Ya Big Baby!: Prologue

The accident still plays out in my head like one of those comic books they turn into a live action movie. Except without the really evil characters trying to kill me.

My name's Dr. Bert Luster. I had been with Genentech for six years and at the young age of twenty seven, my ideas/patents/processes had all come together to shine a very bright light on my talents. And with that came my promotion to Head Bio Chemist for the main research Labs.

So I learned first hand, how some well educated, fully trained, medium salaried Lab Technicians could ignore their own safety as well as those around them; just to be a bit spiteful. Three of these guys I had been working with for the past six years thought they knew it all. Even when it was a new process. And since I hired on at the same time they did, I couldn't possibly know or learn more than they had in that time. So I must have gotten the promotion by giving a lot of sexual favors to the upper management and the Execs. For some Alpha Male reason, they saw me at five foot seven and one hundred and fifty pounds dripping wet and thought there was no way I could be generating so many new ideas and drugs for the company.

In fact it was Chuck Fowler who started calling me a big baby. He thought I was getting the day shift and stealing the drug ideas, by acting like a Big Baby. His logic said that was how I distracted people or got the shift I wanted.

Of course Chuck never had heard one word of complaint from my mouth, and neither had any one at Genentech. They treated the guy that did the hard work and came up with the big ideas, like he should get what he wanted. After all, those guys were the ones who kept Genentech rolling in the money.

So it had to be Chuck, coming off of a Graveyard shift, in My Lab, who decided he didn't need to follow the new protocols I had written up for all shifts. Which meant, for eight hours, my new drug had been left without spot tests, or temperature verifications, or the needed temperature changes.

The previous week, any of the other Lab Techs working in my Lab had checked the new protocols and had been in the Lab itself, wearing the Isolation Suit and checking the process.

The day of the accident, I walk in to find Chuck in his regular Lab coat, sitting in front of the automated controls, following protocols eight days old.

Needless to say, words like idiot, arrogant Jock, Suck-up, Big Baby, etc; got thrown around. And he actually laughed when I contacted Security. The word Terminated got a laugh out of him... Until of course, the three security guys showed up. And he was not laughing when two of them escorted him to the Detention area. Until I knew what he did, he could be a company spy for the competition.

One main reason for all the Protocol changes was the automated controls could get a glitch or accidental hack from the main frame and cause weeks of tests or a drug building process to fail. And some of these failure could get nasty. So I suited up with the third Security guy watching and I proceeded to check the Logs for each step the drug took last night.

I wasn't in the Lab for more than two minutes when three different stainless steel hoses burst off of the reactor chambers they were on. That's when the biohazard alarms went off and I started to shut down all the heat sources. Just not fast enough.

The final collection reactor chamber was small. Luckily. When it exploded, it only shredded my Isolation suit and threw me across the Lab. As well as blast a third of it's contents into my little body.

That kind of energy causes burns, lacerates skin and muscle. And the trip across my new Lab, should have left a few bones broken.

When I came to, there wasn't a scratch or burn on me. But some how, I had gained ten pounds of muscle on my short body. At least I didn't turn green. Then they noticed I was a few inches taller. It all went slow.Not at all like in the comics, or TV shows, or Movies.

And boy was I hungry. But the Big Boss at Genentech was great. Said I was not a lab rat. Normal tests for all that was going on in my larger and larger body. And after a week, they decided I wasn't contagious, so I got to go home. I was assigned a security guy. At the time they thought if they didn't find out what made me get so big and muscular, their competition might think of kidnapping me.

Three months and only a partial reconstruction of the drug and I was back on day shift in my new reconstructed Lab, with no more Bodyguard.

The drug I was able to tinker up, was able to give a guy a little bit more muscle. No height growth was ever observed, but wow did it ever cause a guys manhood to grow. And grow.

And to make up for the costs, the Big Boss decided to start an Aphrodisiac branch of the company.

"Manroot Aphrodisiac's", was not what I had imagined as my first drug to the public.
But I was not about to complain. Word of mouth from the 100 male testers, caused so many men to try to get on the website; that by the third day, they volume of hits caused the servers to drop, and nearly dropped the main frame.

And the Big Boss was still smiling. He just ordered twice as many servers and hired four more IT Techs. That was when the rest of the company noticed just how Big the Big Boss' muscles had become. And how he stopped staying late. And how his wife of twenty years, started to bring him his lunch every day. Yeah, right! Lunch. We all saw how big a lunch he was packing when he arrived each morning. His wife was one happy lady.

Well. That's when we called in the Ad men.

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