Straight Boy Cum Control: Steve (nc mm bond oral)

I roomed in college with a close friend, Jerry, in a nice two bedroom apartment. He was very straight, and he thought (and I guess I did too) that I was too. I knew I had some gay feelings though, but I was too afraid to show them to my roommate. He was good looking, had a nice body, but I wasn't attracted to him for some reason - at least not at first. Up til then I never really never did anything with any guy, though - I did get a few blow jobs from older men, but I never did anything in return. I was always a little wasted when it happened (and horny) and chalked it up to being drunk and never thought it "made" me gay.

That would all change when Jerry's younger brother, Steve would come and visit us for a couple of weeks. Jerry had to go away on a out of town research project for one of his classes, and he asked if it was still okay for his brother to come up and crash for a week or two. He assured me that he wouldn't get in the way. I knew Steve slightly, and hadn't seen the kid in over 5 years. I wasn't expecting anything special - definitely nothing sexual, until he showed up.

At my door was a beautiful 19 year old Adonis! About 5' 11" or so, about 160 lbs., nicely defined college wrestler's build, gorgeous blue eyes, blondish-brown hair and face that was still boyish and cute. Even his voice was sexy, with a crooked, cocky grin. He was drop dead handsome, though still retaining that youthful cute look of innocence. What a difference a few years can make on a kid!!!!! I tried not to stare too much, and glanced quickly at his crotch (he was wearing baggy jeans, and from what I could tell, boxer briefs or briefs (from the waistband) , and a loose fitting cotton T-shirt. He seemed to be fully developed crotch-wise, though it was hard to tell. He seemed to have a nice butt too. From what I could tell the boy had a well developed and proportioned body - and beautiful pecs and a thing waist. When he bent down to pick up his bags, I could see his underwear band - definitely white boxer briefs or briefs - my favorites, above his low hanging pants. God it looked sexy and hot! I was just suddenly dying to strip this kid and give him a tongue bath!!!!

Of course I restrained my self completely and invited him in - showed him to his brother's room, where he would sleep until Jerry came back. Steve was excited about staying over - I guess he had some wild imagination about college parties and nights out. He also looked forward to drinking and sex (as he told me, assuming I could get him both. Unfortunately he assumed the sex would be with gorgeous college girls - not with his brother's roommate. I just sort of stared at Steve as he relaxed, sitting casually on the couch, still wearing his baseball cap (backwards). He absent mindedly lifted his T-shirt to scratch his flat stomach, revealing a smooth, tanned 6 pack abs, and a cute concave navel. God, I nearly died when he did that! Doing that also revealed the waist-band of his boxer shorts. I knew then that I would have to get Steve - somehow, no matter what. I had at least 6 days before his brother got back - and I quickly thought of the various opportunities to get Steve, while he talked on about nothing.

I knew he liked to drink, but from what he told me, he couldn't really hold his liquor yet (he didn't drink often). He was a deep sleeper (he mentioned this because he said if I had to getup early there was no way I could disturb him). He also was a porno (straight) freak - loved watching videos, but never had much of an opportunity to watch them (he lived at home). And he was horny as hell. I figured that combination would lend itself to SOME opportunity! It did. Over a period of several days I was able to get Steve several times. Thank god his brother Jerry was out during that time!

The first couple of hours when he first showed up, I had to satisfy myself with just his dirty clothes until I could actually get to him that night. Now, until Steve, I never had a "clothes fetish" before. But I was obsessed with him - and his smell. When he walked by me, I could smell his boy sweat and a slight odor of after shave or cologne...very slight. It drove me wild. That night, (he was very tired from the long 6 hour bus ride), he said goodnight, yawning, after drinking four, maybe five tall beers, and decided to take a shower. He stripped down in his brother's room, leaving his dirty sweaty clothes on the floor, and walked to the bathroom, towel hanging low around his slim waist. Despite having a good body and being so handsome, Steve was sort of shy about his body. That made him seem even more desirable for me, for some reason. I waited in the living room until I could hear the shower turn on, and then I quickly walked into Jerry's room.

