Un-Corked 2

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Dear readers; I just had to continue the story while it was living in my head. And we all like head, right? So here's the next chapter.

Disclaimer: This is a Fantasy story with Male to Male Sex and Love Relationships. If you are under eighteen years of age, then you should not be here. You have been warned.

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Pat woke up in a good mood. But that changed when he found all his normal size cloths were dirty. He looked through some old clothes but they were all too small. His muscular growth the past few years had been in main part, due to his isolation. A non believer in an Islamic country tends to keep you home more often than not. So Pat had applied himself, to himself. And taken up serious bodybuilding and over time his body had finally grown stronger and stronger. The past year he'd really been reaping the rewards of that strength and growth. He was much more outgoing. His workers and his boss enjoyed his company much more, but he still came home alone. All that extra money for being a supervisor of ten men and all he had was a big bank account. He never seemed to use the money except for the anonymous donations to the Children's Hospital. Yeah the children never made him feel like a freak with all that muscle that he had slapped on his short frame. That morning Pat couldn't find any of his larger clothes. ‘Must all be in the wash’ he thought. He pulled on a tank top that seemed to have shrunk making it like a second skin. The shorts almost didn’t make it past his thighs. He never noticed that the clothes that were stretched across his body were labelled 4XL.

"Screw it. Maybe Mahmud will like what he sees and I'll get lucky" Though what lucky meant in regards to Mahmud was another thing that Pat wasn't sure of.

Pat had to adjust his seat in his car to be able to drive to the hospital. That was weird. Then when he arrived they seemed to have lost track of which room Mahmud. was transferred to from the ER. He wasn’t in the Intensive Care Unit.

His doctor finally showed up yawning. "Your friend is in the Patel Children's Ward, entertaining our young patients. Just like another strong man used to do every other Saturday. Not that I'm complaining."

Pat smiled and went to the Patel Children's Ward. as he left the ER something about the doctor got him wondering. 'I thought the doctor was taller than me?'

He found Mahmud walking on his hands for the kids. Pat thought it would be funny to see Mahmud's reaction (and the children's) if he greeted Mahmud that way upside-down. Somehow they had located a shirt big enough for Mahmud, along with a pair of pants that wasn't long enough, but it covered the important parts.

Mahmud and the children were surprised by the broad shoulders of a doctor in his white jacket with a clipboard in his mouth walking towards him on his hands. The doctor turned out to be Pat who borrowed a white coat he found hanging by the door. Pat dropped the clipboard into his hand before he dropped it on the floor.  With only one hand supporting their huge bodies, they shook hands and said good morning.

"Well Mahmud we have the diagnosis back from the lab. It says you're crazy." Then they pushed each other until they rolled backwards and stood up. The kids applauded and Pat couldn't pass up the chance to hug the big guy. But for some reason Pat's head didn't get stuck under Mahmud's armpit like Pat thought it would. Pat had a good feel of Mahmud's massive pecs with the side of his face. And Pat took the liberty of running his face right in across the middle of Mahmud's pecs, too. They walked out of the ward arm in arm with the nurses and kids still clapping.

Pat pulled away. "Well you're looking a lot better." Pat smiled.

Mahmud blushed through his mocha coloured skin and shot Pat a glorious smile full of very, very white teeth. And Pat could have sworn Mahmud's eyes shifted through three different shades of deep blue. Pat thought 'Yeah he's looking mighty fine!'

Mahmud blushed again and looked down for a second. "You are looking mighty fine today, too Pat."

Pat was caught between a blush of his own and shock. He was certain he hadn't spoken out loud, but he must have. Pat thought 'I've gotta watch my mouth.'

"Unless you wish me to watch it for you. It is a very handsome mouth, Pat," Mahmud said. Pat stopped him in front of his bed.

"Are you reading my mind?" he asked.

Mahmud picked up on Pat's agitation and cringed a little. "I am sorry Master. Please forgive me. I have not been able to stop myself since yesterday. I usually respect people's privacy. But since the accident I cannot close my ears. And I hear Allah's voice so loudly now, but he has not spoken to me directly for such a long time now. I thought I could hear him speaking to me in the children's laughter. But it was just his normal voice. It makes me feel so alone." Mahmud was sitting slumped on the bed now and Pat believed him completely.

