Foreign Exchange Student Hypno 2: Umi and Me, and Then Came Sun Yi

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The years between 12 and 14 were my most awkward. I was coming into myself, growing both physically and emotionally, and I dare say, sexually. Increasingly as my teen years advanced, my focus on my sexual desires, like most teen-agers I guess, became almost obsessive. At 13, granted, I was in that middle ground territory – having not really experienced direct face-to-face intimacy with another guy, yet. I mean, I had my intimate moments and memories with Jacques and with Hans, and I even tried to hypnotize my buddy Billy once, but he was just so not interested. I think hypnotism scared him for some reason. The few times I brought it up, he’d get, I don’t know, like nervous and want to change the topic. So intimacy up until that point just wasn’t there.

Then Umi came to stay in our house. …Funny name I know, but that was his name, pronounced OO-ME, and I remember thinking it was funny, ‘cause when I saw him, my first thoughts were “oh my!”

Adonis would not do this guy’s nickname justice. Umi could very well have been a Calvin Klein underwear ad model – literally! Tall, dark and handsome, he had such chiseled features, defined cheekbones, gorgeous copper-brown eyes. He was like the super-buffed, teenaged version of Denzel Washington. He had what I guess you’d say was the beginning of an afro, but his hair perfectly complemented his face – he had a large face, in fact, everything about Umi was supersized. And I do mean everything.

We actually didn’t hit it off immediately, Umi and I. See he didn’t speak that much English. He got by, he understood enough and spoke well enough, but lacked confidence with it I guess at first. He spent a lot of time studying, and then he got this part time job at Wendy’s making the orders in the back. He was out of the house a lot and I remember I kept getting annoyed about it. I wanted some alone time with Umi, and each time I seemed to be alone in the house, my parents nowhere to be found, neither was Umi. That was the first two months of his stay anyway.

Then, in early December, mom and dad sat Umi and I down and told us that another foreign exchange student was going to be staying with us for an indefinite period of time. All they knew at that point was that he was from South Korea. Umi didn’t seem the least bit bothered, he actually seemed to like the idea of having someone closer to his age around. I think that was part of the problem with him and I at the time – I was 13, he was 17. What the heck would a normal 17 year old want with a 13 year old? Jail time maybe if you’re thinking that and shame on you!

We had two weeks to get ready for our Korean friend’s arrival. Truth is, there wasn’t anything to prepare – everything was already ready for him. Except for Umi. Knowing that another exchange student was coming to stay with us intensified my desire to hypnotize Umi before the other guy got there. And I only had a small, two-week window to work with.

Here’s where the story might start sounding like a work of fiction. Sometimes the best stories do – but in this case, the odds of what happened, happening, were like a million to one. I often say, with the horseshoe I have stuck my ass, I should play the lottery more.


Umi had invited a few of his new friends over that Friday night. It was the first time he ever had anyone over to our house. As usual, my folks were both working late, which meant they’d probably be home after 9pm.

I ate supper with Umi and his friends, in the den while watching the news. Boring! I was more interested in Umi’s American friend Zach than any stupid news show. The two others who were there were girls. Yuck! I kept praying in my mind that they would have to leave or something. In fact, in my naïve my little blonde head, I actually thought I could coerce them to leave. I remember turning to Umi after supper and asking him rather slyly,

-“Did you tell my parents you were having GIRLS over to the house?” implying that I was really worried.

-“I told them I was having friends over. Yes.” He replied defensively but politely enough.

-“But GIRLS?!” I asked him again, appearing more stunned, as if to say that if my parents did know he had girls over, they’d freak out.

I saw Umi’s face take on a look of concern as he was thinking of what to say next.

-“Maybe we should go out then?” He asked his friends, not me, suddenly a little worried. There was some stirring from the group, one of the girls even volunteered to leave, and fearing they were all going to exit, I put an end to my attempt at getting the girls separated from the boys. Little did I realize at the time that trying to separate the girls fro two hormone-enraged teenage boys would like be trying to take a fresh kill away from a wild hyena, so I adapted my plans then and there.

