The HIMS.3 6

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Ed stood there, frozen in time, in mind, in space. He felt like he screamed in his brain a hundred times, “MOVE TOWARDS CLINT!” before his body responded by taking one step.

“Ah-ah. I don’t think so. Let’s take a look at what we got here. Lil’ geek boy has got how many of us in his little game? Dmitri, Dominick…himself…Mark… no surprise there. Coaches Jacob and Bradley, fuckin’ sick dude! Shocked I don’t see the new kid, what’s his face in here. Hank? You got Hank in here? Why, not like he’s anything special to look at. At least the fuck boys Dmi and Dom have some kind of build. And here we ha…..”

Clint’s words stopped in the middle of his throat. If he had a pump in his arms today it moved up his neck and straight into his temples. He kept staring wide-eyed at the screen, frozen himself. Ed took this moment, thinking Clint numbed by shock, to try and grab the laptop and run. Unfortunately, Clint’s hand came out fast and hand, his large palm slamming Ed in the chest and pushing him all the way out the equipment cage. Ed hit the floor hard, the wind knocked out of him, head lighting hitting the concrete and everything swam amongst a sea of stars.

“A…A…Amanda?!? You’ve got my Amanda in your fucking game! And she’s hanging out with that dweeb Hank?! I think we need to make a few changes in this game and then…” Clint cracked his knuckles in fist like forms, “We make a few changes in life. Let’s see what shall we do?”

Clicking on Ed’s avatar, Clint watched the screen briefly noticing a small book the character sat down. Looking at Ed and mockingly asking, “What’s this?”, Clint clicked on the book. He read the contents very carefully. “Disgusting…. Gross! What the fuck are you into?” Ed’s blood froze though when he heard Clint say in a very satisfying and yet evil way, “Yes, this ought to do just well. You think you’re so fucking smart playing us all in your little game. You controlling us all. You’re so into yourself, let’s see what this little item from your catalog does. Narcissistic Nectar….”

Ed lay there shaking his head, mostly trying to say “NO!” but also still trying to clear the cobwebs out of his head. Clint watched the game and sat back in surprise when an avatar other than Ed’s came on and said, “Do you want to add that to your bill for the Absorbitall Crème?”

“Well lo and behold, we do have the new boy, Trey, in here. Yes, Trey, we want to add the Narcissistic Nectar to the Absorbitall Crème.” Clint laughed, “You’re just a lil’ shop-a-holic today, arentcha, ya li’l pathetic bastard? How do ya pay for stuff in the game? Probably had your guy hack a bank and make his own unlimited credit card, no doubt. Hmmmm nothin’ really seems to be happening. Let’s try someone new. Trey’s still here. Let’s see what pretty lil’ child-man is doin?”

Clint clicked on Trey and up came the instructional avatar’s house. After playing it for a moment, the game, Trey the avatar instructed Clint how to buy items and asked him what he’d like to practice buy for the avatar. Again Clint read through the list of items in the strange virtual catalog and began to click away. He smiled evilly at Ed.

“I think we’ll choose the Dominering Duds, young Trey needs somethin’ to wear there…aaaaannnd let’s see Worship Whipped Cream, see how good Trey looks after eatin’ a tub of that?”

After watchin’ a few minutes, Clint looked disappointed. He stood up with the laptop and paced back and forth for a while. Ed, meanwhile stood up and tried to go for the laptop once again. He was abruptly stopped by the hand and strong arm of Clint, his palm slamming into Ed’s chest, then his forearms striking hard in the center of the abs, and hand grabbing the back of the neck and shoving Ed back out of the cage and head first into lockers.

“I don’t know why you want this so bad… it’s boring as hell! I had your guy and Trey buy some primo shit man, some off the wall freaky kind o’ stuff and nothin’ happened to ‘em yet. I bet you forgot to read Geek Weekly today where the review of this program is called a lame game! Fuckin’ loser!”

