Tobias 101

For all his wonderfully erotic and engaging hypno-fiction, this one is dedicated to Hyptrance. Dude, thank you and... SLEEP! :)

Tobias Chesney was the hottest guy on campus. Of course, our two-bit college only had 300 or so students but even if we had 300,000 students he'd still be sitting pretty at the top of the A-list. Everyone knew him and everyone loved him. All around nice guy, football jock and psych. Major, a definite ladies' man, but a gentleman just the same. By all outward appearances, Tobias, Toby as his friends knew him, had it all. But things are rarely as they appear to be.

Toby worked two jobs, attended school full-time and helped his mom raise and look after his five younger brothers. He was a few years older than the average student but his youthful good looks made that all but impossible to discern. He looked to be about my age... I'm nearly 20.

Like all the other ladies and a few of the guys, I fell head over heels for the guy -- the guy I knew I could never have. Actually, the first time I saw him, I walked headfirst into a door. I didn't fall, but I might as well have. I was bruised for days, in more ways than one. Why did I always seem to fall for guys that I couldn't have?

Of course we weren't in any classes together that first semester but wouldn't you know I happened to overhear him talking about his schedule for the following semester and I just knew I had to take a psych class as one of my elective courses.

And so, that's exactly what I did. I signed up for Abnormal Psych and soon found myself sitting directly across from my phantom dreamboat. I don't even think he knew I existed and that was fine because if he had noticed me, he'd have realized I was staring at him from head to toe, at virtually every opportunity.

Ok, truth be told... I found the class extremely boring so having some eye-candy distraction helped big time. I could care less about psychology, that is, until we began that chapter on hypnosis. As luck would have it, our second assignment of the semester required us to pair up and on that fateful day in early February, I just happened to be seated right next to Tobias. According to the teacher's random establishing of groups, I was paired up with my demi-god, and truth be told, I nearly wet my pants.

That compulsion was overridden mind you as soon as I heard Professor Tanner tell us what our assignment was. We had to hypnotize each other, over and over and over again, conducting a battery of tests and experiments and then, we had to assemble our data in the form of a 10-page report. I never went from nearly peeing in my pants to nearly cumming in my pants so quickly and I had to shift in my seat to make sure no one saw Mr. Wood springing to attention. I don't think anyone did.

As Professor Tanner continued to brief us on all the "tests" we were going to administer to our hypnotized subjects, I couldn't help but peer over at the hunk that I would soon be getting intimately involved with. Man, was he a looker! Golden blonde hair, with lighter blonde wisps going off in all the cardinal directions; his deep green eyes, his fair complexion, peppered with just a sprinkle of day-old stubble, his perfectly sloped nose, those succulent kissable lips...

I was jostled out of my own trance-like state when Tobias raised his hand to ask the professor a question, a question that saw whatever traces left in my erection, disappear.

-"Um, sir..." he started out, sounding unsure of himself it was almost cute. "Couldn't we just pair off on our own?" He asked looking back at me once or twice for no more than a nano-second. Each time I felt his stare though, I withdrew deeper into myself until I was no larger than a pea... almost vanished from the room. Obviously, I was still very much there, I just felt like I had left.

-"No Mr. Chesney, the groups are set, as is. As you all no doubt realized, you are paired up in same-sex groups. There's a reason for that. A few years ago there were a few young men in this class who... er... chose to use this experiment as a way to... shall we say, manipulate several young women into um, sexual situations. Same sex pairings are one way to safeguard against such a thing happening again."

-"Unless someone is gay!" someone muttered from the back of the class, but loud enough for everyone to hear. The professor did not respond to the remark. Instead, he continued on about the assignment. I could barely hear a word he was saying. Inside my head, I kept thinking, Tobias and I just had our first mini-lover's quarrel, and he had scorned me something terrible. Still, I couldn't stay angry with the guy, nobody could. And after all, I would be hypnotizing him sometime soon...

Professor Tanner dismissed us exactly on time, at 4 o'clock on the hour, as usual. Heaven forbid he should let us out like even five minutes early. I inched my way out of the crowded lecture hall as discretely as I could, making sure to not make eye contact with Tobias. I was nearly out the door when a hand from behind me, grabbed me by the shoulder, shrugging me somewhat backward. I was, in both senses of the phrase, taken aback.

As I turned, I was stunned to see him, standing there before me, about to utter his first words to me. And I, winner that I am, recoiled slightly, in emotional preparation.

-"Hey dude, sorry about that before. I just wanted to work with Stephanie Gillis on this project ya know? My name's Tobias Chesney." He extended his hand out to mine and all my defenses melted right then and there. I probably would have jumped out the window had he asked me to do it, no hypnosis required!

-"Uh... I'm... Darnel... Darnel Clarke." I stumbled to re-arrange the contents of my right hand so that I might shake Tobias' firm, bronzed man-hand.