-“Forget it!” I implored them. “It’s ok, my parents wouldn’t mind I was just kidding! Besides, if the girls go they won’t be able to watch me hypnotize the two of you!” I said with enough challenge and confidence in my voice that one of the girls actually clapped excitedly and said something like,

-“Do it! Do it! I’ve always wanted to see Zach act like a chicken!” and she burst out giggling.

I figured if I couldn’t get the girls out of the house, I would use them as my unwitting partners in crime. Umi was the first to respond to my challenge, albeit with the typical dismissive tone of an older, more experienced teenager.

-“The boy is but 13 or so! What does he know about such things as hypnotism? He’s joking you!” And he tried to laugh it off, even tried to switch the subject quickly.

-“So who wants more Pepsi?” He said as he rose off the couch on an apparent trek into the kitchen.

-“Not so fast mister!” The second girl grabbed Umi by his belt strap and pulled him towards her coyly. “I want to see you and Zach get hypnotized by little Troy here! I bet you the little tyke could do it!” She challenged, again on my behalf.

Umi just smiled and looked at her funnily. I hated being called a little tyke and wanted to protest but for the fact that I realized the girls were on my side in this little project I had orchestrated.

Zach was now stirring in his seat, uncomfortably. I could tell he was itching to put his two cents into the hypno-discussion, after all, we were talking about hypnotizing him after all…

-“No way am I gonna let this little kid hypnotize me! Besides, I couldn’t be hypnotized, I have too strong a will for that shit!”

There was a brief second of silence.

-“Ha! You’re afraid of a little boy, Zach! I’m so disappointed!” The first girl picked up on the challenging tone of the second one.

-“Afraid? Afraid? I’ll show you who’s afraid of a 12 year old punk!” He said determinedly as he readjusted his sitting position on the couch to a more elongated one. I guess he thought he had to be in a relaxed position or something.

“Go ahead kid, hypnotize me if you can!” He challenged and then snickered a few times.

I looked at him and all I could say was, “I’m 13”. Hey at that age, those things matter.

The girls gave Umi one final push in my direction and I was off to get Jacques’ watch from my sock drawer upstairs. For those of you wondering, and I remember being disappointed at the time too, but both Umi and Zach were wearing shoes and socks, at least they were before we got into my whole hypno-routine.

I came back down to the den, calmly. I didn’t want to do another out-of-breath-thing, like what happened with Hans. After all, this time I had an audience and I had to do this differently than when I was in a one-on-one situation. It never occurred to me at the time to stop and think how I seemed to know all this, almost inherently, but somehow I just knew what I wanted, no, what I needed to do. I knew I was going to be performing in a way, and while I was very excited about the prospect of having Umi and his arrogant friend Zach under my power, I also knew that I had to come across as someone with confidence and I don’t know… suave sophistication? Hey, I was only 13! Trying to convince a bunch of seventeen year olds that I could hypnotize them. I needed to employ ever tactic at my disposal!

I entered the room with the watch extended slightly above my own field of view. It was barely swaying back and forth at this point. I was just holding it there limply and really, waiting for another smug reaction or comment from Zach. I knew it was coming when he saw me with the watch. I just knew it. So I waited for it.

-‘Ooh look girls, he has his magic pocket watch! Ooh! I’m so sleepy!” Zach joked, trying to get a rise out of me as well as some points from the girls. Failed on both fronts, sorry to say.

Ok, I admit, I remember thinking, “Gosh how I’d like to bring him down a peg or six!” I instead focused on Umi. He was sitting clear on the other side of the room, on the loveseat, but I needed him closer.

-“Umi,” I started rather authoritatively. “Why don’t you go sit next to Zach on the big couch. Zach, you can sit up, you don’t have to be lying down for this.” I instructed.

-“Ooh, yes master!” Zach joked and straightened out into a seating position, allowing room for Umi to sit beside him. The girls all the while seemed to be keeling over in anticipation (so was I obviously, but I couldn’t show it like they were)!

-‘Now, why don’t you guys put your feet up on the coffee table?” I suggested. Two sets of sneakered soles were soon facing me. Umi’s were at least two or three sizes bigger than Zach’s I guessed, that much was immediately apparent.

