The Christmas Journal 4

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Journal entry December 28th

Today was surprising, Journal; I became a daddy. I know that’s an out there statement to make, still not used to it. It is making it hard to write in you tonight cause you’ve become so small to me, already a little hard to hold, but now I keep absent mindedly rubbing my chest and abs with my other hand, I let go of you and lose the support so my writing hand doesn’t scoot you around the table.

All of this is so new to me…I’m still getting used to this body, new size, new strength, and yet for all of this size, for all of the mishaps that are occuring now, I’m getting more and more turned on at being it and walkin around with a leaking, semi-hard cock most of the day.

So I woke up this morning…I decided I’ve got to put the mattess on the floor and lay the one from the spare bedroom down next to it and then later this day I would have to sew together a couple of sheets and comforters, because I’m so tall I can’t keep the covers pulled up to my head to keep me warm without exposing my feet and ankles. My feet were freezing!

First things first though was to wake up and freshen up, I headed to the shower. It still freaks me out a bit, standing there a foot taller than the doors and walls to the shower, and now….well, now, there was no entry. Increased shoulder width from yesterday added just a tich more mass, and I was already to broad to walk in straight through the door, now I was even too thick. I got caught, stuck. STUCK! Oh, god… I was stuck, but not helpless and that thoght makes me so hard, and friggin horny!

So, I had to either push or pull myself cause I was going at regular speed and kind of jammed myself in there but good. Wedge in the door frame! Ha ha ha. So I placed the outside hand on the top beam of the wall, grabbing it and pulling, while I palmed my inside hand on the top beam pushing trying to force my way in the shower stall.

At first all I did was succeed in further jaming myself in there. But, I was panicked, I was more turned on! I could feel the side metal pieces of the frame digging into me, probably cutting me…but because of all this muscle underneath my flesh and the building block of fat my chest and back didn’t give. Well, it probably did some what, like when someone pokes another person, but this would’ve caused a deep cut on someone else, but me, it caused a scratch! A MERE SCRATCH! And I think I dented that frame work too!

But I didn’t look to see, I didn’t notice because, I had to catch the wall! After a few mintues of struggling I began to hear kind of a moaning sound, not from me though, and then little cracking sounds. I have to admit, I became excited, mistakingly thinking it was my bones and I was growing again. I know, I know… I’m 7’4” foot taller than the guys most ppl think are “really tall” only a couple inches shorter than that basketball player Yao…but the thought of looking down at him is kind of turning me on.

Anyway, so I hear those cracking noises and too late to I realize what I’ve done. SNAP! I break the right side wall, as you face it when getting in, off the shower stall! Just snapped that plexiglass wall. I got through the door frame but I’m now standing in the cold stall, with a slighly bent frame, a cracked top beam, and holding one wall to keep it from falling and shattering. What’s worse, I didn’t think about the damage I just did to my shower…well, I did, but I didn’t think about all I had to repair, I thought about the damage I did to my shower! Me! With just my bare hands! I was instantly hard and almost ready to blow right there.

So I leaned the shower wall against the bathroom wall, went downstairs and got my tool kit. Came back up and looked at things. The door frame was a little bent, but the side beam was still relatively alright. The upper beam was ok to just cracked where I the wall had snapped. So, I took out several hinges (thank God dad left me all his constructon crap when he passed and I didn’t get rid of it.) and I do literally mean seven hinges, attached them to the non broken side of the wall. I shut the shower stall door and screwed it shut, then screwd the hinges on the wall to the door frame. After sweeping up the bits of broken plexiglass out of the stall and running a bunch of strips of duct tape along the broken edge of the wall, I now pulled it open as my new door, stepped into the stall and took my shower. Get that journal? THE WALL IS NOW MY DOOR! I’M SO FRIGGIN HUGE! Ach…dang…. Just reclling that causes me to sport wood now…..

And the mishaps didn’t end there. I’ve taken out chunks of wall in the archways for not turning soon enough and my line backer….my line backerS’ shoulders and back and chest just causing the plaster and such to give way. I went to open my closet, but I’m getting more and more used to this body, and forgetting it’s size, flung the door open and WHAM caused it to make the door knob puncture a hole in the wall. I think I even bent one of the hinges on a door. Pulling a sheet out of the closet to wear today I got my hand stuck in between the cloest rod and the shelf…almost tore the rod down. Not to mention forgot about the one ceiling fan again, but noticed it’s approach and did a knee jerk reaction of swatting at it to keep it from hitting me. The blade bounced off my hand, and snapped off the fan, and I caused it to revolve backwards a number of times, against the direction it was turning thus burning the motor out.

Still, for all the money I’m gonna have to sink in to make repairs….I can’t help it….I’m flexing more and more, looking at myself in the mirror or reflection in glass or the appliances. I don’t want to be cocky and narcissistic, but I’m so HUGE and BUILT! I’m loving this! I just have to wonder though…when I’ve got clothes and can head outside again, will there be someone who likes a guy as large as me? Will it be hard to find someone willing to be with me? I can only satisfy myself for so long ya know… I want to be with someone.

