The Christmas Journal 7

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Journal entry December 31st

Journal, needless to say, due to all the changes I have gone through, you have to go through changes too. Still, with the events that happened today, the changes to you may not be adequate. I should be scared as hell. I should be frightened. I should be looking at myself, labeling myself a freak of nature, but heaven help me….I like it….I’m aroused by it….I’m so fucking turned on by it…..and still…. I WANT MORE! As always, I am ahead my self, beginning now at the time of my writing instead of beginning at the start of the day. I must write down the events that unfolded so if anyone should ever read this they know why your small, tiny, miniscule little pages were torn, scanned, and made digital and now I type events into you instead of writing in former diminutive shell.
I feel asleep writing in you last night. I seem to be doing a lot of that lately, but I had worn myself out jacking off in the shower. The shower, the once spacious cubical that I could relax and stretch out it with plenty of room that last night barely contained me and now…well….now it still just barely contains me but if it hadn’t gone through changes too I’d be busting out off it on all sides and filling the bathroom. Oh I’m getting ahead myself again. … … …

Well, any rate, I jacked myself off to exhaustion last night, and how could I not? The magic, the gift, the what ever those houses are made me grow again by enlarging my balls. Up and up to eight feet tall, and even more muscle added to my frame so I’m now stomping around with half a ton of mass and power! This morning wasn’t much better… I was able to sleep relatively ok… I’m too wide for the mattresses now, that’s for sure, although the two of them together at least keep me comfortable length wise.

But when I got up this morning, I had to pull out my old clothes again. They were even smaller, shorter, thinner compared to me and this towering body. Hell I think my calves were as big around as my old waist band. I mean jeeze, just think about it, another 8-9 inches and I’d be a whole three feet taller than my old self, THREE FEET! So putting the waist band to my waist, the hem of my old jeans only comes down to like the top of my calves! I could never get my shirt on cause I think my upper arms could blow out the chest section on them now. If I got them on and did a crab shot I think they’d just explode let alone do the instant rip apart like before.

And what can I say about my hands and feet compared to my old shoes and gloves? Seriously, I put my right shoe down on the floor, then put my right foot next to it….I think my foot extends like half a foot beyond the length of the shoe! I know it’s wider than it too cause I backed my foot up, placed it over the shoe and then let it rest on it and the shoe was gone! It completely disappeared! I could feel the whole thing, under my foot! My whole foot covering it, like it was a small object and still had some room to go before the edge of my foot and it being able to seep out and under! Same goes of the gloves, my hands engulf them! Place the one glove, hell, both of them between my hands, put them together like I’m praying, and….Where did the gloves go? I don’t see any gloves! Ha ha ha ha haaaa…

Oh, and my weight set is like nothing to me now. I mean I’m getting to the point where the full amount of weight is only warm ups for curls…500 pounds for curls, warm ups! Maybe a lil extra with some extra weights I had lying about, but still 500lbs for warm up curls, able to do like hundreds of reps with it and getting under it for bench presses for my chest….bah! That is like lifting a feather! I don’t think it gives me a pump even! What’s worse, the bar is to small, too narrow, the bench is way to narrow, I have the hardest time trying to balance myself on it, and it’s way too short, the bench like only barely going to my butt. Not to mention that I think the bench started to groan under my weight….MY WEIGHT – before I attempted to pick up the weights on the bar!

So I spent the morning again, with my body. Walking through the house feeling it shake everywhere with each step I made. Seeing myself wider than the regular door frames; as wide as the super tall archways in the living, dinning, and kitchen areas; having to not only duck, but seriously bend down to get through the doorways and some of them denting, busting, ripping apart because my massive chest, shoulders, delts, lats, my huge friggin’ torso gets stuck in them and bursts free. And then I pulled out the two Hulk movies, and played the hulk out scenes over and over and over again.

The hulk would get through with his transformation and do his ultimate, bad ass crab shot, and flexing, showing that he was the alpha male, biggest, strongest of them all, just before he’d start ripping things apart. I’d play those scenes over and over again, and I’d start flexing and muscle popping, pec bouncing, right along and in time with the hulk. He didn’t have anything on me…. Well except for a few feet in height when he was his maddest, and maybe a lil bit of definition. But, I got so into it, flexing with him and watching my muscles bunch and bulge, pop and flex…at one point I got a little to into it and completely flipped my couch over with just my finger tips as the Hulk flipped a car or something. Luckily my size meant I could easily pick it up and put it back. My couch….it hit me I was two feet longer than it was. Gawd, I’m so massive!

