Straight Boy Cum Control: Steve 4 (nc mm bond oral)

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Young Steve only had a vague memory of the previous night - getting drunk, and having his dick sucked by some "girl" several times through a glory hole at some adult book store. He never knew anything before about "glory holes" or didn't remember (or realize) that in reality he was sucked off and milked by a dozen or so guys while he was in a drunken stupor - aided by several constant hits of Rush. He also didn't remember being tied to his side of the wall of the glory hole while he was body was assaulted on both sides. He vaguely remembered someone - something - licking his butt, but he dismissed it as part of his drunken fantasy. It WAS a great blowjob - never before did he cum like that or have a "girl" do that to him. He also remembered nothing from the other night when he was tickled, orgasm controlled then milked for hours - he was too drunk to remember that or remember how each night Eric (his brother's roommate) would play with Steve's body while sleeping.

All he DID remember was that some "girl" or even "girls" sucked him to a huge climax on the other side of some glory hole - something he never did before. That made him even hornier. He had no idea that his young muscled body was explored and touched by GUYS - that prospect would have been repulsive to him. As far as being attracted to anything but straight sex - Steve was still incurably straight even though his body responded otherwise. That aspect of Steve was one reason why he was so appealing. (See Parts 1-3)

For Eric and his friends, the near obsession to "get Steve" was insatiable. He was so straight and so good-looking and built that another plan was hatched to take advantage of the poor boy - this time with him fully alert, though totally unaware that it was all being staged - like everything else since he arrived. Eric had several plans to "get Steve". Besides getting him while the boy slept, he and his friends hatched another elaborate two part plan that would first make him think he was being serviced by a group of women - and hearing his straight reaction to that - and later, making him "pay" by tickle torture and milking by a group of guys,

The two-part plan was simple yet complex: Todd would get a friend - who, lucky for them, also worked as a hooker. Her name was Joelle and she would be hired to act as a "sensual massage therapist" and also pretend she was Todd's girlfriend. Joelle would invite to Steve for a "free" deep tissue sensual massage. Little did Steve know that Joelle would only get Steve "ready" - restrained on a specially made massage table, and after he was blindfolded and strapped down, four guys would then proceed to work on his body - all without him knowing it was guys (he would think other girls were massaging him).

Later - after that, Steve would be jumped after returning to his brother's place (again all carefully staged) by Todd and four other guys. These guys would carry the straight boy back to Todd's house to work him over as "payback" for messing with Todd's "girlfriend" - Joelle. This plan allowed two opportunities to get Steve: one where he would be brought to orgasm thinking it was women - and hearing his reactions to being milked supposedly by women and the other where he would be tickle tortured and then milked as punishment knowingly by guys. It was a simple plan, but worth it when the prize was a straight boy who looked as gorgeous as Steve.

Joelle was more than willing to get Steve "ready". She was a 5'8" tall blonde 23-year-old, with a tight body, huge tits and a movie star gorgeous face. There was no doubt that Steve would fall for her and get him hot and horny. She was a friend of Todd's - but also a hooker ("escort" as she preferred to be called) and also did "sensual massages". She knew - after seeing Steve's pictures, that she would enjoy this particular job. And she knew she would be able to get him hot and ready.

Eric playing his part in the plan, casually told Steve that Todd's girlfriend was in the massage business - and because a client was canceling (but prepaid), she had an opening for one of Todd's friends.

"I would go, but I have to study. Why don't you take the spot Steve? It's a deep tissue sensual massage - really great...and she is gorgeous too and good," Eric said.

Steve was feeling sore over the past several days (not knowing how his body was thoroughly explored and used by Eric and his friends in Steve's drunken haze), rubbing his shoulders and his stomach.

"Deep tissue? Sensual? I it...well...legit?" Steve asked

"Sure...but sensual'll make you feel good. She is gorgeous Steve - she really is. It's legit, but there's no law against her getting you hot when she touches you, right? Anyway, I can drop you off there - she works out of Todd's house sometimes. I can pick you later too. " Eric said, adding, "but if you don't want to go, I can ask...."

"NO...I mean, yeah, I wanna go....." Steve said, almost shouting, trying to hide his boyish excitement.

Steve, wearing just a baggy oversized white t-shirt and boxer shorts, his blond hair tousled, smiled a cocky grin and said "I mean, it's free...and what the fuck, right?"

He had no idea what to do - he never did this before, and despite his goodlooks and build, he was rather inexperienced in sex. (That inexperience was another reason why Eric and his friends were obsessed with the boy). Eric assured him that it was legal - it was sensual not sexual, but he would enjoy it - and just to follow Joelle's instructions.

"Do I...I mean....what do I wear?" Steve asked sort of nervously.

Eric laughed and saying that "God Steve, you wear your fuckin clothes stupid. Wear what you have on or whatever. But you strip down to your skivvies...your underwear, so make sure you are wearing some - and for a change, wear a clean pair too!!!"

Steve laughed at Eric's joke (Steve always was very clean, always wearing clean underwear) and got ready.

Eric dropped Steve off - and Steve was plainly nervous. It was somewhat endearing to see this 19 year superstud handsome boy nervous.

"I'll be back in 2 hours or so Steve. You can drop me off at the college after that and then go back to our house." Eric said.

Steve slowly got out of the car, looking in the rearview mirror quickly, patting down his hair and then closed the car door. He turned and waved at Eric and went up to the door of the old house - there were no neighbors nearby he noted. Secluded. He was feeling really nervous now - his dick felt like it shriveled up.

He rang the doorbell twice. And then again. He heard a voice "Okay" . A beautiful young woman greeted him - just a few years older than him. He suddenly got more nervous - how could he undress in front of THIS gorgeous woman???
She ushered him in, Steve stumbling alittle feeling awkward and young. They exchanged small talk about the weather and the ride over. She finally (trying to keep to the plan that she was hired for), quickly talked about sensual massages.

