The Hypno-Master is Always Faster

-”And for my next trick I shall need another vict... er... volunteer from the audience!” The Coolsville audience laughed at the Great Mesmo's apparent slip of the tongue. He played right into it like the performing ham that he was.

“How about you, young man?!” He pointed to a blond haired youth sitting in one of the front seats.

-”Who me?” Freddy Jones pointed to himself and looked back at Daphne and the gang uncertainly, almost for group support.

-”Oh come on Freddy, go up, go up!” Daphne egged him on.

The bold Fred took only a second or two to consider.

-”Ok. You betcha!” Freddy jumped from his front row seat and onto the stage. “You gonna make me disappear too?” He asked the relatively young magician who had just successfully managed to make a blond woman disappear and reappear.

-'No... er, what is your name young man?' The magnetic magician asked, somewhat enticingly.

-”Freddy. Freddy Jones.”

-”I'm going to hypnotize you Freddy Jones!”

Suddenly Fred wasn't feeling so boisterous. He wouldn't have agreed to go up on stage if he knew this too-bit magician was going to want to hypnotize him! -”Hypnotize me? Er... ok, I guess?” Hundreds of sets of eyes were on him and he felt compelled to at least try and go along with it, if only for the magician's sake.

-”Look deeply into my eyes Mr. Jones, deeper, deeper... let yourself fall into my eyes... sleepy, sleepy...”

-”He's actually doin' it Scoob! Look, I think Freddy is going under!” Shaggy pointed at his friend on stage.

-”Re's rypnotizing rim!” Scooby announced to the group.

-'Shhh! Guys, let's watch!” Velma hushed them.

Freddy seemed to be falling asleep on his feet, swaying ever so gently as his sleepy eyes remained locked on the magician's. For good measure and showmanship he began to gesture with his hands in front of Freddy's dazed face.

-”Deeper and deeper Freddy Jones... under my spell, and sleep!” The magician grabbed hold of Freddy's left arm and pulled him forward with a sudden jolt. When he said the word, 'sleep', Fred fell instantly and limply into the man's awaiting arms.

-”Stand up straight, Freddy Jones, you can balance yourself.” He instructed the jelly-legged young man. Freddy immediately stood on his own, almost coming to attention on his sleeping feet! He was no longer swaying.

-”Now Mr. Jones. You are a suddenly aware of how hot you are... it's way too hot in here... you're boiling up!”

In short order Freddy pulled his upper torso out of his white shirt and had kicked off his brown loafers and yanked off his socks, which felt drenched in sweat from the heat. The audience, particularly, the girls in the audience were cheering, Daphne among the loudest, though Velma joined in as well. Shaggy was a little creeped out but said nothing, somewhat fascinated with it all. He wondered how far Fred would go to 'cool down.'

The hypnotist collected all of Freddy's discarded clothes and knowingly threw them off stage, to Daphne, before going back to his half-naked victim on stage with him.

Now Freddy you are a bird... lets see, what kind of bird should we make him ladies?
The girls started screaming ideas, he heard parakeet.

-”You are a parakeet Freddy, chirp like a parakeet!”

Immediatley Freddy began chirping like a bird, flapping his wings and 'flying' around the stage like a dainty little bird. At this point Shaggy was laughing himself silly. Seeing Freddy zooming around the stage flapping his arms like wings and chirping was just too much.

-”This is too much huh Scoob?” He leaned in whispering. Scooby laughed, “yeahhhhheh!”

-”Now, Freddy you are no longer a parakeet, you are a dog; yes, you are a dog and I am your master! On your knees Dog!”

Freddy fell to his knees, a look of fear suddenly coming over his hypnotized face.

-”Is it me or does Freddy look spooked out Scoob?” Shaggy whispered to Scooby, his eyes still locked on Fred, on stage, on all fours.

Scooby himself was virtually hypnotized. Seeing Freddy as a dog, he whistled flirtaciously at the stage, not even sure why.

