Tobias 801

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-“I’m telling you Darius, I won’t do anything you don’t want me to! It’s for school! Come on!”

I couldn’t believe I was begging my nerdy cousin – begging him to let ME hypnotize HIM! What a freakin’ joke!

My cousin was obviously extremely hesitant as well he should be. I mean how often indeed was it that someone asked him out of the blue if they could hypnotize him? I don’t think hypnotism is even a subject that ever came up amidst his nerdy-groupie-homies… or whatever they were. Pff! A buncha Stephen Hawkings wanna-be’s if you ask me!

Something in the back of my mind told me I couldn’t accept no for an answer, even though it felt as though that’s where Darius was leaning. Actually, he was leaning against the wall while lying on my bed chomping down on white pistachio nuts. Making a mess actually. Darius was cute in a boyish sorta way – he was small, maybe 5’5 or 5’6 or so, thin, boyish body, he looked as though he could pass for 15. He was in actuality, 20. No one ever guessed his age correctly, they always erred on the lower end.

As for his general looks, I guess he was ok. He was my cousin after all, and I wasn’t no cousin-poppin’ bumpkin or anything. He had thin dark brown hair that he wore short; he wore wire-rimmed glasses similar to those worn by Harry Potter if you can believe it, though in fairness, his were rimless. He had a few freckles on his cheeks and a lighter than average skin tone. Hazel eyes and a slightly deviated septum rounded off his face in a somewhat unbalanced way, but what did I care? I wasn’t after my cousin for his looks – I was after him for his brain. I needed to hypnotize Darius bad!

-“Darnell, if I let you hypnotize me, do you promise not to make me do anything stupid, I mean if it works of course!” He was fidgeting nervously, even flicking his two big toes back and forth in his socks in a fairly regular pattern. I caught note of it a few times but remained ever-undistracted on my primary hypno-mission.

-“I promise Darius! Look, here’s my assignment sheet– see?” I showed him the assignment sheet that Tobias and I had received in class and further explained, “These are the tests I have to administer to you when you’re under – it’s all very scientific. I promise I won’t turn you into a dog or anything!” I could see the tide was turning in Darius’ mind, he was getting ready to allow me to put him under and my dick twitched in anticipation.

-“Ok. I’ll let you hypnotize me, providing….” His voice trailed off in thought. I could care less what he was thinking. Whatever he wanted, I would do.

-“…Providing you let me try and hypnotize you first!” He blurted out almost as if it were some random afterthought.

-“You?! Pff! Darius, what do you know about hypnotism?” I asked challengingly. Obviously , he did not have a prepared answer for he knew nothing about the subject.

-“Come on! What are you, chicken?” He tried to egg me on. Like I was going to take his bait! Still, I knew I had to get him under at whatever cost.

-“K, fine Mesmo – you think you can do it? Go ahead! Hypnotize me!” I plopped myself down on my bed alongside my cousin. I don’t think he was expecting me to ‘cave’ to his wishes so easily. Frankly, he was looking at me as though he had no clue what he was supposed to do next, so I intervened. “Dude, you have no idea how to hypnotize, why don’t you just lie back and let me show you what it’s all about!”

Darius looked at me hesitantly, paused for a few seconds and then gave me his final consent via a subtle nod.

-‘K, lie down here!” I pointed to where I had just been lying. I jumped off the bed as soon as he nodded his approval to me, grabbing the remainder of pistachio nuts from him as I did.

-“Darnell, just one thing!” He was so cute! “If you manage to hypnotize me could you make it so that I do better in school? My marks this past semester were lower than I like.”

-“What? Mid-90’s? What’s your GPA dude, 4.0? Pff! If you do any better in school you’ll have to open your own!” I loved taunting him over his brainiac-like intelligence. Cousin Darius didn’t go to the little two-by-four college I went to. Darius went to Princeton, lah-dee-dah!

