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Ed was completely lost in thought over recent events as he made his way to the gym for his class after calculus. He told Hank he’d have to talk with him later as he didn’t want to be late. The truth was he wanted time to think about what to tell him. Should he tell him? He was the reason for Hank growing and gaining. Not only that, he was also the reason for Dmitri and Dominick growing and gaining and consequently getting injured! Cripes! What was he going to do?

If he couldn’t keep himself focused to get ready for the next class, he definitely couldn’t do it now for another reason. Trey, the new boy, seemed to be wearing some tight jeans today and on top of that was walking slowly to the gym for practice. In fact, if Ed slowed down, he thought Trey slowed down as well. He didn’t lose sight of Trey until just before they entered the locker room, when Ed, lost in thought looking at books, walked into the room and right into Clint.

“Awww, mother fuck! Doesn’t anybody watch where the hell they are going? C’mon, runt, captain walking here!” And with that Clint gave Ed a shove which sent him backwards over a bench. Ed, holding on to books had no time to put his hands out to catch himself. This was going to be a bloody mess as the back of his head would slam, hard, into the concrete floor. Just as Clint was laughing and Ed was bracing for a concussion, he suddenly stopped mid-air. Ed opened his eyes and found himself looking deeply into the frosty eyes of Mark, who had him cradled in his arms.

“You okay there, Ed?”

Ed struggled to get to his feet. “Uhm, yeah. Thanks for the save.”

“Awww, ya shouldda let the dweeb hit the floor.”

“Oh come off it man! He coulda been killed! Why you have to be that kind of mean?”

“Hey, he got in my way first. And who’s gonna stop me? You?”

“I….” and Mark did a side glance at himself in the mirror and his face looked slightly deflated, “…might…be able to take you on.”

“Might…might…I say I CAN take YOU on. I don’t care if you outweigh me by around twenty pounds.”

Before the fight could start a couple of voices broke in.

“I hope you two aren’t going to start a fight. I’d hate to have to think we’d be suspending you from the team…”

“Or costing you your scholarship.”

“Coaches Bradley and Jacob, you guys think you’re going to expel me from the team? Your star player? The only one who has enough” and he shot a look over to Mark “balls to take this team anywhere?”

Coach Jacob stepped up, “Don’t push it boy.”

Clint looked up and down and sneered at Jacob. “Don’t worry I won’t; wouldn’t want to break those lame legs any futher.”

With that Clint left for the practice field and the coaches did the same. Mark turned to make sure that Ed was alright. After making sure he was and giving Ed’s hair a tussle with his big hands, Mark turned to head to field too. Ed called after him.

“You could’ve taken him on.”

Mark turned back, “You really think so?”

Ed sank back a little, surprised that Mark turned back to him. “Uhm… yeah… probably…”

Mark looked a little sad and turned to leave.

“Ya know all he needs is a little more confidence.”

Ed spun around startled at the voice behind him. It was Trey. He was coming up from behind a set of lockers. He had his football pants, socks, cleats, and pads on, but was shirtless. Ed stood there, mouth slightly agape looking at his bare torso. It was thick, with muscle, somewhat defined, but still the skin had that young, tender, smooth looking appearance to it and again still a little fat yet formed well. A kind of baby smooth fit-fat.

“He was looking for bit of support. You could’ve given it to him.”

Ed backed into a locker and stood still feeling his heart thump harder and harder.

“H…h…how? And why?”

“You know why you’d like to give him confidence….to support him.”

“No… I don’t.”

Trey moved in, his arms out stretched, one extended out to the locker, the other bending at the elbow to fold and rest against the locker along with his shoulder, pinning Ed in a little triangle of space.

“You don’t know why you want to support him?”


Trey moved his head down to Ed’s chest and brought it back up across Ed’s neck, breathing hot and heavily. He stopped in front of Ed’s face, lips to lips and whispered.

“Oh, I think you know…I know you know.”

But with that he lifted up and walked out to the field leaving Ed alone his prick now extended and throbbing just as hard as his heart.