-"So dude, when do you want to hypnotize me?" He asked the question so casually, he might very well have been asking me if I knew what time it was. Little did he know what was going on in my head as he asked the question! Here's this guy I've fantasized about for months but never even said one word to... and now, I get to hypnotize him? Man, someone upstairs was certainly being extra-nice to me, huh? You can probably guess what books I checked out of the library that day...

I never read that much information on a single subject in my entire life. In fact, as I finished up with the eighth or ninth book, several days later, I could honestly say, I felt as though I were actually hypnotized! I didn't want to read anything but the comics for the next three years! But, I had amassed a wide knowledge base on hypnotism, including various types of inductions, deepening exercises, post-hypnotic triggers. "Move over Svengali, there's a new dude in town!" I said to myself right before collapsing into one of the most erotic dreams I've ever had, the latest hypno-book completed, resting comfortably on my groin.

Scheduling time with Tobias was much more difficult than I ever thought it would be. He was always running around somewhere, going to one of his two jobs or having to be home to watch his brothers while his mother worked the nightshift at a local bank. She was a night-security guard for a bank, believe it or not!

So I run into Tobias in the hall after my biology class and he slips me this piece of paper -- his home phone number! I almost died! We came within two inches of each other, it was a very intimate exchange, brief as it was.

-"Call me tonight after 8pm. I'm not working tonight, so I'll be home!" He chirped, smiled, winked and then flew off somewhere. The halls were so jammed pack with students I was actually starting to get a little claustrophobic, so I stepped backward into a classroom that had just cleared out.

It was my professor's other abnormal psych class and there were two guys up front at the podium, talking to the professor. I pretended not to be interested but I listened nonetheless. Both guys were hot, not "Tobias-hot" mind you, but hot. The darker haired guy was speaking first.

-"But sir, if I can't be hypnotized, I can't be hypnotized! Shawn tried everything he could to put me under and it just didn't work! I mean, I was able to hypnotize him ok..."

Professor Tanner looked down at the guy, rather sternly, took a couple of seconds then replied rather dryly,

-"Mr. Jennings, I could hypnotize you right here, right now!" he boasted while he grabbed the darker haired guy by the neck, positioned himself over him and simply said the words, "SLEEP NOW!"

And with that, "Mr. I can't be hypnotized" dropped like a rock, the professor barely catching his totally limp body as his friend Shawn looked on with rapt fascination.

-‘Holy shit! Y...You hypnotized him... Just like that?!" The lighter haired boy exclaimed in utter incredulity.

All the while, my dick was practically piercing through my pants, though I did have the good sense to use my book and binder to cover my crotch area. Seeing that dude, draped over the professor's arm like a wet-blanket...ooooh!

-"Yes Shawn, I have hypnotized Mr. Jennings, so it would appear his theory that he can't be hypnotized is full of holes. Isn't that right Mr. Jennings?"

-"Full...o...holes..." the young man sleepily replied. That about did it for me. I could feel the pre-cum oozing into my briefs.

I couldn't wait to do this with Tobias, but I wasn't going anywhere until I saw how this particular scene unfolded. Up until that point, neither Shawn, the professor or his hypnotized student had even realized I was standing there.

-"Ah, Mr...?"

-"Clarke... Darnel Clarke." I answered back sheepishly, my cover now officially blown. (Pardon the pun).

-‘Mr. Clarke is in my other class." He briefly explained to Shawn. "Did you want to see me for something Mr. Clarke?"

-"Uh, yeah!" I said quickly thinking on my feet. "But it's not that important, it can wait!" I replied, signaling him to finish up with his other students first. I was so happy when he did just that.

-"Now Shawn, do you think you could hypnotize Rick here like that?" He asked the still stunned teen.

-"To be honest... no, I don't!" Shawn sounded defeated.

-"Very well. Rick listen to me and obey! Whenever you hear your friend Shawn say the words, "Hypnotic Sleep" you will go back into this trance, only you will go ten times deeper each time!" Repeat that for me Rick will you?

The frozen guy, asleep on his feet, but being held up by the professor, limply repeated back,

-"When Shawn says hypnotic sleep I will go ten times deeper into trance each time..."

I was in awe. Rick even sounded like one of those hypnotized guys you see or hear in the movies or on tv -- he sounded like a fuckin' zombie! His voice had like zero intonation, it could have been the voice of a robot or something!

And then, as quickly as it started, the professor snapped his fingers and Rick gradually came to.

-"Wh..What happened?" Were his first words. "Was I? He looked around the room, at first at Shawn, then the professor, then me. He was confused as heck and it showed on his face.

-"I hypnotized you Mr. Jennings. Indeed, you are very hypnotizable and you will find that Shawn will have no further problem hypnotizing you!" The professor gave Shawn, and then me a quick wink-wink before Rick thanked the professor and sauntered out of the room, his buddy right behind him. He was still a bit dazed as evidenced by his slow-motion walk out of the classroom. I made a point of taking a mental picture of Rick. If he's as suggestible as the professor thinks he is, perhaps I could meet up with him somewhere and trigger him into hypnotic sleep...