-“Quit it Darnell! I’m serious – my grades slipped this semester and it’s cause I’ve been… well, interested in this girl… I’ve lost some of my focus as a result.” He was opening up to me so I had to respond in kind.

-“Darius, that’s normal – I mean if you’re into a chick, school sometimes takes a backseat! Now just relax, ok.? I’ll get you to focus more on your studies if you want, but dude, you’re human, you need a sex-life!” I dimmed the lights and brought my chair over to the side of the bed so that I could talk him down and be comfortable at the same time. Knowing that Darius had an extremely analytical mind told me that he might prove to be a hard subject to hypnotize. Turns out, Darius was as susceptible to hypnosis as the Chesney brothers.

-“Take several deep breaths, slowly exhale… that’s right… just get your breathing to slow down… try and focus on your breathing Darius, nothing else… just allow yourself to relax, deep breaths, that’s right, and focus on your breathing and the sound of my voice…Relax your body… feel all your muscles loosen up, the tension seeping out of them like vapors…” I put my right index finger up to about within four inches of his nose and held it there for the next part of my induction.

-“…And while you’re focusing on your breathing and on the sound of my voice, you’re also drawn to my finger, that’s right, stare directly at my finger – see nothing else except my finger. Hear nothing else but the sound of my voice and your rhythmic breaths… So relaxed and focused on the three things I told you – the sound of my voice, your breathing and my index finger. So relaxing to just let yourself go… to relax all your muscles, to suspend all thought, to simply submerge yourself in the sound of my voice as it helps to take you deeper and deeper into this blissful, relaxing state…”

Darius was staring, unblinkingly still, at my right index finger, which I slowly began to use to outline airborne spirals – his eyes followed intently and with mesmerized-like focus… all preliminary signs were excellent! Darius was going under!

-“So deeply relaxed… feel any muscle tension in your body vanquish… it’s gone… begin with your toes… wiggle your toes Darius!” My first few suggestions, particularly during the induction-phase, were always kept simple. The command allowed me to look down the bed to where Darius’ socked feet lay, almost dangling off. His toes twitched compliantly, almost mechanically.

-“Excellent, now feel all the life-energy, all the stress and strain leave your toes as they go completely limp, lifeless, paralyzed in deeep deeeeeep deeeeeeeep relaxation. And it doesn’t just stop with your toes Darius… feel this same relaxing wave of energy slowly move up the rest of your body, down your feet to your heels and then upwards, to your ankles… relaxing every bit of tension away like a wave of tranquility and peace… so deeply relaxed now… try and move your feet Darius, you will find they are motionless, not responsive… it’s because they are so deeply relaaaxed!” Again I turned back to see Darius two feet simply lying there, spread apart, small toes of each foot practically touching the mattress underneath. They hadn’t moved. This was sooooo working!

-“Feel it going up your knees now…” I got up off my chair and moved to the foot of the bed. Darius’ blank gaze remained ever fixed on the previous location of my index finger… his blank hypnotized face so adorable – he had this look of stunned capitulation, abandonment to the process but perhaps a sudden fear right before he slipped down…

-“It’s moving up to your thighs now… this relaxing wave of energy, so soothing so paralyzing… your legs are like lead now… you don’t even feel them they are so heavy… you can’t feel your legs! Say it Darius!”

The first sign of animation returned to his blank face as he sleepily complied with my request,

-‘Can’t…f..feel my… legs.’ He sounded like one of those superheroes in the cartoons – ‘must…get…to…my…communicator…” It was, I decided quickly, adorable.

“Feel the wave of relaxing energy move up your crotch and your stomach now, paralyzing them with soothing tranquility… so relaxed now Darius, so deeply and totally relaxed...”

I grabbed hold of his left foot and took off his sock, quite quickly actually. I wasn’t looking at his foot though while I did it, I was looking at him for any sign of reaction. He showed none. I had his other sock off so fast you could have clocked it. His feet were warm, almost hot and so pink they were almost red! I wonder why his feet were so hot to the touch? I put his left sole up to my cheek and I immediately got a hot flush – I have to admit, Darius had some nice, albeit small feet!