-“Uh, guys, one more thing before I start…” I paused, hesitating only slightly. Mistake! “Take off your shoes please.” I was going for broke.

The guys looked at each other, exchanged confused glances and I think Zach felt I was giving him a perfect opportunity to back out of this whole thing.

-“Forget this man! Come on, there has to be something on the tube!” And he took his feet off the coffee table and grabbed for the tv remote control.

Lucinda or whatever her name was, grabbed it, intercepted it and pointed it at Zach like it was some kind of remote control for him! She had no way of knowing it, but even that turned me on, ‘cause Zach did appear to freeze in mid-movement, as if responding like some kind mindless automaton.

-“Sit back down and do what the kid says! He must have a reason for asking you to take off your shoes, right?!” she asked me sympathetically.

-“Just that my mom doesn’t like shoes in the den, much less on the coffee table.” I said meekly, twisting my foot and putting my right index finger in my mouth playfully. Hey, she wanted a little tyke and so that’s what I was delivering.

Zach sat back down as if under the control of the remote control his girlfriend just aimed at him. He used his toes to kick off his sneakers and plopped his black socked feet onto the coffee table, almost defiantly. He seemed genuinely pissed off with this. In the meantime, I of course noticed that he had a hole in his sock – at the heel, about half the size of a dime, but I remember stealing a quick glance nonetheless. Thankfully, he didn’t notice my quick glance or all bets might have been off.

-“K, make this quick kid, I have a headache I need to get to…” Zach barked as he wiggled his toes now free of their Nike encasement.

Umi followed suit without a word and again, I was thrown by how huge his feet were! Not only long, but wide – they seemed almost like the incredible Hulk’s or something. Again, I tried to make it look like it was only a passing glance and I began my induction.

Oh, did I forget something? I forgot to describe Zach to you all… he was by no means as good looking or as large as Umi was. Hmm… let’s see, picture Clay Aikens meets Elijah Wood – a weird combination, but a cutie nonetheless. Zach had reddish brown hair, blue eyes, a small nose and otherwise muted facial features. What made him “cute” was the contrast between his smaller, average stature, and his apparently dominant outward persona. He was a study in contradictions, I didn’t know that then, but what I did know, or thought I knew, was that Zach was just acting all tough and macho to compensate for how inadequate he felt, perhaps because of his smaller size. Yes, even at 13, I was somehow perceptive enough to know that about the guy – he just seemed to be screaming, “veneer!”

Ok, back to my induction. I noticed that within the first minute of my holding the watch about a foot and a half away from them, not even saying a word, both Umi and Zach appeared to be losing the battle as it were. Both seemed to be going into a light trance. This was the first time for certain that I knew the watch was indeed special. I hadn’t even said a word, just put the watch in front of them and they were already zoning out after only a minute!

I began speaking, ever so softly and monotonously,

-“Zach, Umi… just relax and let yourselves go… clear your minds of all thought and relax.… you are both getting sleepy, verrrry sleeeepy. Follow the watch, listen to my voice, hear my voice and obey my voice. Nothing else matters but the sound of my voice.” I looked at the two of them as I continued on my induction. They were already hypnotized – no doubt about it, but I wanted to put them under as deeply as possible. The girls in the meantime were sitting back and watching with shall we say, hypnotic fascination? Yes, even though I wasn’t targeting them, both girls fell under my spell, which was perfect for my evening’s agenda.

-“Allow yourselves to go deeper and deeper into the sound of my voice – keep staring at the watch as it takes you deeper and deeper into my control…” All four teens were now sitting helpless-like, waiting on my every word it seemed. What a rush it was, I was not expecting how big of a rush it would be.

I noticed that Umi wanted to close his beautiful brown eyes, they were three quarters closed already, so I decided to hypnotically encourage it: “As you continue to stare at the watch, listening to my voice, your eyelids are so heavy, so heavy, you need to close them, you need to close your eyes, and go to sleep, but always listening and obeying my voice. Sleeeep! Sleeeep! Sleeeep!” I commanded authoritatively. Hey, I loved the power trip aspect of this scene like most anyone else would.