But that doesn’t tell you how I became a daddy. So, I after my repair job on the shower, I put on my toga, went downstairs to the kitchen, and had breakfast. The chairs by the way, to the dinette set, even sitting in them gently are creaking under the strain of my weight….and I’d love to cut up and then see if I can add MORE. LOL

So, I’m still all turned on by the desctuction I’ve caused just by simply moving around, I make my way to the tree. The houses have shifted again leaving an non snowed house front and center. I waste no time kneeling down and jacking off. The thoughts of all the damage cause just by my hands and my strength really get me going and it seems like in just seconds I’m blowing my wad and coating the house and again I still there waiting, straining to hear that little carol. I wasn’t disappointed, suddenly the window shutters on this little house opened and the carol was heard once again.

“On the fourth day of Christmas my true love gave to me……. four values up in hair coloring and thickness!”

What? Four values up in hair coloring and thickness? Is that what that said? That’s kind of an odd…(scratch) thing to give. I mean what (scratch) is a value in thick-(scratch scratch) ness? I know what a value in color would (scratch scratch) ooooh huh uhm would…would… .be (scratch sracth scratch ) uuuuhmmmmmmmm but what (scratch) is (scratch) oooooh a (scratch scratch scratch) value hmmmmmmmmm (scratch scratch) in…..(scratch) thick..(scratch) thick….(scratch scratch) thickness AAAAAAAAHHHH!

Iwrithed one the floor, feeling this tingling sensation almost everywhere on my body. I was itching everywhere it seemed. I knew I couldn’t keep scratching I’d scrape and cut myself leaving myself open to infections and cuts, so I just started running my hands, palms open all over myself across my face, down my neck, over my chest, across my abs, down my groin, round my legs thighs and calves. I even rain my fingers over and over through the hair on top of my head…thinking I was going mad cause each time I did it, it felt longer time to pull my fingers through.

And all this rubbing of my body… once again I could feel what I had. I could feel the muscle underneath my fat layer bunch and pop, roll and move. The fat layer moving with it, solidly, not all jiggly like. Whenever I cut up I am going to be one massive freak of muscle! And the rubbing of my hands across my nipples, over my stomach, across my inner thighs and groin area, go me so turned on as all this itching continued, I became fully erect once more and lil guy spewed once more his pearly white juice all over my stomach as I lie there humping the air and feeling myself up.

When it was done, I sat up, and then immediately turned around to look behind me. Something had brushed my shoulders and I wondered who had come into my house while I was lost in extacy on the floor. Then I figured it wasn’t a whom, it was a what, as I felt it land on the top part of my chest after I turned my head. Thinking it must be a spider, I let out a yelp and leaped backwards, taking my hand and brushing it off me.

I landed on the coffee table. It gave way completely and I yelped again as some pieces pierced my skin and cut me every so slightly. But then I had to laugh…. What I thought was a spider wasn’t one, it was my hair! I got up, rain to the bathroom and stood in front of the mirror. The hair on my head had grown, down down down, to just reach my shoulders, and it wasn’t thin and mousey like any more – it was thick and luxurious. This was a mane of hair I reached up and ran my fingers through it… feel it’s thickness almost nearly entangle and trap even my long thick fingers. It was soft and silky and what’s more it was now a brilliant blond too!

But this wasn’t all. Hair had grown in on me all over! Pushing my hair out of my eyes, I saw my chest had it, my stomach had it… my legs and arms had it. But it wasn’t everywhere. It came out on my chest flowing almost up and out like fountain, as if combed that way, covering all the massive shelf, but stopping at the clavical line, not going up and onto my shoulders. It continued down my stomach in a nice straight column…feathering out just slightly on the sides but not wrapping around to the back. And the closer it got to the center the thicker and denser it was so it was like I had a hair front torso, but still had a love trail to follow down to my groin.

The groin was covered, and although dense, it seemed to grow shorter in length there and as it wrapped its way down, disappeared so I had a dense, thick, rich bush surrounding my prick, but it was like…trimmed nicely, and then my balls shaved and smooth. But the hair contined, feathering back in on my thighs and working down down to my calves, coating them in a nice coat of fur. However where it started it didn’t go or grow round my ass, just on the thighs and claves so it almost looked like I was wearing chaps.

And there was hair on my arms too; fully on the forearms working up and stopping just upon reaching the upper arms right about where the triceps and biceps started. Of course I had hair under my arms in the pit too, I mean I already had that, but it had changed to match the rest of the hair on my body, all like the hair on my head. Golden blond, and silky soft, thick in all the right places, and feathering away where I didn’t need any.

Again, I stood there, feeling myself up, caressing myself with my hands, running my fingers through my hair on top of my head, across my chest, over my groin. I was a 7’4” 710lb muscle beast! I was like the ultimate muscle bear. A muscle daddy! So now I have another problem. Not only must I find a guy who likes a really tall man, but one who likes them exceptionally built, a little bit of a gut, and hairy. Maybe I should start my search before I can go out? Before I get my clothes? Take some digital pics and search online chat rooms?

No, I can’t do that yet, there are still eight days left to go of this Christmas. More possilbe changes could occur, and they won’t just occur from the gifts either. I have a weight set down stairs and I tried to work out again, but once more realized the 500 pound limit it has is nothing to me in most of the exercises I do. I ordered more weights today and some stronger bars as well. I plan on going to Mr. Olympia one day….and now Sasquatch will be competing, after he finds someone who likes to help him trim and shave during competion season.

Oh gawd….other things were broken and fixed today…uhmm ahh…..other things to write about but….oooooooooh…… so turned on…. Aaach….hhmmmnnggg….. can’t help myself. Sorry journal, I gotta vist Rosey…. …. ….

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