-"So, Mr. Clarke, what can I do for you?" He asked me while assembling some of his papers from the desktop.

-"Uh, well, I've been having some problems coordinating time with my study partner and I was just wondering if it were possible to maybe get an extension on the report submission date?" Hey, you can't blame a guy for trying. Besides, I needed to have some excuse for being there and I was starting to worry that Tobias and I might be pushing it some in terms of the deadline for the assignment.

-"Sorry Mr. Clarke. There are no extensions in my class. You either hand in the assignment on time, or you fail. It's very black and white."

I thought he was being rather curt, but what else could I say...? "Thanks sir." And I left the room, almost as sheepishly as Rick Jennings had.


That night at 8:01 pm I called the number Tobias had given me. It only rang once before he answered it.

-"Tobias?" I asked rather meekly, certain it was him anyway.

-"Nah, this is Fisher! Hold on! TOBY!! PHONE!" The voice yelled out so loud I jumped, but part of me was jumping because I was so sure that Fisher was Toby. Freaky how similar the two brothers sounded.

-"Yellow?" Toby picked up an alternate extension as the previous one clicked off.

-"Tobias?" I asked again, a little less confident than before.

-"Yup! Whose this?" Even his hello-voice was sexy!

-"Darnel. You know. Um, Clarke. I mean, from abnormal psych?!" Gawd I sounded so lame.

-"Oh yeah man I've been expecting your call! Can you come over tonight? See, ‘cause I can't leave here, my mom, she leaves to work at ten and I've got a few younger brothers that I have to be at home for, you know?"

-"Tonight? I guess I could make it. But it's already eight o'clock. Where do you live?" I was trying very hard to regain some of my composure.

-"323 Aladeen Lane -- past the Farmer's market, off Sutton."

I tried to get a mental picture of the area -- it was out of town, or almost -- definitely on the outskirts.

-‘Guy, it'll take me a while to get out there -- what say I come by for like 10 o'clock?' I suggested, hoping that wouldn't be too late and at the same time, hoping I'd miss his mother on her way to work. I don't know why, but lusting after her straight son, I kinda figured she might not take to me too kindly.

-"Sure man. Ten o'clock is cool. It'll just be Matthias, Judas, Fisher and me up, hope you don't mind?"

-"Nah. As long as we can get our work done!" I tried to sound scholastic, truth be told, I had my own work that I wanted to do and it involved nothing to do with academia.

So we were all set. In an hour and a half or so, I'd be "hanging" with Tobias Chesney and his three younger brothers, Matthias Fisher and Judas. As I got myself ready I couldn't help but wonder if Tobias would be the only Chesney brother I'd be hypnotizing tonight...


The Chesney abode was meager and yet clean -- a converted farmhouse from a previous century that at the very least, gave the family the four bedrooms and two bathrooms it so desperately needed. From the outside though, the house was in quite the state, even the steps up to the house looked as though they could collapse any minute and I walked them gingerly and quickly, for fear of injury.

When Tobias opened the door and invited me in, I was a little stunned to see how his family lived. Again, though the place was clean, it was sparse, very basic, almost like something from the Walton's era or something. I felt a little bad but Tobias gave no indication of having a problem with his living arrangement, so neither did I.

-"Clarke! Come in! You just missed ma -- she works as a Security guard at Second National. This is my younger brother Matthias..."

-"Hey!" Matthias waved in my direction. Another Adonis! What magazine did this family spring out of?

-"...In the corner there, finishing up his algebra homework is Judas!" Tobias continued on with the familial introductions.

-"Hi!" I said first.

-‘Whatever.' The blonde bare-chested teen didn't even raise his eyes from the textbook but I could tell he was another stud, very similar in appearance to Tobias, but smaller, younger and with lighter hair.

-"And finally, going to bed NOW -- is, 14-year old Elias! To BED Elias! I'm not gonna say it again!" Tobias was using a stern tone I had never heard before. A perfect 10 on the sexy-meter if you ask me. Why couldn't he be commanding me to bed I secretly wondered to myself? He wouldn't get any argument from me, I'll tell you!

-"Can't I watch him hypnotize you Toby?" Elias begged, sounding more like a seven year old than a fourteen year old, actually. Still, it was a cute display if I ever saw one.

-"Sorry squirt! Matty and Jude will tell you all about it in the morning, I'm sure!" Tobias ushered his younger brother half-way down the hall and then spanked his backside, playfully.

-"Awgh, nuts!" Elias stomped away, presumably, in the direction of his bedroom. All I kept thinking was, Judas and Matthias were gonna be watching us do our hypnosis experiment?! That was certainly going to present a problem that I simply could not have.

Toby must have sensed what I was thinking because he turned back to me and said,
"Dude, I hope you don't mind if my brothers watch us hypnotize each other?"

I took a few seconds to respond, hoping my pause would convey what I wanted -- that I wasn't all that comfortable with the idea. It did just that.