All four teens now sat in my den, completely under my power, waiting for me to issue them commands. It was almost seven o’clock, so I had like two hours or so to play. First things first I figured…

-“Girls. Listen to me and obey. You are both tired and you want to go home. You are going to stand up now, get your jackets and leave!”

Both girls stood, albeit slowly and shakily.

I felt bad for them, well, almost.

-“Listen to me and obey! When you leave here, you will wake up out of your trances. You will remember having a good time here tonight but you will believe that the reason why you left so early is that you were both tired and wanted to go home. You will not remember anything about what really happened here tonight and nothing about hypnosis. As far as you both know, the subject of hypnosis never came up today. Is that clear?” I punctuated the last ‘Is that clear?’ statement, with a military-like inflection. Both girls seemed to respond with a meek, “yes” and “I understand” respectively.

As the girls sleepwalked out of the den, I turned to look at Umi and Zach lying there and was filled with instant anticipation. I couldn’t wait to get the girls outta the house. Can you blame me? But they were moving like zombies in slow motion, literally. Six maddening, nail-biting minutes later, my front door was ‘abloyed’ and they were no doubt awaking on the front porch, presumably… but who cares? I was heading back into the den with the hypno-zonked buddies, Umi and Zach.

The first thing I did, expectedly, as any budding foot fetishist would, I approached the coffee table from behind, kneeled, and took in a nice whiff and view of both Umi and Zach’s socked feet. Umi – white tubes, Zach, black thick socks for those of you sticklers for detail. Anyway, it doesn’t really matter what kind of socks they had on, because they didn’t have their socks on for that much longer.

This time though, unlike with Hans, I wanted to be the one to actually take off the hypno-duo’s socks, so I spoke delicately to them.

-“Umi, Zach, your legs are frozen… you cannot move your legs or your feet… they are so deeply relaxed you feel nothing!”

And then, I simultaneously picked up Umi’s left foot and Zach’s right, coupling both heels in the palms of both my hands. My little dicky was so hard and sticky I remember it was all I could do to not suddenly blow. Somehow, I maintained my focus and control of my doohickey!

-“Zach, what size is your foot?” I asked the sleeping stud in a masterful tone while staring at the ever so small slice of skin on his heel I could see through the hole in his sock. This was power! Zach didn’t even want to take off his shoes fifteen minutes before and here I was holding his foot up in the air alongside his friends’! I couldn’t wait to hear his answer…

-‘Nine…” he could barely utter the word. He was so gone, the planet Pluto would have been a local phone call away.

-“And you Umi? What size are your feet?!”

Umi answered me back a number that made no sense to me, I don’t know, something like 32 or something. Maybe he was just too out of it or maybe his part of the world had a different way of indexing shoe sizes. What did I know or care for that matter. Still, if I had to guess, knowing that Zach was a nine, Umi was a 12 or even a 13. I was only a size eight or so then. I remember ‘cause Zach’s feet were slightly bigger than mine and they actually had some hair on them! Mine didn’t – they looked like kid feet, sadly. But Zach’s looked like man feet and I was enthralled at the prospect of seeing him utterly barefoot in moments.

I transferred my hold, grabbing both their ankles with one arm and using my free hand to slowly strip Umi and Zach of their left and right socks respectively. Once both guys had one bare foot exposed to my view, I climbed onto the coffee table’s far end (it was a large coffee table and a large den for that matter) and positioned Umi’s bare left foot and Zach’s bare right to my jean-and-underwear-hidden crotch. Literally, two seconds later I was on the floor having what I can only call, an erotic spasm.

Neither guy moved or budged an inch as I rolled around the shag carpet in my den in complete ecstasy – they just continued to lie there, unaware.

Coming out of my own erotic trance, I picked myself up off the floor to stare at the two guys lying before me, fully clothed mind you, but for one sock missing from each guy’s foot.

Even though I had just experienced the most intense orgasm of my life (until that point anyway) I was getting hard again, staring at the vulnerable duo posed before me. I knew they were still under my power and having not removed the leg and foot paralysis suggestion, I immediately went for Umi’s right foot, taking his sock off three quarters of the way. I don’t know why, but I did the same with Zach’s left sock. Somehow, looking at the two of them posed like that, they looked even more vulnerable, even more hypnotized than if they had had both of their socks fully removed. So I left them like that.

