Foreign Exchange Student Hypno 3: Preamble to My Multicutural Hypno-Christmas & New Year's, 1998

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They sprung it on me, out of the blue and with only three days warning! My parents, probably feeling guilty for not spending “quality” time with me, booked us on a two week Caribbean cruise through the Christmas-New Year break. Normally, I would have been jazzed, but with Sun Yin now within my reach and Umi going under practically every day, I didn’t want to leave for two weeks! Not then! Talk about crappy timing! And, it’s like my parents weren’t even giving me the option! I was going, like it or not - Merry Christmas, Troy! Darn!

Well, maybe not. The thought had occurred to me – the fact that Umi was 17 and Sun Yin, 16, maybe they could watch me while my parents sailed the seas! Of course no 16 and 17 year-olds in their right minds would give up two weeks of freedom for what was, for all intents and purposes, a babysitting gig. So I needed a plan that was slightly more creative than asking Umi to go along with it. Of course hypnotism would factor in. What? Did you actually think otherwise?

Sun Yi had been living with us for a few days at this point and I remember he was out of the house the afternoon I chose to put my plan into motion. It was a Saturday, so both my parents were home for a change. Funny, even though they were “up and about”, it’s not like we were doing any quality family time thing… I was in my bedroom, reading. I had already eaten brunch and there didn’t seem to be much to do, so I was going through my comic collection looking for some fun reads. I finally decided on some random Thor comic (I always liked Thor) and settled down into a lying position on my bed to begin my Saturday afternoon comic escape.

The comic I picked wasn’t random – on the cover, there was a picture of a criminal-mastermind known simply as the Ringleader, he was a Marvel character that had dealings with Spiderman and other heroes. What appealed to me most about the Ringleader character? You guessed it! He hypnotized superheroes, removed their will and turned them into his obedient slaves. The Thor issue I was reading, was no different. By page five, Thor was standing at attention, blank faced, calling this guy his master, and promising to obey him in whatever he said.

As I read over this most erotic part of the storyline, I felt so… I don’t know… relaxed. Almost like the way I felt when Jacques hypnotized me that first time. Actually, I was probably just tired. Reading, in a lying-down position, in one’s bed, on a boring Saturday afternoon often does lead to sleepiness, right?

I yawned and stretched my whole body – tensing up even the muscles in my toes and then releasing the tension, allowing my body to go limp. I used my left big toe to grab at the sock on my right ankle and in two less-than-swift gestures, I had freed my right foot of its sock. I did the same with my left. And then, I must have fallen asleep, because my next memory is of my dad, poking his head through my door and saying something to me. As the fog in my head cleared I heard,

-“We’ll be back around supper time. Your mother and I have some errands we need to run….” And before I could even respond coherently, the door to my bedroom was being closed ever-so-softly.

I lay there for a few more minutes – until I heard the garage door open and close. Then, as if on autopilot, I got up out of bed, shook the cobwebs from my head and walked out of my room down the hall towards Umi’s room.

His door was open a crack so I peaked in. He was studying – reading some kind of biology or science book I guessed by the size of it. He was sitting at his desk by the window, his back to me, so he hadn’t noticed me standing there as I inched the door open a bit more to get a fuller view of my African God.

True to his hypnotic conditioning, Umi was, barefoot. For the last week, every time I hypnotized Umi I reinforced the suggestion that no matter how cold his feet got, he wouldn’t want to wear socks while in my house. The suggestion had not only taken, I even asked Umi about it two days before, when he was fully awake and alert.

-“How come you never wear socks anymore?” I asked him as we were watching Jeopardy and he was twitching his toes spasmodically.

He looked at me perplexed-like and then answered, on hypnotic cue:

-“I like my bare feet!” And then he went right back to watching Jeopardy as if he had just told me he liked margarine instead of butter.

As I looked at him now, I was even more enraptured. Sitting at his desk, in apparent deep concentration, Umi just seemed so studious – so much older and smarter than me, and yet, here I was, little tyke that I was, controlling him! I checked out his feet one last time before quietly entering the room. They were, in a word, stunning. I crept up from behind him ever so slowly, staring at his captivating feet all the while as I inched forward, toward him. He had his toes scrunched up against the carpet so that his soles were as wrinkly as I had ever seen them. Suddenly, I was snapped back to conscious reality.