Needless to say I was semi-hard and leaking all over my house as I continued to explore my body and stomp around. After the hulk scenes, I knelt down at the tree and I proceeded to feel myself up…to think about how lying down on my couch, my foot and half long feet continued past the opposite arm by two feet, how only half my shoulder and back width fit on the depth of the couch. My head touches the ceiling, my shoulders broader that doors, door frames, some walls. I was so aroused, so turned on, so in lust over being so big and strong I nearly over shot the house when I blew. Well that and I did have a little extra dick this time to hold on to, point and shot. Ha ha ha ha

But I coated the new house with “snow.” I coated it good, and then set back to see what gift the houses had to offer. Looking back over the last couple of days, they have been tricky little gifts. The continued to pile on muscle mass and size, strength, power, height, but the never added to me in exactly the same way. I wasn’t give more height by saying, “we gave you fifteen inches of height” and then “we’re giving you another eight inches of height” It gave it to me in height, then muscle, then increased my testicles…I wonder what it will do now. Can it do anything now? I’m eight feet tall. That’s way beyond the average human male. I know I shouldn’t ask for more. I don’t need more. I’d be more than happy if the gifts stopped, but oooooh….I’d love to hulk out even further. I mean, I’m only eleven inches away from tying the world record. I wondered how will I fit into things?

POP! “On the seventh day of Christmas my true love gave to me, seven feet in height to your ceilings while you keep the same proportionate height…..”

I keep the same proportionate height to what? My ceilings? I missed that what did it give? Seven something…seven inches, no did it say seven feet? Seven what to what…

And then the door bell rang. Oh, crap! I had forgotten I ordered more food What will that delivery boy think of me now? I can’t let him see me. Then I heard muffled voices.

“So why did you have to take this delivery and invite me to come along, bro? The upperclassmen are gonna haze the hell out of us for missing the practice today.”

“Dude, when after we get some workout tips from this guy, we’ll be friggin huge compared to the Hawk upperclassmen by the end of the year, we’ll be pushin’ them around.”

Hawk upperclassmen….that’s the local college…they’re college freshmen. My groin throbbed…

“I don’t know…that one guy he’s a fuckin’ monster, he’ll probably beat the shit outta us tomorrow….”

“I’m telling ya, wait till you see the size of this dude, he’s like a foot and half, maybe two feet taller than me and has the best Mr. Olympia proportionately beat all to hell, except it’s winter so he’s like all out there, smooth and swole in huge off season form.”

“So you’ve said, and I know you don’t fudge. We gotta see if he can give us some work out tips…”

“Yeah, that too.”

“That too? What you just wanna look at him? You pervert!”

“Like you don’t want to see him either. I can see that boner of yours in your pants. And he’s like total daddy material too, covered in hair across the chest, arms, legs…”

“Dude, stop you’re gonna make me cream and leave a wet spot before he opens the door.”

I couldn’t believe what they were saying, and they were talking about me. My cock throbbed in appreciation. No! I can’t get an erection now. I can’t let them see me. Gonna have to ignore the door; let them leave the groceries on the porch. But the thought of them, how small they are to me, had not only my prick, but my whole body swell in arousal. I slowly lifted my arms doing a double bi, looking at how huge and thick I am. But I shook myself awake. I had to move, move quietly. Can’t let them see me change. That’s when it hit. This strange wave of power like time kind of changed or something.

Suddenly there was this odd sound, as if a bunch of fibers, tons of cloth were being ripped? It was soft at first, then kept getting louder and louder, until it became quite the din. I’m looking around and down at myself, I don’t see anything happening to me, and then I noticed it…the archway frame, it moved up back even with my shoulders. I wasn’t sure what to think, was the houses taking all my gifts away now? I stood transfixed in a panic as I saw the top of the arch frame move up to my chin, then my nose, and meet my eyes…. I was getting smaller, and smaller… soon the arch frame was over my head and continuing it’s way up and up and up. It’s space getting wider and wider than me. I started to cry out of disappointment.

But that’s when I noticed it… I went to brace myself on the couch and it was still too small to support me. My hand still engulfed a huge section of the arm. It groaned under pressure of my weight. I looked at my body and realized, nothing was happening to me. My arms and forearms weren’t deflating, my feet weren’t getting smaller, my chest wasn’t caving in... it was the house. The house was growing. The rooms were getting bigger and bigger. When the sound finally stopped, the arch frame finally stood like about four feet or so above my head. The ceiling stood about two to three feet above the arch frame. The entire architecture of my house had changed into something that looked like a grand Victorian style house. I stood there questioning it…..

