The Christmas Journal 3

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Journal entry December 27th

Journal…I….I am just overjoyed. This year I’ve received three presents, yes I haven’t written of the third yet. That happened today. But I can’t be happier with just those three than anything else in the world! It’s still so amazing to me what’s happened, and still so unbelievable. I’m getting used to it, but not. I should explain.

So, I’m looking at myself, and …I can’t help it. I love it! I’m enormous and the only thing I think I’d like would be to be just a tich taller. I know, I’m more than tall enough, but being this height, this size, this built, it’s so….heady… like I’m drunk on power or something. I wouldn’t want to misuse it or bully people with it, but there’s just something about staning next to someone and you know, you JUST KNOW, you’re so much stronger, bigger, powerful than them.

Well, I mean take the deliver guy today. He’s coming in with bags and bags and bags of groceries. I think my order alone took up half the refridgerated truck. He’s a young guy…senior in high school to like sophomore of college. He’s an athlete, pretty good build, probably a lineman on the football team. I open the door, he comes in carrying a bag, rattling off that he’s got a huge order for this address where should I put them, who signs off on it and all that. He turns around to tell me this, and he just stops mid sentence. The bag slowly begins to slide down his front, and he comes to catching it, but still his mouth nor his eyes shut at all.

He takes a couple steps back and starts to stammer a little bit. I don’t blame him. I haven’t ordered any clothes yet, so there I am standing there, all 7’ 4”, 710lbs of me, totally nude except for a bed sheet that I’ve double folded, kind of folded in a pleat, and belted at my waist hitting me at about the knees, so I look like I’ve only got the lower half of a Greecian toga on. I’m pretty sure I can see a small wet spot forming on the crotch of his jeans. I’ve either made him piss his pants or cum one of the two. Anyway he finally gets through his stammering.

“Bro, I’m sorry, just….(he then whistled low), jeeze….I’m sure you get this all the time and are like sick of it, but holy crap you are one ginormous dude!”

“Oh, (I laughed) it still always sounds new to me. Everyone’s expression is so different.”

I had to fight not to sport a boner right there. There was just something about being so much bigger than him. Well, a foot actually. He eventually asked me how tall I was, if I knew my stats and all. He told me his and I got more turned on by the fact he had to do comparison shots and ask if he could take pictures with his cell phone. The dude, was righ in line with the shower stall, only up to the top of my chest, just under my shoulders. I was so close to reaching instant hard on and blowing just from seeing that.

But it was even worse…I could carry like six of the bags at once. LOL Him standing next to me, not only the height, but my width and size he looked like a junior high student next to me… a junior high student! Him, the 6’ 4” inch college football hunk! And he’s having me pop my arms, and spread my back, flex my claves and we did hand comparions and feet comparisons. It got me so totally jacked up seeing how small I made him!

Course, it didn’t help that he lingered too. I mean he helped bring in all the stuff, cause I told him I misjudged his arrival time and I had just thrown all my clothes into the laundry, so he agreed to bring everything in so I wouldn’t have to go outside to collect in a bedsheet, but then after seeing all the food, he stayed to help me put it away. And let me tell you, more than once I caught him looking at me, really like staring or observing how I moved as I put some things up on the very top top shelves of the pantry. And that, let me tell you was a double rush. Here was this hunky man, looking at me like I was his fantasy, and I’m putting things away on the top shelf of the pantry…THE TOP SHELF, and I’m doing this flat footed and bearfoot!

Anyway, so we talk a little bit about sports, football and basketball primarily, and he asks if I played any in my days or now. I told him “No, I just sat in the back and quietly lifted, but may come out sometime soon on the bodybuilding circuit.” He said he thought that’d be awesome and that I probably had a chance, as I was, even proportionately the biggest bodybuilder he’d ever seen. Before to long it was time for him to go to make the rest of his delieveries, but I noticed on the back of my copy of the bill he wrote down his cell phone number, email, and skype name. That turned me on sooooooo much, I had to whip it out and go decorate the next house right then and there.

But it’s funny, I guess I’m getting used to this new body, cause as much as I love it and really wouldn’t want to change it, I found things while with Mr. Hunky Deliver Guy, that I considered flaws. My feet and hands grew proportionately with my body. Although I didn’t have small ones compared to it, they looked kind of small for my body, especially with all the muscle mass and off season fat. Don’t get my wrong, my feet and hands were larger than the delivery man’s, but not by near as much as either him or I expected. Course I feel the same way for my balls and dick too. I know that just cause a man is a giant in height doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll get huge and hung down there, but again with all the hieght and muscle, it’d be good cause while I was thinking about all of this it was hard for my hands to really grab a hold of and stroke my lil cock off.

