Tobias 201

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Any more distractions from the multiple-brothers Chesney and I think I'd need to take a sedative! I was so wired! But when I got back into Tobias' room and saw both Toby and Jude's bare soles dripping in my semen, I knew I still had them. If young Elias' last entrance didn't stir them out of the depths of their trances then very little else would, short of a nuclear blast perhaps…

I looked all three of them over, wondering what Fisher looked like. Then I realized – I don’t have to wonder!

-"Tobias... do you have a picture of Fisher somewhere?"

-"Yes..." he answered back in a minimalist drone, not budging from his lying down stance.

-'Can I see the picture?' I asked more forcefully and a little annoyed that I had to. I thought it was implied! Shheeesh!

Tobias rose to the occasion like a real sleepwalking-champion, going into his cupboard and retrieving a large shoebox marked in black felt-marker "Fisher". He handed me the shoebox and stood waiting for my next order. I just loved this! The shoebox originally contained a size 15 and a half! Yes, I did check the side of the box to be sure.

I looked through the box – it contained mostly photos and trinkets, memorabilia and stuff, concert ticket stubs, lipstick-soiled cocktail napkins with phone numbers and names of chicks scrolled everywhere... Then I found it! The picture that officially knocked me off my feet - altering the very fabric of my admittedly rather limited universe at the time.

The picture was of Fisher and two other guys - at a beach, sitting on the sand, their bare feet extended forward for all to see. So what was it about this picture that shook my world so to speak? It was Fisher himself!

Fisher Chesney made older brother Tobias look like a Sears Catalogue model! I couldn't believe my eyes - I knew it was Fisher because the family resemblance was unmistakable - he had Tobias’ hair and the same eyes, but his were far more intense, far more piercing than his older brother’s. His chest was rippled and buff, hairless too. His golden locks, kept shoulder length, seemed to be the exact same shade as Tobias’ but for the bleached tips, which I reasoned, could have been the result of sun-exposure. Their hair was even styled similarly – kinda messy, yet not hoodlum-like, ya know? And what a perfect smile! Fisher's smile to the camera was like an orgasm to my eyes - inviting me into the picture like a magnet pulling on a piece of scrap metal. I wanted to be the guy sitting with nothing but a swimsuit next to that heap of manhood! Fisher Chesney… I was now officially, in total lustful abandon, my momentary reverie consumed with thoughts of hypnotizing this piece of perfection I was staring at in the photograph…

I soon revived myself, pulling myself away from the hypnotic allure of that photo, to stare at Tobias, who was still standing directly in front of me. Suddenly, I didn't see him as quite the same demi-God I had before. Don't get me wrong, I was still enthralled with all that was going on, but I think I "fell outta love" with Tobias and "into" love with Fisher from that one picture alone. Next week, I was definitely gonna do a double-session with my therapist… but this week… this week, was all about having fun.

-"Tobias! Lie down on the bed!” He did so without thought and I waited for him to be in position before I continued with my inquisition. “How old is Fisher?" I was now on a new mission - one might even call it a “fishing expedition”.

-"20, sir." I was coming to love Tobias calling me “sir”.

Damn! Fisher was my age! Maybe that was it… what seemed to be attracting me to him so powerfully? Knowing Toby was four years my senior made me look up to him in a sort of pubescent, idol-adulation kinda way. He was older = he was cool. But with Fisher, I immediately saw my contemporary. Here was a guy that I might otherwise be friends with - the hottest guy I had ever laid eyes on I might add. And he shared a bedroom with this hypnotized hunk who now lied immobile before me.

-"Tobias... when does Fisher normally get home from his dates?" I asked curiously, once again pulling myself back to the “here and now”.

Tobias took a few seconds to answer. He seemed to be thinking.

-'Fisher... sometimes very late, sometimes early if she doesn't put out or puts out quickly. Mmmph…

I noticed a semblance of a smirk form on his dimpled face as he sighed deeply to himself. I wanted to squeeze his cheeks and tell him how cute I thought he was. And so, nothing stopping me, I did just that.