-"Tobias, I've never been hypnotized before -- I don't know if I want an audience for it, ya know?!" I tried to sound equally apologetic and stern.

Tobias looked over at his brothers. "Ok, how about this?" He seemed to be proposing, "when I hypnotize you, we'll go into my room. When you hypnotize me, we'll do it out here in the living room?"

He got me there. Why wouldn't I want to hypnotize him in front of his brothers? Hmmm. Why indeed? I had to think super-fast on my feet now to counter the argument.

-"I dunno Tobias. I've never hypnotized anyone before either. I think we need to minimize on distractions. Maybe once you are hypnotized, I could invite them into your bedroom to watch us go through that list of tests and stuff, but I think for the actual hypnotizing it should be one-on-one!" Gosh I hope that didn't sound too lame, I was in fact, sweating with anticipation of his response.

-‘You're probably right ya know?" He agreed with me, slapping me on the shoulder kinda roughly. "Ok, you want something to drink?" He asked me amicably enough.

-"Nah, I'm fine, thanks." I rubbed my shoulder a bit, it seemed hot from the slap.

-"I'm gonna grab me a brewsky. Sure you don't want one?" He asked again.

-"Oh ok, I'll have one!" His smile got me every time! I don't even like beer! Tobias left me in the room with his two younger brothers. Matthias came up to me immediately.

-"Dude, when you hypnotize Toby, you gotta let me and Jude in on it ‘cause we have something we wanna do to him, ok?" He kept looking over my shoulder to see if Tobias was coming back from the kitchen. Then Judas, from across the room, took his head out of his book, looked up at me and whispered, "Just tell us once you have him under!"

Tobias came back into the room a couple of seconds later, handing me a Bud. Not my normal drink, but whatever, I thanked him just the same before taking a small initial swig.

-"So let's get started. This way!" He pointed me in the direction of his bedroom and I obligingly followed.

The room was quaint, small, with two single beds and two nightstands. There was a small dresser-drawer by the window and a few books scattered around surface areas. There were also several pairs of socks and underwear on the floor that Tobias picked up, somewhat embarrassed.

-"This is Fisher's crap mostly. He had some hot date tonight so that's why the room looks like Hurricane Bertha blew through here." He explained.

-"No worries Tobias." I said reassuringly, before outright lying to him, "My room is waay messier than this!" I tried to sound extra-consoling, even though I didn't have to. From everything I read though, I knew I had to establish a rapport with him, as quickly as possible.

Having amassed a small arm-full of under-clothing, chucking it into his open closet and closing the door, Tobias practically did a back flip onto the far right bed. I was almost left speechless by his sudden display of wild acrobatics, but this being his room, he'd probably done that millions of times before.

-"Shit are you in the circus or something? That was amazing!" I said jokingly, again, with the rapport factor in mind.

-"Nah! Just getting' some of that hyper energy out. I figure you'll hypnotize me first?" He batted his eyelashes as he said that too... how could I refuse such a humble request? And it was actually imperative that I hypnotize him first if my plan was going to work.

-‘Sure, whatever you like. So I guess you should make yourself comfortable?" With that suggestion, Tobias kicked off his red and white Adidas sneakers and wiggled his white- socked toes a bunch of times. He then took off the Yankees baseball cap he was wearing and placed it on the nightstand. I, for one was taken by the wiggling toes -- Toby had pretty big feet. Bigger than mine anyway and I wear a size 12.

-"Ok, I'm ready! Hypnotize me!" He smiled at me expectantly as I inched closer to him, like a predator about to go in for the kill...

I began the induction of choice immediately.

-"Look into my eyes Tobias - -look deeply into my eyes, focus and relax -- focus on my eyes, my eyes, focus on the sound of my voice and my eyes, deeper and deeper --they pull you in, deeper... just relax and let go... let go of all that stress, all that responsibility you have, let it all go as you slip deeper and deeper and deeper into a state of relaxation. Focus on the sound of my voice and on my eyes, let them pull you in deeper and deeper... so relaxed now, aren't you Tobias?" His eyes had not broken from mine since the beginning.

-"yeah...relaxed..." He slurred. This was my cue to continue.

-"Good, now I want you to relax even deeper -- and for that, your body needs to let go of all its stress, all the tension in your muscles must leave you now and I'm going to help you with that... now, first feel your toes, wiggle them around for me..."

Tobias' socked feet twitched and flexed as requested.

-"Now, feel this wave, this golden wave of deep relaxing energy slowly coming over the tips of your toes... relaxing them, making it harder and harder for you to move your toes... your toes Tobias, they're now paralyzed, in such a deep state of relaxation they are essentially useless now, and that wave of relaxing energy is not just stopping with your toes -- it's making its way up the soles of your feet now, your feet are becoming sooo heavy, soooo deeply relaxed, that like your toes, you cannot move them now... try and move your feet and see if you will find it very difficult to move your feet."

Tobias seemed to struggle for a few seconds, but, true to form, neither his left, nor his right foot budged an inch.

