through a bad accident. You're lucky to be alive. If Allah wants you on this earth then we'll be able to ...." Just then Pat touched the giant and a shock went through him again. Pat nearly fell to his knees with the pain, but it was over within a second.

The giants hand flew to Pat's and somehow that's what brought Pat back from nearly passing out. The monitors were going back to normal when a doctor swept through the curtain.

"What are you doing to my patient?" Then the doctor realized Pat didn't look too steady. He got him a chair and told him "No passing out while visiting my patients."  Pat sat down.

"Yes doctor. I promise."

The giant softly rumbled "You saved me again Master Patrick"

Pat frowned. "Hey stop with the master bit. You don't work for me. I know everybody on my work crews and you aren't on any of them." Pat ended that with a smile.

The giant looked at him with a knowing smile. "Perhaps… but you are my master. You did save me from the destruction by water and earth."

"Well that was me hearing you yell when you popped out of the pumper. How in the hell did you get in there? Let alone survive?" Pat asked.

The giant smiled at first as he rubbed his wrists. Then a frown crossed his face and he looked down to his wrists. He looked at his wrists but they were bare. "My manacles!" He reached for his neck, but nothing was there. "My collar!" He looked like the world was falling apart. He looked at Pat. "Master Patrick, do you have my bottle?"

Pat felt bad but could think of nothing but the truth to tell this beautiful frightened man of muscle. He took the fragment of glass out of his pocket. "Is this part of your bottle?"

The fragment glowed slightly but remained the same size it was when Mel gave it to Pat. The giant started to sob. "Allah have you forsaken me completely." Between the wracking sobs Pat heard "All my life has been service. What am I now? A thing to be discarded?"

Pat couldn't let him go on. "Hey Big Guy, We'll figure this out. Allah hasn't forsaken you. God still loves you. You're alive. And you got me. I'll help you figure this all out. Please don't cry."

The giant sat up and engulfed Pat in a hug as he still sobbed. Pat kept saying things like "You're not alone." and "We'll figure this out." The doctor watched the monitors and saw that they slowly went back to normal as the weeping subsided. After about fifteen minutes of talking the giant laid back down.

Pat wiped the tears from the giant's cheeks. "You should get some sleep. You need to regain some strength, if we're going to find out what happened."

The white haired, mocha skinned Arabic man nodded like a child and looked into Pat's soul again with those deep blue eyes.

Pat asked. "Do you remember your name?"

The shake of head, no, made Pat think he was real cute when he did that. Suddenly the giant blushed like he had heard that. But Pat hadn't said a word. Pat ignored that. "Well until we find out your real name, how bout I call you Mahmud?"

"I don't think I'm worthy of praise." Mahmud softly replied.

"Well then let’s play a joke on that name. Since you were pulled from the mud and you are definitely a man, Man-mud or Mahmud seems to fit. I bet we'll find a few things worthy of praise about you."

Mahmud finally smiled a bit and set Pat's heart racing. "Thank you Master Patrick, for being so kind to this unworthy one."

"Hey no more Master Patrick bit. My names Pat, OK?"

"OK, Pat." Pat smiled and got a glorious one from Mahmud.

Pat asked "Are you going to be ok here?  I need to head home and get some rest."

"If you wish me to stay here then I will stay here, Pat."

"You stay here, Mahmud, and I’ll be back in the morning. Luckily I have about four days off, so we can look into just what happened. OK? Sound like a plan?" Mahmud tightened up his whole body and Pat just stared for a second as all the muscle just flexed.

"Sounds like a plan, Pat. Thank you again, for your kindness."

Pat touched Mahmud's huge arm and got another slight shock. "You’re welcome. See you in the morning."

Just as Pat was walking out of the Emergency Room, he thought ' Wow I wish I was that big.' Mahmud's eyes were half closed and no one saw as suddenly they glowed and the colors of the rainbow suddenly flashed in them like a kaleidoscope.

By the time Pat got home he was tired but he made something fast to eat. His shirt was a little tight, so he took it off. He didn't notice that he was just a little taller than he was at the beginning of the day. He got out of the rest of his clothes and took a shower, then decided to use his memory of Mahmud’s physique for help with his thick friend between his legs. It didn't take long to climax with an image of muscles like that in his head. Pat went to sleep after cleaning himself up. His dreams were sweet but he couldn't remember them. Neither could Mahmud. They were the first sweet dreams Mahmud had had for a very, very long time.

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Well I hope you liked that chapter. More to come. I just wanted to dedicate this to David. You know who you are. Take care my friend.