-"You're so cute Tobias!" And I squeezed the sides of both his cheeks simultaneously. Ok, yes, I did the same with the cheeks on his face immediately afterward! I’m all about equal opportunity don’t you know…

Ok, so now I had to formulate a plan - on spot, for Fisher's imminent hypnotic enslavement. I wanted him, bad. Ok, first things first:

-"Judas! You will stand up and march yourself to bed. You are very sleepy and you will sleep very deeply, waking up in the morning feeling refreshed and happy. You will not remember any of this and you will not notice that your feet seem to be wet now. You will just go to bed... now! OBEY!"

Judas lifted himself up off the bed with a little degree of difficulty and I found my eyes trailing him and his bare feet as he waddled blankly but determinedly out of the room. Seeing his ‘hypno-walk’ made me think… I shoulda made him leave the room as a duck or other barnyard creature! He was so cute. Ok…One down…one to go!

Onto Chesney brother number two. Slightly more post-hypnotic conditioning here I decided. After all, Matthias was ‘legal’ and very cute in his own right. He did have the most “boyish” face of all the Chesney bros, and I could see him at age 40, looking no older than 25… one of those types - what others often call a ‘baby-face’, ‘ageless’ or ‘chronically youthful’.

-"Matthias! Here me and obey! You are going to go back to your bedroom now, but you will continue to go deeper and deeper into hypnosis, even as you go to sleep tonight, you will be going deeper and deeper into my power. When you wake up tomorrow morning you will have an uncontrollable urge to hypnotize Judas and you will. Your objective is to hypnotize Judas as often and as deeply as you can! In fact, you and Judas are going to practice hypnotism on each other quite regularly from here on in as you will both find you are extremely interested in it…"

I watched as the sleeping Matthias took it all in.

-"Hypnotize Judas deeply..." he repeated in a kind of news-capsule sort of way.

I was so pleased with how things were going and getting oh so excited with the prospect of Fisher’s imminent return home, it was as if my whole body was experiencing a pins and needles sensation. I quickly gathered my thoughts back to the here and now.

-"Excellent Matthias, now you too, go to your bedroom and go to sleep... go to sleep... go deeper and deeper and deeper into my power as you do..."

Matthias rose with no more awareness than a discarded seashell, and was shuffling out the door as I soothingly repeated '... go deeper, and deeper with each step, deeper and deeper and deeper...'

I heard the door to his and Jude's room shut close, leaving me now, officially alone with Adonis Number 1. My eyes immediately went to Tobias’ cum-soaked foot, which had picked up some dusty lint from his time standing on the floor. The cum was almost dry already. Boy, that was fast I thought to myself! Musta been industrial strength jism! Ha!

I stared at his shiny foot and my drying cum, hoping all the while that Fisher would come around sometime soon. I looked at my watch - shit! It was just after midnight! I'd been hypnotizing Tobias for two hours already! Boy, does time fly when you're having fun! Sorry for the cliché, but it's just so true sometimes, ain’t it?! I mean, it honestly felt like I had just gotten there!

With Matthias and Judas safely tucked away in hypno-la-la-land for the night, and Elias too for that matter, I turned my focus back onto Tobias. After all, if Fisher, Mr. Studpants himself, got lucky tonight as Tobias called it, the guy might not be home 'till dawn or who knows when? I wasn't going to sit up and wait for him, not when I had a perfectly good specimen lying comatose before me, waiting for my commands!

I leaned over his seemingly lifeless body. But for the expansion and contraction of his upper chest cavity, the dude seemed utterly immobile. I leaned in closer, closer, closer - until my ever-inquiring nose found itself less than a couple of inches away from Tobias’ inattentive, unflinching crotch. He had no idea what I was up to! Heh heh! I took in as deep a whiff as I could and was kind of dismayed that I all I could smell were faint traces of Irish Spring soap and some kind of musky talcum powdery smell. At least he was clean, my boy! In fact, from what I’d seen, all the Chesney brothers seemed to be particularly hygienic. I liked that. The Chesney brothers were obviously brought up well, a tribute no doubt, to their single working-mother.