"Your ankles are now almost entirely enveloped, cushioned in this wave of utter relaxation -- so deeply relaxed, so heavy. As this wave of relaxing energy pulses and meanders up your legs now, feel how heavy they are... they are made of lead, yet so completely and so thoroughly relaxed... so deeply relaxed..."

I took a moment to pause. Tobias' face was priceless. He was asleep and going deeper with each suggestion, I could tell by his muscle tone -- his body was becoming as limp as an old rag doll's. I wanted to get on top of him right then and there but I knew I wasn't finished with my mega-induction yet.

-"Always staying focused on my voice Tobias, it makes you relax even more, hearing my voice, but you must stay focused on it... you hear nothing but the sound of my voice as that wave of energy makes it way up your thighs, paralyzing them with relaxation. Feel the tension completely gone now from your lower body, so relaxed, so deeply relaxed."

-"Reee-laaaaxed..." Tobias echoed hypnotically, sounding a lot like Rick did in the classroom that day.

I continued on with my full body induction until Tobias' scalp was completely engulfed in the relaxation field I had created around him. Now I just had to determine how deeply under he was.

-"Tobias. Listen to my voice. In a moment I'm going to ask you to give me the names of your brothers but you will find that you cannot remember their names no matter how hard you try. In fact, the harder you try to remember your brothers' names, the more unable you will be to actually remember them. Is that clear?"

Tobias took a few seconds, seemingly, to process the request I had made of him.

-"Yeah." He answered, licking his dry lips as he spoke.

-"Ok, Tobias. I need to know the names of your brothers for my research study. Can you tell me their names in order of age?"

-"Sure!" Tobias started off sounding ever so confident. After a few second pause, I interjected, "Is there a problem Tobias?"

-"I...I... can't remember their names... why? I... I'm trying to... God, what's the matter with me? Um... I..."

Tobias seemed somewhat alarmed so I stepped in quickly, "That's ok Tobias, I don't need to know their names, and you will find now that you can remember all your brothers names, there is no need to worry, just relaaax, deeper and deeper..."

Whatever potential anxiety he was feeling, dissipated instantly however, what it told me was that he wasn't as deep as I needed him to be. We'd have to descend a few staircases together, Tobias and I, before he was ready for the next and most critical phase of my plan...


..."Four hundred and eighty six, four hundred eighty seven, four hundred..."

I stopped the hypnotized stud from counting his downward steps for fear if he continued he'd hypnotize me in the process. Tobias' voice was a complete monotone -- a metronome had more tonal variety than Tobias' inflectionless voice. He was under, quite deeply.

At the one hundredth step, I suggested to Tobias that his feet were on fire, burning up and I watched with glee as his "frozen" toes and feet began to twitch uncontrollably, obviously from the heat suggestion. As he continued to recite the step numbers he was descending into, it was step 111 when he kicked his left sock off and step 114 when he kicked his right one off. Once he was barefoot I relieved him of the heat suggestion and he continued on with his hypnotic descent downward.

At the 200th step, I had suggested to Tobias that both his arms and legs were lighter than his head and torso, and with immense satisfaction, I watched as both of Tobias' arms and legs began to elevate toward the chipped-paint ceiling. I of course, re-positioned myself at the foot of the bed to watch the action from that angle. I never saw Tobias barefoot before and he had some sexy man-feet and ankles! High arch, that pinkish-peachy coloring that I loved so, perfectly shaped toes that descended in order -- if the rest of him was a sexy as his feet, I knew I'd be in for quite a treat!

Just then, the door to the bedroom opened and the bare-chested Judas entered followed by a tip-toeing Matthias.

-"Dude is he hypnotized yet?" Judas asked me, whispering again.

-"Of course, he's hypnotized look at him!" Matthias slapped Judas on the shoulder. Geez these guys sure liked to slap each other around a lot. In the meantime, brother Tobias continued reciting his staircase numbers, completely oblivious to his brothers' presence.

-"Guys, I'm still deepening him! It takes time!" I walked toward them, trying to imply that they should get out now.

-‘He looks plenty hypnotized to me!" Judas spoke out loud for the first time since I had arrived. Like his two other brothers, he had a sexy voice.

-"Look, give me another half hour or so, maybe an hour! I still have several tests I have to administer, don't forget guys, this is for school!" I pleaded with them.

Judas and Matthias looked at each other and took their cue. I closed the door behind them and went back to my position, at the foot of the bed.

Tobias continued counting and counting until at 250 his arms and legs were extended fully, ramrod toward the ceiling, it was quite the sight to behold, and behold it, I did.

At the 300th step, his body now limp, relaxed back into a normal lying down position, I suggested to Tobias that his upper body was burning up. I told him it was 98 degrees in the room and that he had to "ditch" the shirt to get cooler and more comfortable. At step 320, I was staring, no, gawking at my bare-chested Adonis, counting his six pack in my head as he continued with his own counting. His nipples were magazine-perfect, in fact from everything I'd seen, he was magazine perfect from head to toe. His chest was entirely hairless which I found a little odd, because I could see a fair amount of fair colored hair on his ankles and lower legs. His arms were muscled as well. When did someone with his schedule find the time to buff at the gym I wondered before noticing the bench press and weight-set in the corner of the bedroom.