After gym Ed raced back to his dorm room. Sweat pouring off his brow. Today was simply crazy and he wasn’t sure what to do. What was that that Trey said? What was he doing? Was that a come on? Did Mark really need encouragement, and did he want it from him? Did he want more from Ed? Ed wasn’t sure what was going on. He wasn’t sure he believed as much as he did earlier today that he was the cause, but he decided he’d get answers from the game and so he opened up the lap top and started it up.

There was only one way to see if what he did in the game had after effects in the real world. Ed called up the neighbor hood and clicked on Mark. If he needed to give him confidence let’s give it go here. Mark’s avatar immediately wanted to go to the workout bench, but Ed had other plans. He had him go over to check mail, but there was none. He then walked him over to the bookshelves and tried to figure out what to do. While waiting, the computer took over and game Mark went ahead and grabbed something off the table. It was a catalog. Game Hank had left it over at Mark’s house. Ed wasted no time having Mark look through the catalog and ordering, but this time he chose a few extra items: Musle Morpher Metapills, Goliath Growth Pills, Penile Power Pills, Titanic Testicle Tidbits, and one other Quadruple X. As before with Hank, mesh shadows of bodies appeared doing all sorts of weird poses before disappearing into the Mark avatar. Ed then set about running him through workout, cardio, and stretching routines.

Feverishly Ed worked, waiting, hoping, for the pops to start. He was not disappointed. After the fourth workout, which Ed had the game Mark do without his shirt, Mark started the pacing and then the stomping and then hip thrusting? Ed wondered what this was about, but soon found out the answer. Mark suddenly stood up and still and pop pop pop pop.

“Whoa shit! That was like a total growth spurt!” screamed Ed.

But before he could click to view the numbers floating around Mark, the avatar started to swell. As Ed was swooning thinking, “Fuck, I’ve created the Hulk.”, he began to notice Mark moving his legs as if to spread them out to the side and then where his package was IT began to swell. Ed wasn’t sure what to do, but he decided to leave Mark and figure out a way to help others. He moved his attention to the Coaches.

For Coach Bradley, he spent his time going through the Wondrous Bodyworks Catalog. Ed was surprised how many items were in there. He needed to be very selective though. He needed to make wise choices as he knew he’d need the coaches’ help to take care of Clint, but what should he give them? Bradley….well, he needed to be younger and definitely stronger. Youth Syrup. That should help with the younger. Bear Muscle Bars. Would that help with the stronger? Ed decided to give it a try and had Coach Bradley by them. He played game Bradley until his packages came in and then put him through a couple of workouts and doses of pills. However Ed couldn’t see any real difference in the game avatar after he’d gone through the pops.

Undaunted, Ed decided he’d have a go with Coach Jacob next. Game Jacob bought the Youth Syrup as well, but he switched back to the Muscle Morpher Metapills and the Goliath Growth Pills and Ed had him trythe Penile Power Pills and Titanic Testical Tidbits just for good measure. Unfortunately, after several workouts and poppings of pills, the only significant difference Ed saw in the avatar as an increase in Jacobs’ package.

“Gross” thought Ed. “Old man with large dick…”

Ed was thinking of going to sleep but he decided one last game. In case it didn’t work on the others, it only working on Hank, he went ahead and played Hank for while. However, he didn’t watch carefully and in a moment where sleep caught up with him, the game took over for a brief while. Ed woke up and looked down to see Amanda was over at Hank’s apartment and the two were snuggling again hearts floating over head. Not only that, but Hank turned around at the moment of popping his pills and gave some to game Amanda. “Oh Shit! What will that do to Amanda?”

Ed put them through the paces and sure enough, results! Hank stood and stretch and pop pop! He then stomped and bent and stretched and shooooooop! Filled out a bit more muscle. Right beside him stood Amanda going through the same motions and sure enough the numbers floated around here and she looked to have filled out a bit as well.

“Huh…we’ll turn Amanda into a buff bitch ain’t that interesting?”

Ed laughed and shut off the game and shut down the computer, when suddenly there was a loud banging on his door.