I stared at the pile of dirty smelly clothes on the floor: jeans, rolled up slightly soiled white athletic socks, white boxer briefs (still inside the jeans - he must have stripped both off in one motion), and large blue T-shirt (inside out), and unlaced large sized Nikes (God he had big size 13 feet!!!) I picked up the T-shirt and smelled the armpit areas - and was greeted by a very strong manly sweaty odor, mixed with deodorant. I sniffed it for a few minutes, - it was still very damp from his sweat. I nearly came right there! I then looked down and nervously picked up his jeans. I felt a mixture of guilt, extreme apprehension, holding this beautiful boy's sweaty jeans that just moments before hugged his most intimate parts of his body. The smell was heady and strong - I felt drawn and repulsed by the odor. But it was Steve's- and I nearly came again, right then and there when I detected a strong crotch odor. I sniffed the outside of his jean's crotch area, and then the inside smelling sweat and slight traces of piss and musky crotch odors. Thank god he traveled 300 miles on a Greyhound bus on a hot day to get here! God I was in heaven...and then nervously, heart beating quickly, picked up the white boxer briefs. I looked at the front, and saw several piss stains, and looked on the inside. Only piss stains. There was a strong smell though - I put my nose to the front panel, and crotch and smelled piss, and a strong musky scent...until I reached the seat of the boxer briefs and was greeted by a slight yet stronger extremely musky odor. I nearly came right in my pants!!!!! Who needs to jerk off when you have a handsome boy's dirty clothes, right? I felt horny, perverted with any guilt fast disappearing.
It was this article of clothing that just seconds before hugged this boy's most intimate parts of his body. I grew shaky and woozy just holding it. It still felt warm to the touch. I gave the white, sweaty briefs one last sniff, before rushing back to the living room (I heard the shower stop). I almost panicked - feeling guilty and nervous that Steve would discover how perverted I had become.

After Steve dried off in the bedroom, he said his goodnights to me (dressed now in a long T-shirt and loose fitting running shorts - and tight white underwear from what I could tell. He still looked a little buzzed from the five beers - and looked tired. I urged him to drink "one more for the road" (whatever the hell that meant since he was going to bed, but I was way too nervous to be clever). He smiled and said "well, yeah...okay". He went to the kitchen, as I watched him, and pulled a cold tall beer from the refrigerator. He stood there, flipped open the can and nearly drink the whole thing standing right there. His t-shirt lifted slightly to expose part of his flat stomach, and when he turned the can over to get the last drop, I could see his brown blondish armpit arm through the loose t-shirt sleeve. I never knew how sexy seeing a guy's armpits could be. He wiped his mouth sloppily, smiled at me, then burped, laughed and said "man, I am wasted. See ya in the mornin...."

He closed his door part way, and I waited (playing with my dick in the meantime) for three hours, until I got enough courage to enter the room.

It was a very hot night (it was summer - Jerry was taking summer classes), and our air conditioning wasn't working - at least Steve THOUGHT that. I told him that, hoping that it would encourage him to sleep with less on and perhaps make him drunker faster. It did. Being young and inexperienced with beer - and extremely weary from the bus ride, the boy fell into a fast deep sleep. I called out his name - and was greeted my a heavy and continuous snore. I turned on the hallway light, that bathed the double bed with warm glow - enough for me to see Steve. God! He was sprawled on his back, his T-shirt and running shorts were off, his arms on his beautiful defined smooth defined chest, his slightly hairy legs spread - the covers were kicked off completely. I stared at Steve - sleeping soundly. I became fixated on his flat muscled stomach, and his deep belly button, with a slight trail of hair that led into his sexy Calvin Klein tight white underwear, bulging with a nice mound of boy meat. I wanted to sniff that belly button and tongue it! And then the underwear - the material was thin and I could see the outline of his limp cock - not huge, but a nice sized 5 inch cock, resting on a nice sized pair of walnut-sized loose balls. The bulge was mesmerizing to me. I think I stared at him in his underwear - staring at that bulge for 30 minutes - maybe more.