-“Excuse me Troy! Have you never in your life heard of knocking on the door before you walk in to someone’s room?” He asked me sternly, like one of my teacher’s would have.

I had no time for insolence.

-“HYPNOTIZE!” I barked right into his face.

The black stallion rose from his seat, stood at stiff attention, stared directly at me, past me actually, and simply said,

-“Yes Master.” Just as I had programmed him to do – and of course, just as if it were programmed too, my dick jutted to full mass in seconds.

-“Now Umi… you are going to help me convince my parents that you want to baby-sit me while they go away on vacation. You want to watch Troy. You need to watch Troy while Mr. and Mrs. Gross are away. You will obey!” I threw that last one in just because.

Umi stared right past me, this glorious look of blank acceptance on his face, as he responded,

-“Yes master. I will obey!” And I could feel the pre-cum oozing from my ever-straining rod. That’s it. Now that business was over – it was time to get to work. Or should I say, it was time to play?

-“Umi, lie down on your bed, I need to inspect your feet!” I commanded. Again, all he could reply before moving into the requested position, was another ‘yes master’. If I actually reprinted the Umi-Troy hypno-transcripts word-for-word, one would see that pretty much after every sentence I uttered, Umi was conditioned to reply this way. Since this is a story, I figure it could get tedious if every second line of story had the phrase yes master in it so…

Umi took his position on the bed and I immediately grabbed his left foot and began massaging it, ever so gently at first, squishing his toes and both sides of his arch and then pulling his toes back, stretching the skin to it’s max. I took a few whiffs as well and was pleased to see that Umi was following another of my commands, to wash his feet several times a day. In fact, Umi’s bare feet were the image of perfection: Large, both in width and height, he had supersized big toes that were also long and plump. There was just a faint trace of hair on the top of his foot, you had to feel around for it and the skin on his feet was soft, young and a most hypnotic shade of pinkish-brown.

As I continued to visually engorge on Umi’s left foot, absorbed, I hadn’t noticed that I was being watched. That is, until that someone watching me from behind, cleared his throat. I dropped Umi’s foot to the bed and it landed with an audible thump. Turning, I could see Sun Yin standing at the door, looking at me rather strangely. I don’t think he knew what to think, or what to say for that matter. So I went first.

-“Sun Yin… I was just, um, giving Umi a foot massage – he had a cramp in his foot and couldn’t study! Geez, look at him, I think I put him to sleep or something!” I half-joked as I approached the handsome Korean exchange student slyly. Sun Yin looked over my shoulder to where Umi was lying still unmoving, on his bed.

-“Is he alright?” he asked me with concern.

-“He’s fine! He may be hypnotized, but that’s another issue altogether!” I joked testingly.

-“Hypnotized? He’s not hypnotized!” Sun Yin challenged.

-“I think he is. In fact, Umi, are you hypnotized?” I asked the sleeping black giant.

-“Yes master I am hypnotized.” Umi replied back like a robot. Sun Yin’s face dropped to the floor. Another Kodak moment wasted. Damn! Don’t worry though guys, by chapter six, I get a digital camera…

Sun Yin brushed past me and walked toward the foot of Umi’s double bed until he was standing an inch or two away from Umi’s bare feet, which were dangling off the bed like limp pieces of fruit… delectable, tasty, juicy pieces of fruit…. And Sun Yin seemed to be rather intrigued with it all.

-‘He’s a really hypnotized?” he asked me again, with such incredulity in his tone I was almost insulted. Then again, Sun Yin had no way of knowing I had been hypnotizing Umi for over a week and that my plan was for him to be next.

-“Yup!” I said confidently with a tinge of boasting in my voice. “I hypnotized him!”

Sun Yin turned to look back at me, again, in disbelief.

-“How you do that? My brother was hypnotized in Korea but he no remember…” Sun Yin started to explain.

-“Hold on!” I swiftly responded before darting back to my room and my ever-trusted sock drawer. I knew leaving Sun Yin with Umi while Umi was under wasn’t the best of ideas, but I was only gone for a total of twenty seconds. I returned to Umi’s room to find something I had not expected. Sun Yin, on his knees, sniffing Umi’s feet! I had walked one foot into the room, saw it and promptly took two steps back out.

I knew I hadn’t hypnotized Sun Yin yet, so his interest in Umi’s feet had to be totally of his own volition and doing. I peaked around the corner of the room to see Sun Yin stroking himself slightly, looking back and forth toward the door, I assume waiting on my re-arrival.