Next, I went to my dad’s study to see if his camera was still there. Lo and behold, it was, but bloody bummer, there was no film in the darn thing. I remember feeling so pissed. For Christmas, I knew what I was asking for! Without the camera, I was forced to etch the whole scene in my photographic memory and that, thankfully, is what I did.

When I came back to the den, another idea popped into to my young mind.

-“Umi! Hear my voice and obey!” I said like one of those hypnotists from some cartoon. “Your whole body is rigid – you are hypnotized and rigid! Feel all your muscles tensing up and becoming solidified, like they are turning to metal! That’s right Umi! That’s right!” I was encouraging him because his body was already responding very well to my commands – from the slumped over position he was in only moments before, he was almost sliding off the couch as his body became more and more stiff, ramrod straight.

This was such a turn on too! Seeing his body immediately respond to my commands and go so rigid like that – it was like watching a sci-fi movie or something. Surreal. But it was happening, again, in my den. Amen!

Zach in the meantime, continued sitting there in his slumped over state, but not for long, I assure you.

-“Zach, hear me and obey!” I commanded, and without prompting from me, he even repeated, “obey…” although it was barely audible. …Sounded more like “awb” to me.

-“I want you to stand up! Give me your hand, you can stand. That’s right!” He took his nearly-bare feet off the coffee table, extended his limp, sleepy hand and I proceeded to help him up. He stood somewhat shakily, like the girls did before. Umi, in the meantime was becoming more and more rigid with every passing second. In fact, he was starting to look like a fallen log one might come upon in the forest.

-“Zach open your eyes and look into mine! You are under my spell! You must obey your master! You must do whatever I tell you to do!”

Zach didn’t respond, he just looked at me curiously. I actually waited for him to say something like ‘Yes Master’, but he didn’t, so I continued.

“Zach, I want you to climb on top of the coffee table and I want you to lie down on top of Umi!” For the record, that was the weirdest command I had ever given and I could tell Zach was somewhat confused, particularly with what it sounded like I might be trying to make him do. I wasn’t of course. Again, I was 13! In fact, I’ll tell you where I was going with this…

I did my best to quell Zach’s fears. His hypnotized face, while relaxed, appeared to indicate that his head was racing some – as if, intently contemplating the directive it had just received. This required an immediate intervention:

“You do not see Umi lying here,” I instructed, “It is actually a large log. You are out on a hike in the woods and you’re tired, you need to lie down. This log you see in front of you looks like the perfect spot! When I count to 3, you will position yourself on top of the log in such a way that the heels of your feet are touching the end of the log.” I could see Zach had to process a lot of information, so, in the interim, I quickly undid Umi’s corduroy pants zipper and reached down without even looking. On first grab, I was able to retrieve the limp hose I was looking for, getting it through the fly on his briefs and then through the pants fly, it emerged triumphant to rest on his pants like a dead snake. And that gentlemen, was the first time I had ever touched a guy’s cock before, at least that I can remember. And one tends to remember these things, unless of course, hypnotism is at the epicenter of the storyline. But I digress…

Ok, back to Zach, who was still standing there like a confused, comatose statue.

-“1-2-3!” I said and snapped my fingers in his face for good measure. Zach reanimated, but only slightly, yawned, stretched and carefully positioned himself atop the log that was his hypnotized friend Umi. He didn’t quite “get” the position I wanted him to assume or what I was going for if you will, so I helped his pliable body out, just a bit. See, I wanted him to place the heels of his feet atop Umi’s erect toes. Don’t ask me why. I just wanted to see them in this position. Being that Zach was a good five inches or so shorter than Umi, that meant that he had to basically position his upper ass-region atop Umi’s exposed cock, which as far as I knew, lay there, limp, at least for now. (Zach was obstructing my view of Umi’s privates, don’t forget.).