Steve looked alittle scared, blushing and then said " you're Todd's...Todd's girlfriend...?"

Joelle nodded and said "why?"

Steve nodded back, noticing her breasts "oh...nuthin...I was just wondering. Whose here anyway?"

Joelle mentioned that Todd and his friends were downtown and would be back in several hours. Usually, she explained, they stayed away while she had clients. She did mention to Steve that a couple of her girl friends - friends, who were also in massage, might stop by to "help" with clients. She hoped Steve wouldn't mind (he nodded he didn't)..

" I do now Joelle? I mean I haven't done this before or anything," Steve said almost in a mutter.

"Just lay there and enjoy the massage Steve. " (pointing to the next room and the table)

Steve just nodded in amazement. She ordered him to strip down to his underwear and then lie down on the specially made massage table (what Steve didn't know it was made especially for him - to restrain him!)

Steve hesitated at first, blushing. Joelle quickly added "you are so well built Steve and handsome...someone like you shouldn't be embarrassed about their body? Go ahead...lets get started"

Steve didn't have a problem undressing in front of other guys - but a woman? He sighed, looking forward to the "sensual massage" by this gorgeous female. He quickly unbuttoned his cotton shirt, throwing it down on the floor, pulled off his t-shirt and stood there tentatively while Joelle (and the rest of his hiding) watched the handsome boy strip.

Seeing him stripped to the waist, his underwear waistband showing, was almost too much - even for Joelle. She nodded in approval "nice build...go on..." and he sighed again, blushing, kicking off his Nikes, peeling off his sweaty socks, and then unbuckled his baggy pants, hesitating for a second, then slipping them off in once motion, tossing them on the floor. He blushed again, standing there in his tight white boxer briefs, a nice bulge in the crotch, which he tried to nonchalantly cover with his hands, looking at Joelle nervously. She noticed his muscled chest, nice pecs with dime sized brown nipples, a flat 6 pack ab stomach, a nice bellybutton (innie), with a sexy trail of brownish blond hair leading down to his crotch. He was definitely a beautiful handsome young guy - could be a model.

Joelle just made a motion for Steve to hop up on the big massage table, on his flat stomach. He did quickly, his face fitting in the hole, staring down on the floor, his arms to his side, his legs stretched out, slightly apart. His body was taut and caused the underwear to stretch across his muscled tight butt cheeks. The massage table was specially built for this - for Steve. It was padded and resembled a massage table, though alittle wider and longer. It had the regular opening for the face to look down, but it also had two special openings that, when unlatched, would expose the boy's lower chest, stomach and crotch - all while still tied face down. It would add to the boy's excitement (and the guys) to have Steve's body exposed in such a way - his body tied down and helpless, while his nipples, balls and dick would be exposed through the other side of the table - almost as if it were exposed in a different room. It would heighten Steve's vulnerability and give him a sense that his nipples, dick and balls and stomach were not under his control.

In our hiding place we stared at the handsome boy, stretched out on the table, while Joelle prepared to "massage him".

In her mind, Steve was one of the cutest guys she had seen - and it took everything in her not to tear off the boy's underwear and bite down on his tasty sweaty butt. But she was only being paid to prepare the boy - not to service him - and her instructions were strict.

She began to lightly touch and massage the boy's shoulder blades, deeply, while he moaned quietly in pleasure. She worked her way down to his sides and lower back, passing over his tight bubble butt, though getting her face close - very close to his asscrack. She then touched his left thigh, while Steve gasped "oh god" and massage the muscle there, once or twice "accidentally" touching his ball sack, squished and covered by his underwear. She could hear a sharp intake of his breath when she did that - Steve wondering how far this beautiful woman would go with him. No matter what, the massage felt intense and relaxing - and pleasurable. He was in heaven - and his dick was now almost hard. He wanted her to touch his balls again - even if "accidentally". He moaned in appreciation when she touched and massaged his other thigh, again accidentally touching his scrotum.

After a few minutes she stopped and brought her face close to Steve's right ear, smelling his sweat and odor.

"Steve...this is a sensual massage and you are really going to enjoy this. You are now aren't you?"

Steve was in an almost daze "oh yeah...yeah"

"Well, to really make the sensual massage work, I need to have your arms and legs restrained so I can really give your body an intense - a very intense sensual workout. We'll cover your eyes too - so it's a sensory deprivation while your body is being massaged sensually. It really can release all your tensions. I do that with my other customers and they love it. Is that okay?"

Steve was still in a daze - feeling hot from this woman touching him. He had no reason to worry about her he thought. She clearly was hot for his body - he saw that. And this was a friend's house - well, at least someone his brother's roommate knew real well.

She "accidentally" touched his ball sack again while massaging his inner thigh. He gasped and without another thought said "oh.,..Joelle...yes....go ahead....this is great..."

There were straps at each end of the table, hidden away (so it wouldn't scare Steve at fist), which she quickly fastened - his muscled arms first, stretching them, massaging while doing it. She could see his armpit hairs. He moaned again. Then she went and stretched out his muscled slightly hairy legs, massaging the lower legs and feet, (having his feet touch almost made him jump.

She gently lifted his head from the table hole and fastened a heavy cloth, blindfold, tight, then put his face down through the hole again. She went underneath the heavy wood table and undid the latch to the opening - it was a four -foot by three foot opening where his crotch laid on the table. She could see his white underwear bulging downward now, noticing his penis seemed hard. She touched it lightly - to keep him horny and in a sexual daze. He gasped and said, "oh lord". The opening was big enough that she could see the boy's tight flat stomach and navel, and the hair that trailed down to his underwear. She could even see Steve's brown dime sized nipples and smooth chest (the opening went up to the lower part of his chest - especially for the purpose of getting at his tits).