-‘It’s going up your chest now, to your shoulders… your neck… slowly taking over your head, your mouth, your nose, your eyes, your eyes may close now Darius.. that’s right, close your eyes and allow the wave to make its way into your brain – into your brain… washing your brain with such peaceful contentment and loveliness, making it impossible to think… removing your will, that is why you must remain focused on my voice Darius, at all times! Repeat that!”

-“I must remain focused on your voice at all times!” Wow! He sounded like a real zombie!

-‘Your mind is going to sleep now Darius… replacing it, my voice… you focus on and obey my voice now. Hearing it, relaxes you even more… sends you deeper into hypnosis, deeper into my hypnotic control… so deeply relaxed now, aren’t you Darius?”

-‘Yesssss.’ Was his slurred response. I picked up his left foot by the heel and let it drop back to the bed. It did so as total dead weight.

-“You will notice how your right foot is getting very light… it’s beginning to float, to rise on its own, as if it and it alone were buoyant!” His bare right foot, on command, began to rise into mid-air, nearly colliding with my head in the process, but affording me a perfect view! I took it in with hypnotized-like satisfaction myself, but I had other things to do with Mr. Darius.

-‘Now, Darius, you know your name is Darius of course, but in a moment, I’m going to ask you to tell me your name and you will have no idea what it is, your name, both first and last will be completely blocked out of your memory – you will not know what your name is. Is that clear?”

-‘Yessss.’ Another sleepy affirmative in that zombie voice! My dick was out of control at this point, well, barely, I managed to keep it together.

-‘Now Darius, remind me again, what’s your name?’

My cousin got several priceless looks on his face. The first was absolute confusion. He couldn’t figure out why he couldn’t remember his name. Two seconds later, that look melted away to form another, which was that of semi-panic. Darius looked very concerned that he couldn’t remember his own name. It was cute.

-“It’s ok, Darius, you can remember your name now, no problem, right?”

-“Right. Mm Darius….”

And then, it was like I was on auto-pilot or something. I went to my knap-sack and took out this felt marker I never even knew I had. I popped the cap and approached Darius right foot with the marker now exposed and smelly. On his little toe on the right foot I drew a letter “H”, on the next toe, I drew a “Y”, followed by a “P”, an “N” and the letter “O” on the big toe. On his left foot I repeated the same formula but this time wrote out the words “SLAVE”. Next on each of Darius’ bare heels I drew two intricate hypno-spirals. Once complete, I dropped his limp left foot back to the bed (his right one was still airobrne) and went to the hallway to grab the phone. I had to call Tobias.

-‘Yo!’ Came a familiarly cocky voice, I couldn’t quite recognize.

-‘Uh, is Tobias there?’ I asked dreamily, not even sure what I wanted to speak to Tobias for.

-‘Sure he is. Is this Darnell?’

-“Uh, yeah, who’s this?” I asked, somewhat interested.

-“I am your hypnotic master! Did you hypnotize Darius as ordered?”

My body snapped to attention before I could respond, ‘yes master’.

-‘You will wake him up and bring him here now… there are several others on the way here as well!

-‘Yes master.’ I heard my voice report like a robot. Was that really me?!

A dial tone on the other end of the line told me I was to walk back into my bedroom, awaken Darius and get us over to Tobias’ place ASAP. No time to waste… soon cousin Darius would be meeting my hypno-homies and I was filled with an inexplicable sense of accomplishment and anticipation – I did what I was supposed to do…


-‘Ah, Darnell, and this must be Darius, come in, come in!’ It was the blonde haired Jude who answered the door and ushered us in to the Chesney family abode.

-‘Tobias is here, right?’ I asked assumingly while slipping out of my jacket. Darius did the same.