I knew I couldn't have Tobias remove any more articles of clothing if his brothers wanted in on the act sometime soon. So by the time Tobias was on step three hundred eighty six, I told him that with each further step he took downward, he would imagine himself becoming a greater and greater hypnotist, and that his desire to hypnotize Judas and Matthias together, tonight, would grow with each step he took downward.

I gave that suggestion 100 steps worth and made Tobias stop counting. Now, he just lay there, a comatose rag-doll waiting for suggestions -- from me! Knowing my time limit with Judas and Matthias probably lurking at the other side of the door, I worked quickly.

-"Tobias, listen to my voice -- remember and obey! When I and only I say the words, hypnotic sleep you will return to this deep trance state, only ten times deeper than you are now. Do you understand?"

With what appeared to be a great deal of effort, the young stud replied back blankly,

-‘hypnotic sleep go ten times as deep..." He created a rhyme -- I love him!

-"One more thing Tobias. When you wake up you will remember trying to hypnotize me over and over again, and it not working. I will suggest to you that we try it on your brothers and you will think that's a brilliant idea. Got it?" I very lightly caressed his cheek.

In order for Tobias' brothers to get him ‘under their power' they would first have to submit to Tobias. This was part of my plan, but I had no way of knowing of course that his brothers were going to be interested in hypnosis to begin with. More likely they were interested in embarrassing Tobias or something. Still, I realized, right before waking Tobias up, I had no idea what they wanted to do with him. I thought for a second and left Tobias, still hypnotized, lying on the bed.
I found Judas and Matthias in the living room area doing their own things. Ok, so they weren't snooping at the door.

-"Guys, listen, I'm about to wake Tobias up, but before I do, I wanna know what you guys wanted to do with him!"

Judas spoke first, a smirk planted on his creamy white face.

-"Nothing bad really, we just wanted to make Tobias our slave for like a week or so!"

From Matthias:

-"Yeah, he's always bossing us around, it'll be good for him to serve us for a change!"

I was floored. In a way, a weird way, Tobias' brothers wanted the same thing I wanted -- to make Tobias my slave! Well... Ok then! I processed the request accordingly before responding thoughtfully.

-"Listen, guys, I don't know about that. Gimme a few minutes and we'll come out!" I walked back toward the bedroom and left them stirring. If they were going to listen at the door, now was the time.

I closed the door to Tobias' bedroom quickly and ran to the bedside of my hypnotized stud.

-"Ok, Toby, when I snap my fingers and count to three you will awaken, remembering that I hypnotized you, but not remembering the various suggestions I gave you throughout the process, especially your hypnotic trigger, hypnotic sleep. One -- Two -- Three!" I snapped my fingers and watched with great satisfaction as animation returned to Tobias' face. He rubbed his eyes, yawned, stretched, looked up at me, looked at his bare chest, his bare feet, and then seemed to do something with this eyes that conveyed to me that he knew I had hypnotized him.

-"Man, you did the hot-cold test on me, right? I don't remember, but I musta been burning up, I'm half naked here!" I tossed him his shirt from the floor as I replied, fingers crossed and behind my back, "Tobias, you were so hot, I had to stop you from undoing your jeans! You're super-suggestible and make for an excellent subject. Too bad I'm such a poor hypnotic subject though, huh? Hey I know, why don't we try it out on your brothers?" I tried to make it sound like it was just a passing thought but I was watching Tobias very carefully.

Tobias seemed to be processing everything I said along with his post-hypnotic conditioning.

-"That's brilliant dude! I'll hypnotize them and then I'll use their test results as if they were you. Professor Tanner would never know the difference!"
Truth be told, we coulda both fudged our numbers and test results and professor Tanner would likely never know, but at least this way, Tobias would have a real subject to work on and test.

He got up from the bed, shirt back on, not bothering with the socks and followed me into the living room. As soon as we entered Judas spoke up,

-"Man, tell me he's still hypnotized!"

-"He doesn't look hypnotized!" Matthias seemed heartbroken.

-"I am not hypnotized you dweebs!" Tobias assured them. "But I need you two to be my subjects. I just can't seem to hypnotize Darnel, no matter how hard I try.

Judas and Matthias exchanged petrified glances and almost concurrently,

-"Oh no!" Matthias picked up on that, "Man, we're already like his slaves!"

-"Guys!" I quickly interjected, walking right up to them so that I could whisper. "Tobias has a trigger. That means now I can hypnotize him whenever I want. We need this for a school project. Let him put you guys under and I'll let you do what you wanna do later. Promise!" And I did a brief cross my heart sign to show that I was sincere.