I tugged on Zach’s feet a bit and pulled his limp body into the desired position, manually. With him now in position, I took a step back to admire my work, like an artist, observing his first sculpture, I was myself entranced! Not bad for a 13 year old who doesn’t know what he’s doing, huh? What did they call me? A little tyke?! Seeing the utter vulnerability implied in lying one friend atop another was immense; making various points along their bodies come into contact with each other, when they probably never would have, just turned me on so. Like when ever would Zach lie down on his friend and put his bare feet on top of his? Never. But now, under my hypnotic power, both guys were not only helpless to resist my commands, they had no idea what was going on. I nearly came at that realization as well. That would have been the second time. I controlled myself again. For now, that control though, was about to seriously subside.

…Remember when Jacques hypnotized my dad, and made him repeat the word ‘hypnotize’ over and over again until he got so turned on, so deeply hypnotized that he exploded all over himself? Well, I wanted to do that again. To repeat that scene, almost paying homage to it, in a weird sort of way. Again, that was my first time seeing any kind of ‘sex-act’, so I guess it burned itself into my psyche and wired my brains a little differently than most. Somehow, I just knew I had to do it again, with these two guys in this hot position, it just seemed like I had to do it again. And so, I did it again. Only this time I had two guys under my control - one of them with his flaccid penis exposed and, for now anyway, limply squished up against his friend’s backside!

-“Zach, Umi… hear me and obey! When I count to three you are going to begin reciting the word ‘hypnotize’ over and over again. Each time you say that word you will realize you are getting more and more turned on. Your dicks will get harder and harder each time you say the word – hypnotize – hypnotize – and as you say the word over and over, you go deeper into hypnosis, deeper into my hypnotic control, deeper and deeper each time you say the word ‘hypnotize’. You will keep repeating the word ‘hypnotize’ until you are so turned on that you have to release your cum. Then, as you cum, you will fall into the deepest hypnotic sleep you’ve ever been in – so deep, so deeply relaxed…one million times deeper than you are right now… 1 – 2- 3!”

And then, as if I had just flipped the switch on the stereo, two voices, so yeah, it was actually “in stereo”, repeating in somnambulistic and synchronized unison, over and over again,

-“Hypnotize… hypnotize…hypnotize…” I couldn’t see Umi’s rod, I assume it was growing from the onset of the mantra, as Zach’s was. Through his jeans I could tell his dick was twitching and then, swelling by the tenth or eleventh time he had uttered the word, ‘hypnotize’.

I undid Zach’s fly next and reached in to grab his ever-hardening piece of man-meat, withdrawing it onto the side of his denims and letting it flop there for a few seconds.

Then, I don’t know why, I kicked off my own socks, stood up on the table and positioned myself on top of Zach! It was almost as if I was acting under some kind of post hypnotic command, but that couldn’t be, since I was the one doing the hypnotizing, right? But I just went with it… I even started repeating the word ‘hypnotize’ along with Zach and Umi. Together, the three of us harmonized pretty nicely actually. Umi was a bass, Zach the Baritone and me, the pedantic and ever-skillful tenor! Truth is, I was getting turned on plenty. And then, I heard it from Umi first. The explosion… as it were.

-“Hyp-no-tize, Hyp-no-tize, hyp – no – aaaaaargh…. TIZE!!!!!!” and Umi, my Kenyan God, was utterly gone. He had stopped talking completely and frozen in what was probably the deepest hypnotic trance he’d ever been in. Zach continued with his ‘hypnotize’ mantra and I along with him, we harmonized really well as duo as well.

A few moments later, like Umi, Zach exploded all over my brand new Gap jersey. His fit of ecstasy woke me or, jarred me from the fantasy and I immediately collected myself, dismounting Zach and collecting my socks from the floor. I took off my shirt to look at the damage – it was covered in Zach’s creamy white cum. I felt dazed, like I was in some kind of a dream…

Bare-chested and bare-foot I took off to the laundry room downstairs and dumped my soiled clothes into the washing machine, socks too, even though they weren’t soiled. I then went upstairs to get a change of clothing. It was all like a dream sequence for me, but I knew I still had some fun ahead of me with Zach and Umi, so I hastily returned to the den.

