Tobias 701

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-“What did you guys lose a bet or somethin’?” Gavin Chesney made his way into the living room where my hypno-harem of men lay completely oblivious to his presence.

This time I could not pretend to be the victim – I was the only one standing up in a room of seven guys, all of whom had their bare feet propped up on the coffee table. All of whom were naked, with one exception…

I pressed my lips to Judas’ right ear, “Jude, wake up!” I barely had time to say even that - as it is, Gavin saw me whispering in his younger brothers’ ear.

-‘Who are you?!” he asked me, staring me down somewhat while making his way closer to the couch. He slapped his twin on his bare shoulder, getting zero reaction from him. Tobias was as oblivious as they come.

-“I’m Darnell… I voiced meekly. What the hell was I going to say – I’m the master hypnotist?!

-“Gavin!!!” Judas got up from the floor and went to formally greet his older brother who’d been on duty in Iraq since last year. “Dude, are you home for good?!” Jude hugged his brother briefly while shaking him by the shoulders some.

-“Nah, I’m on rotation. They’re shipping me back to the gulf in a couple of weeks. What the hell is with everyone?”

-“They’re hypnotized!” Judas boasted, almost as if he were eagerly trying to bring up the subject.

-“Hypnotized?! Get the fuck out!” Gavin took off his army issue cap and tossed it to the other end of the room, missing the bench I presume he was aiming for.

Man, I couldn’t get over how closely Gavin resembled Fisher. Odd huh?! He was Tobias’ twin brother and yet he looked more like Fisher than he did Tobias. He had Tobias’ mouth and chin though – and I found myself staring at his face. His eyes were a deep bottle green, so dark they could have appeared black from several meters away. His skin was dark – scorched by the desert sun no doubt. A little bit of his skin was peeling on the slope of his nose where the sun had got to him.

-“Nah, I really hypnotized all of them! They all bet me that I couldn’t put them under and I figured I’d prove it to them!” Judas explained excitedly, drawing his brother into our hypno-game quite effectively.

-“Shit, they really are hypnotized?! Look at Tobes and Fish – man, make them cluck like chickens!” Gavin was in disbelief, but enjoying things just the same. He hadn’t given me a second glance since Jude told him about the hypnotism, which was a good thing because he would have seen I was staring him down hard.

Jude, for all his youthfulness, took over the role of “master” with masterful accomplishment. Truth is, I was a little stunned – I knew Jude was into hypnotism, perhaps almost as much as I was at that point, but still, I had to see how Jude conducted himself as our little group’s hypnotist. It gave me a few ideas for later too!

-“Tobias, Fisher – when I count to three you will both become chickens – you will think like a chicken, act like a chicken and cluck like a chicken!” Judas directed, before counting out loud, 1 –2 – 3!”

Tobias and Fisher came to life… as chickens. Thankfully neither brother responded with what was their standard “yes master” response, if they did, they clucked it out like chickens.

They both dislodged from the coffee table and began to bob around the room, like poultry, occasionally nodding their hypnotized heads while pretending to eat imaginary feed off the floor. Fisher’s occasional clucks were a source of absolute hysterics for Gavin, who was clenching his stomach in apparent pain as he took in the scene, laughing and laughing.

He had the sexiest of laughs – it was so cute listening to him laugh at his two brothers who were meandering around the house in chicken-mode. I wish the scene could have gone on forever!

-“Man, this is too much! I can’t believe you hypnotized them! What else can you make them do?” Gavin asked his younger brother with the excitement of a puppy dog.

-“Anything! They’re all under so deep, it’s like they’re my slaves!” Jude beamed as he relayed that last bit of info to his older brother. He was playing it better than I could have – he truly seemed proud (and even a bit cocky) that he was able to hypnotize the whole lot of us. Of course he hadn’t. But perhaps somewhere deep in Jude’s mind, he had?

There was no doubt in my mind that Judas was playing him! I couldn’t believe it – he was trying to bait his brother.

-“Nah, forget it man, wake them up! I wanna see Tobias’ reaction when he sees you’ve got him naked and walking around the house like a chicken!”

Judas looked at me as if to confirm he had my permission to do just what Gavin had asked of him. I nodded discretely, not wanting to appear to be the figurehead of the festivities. Right now, Gavin had to believe that Jude was the one in control of things – if he realized that I was the one pulling the strings, he’d probably have beaten me to a pulp and asked questions later.