-"Fine!" Judas said almost smugly. "Hypnotize me! I bet you can't!" Tobias, true to my hypnotic suggestions, approached his younger brother with intense determination.

-"We'll just see about that!" Tobias seemed so confident it was such a bonus turn on effect for me, again though, I had to keep my composure.

-‘Why don't we use the bedroom, they're two beds in there?" I suggested.

-"Yeah, Fisher won't be home tonight if he gets lucky anyway!" Judas joked.

-"Just don't go turning me into no chicken or anything Toby, I mean seriously, if you do hypnotize me, don't embarrass me or nothin'!" Matthias slapped his brother on the chest as we walked past him into his bedroom, followed by a conceding Judas.

For me, the thought of having three out of the six Chesney brothers hypnotized and under my power was enough to make me want to... and you realize, I'd been ‘very good' up until now. The last thing I wanted was Tobias' brothers to come into his bedroom and smell "sex" in the room. So aside from a little pre-cum, I was, in a way, as controlled as Tobias was when he was under my power. But I also knew, once the three of them were under, I was going to blow load after load, after load, after load...


When I was hypnotizing Tobias, I stationed myself right alongside his bed. Now that both beds were occupied, the one on my left with Judas, the one on my right with Matthias, I positioned myself at the end of the room, at the desk. This vantage point allowed me to watch Tobias while he put his brothers under, without them (his brothers) being able to see me. And with Tobias focused on hypnotizing them, essentially, no one was watching me... or so I thought.

Man! I was so turned on I can't even tell you. Thank God I had a chair to sit on! If I had been standing up, my excitement would have been there for all to see. Ok, from where I was sitting I couldn't see much of the two younger Chesney's, but I did have an excellent view of the socked feet. It helped that I liked feet too I guess. But I wasn't really staring at Tobias' brothers. No, I was staring at Tobias, watching him do his thing with the confidence and magnetism of an accomplished hypnotist. He was "in character" alright, and soon it would be time to reel him in. Soon.

Because Tobias' back was to me most of the time, and with both his brothers lying down on the bed out of eyeshot, I began to masturbate, slowly at first, just twitching actually, but it soon got a bit more involved than the occasional crotch adjustment. I was actually masturbating in Tobias Chesney's room, as he acted out a post-hypnotic suggestion of mine -- to hypnotize his two younger brothers. And I was watching it all unfold with the rapt attention of someone who was watching the best movie of the week -- ever!

He followed my induction pretty closely actually, leading me to wonder how much of it he actually did remember.

When he came to the hot/cold test, I instinctively stopped masturbating and poked my head up high to watch.

Judas responded almost violently to the suggestion that he was "burning up". He thrashed his medium-sized frame on and off Tobias' mattress, undoing the zipper and button on his jeans and kicking them off onto the floor. Tobias turned toward me at that point and gave me a quick wink. Uch, I could eat him! And then, almost in unison, both hypnotized brothers, using their big toes, yanked off their socks. In fact, it was so synchronous it could have been staged.

Judas was now in a pair of boxers and nothing else while Matthias still had on an undershirt and his jeans. Still, sitting there as I was, staring now at two sets of soles, two vulnerable sets of soles... I... I... I adjusted my crotch one final time and to my complete surprise, out it all came. I could feel it in my boxers, gobs and gobs of hot creamy milk. I hadn't gotten off in a while, so I was over-flowing. Tobias was deepening his brothers' states, talking them down deeper and deeper when from the doorway, a voice...

-"Toby! Did you hypnotize Jude and Matthias?" Fourteen-year old Elias entered into the room uninvited. He stomped over to Matthias picked up his ankle and watched it fall back to the bed like a stone.

-"You did! No fair! Hypnotize me! Come on! I want to be hypnotized!" Elias was having a sort of teen-age temper tantrum. I'd never seen anything like that before.

-"Elias, if you don't go back to bed right now I am going to hypnotize you!" Tobias tried to sound threatening but he was threatening his brother with exactly what his brother wanted. Not the best stratagem I thought. But perfect opportunity for me to sneak off to the bathroom and, er... fix myself...

Shit was I covered... it ran all the way down my leg to my frickin' knee! What a slob. I climbed out of my jeans took my cum-drenched boxers off. I decided to go bare until I realized I was staring at a rather large clothes hamper.

Sure enough, I was able to find what had to have been a pair of Tobias' or Fisher's briefs. They were worn but didn't appear dirty -- they didn't even smell! As soon as the material touch my cock, I was at attention again and I had to think non-sexy thoughts in order to keep myself at half-mast. In case you're wondering what I did with my cum-soaked boxers -- I left them in the bathtub, hoping to be able to come back to them later. There were a few drops of Old Spice left in this old looking bottle and so I splashed myself around the groin area, hoping I got the smell offa me. If not, fuck it I thought, I'd soon have Tobias back under anyway.

When I came back into Tobias' bedroom I couldn't believe what I was seeing! I was gone for what? Ten minutes? Tobias had hypnotized his 14-year old brother! The kid was standing there asleep on his bare feet, swaying slightly back and forth.