She got up - hot and horny herself from seeing this handsome boy laid out and restrained almost naked. There was one more "sensory" deprivation for Steve: his ears.

"Steve, I will be attaching ear phones so you can listen to some nice soothing music while you are being massaged. It will really heighten the sensual feeling. " She lightly tongued his ear while he moaned and moaned.

He nodded and said "oh yeah....oh yeah...yeah"

"And I might have some additional girls help out with you. You are so....well...big and strong, it might be better....if you don't mind..."

Steve couldn't believe it! Two or three other "girls" massaging his body? He nodded again and said "Man...Jesus...anything Joelle. You're the boss lady...God, this feels good...."

She quickly attached the ears phones (the kind audiophiles use) and turned the music on. It was light jazz - loud enough so he could not hear her or anything else anymore. With the blindfold, his body stretched and tied down - it felt like he was floating.

Suddenly he felt something - hands? Fingers or something touch his large feet and toes. No - it was wet. Someone was sucking his toes. He began squirming; trying to get away, though the restraints held him in place. He gasped - another pair of hands seemed to be massaging his lower legs and the back of his knees. But it tickled. Now what appeared to be another mouth was sucking his other toes.

Steve writhed and gasped "OH GOD!!!!!!!" He struggled alittle and finally couldn't hold back pleading "OH...Joelle....stop it...stop"

Joelle was no longer touching Steve - but videotaping the entire session (one camera was stationary). She was also taking pictures. In fact, the entire session - from the time Steve first showed up at the door, was secretly taped by several hidden videos. It would be extremely hot to see this boy dressed and totally unaware, strip down and get himself restrained and then attacked by five guys - all the while thinking it was Joelle and her beautiful girlfriends servicing him.

Sucking his toes were Tom and Ken, while Jesse was lightly massaging his lower legs. Eric and Todd waited for their turn - getting horny at the prospect and at the knowledge that Steve was getting turned on by guys touching him - even though this straight boy thought it was girls doing it.

After another 10 minutes the sucking on his toes stopped, while both guys slowly tongued there way up the back of lower legs, while Steve gasped, breathing hard "oh god oh god...." Meanwhile Todd couldn't hold back any longer and started to lightly touch and massage Steve's shoulder blades and back in a circular motion while his fingers played lightly over his sensitive skin. Steve moaned and muttered "" in pleasure. He was so far gone, he couldn't tell that these were guys doing this to him - not girls.

His body grew taut in anticipation as the guys stopped tonguing Steve's hairy lower legs (Steve never could figure out who or what was being done to him) and slowly, massage with their fingers and hands his extremely sensitive inner thighs. Steve sucked in his stomach knowing that these fingers were headed for his most sensitive and intimate parts of his body. They tongued at the back of his legs, making Steve almost squeal from the sensation - the feeling tickled and was almost too intense. He squirmed and begged them to stop - yet he wanted it to continue and tried to urge them in his mind to continue licking up toward his waiting crotch. He needed relief there he knew. But his mind was spinning - would they go that far? He wanted to be touched there and he was scared at how sensitive it would feel.

With the music blasting through the ear phones, his eyes blindfolded and his body totally restrained he had no idea what was going to happen next and who was doing it. He just knew it was two or three - no....maybe even four "girls" touching him. His dick stiffened and grew even harder, painfully restrained his tight underwear. He wondered if anyone would touch him there. He started to wish almost begged that one of those girls - maybe Joelle would touch him there. He was getting to the point that he needed to cum - and badly.

Steve almost screamed "OH GOD" when he felt two hands lightly touch both sides of his sensitive inner thighs, grazing lightly his squished balls covered by his tight underwear. By instead of a fleeting touch, it was a light, constant touch - both balls from two pairs of hands and fingers. His butt tightened. The feeling was intense - and his balls and inner thighs were extremely sensitive. He wanted to scream in pleasure and also for them to stop. It was getting too intense.

"MY GOD...." Steve gasped loudly (more loudly because of the music blasting in the earphones).

Suddenly he almost tried to arch his lower back and break his restraints, yelling "OH MY GOD!!!!!" Ken had bent over the boys body, and lightly - very lightly started to lick the boys lower back, following his spine up and down all the way to his underwear waist band, darting his hot tongue at the very top of Steve's asscrack. Steve almost went beserk at the feeling, squirming and yelling "MY GOD, WHAT ARE YOU DOING????? OH GOD!!!!! OHHHHHHHH!!! JOELLE!!!"

The thought of four or five "girls" servicing him almost made him cum - with his tight underwear almost painfully holding his throbbing sweaty cock in place, he was trying to make a fucking motion back and forth to make himself cum. But his restraints prevented much movement, though there was enough friction rubbing against his underwear to bring him closer and closer to orgasm.

He gasped and almost shrieked when he felt his underwear band being push down slowly, while a "girl's " tongue (actually Ken's) slowly and sensually licked his sweaty, quivering ass cheeks, and then his asscrack, slowly. Steve couldn't believe it - no one did this to him (as far as he could remember). He never felt that this could feel so hot. He arched his lower back up....partly because of the intense feeling and partly because he was embarrassed and was trying to make it stop - even if half heartedly. His boy prick was now steel hard, pre cum wetting his cockhead, his foreskin half covering the gooey mess, staining completely the front of his stretched white tight underwear.

His CK underwear waistband was almost totally pushed down, past his muscled clenched butt cheeks, though it was stretched and still covering his cock. Tom produced a knife and gently and quickly cut the underwear at the crotch, and then at the side up through the waist band

Steve tried to protest weakly, shocked that his underwear was being stripped form him "Hey!!!! What????" He was embarrassed that his butt now was totally naked and his cock and balls were swinging through the massage table hole. Being restrained, stretched out, blindfolded, his ears covered by earphones and his cock and balls pushed through a large hole on the massage table - he never felt more vulnerable, more exposed or helpless - and more horny.

