Straight Boy Cum Control: Steve 3 (nc mm bond oral)

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It seemed almost a dream - and a dream come dream. After sucking Steve in his sleep - and watching him get tied up and sucked off against his will the next night (though in a drunken haze), I realized that I needed to take advantage of every night I would be alone with this gorgeous straight guy. Luckily for me, this would be a total of 8 days and nights before his older brother (my roommate) got back. From reading part 1, Steve's older brother Jerry was away on a out of town research project. This allowed me the opportunity to do what I wanted with this handsome very straight kid - and in ways where he would never know for sure what was happening to him.

Up to now, Steve didn't know what happened to him. He really thought the night before was just drunken boys playing around - and he didn't remember anything from it either. He sort of remembered being wrestled and maybe even tickled for awhile -but after that, it was a haze and a complete black out. He sort of blushed when he talked about it and then changed the subject. Steve really couldn't handle his liquor - being 19 years old I guess that's the trade off for being so cute with a swimmer's nicely defined body. Thank God for that!

The next day Steve woke up late - very late, very groggy and hung over from the night before. He wandered, bumping into a chair on the way, into the kitchen, wearing just his tight white Hanes boxer briefs and t-shirt. He stood and stretched, yawning and muttering "oh fuck...", scratching his head, then in an absent minded way, his crotch and stumbled around alittle more, looking for something to eat. I could have died watching him do that in such a innocent, yet sexy way. His hair was askew and eyes half open, his face showing a slight baby fuzz stubble. The boy still looked cute! He found a doughnut, munched it down, smiling at me groggily and then sort of staggered back to his brother's room.

He went back to sleep for another 5 or 6 hours. I couldn't resist playing with the boy's body again, and I snuck back into the room an hour later. It was dark, though enough light came into the room that I could clearly see the sleeping boy laid out on the bed in his tight bulging underwear. His deep snoring told me he was out. He was covered only by a sheet. I called out his name - just to make sure, and heard no response. I went up to him, kneeling by the bed - nervous as hell - and then shook his shoulder. No response. I then slowly - very slowly, moved the sheet off his body (he was laid on his back, his legs and arms spread out). I stared at the boy - clad only in his tight boxer briefs and t-shirt.

I knelt closer and put my face right under the boy's ball bag, smelling his underwear. The strong musky nutty odor was overwhelming. I slowly brought my hands up and lightly touched his thighs, and then massaged his balls, and then formed the outline of his semi-hard dick with my fingers, through his underwear. I loved playing with the lump through his underwear, which grew harder and harder, jiggling the balls, kneading the mound slowly. After 20 minutes, his cock got steel hard - though he was still in a deep sleep (his snoring continued, though occasionally he would gasp). Now his dick tented his tight boxer briefs and a wet spot formed where his cock head strained at the white fabric. I brought my nose to that spot, smelling a mixture of old piss, sweat and a even stronger musky odor.

I started to lick his cock head and dick through his underwear, and then brought my hand up to his taut belly, moving his t-shirt up, exposing his taut stomach and fingering his navel, while the boy slept. His body seemed to shudder and I got scared, withdrawing my hand quickly, and freezing my face over his crotch. When his snoring resumed, I decided to quickly finish the job by lifting his underwear ever so gently, moving the waist band, pulling it under his large walnut sized balls. His dick flopped out, pointing straight up, precum flowing out of his cockhead, his foreskin pulled back. I stared at his body for a minute, getting my camera and taking several more pictures (I had enough from the previous night - but this sight seemed even more special, with his underwear bunched under his balls). I then licked the shaft, polishing the head slowly with my hands, and then suck it.

I jerked the shaft up and down - while he snored, gasped, snored and then gasped loudly. He shot 4 times in my mouth, gasping - and then he started snoring loudly again. I quickly pulled off his dick - now alittle limp - staring at the beautiful cock, and quickly pulled up his underwear, gently pulling it back over his limp dick. I pulled down his t-shirt, and covered the boy up with the sheet and tip toed out of his room. It was worth the risk - and Steve didn't know what happened. He slept for several more hours - in fact he slept the entire afternoon by which time it was early evening. After that long rest, he got up, showered, shaved, and came out fresh smelling, and horny as ever (or so he proclaimed). I guess being made to cum two days in a row only increased his horniness for some reason.