-“Actually, no he’s not. I sent him on an errand…” Jude began, “but he should be back soon.”

That was weird. Jude sent Tobias on an errand? I was curious, but I didn’t ask anything further. If Tobias wanted to tell me later on what he was up to that was his prerogative.

We made our way to the living room and sat down on the couch, Darius still having not opened his mouth to speak, not once.

-‘So, you guys been doing any hypnotism lately?’ Jude asked us, as he joined us in the living room, plopping himself down on one of the available armchairs.

-‘Hypnotism? How’d he know?’ Darius asked me inquisitively.

-“Jude is also interested in hypnosis, he’s turned into quite a good hypnotist actually.” I explained to my cousin how when Tobias and I were practicing on each other, Jude got into the act as well and has been ‘hooked’ on the subject ever since.

Darius turned to look at Jude, assessing him almost before speaking, “You know how to hypnotize too?!” I could tell Darius didn't believe Jude could do it. Uh-oh!

-‘Yup! I’ve even hypnotized your cousin Darnell over here several times. Isn’t that right Darnell?’

I was momentarily shell-shocked. Had Jude hypnotized me? I tried to recall and I couldn’t… was that why I went out of my way to get together with Darius today? Was that why I went out of my way to hypnotize him? Because I was myself hypnotized? Holy shit! That bugger, he did get me?! But when?! I had to act fast I decided.

-‘Jude, are you sure you put me into a deep hypnotic sleep?’

He was still responsive to his post-hypnotic trigger and collapsed even deeper into his own chair as the words hit him like a ton of rocks.

-‘Darnell, is he really…?’ My cousin didn’t finish the sentence.

-‘Hypnotized? Yes, yes he is.’ I answered back at matter-of-factly as I could, stealing several glimpses of the sleeping blonde to my left. Now that Jude was under I had to find out what if anything he did to me while he had me under. It was like a bloody hypno-soap opera and I was playing the role of the leading man – at least, I thought I was playing the role of the leading man.

-“Jude can you hear me?” I asked softly.

-‘Yes, hear you…’ he replied back mechanically.

-‘This is so awesome!’ Darius exclaimed jubilantly and yet somewhat hesitantly.

-‘Shhh!’ I instructed my pubescent cousin. I was on my own little mission. “Jude, listen very carefully, I want you to tell me what you made me do while you had me under hypnosis! Tell me now!” I asked the question as assertively as I could muster. I wanted, no, I needed an answer pronto!

Jude stirred in his seat a little before responding sleepily, ‘I told you to hypnotize your cousin Darius and…” his words cut off, as if he were too deeply under to continue. I prodded him further.


-“And draw on his feet.”

-“What?” I asked not sure I heard what Jude had said. “What did you say?” I asked again.

-‘I told you to draw stuff on his feet while he was hypnotized…’ Jude murmured.

Darius and I exchanged perplexed glances and the next thing I knew, Darius was undoing the laces on his right sneaker, tugging it off and then pulling off his sock. When Darius and I saw the sole of his foot, both of us nearly fell backward.

-‘Holy shit man, what did you do to my foot?’

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! Covering the entirety of Darius’ heel was a black spiral, seemingly put on with some kind of marker. And on his toes was the word “hypno” – each toe bearing a different letter! I did that?!

We sat staring at Darius’ foot, both of us in complete disbelief, for several minutes. Our stunned silence was broken by Darius’ decision to check out the sole of his left foot. As he yanked of his left shoe and sock and checked out the damage on his own, he fell somewhat silent. I could tell there was something on his left foot that was bothering him.

-‘Dude, what is it?’ I asked all concerned, and indeed I was.

-‘Look!’ He lifted his bare foot in mid-air pointing it towards me. I couldn’t believe it! The same spiral that was on his right heel was on his left, but on his toes, instead of the word HYPNO, there was the word SLAVE. Shit!