He sat next to Mahmud and nudged him. "Ya still got me. I'll be your friend."

Pat looked up into hurt and vulnerable eyes the color of the Indian Ocean. Pat knew Mahmud could see into his soul and Pat wasn't afraid of what he would see. Mahmud's strength was of the kind that made you feel safe whenever you were in his presence.

Mahmud reached over and hugged Pat. "I have not had a friend for a very, very long time. Thank you Pat. I hear Allah's voice singing when I am near you, too."

Pat just burrowed his head into the hug. Now Pat felt strange. His clothes were a bit tight. But he just passed that off as being a little horny with that much muscle wrapped around him.

Pat pulled back. "Let’s find out if we can spring ya from this place?"

"The good doctor said I was fine and I could leave as soon as you arrived and they could find a wheelchair that wouldn't break with me in it." His smile lit up the room.

"Then I will be right back with a triple extra large wheel chair," Pat promised. Pat tried to find the doctor or a nurse that was free. Then he just wanted to find a wheel chair.

Pat mumbled, "I wish they did make extra large wheel chairs." Just as he was walking around a corner he nearly tripped over a truly huge wheel chair. "Huh, and they were joking with him about this." Pat pushed the chair to Mahmud's room just as the doctor arrived.

The doctor was shocked  "Where in the world did you find that?"

Pat ignored the look as part of the joke. "As if you didn't know," he said as Mahmud sat in the chair.

"Thank you for such good care given to me." The doctor smiled into Mahmud”s deep blue eyes.

"You’re welcome, Mahmud. I hope you two are able to find out your real name although I think Patrick has chosen a very good one for you."

Mahmud blushed again. The doctor put the release form in his lap as they headed to the entrance of the Hospital. Pat was getting a boner just by watching Mahmud's wide back and huge muscles. Then he thought 'How am I going to get him in my car?' Pat didn't even notice how easy it was to push such a massive man, even in a wheel chair.

Near the entrance Pat thought 'I wish I had a bigger car.' All of a sudden the sound of screeching breaks and a nasty thud got all the people near the entrance to rush out to the parking lot. A very expensive sports car had just broken through the barrier in the parking garage, flown through the air, and crushed a little Toyota Corolla. Pat's Car! Mahmud stood up out of the wheelchair as Pat rushed over to his compacted compact car.

"Oh my god!" Pat yelled. Then he looked at the driver in the sports car. He frowned and then looked concerned for the kid in the driver’s seat. The Airbag went off but the kid wasn't moving. "Oh my God!" Pat repeated and pulled the door off the sports car. He didn't even think about it. Pat crouched down and felt for a pulse. The kid’s eyes fluttered open and Pat told him, "Don't move. You are so lucky you're at a hospital."

Doctors and EMT personnel walked up and took over. Then a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow drove up right next to them all and a man that looked quite a bit like the kid, jumped out shouting "Ben!"

Mahmud put a hand on the man’s shoulder. "It looks like he will be alright, Sir."

The doctor that who had been taking care of Mahmud was the one checking his vitals. "Pull him out gently after getting the neck brace on. He look's alright but we should get an X-ray of his head and upper thoracic before we know for sure."

The EMT people got him in a neck brace and hooked up to monitors before they pulled him out and put him on a backboard for transport to the hospital bed. One of the nurses got smart and brought out a gurney. The doctor looked up to the anxious man standing there.

"Mr. Patel, this has not been a good week for your family. But I do have good news. Your lovely wife is drinking fluids and the lab test just came back. The kidney tumour was benign. She should be able to leave within the week.” Mr. Patel broke down and hugged the doctor. Then he looked at his son's car.

Patel shook his head. "Ben has not been sleeping at all. I warned him to drive with us but he wanted to see his college friends after visiting his mother. Now they will have to come visit him. Oh my boy!"

"The doctor is the finest in Dubai. I think your son will be fine," Mahmud rumbled. Patel looked up at Mahmud.