-"Tobias, it's getting late... it's time to go to bed... why don't you go ahead and make yourself ready for sleep? ...Get undressed and make yourself ready for sleepy-bye time, c'mon Tobias… sleepy time…

He didn't get up from his lying-down position. Instead, he maneuvered out of his shirt, discarding it to the floor just like he had the last time. Again I was magnetized to his defined, hairless chest and perfect pink nipples. It was like staring at a sculpture, a piece of artistic perfection one could only conclude derived from some kind of divine inspiration.

And I loved watching it, his chest I mean, gently heave up and down in absolute sync with his methodically sleepy breaths; breaths that seemed to come at perfectly timed intervals.

His jeans came off next, somewhat clumsily, but they came off just the same. I couldn't believe the size of the package Tobias’ underwear seemed to be concealing! Of course, I couldn’t be 100% sure, until I saw more, though beneath his underpants a flaccid monster seemed to be lurking, taunting me to engage it… head on.

…Patience young padua… Use the force! Funny, but I must have superimposed Alec Guinness’s Star Wars voice onto my superego’s inner voice – how could you not obey that? But alas, I suppose I’m no Jedi Knight…

I couldn't believe the nerve I was showing but I took a deep, focusing breath, reached downward and cupped the lower part of Tobias' ballsack, gently feeling around for its perimeter, finding it, and finally contouring it with my right index finger while leaving a discernible outline on the fabric under which his concealed penis lay. I even felt his dick twitch once in response to my finger moving under it, it was subtle, but wow, what a rush! I was turning him on!! Me! Darnell Clarke – turning Tobias Chesney on! Frig, what a freakin’ rush!

Tobias was still in deep slumber-mode, breathing heavily and rhythmically when I heard the front door slam.

Shit, my luck!

-“Tobias! Hear me and obey! You are going to hypnotize Fisher right now. He’s about to come into the room I’m sure, so you will wake up when you hear me count to three. You will remember nothing of this. I am going to leave but I am going to return in less than a half an hour because I will have forgotten some papers here. By that time, I expect Fisher to be in a light trance. Is that clear?”

-“Clear, sir.” Tobias answered back, his metronome-voice causing me to twitch down-under, but I maintained flaccidity to be sure.

-“1--- coming to slowly, relaxed and more alert, 2, more aware now, gradually coming back to the here and now… and 3, wide awake!”

I snapped my fingers for good measure. As I did, Fisher stormed into the room, nearly taking the hinges off the door as he did. He wasn’t smiling like in the picture I had seen of him. A picture, which, by the way, was now safely tucked into my back pocket!

-“Damn fuckin’ prude chicks! Toby… what the fuck?!” Fisher stood staring at Tobias lying almost naked on his bed and then at me, sitting at the desk fully clothed, as relaxed as I could make myself seem.

Tobias caught on immediately and went along with the scene, as programmed.

-“It’s ok Fish, Darnell was just hypnotizing me… one of the suggestions we’re supposed to administer to each other is the hot/cold test. You know… the subject is getting colder, the subject is getting hotter? When Darnell told me I was burning up, I couldn’t stand being in my clothes. I guess I’m a really good subject!” he said, blushing ever so slightly.

-“And hypnotist!” I chimed in. “Hi, you must be Fisher! I’m Darnell!” I quickly got off the chair and extended my right hand in Fisher’s direction. He grabbed it ceremoniously and shook it, rather limply I might add. That was a bit of a disappointment right there.

-‘You hypnotized my brother?’ He asked, ever so innocently as he pulled his hand away from mine. I was quickly coming to love that innocent puppy-dog look that seemed endemic to the Chesney clan. It was the same look that young kids got on their faces when you asked them if they’ve been ‘good’.

-‘Yup.’ I answered back more confidently. “And not only that! Your brother hypnotized Matthias, Judas and myself tonight – he’s a fuckin’ amazing hypnotist! Well, Tobias, I’m gonna bolt, it’s really late – I think we have all the data we need to begin writing our reports…”

-“I’ll walk you to the door.” Tobias volunteered, getting up off the bed clad only in his jockey-briefs, he followed me out of the bedroom, like nothing had happened. And I suppose, in his mind, nothing had happened.