With that Clint turned and chucked the laptop towards the back of the cage, letting it slam into the wall. He proceeded to then turn around and start a barrage of name-calling and insults at poor Ed who was still dazed on the floor. With Clint’s shouting, neither of the two young men heard the laptop as it began to play the voice of Trey’s avatar over its speakers.

“Do you want to open all characters’ windows?”

Normally it would wait for a response, but the laptop had slammed into a support brace for a shelving unit on the wall and then dropped down into a basket full of jerseys. The screen had come undone, still attached wire wise to the keyboard, but completely unhinged. The support above it gave way shooting off the wall and the shelf above leaned slightly forward and down, if water was running off of it, it would be landing directly on the keyboard. This being a locker room, water could have been there, but this was the section known as the equipment cage and instead it was a shelf of large rubber balls….


“Opening all character’s windows now.”


“Opening time options now.”


“Cheetah speed initiated.”


“Initiating avatar in play.”

Unaware of what the laptop was doing, Clint was still dishing out the verbal abuse to Ed, and he was now beginning to call Ed out, telling him to stand up like a man so he could pummel him soundly instead of like some helpless dweeb on the floor. Ed, not our of anger, but in desire to try and get to the game, slowly, shakily got back on his feet, his shirt catching on the corner of a locker door. This caused the shirt to rip just slightly down the front from the collar down, making the shirt look like it had a large collar. Ed stood swaying trying to get his bearings, finally lunge walking with clumsy feet around Clint, who again slammed his hand onto Ed’s chest.

“Get the fuck baaa….”

Clint’s words stopped. There was a slight difference between the last time he slammed his meaty palm onto Ed’s chest, this time the chest was bare due to the ripped shirt. Suddenly he felt like he was losing strength, balance, and energy. Clint looked down quizzically at Ed and Ed looked up in shock. Slowly but surely Clint began to realize he was raising his head, he wasn’t having to look down so much to look into Ed’s eyes. Clint was breathing hard, with each breath sounding weaker, softer, while Ed was beginning to moan, groan, even cry a bit. Slowly, softly, the sound of soft short rips of cloth began to fill the air, or the sound of a seam being busted one loop at a time. Clint forced his vision to find the source of the sound, he looked past Ed’s face and body and began to realize what it was.

Ed’s feet were growing. Clint watched as Ed’s normal looking shoes began to swell out just ever so slightly. It was soon followed by another swell, then another, and another and Clint saw on the insides of the shoed a bump beginning to form poking up and forward. Again, the swelling and the bump got larger, further out, higher up, followed with a small whine from Ed accompanied with a painful expression. Another swell followed this time by the pops and rips and frayed edges began to appear on the sides of Ed’s shoes. Clint never realized exactly how small Ed was to him, but now it was becoming more and more apparent. The shoes Ed had on was a US men’s size 8 and his feet were leaving them behind.

Another pop and rip snapped Clint back to attention and he looked down and saw that the fraying was even more apparent, as well as something that looked pinkish? A rip was also beginning to form in the front of the shoe where the bump was going larger and larger. Speaking of bumps, Clint had one on his shoe… he liked to wear his just a bit snug for his feet so he always wore a size fifteen and a half for his size sixteen feet, but the bump where his big toe poked was no longer there. As a matter of fact, wiggling his toes, Clint swore they had room to move and were getting more and more room by the second.

Another pop and top laces of Ed’s shoes began to snap, but the vision there was interrupted by another snap and the hem of Ed’s pants now hung and waved loosely. Clint stared harder, trying to make sure his vision was clear… Ed’s pants’ hem was up near his calves? And those claves weren’t looking stickish either. They were swelling, swelling up fast… and hard! It was becoming dense with muscle. Diamond shaped, ripped, shredded. Clint forced his gazed to look up. He knew something was happening. Ed was changing. If what he saw happening to the feet and calves weren’t true, he knew it from what he felt. He could feel Ed’s chest heaving and every time it did, it seemed to get wider…. Thicker…meatier…. Clint could feel the bottom part of his palm, slowly, but surely begin to lift off of the top part of the Ed’s abs, yet his fingers and thumb still were firmly placed on the chest. Changes were taking place up top too, for what the fingers once felt as a flat, smooth, cool surface, it began to feel hot, thick, a valley forming in the middle, many many lines of fibers forming underneath.

