The Christmas Journal 8

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Journal entry January 1st

Journal…. I’m not sure what to write today. My mind is flooded with emotions, with sensations. I’m not sure what to do. I need to get out, clear my head, but not sure how to do this. I’m on vacation, so I can’t leave and do that to gather my thoughts. I can’t go and do a days work as I don’t have any clothes that fit me and I’m pretty sure no part of the building I work in will accommodate me either. I want to do some kind of activity to take my mind off things but again I can’t go outside cause I have no clothes, and the only activity I can really do in here is lift weights, but all that will do is promote more growth.

Speaking of the weights, my order finally arrived, along with a huge new type of weight bench. It takes up about one fourth of my newly sized basement, which is what has me in a panic, and conundrum, a freak. I’m so huge, so big, and the changes happening daily, time and space is being bent, altered to accommodate them. My house was a nice little house, well medium... As you face the front, my neighbor, Leif, (drool) is on the right side. On the left side of my house is an abandoned house about the same size as mine. Well that was until yesterday. When the changes occurred and turned my house into an extra tall Victorian, it also turned into an extra wide Victorian as well. My house now takes up both of those lots, but a search on the net for city records shows I’ve had this whole “corner” lot all along!

And my order of weights…well, that all was but timed by twenty! Or more?!? It came in freaking moving van, the first one fourth the weight bench, the other three-fourths the weights, all 19,500lbs of it! THERE IS TEN TONS OF FREE WEIGHTS IN MY BASEMENT! There were three men, all bodybuilder size, well, normal bodybuilder size, that arrived to help unload it. The two college jocks were still in bed with me, got their pants and shoes on and began to help carrying all of it. It took like two hours to get it unloaded and stacked down there. Everyone had their shirt off, everyone was sticky and sweaty, muscles gleaming in the sunlight. At first the crew asked to get pictures with me when done, then the two jocks wanted a picture to, and then there were the posing shots comparing myself to each one of them…

Eventually with all of us hot, soaked with sweat, we had to get cleaned up, and the jocks suggested everyone take a shower in my huge shower stall, but then once they were all clean, they begged me to come in, and they all soaped me down, rubbed me up, shot me out, and cleaned me off after they commented oohed and ahhhed over how much cum came out of me and my mammoth sized balls.

But during all of that, the carrying, the photos, the shower, I couldn’t believe how small they were. All of them, only bobbing around the height of my knee. My calves, so thick, full, massive they were wider than they were broad! Calves or upper arms! They puffed up their chests standing next to either seeing who was the thickest and the closest in size to my calves or arms. They didn’t compare to my chest, it was too big, FAR too big, they’d never come close to its width, thickness, denseness, fullness. No wonder I’m never fully soft.

The jocks had to leave for their football practice, and the delivery men for the weights had to get their specially built truck and trailer back to the warehouse. They were only allowed so much time to be on the road with a special permit. No wonder, all the weight they brought me, could crack the highways. So I was alone, left to think of what all had just happened, what all happened last night and the afternoon before. Fifteen feet tall. FIFTEEN FEET TALL! A little over three and half tons of raw muscle, power, and strength! A cock so big, only half of it could be taken by any man. I nearly have yard sticks for feet! I’ve got gain control of myself.

All that size. I’m almost twice as tall as normal room heights now. I’m like four, five, six times the width of regular door frames and eight feet taller than their space. Forget fitting in cars, I could back up and sit on them and still have too far a drop from my bottom to their roof. I’m a foot and a half taller than the semi trailer that brought my weights today! I can’t fit in that! If I go to a NBA Basket ball game I can’t fit in the stadium seat I’m too broad. I could sit in one row and my feet would probably easily go down two, three rows down? I’m friggin’ five feet taller than the hoop! For that matter, I’m five foot taller than the goal post the jocks aim for! There’s a warehouse with a twelve foot door for large shipments…..I’M THREE FEET TALLER THAN THAT!