"You must be the Giant from the Sands. The city is talking about you and your escape from the jaws of death." Mahmud pulled Pat to his side.

"Patrick saved me from being buried alive." Pat finally realised who he was standing in front of Mr. Patel of Fineman and Patel Dredging Inc. Patel smiled and nodded.

"Yes Patrick. I own half of the company you work for. And you do a very fine job. We are ahead of schedule due to your crew and their labors. Oh my! Is that your car?"

"It was. But I was probably going to have trouble getting Mahmud inside it even before its little alteration." Pat said.

Patel frowned. “And I saw how you were more concerned for my son than with your car. And you didn't even know he was my son. My son." Pat looked down at Mr. Patel and put his hand on his shoulder.

"It's just a thing. Why don't you go see to your son and we'll wait in the waiting room. You can tell us how he's doing." Patel put his hand on Pat's shoulder.

"I see we only employ the finest people. Thank you Patrick."


They had sat in the waiting room for only fifteen minutes when a young man came up to them with keys in his hands and a clip board. He asked "Patrick Shaffer?"

Pat frowned. "Yes?"

The guy handed him a pen and pointed to the clip board. "Sign here. And here."

Pat saw the Company logo so he started to sign, but before he could ask what was going on the kid said "And here." He handed Pat keys. "And your new bright red truck is in the parking lot where your car was. Mr. Patel said he couldn't have a construction supervisor such as yourself driving around in a small car. I think he called your old one a sub-sub-compact. It sure looked like it when we towed it away."

Pat was speechless as he followed the kid outside to find his brand new King cab truck. "Wow!"

Mr. Patel was behind Mahmud and walked around him. "My son will be fine. Just a little knock to the head. He had been staying up late worrying about his mother. I get to take my family home in a few days."

Pat couldn't help himself. He hugged Mr. Patel. "Thank you so much Sir. I always wanted one of these. I thought I'd buy one when I got back to the States."

Patel looked like he was telling a joke. "Hopefully we'll have you here for a few more years. There are plans already for a second Palm Island. They are very happy with our work. And I am very happy with yours. Think about staying another few years. Besides, you're family now. No one worries about my son like that and isn't part of my family." Patel hugged Pat and touched Mahmud's shoulder, then went back into the hospital. Pat hugged Mahmud and completely missed the fact that he was less than a foot shorter than the seven and a half foot tall giant.

"Let's go for a drive." Mahmud smiled in agreement and got in the passenger side and buckled in.

Pat smiled but mumbled. "I thought these things were roomier than the normal trucks." But he was still missing the change.

They drove around Dubai for a while then went to the contractor’s office to see just where the dredge was sucking up material when Mahmud was pulled into the pumper.

The lead man for the dredge company knew Pat and let him look over the computer records from the previous day. Pat shook his head and stood up right next to Mahmud.

Pat looked into Mahmud's eyes. "You sure are solid."

Mahmud smiled and rubbed his belly then his right nipple as he flexed his pec muscles. Pat licked his lower lip as Mahmud replied, "You also are a very substantial man."

Pat rubbed his belly then looked down to find his shirt was too short. He mumbled "Damn shirt keeps shrinking."

His friend Thom walked up and asked. "Any help with the computer logs?"

Pat turned to him. "No. The dredged area is just the same as fifty other locations we've used for the fill material." Pat told him.

Thom looked Pat straight in the eye. "Hey are you wearing lifts now?"

Pat frowned and then smiled. He lifted his tennis shod foot and asked, "In tennis shoes? Thanks Thom. I'll see you with the other guys tomorrow night."

Thom chuckled. "See ya big guy. Or should I now say big guys?"

Pat had a 'Yeah right' look on his face like Thom was having fun with Pat.

They got to Pat’s truck and he finally noticed how tall he was compared to the truck. He crouched down and noticed that the truck was raised a good eight inches. Pat hadn't had any trouble bouncing right into the driver’s seat. He stood up and looked shocked. He looked at Mahmud and the lights went on. His eyes got big and he pointed at Mahmud. He mimed a cork coming out of a bottle and he made a fizzing sound as he mimed a cloud forming above it. Then he crossed his arms and blinked as he nodded his head. Then he pointed at Mahmud again. Mahmud saw all this and pointed at himself and smiled. Then he nodded yes. Then Pat fainted straight backwards away from the truck.

