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It was the afternoon. Mark and Ed spent most of the morning in bed, one because they hadn’t been asleep for most of the night, and two because Ed adding even more mass and height to Mark got both of them hornier than hell. Ed lay awake for a long time looking at the new Mark. Before Ed started playing this new game, Mark was a good-sized man, decent-sized football player at 6’4”, 280 lbs, but now Mark was definitely more along the lines of a lineman now standing at seven feet even and approximately 360 pounds of pure beef. Speaking of which, Mark’s member now looked like it was about 18 to 20 inches at full mast and maybe as thick as a can. Ed wasn’t sure how he managed to take that this morning.

Still, Ed had to get up and move about. He had performed some other changes in the game, and he wanted to see what was up with those friends. He decided to head out to the college quad and simply hang out. He was bound to see most of the troop at some point in time. After a gentle grope of his lover’s pecs, a quick shower, and a stop at the college fastfood place, Ed sat down next to a tree a top of a slight grassy knoll that gave him a good overview of most of the campus. His location paid off immediately.

Coming out of the University Student Union was Ed’s friend, Hank and what looked to be a newly acquired girlfriend. The closer the couple came to where Ed was sitting, the more he scooted around the tree so as not to be seen. This maneuver paid of big time as the couple, not seeing Ed moving, sat directly behind him on the opposite side of the large tree. Hank was starting to look real good. Hearing some of the conversation between the dumbfounded book geek and his new friend the anti-cheerleader who seemed to be coming more infatuated with him, Ed was learning a few things.

Hank and Amanda had just come from the University Bookstore. With Amanda’s help, Hank had just bought a couple sets of new clothing, mainly in the sweat suit department as well as a pair of new shoes. Missing out on Hank’s transformation, Ed was a little sad as Hank had gone to the restroom after the purchase and changed into one of the new outfits, but he was glad to hear of the change.

“Thanks for helping me with some new clothes, Amanda.”

“No problem, Hank. I couldn’t let you walk around all dorky-like in those oh-so-small clothes of yours.”

“I just don’t know what to do. This is kind of scaring me. Just a couple of days ago I was 5’6”, and now I’m 5’10”—that’s four inches!”

“Just look at yourself as being a late bloomer. Lots of guys go through their growth spurts in the college freshman year. You know what happens with them, doncha?”

“No, what?” asked Hank a little nervously.

“They’re the ones who usually grow to become the biggest men on campus. Don’t be so down on yourself. You’re maturing into a very handsome young man, and don’t forget, you’re filling out too.” Amanda moved in on Hank and sat on his legs, taking her finger and rubbing it up and down one of his arms even though it was covered by the new sweat shirt.

“But this shouldn’t be happening so quickly…and uhm… Amanda? Wh-what… are you d-doing?”

“I heard ya corrected a professor in a class today.”


“I love, brains. Brains…” And she moved a hand up and squeezed his chest, “and brawn!”


“You being smart enough to correct a professor, and growing into a big strapping man...” and she leaned in a whispered in Hank’s ear, “Well that just turns me on. … …. Oooh, I feel you’ve grown in other areas too!”

And with that, she undid the lacing of the top of Hank’s sweatpants, sat up a little and adjusted her skirt, and slowly sat back down on Hank’s lap.

“Oooh, yes! I’d say you’ve grown. Hmmmmnnn”

Despite his inexperience, despite his stammering and growing embarrassment, Hank was getting something he’d always wanted. The problem was it wasn’t quite who he had wanted. Amanda herself looked to be a bit taller, the hem of her skirt ridding a little higher, her blouse just a little tighter, her legs a bit longer, her breasts somewhat fuller. Ed sat with his back against the tree and smiled. He was happy for Hank, but he wondered what would happen if Clint knew his girl was cheating on him with a geek. However, he didn’t really want to stick around to hear what was going on, so he slipped quietly down the knoll to sit on the cobblestone boarder and see who else came by.

The wait wasn’t long, although he nearly missed them. Doing a double take, Ed adjusted his stare as he saw Dmitri and Dominick coming across the quad. They looked even more like twins than they did the day before, but if anyone knew them from before they would’ve guessed them twins of different people totally. They were to a certain degree strutting, their chest sticking out, arms flared on the sides, kind of walking bow-legged. They saw him and walked over.

