Straight Boy Cum Control: Steve 2 (nc mm bond oral)

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The next day, Steve woke, and we greeted each other at breakfast, wearing the t-shirt, running shorts (and from what I could tell from the waist band, the same underwear that I slipped on him last night). There was nothing it seemed odd or different, even though I gave the boy a complete tongue bath the night before. I did note that after eating breakfast he seemed to sniff his armpits quickly and chest (he was wearing his T-shirt), sort of frowned and said, " was hot in here last night. I need a another that air conditioning gonna get fixed?" I nodded but said "Soon I hope" and smiled back saying "You do stink boy!" He laughed and walked back to the bedroom to take another shower, while I smiled and remembered how great he smelled. I ended up "getting Steve" five more times, including a drunken bet that a gay guy couldn't make a straight guy like him cum
(he lost by the way). Of course I set it all up, and Steve HAD to lose - but he didn't know any better.

Well, Steve was sexy as hell - but also sort of cocky and while not stupid, he wasn't the most savvy or sophisticated person. He was, as I soon discovered, somewhat naive, slightly arrogant and cocky guy - and that helped me plan for the next way I would get him. I discovered inadvertently, that Steve was really ticklish! He was boasting about something - I think about his wrestling ability in high school and college, and I playfully drilled his stomach a couple of times with my index finger, making a comment that "hey you're getting old with this flab there. . ..(he wasn't - he was solid as a rock!)". Well the boy literally screeched and squirmed, raising his voice, giggling "HEY!!!! Stop it man!!!" He moved away from my finger, laughing.

I stared at the boy and just said "god, you are ticklish dude!!!" His cute face blushed a deep red, and then he quickly changed the subject. He was so ticklish that even when I stared at him (while he was playing a video game), trying to tease him and break his concentration in the game, his face and should and neck started to twitch - as if I was gently tickling him lightly there with my fingers! It was incredible. He squirmed and yelled "stop it man. . .stop!!!!!" I stopped - more in wonderment and realized that I was going to have fun with this boy - and soon. He WAS more ticklish then any person I knew!

I figured I could suck him off in his sleep every night that he was staying (providing I got him drunk so he went into a deep sleep) - but I also wanted to have him awake, and experience tickle torture - and THEN experience cum control , and then - made to cum over and over. Being handsome, young and horny, I figured the lad would not only be up for it - he'd thank me years later for the experience. Even if he didn't, I (and the others I would soon involve) would certainly thank HIM. Hearing and seeing Steve's expression when cumming would be priceless!

Seeing a straight boy cum is a fucking turn on! It turned out that it was very easy to round up several of my friends to "help" out. I knew some guys who were gay, and I casually mentioned Steve - how cute he was, and then mentioned how ticklish he was. I didn't know then that tickling - especially tickle torture could be an all night adult entertainment event in and of itself. I had no idea. Once I showed those guys a picture of Steve (the nude and underwear pictures I took), they literally went nuts demanding that that they get to meet him. I at first was concerned - I mentioned that Steve was young and straight as hell, but that just made them even more adamant that they be allowed to "play" with him.

The more I thought about it - the more I realized these guys could help me do what I wanted to do with Steve now: cum control, making him suffer in a tickle torture session, and milking the boy completely dry.

For some reason having that happen to straight Steve was almost a mantra to me - I needed to do it . Badly. And so did they. After talking, we set things up for the next night. There was four of them. We could all barely stand the anticipation of getting this straight, handsome guy. We quickly hatched a plan where I would bring over the stud muffin telling him it was a "party" and we would devise a plan so they could "do him". We decided to play on Steve's cockiness, and his boast to me (one time he said when there was some news report about gays) that he was repulsed by gay sex, though had nothing against them. "I could never do that....I don't see how a guy could enjoy any of that...." he said to me. Well, we decided to get him drunk enough so he would lose his inhibitions and bet him $250 that he couldn't withstand being tickled for 5 minutes. He needed money badly - and I could see him being stupid enough to make a bet for $250.00