I shook his arm gently to see if Steve was awake - "Hey Steve...are you okay?" I was nervous as hell, but I couldn't stop. He continued his snoring and deep breathing. He definitely was in a deep sleep from the beer (he told me that it was a long time since he had beer). I gently moved his arms from his chest, moving his right arm over his head - and then his left. I wanted to see his pits - and God, I was rewarded with the most beautiful armpits - sweaty, with a healthy patch of blondish-brown hair matted down from the sweat. I checked one more time, gently shaking Steve "Hey guy, are you awake?" Still was greeted my snores and heavy and steady breathing.

I knelt beside the bed and smelled his left arm pit - and was greeted my a mixture of boy sweat and a real musky odor. At that I threw whatever caution that was left in me away in favor of tasting this gorgeous boy!!!!!! I looked at his sleeping face - beautiful!!!!! I wanted to kiss his sexy lips, but was scared THAT would wake him. So I sniffed his neck, his ears and hair - and got even more turned on. He had a sexy clean odor that drove me wild! I never felt that way towards a guy before! I then gently sucked and lapped at his small brownish nipples - soft until they hardened from the licking. He still continued his snoring and even breathing. His dick was still limp. I then tongued my way down to his navel, sniffing and licking at the beautiful belly button!!!! I never knew belly buttons could be sexy - but this boy's concave belly button was sexy - deep and large enough for me to lick, with a slight aromatic odor.

I followed the trail of hair down to his white Calvin Klein briefs and then paused. I looked up and watched his handsome face for any signs of waking. None. I brought my hands up - nearly shaking from nervousness, then gently brought them down - slowly - to massage and gently knead through his underwear, Steve's soft - and somewhat spongy cock and very loose warm balls. I bent down and sniffed the crotch, touching my nose to his white underwear that seemed brilliant white in the dark room. I sniffed the underwear down between the boy's legs - as far down as I could go, smelling now a stronger, muskier scent. I stayed there for a few minutes - inhaling the boy's sexy odor - and getting more hornier by the second. I moved my hands and face back to the boy's growing bulge in front of his tight underwear. I noticed that Steve's cock was starting to get alittle harder - just alittle, as I gently probed and touched it with my fingers through the underwear. I loved how the underwear shaped the boy's semi-hard cock, resting a top his loose, very loose and large scrotum. I gently pinched and played with Steve's cockhead through the underwear, rubbing the fabric against the boy's sensitive cockhead, gently moving the foreskin down, and wetting the underwear with his precum. Soon the underwear was very damp with Steve's precum, and I bent over to sniff it and was greeted by a strong starchy odor - slightly salty - and then to lick it. I couldn't believe how erotic and sexy this was - I never before was a clothes fetish!

I ran back to my room and got my camera - which luckily had high speed film in it. Given the low light, I was able to snap a several shots of the stud, spread out on the bed, dick semi-hard tenting slightly his tight white underwear. I had to preserve this for future jack off sessions (to go along with is dirty underwear and T-shirts) in case I never had a chance to get him again. (I also took several shots of the boy naked after I gently removed his white tight underwear).