Still in the same somnambulistic pose I left them in, spent, with their jism all over their pants and, out of view, on Zach’s backside, I ordered them both to stand up, first Zach of course, then Umi. They both got out of their frozen positions and stood, swaying a little and I immediately knew I had to see more. Again, like with Hans, I hadn’t seen anything of Umi up until that point, not even his bare feet. So seeing him like this, waiting to undress for me on command, and well, once again Mr. Wood could-could!

I started with some very basic suggestions that I thought would render them, less clothed:

-“It is so hot in here – in fact, you are both boiling up – you will take off your shirts and hand them to me. They are covered in sweat and I will wash them for you!” I figured that was a good way to get Zach’s cum-stained shirt (which, sure enough it was) from him so I could wash it. The two hypno-zombies took off their shirts and I have to say, I was in heaven’s heaven! Talk about two beautiful bodies – both of them! If I was a sculptor I would have frozen them like that forever while I copied them into stone for posterity. Instead, I grabbed Zach’s shirt, and scurried off nervously, wanting to put it into the wash with my stuff while I still could.

This time, when I came back to the den and found the two guys standing there dazed, no shirts, no shoes, no socks, and their flies open on their pants, it was again, all I could do to keep myself together.

-“Umi, take off your pants!” I commanded him noticing drips of cum on them as well as on Zach’s pants. This was getting funny already. I ordered Zach to take off his jeans as well and for the last time (promise) went running back down to the basement to throw the cum-stained stuff in the wash.

In case any of you were wondering, no, I hadn’t thought about what I would do if my parents came home and I had to wake Zach and Umi with no clothes on them. Thankfully, my parents didn’t come home until after ten, which gave me just enough time to wash and dry. Again, I’m lucky like that sometimes. Both Zach and Umi had on briefs that exposed their now dangling, flaccid cocks. Umi still had one sock on the tips of his toes, but Zach’s had fallen off in the ‘coffee table’ dismount. I figured, what they hell, let’s go for the whole thing.

Testingly, I issued my next command.

-“Umi, Zach! Hear me and obey! Take off your underpants and hand them to me! Umi, you will take off your sock and hand it to me as well!”

Without thinking, both boys thumbed their underwear down past their waists letting them free-fall to their ankles. Umi bent down to get his and to remove the sock from his toes. He straightened up and handed me both his underwear and sock. Zach did the same, but truth be told, I was completely wrapped up in Umi.

I don’t think I’ve seen a penis his size before or even since. It was huge, almost unnaturally so. Even in its flaccid state, I could tell he had a huge penis. Next to my 13 year old little thang, well, I was literally, spellbound. I fell to the floor and touched the tip of my nose to Umi’s lifeless penis head. He was circumcised, so were Zach and myself for that matter. It wasn’t until Sun Yin came to stay with us that I got to see my first un-circumcised cock head.

I couldn’t take my eyes off Umi’s enormous package. It was like his penis was hypnotizing me or something.. for real. I felt compelled to stare at it, to watch and occasionally, to bump my nose or the tip of my tongue against it as I continued to stare into its hypnotic beauty.

I also noticed after a few passing smells, during which my nose did happen to brush up against it, his penis twitched, and even began to get a little hard again. I snapped myself out of my own penis-hypnosis to try and get Umi to go hard again.

-“Umi…” I tried to sound masterful, but I was somewhat clouded myself, overwhelmed in utter ecstasy perhaps.

-“Umi, you will make your penis hard for me!” I whispered weakly as I blew some air onto his now twitching dick. I watched with hypnotized-like satisfaction, as “it” seemed to inflate- the way a bike tire does when you filled it with air in the spring? It was like a reflex reaction that Umi had no control over, and watching it happen, I came in my pants again. That’s two.

Zach in the meantime, was still standing there with his underwear in had, extended outwardly, waiting for me to take them. He was staring at the picture on the wall above the couch - the one with the sad looking boy who’s playing the flute. But Zach wasn’t looking at the picture as one might ordinarily look at or admire a work of art – he was looking through it, beyond it, as if there was a whole other universe just behind that wall that held him spellbound, held him utterly captive.