I stagger my way to the living room and plop myself, gingerly, into my couch. I spread my legs out and I get to see the regular person couch next to me, an easy boy chair next to it. The back of an easy boy comes up to about four feet. Placing my foot flat next to it and moving so my shin is straight up, the easy boy only comes about half way up my calf. And that calf is thicker round than the chair itself. My foot is longer than the coffee table, the regular sized one, in front of the normal couch, which I am nine feet longer than and I don’t think my buttocks would fit in it.

All the while my mind is going nuts over these figures, my body, my cock is constantly aroused by it. I think of how big, how powerful, how strong I am, and I get massively hard, achingly hard, so hard my prick is red, blue, purple, throbbing so hard it just sticks out solidly stiff with one constant flow instead of a throb! And I feel it… in my groin, down my prick….in my gut….I want more….More…….MORE! Despite already not being able to fit into most places, despite putting people into danger by just being, moving. I mean, I rolled over in my sleep and nearly crushed the delivery boy. His friend faired no better. He moved up used my dick as a body pillow, caressed it even harder when it became fully erect, and almost drowned when I woke up this morning spewing from a wet dream and his entire head was covered in a pool of cum! I’m so big I picked them and let them cling to my erect dick and use it to do pull ups!

It’s insanity I should be aroused, that I should want more. Every warning bell in my head should be going off. Yet there I was kneeling in front of the tree. The tree and houses which haven’t gone under any changes yet. The tree that I now actually stood slightly over twice as tall as it, with calves nearly bigger round than its bottom braches reach. I knelt before that, thinking of how big I am. How those men wanted to be me. Wanted to be my size. Wanted to have my strength. Wanted my build even though it was in off season form. Knowing that I was a freak, too big for almost any building made by modern man. Than a man standing seven and a half feet tall, was only half my size and only came up to just over my knees....and yet I began to stroke off my rigid, hard, pulsing, steel like cock! And if my logical mind says I shouldn’t get any bigger, it screamed in pain and defeat as in seconds I spewed sperm from my newly sized self and balls that not only coated the roof, but completely covered the entire house, top, bottom, and all four sides. I sat back, exhausted from my stroking off, but instantly hard again, sending another volley towards the tree as I thought about what else could befall me.

“On the eighth day of Christmas my true love gave to me….eight cobblestone abs with equal cameras to watch!”

Did it say eight cameras to watch? Eight cameras to watch what? And what was that about cobblestones? Was it gonna change me by changing my back patio? I got up in disgust. I was tired…mentally I was tired. I had my body change so much. My life will be forever changed. Things in my life, in other people’s lives altered. Time, space, history. I couldn’t take it all in anymore. I couldn’t deal with it. And now my mind snapped knowing that I just set forth another change and I didn’t understand what it was. I began to pace around the living room…. BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM The whole house shaking, all accessories and brick-a-brack vibrating in their nooks and crannies.

Back and forth I went, trying to sort things out, trying to work it out in my head. My body, my emotions screaming, battling against me, wanting more… more… MOOOORE! I was tensing up. I was making fists. I was gonna break something. Destroy something. I WAS GONNA HULK SMASH! And then…. …. …. …. I just stopped. I froze. The room was spinning and swaying. I was panting, hard. Sweat was pouring off my forehead, off my naked body. Almost instantly my hair was soaked on my head, across my chest, legs, under my pits. It was beginning to reek of my manly scent, of my musk. A pool of sweat would’ve gathered upon the hard wood floor had I not been standing on the rug in the middle of the room. I was warm….I had a fever?....No, I was hot….I was burning up! I had to cool down!