“Knock again, bro. He’s gotta be home.”

“I am, I am…just amazed at the size of this door…”

“The size of this whole house, man. Porch, windows… I love these old places like this; I feel like a child when I walk in them.”

“Yeah, well this guy is gonna make you feel like a baby!”

They knocked again, but I knew I had to leave. I wasn’t sure what was up with the gift, but somehow I knew it wasn’t done. I turned to leave, to head to the kitchen, turn left and take the back way to the staircase to the basement. They wouldn’t hear me there. … … …. I didn’t make it.

The black hole feeling hit me again. Hit me HARD! I felt like I was starving, like I had nothing to eat in years. I was shaking so bad. Down I went to the floor, in between the dining room and kitchen archway. BOOM! It thundered even around this new sized house.


The front door opened. I’m not exactly sure what happened next. The two, young, college football players couldn’t tell me, cause their mind, their time frame was somehow altered after the change to me. But I was so overcome from the hunger, I was blacking out, somehow felt so incredibly weak. Miraculously, milk was being dumped down my throat: one gallon, two gallons, three gallons, four gallons, five gallons, six, seven….eight….nine….ten….

I would see later, when the hunger sensation subsided a little bit, the two young men had figured from my position, that I was trying to crawl to and open the fridge. Because they couldn’t move me to it, and wasn’t sure what to grab for me, the delivery guy simply popped open one of the milk jugs and started pouring down my mouth. When that seemed to bring color back to my cheeks and steadiness back to my hands, he motioned for the other young man to grab the next one. They kept pouring till all the new gallons were gone they opened up the fridge to grab my last few.

Still they kept handing me things. They didn’t grab it like my body would’ve told me to do; next would’ve been the cheeses, and then raw broccoli, but still my body took everything they gave me and reworked it’s order and usage as it needed it. I remember coming out of the haze just in time to see the one turning over all the grocery bags and shaking them revealing them to be empty. He stood there with a look of awe, maybe even terror as he dropped the last bag and stumbled backwards in astonishment at how much I had devoured. The other young man wasn’t any better. He opened and reopened the refrigerator, both fridge and freezer sides, looking for food, seeing it all gone and running to the cupboards to find them void and depleted as well.

I was a mess. Milk running down my chin, my chest, my gut, into my groin. Beef bits caught on five o’clock shadow, under my finger nails. Shreds of greens laying everywhere across my shoulders and chest along with missed crumbles of cheese. This doesn’t take into account the droppings scattered on the floor with bits of bone from chickens and t-bones. I sat there in a stupor for I don’t know how long. This was going to hurt, I could tell. It was taking to long to process. My gawd! Look at the amount of food I devoured! Serious growth was about to take place. My heart trembled in fear. My groin throbbed in anticipation.

The two you men, began performing more acts that later they wouldn’t remember. One began sweeping up everything around me into a dust pan and putting it into the trash. The other filled a large bucket and threw the water at my face, taking a large towel to wipe me down. This had the other use the water that repelled off my face and chest to mop the floor. Soon they had it and me cleaned up, and I feel something building in me. ….Something growing…something spreading….something….something hulking?

Suddenly my DVD player kicked on for no apparent reason. The two footballers didn’t react to it, like they were frozen in time. But I did. I could see into the living room the scene of a hulk out was playing. David Banner grunted and groaned and cried as part of his body suddenly grew and swelled in size, power and strength, looking horribly deformed compared to the rest of him….and so did my body.

Suddenly my foot just shoot up and out…WHOOOM! Becoming huge, massive, thick, hard and veiny, pushing towards the newest young man, who was quite a bit taller than the first, but nearly so muscled. My other foot soon joined the first, just exploding in size. This was followed by my shin snapping in length and my claves pulsing in new size. This continued a couple of times until suddenly my legs and feet had shot across the floor and my feet were against the newest young man. My feet were almost half the size of him, almost HALF HIS SIZE!