-“What are you doing?” I asked Sun Yin suddenly as I entered the room.

Sun Yin rose from the floor and began adjusting his crotch haphazardly. I could tell I scared the living daylights out of him and he looked about ready to cry.

-“I… no… I no like this… I… I… like girls but I… I…” Sun Yin was coming undone. He seemed so nervous about me seeing him at Umi’s feet, he didn’t know what to say. In his temporarily weakened state, I figured, I’d seize the opportunity and so I held the watch up towards Sun Yin’s eye level and began my induction. Just like that.

Sun Yin, to his credit, wasn’t sucked in immediately. Perhaps he was still upset over what I had just walked in on. Funny, because the scene I had walked in on was nothing compared to the one I had already concocted in my head. (The plan actually came to me as I opened my sock drawer, but nowhere in my calculations did I plan for the possibility of Sun Yin having a foot thing of his own.

-“Troy! Please don’t tell Umi! He’s a gonna kill me!” Sun Yin seemed almost panicked now. I did feel bad for him, albeit, momentarily.

-“Relax Sun.” I said to him, still dangling the watch at him. “Umi is hypnotized. He has no idea what just happened here. Umi is hypnotized… Umi is hypnotized… he’s hypnotized… so deeply hypnotized…” As I spoke, I took a few small steps toward him, noticing his eyes beginning to take in the watch.

His face was priceless – it was at that transition point – right between dire fear and absolute somnambulistic contentment. He looked confused, but nonetheless entranced enough so as not to be able to look away. The rest of him was scarcely moving as well, but for the regular rise and fall of his chest wall and the ever-so gradual lulling of his neck downward, to oblivion.

Sun Yin was a beautiful guy in his own right. He was nowhere near as hypnotically captivating as Umi, in all his statuesque glory, but he had beautiful physical traits that drew you to him just the same. His short chrome-black hair was cut in a quasi-rap style – he even had a lightening bolt shaved out of his hair on the left side, just above his ear, which was pierced by the way. When my dad saw that, well, let’s just say he wasn’t too pleased.

But back to Sun Yin, a veritable sculpture of Korean art – he was utterly motionless now, his gray-black eyes completely caught in the spell of Jacques’ watch. I was going to enjoy seeing him act out my 13 year old fantasies, tame as they were for then.

I stepped back to look at him, a sense of almost heroic accomplishment washed over me as I stared at the curious T-Shirt on his ever so thin frame. The T-Shirt read, “Eat Spit and die!” And I remember thinking, ‘ok, I can accommodate you on half of that!” Ha. I was never a violent person…

Though the T-shirt was cute, I wanted to see Sun Yin without it. Yes, he was still wearing his shoes at that point. I don’t know why but for some reason, I wanted to work my way backwards this time, leaving his socks on until the very last. I was of course, prolonging my sexual excitation – without realizing it.

Lethargically, Sun Yin stripped out of his t-shirt and I was shocked to say the least. I had never seen a nipple ring before and I was stunned to think that Sun Yin had one. But there it was in all its metallic glory. His inside-out t-shirt fell to the floor indiscriminately, partially covering his right shoe. He resumed his waiting stance, still staring at the watch in my hand.

-“Now, Sun Yin, you are getting ready to take a bath… you need to take off your shoes, so that you can take your pants off! Take off your shoes Sun!” I repeated for good measure.

Sun Yin kicked off his shoes and began undoing his belt, readying to kick his oversized pants off to the floor, as instructed. I could tell he had relatively small, thin feet. He was now standing there with nothing but his yellow and black Joe Boxer underwear and gray sweat-socks. His body was utterly hairless but for strands under his arms and, from what I could tell, some trailing down from his belly-button and just beyond view, well, at that moment anyway.

Seeing Sun Yin standing there like that with Umi lying in the bed just beyond him, was driving me crazy, but I knew I had to take it to the next level.

-‘Sun, take off your boxers and give them to me… you need to lie down… you are too sleepy to be standing up… too sleepy… take off your boxers and give them to me!”

He didn’t flinch, grabbing at the elastic with his right index finger and hopping out of them in a two-second maneuver, was rather impressive to watch actually. I remember thinking it should be some new Olympic event, that’s how professional looking Sun’s underwear dismount was.