-‘Darnell, this isn’t cool. I am nobody’s slave!’ Darius seemed to have regained some of his composure but I could tell he was still somewhat livid. “I think this is permanent marker too!” He whined as he spat on the palm of his hand and tried rubbing the inky spiral off his right heel to no effect. “Dude, what am I supposed to do, walk around with this stuff on my feet until it washes away?!” I could tell Darnell was getting upset and I could understand. Anyone (not otherwise into the S & M or BDSM scene) would be unnerved to find the words HYPNO-SLAVE scrolled out on their toes. It was almost like something out of a bizarre cult movie.

-“Darius, relax, we’ll get it off, it’s not so…” It dawned on me at that precise moment… if Darius had writing shit all over his feet, then maybe I did as well. I raced to take off my own shoes and socks and was somewhat relieved to find no writing on my feet.

-‘Just me. Figures!’ Darius had that ‘my luck’ tone of voice.

-“Why don’t you try washing your feet in the bathroom – it’s the second or third door on the left, down that hallway.” I pointed in the general direction of the bedrooms and was pleased to see Darius jump off the couch and head towards the john.

Now what to do? I stared at the hypnotized Judas before me – he was still too young to play with in my books, yet evidently I wasn’t too young or too old for that matter, for him! There was only one way to contain this Jude-dude I reasoned and it was a bit extreme but alas, I felt like I had no choice.

-“Darnell! Get your ass over here now!” Darius was calling me from the hallway. He was standing at the entryway to one of the rooms, staring in, in utter disbelief. I got up off the couch and went to see what my cousin was getting on about.

Holy freakin’-cow-patties!

In Judas’ and Matthias’ bedroom, four guys – lying perfectly still, two on each single bed, making for quite the close set-up: Bruce and this other guy I did not recognize were on the bed at the far end of the room while Matthias and this other guy I also did not recognize were on the bed closest to us.

-‘Darnell, I’m getting out of here…’ Darius sounded like he was ready to bolt – like he could have taken off and run out the door then and there, barefoot and all. I could sense his nervousness and confusion building up as we both stood there, taking in the scene before us.

All four guys were fully clothed but for their feet, which were bare, and in all cases, dangling off the beds at the guys’ ankles. Their pants were pushed up several inches as well. Each guy was lying in the identical position – at attention, stiff.

Darius followed me into the room where I took position (where else?) at the foot of both beds, Darius remaining ever-beside me, like a character out of horror movie who was too scared to be on their own. We both noticed it at the same time…

Each guy lying on the beds had the exact same black-marker markings on the soles of their feet! Staring at them, it was a little hard not to be pulled in – eight hypno-heel-spirals seemed to beckon me in…calling me toward them…

-‘Darnell! What the hell are you doing?!’ I heard Darius’ near-panicked voice and then his hand on my right arm, pulling me backward toward him.

-“Huh? I…er…I guess I just got a little zoned out there Darius, don’t worry.” I tried to say soothingly.

-‘Don’t worry!?’ Darius seemed flabbergasted my apparent lack of concern for our predicament. ‘Darnell, what’s up with this whole foot thing?! Why do they all have the same crap on their feet?! This is too much, this is too freakin’ much!’ Darius was making his way to the door, about ready to leave, I had zero choice now in the matter.

-‘Deep Hypnotic sleep Darius.’ I intoned hypnotically and masterfully. My barefoot cousin stopped dead in his tracks and looked as though he might even fall over backwards. I quickly positioned myself to catch him, but there was no need, he soon steadied himself and stood, on spot, waiting for my set of directives. Heck, I was waiting for my next set of directives. This whole hypno-thing had taken so many twists and turns I had no idea what was going to happen next. I did know one thing though. I needed to maintain my control of the situation and that meant, containing the monster-hypnotist I had unleashed in Jude Chesney.

-‘Come here Darius!’ I beckoned almost like royalty, which I guess, to my hypnotized cousin, I was. He turned mechanically and took a few steps back toward where I was standing.