-“See ya around!” was all I got to say to the ever-lingering Fisher. He mumbled some pleasantry back in response and that was that.

I knew I’d be back in that room in less than half an hour, with Fisher in a far different mindset than this his current one.

As Toby walked me to the hallway entrance, I triggered him once more, for good measure. No reason to “actually” leave the house, right?

-“Toby, hear me and obey! I have left your house. But I am going to wait here for you to tell me when Fisher is hypnotized. Is that clear?”

-“Yes sir, clear sir.”

-“Now, go hypnotize Fisher!”

-“Yes sir.”

It was all I could do not to cum on spot! What a hot scene! Tobias Chesney in his underwear calling me sir, about ready to do an about-face back into his bedroom to hypnotize his younger Adonis-brother Fisher! Was I dreaming? I needed to know that, was I? I pinched my left forearm as hard as I could. Damned if I woke up… I was in the here and now, that much was certain!

I waited in the far corner of the living room for Tobias to do his thing. I didn’t want to risk eavesdropping at the door, in case Fisher decided to go to the bathroom or something and saw me. That’s when I remembered! Jeez! The bathroom!!! My cum-soaked underpants were still in the bathtub! What if Fisher went in there and found them?! I couldn’t risk going back in there to retrieve them so I had to place my faith in chance. Sure enough… Moments later the sound of a door opening and a voice that sounded remarkably like Tobias’ say:

-“Dude, I gotta take a piss and brush my teeth. You can hypnotize me when I get back into the room!” Now I was sure, that was indeed Fisher’s voice. I, of course, remained conveniently out of view. But my dick sprung a woody as soon as I heard Fisher giving his brother consent to hypnotize him. Ooooh! I got a shiver down my spine just thinking about the fun that was sure to come.

There was a few moments of silence, a toilet flushing, the water running, followed by a few more moments of silence yet again. When the door to the bathroom opened a few moments later, I was sure the hypno-fun and games were about to begin. Boy was I wrong!!

-“Yo Toby! Who’s underwear is this in the tub?” The voice sounded disgusted.

Uh- oh.

Toby didn’t answer at first; instead, he must have emerged from his room to check on what Fisher was talking about.

-“I’m not holding it ya fruitcup, it’s fuckin’ jizzed on! I left it in the tub! Man, the whole bathroom smells like spunk and old spice! It’s disgusting!”

I could hear Toby’s footfalls leading into the bathroom, during which time he must have taken a peak into the tub in question.

-‘They’re not mine!’ He finally announced casually.

-‘Yeah, and they’re not mine!’ Fisher replied, a bit of a tune in his tone.

-‘Maybe they’re Matthias’ or Judes’?’ Tobias suggested.

His brother would hear none of that.

-“Dude, it’s not theirs! I’ve done enough loads of all of our laundry to know who’s underwear is who’s, and I’m telling you Toby, that is not Chesney-brother underwear. Look at the label!! Calvin Klein! Do any of us own Calvin Klein anything?! Toby, I think these belong to that weirdo guy that was just here – the one that hypnotized you!”

-‘No fuckin way Fish! Darnell is cool!’ Toby seemed to be laughing off the suggestion with ease.

-“Well then who blew their load in strange underwear and left it in our bathtub, huh Einstein?”

I didn’t know where this was going, but something inside of me was telling me to amscray for real and I’m glad I did. As I quietly crept out of their house, I could hear Fisher asking Tobias,

-‘Man, do you even know that guy? And you let him hypnotize you? Are you whacked or what?!’

To which Tobias responded,

-“You think he did something to me?”

And Fisher’s response,

-“He definitely creamed his pants! Man, the guy’s probably a flaming fruitcup, and you let him hypnotize you! Fuck Toby, you’re too fuckin’ trusting for this planet!”