Jude once again stepped up to the “hypnotist’s plate”

-“Tobias, Fisher, at the count of three you will wake up and remember everything I made you do since hypnotizing you! 1 – 2 – 3, wake up!” And for added effect, Jude snapped his fingers loudly.

-“What the…?” Fisher awoke with a bit of a jar looking around the room foggily, uncertain. Tobias’ awakening was no different. Both brothers realized their nakedness at almost the same time.

-“Shit! Where are my clothes?” Fisher cradled his cock in his hands as he walked back into the living room in search of his clothes. “Gav! When the heck did you get here?!” Seeing their brother, Fisher and Tobias abandoned their search for their clothes and approached their brother welcomingly.

-“Gav, bro!” Tobias was about to hug his twin when Gavin took two steps back.

-“Put some clothes on dufus!” he pointed at Tobias’ limp cock.

-“Oh yeah right.” Tobias jumped off to his bedroom to get some clothing for him and Fisher.

-“Holy crap! What’s with all of them?!” Fisher had turned back to the living room and for the first time realized that Matthias, Bruce Tyler and I were still sitting there in a trance.

-“You honestly don’t remember anything?” Gavin asked curiously as Tobias emerged from his bedroom wearing a pair of shorts and putting a t-shirt on as he walked. He threw a t-shirt at Fisher, who caught it and proceeded to put it on.

-“Man, what about my shorts!” He complained to Tobias.

-“Eat mine! I ain’t touching your shorts man!” Tobias flinched as he thought about it.

-“Thanks fag!” Fisher joked as he trotted off to the bedroom to retrieve a pair of shorts.

-“Tobes, man, howse it goin’? So you don’t remember being hypnotized?” He asked his twin, a look of sheer incredulity plastered on his tanned face.

-“Yeah, I do… I…er… I just thought…” and his voice trailed somewhat as he turned to look at me straight on.

-“Thought what dufus?” Gavin pressed his brother further.

-“I thought… never mind…” Tobias had turned away from me and I could tell he appeared sad. The only thing I could think of that would elicit that reaction is if Tobias now truly believed it was Jude, not be who hypnotized him. Our conversation from a few hours back was still ringing in my ears – when he confessed to me that he liked it when I hypnotized him. I wondered what was going on inside his head.

-“What’s with that guy?” Gavin now refocused his attention on me, out of the blue. “He doesn’t even look hypnotized!”

Thankfully Fisher came out of his bedroom at that precise moment, shorts and all.

-“So Gav, you got anything set up for the week?” He asked his brother as he crossed in front of Tobias and made his way to the couch where Tyler was still sitting, his naked body elongated as it was. “Man, cover him up Jude! Or better yet, why don’t you wake ‘em all up and get them dressed – I’m getting a little creeped out here!”

Jude was a brilliant dude!

-“Guys,” he began, “Deep hypnotic sleep!”

Another galvanizing moment! Fisher’s body, like a rag doll, lost all its muscle tone in seconds as he fell backward onto Tyler’s naked body, his left arm on the red-head’s crotch! Tobias just stood where he was, as he was, but his perfectly rounded chin now seemed glued to his chest.

I took this as my cue now. I collapsed onto my knees at first, staring blankly at the floor. Once on my knees, I was able to direct where I fell when I went backward “into hypnosis”. I collapsed onto Bruce’s big belly, titling my head slightly to the right so that I might take in Bruce’s huge horse cock as I “remained in trance awaiting further directions”. Little did I know that Jude would take full advantage of the situation – the little bugger.

-“You’re shitting me!” Gavin was mystified. With his right index finger he prodded Tobias in the stomach and got no reaction whatsoever. Next, he took the same finger and lifted his twin’s head up so that he could see for himself – his brother was indeed asleep on his feet. “Jude, this is amazing! I can’t believe this – what did you say that made them go back under again?”

-“Deep hypnotic sleep!” Jude answered back smugly, confidently.

-“Man, this is nuts! Jude, you have like real power over them!” Gavin was stating the obvious, though to him, this all being something entirely new that he just walked in on… I could understand him being dumbfounded and in awe.

-“Watch this! You see Darnell over there?” He asked his brother while ushering him closer to my location. “He’s Tobias’ friend. Straight as they come. I think he even has a girlfriend. Watch what I can make him do!”