-”He does look a little perturbed.” Velma concurred.

-”Shh!” This time it was Daphne to hush the others. She was enjoying seeing the normally in control Freddy under someone else's control for a change. It was fun and even a little kinky, she thought to herself. She didn't share those thoughts with the gang.

-”And now... to say our goodbyes. Dog Freddy, turn to the audience and say goodbye!”

Fred got up on his knees and barked three or four times, looking, almost horrified. He almost looked like he was trying to communicate something though no one in the gang would notice it initially.

In a cloud of smoke, the magician and Freddy were gone.

-”Impressive!” Velma joined the audience clapping. After a minute or more it started to become weird. Where were they? Scooby jumped up on stage and sniffed around. He pointed back stage.

-'Rat ray!'

-'Scooby says they went that-a-way. Come on girls.' Shaggy directed. But Velma and Daphne were already on their way up on stage to where Scooby was standing.

-”I don't get it. Where would they go?!” Daphne was confused.

-”You know, come to think of it, right before they vanished Freddy looked scared, like he knew something bad was going to happen.” Shaggy pointed out.

The gang followed Scooby out of the theatre and into the street. He seemed to lose the scent trail there.

-”They must have gotten into a car!” Velma whined.

-”Then that's means Freddy's been kidnapped! Zoinks! And he's probably still hypnotized so like, he doesn't even know he's been kidnapped!” Shaggy shrieked and shivered at the thought.

-”We don't know that for certain Shaggy.” Velma cautioned.


Fred Jones sat in the downstairs passageway, his fly open, his penis hard and fully liberated from his blue jeans. He was staring straight ahead at the wall-clock, its swinging pendulum going back and forth, back and forth, almost mimicking the motion of his penis, swinging, hardening... back... forth....

-”You like this don't you Freddy Jones?” The voice from his crotch... a shadowy voice that he wasn't even sure was there...

-”...Like this... yeah!” Freddy repeated as he felt his penis suctioned into someone's mouth; he could not fight, could not protest, he was utterly powerless to resist.


-”We'll take the Mystery Machine. You two check around the streets around the theatre!” Velma suggested as she and Daphne took off in Freddy's van.

-”Like you'd think they'd give the ones with the fastest metabolisms the car... they know we're going to have to like stop to get something to eat, right Scoob?”

-”Wright, raggy! Row about pizza?”


Daphne and Velma drove as far as the Highway on-ramp. Not knowing what they were looking for, other than Freddy, half-naked in a car... they were more like hoping to know what they were looking for when they found it, and they hadn't.

That's when Velma's phone rang. It was Shaggy.

-”Like, it's ok Velma. We found him. He was right outside the theatre, yeah, looking for us and his clothes!”

Shaggy gave Freddy a warm two-second rub on his bare shoulder. It didn't do much but it triggered in Freddy something rather profound, post-hypnotic even...


Fully reclothed, so-called crisis averted, the gang reunited, Freddy took the wheel and drove everyone home, making sure to leave Shaggy for last. Normally he dropped Daphne off last, but tonight he decided would be different. Daphne for her part was feeling a little weird. She could swear Freddy had a smell to him that he didn't have before. She couldn't put her finger on it, but he smelled, stale in some way. She said nothing.

She was so wrapped up in her thoughts she barely noticed that she was being dropped off first.

-”Oh, ok, goodnight gang. See you in the morning...” She chirped and got out of the van quickly. Freddy didn't even wait for her to make it up to her door; most often he would walk her up there himself.

-”Oh, well, he's probably just tired.” Daphne said aloud to herself. Little did Daphne know.

After Velma had been dropped off, Fred wasted no time bringing it up.

-”Shag... I um... I... er... listen, you've been hypnotized before, right? Several times if I recall some of our mysteries.”

-”Yeah... the ghost clown! He put me into a lion's cage and convinced me I was a lion tamer! He coulda killed me! GULP! And that Merlin magician? He turned Scooby and me into his hypnotized slaves, like we had to do everything he told us and we nearly killed you and the girls...”