My next plan was simple - go out - get him slightly drunk and then lure
him into a gay bathhouse/sex club. It was actually pretty easy. We
went out to eat, saw a movie, then went out and I bought some beers
(malt liquors) and we downed those in my car. Or rather HE downed them (I acted like I drank five or so....while he downed 4. I emptied mine out the car door when he wasn't paying attention. After drinking his
fifth, he was getting quite buzzed and drunkenly asked 'Hey, fuck
man, where are the girls - I 'm getting fuckin horny man......" He
smiled - his cute crooked boyish smile, laughing and shaking his
head. We smoked some pot and by then I felt the boy was ready for anything to come.

I mentioned to him about a adult club that had porno flicks - and
he was suddenly very interested and said drunkenly "Hey hey hey man, let's go...can I I can get in? I can?" I nodded. Normally - you had to be 21 - but it just so happened two of the guys who sucked Steve off the night before worked at this place - and as we planned, would let both of us in free, without question.

Steve was too drunk to notice that it was a gay sex club/bathhouse - there were no overt signs or anything. I quickly pushed him in the building and they buzzed us in quickly. Tom and Ben were both at the door and smiled broadly when they saw Steve, licking their lips - whispering "Jesus - this boy is just too fucking cute. Nobody should be that cute and get away with!!!!FUCK!"

Steve didn't notice or remember them, and we staggered in the dark large room, and then I pushed him into one of the smaller rooms. Each of these rooms had two or three glory holes - and in this room (which we planned in advance), there were metal handles on the wall and floor - where a person could be tied against the wall, with his dick poking through one of the holes.

Well, that was our plan. A porno video was playing in the room - on a small TV screen (you could change the selections to a couple of different features). By prior arrangement, my friends put on a bisexual flick, which was playing. The room was dark and small, with a bench to sit on. It was very dark- but I could make out Steve, wearing his khaki docker baggy pants, cotton button shirt, with a baseball cap on backwards. He sat down and just leaned back watching the movie saying "Oh's guys in this" he half slurred. As the movie played on, Steve plainly was getting turned on in his drunken state.

I could smell the boy - a mixture of sweat and light cologne - very slight. I nervously sat next to him, with my ropes and Rush and lubricants in my jacket pockets. After 20 minutes, I notice a slight bulge in Steve's crotch - it was hard to tell because the room as dark and his pants was so baggy - but Steve was breathing hard, though he was watching the movie with half closed eyes. I could hear him say almost in a whisper to himself "oh fuck...." (the movie was pretty intense - just pure fucking). His hands were on his sides - he made no attempt to play with himself - though I think he would have if I wasn't there. He still was a bit shy about his body and of course, had no recollection that I thoroughly explored every crevice two nights before (as did my friends).

Well, I could barely contain myself and then said quietly - sounding drunk too, "Hey Steve - if you wanna get off, hey....I don't care man...just shove your dick through that hole there and some bitch. someone...some bitch will suck you off....really. Man I did it before...go ahead"

He didn't say anything but kept staring intently at the video, sighing.

There was more silence and he just stared at the video. He looked up to me as sort of the "sexual expert" being older and a college guy - and he thought I was definitely a ladies' man. So he believed me, thank god.

"Look...Steve...I'm serious dude....really...there's the hole..." I urged (almost pleading).

After a minute or two (it seemed longer for me waiting for Steve to take the bait), he finally turned to me, looking buzzed and horny.

" you for real man? Shit....naw....your kidding....oh" he slurred (perhaps alittle more for effect to make me think he was drunker then he was).

"No, I am not Steve - go ahead...shit I did once too...go ahead....." I said.

I uncapped the Rush, and quickly put it under his nostril and told him to inhale. He tried to protest (weakly), but inhaled, I put it under the other nostril, and he inhaled. Being that close to him, smelling his sweat and hair, mademe even more hornier. I could hear in the next room Ben and Tom, and saw fingers at the edge of the glory hole - a gesture of invitation to the straight boy. For a moment I was worried that Steve would see the fingers as belonging to a guy - a not a girl. In the dark though, the fingers could pass for a female's - and Steve was too drunk and gone to even notice that anyways. He now was in a almost drugged sexual haze and was so horny now that he would have fucked the first female that he saw I think.

Seeing that the boy was "ready", I capped the Rush, and leaned over, pushing him up to a standing position and then turned him facing the wall with the glory hole opening. He didn't resist - and though I was tempted to unzip him, I restrained myself (I think he would have freaked out if I did). I stood by him and pushed him against the wall . He seemed willing now - and looked hot, looking drunk and positioned against the wall almost. He seemed totally unaware of the purpose of the hole - though totally willing to try anything now.