And with that, I closed the door ever so lightly, my heart racing, my blood pressure boiling. Shit! What if Superstud Fisher helped Tobias piece it all together? As I drove back home that night, somewhat freaked, a light drizzle slowly turned into a torrential downpour and I made it home just in time, before the real thunder and lightening began. I kept wondering if the weather outside was somehow foreshadowing the imminent confrontation I knew I’d be having with Tobias Chesney. Man, did I pray that night! The way I saw it, tomorrow, I was going to get my ass kicked in something fierce.


-“Yo Darnell! Wait up!” Tobias’ voice called after me in the student-filled hall. I turned to locate him, but again, the hall was so crowded it took me a while to spot him. Pretty soon, my pretty boy was standing right beside me. I didn’t sense any threatening tone or body language, so I relaxed some.

-“Dude, I don’t know what you did to me and my family…” he started off, and I was about ready to run! He continued though. “Yeah, all my brothers are like big-time into hypnotism now! I woke us this morning and Matthias was hypnotizing Jude! Elias wanted to get into it too, nearly having another tantrum, but I managed to get him ready for his bus by promising him that he could hypnotize me today after school…”

-“Sounds like you’re gonna be way busy!” I said, unsure of where this was all going.

-“And Fisher! What a fuckin’ skeptic man! He thought the whole underwear thing was a set-up!”

-“Wh…what underwear thing?” I asked under my breath. I think I might have been having an actual heart attack at that precise moment! My right arm went numb and I was even seeing little stardust particles dancing around Tobias’ head. It felt as though I was about ready to faint.

-“You know! When Fish came in and saw me on the bed in nothing but my undies, he thought we were just pulling his leg! But I showed him!”

-“W… Why? What did you do?” I asked, a little less nervous all of a sudden.

-“I hypnotized him!” He announced loudly enough that several passers-by turned to look at us weirdly.

I felt my heart rate returning to normal. Phew! That means despite the whole Hercule Poirot turn of events last night that caused me to flee the Chesney house in dire fear for my life, everything, in the end, turned out as I wanted it to.

The hall was too crowded for me to trigger Tobias then and there but I did want to know more.

-‘Listen Tobias, I have a class in five minutes, but I’m through at 4, you wanna grab a coffee or somethin’?”

-“Sure. My next class is at 5 though!”

-“I’ll meet you at the ‘caf’ at 4 and we’ll talk!” And I left my stud-prince standing there in the hall, as I anxiously raced up to the third floor to my molecular biology lab.


I love biology. But that had to be the most boring, inane lab/lecture of my entire university career. A hole bloody hour devoted to the anatomy of micro-bacterial viruses – I wanted to give my professor a virus for taking me away from my time with Toby! How dare she impose on my fun time in University with actual learning?!

It must have been the longest lab I had ever been in, at least it felt that way. I was in and out of it really, my mind continually returning to Tobias’ imminent report of how he hypnotized his gorgeous younger brother Fisher. In my mind’s eye I concocted all sorts of erotic scenarios, what Toby had done to Fisher when he had him under. I had to fight off the urge to go completely erect, but I was at half-mast throughout most if not all of that lab.

We were given some kind of an assignment… I don’t even know what it was, and we were let out a few minutes early. Hooray! Enough time to go to my locker, grab my shit and rendez-vous with the Stud-prince at the cafeteria.

I found him there waiting for me, at a table for four, which he had reserved by putting his knapsack on the bench that I’d be occupying.

-“Toby!” I acknowledged him as soon as we made eye-contact. It had not escaped me that in less a day’s time, I was already calling him by the same name that the rest of his friends called him.

-“Yo, Darnell, grab a seat! I’ve been dying to tell you what I did to Fisher last night!” He began, sounding slightly ominous in tone.

-“What?! What did you do?” I sat down, but I was already falling off my seat with anticipation.

-“After I hypnotized Fisher… I don’t know why… but I came… I mean, I masturbated… all over his feet!” His voice turned to a hushed whisper, so that even I, sitting directly across from him, had to strain to hear what he had said.