-‘I want you to lie down, you’re very tired and you need to relaaaax… you will lie down on this bed… you do not see anyone else on it…’ I helped position my sleeping cousin atop the mountain that was Bruce (I figured my cousin was the smallest dude there and Bruce was, by far, the largest, so he could support my cousin’s weight easily.

-‘Now Darius, you will freeze, remain motionless, paralyzed until I touch the sole of your foot. You cannot move a muscle, and for that matter, neither can you Bruce!’

I was a little shocked when this deep inflectionless robot-voice from underneath Darius responded,

-“Yes Master. I hear and I obey!” Obviously Jude had been working with his friend.

-‘Tell me Bruce, who is this lying beside you?’ I asked looking over at the young Hispanic man to Bruce’s right.

-‘Hector Romales. He’s my wrestling partner master.’

I couldn’t help but be curious. Bruce was easily 100 pounds heavier and larger than Hector; if these two were partners, Hector should have had a lot more bumps and bruises but his body, while hairy, showed no signs of abuse. He was heavily muscled though with practically no traces of body-fat – he did have the beginnings of some love-handles forming and a little stomach starting to protrude, but the dark-skinned goateed dude was still arguably, in good shape. His hair was cool too, almost jet-black but not quite and he wore it slightly above shoulder length. I stepped back to examine Hector’s toes more closely. As I suspected, given the amount of body hair he sported, the dude had hair on his toes and on the tops of his feet. I suspected his shoe size was an 11 or 12.

I jarred myself from my own foot thoughts, realizing I had Jude in the living room to get to. He was my priority number one at the moment. As I walked past Matthias and his bed-mate, I couldn’t help but take a brief, closer look at this other young man I did not know. Here was yet another cutie – but not in the Chesney-brother GQ sense… this boy, (another blonde sheeeesh!) looked as wholesome and pure as Apple-pie, a total boy next door look. And he was tall – I’d guess about 6’7 or so as his feet dangled the furthest off the bed. He also had very long and very thin feet. His entire frame was actually quite thin but because of his height I’m sure, people probably didn’t notice. Here was a veritable giant lying hypnotized before me – the words hypno-slave written out on his toes, and two huge hypno-spirals painted onto his heels! What more is there I ask?

-‘Matthias, who is your friend here?’ I asked as I seductively outlined the contours of his right foot with my left index finger.

-“Chance Johnson master. He was last year’s center on my school’s basketball team.”

That explained the height thing I guess. Chance huh? I thought to myself as I held up his right foot to my face and took a brief sniff n’ lick. I think I was going to be taking a chance of my own later on… but first things first… to Jude, aka the other master-hypnotist, sitting hypnotized in the living room…


I found Jude in the exact same position I had left him, slouched over in the armchair, drifting. I wasn’t surprised the hypnotic triggers I had set up were still effective – it hadn’t been that long since my last Chesney brother hypno-session. Like all the other Chesney’s Jude was not a difficult subject to induce. In fact, as I recalled it, he was one of the easiest of the Chesney brothers to hypnotize. Funny how sometimes the best hypnotists also make the best subjects!

-“Judas…” I began immediately. Like I said, no time to waste! “You are the world’s worst hypnotist, in fact, you cannot hypnotize anyone any more, no matter how hard you try, you will not be able to hypnotize… you will forget any and all trigger words you’ve used on me Darnell, is that clear?”

-‘Clear sir.’ Jude’s blank face was as blank as his voice - the perfect match!

Just then the front door opened. At this point in my little adventure I was expecting the hypno-police to enter the scene! I don’t know… everyone else seemed to be involved!

Actually it was Tobias with some other dude I did not know. Both he and Toby seemed to be completely entranced! Tobias walked right past me, not even acknowledging me and went to stand straight in front of his younger brother Jude, conked out on the chair.