I took off for my upstairs bathroom, running, causing the house to shake even further, as if it was going to collapse and implode into the basement. I tried to run up the stairs, but even in an antique, Victorian style house, the steps aren’t even half as deep as thirty-three and three-fourths inch long feet. Bottom to one-third up the steps, but not to fit on the step, so I trip and WHAM! I eat stairs. My nose is bleeding, my lip is busted, but so too are the four stairs my head hits and I’m not sure more aren’t from my arms and chest. Still I go again making it up this time…screw the doorway, if the magic doesn’t repair it, I will later. WHAM! KEERRRRRACK! CRASH!

I burst through the hall to bathroom doorway taking half a wall with me. My skin is on fire. My blood is boiling. If I touch anything else now I know it will burst into flames! I have got to cool down! I open the door to the shower stall, I get inside, I turn on the shower full stream. The magic at least made my shower stall and the shower head placement fit me. The shower head is now in the ceiling, the shower stall part being raised about foot into the attic.

To ensure it hits me and covers me, I kneel down and rest my bulbous, muscular ass against my bulging calves. The cold cold water hits me, but it doesn’t seem to offer any relief, it’s luke warm…. Within seconds I can’t see in the stall. A couple mintues later would be the same case if I were in the bathroom. I am so hot, the cold water hitting me is turning into steam. Why can’t I cool down? Why is this happening to me? What is happening to me?

Soon, another feeling takes over - a sudden pressure from my bladder. I have to pee. I have to piss now! And I’ve got the race horse dick to do it! I can’t leave the shower, I’ll burst into flames, I know it. I’ve got to stay under the water. In the blindness of the huge amount of steam, my hands fumble to find my cock. Hefting it up, I begin to point it towards the wall closest to the toilet. Only a mere dribble comes out at first, then a few spurts, followed by a gushing stream. At first I get hit with back splash, so I adjust my aim. I can hear it going over the wall, but hitting the floor. I adjust again hear it hit the rim. One more adjust, damn it’s hitting the tank. Pull back and I finally hear the sound of the arc stream hitting the water.

At that sound, I suddenly release and release hard….AAAAHHHHHHHHHH I scream in the mist void enshrouding me in my bathroom. My body is burning even more. I beginning to smell horribly, my sweat and musk creating quite the stench and the stream of piss coming out of me isn’t helping. But something is happening. Not only am I peeing too great an amount, I feel like I’m sweating something out too. My sweat feels like it’s coating me too much. I’m not sure why, but I know I’ve got to turn on the hot water.

After turning it on, I feel like I’m going to pass out. It’s like an overheated sauna in the shower stall, in the bathroom. I’m still pissing, I’m still sweating. Whatever the magic is doing it better do it soon. The drain is clogging up from something. Water is beginning to collect on the stall floor and it’s rising. But I can tell something is happening. It feels like my gut is getting lighter…smaller….. I still feel like I’m inflating a little all over, yet I’m feeling lighter, easier to move about. Still I feel, some how heavier? No…not heavier….denser….more packed……

Eventually the golden stream stops flowing out of me… the sweat is almost completely stopped. The hot water has become cold, and too much water is collecting in the shower stall floor. I reach up and shut everything off. I open up the door, and step out into the bathroom. It’s still full of steam, I have to reach and feel with my hands to find a towel and wipe my body down. In actuality it takes several towel to wipe my body down before I feel clean. In fact, after I’ve cleaned myself down, I turned the shower back on, with the hot water just reaching luke-warm status and washed off.

It wasn’t until after I walked into my bedroom that I noticed what had happened. I lost weight, or rather, I lost my off-season fat. I ran back to the bathroom and got on the scale. I had lost weight, although not nearly as much as I thought I might have. In minutes I went from off-season fat/build to having trimmed down and turned the fat into more rock hard solid muscle. I was still hairy, the full coat going across my chest and down my abs, to the trimmed bush above my prick and shaved like balls, with the forearm sleeves and leg chaps of hair…but now underneath….despite the hair, a huge amount of bulge and definition showed!