-”That's just it Shag, I feel like I've been put into the lion's cage, though... I don't know why or what. I mean, I didn't do anything crazy tonight did I? I've never been hypnotized before!”

-”You were a little scary looking Fred.”

-”Scary?! How so?”

-”You just looked scared. It was kinda freaky seeing you look so terrified while you were in your trance just before you poof – vanished. It's like you knew what was coming.”

Freddy had a very brief flashback of a whispered voice telling him to prepare to leave...

-”Shag, I need you to come back to the theatre with me!”

Fred turned the Mystery Machine around in the middle of the street.

-”Now? Isn't it a bit late?” Shaggy asked, smelling another mystery in the air.

-”We need to see that Mesmo guy. I need to know why I can't remember anything!”

Freddy was doing just as he had been told; he had to bring Shaggy and Scooby to Mesmo. They were now en route.


-”Ah, Freddy, you returned quickly?” Master Mesmo opened the backstage door almost as quickly as Fred had knocked on it. Fred did not know how to respond, Shaggy did.

-”Like, you say that as if you were expecting him, Mesmo.” Shaggy seemed a little spooked by Mesmo's anticipation of their arrival. Freddy hadn't called in advance.

-”I do mean it. Please come in.”

He pointed the trio into a backstage passageway that lead to his small dressing room.

-”kinda small, huh Scoob?” Shaggy remarked. Freddy remained abnormally quiet for someone who was just intent on getting answers moments earlier.

-”Please, come in!”

-”Ok, Freddy, we're here. Ask him to remove his little hocus pocus spell and we can go!” Shaggy directed as he plopped himself down on a rather uncomfortable couch.

Freddy still said or did nothing. Scooby went up to him and ran his paw right up to Fred's gaze. The young blond detective didn't so much as blink.

-'Re's rypnotized Raggy!' Scooby declared alarmingly.

-”Oh no! Then that can only mean one thing Scoob!”


-”If Fred's still under this creep's control and he brought us here...? GULP!” Shaggy began to panic. Mesmo, for his part enjoyed watching this part most of all, though this was the first time he'd be hypnotizing a Great Dane.

-”Relax young man, relax. I had Fred bring you here for a reason.”

-”Oh yeah and what could that possibly be?” Shaggy asked somewhat stoically.

-”Now Fred!”

Fred pulled a red dog collar from his pocket and hooked it around the unsuspecting Scooby's neck. Once it was on, Mesmo laughed to himself. “This is why. Your dog is now completely under my hypnotic power, look!”

Shaggy turned his attention to Scooby who was now standing blank-eyed and stiff as a statue, almost alongside Freddy who was in a similar stance.

-”Oh no! What did you do to Scooby?”

-”He is wearing my prototype mind-control collar... I needed a non-human to test it on first and what better candidate than a dumb, goofy dog, isn't that right... Scoob?”

Scooby saluted and ruffed out, “Res Raster!”

Shaggy began to wail. “Oh Scoob! Ok, you fiend, so you see it works. Now let us go!”

-”Let you go? Now what kind of a host would I be if I did that? No, you see now that I know the collar works on the canine brain, I need a human guinea pig to test it out on.”

-”Zoinks?! You're not going to put that thing on Freddy are you?” Shaggy was biting his nails nervously.

-”Relax, no, I am not going to put this thing on Freddy. He's already hypnotized and under my control.”

-”But that means... I thought you said you only had the prototype!” Shaggy was alarmed as he saw Mesmo approach him with the neck collar.

-”I lied.” Mesmo joked.

Ducking right underneath him and dodging his first attempt at putting it on him, Shaggy came nose to nose with this hypnotized canine companion. He quickly tried to grab the collar off of Scooby's neck and had almost made it when Mesmo directed his two hypno-slaves, “Freddy, Scooby, hold onto your friend. Seize him!”