-"Dude, make him go back to bed!" I suggested to my superhunk.

-"Aye aye Captain!" He replied and gave me a military salute. "Elias, you will go back to bed now and sleep all through the night. When you wake up in the morning you'll remember that I hypnotized you and that you liked it. Now, go to bed Elias!"

His fourteen year old zombie of a brother just stood there for a second or two before echoing back, " bed Elias..." He turned and walked right past me, and headed back toward his room.

I was pretty sure Tobias had done what I had programmed him to do -- his brothers seemed out of it enough, by all outward appearances. Now for the next test.

-"Toby, tell them to listen and to obey my voice just as they do yours!"

My little programmed hypnotist did just that and then turned to me to ask me why I had him do that.

-"Because I wanted to see them both in a deep hypnotic sleep!"

He actually fell backward, landing atop Judas' naked chest! What a sight to behold. Too bad Fisher wasn't here, I'd have a four of a kind. But something did occur to me as a result of Elias' earlier intrusion.

-"Matthias? Can you hear me?" I asked hesitantly.

-"I hear you." Blunt and to the point. Love it.

-"How old are you Matthias?"


-"And you, Judas, how old are you?"

-"Seventeen. Next week."

-"And Tobias, I don't think I ever asked you... how old are you?"

-"Twenty four." He responded dreamily.

So now, I had to decide if I wanted to do anything with Mr. Sixteen going on Seventeen. He was adorable. But just to be sure... I went to work on him first, instructing the other two brothers to hear nothing until I touched them on the shoulder.

-"Judas, you will continue going deeper and deeper into hypnosis with every breath you take. Every breath takes you deeper and deeper into hypnosis. Once I touch your forehead you will hear and see nothing until I touch it a second time. Is that understood?"

The blonde haired lad nodded ever so lazily.

Now, for the other two. I touched Matthias on his bare shoulder. His undershirt was sleeveless, but I still found myself wanting to see his bare chest.

-"Matthias, it's getting hotter and hotter in here, so hot, so hot, unbearably hot, pfew! You can't take it anymore, can you?"

Bingo! The undershirt was discharged in one strategic swoop, you'd think the guy was a professional stripper or something. His pants were next, not quite as elegant a dismount mind you, but the dude was hypnotized as shit don't forget. He stumbled with the button on his pants for a bit and I toyed with the idea of helping him, finally deciding against it. He was wearing a pair of red and white Fruit of the Loom briefs and I could make out the outline of his penis through them. It was still flaccid best I can tell.

-"That's much better. You feel better now Matthias. Go deeper and deeper with every breath!"

I then touched Tobias on the shoulder.

-‘Tobias, you are getting hotter and hotter, so hot..."

That's all I had to say. My boy was yanking his t-shirt off and undoing his jeans even faster than before. Soon, I was staring at three zonked out guys, lying in front of me in their underwear.

What to do first?

Ok, shoot me. I went to the foot of the bed where Judas and Tobias lay. There, I picked up one of each of their feet, holding them side by side. Tobias' feet were easily a couple of sizes bigger than his younger brothers', but both had extremely sexy, extremely clean feet.

I was going into a sexual frenzy. I couldn't help myself. Holding Tobias' bare foot in my hands alongside his brothers' I had to do it. I put both feet up to my dick, which was already stiff and I gently massaged my penis with their bare feet. Just before I was about to cum, I unzipped my fly, my dick sprung out and I leaked load after load onto Tobias' and Judas' soles.

-"What are you doing to my brothers!?" Young Elias was standing at the threshold of the bedroom doorway, his mouth agape.

Holy shit! The kid saw me masturbate all over his brother's feet! This was not in my plan.

-"I'm calling my mother!" He stomped off and I, my penis still leaking, had to tuck it in and give chase. I called after Tobias who was half-way to the kitchen by now.

-"You aren't going to call your mother, you want to know why? Because you are hypnotized now Elias. Tobias hypnotized you. You are under his power. You fell under his power before and you are still under his power now. You remember? When Tobias hypnotized you? He took control of you. He told you to see things that weren't there. He tested you like a guinea pig but he did it for school. All for school Elias. You remember?"

The kid was taken off guard by my whole approach.

-"'re tryin' to hypno..tize me..." He said choppily.

-"No Elias. You are hypnotized. Right now you are hypnotized. Remember what Tobias told you before when he hypnotized you?"

-"Go to bed..."

-"That's right Elias... go to bed. This was all a dream. A hypnotic dream. You were hypnotized. You were under Tobias' power. You need to go back to sleep now. Back to sleep. Deep sleep!"

The kid started walking back toward his room. He seemed in complete agreement, and I believe he was still in a trance of some kind when he saw me doin' my business on his brothers. He just didn't know how to process it all. Sending him back to bed with the dream theme implanted seemed like the best solution.

I watched as Elias went back to bed. Crisis averted and with that, I slipped back into Toby's bedroom for some more fun...

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