The next night, Steve was bored and wanted to go out and do something. I suggested going over to a friend's house - I said they were having a party. Well Steve had no idea of this plan of course. He immediately agreed to go over with me and was excited that the guys had a pool table, a hot tub and a pool. So we spent half the night drinking beers and shooting pool. The guys (Ben, Ken, Tom, Gene, and Zak), would stare at Steve when he wasn't looking - they couldn't believe either how beautiful and handsome he was ("God, this guy is just too cute," Ben whispered to me well Steve was bending over the pool table to make a shot). These guys, unfortunately were not blessed by nature in looks OR build. They weren't ugly, but they were sort of uniformly homely - and that made Steve stand out even more. It was not every day they could get such a handsome and cute guy in their house - never made that soon he would be tickled tortured, made to cum and experience the joys of cum control.

Steve was wearing long baggy shorts, a loose T-shirt and sandals, his short blondish-brown hair tousled somewhat. Even then he looked like a GAP or Ambrocrombie and Fitch model. After 3 hours of pool, the guys headed outside for an hour in the hot tub. It was almost too much watching Steve strip down to his swim shorts. He was going to go right into the hot tub, when he muttered "oh shit, I forgot my underwear is on. . .."

We were already in the hot tub and thought the boy was going to strip off his shorts, and pull off his underwear right in front of us. Unfortunately the boy was shy, and went inside the house into the bathroom (closing the door), and took off his underwear, then slipped his swim shorts back on. He came back outside, sort of discreetly putting his white jockey shorts inside his pants on the patio, while we watched. He came right into the hot tub, totally oblivious that 5 guys (including me) were ready to devour him almost.

We drank a little more (Steve had two more beers), and the hot tub made him relax even more (meanwhile most of the other guys had rock hard dicks from being half naked in the hot tub with Steve). After about an hour, we all decided to go back into the house. Rather then get dressed (it was a hot night), we just wrapped towels around our waists, after drying off, keeping our shorts on - but otherwise nothing else. That was part of the plan - to have Steve stripped down to his shorts.

We all headed for the downstairs living room, where one of the guys put on a porno video. By this time Steve was drunk enough now to be disoriented and buzzed - talking loudly and laughing at anything. He was just at the state that we wanted him - alert enough so he would be awake when his body was assaulted, but in a stupor so he wouldn't resist knowingly. The room was hot from the summer heat (we deliberately shut off the air conditioner, telling the boy it was broken, after he complained about the heat. It was humid, so the boy sweated profusely). While the porno videos were playing, the guys suddenly talked about sex - while Steve's eyes glazed over, watching the TV. He then remarked "Hey - those are guys sucking each other man...what the fuck is this huh?" He was lying down on the couch, while the other guys were sprawled on the floor. I had already hid myself in the side room, on the pretext that I was going to the all night store to get more beer. I really was peeking around the corner, out of Steve's sight. (This was part of the plan to preserve my relationship with Steve if, for some, if remembered everything that was going to happen to him. . .)

Ben then told Steve "Hey man...I hope you don't know...we're bi - and we like this stuff, you know...." Steve, drunk and buzzed, sat up slowly and looked at Ben, then Tom and then Ken and then Gene and slurred "Shit yeah.. I don't....don't believe you. Yeah....fucking right....." He started to giggle a little. Ben said "No...we are. We like guys...and girls....well....sometimes we like guys better, you know."

Steve stared back, his blue eyes in a haze, his head nodding, and then said slowly - his speech still slurred "....shit no! Really???! can you do that man? Suck a dude's that must be....shit...I dunno...that would be disgusting to me man......shit....."

"Hey, a mouth on a dick is a mouth on a dick - a guy can cum no matter who it is Steve...." Tom said, moving closer to Steve, who now was lying back down on the sofa.

"Hey.....No way man...No way would a straight guy cum when a guy is sucking him....that would be too sick. No fuckin' way man..." Steve slurred.

"Well, there are four of us here who think differently - you wanna test that Steve? I mean you are straight as can be, right. We'll bet you.....let's say $100 bucks that the six of us can make you cum in 30 minutes..." Ken said.

Steve, still lying on the couch, tried to get up, and propped himself on his elbows, and just stared back, shook his head twice, as if trying to shake the drunken state away.