Like two robots, Freddy and Scooby Doo turned on their former friend, holding him by both now struggling arms.

-”Just long enough for me to affix this collar... there!” Within seconds the collar was on the struggling teen's neck and Shaggy's eyes immediately went blank and empty as his entire body straightened and came to a military readiness pose, awaiting commands.

-”Excellent. Now that I have the three of you under my complete hypnotic power, it's time to have some fun! What is your name young man?”

-”Shaggy Rogers, master.”

-”A strange name for a strange looking young man. Why don't you make yourself more comfortable, Sha-ggy... take off all your clothing except for your underpants, obey!”

-”Your wish is my command oh master.” And Shaggy kicked off his shoes, unbuckled his pants, stepped out of them, practically ripped off his green jersey and stepped out of his socks using his big toes as thumb-like appendages.

Freddy and Scooby remained frozen.

-”You have a thin wiry body slave!”

-”Yes master, a thin, wiry body.” Shaggy repeated like an automaton.

-”Why couldn't you bring me one of your better looking male friends, Fred?” Mesmo asked inquisitively.

-”I was already with Shaggy and Scooby. So I brought them.” Fred intoned dreamily, not knowing where he was or what he was even saying. For the briefest of flashes he asked himself, did I really bring Shaggy and Scooby back to see this hypnotist? But no sooner had that thought occurred to him was he back in full zombie-mode, awaiting his next order.

-”Very well. Fred, why don't you join your friend Shaggy and take off all your clothes except your underwear.

As Fred disrobed, Mesmo circled the nearly-naked Shaggy like a predator not entirely satisified with the kill. Almost angrily, he pulled down on Shaggy's black and green boxer shorts to reveal a bony white ass. He was hoping the kid's forward packaging would make up for all these shortcomings. He wouldn't be dissapointed. Shaggy's penis was huge! Not so much thick, but long, definitely long. Mesmo approximated it to be 8 or even 9 inches at full hardness.

Freddy in the meantime, was now down to his skivvies, standing alongside his discarded pile of clothing none the wiser of his predicament now that he was virtually nude.

The hypnotist circled the blonde youth who was far more body-weight proprortionate than his friend, even a little muscled. Freddy Jones went to the gym twice a week, sometimes three times and compared to Shaggy and Scooby, he ate like a bird. His body showed the work. Seeing Freddy's legs for the first time, Mesmo was satisfied. The blonde whisps of trace amounts of hair, his slightly tanned skin, still fair, muscled thighs and perfect calves. His feet were perfectly proportionate too; he guessed them to be a size ten or eleven, whereas Shaggy's very long, very thin bony feet were probably closer to a size 15 or thereabouts.

He yanked down Freddy's white boxer-briefs to reveal a slightly larger than average package surrounded by a slight carpeting of blond pubic hair.

-”Now, you're more my type Mr. Jones! But something is missing I think... oh yes!” The evil hypnotist leaned down to the pile of discarded clothes and picked up Freddy's patented orange ascot. He tied it around the blond's neck, making it the only article of clothing Fred had on.

-”Much better.” He stepped back to examine the zonked out teen. Fred Jones was probably one of his most handsome acquisitions and he looked deliciously vulnerable standing there wearning nothing but his ascot.

He took his time undressing himself intently examining his three hypnotized victims. When he was down to his underwear and socks, he stopped, turning towards the zombified Great Dane.

-”Scooby. In a moment I am going to remove the mind control collar from your neck but you will remain in your trance... you will remain hypnotized... deeply hypnotized and under my control. Do you understand slave?”

-”Res Raster!”

He wanted the collar on Fred Jones and he was willing to bet the dumb canine would remain firmly in his power even with it off. The collar now off, Scooby still stood there, no difference in his stance or state. He turned and put the collar on the already hypnotized Fred Jones.

If it were all possible for Fred's dazed, capitulated trance-face to have gone even more blank, even more hypnotized, it did as soon as the collar was firmly around his neck.