-“Darnell… listen to your master and obey!” Wow – can I tell you, my dick sprung one at Jude’s masterful utterance.

-“Obey…” I played along with the scenario I was allowing him to weave. Truth be told, if he wasn’t weaving this little tale for me, I’d probably be in the emergency ward clinging to life on a respirator! But I also knew that Jude seemed to know this as well, making my position at the moment, a tad vulnerable.

-“Awgh, Jude, don’t do it!” Gavin backed off, seemingly sensing where his brother was going with this.

-“Don’t do what? You don’t even know what I was going to tell him to do!” He protested, trying to lure his brother back into the scene.

-‘It looked as though you were going to make him give Bruce head or something and if your control of these guys goes that far… then guy, I’ve got a commander I want to introduce you to! He’s really big into the whole mind-control thing as it applies to military applications. But dude, I don’t want to see you make that guy go down on your friend, come on, you ain’t no fruitcup!”

-‘Ok fine! You wanna see how I did it?’ He asked his brother sneakily.

-“What? Hypnotize them? I… sure why not.”

-‘Darnell! Get up and come with Gavin and I into my room!

Damn I thought, I was totally out of the control loop here. I rose like a sleepwalking zombie and proceeded to follow Jude and Gavin, both of whom were dressed by the way, into Jude’s room. I was, of course, the only one who was totally naked in the group and I became even more aware of that when Jude closed the door to his and Matthias’ bedroom.

-“Sit down at the terminal Darnell!”

I had no choice. What could I do? I had to follow Jude’s orders now, like them or not.

Jude moved his mouse just a tad and from the black screen saver that was obviously at work, emerged an engrossing black and white hypno-spiral, circling and circling into an ever-swirling vortex that was just way too alluring and relaxing…I couldn’t look away.

-‘That’s right Darnell. Keep your eyes on the center of the spiral, in the center… it relaxes you, being in the center… your mind is completely focused on being in the center of the spiral… totally relaxed and open… listening only the sound of my voice, ignoring all other sounds in the room around you, but the sound of my voice as you go deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper…’ Jude’s voice was like a hypnotic-freight train I was not expecting, and when it hit me in conjunction with the spiral I was fixated at, I knew I was in trouble. I knew Jude, little bugger that he was, was planning on taking me down. And yet, I couldn’t do anything about it – even if I had wanted to at that point… gradually my thoughts were becoming more muddied as Jude continued on with his hypnotist drawl, pulling me deeper and deeper into the center of his universe. At some point, I must have lost it because my next memory was very vague and very brief.

-“Wake up!” I heard the familiar voice say and with that, my eyes slowly came into focus to find someone’s bare feet in my face. Whoever it was, was lying on top of me so that I couldn’t immediately tell whose feet were planted firmly in my face.

-“What’s going on?” Was I could manage as more cobwebs got pushed away in my cerebrum. I couldn’t move my body I realized, just my head.

Jude suddenly came into view, grabbing one of those feet that were right before me and forcing it into my face, almost aggressively. “You like that don’t you Darnell?!” He asked snidely.

-“Yeah…” I was getting lost again in whomever’s foot his was, I couldn’t look away, didn’t want to…

-‘And as for you Gavin…’ Jude intoned as he made his way to the foot of the bed where my feet were and where Gavin’s head was, slobbering all over my heels. ‘I just want you to go deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper…” The licking stopped, instead I could feel the weight of someone’s head drop limply onto my soles and very quickly thereafter I had lost consciousness myself.



The voice commanded and I obeyed. My body snapped to military attention as I barely became aware of my surroundings. I was standing, leaning against the far wall in the Chesney family living room. As I heard the word “attention” I could feel all my muscles in my body instantaneously stiffen; I felt my back go completely erect against the wall behind me; I could feel my arms, which felt like lead, gluing themselves to my thighs and I could feel my feet coming together side-by-side as if to form one singular entity. Next to me were some other men. I could not see them but I felt their presence. My eyes remained all the while fixed straight ahead.

-“As I walk down the line and grab your dicks you will each pledge your allegiance to me!” My master’s voice was all-powerful and I awaited anxiously for my chance to obey.

From several feet away from me I heard the robotic-drained voice of another man who was obviously responding to the same suggestion:

-“You are my master. I am your slave. I exist to serve you!” The voice sounded remarkably like Fisher’s voice but I could care less.