"Dude....You're not fucking serious. Naw. . .'re putting me on, man. . .shit. . ."Steve said, sort of slurring some of his words.

"We are" Ken said, "WE are.....and here's the $100 to prove it.. we'll sweeten it for you by upping it by another $50 - $50 you can keep no matter what. And nothing will be said - we'll do this before Mark gets decide. This can be an easy $150 bucks for you to make, if you are so sure...otherwise shut up" Ken said.

The guys waited, nervously wondering if this blond Adonis would fall for the bet. Within 60 seconds, Steve stared back. The air seemed hot and tense - we didn't know if we over stepped ourselves. Steve still thought we were playing with him (well, actually we wanted to!). Gene then suddenly interjected "hey Steve - fuck, we're joking. We're joking. But man. . ..we're. . ."

"Man. . .fuck dudes. . .you guys we're scaring me man. . ..fuck. . .you had me. . .shit. . ." Steve slurred.

The guys all sort of giggled nervously with Steve, as if he were finally in on the joke.

"Well," Gene continued "we do actually have a bet about you - since you are such a big athlete and wrestling star, right? I mean you could with stand anything. . ..."

"Shit yeah. . .I was pretty good, yeah. . ." Steve said. He paused, closing his eyes, the beers overtaking him, and then added slowly "so? What'sa the bet. . .bet. . .?"

"Well, I was reading that the normal guy can only withstand being tickled for only 5 minutes. I'm doing a little research paper for school - and so here's the bet - okay, you get $100 bucks if you can withstand being tickled for 5 minutes. That means you can laugh. If you do, you lose, and then you have to do what we say. . ..that's it. . ."

"Tickling????. . ...shit. . ..5 minutes? I dunno. . .. . .." Steve, pausing, then, blushing a little, "Ohwhatthe fuck...Ifuckindrunk man I'llwinthefuckinbet sowhateverdudes...." Steve said, and then asked for another beer "I can't believe this shit....."

"One more thing, you have to be tied up so you can fight being tickled - and your shirt has to come off too," Gene said.

"100$?? Fuck....Shit. . .okay. . .whatever," Steve said without realizing what he agreed to - and too far drunk now to even remember.

Then the six of us - perhaps too hastily - started approaching the boy, eager to get their hands on him. Suddenly Steve seemed to change his mind

"...NO NO said NO man.... Forget it. I hate tickling. IdunnowhatIwassyain.. shit forgetit..noway canIlet afaggot man don't touchmeman....shit....."

Before he could say another word, we were on him, laughing. He struggled half heartedly, laughing and cursing, as we carried him to a special chair the guys had made. It was a metal bar high back chair, with the seat gone. A person could be tied in the chair - arms up, legs back, with his butt seat on the rim, yet totally accessible underneath for whatever pleasuring needed to be done. The metal bars making up the back of the chair allowed us access to Steve's back.

The rim was padded (as were the metal bars that made up the high back of the chair). They mad the chair especially for Steve. We dragged him to the chair, while he babbled "Hey hey hey man please no no no no no man...I said...fuck...NO NO NO!!! Man what the fuckman fuck I changed man I changed my mind...whattayouguysdoing..." He was drunk enough that he really couldn't resist. I watched while the guys stripped Steve of his wet towel, leaving just his wet shorts., while he weakly struggled. He cursed, slurring his words. He was then carried to the chair and the guys quickly began tying the struggling youth down. His arms were placed above his head and held securely by duct tape, while his legs where spread apart and tied tightly to the legs with rope, leaving his butt and crotch totally exposed. He briefly tried to break loose and then moaned "hey man.....what...."

Ken then said "look, you can make $100...okay, if you can withstand us tickling you for 5 minutes. That means you can't laugh or else you lose! And if you lose, like we agreed - we can do anything we want. Course we still would owe you at least $100. But if you're a good sport we'll sweeten the pot to $200. That's the bet. Its gonna happen, so you might as well prepare yourself Steve my little boy. "

At that, Steve sort of sagged in the chair, his head down, touching his chest- his chest heaving from the struggle. He involuntarily shuddered - I guess at the prospect of being at the mercy of us - and being tickled. He was buzzed - but was scared too.

