Ya Big Baby!

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I held up my hand to signal for Les, the bartender, to send over two more shots of Rye Whisky and then changed my mind. Instead I held up four fingers. The big hunk did a double take and nodded yes anyway. I could hear him snaugh half way across the bar as he set four shot glasses on a tray and filled them.. His voice cut through the rest of the noise in the bar. "It's not like these piddly little amounts are ever gonna get you drunk, Dr B."

I called back to him at just the volume that he could hear what I said, but wouldn't cause people to stop talking. "It allows me to maintain the illusion that I am as socially inebriated as everyone else here." I gazed at his wide massive pecs and licked my lips. He and his partner owned the bar and he insisted that all the bartenders and waiters be muscle men and that none of them could wear a shirt while serving. He of course followed his own rules. Les was one very fine meaty example for them all.

He smiled a knowing sneer at me and held up a fifth shot glass, before placing it on the tray. Sandy, the thickly muscled waiter brought the tray over to my table, as Les filled one more shot glass. He raised it up and made a toast.
"Here's to Illusions." He threw back his shot of Rye at the same time I did. Ahhh.

"And here's to the men who help maintain them." I tipped another shot back and Les joined me with his second shot. I never saw him pour it. He's a magician that way.

I glanced at Sandy and picked up two shot glasses. He had cleared the empty shot glasses and wiped the table down before placing the new shots on a neat row of napkins. I placed one of the full glasses on Sandy's tray with a sure knowledge that Les had sent an extra shot so Sandy could join in our toast.

Les called out, "Go ahead, Sunshine." Another shot of Rye whisky appeared in Les hand.

Sandy held up the glass and softly said "To the maintenance men." And we gulped the firewater down. Sandy grabbed the empty and walked back to the bar.

I really didn't have that much to be unhappy about. Except maybe, my boyfriend for the past six months deciding to leave me a week ago. It seems I had finally gotten too big. I thought he understood the circumstances. I thought I was getting to know him. I thought we were falling in love. Or at least a really sticky kind of heavy mutual Lust.

What really hurt for the past week was that I wasn't so torn up as I thought I would be. The past year and a half had been a roller coaster ride for me and the Bio-Tech company I worked for. I guess the physical and emotional upheavals toughened up my heart.

"I'd offer you a drink, but you already have one ready and waiting."

"Ah the Ad man cometh. Ya know, Bryce, at first I really objected to the focus Genentech took with my research. But now I must admit you have done an excellent job of putting the company in the black with your Manroot Aphrodisiacs Ad campaign."

"Thank you. But I heard from my" his voice dropped "stick up his butt, and not in a good way," full volume, "Superior, that you actually were the one to suggest me and my crew for selling this product."

Bryce Paulson had been edging closer to my body as he spoke and not because there was a big crowd in the bar. I could tell from the way his eyes glanced at all my huge muscles and then skittered back to my eyes, again and again, that Bryce was seriously into muscle and big men. He had kept that little bit of information well hidden behind a very professional exterior while at work. But I guess standing next to a muscle bound giant, away from work, finally broke his professional persona all to hell.

"I just thought you would be the best for the job. But we aren't at the job. And I get the feeling that BRYCE has been hiding something from us like some MICE with RICE. Maybe what he's hiding is real NICE?" Bryce was no longer looking up into my eyes, and that was the last thing I had intended when I started to flirt.

Then I noticed that part of me still held his attention. I spread my hands out on the table. Thumb to thumb and little fingers reaching the edges of the table, my hands spanned thirty six inches. While my hands had grown over twice as large as they used to be, my height went from five foot seven inches to seven and a half feet tall. "Maybe we should put our hands on the table."

No hesitation from Bryce. His hand came down on top of mine and once more I was forced to see normal people as little. While his hand was manly, masculine; it was just over half the size of mine. I had to remind myself that I was being touched by an adult. Then the way Bryce touched my hand made that unnecessary.

"Big." Burped out of his mouth as he pulled my right hand off of the table and squeezed the flesh between the thumb and index finger. It was a massaging squeeze that continued. He didn't look up at me the whole time he... he what? It was more than just massaging my muscles. The excitement/fear/doubt melted away from his face, leaving just the excitement and a playfulness as he finished giving my huge hand a rub down.

I almost didn't let him do the same thing to my left hand. He glanced up as he set himself in the stool next to me and gave my left hand a flirt massage; all with a Mona Lisa grin on his face. When he finished he put it back on the table and then arranged the fingers as they were before. Then he burped "Real Big." His smile got bigger as he slowly looked up into my eyes.