-”I await your commands master.” Fred spoke like a robot.

He wasted no time grabbing Fred's flaccid cock, wrapping his hand around it aggresively. “I want you to get hard slave, show me your hard penis!”

-”Yes master.” Fred's mind was now entirely focused on the command as Mesmo continued to stroke up and down and from side to side.

He grabbed Shaggy's hose while still working on Fred's.

-”You, Shaggy-slave! I want you hard. Make your penis hard!” And he could feel Shaggy's dick begin to pulsate and fill.

-”I am going to make you both cum. After you cum you will fall to your knees and praise me, your hypnotist-master!”

Both boys were nearly fully erect by now as Mesmo's ministrations and fondling were having the desired effect.

-”Cum now my slaves!”

First Fred, then Shaggy, erupted like machines spewing their semen all over the place. He caught whatever he could with his masturbating hands.

Fred and Shaggy collapsed to their knees.

-”I praise you my hypnotist master!” They spoke almost in unison, both utterly robotic.

He stood and went behind both young men, deciding where he wanted to 'paint'. He did afterall have two handfuls of fresh warm cum that could not go to waste. He decided for this first go, he'd start with their feet. So in short order, Fred's left size 11 foot was covered in Shaggy's cum and Shaggy's right size 14 foot was smeared virtually from toe to heel with Fred's semen.

-”Fred, repeat after me, having Shaggy's cum on your bare foot turns you on. Say it!”

-”Having Shaggy's cum on my bare foot turns me on.” For all his inflection, Fred might have been saying he was going to the store for a soda. Truth is, he had so much of Shaggy's cum on his foot, it was dripping down off his toes and onto the carpet.

Shaggy's foot was equally moist and shiny though because there was so much more of it and less semen from Fred's ejac, small patches of his soles remained sperm-free.

He was so caught up in admiring his artist handiwork he didn't see the sly canine sneaking up behind him with a laptop in his hands. In one swoop, Scooby pounded Mesmo in the head, knocking him out cold. He dropped the laptop and immediately went up behind Shaggy and Fred and removed their mind-control collars.

Shaggy came to first. Fred remained entranced.

-”I'm naked! Scoob, get me my clothes! Freddy!! Scooby? What happened? What's with Freddy?! Why are we naked?” Shaggy didn't know where to start first but he was already in his underpants and putting one leg into his brown pants.

-”Ewww! I'm... I came? Scooby, I'm covered and what's this on my...? Ew gross Scoob, my foot is covered in, gulp, cum!” Shaggy checked Fred's soles next. “Look, Scoob, Fred's foot too! We gotta wake him up and like get the heck outta here. You get the water, I'll start smacking him around, we gotta wake him up Scoob!”

Scooby grabbed the water on the dresser as Shaggy began smacking Fred in the face.

-”Huh? Shaggy? What's...? Where are my clothes?!!” Shaggy turned away and pointed at the pile on the floor.

Scooby then hurled the water, hitting both Fred and Shaggy in the face.

-”Scooby! He was up!” Shaggy said annoyed.

-”Rorry!” Scooby laughed slightly to the side.

-”Hey guys, is someone gonna tell me... him?! He's the magician guy that hypnotized me!” He noticed Mesmo lying on the floor.

-”That's right Freddy. And I suggest we get outta here before he rehypnotizes you or me, or Scoob.”

-”Right!” Scooby concurred as Fred put on his shirt and buttoned up his pants. With only his shoes and socks to go, Fred suddenly became aware of a slight difference between his feet... his left felt cold and damp, while his right felt perfectly normal.

-”Uh guys...?” Fred asked pointing at his sole.

-”Later Fred. Ok, later. I don't think Scooby hit this guy that hard, come on, let's bolt!”

Fred put his socks on grudgingly, and slipped his feet into his brown loafers. Shaggy and Scooby were pulling him out the door.

-”We can't just leave him here like this...” Fred said, still somewhat confused.

