The HIMS.3 2

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Ed couldn’t believe what he was seeing. There, sitting in front of him was the avatar he’d created as his guide in the game he got last night. He wanted to shake his head or pinch himself to make sure he wasn’t asleep, but no he was awake and he needed to act fast or seem like a complete geek as Trey sat there waiting for a hand shake. He told hold of Trey’s firm hand and got a good handshake. Just as he did though he thought he heard music of some kind, like little bells or chimes ringing. Ed didn’t have a moment to think about it as from his right hand side Hank moved forward to greet the new young man. This was followed with Dmitri and Dominick, moving in almost simultaneously to do the same. All three following handshakes repeated the same chime sound that left people looking at each other’s hips and back pockets and the teacher perturbed.

“All right, whom ever has their cell phone on, remember we do not allow them turned on in the classrooms.”

Everyone checked there’s but no one had theirs on.

This was a history class that the boys were in, but Ed only could focus on current events. Where did this kid, Trey, come from? How did he see him in his mind before? What is he doing here? What will he do? What were those chimes? Ed’s mind was snapped into focus by the sound of the students slamming their books shut, stuffing them into bags or backpacks, and scrambling to get out the door. He managed to hear just the tail end of a conversation between Trey and the D boys.

“So, you’re not brothers?”

“Nope. If you look you can tell. I’m lighter in skin tone, my eyes are violet and I have straighter hair.”

“Right, and you are?”

“I’m Dmitri, Dmitri Totalovich.”

“And you’re…”

“Dominick D’Angelo, the slightly tanner one with the curly hair and blue eyes.”

“Gotcha. Although their both so dark you can hardly tell one of ya’s got violet and the other has blue. So Dominick & Dmitri. Cool. Nice to meetcha. And what about you?”

Ed was shocked, the young man asked him who he was?

“I…I’m Ed.”

“That’s right, Ed. Well, Ed, would you be able to show me where to go for my next class?”

“Why me?”

Trey laughed, “You’re a riot, you know that? You’re kind of quiet and seemed polite. I really don’t need a loud mouth or showy person helping me out. Kind of uncomfortable, ya know?”

“Yeah, I guess so.”

So Ed looked at Trey’s schedule and showed him where he was going as well as saw what other classes and activities he had. Trey was in his calculus class and was now heading off to football practice.

“So, you’re on the football team?”

“Yeah not sure what I’ll play yet. The season’s about ready to start and most of the team has probably been placed, but the coaches said they’d give me a shot and see what they could do.”

“Cool. Well, good luck with that. By the way, this same building but on the far right hand side, third floor, that’s where your calc class is. I’ll see you there, it’s one of my classes too.”

“Great. Thanks again, Ed.”

And with that Trey trotted off. Ed wished he had more time to talk with him, to get more information out of him but he knew Trey had to be on time for practice. Now, it was off to work in the computer lab, and a Wednesday night too. Perfect hardly anyone comes in on a Wednesday night.

Once at the computer lab, Ed got out his laptop and thought, “Well, I can have some fun. Nobody here, got my homework done before lunch. Let’s see what this game can do.”

He started up the game and called up the neighborhood list of families. Something was odd. The characters he’d created to be Dmitri, Dominick, Hank and himself looked a little too real. It was like looking more at a photograph of those people that it was a three dimensional image he doctored to resemble them. He was about to choose himself to play and develop when suddenly he heard three chime sounds go off. He stopped and looked around, expecting to see Trey in the room. Glancing back down at the computer he was shocked. Above the avatars he made of Coach Bradley, Coach Jacob, and Mark there were what looked like fading fireworks, but more importantly they now took on the more realistic appearance that the others had as well.

“Well, I already know what I look like realistically, why don’t I choose someone else….”

And with that a smile spread across Ed’s face and he decided to choose Hank. With a click he appeared in the lil’ apartment he had created for Hank and there was the avatar, looking small and frail, just like Ed’s friend. After playing Hank for a while, Ed began to notice the character kept reading and was looking for more to read. He sent Hank to the library and there he let the computer run Hank for a while as in real life Ed assisted a couple of students in the lab. When he returned he discovered the fake Hank had checked out a slew of books, but what was interesting is that while one half was Calculus books, the other half was workout books.

Ed leaned back and gave this a thought for a while. He saved up some of the money the character made in the game, and bought a large weight set. He then had the character study from the workout books for a while and then had him workout. Ed thought about this in his real friend Hank.

“Ya know…. Hank is hopelessly in love with Amanda, who is going out with Clint. I wonder if in real life Hank wishes to be bigger, taller, stronger?”