"Man..fuck...God...don'" Steve said weakly.

Gene then got out a stop watch (as if we were REALLY going to go by that), and shouted "ready.. ..set. . .GO!!!!"

"NO!!!!!!!!" Steve almost shrieked.

Steve's eyes widened with horror, and before he could yell "NO!!!!" again, the guys then went at him like hungry dogs after a bone. Gene put on a heavy blindfold on the struggling boy. Steve was filled with sheer panic, his head desperately trying to shake off the blindfold. Ken started tickling his ribcage and his slightly damp hairy armpits savagely. Zak used a feather brushing lightly up and down the sole of Steve's feet, his toes clenched, and then started to suck those very toes lovingly. Not to be outdone, Gene started to run his fingers up and down Steve's back, while Joe got down below the chair seat and tickled Steve's butt cheeks (through his shorts). I came out from my hiding place and I let my fingers tickle his neck and ears, and upper arms (Steve had no idea I was there - and was so out of it from the tickling that he didn't notice an additional set of hands).

Steve clenched his teeth so hard we thought he would shatter them, and let out the longest groan, his entire body grew taunt, trying desperately to fight off the overwhelming tickling. It was a turn-on to see this boy's muscled body arch from the torture chair, his arms and biceps and legs flexed, his abs flat and tightened, trying to ward off the surge of laughter and hysterics that was building within him. The poor boy exploded in laughter after barely being able to hold back for a pitiful 60 seconds. His body literally grew taut from the multiple assault of fingers and toe suckling, and he screamed and yelled, laughing like a hyena, trying desperately to get words out - I suppose begging us to stop. Even though he lost the bet - we had 4 minutes to go. We never let up and Steve howled, his body seemed nearly almost ready to break the duct tape and rope, almost rocking the chair. Tears were streaming from his face as he shrieked in laughter when Ken doubled up his attack on the boy's ribcage and stomach. One of the guys started to tickle the boy's quivering bellybutton and abs - which caused Steve to burst out in a stream of totally unintelligible laughter.

Ever so often he was able to string together a few words through his howling, "ha ha ha ha ha..oh. . .ha ha hahah. . .pleaaaaasee..oh hahahahahahhah...ple. . ..haha..ple. . .ha..hahaha. . ..ease. . . .oh. . .hahahahahha..,..god. . .hahahhahahha. . .hahahahahaa. ...sto. . .hahahaha. . .op. .pleasssse!!!!!!" After 10 minutes, we stopped - though just momentarily (okay, we were a little lax on the time, but we were horny. . .) Steve's sweaty body sagged in the chair, his head resting on his chest, tears of laughter still flowing from his blindfold. He thought it was the longest 5 minutes of his life. His body still shuddered from the effects of the intense tickle torture - never before in his young life had his body been subjected to such intense simultaneous stimulation. He muttered "oh god. . ..oh. . ..oh. . more. . .please. . ...I give up. .no more. . .. . .. . ..."

Gene said quietly "well Steve, you seem to be very ticklish. For a wrestler, I don't know how you made it. . ..well. . .you lost. It wasn't even close. ., you have a choice. We can have a bet to see if a gay guy came make you cum OR we can tickle you for an hour straight and THEN see what you say. . .."

Steve's head snapped up and - though drunk, his eyes half closed, he yelled "NO!!!!! Please!!!! Fuckin no way. . .." Just let me go. . ..shit. . .oh shit. . . .no...oh no no"

"Okay my boy, have it your way. . .. . .one hour more of tickling. . ..." Gene said.

Steve's eyes opened with horror and he screamed "OH NO!!!!!!!!NO!!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!"