"Go ahead....she's waiting next door man...hurry up man......" I said

He turned slowly, and looked at the video screen and saw more intense fucking and just went crazy and said "Oh fucking'll do it man..." and unzipped quickly. He turned slightly from me - as if he had a change of heart, and then looked at the video screen again. He sighed, muttered "oh fuck..." and hesitantly pulled out his 5-1/2 inch semi-hard uncut cock out (I could barely see it, he was sort off hiding it with his hand and slightly turned his body so I couldn't see - plus it was dark). His shyness about his private parts was actually more of a turn on for me - I wanted him even more! He paused, closed his eyes, and slurred "okay....bitch..suck this....shit...." and then quickly shoved it through the glory hole and waited.

Suddenly he arched his back, shook his had and gasped "Oh fuckin shit!!!!Oh god Oh god Oh god Oh god...." he moaned almost in a whisper. His hands were fisted and hit the walls in shock.

I quickly got next to him and said "Steve?"

"Man..Oh shit....she's sucking it...Oh god oh god I can't believe...... Oh....oh...oh....oh my god...." he moaned, shaking his head back and forth. His eyes were closed and his entire body tensed up.

In the next room sucking away at Steve's steel hard now 6-1/2 dick was Ben AND Tom, who quietly waited until they saw semi-hard dick poke
through the hole. They quickly lapped the cock head, pushing back the foreskin, and then Ben sucked the entire spongy head, swirling his tongue, while Tom licked the shaft. Steve tried to push his pelvis further into the wall, gasping. His eyes were closed, his mouth open, breathing hard. Tom alternately polished the boy's cockhead with his tongue and then his hand (mixed with lubricant), while Ben lapped at the boy's shaft, and then jerked it with his hand.

I quickly moved next to Steve, who was drunk and in sex heaven, almost delirious with animal lust. I opened the bottle of rush, and held it to his nose and said "Hey - inhale - this will make it last man."

" fuckwhatsthatman...ohshit....."Steve moaned and inhaled - his body arched more. He moaned "ooooh shit" and seemed in a sexual daze.

I closed the bottle, and then pulled one of his arms up to the metal handle above and quickly tied it, and then did the same to the other before he knew what was happening.

He kept moaning and shaking his head and then said "Hey,man...what are you doing what's going on feels so fucking...oh shit..."he slurrred. He never had a blow job like that - or at least one he remembered! Though thoroughly drunk and drugged now, Steve could also let himself go because he thought he was being sucked off by a girl - though he thought now it was at least TWO girls servicing his dick. The thought of TWO girls sucking him off together made him even more harder. He couldn't believe it.

I pushed my hands between his muscled chest and the wall, and awkwardly unbuttoned his shirt, exposing his smooth pecs, now pressed hard against the wall and his 6 pack abs - some of which Ben and Tom could lick at through the large glory hole., I pulled Steve's shirt back, and lifted it from his back, bunching it up near his neck -his beautiful muscled youthful smooth and tanned back was exposed, taut and squirming from the sucking. I played quickly with his pecs, nipples, and then moved my hands down to his stomach, fingering his deep navel and abs. Steve gasped and tried arching his back - obviously liking the touch and having no idea it was me (he was so far out of it he didn't care or know what was happening now).

I then moved nervously -hoping he was too far gone to protest - and unbuckled his belt, and unbuttoned his pants - no reaction. I thought I heard him mutter "no...." but then he gasped again - no doubt from the intense sucking of his cock. I then started to push his pants down, along with his sweaty boxer briefs -meanwhile the sucking increased, and I helped it along by lifting his balls and shoving it through the glory hole, where Tom and Ben began sucking and licking Steve's scrotum. Steve gasped again when I touched his balls - they were large and warm and sweaty. I sniffed my fingers, wanting to smell the boy's nuts and was rewarded by a heady musky smell. I nearly came myself! He cried out again when Ben and Tom lapped at his balls, then sucked them, swallowing one while the other licked the boy's hard shaft.

God Steve was beautiful. I looked up at his handsome face - eyes closed, head swaying back and forth, mouth half opened, moaning, his body, pushing in and out of the hole as if he was fucking it. This straight boy was too far gone!!!!!!

I then push his muscled thighs and slightly hairy legs out and then tied one ankle to the metal handle on the floor against the wall - and then the other, onto another metal handle. He tried to protest, but the sucking was so intense that Steve could only mutter a weak "no" before gasping from the licking and sucking. Now Steve was tied spread-eagled against the wall - in a small dark room, while a bisexual video was playing, and his dick and balls were being intensely sucked through a glory hole - and his mind drunk and on a Rush-induced sex high. I stepped back and looked at Steve - his naked back and bubble butt - flexing each time he shoved his dick in. I then started to lightly touch his upper back and spine - gently - and then his sides, up and down - and then to his butt, and then tickled his ass crack. He involunatrily shuddered and then moaned even more - his body shivering at the touch, saying "oh fuck..oh fuck....ohfuck.....feels so good oh god...." slurring and shaking his head.