Once I had his boxers in hand, I merely touched his bare chest with a slight push and he fell backward onto the bed, helpless, atop Umi! Well, okay, he wasn’t really lying on top of Umi… yet. His bare back was on Umi’s bare feet! I needed to get Sun Yin to move up closer to the headboard and this required moving Umi as well.

-“Listen to me Umi! Listen to me and obey! Your body is becoming hard like a rock – feel all your muscles coming together and stiffening like a metal beam – bring your feet together, that’s right! Now, bring your arms to your sides…” I continued to instruct Umi into position all the while watching not him, but the soles of his feet. One really had to wonder just who was hypnotized here!

Once Umi was lying like a piece of plywood on the extreme right side of the bed, I grabbed Sun Yin by his naked underarms and pulled him into position manually. We were about the same size Sun Yin and me – the difference was I was 13 and he was 16 or 17. He was still gorgeous in a boyish sort of way and I couldn’t wait to get started with him. I still hadn’t seen his feet – Sun was naked, except for his socks don’t forget. Oh and his watch. There was something I found funny about that image, a guy in nothing but socks and a wrist-watch… even then!

Umi was still fully dressed too don’t forget. All he had off at that moment were his socks. For me, that would have been enough, but still, something inside me forced me to pursue more.

-“Umi, you are very hot! When I count to three you will be able to move but you will need to take off your sweater and your pants. Do you understand slave?” And I looked at his face for any sign of discomfort with me calling him my slave. The first few times, Umi resisted the title, but that was a few days ago and this was now.

Blandly, as if not even aware of my presence, the robot that was Umi uttered his customary ‘yes master’ and began to negotiate his way into a sitting position. Once sufficiently propped up against the headboard, he began to undo himself from his wool sweater, revealing a white sleeveless undershirt underneath. Still, one would have to have been blind not to notice Umi’s bulging arm muscles. His biceps were so large, Umi probably could have lifted both Sun and myself in one bundle and hurled us across the room! I remember thinking that too before reminding myself that this powerful man, in all his muscled glory, now belonged to me.

He inched his way out of his khakis, revealing the beginnings of a hard-on through his underwear. I didn’t know it at the time, but men always get erections when they sleep. They might not always have them when hypnotized, (unless ordered to) but in normal sleep, the average male has several erections a night. Being in such a deep and suggestible state was obviously having its arousal effects on my sleeping giant.

-“Umi. Now, hear me and obey. Your master wants to see your penis!” I said to him.

And Umi’s prior programming, set in just nicely. First, he got this look of genuine confusion on his face as he seemed to be suddenly aware of what I had asked of him. Then he looked down at his body, looked back up at me and said,

-“You… you… hypnotized me?” it was meek, but it worked. I was actually able to plant a post hypnotic trigger that partially woke him from his trance on command. This gave me the ability to see the real Umi taking brief assessment of his obviously hypnotized and controlled state… something that even at 13, I knew I loved watching, even participating in.

-“Yes Umi, I mesmerized you. Do you remember how I mesmerized you?” I asked him in a dreamy tone, again, careful not to inadvertently repeat his trigger phrase.

-“The watch. You used a watch.” He answered back ever so blandly, but with enough awareness in his tone that it told me he was trying to fit the whole puzzle together, but couldn’t. His struggling eyes told the whole story.

-“Yes Umi, I used the watch to mesmerize you. Now look over to your left… who do you see?”

Umi’s head tilted slowly to the left. His eyes processed the image of Sun lying there naked but for his socks.

-“Sun Yin. He looks… he looks… hyp – no – tized.” Umi managed to blurt out as he seemed to be trying to get up from his seated position.

-“You will stay where you are slave!” I said to him commandingly. Umi just looked at me again, with that same wave of confusion on his face.

-“Slave? I am not your slave!” He protested, mustering enough inner-strength to steer his bare right foot off the bed and onto the floor.

-“No you are right Umi – you are my hypnotized slave!” I said with an evil laugh and then, once again, I watched Umi’s expression slacken, his body, go instantaneously limp. Even lifting his leg back onto the bed, was horrendously difficult. I tried to do it manually but it was like dead weight I wouldn’t be surprised if his leg weighed more than I did. I finally decided to issue him the command to get back on the bed, and of course, he complied without a thought.