The guys again now assaulted Steve without mercy. As he howled with laughter, one of the guys began to rip his wet shorts off a little at a time. Steve didn't even notice, his entire body was buckling and squirming while we tickled his entire body. Finally the guys ripped off the remaining parts of his shorts, leaving the boy entirely nude, his limp, slightly shriveled uncut dick slopping back and forth, his tightened balls (from the cold wet), jiggling below the open seat. Some of us paused and stared at Steve's body, getting more horny at seeing this handsome stud naked - his body bound tightly, squirming and begging for us to stop tickling him. As part of the plan, none of us touched his limp dick - we didn't want to freak him out totally. But Joe, who was beneath the chair, was so turned on seeing the boy's exposed butt - ever so often his ass crack would open, showing Joe his virgin, pink butthole. Steve would gasp and howl even more as Joe tickled the boy's extremely sensitive butt cheeks - and ever so lightly, tickled the boy's tight scrotum. We all took turns going under the seat to look at Steve's butt and asshole. It was totally hot to see this boy's butt tied down. Another guy kept fingering Steve's deep navel - playing with it, while Steve gasped and screamed in hysterics.

Steve nearly went nuts after being tickled non-stop for an hour - drooling almost, tears pouring from his eyes, his body quivering. His once shriveled dick and balls, grew a little - not hard, but lengthened to about 6 inches. His balls grew large and loose in their sack, being warmed by Joe's tickling.

When we stopped, Steve gasped for air and was barely able to talk, begging us "that I'll do anything. . .just. . .stop. . more tickling. . .please. . anything. . ..whatever..just. . .oh. .please. . more. . .. . .."

At that, Gene interjected by saying "okay Steve. We hear you. So no more tickling. But you said whatever, so we're going to do the cum control and milking bet. If you can hold back from cumming for two hours, then you get ANOTHER $100. And if you can cum at least 7 times AFTER that within about an hour, well, you get ANOTHER $50. Okay?"

Steve's head barely rose from his chest and he stared at Gene blankly, slurring his words "oh fuck. . ..oh. . .shit. . ."


At that, the guys were back at Steve, but this time to initiate him in the wonders of cum control. Gene started licking the boy's hairy armpits, while another guy sucked both his nipples. Steve moaned and moaned, while Tom and Ben each started to lick Steve's legs, starting at his feet, slowly working their way up, until they both were licking his thighs,
while Steve moaned louder, trying to close his legs "oh god..." he moaned, sucking in his stomach, while Ken started to lick his nipples and belly button. Steve's dick though was still soft.

"There' way....ooohhhhh"Steve tried to say, while the tongues were assaulting his body.

Ben then started to lick Steve's spongy cock head, pulling back gently the wrinkled foreskin. The head was damp from pre-cum, and Ben sucked and licked the head gently. Steve gasped, but his cock remained soft, though Steve started to buckle and struggle, as if to shake Ben loose from his cock Steve gasped at the touch.

"See..youfucker....nofuckinwaywill....will...oh god...oh...oh....will I get hard and way..." he moaned to us, his young body shuddering.

I stared at the scene while the guys worked over my roommate's brother - it was hot! Here was a straight, beautiful 19 year old boy, tied tautly to
a high back seatless chair, naked, his body assaulted by a hungry pack of guys, licking every part of his body. Steve's head was shaking back and forth, his eyes now closed, while Ken begin to lap his tongue into Steve's ears, neck, while gently tweaking his nipples. Steve moaned and gasped, squirming. He gasped again when Tom got underneath the chair and began to lick at Steve's exposed butt cheeks and crack.

Without warning he stabbed his tongue at Steve's quivering asshole, while Steve screamed"Oh fuck in jesus what the fuck are you doing down there ohfuck!!! Shit!!!!. Oooohhh stop. ohfuck...don't.....stop....oh...gawd.....oh...."His lower body began to buckle while Ben sucked his cock head, and began to slowly jerk the now hardening shaft....

"Oh gawd...youguys....stop....oh.....FUCK....I guess...I guess...hey mycockhasamindofits own...oh...god...I can't stand it....what...."Steve moaned, shaking his head back and forth.

We sucked and licked for another 15 minutes, while Steve's body squirmed, his butt cheeks clenched and opened, his cock now steely hard, Tom lapping at his butt crack and licking at Steve's balls. Just as Steve was ready to explode with cum, the guys backed off, until the boy cooled down. (Gene helped breaking Steve's point of cumming, by running ice cube sticks over his balls and cock, causing Steve to shriek almost in pain - and temporarily causing his dick and balls to shrivel somewhat). After a minute or so, the guys were at Steve again, repeating this at least 20 times over two hours.