And I thought I could be a little broader in the shoulders too. I’ve got so much muscle mass and building block fat that its hard to see my shoulders so to speak, how broad they are compared to the waist when all chisled and cut up. Still, I wished I could look a little more masuline in the face, stronger jaw, higher broader set cheek bones, maybe a lil lower of a brow ridge. But of all things, I think I’d like bigger feet, cause it’s still hard to walk around and balance all this size on his frame with tootsies that are a lil small. Yet, then I turned my thoughts back to the comparison between me and the delivery guy. Who am I to complain? He damn near looked like a little kid to me! I’ve got feet and ankles that stick out from a bed. I can see things on top of the fridge. I can grab things on top of the larder without the use of a stool or step ladder. That got me hard and horny again and beat like there was no tomorrow and spoo-ed once again to coat the third house in “snow.”

I lay there for a while, stoking my cock once again, thinking about how this guy, who said he was so surprised by a man like me. He’d seen men his size, 6’6”, some up to 6’ 10” in football, but usually no taller cause by then they were too skinny. Why he was totally in awe of my physique. I was nearing to making myself blow again when I thought I heard someone at the door. Knock knock knock. I stopped and listened. Knock knock knock. I sat up and looked towards my door. Knock knock knock. Then I realized it was too small, too tiny of a noise for a knock on my door. Now I know I’ve not gotten that big!

Suddenly the door to the third house just flung open and I lurched back a little.

“On the third day of Christmas my true love gave to me…..3 percent broader shoulders…..”

Oh! I thought, it read my mind. I get to be a little broader on top. Man….think of that….I already don’t quite fit through the doorways, but this will help accentuate the look of my muscles, the width of my back….oh man think of the difference now between my waist and shoulders. Think of the size of that “v” formation with the back….huh….shoul….huh …..shoulders……..and ….huh….and uh…….huh…huh…….huh…huh……waist…t .tt….t….” Once more I bolted for the kitchen.

I was better this time… missing two of the archways, only striking one. Still forgot about the ceiling fan though. I threw open the fridge and grabed one of the gallons of milk, sucking it down in no time. I grabbed a pack of cheese and a loaf of bread and made a humongous cheese sandwich and washed it down with another gallon and that’s when it started.

I could hear it….almost like the sound of ice instantly forming, or ice going into a glass of luke warm water, or someone stepping out on a piece of ice and it’s just beginning to break. That sound but about one-hundred times over, all really close to my neck. My skin felt like it was on fire and was being pulled off of me. My arms felt odd like they were moving, but not of their own accord.

I looked at my faint reflection in the glass of the kitchen winow. Hard to see against the bright day light. But I could see my shoulders getting wider…and wider… ever so slightly, with the shoulder and delt and neck and chest mucles all adapting, growing, adding and I assumed the back muscles were doing the same.

The rush, the pain, was so bad, I was almost over come to blackout. I turned towards the dinette set and went to plop down in a chair. I nearly broke it. The distance I was used to between my butt standing and the chair seat had increased so much since becoming 7’ 4”, and the amount of weight I had packed on in muscle and muscle building fat, was almost to much to throw at the chair and it nearly collapsed in pieces. Upon hearing the strain and crack of the wood, I quickly stood up and then slowly lowered myself on another chair.

The pain subsided and became what eventually felt like a burn from a really great workout. I walked upstairs to the bathroom to look in the mirror. It was even more difficult to do. I could almost get through the doorways before. Some just barely squeeze through, others had to do a slight turn with an appropiate dip. Now however, there was no way. My shoulders, litterally, before adding muscle were broader than the doorway, hell I think than the door frames. I was a broad shouldered hunk even before the muscle came to me now, and that thouht was making me horny again. I’ve got work that out.

So downstairs to the basement “gym” I went with a dip and turn, dip and turn, dip and….you know I think my chest is almost too big for the doorway. I swear every once in a while I could feel the frame brush my nipples if not my chest itself. I made it down there and started lifting. The bench feels so short for my torso, and way too narrow for my waist, and most especially my back and shoulders. While lifting the weights I felt like I had to do it while balancing myself on a fence line!

I worked out all day, trying all sorts of various exercises but nothing gave me a good enough pump. Around 500 lbs and I’m gonna need more, the 500 just barely began to feel like a workout to me on some of the exercises. So that’s where I am. I’ve got to order more weights to come in and be delivered. I hope I can order clothes soon, I’m using most of my linens for “togas” now and I need to shower and change into a fresh one after the workout. I need to go eat, and I need to figure out if I should sleep on the bed, or pull the mattress down to the floor and pull one off a guest bedroom’s and put it with mine.

I bet those are even light to me now. I wonder if the shower doorway is wide enough for me straight on or turned to get through? I wonder if I’ll be able to get into my car when I get clothes that fit and I can go out. There are some hassles to this new size to consider….but you know what as I sit here pumping and flexing my arm, thinking of that delivery boy touching me, admiring me, feeling so small next to me…..(hmmmm my cock is twitching again….) I think the positives I’m feeling over it, are going to be better than the negatives. Fourh day of Christmas tomorrow. I hope those houses are still in a giving mood… … ….

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