Un-Corked 3

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Dear readers; here's the last chapter. I know I seem to just leave them hanging, but this one had an ending and so I've spoken it. I hope you like it.

Disclaimer: This is a story of Fantasy, with Male to Male Sex and Love Relationships. If you are under eighteen years of age, then you should not be here. You have been warned.

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Pat became upset right after he kissed the top of Mahmud’s head.

"What is going on?" His muscles bunched and flexed as he looked at himself—all eight feet of himself.

Thom's voice cut in. "That's what I'm wondering, too? Steroids don't make you taller after thirty, Pat."

Pat and Mahmud looked to see Thom standing just inside the door. "You forgot to lock the door." He smiled up at Pat. Then he looked at Mahmud. "You aren't just some guy that got caught in the machinery, are you?"

Mahmud shook his head no. "But I can't remember who I am."
He pulled out the only remaining piece of his bottle and handed it to Thom. "And this is all I have left of my bottle. My manacles are gone and my collar of service is gone, too. Allah has thrown me away."

Pat walked over and hugged Mahmud and looked angry. "Stop that. You are not a thing. You are alive. You are my friend." Pat held him from the back and dipped his head over Mahmud's shoulder. He whispered into Mahmud's ear, "And you are my lover."

Mahmud smiled through his shining eyes. He had been close to tears once again. Centuries of service and sudden freedom can unnerve the strongest of men or Genii. "Thank you Pat, I love you, too. And I have not felt that in such a very long time."

They kissed and Thom waited a good two minutes before clearing his throat. "So when did you decide to be so big, Pat. I always thought you looked hot at five foot nine."

Mahmud answered for Pat. "He wished to be my size. I do not know why he is still growing. At least his clothing is keeping up."

Thom walked over and lifted up the bottom of Pat’s loose shirt and got a good look at the truly massive pecs on Pat. Thom had a goofy grin on his face. "Wow. You do good work. But that's not fair. His clothes are supposed to be torn apart as he grows. Everyone knows that."

Mahmud pulled the shirt down with a slight flash of jealousy.

"Perhaps he would like to walk around without everyone seeing his manhood on display." He told Thom.

Thom stepped back a bit and looked up at Pat with a little smile that said he didn't quite believe that. "Perhaps," Thom smiled.
Just then Pat seemed to be a little bit heavier as the construction trailer groaned. Thom's expression changed to one of concern. "And perhaps you'd like to leave my trailer before you start putting dents in the floor. I'd stick to concrete and steel until you can find a way to stop your expansion." Thom suggested.

Pat and Mahmud smiled and waved from the truck as they left. Mahmud looked a little concerned, too. "Do you wish me to drive?" he asked.

Pat was hanging out the window just so he could still drive the truck. Pat smiled. "Maybe soon but not this minute, I'm heading to the new cultural library they just opened. They may have some people who can help us."

By the time they got to the library, when Pat started to open his door, it nearly popped off it's hinges. His bulk had been pressing down on the door all the way there.

He handed the keys to Mahmud. "I'll be riding in the bed of the truck when we leave," he said. Pat was attracting a bigger crowd than Mahmud when the head librarian Daoud Eskell, herded them into a private room.

Daoud didn't wait to be introduced. "And how can I help the Giant of the Sands and his large friend?" Daoud asked Pat.

Pat pointed his thumb at Mahmud. "He's the giant. I was five foot nine inches tall yesterday."

Daoud looked at Mahmud and Pat before he said to Mahmud.

"It's true what they were saying? You are a Genii?"

Mahmud looked very sad. "But I cannot remember my name. Or my past."

Pat added, "I made a wish last night, to be his size and I'm still growing. Mahmud doesn't know why I haven't stopped."

Daoud looked shocked for a second. "How very strange. Just yesterday an old friend of mine found an ancient journal written about a Mahmud Al-Kuwaiti. It was proof of an old story of two brothers and a manservant. They call it the story of Mahmud, Yaqub and Sassoon."

Mahmud doubled over as if in great pain. He held his head. He cried out "No! No. No."

Pat held him as he crumpled to the ground. "Mahmud! What's wrong?"

Mahmud's eyes were rolling like a kaleidoscope, with every color in the rainbow. Daoud and Pat's eyes' became very large, viewing this spectacle.