Steve was now totally into it, moaning and shaking, babbling "oh god. . .I gotta cum. . .I shit. . .please. . .fuck. . ..shit. . .stop teasing me. . ..stop teasing me you fuckin fuckers. . ..stop stop. ...shit. . .."

To get him more in the mood, Tom forced him to drink another beer, and then put a bottle of Rush to each of Steve's nostrils. He went crazy into a sexual high, and started moaning loudly.

His smooth muscled chest tried to burst through the ropes tying him, while his stomach was taut as could be. He suddenly screamed "OH FUCK!!!! ITFEELSSOGUCKIUNGOOD" and then his cock exploded, shooting out cum, while Ben jerked the shaft, taking his mouth off the cock, so all could see the boy's stream of white, sticky hot cum. it shot on his chest, on the floor and on Ben's face, while Tom and Ken lapped at his balls and butt crack. Steve continued to moan and moan.....and just sagged in the chair, totally spent. Giving Steve a lesson in milking, Gene slowly rubbed the head of Steve's penis, gently pulling back the foreskin, rubbing the cum over the head, while the boy nearly shrieked and buckled. His dick and body was extremely sensitive from cumming.

"Stop THAT. Oh SHIT! My God!!!!! Please! I can't stand it!!!! Please! PLEASE! Stop! Oh. . . Fuck!!!! Stop!!!!!!! Oh GOOOOODDDDDD!!!!!!" Steve begged. His entire body was nearly taunt and tense, straining to break free. The sensation of having his dick - his body - touched after cumming was almost unbearable. Within 15 minutes, the gentle polishing of his knob and jerking of his shaft got him hard again, and in another 5, the poor boy was convulsing into another unwanted orgasm. He shot a another full load! He moaned "no more. . .please. . more. . ..please. . .god. . ..."

Ken then took turns, and gently sucked the boy's cockhead, making him scream and yell again, his body going taut, struggling to break free. He was even MORE sensitive this time, after being made to cum a second time. The screaming he made was a complete turn-on (the boy really had a filthy mouth when he got mad!). Well each of the 8 guys had a turn in making this boy come - right after each other. By the 5th time, he was just dribbling a little cum (which we preserved in a large cup. By the 8th time he was totally wasted and spent. The boy never had a work out like this - and never experienced orgasms like this. It took just under 90 minutes. Thank god one of the guys remembered to leave the video camera running for the duration. (The tape was almost too intense to jerk off too by the way).

The guys untied the boy, who now was passed out, removing his wet blindfold. They cleaned him up (while thoroughly inspecting every inch of his body again), and laid him on the couch. He started to snore and going in a deep contented sleep. I gently woke Steve took several minutes....(the other guys were on the floor watching a non-sex video). Steve just sort of stared - shook his head and I said "hey...we gotta go man..."

He must of thought the experience was a drunken dream....but he was so contented and spent.

After all, it was the second night in a row that his dick was worked over. He closed his eyes and fell back to sleep.....I look over to Tom, Ben and Ken and they all smiled, cum on their lips.

"Jesus, this boy is so beautiful man....I'd suck his dick anytime...." Ken whispered to me.

We all dressed the boy - putting on a new pair of white Hanes underwear (briefs). Ken wanted to keep the boy's dirty underwear, sniffing it before he slippedon the boy's pants and shirt. It no longer seemed gross or perverted to see a guy do that - having something that was intimately Steve's seemed precious and extremely erotic.

I half carried Steve out and brought him back to my apartment. I jerked off again after I put Steve in his bed, holding his underwear (the white jockey shorts) to my nose. After I came, I knew I would have to plan for the next time that I would "get Steve", only the next time, I would be helping to lick the boy into cumming.

My plan was to get him drunk and into a adult book store video booth with a glory hole....and him direct his cock through the hole while I held him, tickled his armpits and ribcage and back. and licked his ass. Well.....that's the next story and it came true too!!!! (For a bonus to my new found friends, I involved Ben and Tom again).

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