Three other men made similar pleas to our master before I felt my own penis grabbed and jerked.

-‘I am your hypnotized slave. I am your hypnotized slave. I am your hypnotized slave. I am your hypnotized slave…’ I had nothing else to say so I kept repeating it until I was instructed to stop.

I think two other slaves went after me, but I couldn’t be sure… I was too busy staring blankly down at my now erect cock – every time it twitched or moved on its own, I would go deeper into master’s power. He said it was important for a slave to be hypnotized by his own dick and nothing made more sense to me. In my head, as I stared down at my rod I kept hearing the voice telling me to go deeper and deeper to relax more and more…it was true! My own dick was being used to hypnotize me and I was as powerless, completely unable to disengage from the process.

From just within my periphery as I continued to stare downward at my bulging cock, I could see two other sets of bare feet, alongside my own. Again, I couldn’t tell whose they belonged too, but both pairs were bigger than mine, that much my hypnotized brain registered. Very soon, even these periphery images would fade, my entire awareness brought down and focused exclusively on my cock.

-“Cum now!” I heard in the background but I was certain it was not a command directed at me. Vaguely, I could make out the sound of a man having an orgasm in the far distance, and then, “Bow before me!” and the sound of someone falling to their knees. This too was repeated several times before I could hear my master’s voice immediately in front of me. Now, I knew he was going to be talking to me.

-“You will not cum! Repeat that Darnell!”

-“I will not cum.”

-“Now, bow before me slave!” My shoulders were pushed downward and I naturally fell to the floor, on my knees, but in a mini-heap of sorts. Controlling my sleepy muscles seemed a near impossible task that I did not want to engage in anyway. Better to just let everything go…

My face hit the floor with a minor thud, not enough to jar me totally from the hypnotic trance I was still very much in, but enough to get back some clarity and some perspective on my surroundings. I was the only one with his head on the floor it seemed – to my left there were four other men but they were in identical positions, kneeling on their knees, heads bent downward, almost in shame, but I knew they weren’t ashamed, they were hypnotized, like me. Me? When did I…? My still clouded mind tried to recall things, but kept coming up against a blocking wall. Why couldn’t I remember – somehow the harder I tried to recall who hypnotized me, the more relaxed and at peace my mind became, until… I had ultimately forgotten the whole question!

I could feel my body being lifted up back into the kneeling position I was originally required to assume.

-‘Freeze Darnell! Even though you are totally relaxed, you will remain in this position, bowing to me until I tell you otherwise. Is that clear slave?”

-“Yes master.” My upper torso immediately straightened in response as I froze into position, becoming as unmovable as a 3-ton statue. I would be in this position until instructed otherwise. My head tilted downward, afforded me an excellent view of my strained dick – hard as a rock, ready to explode, unable to… waiting for instructions as I slipped deeper and deeper into bliss.

-“Excellent my slaves – you are all now completely focused on your penises – being hypnotized by your own dicks as they move and pulse, twitch and grow… once again I will make my way down the line and when I grab your dicks this time, you will each name me one of your friends who you will bring to me so that I can hypnotize them, like I did all of you!”

I heard the first blank-zombie voice say: “Master, I will bring Robbie Castello over tomorrow!”

Next, “Master, I will bring Steve DeWitt here for you to hypnotize!”

There were more names but I was too zoned out to focus on them – until it was my turn and once again my cock was being held firmly, masterfully. My whole body tingled with pre-orgasmic twitching – I so needed to cum…

-“I will… hypnotize… my cousin… Darius.” He was the first one to pop into my hypnotized and now, virtually sex-crazed mind. At that point, I was so turned on, so zoned out and so focused in on what I had to do, I would have agreed to hypnotize Big Bird if I was so instructed.


-“I will hypnotize my cousin Darius!”


-“I will hypnotize my cousin Darius!”

In my mind’s eye, images of my cousin, 20-year old Darius Yeomens continually superimposing themselves onto a black and white hypno-spiral backdrop, so that it appeared his head was spinning in unison with the spiral. I was going to hypnotize him. This I knew as much as I knew my own name, which was… Darnell…Darnell… wait, was that my first name? I couldn’t even be sure of that and it didn’t matter. What I did know, what did matter – I would soon be hypnotizing my cousin Darius.

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