“Ed! Open up…huh..huh…huh….. it’s Mark. I’ve gotta talk to you!”

It was 3:00 o’clock in the morning now. What the hell did Mark want at this hour? Ed got up and opened his door and there, before him was a fairly huge man. Mark quickly, politely pushed Ed to the side, stepped in and shut the door. Ed was achieving a maximum erection in record time under his pants. He looked up at Mark and looked up and looked up. Mark had changed. He was thicker, broader, veinier, more cut, and definitely taller. Judging by the size of the door and door frame, Mark was now up to around 6’8” tall. He was bulging all over and it was hard to ignore as for whatever reason Mark was standing there in just a towel.

“Ed. I don know if you can help me but you were the only one I could think of I was just sitting there in the shower and next thing I know I’m huge…”

“Whoa, whoa! Mark, slow down… sit down… tell me what happened.”

“I don know if you can help me but you were the only one I could think of I was just sitting there in the shower, well the heated whirl pool, and I fell asleep and I woke up and I’m huge. I mean I thought at first I could be dreaming, or just slightly delierious from the heat, but went I went from one room to the other I was scraping my head on the door frame, my clothes don’t fit in length, in size, I got on the scale and I’m forty pounds heavier! I’m 320 lbs somehow! I’m huge…”

Ed wasn’t sure what to do. He sat on the bed next to the new behemoth, put one hand on his shoulder.

“Well, I don’t know how this could happen, but it’s good isn’t it?”

“What? How can this be good?”

“ Well, you’ve been working out to get bigger haven’t you? A…and…y.. need more bulk for football right?”

“It helps, yes, but I mean this came on so sudden…it just doesn’t happen like that.”

“I know. But it’ll take time to figure out what happened to you, why it happened, and all that. The question for now is, are you alright?”

“I….I…. I guess so. I mean, I sprinted all the way down the fire escape steps to get here. I felt panicked at first, but the run made me feel good. Healthy. …”


“Uhm… yeah?”

“Ya know, Mark. You were, earlier tonight that is, strong enough to take care of Clint.”

“I was? Ya mean, really?”

And now Ed was brave. “Yes. More than strong enough. And now… now you’re able to pound him into dust. You can surpass anything he can do.”

“Ya think? But, am I not too big?”

“No.” and Ed clasped his hands around Mark’s upper arm as best as he could. “I don’t think you’re too big at all; I think ya look great. If you wanted to still workout and get bigger I think that’d be awesome.”

“Bigger? You think I’d look good even b…bi….bigger?”

“I know ya would.”

“Funny… I know I’ve always been kind of a big guy. I know I’ve got more than enough weight, but I’ve always wanted to be…bigger…larger… huger…a giant.”

“I…I think… that’d be…. great.”

“You….uhm…like big things?”

Ed placed his hand on Mark’s chest and began to rub it, his thumb flicking Mark’s nipple. As this happened, Mark took a sharp intake of breath, kind of mumbled and moved as if to back away, but Ed grabbed his wrist. Then Ed saw why Mark was trying to move away, from under the towel a snaking motion started until the head of Mark’s dick came out and it continued to move further and further away from him, then rising higher and higher, all the while getting thicker and thicker. Mark backed up looking down in shock.

“I know I’ve grown, but I don’t think it would’ve grown that much proportionately…”

Ed got up, grabbed a ruler from his desk, undid the towel from around Mark’s waist and laid out the ruler.

“Ah..huh…ah…..,Mark…. Fourteen inches.” And then smiling up at him he said. “I like big things.” Ed then proceeded to go down on Mark working and working as hard as he could and the engorged member. Mark now in shock over what his friend was doing, began to shake a little, finally leaning his head back as Ed reached and grabbed around Mark’s massive thighs and buttocks. Finally, Mark released and the shock of what happened to him along with the shock of the pleasure now happening, passed out onto Ed’s bed. Ed, got up grabbed a towel, wiped his mouth, wiped off his large friend, pulled a sheet over the two of them, cuddled up to Marks heaving chest, laid his head on it, and went to sleep staring at the computer thinking “What else is going to happen?”

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