-”We'll call the cops as soon as we're clear! I'm taking this too!” Shaggy grabbed the magician's laptop and pushed Fred out the door.


Later that night...

-”Ok Freddy, we keep this all to ourselves. No one finds out!” Shaggy directed.

-”You said it. I still don't know how...” Fred cut himself off just as Shaggy was about to. They had been filled in entirely by their trusted hound, their liberator Scooby Doo.

The two were now in the parked mystery machine in the parking lot of the KFC, where they ordered their dinners with extra water so they could wash the sex off of their feet. Both threw their socks out the window after doing so.

-”I say we fire up the computer and see if we get any leads. There's gotta be a buncha of personal stuff on it we can use to nail that bastard!” Freddy suggested.

But unbeknownst to Freddy, Scooby had already done just that and was going through the computers picture files...

-”Scooby? What are you looking at?” Freddy asked.

-”Raked men.” Scooby replied a little embarrassed.

-”Naked men?” Fred exclaimed nervously. “Let me see that!”

Scooby handed Fred the laptop and he and Shaggy checked out the photos Scooby was looking at. There were dozens of young men, all appearing to be completely hypnotized, naked and in various sex acts with other guys.

Fred and Shaggy exchanged embarrassed glances.

-”Hey look there's a video here! Do we dare guys?!” Fred asked nervously.

-”What the heck? It can't get much worse, can it?!” Shaggy's high pitched voice was bordering on a breakdown.

Fred double clicked on the file icon. Seconds later a green and black spiral suddenly took over the screen. Fred and Shaggy were instantly caught, Scooby, seconds after. All three young sleuths sat gawking at the laptop screen as it rehypnotized all three of them. After twenty minutes, Fred got out of the car and went to a pay phone across the street.


-”Ah, welcome back my problematic trio.” A Mesmo with a towel around his head greeted the three at the theatre backdoor as instructed. Shaggy, Fred and Scooby entered in single file in that order.

-”Back into my dressing room!” Mesmo barked. He sounded angry.

Once inside, the door locked, he immediately affixed the two mind-control collars on Shaggy and Fred.

Both young men came to erect attention as their collars returned to their necks.

-”Now slaves Fred and Shaggy, I want to know everything you remembered about this evening's activities... did your pooch give you all the gory details?”

-”Yes master. He told us you milked us and put our cum on each other's feet, sir.” Fred responded blankly.

-”And let me guess... this angered you Freddy Jones did it not? Some strange man using your hypnotized mind and body for his own pleasure?”

-”We washed the shit off our feet master. We were both disgusted.” Freddy reported.

-”And you Shaggy... you didn't find it hot, having Fred's cum on your foot?”

-”No master. I found it sickening sir.”

-”Perfect! Slaves, strip naked now, get hard and await my next commands!” Mesmo ordered as he looked in the mirror at the huge bump on his head. His head was throbbing and he probably should have gone to hospital but hearing Freddy's hypnotized voice on the phone... he had to have them back, if for nothing more to do his standard cleanup before release. He hadn't had that opportunity having been knocked out by that blasted dog and there were too many loose ends with them not recontained.

The two friends were now naked, swaying gently side-by-side, but remain perfectly still otherwise.

-”Fred, repeat after me: “I love being hypnotized.”

-”I love being hypnotized.”

-”Shaggy, same thing!”

-”Like, I love being hypnotized.”

-”You are each going to come back to see me every day for more hypnosis but you will tell no one. You will tell no one unless I tell you to tell them. Like, Fred, who is your most good looking male friend in Coolsville?”

-”Hank Albertson, master. He's a football God!” Fred almost sounded like he was in love with the guy. He just admired the heck out of him is all.

-”Describe him to me... tell me what Hank Albertson looks like!” Mesmo ordered.

Fred had to think for a second, not sure where to start. “Brown hair, I think he has green eyes, maybe hazel, he's at least six foot five inches tall and must weigh like 300 pounds. The guy is built like a truck!”