I began to look at myself. How defined I was. How deep the crevices and striations were. How full the bellies of all my muscles stuck out. How I was crossed in so many places with glorious veins feeding and fueling my muscles. I began to clinch my fists, bend my wrists, rise up and down on the balls of my feet, watching how my body moved, my muscles bunched, crunched, flexed and the blood begin to flow.

Suddenly there was a semi-red light that washed over the top part of my bedroom, like there were a certain set of lights that went off. This followed by a ding and computerized voice came over the speakers of my computer.

“Would you do a muscle show for me?”

I looked and there was this huge computer set up along the wall opposite of my bed. There were two large plasma screens set up one showed me, as I looked from a camera view. The other showed a list of names that began to appear on the screen showing they were logged into my website and camera. I have a website and camera?
Before I could think about it, the screen showed that he had just paid $75 dollars to watch me for thirty minutes.

“Is that the right amount for your private, full frontal kind of muscle show?”

I looked over and found a chart that had lists of times and types of shows. I pressed a key and my voice carried over a mic located somewhere on the table.

“Uhmmm, no….”

“Sorry, hold on.”

Suddenly there was another beep and he deposited another $75 into my account. I pressed the mic and said ok. And the saw a button that said, “red peep show…” and for some reason I knew I should press that. I did and saw some lights come on and highlight an area just in front of my bed. I walked over to it and stood there. The computer screen showing me from camera view flashed a red balloon in the bottom right corner that said “Front lat spread.” So I put my thumbs down near my waist, spread my elbows out and puffed up my chest and sucked in my abs.

It was amazing…sucking in my abs, even with all the hair, I could still seem them, all of them, all eight of my abs, in four nice rows of two, pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop! Just instantly WHAM! appear all cut and defined highlighted out of nowhere. My lats were just out there, thick, and full, like giant wigns. My chest capped them like a giant shelf. Like two massive plates of weights resting on my torso. My shoulders and back so wide they almost didn’t fit on screen!

“oooh g..g..gawd….ahuh…huh..huh….ooh…shit…no, not so sooon…” I heard the voice say to himself over the speaker.

“It’s okay…happens to a lot of guys” I said through a smile and proceeded to move to a double biceps pose. Another ding was heard and $300 dollars shows as total on my screen.

“Hey good I caught you at the beginning of your…..GOOD GOD! OH SH…SH sh shh sshhh shhhhhhhhhhhhhh uhuh huh huh huh……”

“Don’t worry man, I just did it too.”

“I normally don’t but, jeeze-o-mio! Look at the size of him, and all that definition. His muscles just POP off him… Who has that size and definition?”

“I know… he’s like Lee Priest, Tom Platz, Lou Ferrigno, Trey Brewer, Jay Culter, Mike Mattarazzo, Evan Centopani all rolled into one with the definition of Bob Paris and Lee Apperson.”

I like the comments…I’m really enjoying the comments…. I walk over and pick up a “small” weight and start doing some exercised with it. Between that and the feeling I get.. I begin to inflate more, or rather I’m getting quite the pump. Veins are running down my biceps, across my forearms, crossing my chest, down my torso, over my thighs, cross my calves. The little balloon in the lower right switches and move to a side chest shot. PLOOMP! My chest just juts out there like nobody’s business. So full, thick, plump, hard… my nips beginning to get hard and sticking down. My biceps getting fuller and fuller along with the triceps, getting wider and wider from the side shot view.

“Ah-huh…sweet Je…..I think I’m gonna do it again!”

“I know….ain’t he a sight?”