-“Zach, make your penis go hard too!” I ordered him as I grabbed his underwear from his hand.

And Zach went hard too, in almost as quick a time as Umi did! If it were a race, Umi would have won, no actually I would have! Still, Zach’s dick, while bigger than mine obviously at the time, was nowhere near as masterful as Umi’s and I seemed to be powerfully drawn to Umi’s. Both guys had like three times more pubic hair around their penises than I did, so to me, it felt like I was playing with two adults. It might also have had something to do with the fact that Umi, aside from his hypnotized beauty, was a black dude and his body just appealed to me more – maybe because it was different. I don’t know. I had never seen a black dude naked before and I liked all that I was seeing.

I stood up from my position on the floor to address Umi directly. Even when I was standing on my tiptoes, the giant still towered over me though.

-“Umi, whenever you hear me say the word, ‘hypnotize’… you are going to back into your trance and do whatever I tell you, right? You understand?”

-“I understand” he agreed, like a robot receiving input!

-“Repeat what I just said to you then!” I pushed.

-“When you say the word hypnotize, it’s going to hypnotize me…” I loved it when hypnotized guys paraphrased, it indicated to me they didn’t have the strength to repeat the whole sentence but that they got the gist of what I wanted conveyed.

That night, not much else happened – I did have Umi and Zach in a very nice slow dance for a while, their dicks, still hardened by command, regularly coming into contact with each other… and yes, I masturbated one more time watching that hypnotic waltz and the several “freeze” scenes, I mischievously decided to “trigger”.

When I was spent, I mean, totally spent, I sent the two studs back into their sleep trances and went to tend to the laundry. Everything was ready to go, so I figured now was as good as any to get the boys dressed, cleaned up and get Zach out of the house, before the folks returned. I decided though to ‘hold onto’ Zach’s socks – I didn’t know when or if I’d be able to hypnotize him again and I wanted a memento of the night’s fun. Shoot me! So I gave him Umi’s socks to go home with and convinced Umi that he hadn’t been wearing any socks, this despite the fact that it was early December in the Midwest and pretty cold outside.

Zach left about fifteen minutes later, once I was sure he was programmed enough to leave that is. I couldn’t have him remember anything of course, so that took about ten minutes or so. It turned out to be great timing because my parents came home about ten minutes after Zach groggily left the house, confused, bewildered a bit and looking a lot less for wear!

My dad came into the den and found Umi and I watching some documentary on the Discovery channel, as if we’d been doing that all night long.

-“Way to go son!” He said to me proudly. “You keep watching those documentaries!”

And with that he threw his keys on the table in the hall and went upstairs. My mom poked her head in moments later to see “if we needed anything” before she turned in.

…Yeah, a parent maybe? I thought to myself, but I of course didn’t verbalize that. And then, she promptly followed my dad’s trail upstairs, to bed.

Umi looked over at me inquisitively and with a slightly raised eyebrow.

-“So Troy! Are you going to tell me what happened here tonight? Something tells me you know…” And I looked at him, scared that maybe he recalled something, or hell knows, everything! I began to seriously panic. What the hell would I do if he remembered what I did to him and Zach? He’d probably kill me! Thankfully, I’m also good at thinking on my feet though. Phew!!

-“HYPNOTIZE” I said it right in his face and there was an instantaneous reaction. His eyes went vacant, all vestiges of stress gone, his mouth slightly ajar… I could have jumped him then and there. But I had a bit more of a clean-up to do in his subconscious mind and I knew it. I couldn’t allow Umi to have even a suspicion that anything odd happened between us that night. My plans just wouldn’t allow for that.

-“Listen to me Umi, listen and obey…!”


By the following week when Sun Yin appeared at our door with the Foreign Exchange counselor, Umi and I were there to greet him and welcome him into our little hypno-harem. And boy, was I glad Sun Yin came over to play! My house was turning into a regular hypno-United Nations and I couldn’t wait to get to work on this most perfect specimen of Asian loveliness. Sun Yin, Umi and I were about to embark on a voyage – a journey through the mind the likes of which I could never have prepared for beforehand, but once on it, I didn’t want to come off. Hopefully, neither will you…

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