Mahmud kept shaking his head. "Father would not listen after I told him. I betrayed them both. I just wanted Sassoon to be punished. Father had them both executed. He cut off their heads. He put them on pikes on the city gates. I betrayed my brother out of jealousy. He said he would only love me. I caught them making love. I didn't even think what would happen. I was so angry at Yaqub. I betrayed my brother. I couldn't live with his head on that wall, day after day. I threw myself from that wall asking Allah and my brother for forgiveness." Mahmud started to sob and rock back and forth.

Daoud nodded his head in understanding. "And Allah in his wisdom made you a Genii. And trapped you in a bottle for a worthy man who loved children to find you and be your master until he died and then you appeared to another man of similar kindness. Always to a man who protected the children. For the story goes that is what you three men really were at the time of your betrayal. You were all only sixteen years of age. Almost men, but still set in childish ways. The story is an example of Allah's ability to forgive and remind us to share our love with those we love. Jealousy killed three children. Salah Al-Kuaiti never had another son. He mourned his actions till the day he died. His younger brother, who loved him greatly, had begged him to reconsider his actions. But they had caught Yaqub and Sassoon in the act of love making. And Yaqub would not allow Sassoon to be executed for a crime he too was guilty of. Yaqub was quoted as saying " If Love is a sin, then two must be taken. For I love Sassoon as much as he loves me." They say his unwavering look of calm was what truly sent his father over the edge. As if he had done nothing wrong in Allah's eyes. The story... I'm sorry. The truth is that they did nothing wrong in Allah's eyes. They cherished the love between them.  And they never flaunted that love in public."

"No. They were pure. It was I that destroyed it. I betrayed my brother's love," Mahmud groaned and started sobbing again.

Daoud touched Mahmud's shoulder. "And you paid for it over and over again, never feeling anything through the years, thinking of yourself like a thing and just a tool of Allah's love and kindness for lovers and children. Did not every master you had, fall hopelessly in love with you? And you could not feel a thing. Only regret when he died. For then your heart was free and you ached for decades until a new master was found for you. Then your heart was frozen again."

Pat suddenly groaned and grew much larger. His clothes were slow but they kept up with his growth. He was suddenly over nine feet tall.

Mahmud eyes grew wide. "Patrick what am I doing to you?" He looked at Daoud and pleaded, "How can I stop this? In a few days he will be unable to move. His size will kill him. Tell me what to do."

Daoud shook his head. "I have no idea. Perhaps you should pray to Allah. His compassion has moved mountains."

Pat groaned and he was even taller. "Mahmud, help me. I just found you. I don't want to lose you. I love you."

Mahmud stood up and grabbed Pat like he could keep him from growing by sheer strength or strength of will. Mahmud cried out.

"Merciful Allah! Punish me! Don't punish the one I love! Forgive me. Don't take away my Patrick. Don't hurt my Love. I love him. I love him, too!"

Mahmud’s arms suddenly glowed and Pat started to shrink and shrink until he was seven and a half feet tall. Pat held Mahmud as the glow died and he slumped into Pat's arms.
Pat got scared and said "No, no, no. Mahmud, you have to be alright?"

Mahmud groaned and came to. He looked into Pat's eyes as Pat smiled and said "I think you're forgiven."

They kissed and then Mahmud hugged Pat and said "Praise Allah."
They held each other for a very long time.


That next Saturday

The Patel Children's Ward in the Hospital in Dubai was erupting in laughter and applause. Two very tall muscular men were playing patty cake. While standing on their hands. That got the children and nurses clapping and whistling. Then one pushed himself up so he was sitting  right side up on the other man's crossed legs. This got some more applause. They each had a large red ball on their nose. They were playing the clown. Then they rolled out of that and ended up at the entrance to the ward.

"Thank you. We'll see you nurses again in two weeks. You little guys get well," Pat said.

Mahmud's eyes did another rainbow roll and the sound of the children clapping or saying  "Wow" followed them through the hospital and throughout the rest of their lives together.

Mahmud still seemed to be followed by minor miracles. He never was able to grant another wish like the one that grew Pat to his size. But his love for Pat granted Pat's wish every day of Pat's life, as Pat granted Mahmud's wish, by loving him in return, every day of his life.

Allah's compassion is great. Love and kindness abound. And may it be with you also.

The End