Bryce wasn't any little man. He was six foot four and looked like he played hockey or rugby in college. And still worked out regularly even at the tender age of 29. Just a year younger than me. And still fourteen inches shorter than me and about four hundred pounds lighter than me. Well.. He looked like he was two sixty or two seventy. And I was hovering at around six hundred and ninety three pounds. Damn Rye Whisky! It just doesn't stop my brain from using those pesky facts to shoot myself in the romantic foot. Was I fooling myself to think I could have a relationship with this hunk? Or letting all my self doubts fool myself into nit even trying. Someday I will find the switch to turn off all that mental bullshit and be able to just enjoy what happens with me and another guy. Luckily my face was far behind what was going through my mind and I didn't scare him off.

"Well Dr B. No. Well Bert. Bryce has a really NICE VICE. I am the true, dyed in the Beau Brummel Wool sweater, Muscle and Size Queen. Accept no substitutes. Please. I heard that your boyfriend left you about a week ago and I'm sorry for the pain that put you through. But inside me, there is a nasty muscle bound inner child just jumpin' up and down, happy as can be that your goof of a boyfriend, threw away the best thing that EVER came into his life; so I could show you just how beautiful your big meaty self is. Damn you have big forearms, too."

Bryce picked up my whole arm and didn't seem to have a problem with the weight. I let him heft it and he was doing a good job. His fingers pushed at the thick veins and his holding hand rotated my wrist so he could squeeze the belly of the forearm muscle. That enthusiasm was making another muscle come to life.

And that's when my face went through the "Now I gotta tell the Truth" Frown. I was starting to really like the aggressive way Bryce was trying to stake a claim to... Well maybe it was just excessive lust. But the bits when he slowed down his squeezing. Well that sure felt like he was loving being able to just push this Big Baby Giant any way he wanted. It also felt like his hands were loving me. Real Misty-swirly for a Bio-Engineer.

Bryce's face turned up and caught the tail end of the "Frown" and slowly put my hand down. Then the weird "It's not you" look came over my face and he was off again, doing what he does best. Selling. And since it was his own very fine self, I was hoping I could get the hard parts over with fast. But he was on a roll. "OK. You may be thinking that I have no idea what I'm getting into. Or conversely, you might be a little apprehensive with this bums rush kind of sales pitch, I'm rushing by you before you pitch me out the door. You know that might be sorta cool if I had more padding and you only got one step before you.... Ya know... Pitched me...."

"Oh for Christ-sake. Don't leave the guy just spinning his wheels. Kiss him. Tell him you'll be gentle. You swore you'd be gentle with me and I never had any regrets. Don't you dare wimp out, Ya big Baby!"

The very large man attached to the very loud voice was Roy Edwards. An Ex-Lover and still super good friend. "Roy Edwards, Bryce Paulson." I turned to Bryce to tell him that the big guy with the big mouth was not a problem by turning my face away from the lout. "The man with the over developed lungs..."

"And Pecs." Bryce shook hands with Roy but focused back on me.

"And Pecs, is an ex lover and still good friend, though why I suffer his rude behavior, is still the mystery in our friendship."

"Because I still tell you the awful and sometimes wonderful truth, even in the face of the fact that you could squash me like a bug. You know I only tell you these things that often hurt you and cause you pain because I love you." Snaugh. "That just doesn't come out right no matter how you think about it."

Bryce glanced back at my friend as his banter lost steam, then got right back up on that same horse. "OK. Before I loose my flirting MoJo Momentum, sales pitch, tell me the big bad thing you think will make me go screaming in the night. Hopefully three or four times a night, cause I am really vocal."

He had put my left arm down and was doing that lovey/lusty/flirty massage thing with my right forearm.

Though I was still a tiny bit annoyed by Roy, Bryce was able to get a 'Mona Lisa' smile out of me with his persistence. "You're a rip the bandage off quick, kind of guy, aren't you? I like that." That got Bryce sharing the same smile.

Once again, Roy needed to share. "A little bit like me." Bryce and I both glared at Roy with the same 'Hush' look on our faces. Roy swallowed and remained quiet. That may never happen again, but it gave me faith that Bryce and I were on the same wavelength.