Clint moved his eyes up the leg, just in time to see the action that caused a resounding RIIIIIP! The seam, down both sides of Ed’s jeans, were giving way and no wonder. Ed’s thighs were increasing in size and muscle mass, the hamstrings more and thick and sturdy. The sides being blown, now showed tear drops forming, more and more, piling on top of one another bigger, larger, denser until the side seam rip joined the blown hem line and the jeans were hanging like a loose skirt. Just above the waistband, Clint began to notice the more and more familiar pinkish tone as the bottom of Ed’s shirt began to rise slightly above the waist and Clint was treated to a view of Ed’s stomach rolling and rolling, each time becoming separated, a brick pattern, deeper and deeper etched.

While the brick laying was going on, a loud rip was heard and Clint moved his gaze upward just in time to see the curtain that was Ed’s shirt pull a part revealing Ed’s massive and increasing chest. This was at the same time that the cuffs of this same t-shirt suddenly blew wide open, splitting all the way up to Ed’s arm pits as his bi’s and tri’s exploded with growth. From his peripheral vision, Clint noticed that there was now a wall filling his view and it was rising higher and higher. Whatever was keeping the parts of the shirt on Ed a nothing rip that sent a shiver down the growing geeks back, released the shirt and it fluttered off and away. Suddenly Clint realized that where he used to look down at Ed, he had for a short time looked at him eye to eye while standing on a level floor and now, now, He more and more having to look up to see into Ed’s eyes.

All that was happening wasn’t lost on Ed. Ed too noticed the change as slowly but surely, he began to notice he was able to look more and more straight on at the face of Clint. Clint whose shoulders used to be so wide he was the view of the horizon in Ed’s vision, now was shrinking in on himself. The chest that used to fill his shirt to bursting lost definition becoming more of just a single slab instead of two globes. This in turn began to deflate causing the shirt to stand out less and less, and the bottom finally being able to hug and cling to the abs that now was becoming a smooth thin reed of a waist. Once some of the most impressive guns at the college, Clint’s arms began to hand further and further down instead of out, the cuffs no longer riding up to meet the shoulders and delts, but easily falling down to meet and finally engulf the biceps and triceps.

A small clunk was heard and Ed looked down to see that the mesmerized Clint failed to noticed his ever shrinking waist and shortening and thinning legs and the waist band that required a jock to hold it up fell past the crotch, the knees, and down to the feet of jock who was now looking up to a beast of a geek while he stood only 5’9” tall.

Clint broke the silence first in a voice, once baritone, now almost sounding like a boy soprano. “WHAT THE FUCK!”

Ed, broken from his trance, looked down at his body and wasn’t sure what to do, his old instincts came over him and he turned and ran. He ran towards the shower stalls not sure what to do. Clint followed after him, holding on to his briefs as they were too big for his frame, and crying inside as his feet easily slipped out of his completely tied shoes. If he thought something weird had happened it was about to get worse for as the boys hit the changing area, they heard some kind of musical chime. Once this chime sounded, Ed suddenly came to stop, after catching his reflection in a mirror. Slowly surely Ed began to strike pose after pose like some kind of professional bodybuilder. Faster and faster he changed position, eyeing the muscle he cause to bunch more and more, almost hungrily, lustfully, until upon forming a double bi, he kissed them then ran his tongue over them. More and more he began to flex, then grope his muscles. Clint looked on in horror as the once mighty cock that was his began to fill out the tiny briefs attached to the now huge Ed.

Faster and faster Ed posed, more and more poised, harder and stronger he formed them, louder and louder he moaned. His frenzy building higher, louder, stronger until he let out a cry of ecstasy, and the mesmerized Clint looked down expecting to see a stream of cum come straining through the fabric of the briefs but instead saw a small bubble form at the end of Ed’s prick….

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