Despite the embarrassment of being naked - and erect among these "women" he loved the intense feeling of having a girl lick his ass - it was incredible, that he muttered "oh....don't stop.....oh god..." sucking in his stomach again. He felt it was incredibly perverse - even dirty, but he was too far-gone now to care.

Ken pulled the boy's underwear out from under him, his steel hard cock now flopping down through the hole in the table - his pubes, navel and loose balls, exposed and hanging down now. Steve muttered "oh god......" at the sensation of having his private parts now exposed in this way - totally restrained, blindfolded, his dick and balls pointing downward through a hole in the massage table, while ear phones were blasting away music and he had no idea how many girls were working on him - and what they would be doing next at any given moment. His 6-inch steel hard cock was leaking precum and his walnut sized loose balls started to tighten.

Ken couldn't resist anymore and put his face right into Steve's squirming assrack, darting his hot tongue right into the boy's sweaty, musky smelling virgin asshole.
Steve nearly buckled and arched his back - the other guys thought he would break the restraints. He couldn''t believe the feeling - or that a "girl" was doing this.

"OOOOOOOOOH" was all he could moan, trying to shake his head, which was restrained, clenching his fists. Suddenly he moaned again because the others were now touching him - Jacob sucking his left toes, Tim was lightly touching his lower inner thighs, and Todd was lightly running his fingers on both sides of the boy's exposed ribcage and tonguing the back of his neck - inhaling Steve's boysweat and scent.

Eric opened a bottle of Rush and brought it to Steve's nose under the table (his face and head were restrained through the hole on the top of the massage table. Steve inhaled twice without knowing what he was doing, then yelled "HEY!!!!!!!!!" Eric brought the bottle to the other nostril quickly, while the boy inhaled again yelling "OOOOOOHHHH"

Steve was in a Rush sexual induced hazed - floating, moaning and squirming.

Eric and Jesse squatted below the table, just staring at Steve's now 6-1/2 inch hard cock. They never thought they saw a cock harder, slightly swinging back and forth - looking for a pussy to fuck. It was intensely erotic to see this straight boy's hard dick jutting out from the hole in the table and playing with it.

Eric brought his finger through the opening, and lightly touched the boy's exposed sweaty stomach, following the trial of hair from his navel down to his pubes, then back up, drilling lightly the boy's deep concave bellybutton. Steve tightened his stomach at the touch - it was almost unbearable, and tried arching his lower back. This only allowed his ass to be more exposed to being licked and eaten. Steve gasped and moaned.

Jesse then lapped at the boy's loose and hanging walnut sized balls, sniffing at the musky vinegar like odor, then sucked them both in his mouth, while Steve gasped and screamed.

"MY GOOOOOODD" the boy almost wailed, squirming, his tightly restrained body almost quivering.

Then Eric, seeing the boy's wet hard shaft swing even more back and forth, and stiffen at having his balls sucked, brought his tongue at the base of Steve's 6-1/2 inch steel hard cock, lightly licking the base - meeting Jesse's mouth. Then Eric lightly licked slowly - very slowly up Steve's quivering dick, so very slowly. Steve's eyes almost rolled in his sockets - his body grew even more rigid at the feeling of having now his cock - his hard cock licked by this "girl".

Never before in his young life could he remember feeling this way - his entire body was being serviced by - how many hands, mouths and fingers? Three? Four? Five? He felt a mouth tugging and lapping at his sensitive balls, while the tongue on his cock now reach ridge of his foreskin covered cockhead, now dripping with precum. His wrinkled smelly foreskin was retracted somewhat, but still covered a portion of his extremely sensitive cockhead. Steve grew anxious - extremely anxious in anticipation of when...this "girl" would finally retract the foreskin and suck his cockhead. He knew he would cum when that happened - it was too sensitive and the sensations of being licked and sucked and touched was too much know. He begged for release yet was fearful too of the intense feeling he knew he would feel once his cockhead was licked and sucked. He sucked in his stomach even more, as his toes were sucked, his back massaged and licked, his neck and ears tongued, his asscrack and asshole licked, his nipples twisted lightly by someone's fingers, then sucked, his balls lapped at then sucked. But the person licking his dick would just get to the cockhead ridge, stop, and proceed slowly down the shaft - very lightly. Steve would moan, trying to make a fucking motion.

After 20 minutes the boy was sweating all over, squirming, wanting, now begging for release. Whatever embarrassment he had about four or five "girls" doing this to him, he was now past that and past caring. He wanted desperately to cum. He couldn't believe the intensity of the feelings - and incredibly sensitive his cockhead was - if only "she" would lick it and jerk the shaft just once or twice - that would be enough to make him explode.

Up and down the quivering steel hard shaft that pointed out from the hole in the massage table, while his balls were licked and sucked. But Eric never touched the cockhead or retracted the foreskin, though he could smell the intense odors of piss, precum and sweat accumulating on the head of the boy's penis. It took everything for Eric to restrain himself from NOT licking and eating the slimy and gooey mess that covered Steve's cockhead and filled the foreskin. God this boy was hot Eric thought. But the plan included cum control - making Steve beg for it, so Eric continued the licking of the boy's hard shift, up and down - sniffing it, inhaling the boy's sweaty pubes and balls, fingering his navel and stomach.

The opening under the specially made "massage table" also exposed part of Steve's pecs - his nipples, which Jesse now, squatting under the table, brought his mouth to, sucking each one for several minutes. Steve gasped - the feeling of having unknown "girls" doing this to him was incredible. It was the sensation of being tied down, but having parts of his body exposed in this way - almost like his nipples, dick and balls were jutting out in a different room and totally out of his control that increased his horniness.