We turned back to each other and I pulled the 'Bandaid' off. "Bryce, my cock reaches two inches beyond my knee. That's twenty four inches long. Not that big of a problem. Not for the first six months I was this size. Then four months ago my dick started to get thicker. Not a lot and it finally stopped three weeks ago. I thought everything was fine. But Doug told me. No, I mean, told me like I had to be made aware and believe him no matter what. Told me that a five and a half inch wide cock was never meant to ever go inside another human being." I couldn't look in his eyes anymore. I looked down, but the size of my hands hadn't changed in the last few minutes. "I was real close to loving him, at least I thought I was, so I believed what he said."

I looked back up to see wheels turning in the back of Bryce's mind. I glanced at Roy and he was thinking a few things of his own. I turned back to Bryce sporting a real goofy grin and he was sitting back away from the table far enough that I could see a very healthy erection tenting his cargo pants. Roy had to whistle the tune they play at the circus just to get everybody's mind on Cock.

"Bryce, I see you are a big boy, too. I honestly think you'll be able to hold your own with the big Baby."

I leaned over to Roy with the sternest look on my face and imagined that my body was sucking up space. It didn't actually do anything because of it, but it modified my face's expression, to one that Roy knew well. "Just because you are right so much of the time, doesn't mean you have to give away all of my good secret stuff to the whole world. I am not a Baby! I am a Big Meaty Mother F-ing Bad Baby!" I was mean sounding at that point and then I was all calm and collected when I asked " 'K?"

Roy hadn't moved his head as I made myself understood. He just flashed a smile and said "OooKay."

Suddenly there were hands on the tip of my cock, trying to ask for directions to my knee. They had a now familiar lovey/lusty/flirty feel to them as they gently stretched the head of my cock wider. Bryce was staring right into my eyes as he was doing this. Then he let go. "OK. I have to lay my final cards on the table. This is not boast or brag. I have never been dumped by a boyfriend. Ever. Twice now I was able to tell that the boyfriend of the moment was ready to dump me and I waited. And waited. And finally had to tell both guys, 'It's OK. You will find somebody that will finally really make you happy. We both know it's over. Why you waited is one of the best compliments I could get in the face of losing a boyfriend.' Then they were moved out in a day. And the secret that causes them to question if they will ever find what they had in me is...."

"If I had a snare drum I would give you that drum roll you deserve. Just tell us."

Bryce stood up and grabbed both of my ears. He got his face close enough to be able to smell my breath. I liked the smell of his as he told me "I am the best Kisser you will ever meet." He them proceeded to do with his tongue and lips what he had been doing with his hands. I honest to God, lost track of time. It was like his tongue was a little person. An extension of his Bryceness. I came back to the table and the bar right after a big hand started playing with the very very wet cock drool soaked knee of my pants. Then I heard a slap and the hand on my knee was gone.

"Oh Shit. I am sorry Roy. I don't know what made me slap your hand away like that."

"I do. Hey Bert. He gets points for that. Bryce, if you are gonna stake your claim, don't hesitate. Don't try to do it. Just do it all the way. And I think that slap said it all." Roy had been smiling, but then his face scowled at Bryce "But if you ever make the Big Baby cry, you will not be able to find a safe place to hide from me. Got it?" His look was so threatening.

And Bryce stepped up to the plate without an ounce of fear. Bryce sat up taller in his seat. "Yeah, I do. And I have an idea for a solution to the obvious sexual impasse Bert has been laboring under." Bryce grabbed Roy's hand and placed it back at the end of my dick. Then he rubbed one side as Roy rubbed the other.

"Um. I gotta say that I like your unflappable confidence and ability to share, but this doesn't look like a way around.."

"Roy. Bert. What we have here is a failure to penetrate. Or rather, No Fucking Way is that behemoth gonna penetrate. At least not for a good six weeks of constant stretching." We all thought of that for a second. "No, what I am proposing is a fantasy of mine that has now been delivered to me on the biggest, meatiest, sexiest platter I could ever imagine. Bert, your cock is now up to nearly six inches in diameter. That would mean that your piss slit, your urethra, is close to an inch and a half in diameter. Or very soon could be that diameter. I think that Roy and I could help get the inner diameter a little bigger and give your cock some penetration. That is if you will let us... fuck your cock.... Please?"

I'll be damned if Les didn't have Bionic hearing. "I just told my man, Todd, to get his ass in gear and help me bar tend. The office is yours to use for two hours. There is a dead bolt. We only ask that you let us watch in about an hour." A bigger toothier grin you will never find. Of course we three took them up on the offer.

To be continued?