-“Master, I have hypnotized Steven DeWitt as ordered.” He was reporting to Jude! How cute! Jude was not even hearing him much less aware of his presence and ironically, Tobias, after delivering his report, also snapped into non-animation. It was a curious scene: The hypnotized Tobias, standing in front of his hypnotized brother (his master), his latest recruit asleep on his feet in the hallway.

-“Deep hypnotic sleep Tobias!” I whispered into his ear. I was relieved somewhat to see that my post-hypnotic trigger phrase still seemed to have an effect on the sleeping Adonis. His body twitched and went utterly rigid – he was a statue now. His head, which had been nodded downward before, was now facing straight ahead – eyes open, staring blankly at the far wall.

-“Now Tobias, take off your shoes!”

-“Yes Master!” Tobias kicked off his sneakers revealing his bare feet. Jude had definitely been busy I wagered. I had to see for myself to be sure.

-‘Toby – sit down on the couch and put your feet up on the coffee table!’ The hypnotized Tobias did exactly as I instructed – as soon as he put his left foot up, it was obvious, his feet had been ‘graffiti-ed’ as well – the identical markings as the others! I wondered if Steven DeWitt had received this same treatment.

-‘Toby, call your friend Steve over to the couch!’

-“Steve, get your ass over here!” Tobias’ voice was stern, no-nonsense. Steven reacted instantaneously, walking mechanically over to the couch and plopping himself down on it alongside Tobias.

-‘Steve, kick off your sneakers… your feet are on fire… burning up… you need to remove your sneakers!’ I suggested to him hoping that he would respond to my vocal commands. He did.

As Steven moved, almost in slow-motion, to comply with my orders I took in his overall appearance, assessing him from head to toe. Steven had jet-black hair, a creamy complexion, brown eyes, dimpled cheeks and slightly larger than average ears, though they were by no means a distraction form his over-all good looks. As he removed his shoes I could tell he had a hairy body as the roof of his feet had some black hair on them in fair proportion.

-“Steven, put your feet on the table, alongside Tobias’!” I ordered, he complied and I was again amazed – both of Steven’s feet had similar black marker markings on them! The hypno-spirals on Steven’s heels were slightly ‘shaky’ not as intricate as the others I noticed, perhaps Tobias needed a remedial art course I reasoned.

-“I wonder why his feet are so sloppily done?” I asked myself, out loud; loud enough for Tobias to hear.

-“I drove Steve’s car over here master – he was too far gone to drive. I put him in the back seat and had him take off his shoes and socks and put his feet in the front seat – then, when we got to traffic lights, I drew on his feet as master commanded.”

How hot! What I would have given to be in the car next to his at one of those red lights – imagine seeing that when looking over your shoulder to the car alongside you? Phew! Just the image of it was soooo hot! I had to thank Jude later for this hypno-game he orchestrated. I found myself anticipating the arrival of Fisher and his hypno-slave… if in fact he was coming.

-“Judas, is Fisher bringing his hypnotized friend over today?” I asked the fully clothed sleeping beauty on the chair.

-“Don’t know… he hasn’t checked in yet…But Gavin’s on his way…”

-“Gavin?” I was stupefied. “Gavin? As in Tobias’ twin Gavin?” I asked Jude. When did he arrive? I thought he was in the gulf or in Iraq or something."

-“Yes. He's home now!”

-“You hypnotized Gavin?” I asked, my palms sweatied with anticipation.

-‘Yesssssss.’ Jude replied even more sleepily.

It struck me again – how this one hypnosis assignment in one abnormal psychology class has lead to this – I was loosing track already – how many guys did ‘we’ have in our little hypno-harem now? I honestly couldn’t tell you… I didn’t even realize Gavin was back in town much less that he was already hypnotized by Jude! What the hell did I know?! I’ll tell you what I knew – I knew I had to thank our professor for the assignment of a lifetime! But now… now, it was time to get to work! Yesiree boys! Darnell was back in charge!

To be continued?