Todd was continuing to massage the boy's upper and lower back in circular motions, then running his fingers up and down his sides and spine, creating an intense tickling sensation while Steve yelled and laughed hysterically.

"GOD...HA HA HA HA....OH...OH...STOP.....GOD...OH MY...TOO MUCH.....OH FUCKIN...FUCK!!!! FUCK..." Steve yelled, nearly shrieking. The sensations of having his body touched and licked at the same time was causing almost an overload on the youth. The sucking on his toes alone was unbearable. His cock begged for release. It was excruciating - the licking of his shaft went on for an hour now. He was going crazy from being licked and brought to near orgasm - only to be denied. His mind was in a sexual haze from the Rush, from the intense tickling and licking. It felt good, hot and too intense all at the same time. His tight body was buckling as much as it could, squirming from each touch.

Finally, Eric and Todd looked at each other and nodded, and signaled the others to take Steve to the final step. Everyone now began to lick, tongue and touch the boy in earnest - sucking his toes like it was the first time, twisting and sucking his nipples hard, Todd tickling the boy's ribcage and sides, and the part of the armpits he could reach, then licking it, licking the boy's neck and tonguing his ears, while Steve shrieked and squirmed more than ever. Another licked at his lower back and then his ass crack and then again at his quivering brownish tight asshole, darting the tongue in and out like a jack hammer, Steve squealing in ecstasy at the intense feeling. Jesse now swallowed the boy's now tight balls, and started to slowly jerk the lower shaft of Steve's hard cock. Steve moaned and moaned, while Eric gave him another hit of Rush (Steve didn't resist anymore).

Then Eric moved under the table and watched Steve's body being played with - it was extremely erotic to see Steve's steel hard cock jutting out, making a fucking motion while his balls and nipples were being licked, and his body squirming on top of the table - his cocky voice gone, now screaming for release like a little boy.

Eric then brought his face close to Steve's almost pulsating gooey cockhead - he could smell the starchy, musky odor and stared at it in amazement. This was Steve's cock - HIS straight boy cock - just an inch away from my face Eric thought, almost not believing it. He sniffed at it for another minute or two - hearing the boy squeal and scream, begging to cum - and still thinking "girls" and Joelle were doing this to him. His cockhead was literally dripping precum on the floor.

Suddenly - almost fiendishly, Eric, brought his tongue to the tip of Steve's quivering cockhead, tasting the precum. He could hear Steve's squeal now stop - pause - and heard him almost gasp then wail "OOOOOOOH GOOOOD!!!!!!! OH FUCKIN GOD!!!!!"

Then Eric licked the head, searching out the odors and the precum, then bringing his hand up lightly, began - agonizingly slow for Steve, retracting the foreskin - up and down slowly, while licking, then sucking the entire wet cockhead, laving the wet head, the underside of the ridge slowly, causing the most intense sensation that Steve ever felt. He almost screamed - it was too much, and then Steve began jerking the foreskin and top part of the steel hard shaft, while Jesse man-handled the lower shaft and sucked his balls - in unison. With the other guys licking and tonguing every part of Steve's body now - and fingering and touching the squirming boy, it was now just a matter of seconds before he would cum.

Eric sucked, jerked and sucked, cleaning the cockhead from its endless leaking of precum. Steve's cock stiffened again even more and for a nanosecond hardened and seemed to grow another half inch, while he stopped the fucking motion, stopped almost breathing and his screaming, then tried arching his back (he couldn't), grew entirely rigid, then nearly screeched "OH JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!" and his cock literally exploded in buckets of cum. Eric pulled off immediately, putting his hand under the cockhead as he jerked the boy to cumming. Out squirted loads and loads of cum - 10 squirts - more than they had seen this boy cum before. Jesse kept on sucking his balls, while Steve moaned loud, squirming, moaning "oh god oh...oh oh oh oh....." each time he squirted.

Eric's hand was literally filled with the boy's starchy smelling, very warm thick cum, which he emptied into a small cup (they were going to save it for a later occasion), then licked the rest from his hand (the other guys got one or two licks of it too). Steve's cockhead was still wet from the sperm covering his head, the residue filling his foreskin, which Eric retracted as far as it would go, sniffing it - then swallowing the entire cockhead and foreskin, washing it completely with his tongue, while Steve gasped as the sensation. His dick was too sensitive now - especially his cockhead, and his body literally jump and inch off the table, even restrained.

Eric and the boys continued to lick and suck at the boy for another 15 minutes - slowly, while he moaned. Steve loved the feeling but also was fearful they would continue licking or touching him...his body was rigid even taut. He was terrified now of being tied up and unable to stop them if they continued to touch his sensitive cock. He felt one or two of the "girls" continue to slowly jerk his shaft and then ever so often, quickly rub his cockhead in a swirling move. It was unbearable and he gasped and yelled "GOD!!!!! STOP!!!!! TOO MUCH!!!! OHHHH JOELLE...NO!!!! STOP!!!!! STOP" After 10 minutes, they did - but poor Steve was nearly a basket case, sweating even more - and terrified that they would resume touching his dick.

He found himself moaning involuntarily finally he realized they were probably finished with him. He felt someone lightly touching his back - in the areas that wasn't overly sensitive and the feeling was pleasant - adding to the warm afterglow of cumming. It took awhile for Steve to realize he was still being "massaged" because the music was still blasting away on the earphones - so he couldn't hear anything, and the blindfold was still on and his body was still restrained on the massage table. After a few minutes, Steve realized his sweaty body was no longer being touched - he wasn't sure now if anyone was still in the room.