The game pointed out that people do better on work outs if they had a partner and Ed wondered who in his neighborhood could help Hank out. There was no question, it would be Mark. But before he could click the buttons to send game Hank over to Mark’s house, that Hank had gone to his mailbox and returned with mail, one of which begged to be opened and looked at. As Ed clicked through the screens of the various kinds of mail Hank had received one of them was titled, “Wondrous Bodyworks Catalog”. Clicking on it, there were tons of strange and unusual things that could be clicked on to purchase, but Ed smiled when he saw two: Muscle Morpher Metapills & Goliath Growth Pills. The description of these pills said that they helped give one a the body of a professional body builder, the other said it helped increase one’s height by up to a foot.

Ed had the character Hank pay and send off the form for the items and then hang around the house, performing workouts according to the books he checked out from the library. At one point, after one work out, Hank stood up and proceeded to look like he was doing some slow motion stomping, bending his arms and legs, rubbing them and then stretching, and suddenly he seemed to pop, or hop, or something.

By that time a delivery man arrived at the door and dropped off two packages and Ed told the game Hank to go retrieve them. They were, of course, the items he had bought and Ed had Hank take them. There didn’t seem to be anything happening with the Goliath Growth Pills, but there was a grand scene when he took the Musle Morpher Metapills. Hanks body suddenly was surrounded by cage, a mesh, of a very large bodybuilder which did a crab shot as the Hank made the same motions and then fade and disappear. The only interesting thing the Goliath Pills did was ask if he wanted to take them daily, which Ed made Hank do.

Now, Ed told the game Hank to go over to Mark’s house. Once there, they shook hands, and had some small conversations. It didn’t like it would go over too well until Ed forced the conversation and made Hank talk about working out. Once that started, Ed played and played the game with Hank becoming a good friend of Mark’s, staying over a couple nights, but all the time they were home they were working out. After three days had passed in the game, the game boys had finished a workout and the Mark figure gave an approving nod and slapped a congratulatory pat on the back to Hank and then went to the kitchen to get something to drink. Hank however stayed still for a moment and then suddenly jumped. There was something floating around and upward from Hank and Ed zoomed in to see what it was. It was a set of numbers marked 5’ 8”. Hank did a little dance and then set about stomping, bending, and feeling into another pop, but this time he double popped and Ed noticed the game Hank looked a lil’ bit buff.

Ed laughed and thought to himself, “This is kind of cool. I can take care of the real world problems, if not in real life, at least in fantasy.”

He backed out of Hank’s life, went back to the neighbor hood and clicked on Dmitri’s life. Smiling, Ed kept sending Dmitri out to check his mail and sure enough came across the catalog that had arrived in Hank’s mailbox. He ordered the same set of pills for Dmitri as he had for Hank and then decided to have Dmitri go over to Dominick’s house. Sure enough, just like in life, the two young men seem to hit it off real well. As a matter of fact, it seemed they hit it off too well. Ed marveled as the conversations kept getting longer and longer. They too started a workout routine. However after one set of conversations and one workout, game Dominick instead of slapping the back of Dmitri, gave him a tickle instead. Dmitri stood back, tilted his head at Dominick and returned the tickle. This gave way to a tickle match the went to the floor. This in turn gave way to a wrestling match with grabbing, grappling, and groping and finally ended when somehow, Ed help Dmitri the upper hand and he pinned Dominick to the floor, and stared deeply at him. This was suddenly followed by a kiss, quick and easy in which Dmitri backed away and blushed, but Dominick, who Ed couldn’t control in this section, grabbed Dmitri and gave him a full blow kiss and the two proceeded to lightly make out while hearts started appearing and popping above their heads.

Ed laughed and sat back, and decided to watch this and see where the game went. Surprisingly, Dmitri had the catalog with him and showed it to Dominick to which Dominick placed an order for the exact same things Dmitri did save one extra item. Ed tried to click on the item to see what it was but all he could find out was that it was called Gemini Soap. As so he let the game go on. The two young men constantly kept going back and forth between either one’s house and there either worked out, did stretches and tumbles, made out, or…once the Gemini soap arrived took showers together.

It was around their third day or so with the workouts and pills, at least Dmitri’s third day that Ed noticed something odd happen. Dominick had gone to take care of something while Dmitri started doing the stomping and bending and rubbing he’d seen Hank do in Hank’s game. Yet, when Dmitri did his jump and then his double pop, Dominick in the other room did the same thing too. Not only that but something was different on the close up pictures of Dmitri and Dominick, but Ed couldn’t quite figure out what.

With that, unfortunately, Ed had to start closing up his shop, so he turned off the laptop and closed it, cleaned up the lab and closed it, went to his dorm room and went to bed.