On the other half of me, on the other side of the room, I began shooting up and up and up, my vision adjusting in huge spurts further and further up the room. I thought I was going to become sick from the motion. But I began to feel the strength pushing in me, further and further out….expanding more and more….inflating larger and larger…. Even sitting down, my head began to rise up higher and higher, equal to the delivery boy’s height, then just above, then half a foot, then a foot..until by the end sitting down, my head stood a head taller than the 6’ 4” young man, or at least a head of a normal sized man.

Looked at my arms and looked at the young man next to me. He was built a good size, not quite Olympic level for bodybuilding, but he could’ve done a competition as a well placed novice. My arm however I believe was just slightly thicker round than his torso, HIS TORSO, and I’m talking his chest measurements, not his waist.

My gawd, how small they looked…I made them look like babies was right. I stood up, and up, and up, and once again my head grazed the ceiling. “…seven feet in height to your ceilings while you keep the same proportionate height…..” This is what the gift meant… seven feet to my ceilings…seven plus eight. I’M FIFTEEN FEET TALL! And the two young men…well neither one of them even come up past my knee caps. No, it takes a man 7’ 6” tall to come up a fourth of the way up my thighs…. My thighs….each one is like twice as thick as either one of the two men are around.

The young football players come too….and both make queries to see if I’m alright. The tell me they heard me trip and fall. I tell them I’m okay. The new one backs up and let’s out a low whistle and says in awe and shock, “Jeeze you’re a fucking giant!”
As the other one replies “I told you… I didn’t even come up to his thigh, see?” And he stands next to me.

He makes the comment that they put the first one fourth of my order on the counter. The bags are all there again on the counter and full. My expanded kitchen has several industrial, restaurant sized refrigerators in it as well as a couple of deep freezers, and three stoves and ovens. Throughout the house there are two sizes of everything, dining room table and chairs, couches and easy chairs, beds, tubs, even my shower is redone, with a “regular” door opening, but one that is about four times the size of the wall door I had made.

Speaking of which…. The two young men brought in the other three fourths of my food order and helped me put it all away, in the cupboards, freezer, and fridge that is, and then the new one, lost it. I turned to walk one way, and well I had been immodest. My make shift togas didn’t grow, so I’d been thundering all around my house without any clothes on in front of them. I didn’t care. I don’t care now… What the hell is gonna cloth this! … … … I just did a double bicep by the way. Haa haaa haaa. Anyway, I turned to walk one way and there was the newest guy, and so my thighs …and my balls and dick were right there in his face. I didn’t walk into him or even bump him, but they filled his vision, probably his sense of smell too. He just lost it. Suddenly he shook, his knees buckled, he let out a few groaning gasps, he hit the floor, and a wet spot appeared a little way down his thigh.

The delivery guy apologized for his friend, but explained, they not only wanted to learn more about how I trained to be so muscular, but also how big I was everywhere as they both loved the male form, especially massive muscular male form and I could soon see him tenting his pants as he stared at my cock which started to grow and get veiny, hard, and firm.

Well, I let them come upstairs and they got to measure me, although they had suddenly become more fixated on my cock size, which is now 22.5” by the way. Still in proportion to what it had been. My feet are too, but are now 33.75” inches long and figuring out the calculations I’d wear a size 79 and a half quintuple E, if they even made such a size shoe. While in my bathroom we discovered my scale…my scale had been transformed into an industrial cattle weight scale, somehow built into my house. It’s no wonder I thunder when I walk around the house, I’ve gone up in weight again too, beyond the proportionate value. I’m 7,230 and half pounds! That’s three and half tons, 230lbs. Or to help folks understand…if I was the same size proportionately at my old eight foot height I’d be 1,097lbs, or at my 7’ 4” height I’d be 845lbs, or all the way down to my height of 5’ 9” I’d be 407.25 lbs ….FOUR HUNDRED SEVEN AND ONE FOURTH POUNDS OF MUSCLE!

I’M FUCKIN HUGE!!!!! And the terrible thing is… I sit here at the computer, about to crawl into my bed, with two gentlemen who just got through, touching me, feeling me, comparing their “huge” feet and hands to mine and looking like a baby’s, who just got through several rounds of jacking me off, riding up and down on only half my cock, but still finding the girth way too much to take, taking an two hours to go over and wash my body…. As I craw into to bed with them, all tired, asleep, worn out, knowing they will stir and begin to grope me one more time, tell me how I am the biggest, thickest, strongest, most massive, monstrous, muscular man in the world…..I want more…….it feels sooooooooo good….I’ve left a pool beneath the chair and I’m not even a fourth hard yet….I must return to bed …. …. …..

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