Pat regained consciousness in the contractor’s private office. He could hear Thom saying "…And he weighs a lot more than a year ago. I had to drag his ass back to my place when that idiot from Peru had some fermented Llama milk." Pat felt a cold cloth on his forehead and Mahmud's big hand on his chest.

"Are you feeling better Pat?" Pat looked at Mahmud.

"You heard my wish last night, didn't you?"

"Yes, and started to grant it. You should have been as big as me last night when you got home. I don't understand why it's taking so long."

"What's taking so long?" Thom butted in.

"This is a very private conversation." Mahmud turned and smiled.

Thom held up his hands. "I get the hint. As long as Pat's alright you two take as long as you want." Just before he closed the door Thom informed them, "The door does lock if you need more privacy."

Pat threw the cloth at Thom but it missed and hit the door. Thom was one of the few guys in Dubai that knew Pat was gay. Both Thom and Pat were gay but they agreed theirs wasn't the right chemistry for them to try anything. However they loved to get each other's goat, verbally.

Mahmud sat on the floor next to the couch they had put Pat on. Pat laid on his side to look right at Mahmud. Pat looked over Mahmud's body. Mahmud straightened up and flexed a bit.

"I am very happy you like my body. It's strange but you are the first man in a very, very long time that admires my body and that I enjoy you doing it. It has been a very long time since I recall admiring my master's body as much as I admire yours."

He started to reach out to touch Pat's growing erection then stopped himself, like he was being presumptuous. He looked into Pat's eyes and then clasped his hand around the very large bulge in Pat's pants. Pat had wanted that to happen since the first time he got lost in Mahmud's eyes. Mahmud unzipped Pat's pants and started to stroke Pats huge cock. Pat's eyes closed in pleasure and Mahmud's closed to half slits as a ‘happy little kid’ look went across his face. It was like he was getting as much pleasure stroking Pat, as Pat was getting stroked.

Then Mahmud's deep bass voice softly asked, "May I taste you Pat?"

Pat's eyes shot open and he slowly nodded yes. His hand reached out and caressed Mahmud's pearlescent white hair. Mahmud's tongue licked the side of Pats throbbing cock and flipped the jewel of pre-cum off of the tip. Mahmud sucked in the taste of Pat's cock honey like it was ambrosia. Mahmud couldn't wait.  He started to suck on Pat's thick dick. He would pull off and nuzzle Pats balls for a second, only to go back to milking Pats fat cock.

Pat was stroking Mahmud's head and rubbing an ear. Pat was loving Mahmud's head as much as his hands would let him. It wasn’t long before Mahmud had most of Pat’s clothing off his growing body. Their love making was distracting them both from the swelling muscles on Pat’s larger body. As is often the case, when one head fills with blood the other head is forgotten. Pat had been able to pull Mahmud’s shirt off his thick upper body without ripping it in two. He couldn’t recall if it was Mahmud’s skilful tongue work or seeing Mahmud’s naked upper body; that caused him to gasp and moan. All Pat knew was that Mahmud was the source of all the pleasure he was receiving. It had him wanting to take Mahmud right there so he could show him how good he was making him feel. Then Pat's breathing caught and he said "I'm coming, love." Pat had been at the receiving end of some truly great orgasms but Mahmud just caused real fireworks to go off in Pat’s head. At least that was how Pat would describe it for years to cum. (pun intended)

Pat pulled Mahmud's head up for a very long kiss. When they came up for air, they both had goofy grins on their faces. Mahmud had another wet cloth and he cleaned Pat before putting him back in his pants.

Mahmud helped Pat stand up and Pat chuckled. "Well you must be a Genii. My clothes fit now." And they did...

For an eight foot tall man !! Pat was now looking down at Mahmud and was much bigger in the muscle department.

All Mahmud could say was "Oh dear." He stopped worrying for a moment, when Pat wrapped him in his arms and kissed the top of his head.

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