The next day he arrived early to his calculus class, first one the room besides the teacher. Most of the students arrived, then Trey did. Ed couldn’t take his eyes off of Trey who was wearing a tank top with an open short sleeved button downed shirt and jeans. His eyes traveled up and down Trey, over all the curves and bumps he could find. He couldn’t figure out why and how he looked so built and yet still kind of plump, and cute, and then he wondered, where was his hair? Across his face, over his fore arms, there was hair but it was very light and very thin.

A murmur throughout the classroom broke Ed from his day dream and he snapped to attention to see what was going on. One half of the class was talking to Dmitri and Dominick. Dominick was on crutches! The class had been asking questions, answers to which weren’t there. D & D weren’t quite sure what had happened. Both of them said they felt awesome, totally great, in tune, in shape this morning, but during one of their practice routines, Dominick somehow misjudged a landing and did so wrong, spraining his ankle.

Dominick described it, “It was like suddenly when I did it this time, there was slightly less room on the floor space than there had been before.”

Ed looked at Dominick and then Dmitri and gasped almost loud enough to be heard. There was something different and there was less room on the floor now then there had been before. D & D’s clothes were looking a little tight. Underneath their muscles had bloomed just a little more than they were yesterday, looking more like the gymnasts were in the heat of competition than in the off season. Not only that but their pants hem was a bit higher above the ankle than usual. Ed remembered that Dmitri had experienced a jump in the game and the numbers 5’8” floated above him. But why did Dominick experience the same thing. That’s when Ed noticed something really odd about the gymnastic pair.

Ed turned to look at Dominick, but accidentally looked at Dmitri first instead. Now he had seen these two enough to be able to tell them apart, what was the problem now? When he looked finally at Dominick, he knew why. Dominick’s curly hair was now more of a wave than a curl. Glancing back over at Dmitri’s he saw that his straight hair now had a slight curl to it. Had they styled their hair the same now? Did they want to be an item, or try to pull off the brother bit that badly.

But his mind couldn’t settle on that problem’s solution. The other half of the class hadn’t yet discovered the sprained ankle of Dominick, instead they were talking about the geek turning greek in the classroom. After discerning who the class was mumbling about, Ed finally turned to realize that his friend Hank had come into the class room, but sat down scruntched in his chair with a baseball cap pulled down as far over his face as he could get.

Ed didn’t gasp this time, this time he was about ready to blow a load. Looking at the backside of his friend he realized his friend had changed. Wearing the usual button downed dress shirt, Ed found that the shirt was now stretched acrossed his friends torso. The back looked stretched fairly tight and wide, almost ready to split. The arms stuck around biceps that weren’t there yesterday and not sure whether to split or to roll up towards a new set of delts. The front buttons were just barely holding the shirt closed and gaps appeared from top to bottom. The pants weren’t too much better showing strains in the thighs, the butt, and the hems riding high above the ankles.

If Ed thought this was just a dream, it was brought to reality as Amanda, who had been glancing back frequently since the start of class, came up slowly and approached Hank.

“Hi Hank.”

“Hi, ‘manda.”

“I was wondering, I’m having a little bit of a problem with some of the work for the class, do you think I could get some tutoring from you if possible?”

“S…sh…sh…sure,” said Hank blushing deeply. In fact it almost appeared that his whole body was turning red.

“I’d greatly appreciate it. Ya know I really like intelligence and I want some help developing mine. Do you think we could arrange for me to take tudoring classes from you?”

“Ye…ye…yeah. We could d…d…do that.”

“Hmmm, thank you. Hey….” And Amanda took a finger and ran it over one of Hanks arms, up his shoulders and down his back. “Have you been working out?”

“Uhm, yeah… j..j..just a little.”

As if to prove him wrong, the new size, the embarrassment, the turn on poor Hank was experiencing due to Amanda’s new attention to him had produced a pump all over equal to the throb his dick was trying to experience. Riiiiiiiiip and the sleeve Amanda just ran her finger over tore open revealing a new small, but decent sized bicep and tricep on Hank.

After Amanda left, Hank turned towards Ed and asked him, “Dude, ya got any explanation for rapid growth?”

“Wh..what?” stammered Ed.

“Man, I don’t know what’s happened to me. Last night I was fine, this morning I got up took a shower and went to put clothes on and everything was too tight, too small?”

“Too tight and too small?”

“Man, I’ve gained like 30 lbs of muscle, and I mean muscle. Look at me, I just ripped my shirt! And not only that but I’ve now 5’8”! What’s happening to me?”

Ed knew of course, but didn’t want to believe it. The question in his mind was, what now?

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