I licked his lower back, moving my tongue up and down his spine slowly, while the poor boy nearly screamed in ecstasy. He gasped "MY GOD!!!!" over and over. I stopped and forced him to inhale some more Rush, which brought him another wave of drugged induced sexual high - prolonging the intense feeling from having his dick and balls sucked and licked.

I squatted and my face was now at his beautiful smooth straight-boy ass, and I quickly put my nose and face in his moist now quivering ass crack, then flicked my tongue up and down - and then darted it in his moist, smelly asshole - his body shuddered at each lick. At this Steve's head and back arched, and he gasped, moaning and yelling "oh FUCKIN' A oh shit...oh fuck...oh whatsfuckinhappeningman.,,oh oh oh oh shit...oh shit oh shit oh it feels so good oh god...." and then he flexed and then shot loads of cum into Tom's mouth.

My tongue and face was in Steve's ass crack, and I counted 10 squirts of cum, before he settled down. He slumped and moaned in his bondage for about 10 minutes, when he realized he was tied up. He briefly struggled to get loose - though half heartedly..he kept saying "hey hey who did this man...who who did this..let me go....please"

But he was too drunk to know what was going on...except, I opened the door to let the Friday evening late night crowd see this handsome stud, tied up, with his butt exposed on one side, and his dick and cock hanging on the other - and helpess to stop anyone from playing with his body. I then blindfolded the boy and lightly gagged him, and then a line of about 12 guys on both sides of the wall in each room lined up to suck and lick Steve.

God he squirmed and moaned and pleaded for it to stop - his steel hard cock extremely sensitive to any further sucking. But the line of guys -
old, fat, young, grew longer when they saw Steve's handsome face
and tied up body, they went crazy and nearly fought each other to
suck him off, or to tongue his ass crack, lick his back and other parts of his body that they could reach. Several just tongued his ears and neck, while Steve nearly went crazy from the intense feeling.

"Man, this boy is fucking pretty man....what a cock...I'm going to comeback and suck this due again..." one old guy said as he finished sucking Steve to his 6th orgasm, and got in line again.

After 2 hours, Steve was made to cum perhaps 8 or 9 times - maybe
more......he was a babbling and quivering idiot by the time I untied him, and got him dressed. His butt and back and armpits were licked and sucked so much they were pink from contact. His dick was sore from the constant licking and sucking - his balls too were sore from the licking and sucking - and the cum that was forced out. By the time I untied him, his cum was reduced to small driblets, and he cried out in near pain (through his gag), totally exhausted and spent moaning "no no no no no no no no no no......" His nipples were dark from being pinched and twisted.

While his slumped body was still tied, his dick hanging through the glory hole, Ben, Tom and I slowly dressed the boy (after toweling him down quickly). He was out - totally out from the booze, Rush and the intensity of the sexual assault on his young straight body. We put on his white boxer briefs, and his baggy docker pants, zipped it up and buckled his large belt. I unbunched his shirt, buttoning it back up. He looked drunk and disheveled - but still drop dead gorgeous - even passed out.

I brought him back to my apartment - he was passed out in the car still, and gently laid him on his brother's bed, changing his clothes (putting on a fresh pair of tight white briefs and large white T-shirt). I stared at his blondish brown hair and body - he was so handsome. I held his pants and dirty boxer briefs to my nose, smelling sweat, musky crotch odors and took them to my room, where I jerked off two more loads (I came twice at the bathhouse after sucking him twice).

Steve woke up about 10 hours later, groggy and exhausted. He complained about being sore "everywhere," but blushed when I asked where. He seemed alittle dazed and then changed the subject and went back to his room to sleep another 3 or four hours. He never mentioned the all night sucking - seemed to have not remembered.

Unfortunately for him, I did, and I was certain I would get him again every night - and I did. The next time I planned a break in while he was asleep - and (again, Tom Ben and Ken) would come in, masked, tie the boy up on his bed, and play with his handsome body (I would join in once Steve was tied up, gagged and blindfolded- he wouldn't know then it was me too). We planned to force him to drink vodka, getting him drunk, high on pot - and then take his cherry and forcing him to cum a couple of times. We even tickle tortured him for an hour (what a turn on to see this naked blond 19 year Adonis squirm, scream and laugh hysterically while being tickled by four guys all at once). The things this handsome boy made me do!

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