The "girls" quickly left, after one more long look at the tied up boy (Joelle took the video and pictures for them)). They each took turns smelling the boy's dick and asscrack before leaving - and his underwear, now ripped and shredded. Ken won the toss to take possession of that for a future jerk off session.

Joelle put everything away, and then took the earphones off Steve. Steve was still breathing hard, and gasped " shit.....oh was so fuckin good....."

Joelle gently massaged the boy's sweaty back and butt, while Steve grew rigid again. He really didn't want to be touched and gasped "oh man...too...too sensitive.....stop...oh please...."

Joelle just giggled and said "oh are too much. Let me dry you off and get you ready..."

She got a towel and toweled the sweat, saliva and cum off the boy, gently. He moaned in satisfaction. It was a wonderful climax - he couldn't believe it. And Todd's girlfriend - a foxy girl like her DID this to him - to a kid! That boosted Steve's ego and he hoped it could be arranged to happen again.

Joelle released the restraints, and Steve got up very slowly while Joelle stared at the tired, exhausted boy. She was dressed- though in a skimpy outfit that showed off her huge breasts - Steve got excited just looking at her again (at and the "memory" that she and her "girl" friends did this to him. His limp dick grew slightly hard seeing her - and remembering how "she" and the "other girls" serviced his body. He wanted to fuck her - and even thought briefly of asking her, but was to scared. He was in heaven - and confused. Before this he thought it was the guy's job to pleasure a girl - and it was a lot of work. He always felt guilty "laying back" while a girl gave hima blow job - and even then it never lasted long (the girl would soon tire),and he felt compelled to service her. This time - it was HE who was the object of not one - but 4 other girls' lust and affection. He just lied there while his entire body literally was licked, jerked or tongued to the biggest orgasm he ever had. As much as he liked fucking - he realized he liked being serviced even more now.

He sat on the table for a second, totally naked. Joelle noticed the boy's flat stomach and his now limp but full cock and balls. Steve was a gorgeous young man and found herself staring at the boy. He suddenly grew very embarrassed at being naked in front of Joelle, covering himself quickly with the towel, then jumping off the table and looking for his underwear. It was gone.

Joelle reminded him "oh...well, we had to throw it out because it got ripped and torn. Sorry about that didn't want it did you? One of the girls wanted to keep it as a reminder of...of you...."

Steve blushed a bright red, with a towel hanging from his slim muscled body. He couldn't believe a person would want his used underwear, but felt sort of flattered and sexy that someone - a girl - did. He didn't know what to say, so he ignored it and then looked almost in a panic for his pants. He found it on the floor - where he left it, looked at Joelle, hoping she would turn away and let him dress in privacy. She just kept staring, smiling. Steve sighed, grinned a boyish grin, dropping the towel and quickly put on his pants (his dick was now completely limp - but a respectable size, but Steve was always shy about his private parts, even among other guys). He zipped up, look for his t-shirt and saw it was gone too. Joelle nodded "yeah - ripped completely! Sorry."

He didn't want to ask if another of the "girls" wanted it (one of the guys did take it, sniffing the armpits of the sweaty t-shirt). He saw his cotton button shirt, and picked up, putting it on, realizing now how wrinkled it was. Joelle just stared at the handsome boy - and couldn't believe how handsome, how cute he looked just in pants, stripped to the waist, his pants hanging low. What a body!

He smiled shyly, trying to make small talk, buttoning the shirt, putting on his socks and shoes, and then awkwardly said goodbye. He didn't know if he should kiss Joelle, but realized that would be wrong - after all she WAS Todd's "girlfriend". It was bad enough that she and her friends had sex with him - but no one needed to know that. Maybe she did that with every client, but Steve didn't think so.

Joelle looked at Steve and said quietly "You are one handsome guy. I -we don't do this to everyone - actually never before. Its just keep it a secret. Who knows? Maybe something will happen again.....Take care Steve..."

He looked back at her open mouthed and blushed. Was it possible it was just HIM. He knew he was goodlooking - but didn't realize how goodlooking or sexy he was to other people. But now here was a gorgeous woman - who did professional massages (or so he thought) and her friends who also were in that business, and they lost control and had sex with HIM. He couldn't believe it!!!! And some of them even wanted his soiled dirty underwear! God, that was repulsive and exciting to him at the same time. These "girls" liked him that much. He couldn't wait for this to happen again.


Stevewas extremely happy after the experience of a "sensual massage" by all those "girls". He couldn't believe how many times he came or the intensity of the experience (he actually only came once, but after two and half hours, his body was brought to a series of mini orgasms almost before exploding into a huge climax). Though he was high and in a daze then - he wasn't in a drunken stupor and remembered it all. He never had a sexual experience (at least he could remember) as intense or fulfilling as that. His young dick stiffened alittle when he thought about it and he realized, despite cumming several times, that he would have to jerk off when he got to Eric and his brother's house. He almost involuntarily grabbed at his crotch through his pants, adjusting it slightly now that it grew uncomfortably within the confines of his pants (his underwear was ripped off him during the "massage", so his dick and balls were flopping around within his baggy pants. He grew alittle embarrassed because the front of his pants tented noticeably.

He decided to walk back to Eric and his brother's place rather than Eric pick him up. It turned out Eric was going to be detained (that was part of the plan) and their place was only two miles away. He wanted to walk anyway - even though he was worn out from the "sensual massage" session. Steve wondered if Todd would ever find out how his "girlfriend" Joelle and her "girlfriends" played with him sexually. On reflection he realized that Todd would be pissed if he knew. But how would he know? It was just Joelle and her friends and him. Steve somehow wanted to go back again later - he wanted to experience being made to cum by so many girls. He wasn't sure if Joelle would do it again - but he made a mental note to ask Eric to somehow make arrangements again - maybe she would do it. It couldn't hurt.