My heart skipped at least three beats. I looked directly into his eyes. The guy wasn’t shitting me. And he wasn’t setting me up either, at least not from what my intuition was telling me.

-“You did what?!” I sounded a little alarmed, shocked even, the way, I suppose, I was supposed to sound, assuming I wasn’t involved in any of this.

-“Man, it was unreal…” he began, extending his hand onto mine, cupping them to the table in a very intimate gesture. I was, so taken aback, I nearly upchucked my lunch! The guy wasn’t hypnotized and yet here he was holding my hand hands in public?! What the fuck?! Maybe he was setting me up? I had to be sure.

-“Calm down Tobias. Why don’t you start at the beginning! What’s the first thing you remember after you awoke from your hypnotic sleep?

The effect on Tobias was measurable, instant and palpable – his head slumped onto his chest, his hands, which had been holding mine, lost all muscle grip and came undone from mine. His entire upper torso slouched forward and I was momentarily worried that he would slide under the booth altogether! Thankfully, he didn’t’. My feet were pushed up against his, preventing such an occurrence.

-“Now Tobias. Tell me what you did with your brother Fisher last night, but tell me quietly!” I looked around nervously. Though the cafeteria was more than half full, no one seemed to be paying any attention to Tobias and me.

He began to recall the events of last night, the ones with Fisher anyway…

-‘Fisher thought you left your underwear in the bathtub… your underwear with your cum…’ Tobias began and I could tell he was stressing.

-“Toby, relax, you can tell me… what happened next?” I tried to sound as soothing and reassuring as possible. Shit, what had I done?!

-“I told him the underwear belonged to Jude. And this morning when I saw Matthias hypnotizing Jude I told him to remember buying that underwear recently, that it was Jude’s underwear…” Tobias seemed to be stressing a little so I stepped in again, looking around nervously as I did.

-“And what happened next? It’s ok, you can tell me!” I added, a tone of safeness in my voice.

-“I made sure Jude apologized to Fisher for leaving his cum-soaked underwear in the bathtub.”

I couldn’t believe it! Turns out, I shoulda stayed around last night!

-“So how did you finally get Fisher hypnotized?” I wondered to myself and aloud as well.

-“I convinced him that there was another explanation for the underwear thing. I told him you have a girlfriend. I also told him that when I hypnotized you, I managed to get you down to your underwear too and that you were wearing green fruit of the looms…”

I couldn’t believe how good a liar this All-American farm-boy dude was proving to be! I hadn’t even given him the suggestion to cover my tracks, and yet, here he was, making up stories to protect me, his hypnotic master! Maybe I ‘fell outta’ love with this one a bit too quickly, huh?

-“And what happened next?” I prodded him further along – my erection growing throughout the entire recount.

-“Fisher got undressed… and then he got dressed again…” Tobias trailed off into the memory.

-“What?!” I was momentarily thrown. Why would Fisher get undressed, presumably getting himself ready for bed, only to get dressed again? Could he have had another date…? At 1 am? No way! “Why did Fisher get dressed again?” I asked more than a little curious.

-“He got dressed again…’cause he wanted me to prove that I could hypnotize him and get him outta his clothes!” Tobias explained and suddenly the pieces of the puzzle were all coming together.

-“And were you able to get him out of his clothes?” I asked surreptitiously.

-“Yessss…” he replied attaching a few more s’s than I thought was required.

-“Tobias…” I began tactfully. “What are you doing tonight?”

-“Finish work at ten… going out with Elyse after that…” That metronome voice was back, even if it was in a whisper. And thankfully so – the cafeteria was starting to fill up with students and professors alike, many of whom, I knew, knew Tobias. In fact, I venture to say, several might have even come over to say hello, had Toby not been sitting there with me… Geek central. But that was all about to change. Indeed. With Fisher Chesney onside and but a single post-hypnotic command away from absolute servitude to me, I just knew, I knew, my own popularity in this two-bit town would soon be completely assured, if not entirely solidified.