In his undershirt and boxers, Umi lay there totally helpless and I remember feeling so totally turned on. Sun was lying right next to him, in fact, their thighs were touching and Sun’s small flaccid uncut penis lay there to one side, pointing almost in its limp state, toward Umi. Talk about foreshadowing, huh?

I left Umi for a few seconds and grabbed Sun’s right socked foot, putting it right up to my nose and was a little surprised to find that there was no smell. Pulling off his right sock I was stunned to see the cutest foot ever! Maybe it was Sun’s Asian background, but his feet, while small and thin, were the oddest shade of orange I had ever seen. Again, Sun was the first Asian guy I hypnotized and this was the first time I was ever able to look at the soles of an Asian’s feet, so again, I was partially spellbound.

Sun was barefoot moments later and his wrist-watch too was on the bedside table. I looked at his collapsed body, so defeated, so out of it… Ooooh!

Ok, back to Umi.

-“Umi, I want you to slip out of your underwear – take off your boxers and undershirt, now!”

-“Yes Master.” A bland, deeply relaxed, deeply-removed voice responded, followed by the most magnificent view ever – Umi’s penis must have been seven inches long, in it’s flaccid state! Like with Sun just before, his was limply dangling on his thigh, pointing slightly toward the hypnotized Asian lying just beside him.

Umi’s chest was another work of African art: A six-pack of abs, hard, purple nipples, no love handles or any fat to be seen. No hair, except on his crotch and underarms. He was, a veritable work of sculpture and it was now my time to mold my subject to whatever whims I had.

I approached Sun’s side of the bed and began to blow a steady stream of cool air onto his limp penis. At one point, I was so close to his crotch, I could smell his man-scent… musky, it was so aromatic and sexy! As I continued to blow… I began to notice a twitching – like a reflex action, his small penis was bobbing a little and slowly inching its way up his thigh. I continued to blow and began to throw in some suggestions to the hypnotized Asian as I went.

-“You are so turned on Sun…” I started, before remembering that Sun did seem to be getting turned on by Umi’s feet moments before. His penis twitched again, this time more than the other times and it began its predictable ascent. I stopped blowing and went to the the foot of the bed, grabbing Sun Yin’s bare feet in my hands and putting them right up to my face.

-“Umi is holding your feet now – you are so turned on, so turned on Sun, you are so turned on…” I allowed my voice to trail off I as took in several more large whiffs. After that series of suggestions, Sun mumbled back, ‘…turned on…’ and I watched with immense satisfaction as Sun’s thin rod became ramrod, literally. It looked like a giant pencil standing on a stand, waiting for someone to grab it and use it. Sun, was effectively mine from that moment on.

We played some more that afternoon – Umi, Sun and I… in fact, that afternoon was the beginning of what was to be one of the most erotic encounters of my life – that is, until the following year when Raji came to stay with us…


That night, at dinner, we sprung it on my parents.

-“Mom, dad…” I began, “I have a test scheduled on the first day back at school and I’ve got this huge book to read over the holiday break.” I tried appealing to their academic sides, both my parents were professionals who believed education was the most important thing in the universe. I however, thought it was like maybe, the second most important…

-“So you can bring your books with you on the cruise!” My mother suggested.

I had to go in for the kill.

-“Mother, I worry that there will be too many distractions for me to get my work done, you know, on the ship? I mean who goes on a cruise just to read and study? I’d be better off staying home!” I protested some more and then looked over at Umi, his mouth half full with mashed potatoes, and I gave him the sign.

-“It’s true Mr and Mrs Gross! I heard Troy talking on the phone today and he is worried about not passing that test because you are making him go on the cruise. If you like, it would not be a bother for me and Sun to watch him, while you are away on vacation!”

-‘Can they dad? Can they? Oh come on! I’m 13, I’m responsible!” Truth be told, my voice was actually sounding like a seven year old, there was just enough whininess to it that it was bordering on pathetic.

My parents looked at each other and then back at Umi, then to Sun Yin, then finally to me. They both appeared to be in thought, looking back at each other several times, not saying a word.

Finally, my dad broke the silence, “Ok, son, you can stay here with Umi and Sun, but we’re going to have to have some ground rules!”

And all I kept thinking was, ‘what rules?’ With Sun Yin and Umi helplessly under my power, my slaves as it were, it was I who would be making the rules and they would be obeying. Just wait until you see what my two foreign students decided to give me for Christmas!

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