As Steve jogged and walked home, he also thought about what going out that night and what to wear when he went out to the club tonight with Eric to pick up some girls maybe. He jogged the last several yards to his brother's place, his body sweaty now (it was hot) realizing he was smelling alittle rank and would make a quick dash for the shower. He wore his wrinkled cotton button shirt, though it was out of his pants, not even buttoned correctly and damp with sweat from the summer sun. Having sex all day really worked up a sweat - his body tingled again all over at remembering how almost every place and orifice of his youthful body was licked or touched. His dick stiffened again at the memory. He quickly sniffed one of his armpits and was repulsed by the sweaty odor.

"God...I need to shower" Steve thought. He knew his crotch was rank from the sweat and from the cum and being licked and sucked so many times. Steve hated smelling and was a clean freak, so he was relieved that finally, after 2miles, he was at his brother (and Eric's) house. He jingled for his keys in his pocket and fished them out quickly, opening the door. He knew no one was home - Eric was going to be at the university studying (or so he believed) and his brother was still away for another week or two. That was good for Steve since he wanted a long hot shower and a jerk off session. Closing the door (the house was door with the shades drawn) he heard a footstep behind him. Startled, Steve turned his head and was about to shout when suddenly everything went black. He yelled "Whaaaaaa??????" One of five guys dropped a heavy black hood over the struggling boy's head. His muscled sweaty arms were grabbed by two other guys while the third put on handcuffs. His legs were strapped together quickly by duct tape. It happened so quickly that Steve was almost too startled to resist or yell out any protests. He was completely stunned and scared. In a few seconds the handsome 19 year youth was hooded, and totally restrained. He was pushed down to the floor, stomach down. He was scared, no knowing what these guys wanted - though he assumed it was a robbery.
The five guys said nothing while Steve laid there, breathing heavily, before he said quietly in a pleading voice "hey man...please....I don't got no money....please....just leave...."

Suddenly one of the voices he heard - Todd- yelled at Steve to "shut the fuck up pretty boy". He was then told that he would "pay for fucking my girlfriend in my house".

Steve was stunned. He tried to explain "man...I didn't know...I...she...she came on to me man.,...I....didn' was a massage man...nothin happened...nothin...I....."

Todd kicked the boy (though not hard) to shut him up. Steve yelled "Shit!!!!!"

"Shut the fuck up. I KNOW what happened." Todd yelled back (pretending to be angry).

Struggling and shouting, he was taken into the kitchen and into the attached garage and dumped into Todd's large old Ford van. While on the empty van padded floor, Steve tried desperately to break free, held down by several pairs of hands. One hand grabbed his balls through his khaki pants, while Steve screamed (it wasn't a hard grab, but Steve never had his balls grabbed or hurt before). Another punched him in the stomach, while he gasped (again not too hard - but hard enough to give the boy the message to stop resisting).

He still wore his baggy khakis, white socks and Nikes. His cotton button shirt was ripped. With the hood still on, and his arms cuffed behind him - his legs held down by three pair of hands, he stopped struggling, realizing it was useless. He gasped and begged for them to stop.

Steve was in a panic. Was that Todd? How did he find out? Who were the other guys? How many - it seemed like at least four guys but he wasn't sure. What would they do to him? He still tried to break free again, but it was useless. He was tightly cuffed and held down, while he sensed now the van was pulling out of the garage and driving away - somewhere. He was scared, sweaty - his dick shriveled and limp.

He felt someone grab his crotch again, finding his loose balls, and grabbing, making Steve yell in a flash of pain (it wasn't really a hard grab, but Steve never had any cock or ball torture done to him).

"You fucked with my girlfriend dude, and you are going to pay motherfucker...." Todd yelled (pretending he was enraged).

Steve, scared, tried to reason with Todd and the other guys pleading "Guys...hey...I didn't was a other girls...not Joelle....she came on to me man.....I didn't know.......I''m sorry..."

"Fuck you!!!!! You WILL be sorry!!!" Todd yelled back in his best acting voice. The other guys including Todd were getting turned on by this staged kidnapping - and seeing how scared Steve was - and seeing how sexy he looked cuffed and restrained. His young muscled body, smelling of boysweat, was taut and ready to be assaulted.

The van reached Todd's house (just two miles away) - theplace Steve left only about an hour before. They parked the van in the garage, and then carried the struggling youth into the side door, into the kitchen, and upstairs in the attic - converted into a play room. It had bare ceiling and wood beams across and posts. They dumped the struggling boy - pleading, now cursing alittle. Five guys held him tight while one of them punched him in the stomach unexpectedly to throw him off guard while another then uncuffed him while he doubled over yelling "OH....Fuuuuuu". Steve coughed and before he knew it, his arms were stretched and fastened into some hanging restraints from the ceiling beams, his legs were then stretched and tied to two posts - about twelve feet apart. He was spread-eagled standing, trying to catch his breath, panting heavily, gasping "Oh god....."

His cotton shirt was ripped, the front hanging open, almost all his buttons torn off, revealing his tanned muscled sweaty smooth chest and pecs, his flat, taut stomach and winking deep navel and the trail of blondish brown hair that disappeared into his low hanging pants. One of the guys grabbed the shirt and ripped it completely open, while Steve yelled, still hooded.

Two fans were blowing in the attic, but it was hot - and the ordeal and struggle made Steve even hotter, sweating even more.

"'m...I'm...sorry. I...didn't do anything...I didn't know man....please...." Steve pleaded, then trying to act brave, "man....fuck....this...has gone far enough, okay??? This is fuckin crazy!!!!! Let me go!!! NOW!!!!"