Ding! DING! DING DING DING DING DING DING DINGDINGDINGDINGDINGDING! The computer creates a din for quite a while….finally the computer flashes “the list is full!” and it shows $60,000 is my account. The red balloon begins to change more and more and I begin to run through an entire pose down: Front double bicep, front lat spread, side chest, back double biceps, back lat spread, side triceps, front abdominal-thigh isolation…

Over and over and over again. More and more turned on I became. I missed some of the size I had in off-season form, some of the guys online commented how they enjoyed me in off-season form, but I did like this…this…cut, shredded, defined form… Look at me… LOOK AT ME! I do the biceps pose and POP! The biceps, split double headed ball just BAM explodes into size, jumps off my arm! So huge. My chest, like it’s a separate entity from my body, sitting over and on me like a plate of armor. Bouncing, flexing, bobbing and when I flex them CHUNK! Like hard plates of steal that can bounce away bullets! The abs, I roll them rip rip rip rip rip rip rip RIP! An entire metal washboard right there! So hard you scrub your shirts on these they rip to shreds. Look at them though, you can see, feel, each individual abs, obliques, all the crevices, crannies, nooks of this well defined body!

And when I popped my thighs, I nearly blew. Look at this thick, thick, chorded, column of power! One tear drop, two tear drop, three tear drop shapes all bulging for room and space, and the back one huge fucking hamhock of pure power with cables of strength running down to these massively defined calves that look like upside down diamond, so freaky, so hard they could probably crush real diamonds. And I wonder if they know…if they realize how tall I am that those calves are like bigger round than any of their torsos!

They’re cheering me on… they’re grunting…they’re moaning….they’re jacking, and I know they are. I keep the pose down going for a full hour and they all pay to stay for the other thirty minutes. I end my pose down by doing “the victory pose.” The one that Sergio Oliva started and only he and Lee Priest carry off very well. I raised those arms up all pumped, veiny, cut, defined, popping, coated and shining with sweat and I hear cat calls and whistles, gasps and groans coming out. I’m torn between whether I like this build where I can see everything roll and pop and flex, or the off-season form with more size….but then a body builder has both right? I’ve cut down, and soon I’ll add more and more weight in off-season time that I’ll cut down to even more size…hmmmm more size……

Slowly, surely, my emotions, my body, win out over my brain. My cock begins stiffening, lengthening, getting just as hard, veiny, thick and defined as the rest of me. I begin hearing gasps and out right cries of panic, screams, and more moaning.

“The show is over, gentlemen. I thank you for your encouragement and support. I’ve got a personal workout to do now. You know what to do, if you want to stay…”

The dinging of the computer happens all over again. There is only a few that have to drop out, probably due to lack of funds they can spend, but they are replaced quickly. I sit on the edge of my bed, feeling myself up. Running my fingers through my hair, feeling myself up, digging my fingers into each and every crevice, taking my tongue and running it along the veins on my upper arms and forearms, all while stroking my cock off, eventually getting to the point where I’ve got to use both hands to really whack myself over the edge. I send out one volley across the room, another volley, a third volley, four volleys! And As I feel a fifth one coming out I smile at the guys and say…

“This is it guys, good night and pleasant dreams…”

I send the sixth and seventh volleys straight at the camera lens coating them good and blocking my picture. I hear comments and praises…guys lightly complaining they’ve run themselves dry as they click out of my website. There are a few thank you’s that pop up from a group of people only I know about. Guys who are too poor to ever pay for a site, so I let them in free, They like to send me drawings and paintings they’ve done of me. The naughty ones I keep, the tasteful ones I auction off and give the money to charities.

It’s hard work, working out all the time, giving these shows….I know in the back of my mind I’ve not always done this. I know I shouldn’t be this big… this huge…this massive….this monstrous….defined or off-season, but I like it. I love it. I want more! Andrew, the delivery boy jock, is calling me…. He came over after the show and asked if he could spend the night again. He likes me to lie down, flex my bicep and let him lay his head on it to see how much bigger the head of my bicep is compared to his head. Then he said he wants to curl up on top of my torso and sleep in the crevice of my chest, and feel the ridges of my abs with his feet. Damn….that turns me on…..what’s worse…..I want to feel him totally curled up in the crevice of my chest…all 6’4” of him….. …. … ….

To be continued