I kept on kneading the growing bulge, jiggling gently the balls and by that time I was nearly crazy with lust, and then, with my heart beating so fast and loud that I thought he could hear it - I eased his tight bulging shorts down slowly. I did that so not to wake him - but the slowness was also very sexy - slowly revealing his hairy blondish-brown pubes, slightly damp from the sweat, then his shaft, and then his balls and cock head. I pulled the white shorts all the way off. They were slightly damp from the sweat (it was very warm and humid in the room) and I sniffed it, before tossing them on the floor. Now he was spread-eagled on the bed, totally naked, still snoring and sleeping - his dick still limp. This is the first time I saw Steve naked and he was built like a movie start or model!! God he was gorgeous, just lying there peacefully. He wasn't cut either, with his foreskin covering his dickhead loosely. It look cute - and I hoped it would preserved some of the boy's intimate odors there (it did). I quickly moved my face to his pubic hairs and inhaled the freshly washed curly pubic hairs. It smelled of just clean boysweat. Then slowly, very slowly I nibbled my way down to his now slightly hardening 5-1/2 inch shaft. The dick started to grow as I nibbled ever so lightly. He shifted in his sleep a little - no doubt dreaming of some girl going down on him. He was still only half hard, when I got to his cock head...I used my hand to gently pull back the foreskin, exposing the cock head - pink, wet from a slight covering of sweat and pre-cum. I sniffed the cock head - and it smelled like sweat, piss and a heavy muskiness that drove me wild. I licked it tentatively, and then sucked just the head intently for several minutes.

Steve's breathing was still even and he continued to snore - but his stomach seemed to tightened a little, and his dick slowly grew from semi-hard to hard, to finally a full 7 inch steel hard, his foreskin now pulled back, his knob glistening with pre-cum. I could smell it! His hard dick slightly arched back, and I now licked the head, and then the underside of it, and then licked the shaft all the way down to his balls. His legs shifted involuntarily, and then spread out further. My nose was pressed against his walnut sized balls - loose and sweaty from the heat. I tongued the balls, lapping at each none, and then sucked his entire scrotum completely. For a full 10 minutes I lovingly sucked and licked his balls, while my left hand gently rubbed and tweaked stomach and nipples and my other hand gently jerked his steel hard shaft. He seemed ready to cum (his cock head was flowing with precum). I backed off for a second and stood up to stare at this young straight kid - totally naked, totally turned on and hard, his body begging for relief - and still sleeping (he really was). His dime-sized brown nipples were hard and erect, his chest though was still breathing evenly and his snoring - though softer, was still audible.

His flat stomach was tight and ready to cum. I knelt down again and then licked his cock head slowly, tonguing the head, and the ridge underneath. The head was spongy hard, and I thought I could hear him moan ever so slightly. His cock now was as hard as ever as I brought my hand and gently jerked the shaft, while my other hand played with his balls. I tongued the cocked head, swirling my tongue faster and now licking his shaft, as I jerked it faster and faster, polishing his cock head.

Suddenly his stomach and body seemed to tightened, and his cock got even more rigidly hard for a second - and then buckets of hot boy cum spurted out on his stomach. He made no sound - his even breathing continued - as I slowly jerked his dick - his cock squirted out cum 8 times, until the final spurts dribbled on his damp pubes. His dick - so hard minutes ago - slowly became limp, his foreskin covering the cock head, covered with cum, spit and sweat.

I gently sucked it clean, and licked the cum from his pubes. I got a hand towel and wiped the rest of his boy cum from his stomach, legs and shaft. I gave his body one last long stare- his cock limp now, but still a nice size, resting over his balls and touching his left thigh - his muscled arms still above his head, armpits sweaty from the heat. I found a clean pair of white briefs that he had in his bag, slipping it up his smooth legs and gently tucking (and positioning) his now limp cock. Arranging it in the tight underwear seemed like a work of art, moving the limp cock in just the right position to accent the boy's masculinity. He looked sexy in his white underwear, even if his dick and balls were totally spent now. I covered him with a sheet part way and carried his dirty white briefs and hand towel to my room, where I would sniff them and jerk off.

He never knew that his first blow job from a guy - probably his first blow job EVER happened. That experience made me want Steve even more - but I wanted him to be awake when I pleasured him again. I still had several days left before his brother got back, so I had time to work out various plans to "get Steve".

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