Todd responded by slapping hard, the boy's tight stomach 20 times, leaving a imprint on the boy's tanned 6 pack abs. Steve yelled and buckled and screamed "FUCK!!!!! FUCK!!!!God....I am sorry!!!!! Please!!!"

He struggled and tried to break free from the restraints - but it was impossible. He felt the other guys - four of them plus Todd close to him and that made him even more scared. What were they planning - the last thing Steve thought was something sexual. He thought they would just beat him up alittle.

"Well, you will be sorry when we are finished with you Steve...." Todd replied trying to sound harsh, acting out the "plan". "However because you are a friend of Eric's, we will give you a choice in punishment. You gotta pay and I don't give a fuck if you say you didn't know. Fuck you!!!!!! Now the choice is: we whip you 300 times with a belt or tickle torture and milk your sorry ass for three hours. Decide!!!!!"

Steve had no clue what tickle torture was or even "milking". He was still stunned at what was happening to him and could not believe they were doing this to him. He had no idea what "tickle torture" was - but he knew he WAS terribly ticklish - and he was absolutely terrified of being tickled.

"MY god...guys....wait....look..." Steve tried pleading.

Todd motioned to all the guys, and yelled "too late fucker, we are going to whip you until you decide."

With that one of the guys ripped the open cotton shirt off Steve completely, while he screamed - his body grew rigid now. The guys looked at the hooded boy, struggling, seeing his stretched out body - the tuffs of blondish brown hair under his exposed sweaty armpits, his muscled chests and erect nipples - his taut flat stomach and inviting bellybutton, his muscled tanned back. His body was made all the more sexy with his low hanging pants, that just showed a hint of the pubic hair and his asscrack. How sexy he looked. Jacob nervously unbuckled Steve's belt, unbutton the pants and pulled down the zipper, while Steve yelled "NO!!!!!!!" Two other guys yanked the baggy sweaty khakis down to the boy's knees, while he tried to struggle, him naked, his limp cock swinging back and forth - his tight clenched butt being slapped by two of the guys, while Steve yelled. Without another word Todd doubled up a thick black leather belt, and with every strength he could muster brought it down hard on the boy's back, then again on the boy's tight quivering butt, then again, again again.

Steve gasped and screamed at the first whip, then gritted his teeth, tensing his entire body, willing himself to not give in to this. By the 8th strike he was muttering "oh my god" trying not to scream. But the pain was too much - as a wrestler he could do endure holds - but he had a weakness for pain - at least this type of pain. By the 25th whip, Steve was crying yelling "GOD NO...PLEASSSSSEEEEEE, PLEASE PLEASE OH GHOD STOP...OKAY...OKAY...PLEASE!!!! TICKLE TORTURE!!! OH GOD...PLEASE...I'M BEGGGING YOU...GOD....PLEASE!!!"

After 5 more whippings on Steve's back and butt, Todd stopped - the boys looking at the tied up handsome boy, gasping, his back red from the whipping - his butt red, shaking and now unclenched. The handsome straight boy was sagging in his restraints. One of the guys - Jesse squatted down to sniff the boy's sweaty crotch, smiling at the intense heady odor.

"Well...good Steve. And milking. Say "AND I want you to milk me too. Say it or we will continue the whipping...."

For good measure Todd whipped the youth 10 more times, while he screamed, squirming so much that the other guys had to add additional pressure from their hands and legs to hold him down,

Steve, gasping, breathing hard, nodded, crying, "yes...yes....I'll do anything. Fuck!!! Okay okay...please just stop...."

Todd whipped him 5 more times - hard. Steve screamed

"Oh fuck....Milk me too...god...stop...milk me and tickle torture me....please...just stop....God..." Steve begged

Todd nodded to Ken and Jacob, Jesse and Eric as they closed in on the boy. Steve was sweaty, and gasping for breath, tears coming down his face under his hood. Ken pulled at his pants, yanking them to his lower legs, then cutting them off with a knife. Steve still tried to struggle abit, but stopped when Ken slapped his red ass hard. Ken sniffed the boy's pants crotch, motioning to Todd, who sniffed it quickly. It was sweaty and smelled extremely musky - full of Steve's boysweat and cum from the earlier "sensual massage" session. It had a musky, pissy odor - very sexy and both guys grew even more hornier at the prospect of getting this handsome youth - and smelling a part of his clothing that was intimate.

Steve was now stretched out, tied to the ceiling beams and posts, his dick limp, but creating a nice bulge. His body was limp from the whipping - but his stomach was taut, his armpits and chest sweaty from the ordeal. The five horny guys stared at the tied up boy and admired his beauty - and admired how sexy he looked tied up. The smell was erotic.

Steve's mouth was slightly open - too scared to say another word. Todd said "if you can withstand the tickling, well, then that will be it. But if you can't - then you are going to be milked.. Understand this - we will take pleasure in seeing you suffer either way - and you will suffer Steve for fucking around with my girlfriend. I don't give a fuck what reasons or excuses you come up with. You will suffer and anything more you say I will make you suffer more dude.."

At that Ken slowly moved his fingers along Steve's sweaty ribcage, then lightly touching his stomach and 6 pack abs, while another hand and fingers danced lightly on the other side, lightly drilling his deep sweaty belly button. Steve tried to resist this, his body going rigid, his teeth clenched, but within 5 minutes started gasping, laughing, then laughing hysterically. Steve's body shuddered and he prayed that the tickling would stop - he couldn't stand it anymore. He was terrified that they wouldn't stop - in a small part of his mind, he realized that this was what they meant by "tickle torture". His skin grew more tingly and sensitive at the thought - which made him even more ticklish. He groaned and screamed again and again.

"GOD GOD GOD PLLLLEEEEEEEAAASE!!!!! HA AHA HA HA HA HA…." Steve laughed, shrieked.

But it was just the beginning for Steve.