Under the table, I had taken off one of my sneakers and was using my socked-big toe to slowly trace my way up his pant leg. In his hypnotized state, Tobias showed no reaction to my foot’s presence on his person. I loved it – the fear of getting caught – of someone seeing what I was doing to him… it was such a real rush. Gosh, he was so far gone!

Unfortunately, this also meant that Tobias showed no reaction to most other external stimuli…

-“Hey Toby, are we still on for Saturday night?!” a large, red-haired guy waved at us from the cafeteria line where he was waiting to place his order. Tobias just sat there, staring at me, as if I was the universe itself. Shit!

-“Toby!” I whispered quickly. “You will wake up now and forget all of this!”

And this time, possibly because I was about ready to wet myself, I kicked him in the shin… ok, with my socked foot! I wasn’t trying to create a masochist.

He was awake and seemingly alert a few seconds later…

-“Tobe! What are you deaf or somethin’?” The read head continued trying to get Tobias’ attention, this last time though, he had succeeded.

-“Tyler! Dude! WHAZZZZUP!?!” Tobias yelled out, loud enough for most of the cafeteria to hear. The result? At least ten others seemed to stop what they were doing to wave, say hi, blow a kiss… I’d never seen anything like it! As soon as everyone knew Tobias was in the cafeteria, they were all clamoring to say hello! Boy was this guy popular! Gawd, it was almost nauseating!

Next, this blonde-haired pale-faced chick comes running up to our table next, practically forcing me to the edge of the booth so she could sit opposite Tobias for a few seconds. That’s all I was giving her – a few seconds. I wanted to kick her… and not in the shin, believe you me!

-“Oh, Tobias!” Her tone was bordering on orgasmic, “We have to do another Friday night soon-soon!” She blew him a tongue-wrapped kiss. “I’m so lonely without you… if you know what I mean!” She then gave him a lustful Marilyn Monroe wanna-be-wink-wink and heck, I almost threw up! Geez babe! At least offer him something more exciting… creative… different? What she seemed to be offering him he could get at any street-corner in New York… a cheap lay, no strings attached. Tobias deserved so much better than that!

-“HI! I’M DARNELL!” I asserted aggressively enough to almost push her out of our booth altogether. I was totally in her face.

-“Oh… ah, hi, are you guys friends?!” She seemed confused almost at the prospect that Tobias, hunk that he was, could be friends with some average Joe-nothing like me. Bitch!

-“Yeah.” Tobias answered, “We’re friends, what’s it to you?!” Once again, Tobias seemed to be coming to my defense, not on cue, not because I told him to, but because we were friends and that alone was worth defending.

-“N..nothing..I..I don’t…nothing… I… call me!” She finally blurted out, rather meekly, as she raised herself from our booth and appeared ready to rejoin her friends at another table, three or four tables down.

-“Sure Jan, I’ll call you…” Tobias’ tone had changed toward this girl in a matter of minutes. The way he said, “sure Jan, I’ll call you” told me as well as this two-bit chick that he had no intention of calling her ever again. Ba-bye!

No this dude was mine – and I intended to keep him close at hand… no need for female distractions during this particular phase of Tobias’ indoctrination. Besides, I needed Tobias to help me get to Fisher.

-“Toby…” I began quickly.

-“Yeah?” he leaned in.

-“Hypnotic sleep! Listen to me Toby… you are going to cancel your plans with Elyse tonight. Instead, you will go home and hypnotize Fisher…”

-‘hypnotize Fisher…” he repeated sleepily.

-‘And I’ll be over at your place by 10:30… is that clear?!’ I asked.

-“10:30. Yes, clear.”

-‘Very good Tobias. Now you will wake up at the count of three and you will remember nothing of this, except that you have to break your plans with Elyse tonight. Now, focus on my voice… 1-2-3- and, wake up!’

-“Shit! I’m gonna be late!” Tobias suddenly reanimated, looking at his watch and getting up from our booth in one quick swoop.

-“I’ll catch you later Darnell!” He flipped me his hand and scooted off.

10:30 pm was less than six hours away and I had a date with hypnotic destiny…

Tonight, Mr. Fisher Chesney would be all mine!

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