Mesmo was intrigued. He liked the bigger ones. The bigger they were, usually, the harder the fall.

-”You are going to bring Hank to me. You will tell him that I can use my hynosis to help his football game, his focus... you want to convince Hank to be hypnotized... say it!”

-”I want to convince Hank to be hypnotized.” He grabbed hold of Freddy's nearly full erect penis and pulled him like a dog on a leash into the center of the room where the light was strongest.

-”And you Shaggy. You must have a good looking male friend, like Freddy here?! Just because you're ugly as sin doesn't mean everyone you hang out with has to be ugo's does it? Heh heh heh!”

-”No master. My friend Chuck Matthers is considered good looking. He's always with a different girl.”

-”Describe him to me!” The command was abrupt, even a little rushed.

-”Chuck? He's great. He looks a lot like Jensen Ackles of Supernatural. Dark blonde hair, puppy dog eyes, nice body, he surfs.”

Mesmo licked his lips. A dirty-blond surfer boy... now there's a prize.

-”Listen to me Shaggy, you want to convince Chuck Mathers to come and see me. You want me to hypnotize Chuck Mathers, say it!”

-”I want you to hypnotize Chuck Mathers.” Shaggy echoed.

-”You will think of an appropriate reason, do what you have to, but bring him to me one day this week, after 3 pm. You will bring him here.”

-”I will bring him here.”

-”Now, I want all three of you standing so that all three of your cocks are touching. You will have to get very close to each other... you might even have to step on each other's feet... remember Freddy... remember what having Shaggy's cum on your bare sole did to you?

-”Turned me on.”

-”That's right Freddy Jones. It turned you on. And it's turning you on right now as you think about it my handsome young slave...”

He could only see their backsides, Fred and Shaggy had gone to stand alongside Scooby who was now equally erect.

-”Two bad we only have the two collars otherwise I'd have you as my robot slave as well you pesky dog. For now, I'll just have to settle for you being hypnotized. Say it Scooby! Say it!”

-”I am rypnotized!” Scooby's enslaved mind would have him agree to just about anything at this point. And that would very soon be tested.

-”Scooby Doo! Listen to your master... You're going to cum all over your friends and when you do you will own them. Freddy and Shaggy will be your slaves!”

-”My slaves?!” Scooby repeated back in the form of a question. He had never thought of Shaggy as his slave and Shaggy had never treated Scooby like he was a slave.

-”That's right Scooby Doo... you are so turned on now... you're going to cum when I tell you to... Fred, Shaggy, when Scooby Doo cums on you, you will both fall to your knees and realize that Scooby Doo is your master. In fact, he might even decide to hypnotize you himself, to ensure your servitude to him... Scooby, once Fred and Shaggy fall to their knees you will take this amulet and rehypnotize them. You will find as you hypnotize Fred and Shaggy you are getting turned on again, that is ok... we want that!”

He stepped back to watch the scenario unfold.

-”Cum now Scooby Doo!” Scooby came all over Fred's and Shaggy's bare chests, hitting them like liquid bullets, knocking them down to their knees, first Shaggy, then Fred.

-”Rook at the ramulet guys!” Scooby began swinging the pendulum back and forth in front of Fred's and Shaggy's gazes.

-”Sleeeeeepy.... you are my slaves guys!” Scooby was getting into it now.

-”We are your slaves.” Fred and Shaggy intoned blankly in unison, knowing it to be true. Somehow, their trusted hound had not only hypnotized them but enslaved their minds as well. This didn't phase Fred or Shaggy at all, they loved being hypnotized and were only too happy to oblige their canine master. Both stared upward at Scooby Doo, two identical looks of adulation on their trance-foolish faces. They needed to obey. They had to obey. They were going to obey...

Mesmo laughed heartily.

-”And the best is yet to come Mystery Inc.! The best is yet to cum!”

He stepped back and lit a cigarette, wondering to himself what he would have his three latest man-prizes do next.

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