“Hey Ed.”

“Hey guys.”

Ed tried to make sure his eyes didn’t widen. The boys were definitely different. The strong chiseled Russian-like features of Dmitri were somewhat softened, not in a bad way, but not so prominent. His skin toned looked a little darker. His hair a bit curlier. And his eyes once a vivid violet seemed to be darker, more blue? While Dominick was slighter lighter than his dark olive Italian looking self, his features a bit sharper, his hair straighter, and his eyes darker than their normal ice blue. Together both of them stood taller than before. If they had problem adjusting themselves for their routines before, they definitely would have a problem now. From 5’6”, they’d grown to 5’8” and they had packed on a bit of muscle looking a bit heavier and taller than most gymnasts. But that wasn’t what caught Ed’s eye the most.

Dominick goes into a long story of the two working on their routines. He was pretty much all about what Dimitri was doing. Dmitiri was totally lost in the story listening to every word Dominick was saying, a certain look in his eye: lost, admiring, lustful. As Dominick went on to describe how Dmitri’s body moved and was more fluid, and graceful, yet powerful and solid, strong, and how he couldn’t keep his eyes off of Dmitri and how much he improved, that’s when Ed saw movement in Dmitri’s pants. Slowly, but surely, on the inside of Dmitri’s right thigh, Ed saw movement amongst the wrinkles and folds of the pants. They began to disappear a little as Ed saw something begin to swell slightly thicker and longer as the conversation went on. Ed couldn’t believe what he was seeing, Dmitri was packing huge! From the look of it, he had a thing for Dominick. This theory became proven fact, when Dominick, for emphasis on how well Dmitri was doing, placed his arm around Dmitri’s shoulder in a congratulatory hug. Unnoticed by Dominick, Ed saw Dmitri shudder just a little bit and suddenly there was a growing wet spot halfway down the inner thigh of Dmitri’s pants.

With Dominick’s story pretty much finished, the two young men said they had to get going and the left Ed who was swimming in thoughts, wondering what the hell was going on with the world and this game? He figured there was only one way to find out. It was time for more tests. He ran to the gym and the locker room with his backpack and laptop. There, next to the coaches’ offices, was the equipment cage. Most people didn’t wander back to the back part, but if they had they’d have seen a section bent and damaged, large enough for a small person to climb through. Ed went through the small hole and positioned himself on a shelf and prepared to have some further fun.

At first, he paused though. He clicked on his own avatar. All these days he’d been playing these games, he hadn’t done a thing with his own character yet, not even a house. He quickly put through a house together, not much, just basics, and then set about to get his mail. Sure enough as times before in his mail box appeared that infamous catalog. Ed searched through the catalog reviewing the now familiar products: Muscle Morpher Metapills, Goliath Growth Pills, Gemini Soap, Penile Power Pills, Titanic Testicle Tidbits, Quadruple X, Youth Syrup, Bear Muscle Bars. There were only two products of interest to him that he hadn’t tried yet, Foot Fettish Fritters and Absorbitall Crème. He wasn’t sure about the Foot Fettish Fritters sounded to similar to other growth products, so he thought he’d see what the Absoribital Crème did. As the minutes past in real time, he let the days pass in the game and Ed’s own avatar bought the crème and then applied it. However before seeing the effects, in real life Ed heard the locker room almost come to life.

Coaches Bradley and Jacob and come into the locker room and went to their offices.

“I don’t know what were going to do about Clint,” roared Bradley “He simply doesn’t have all the plays down yet. Thinks he can just create all sorts of plays on the spot, and an ego the size of his scholarship! If I had a chance to really teach that boy…”

“You’d teach him what? You don’t have any better chance of teaching him anything than I would. We’re too old or too weak. He knows it and doesn’t care.”

Ed didn’t listen, he quickly turned back to the game and clicked on the avatar of coach Jacob. He set the game speed on high and had them go through workouts, stretches and taking more and more pills. He watched as the game decided on some of its own choices as it was moving too fast for him to make all of them for both avatars once he had Jacob’s go find Bradley’s. But Ed’s mind would soon be lost from the game completely. A hole in the wall provided the best view of the office space, and there something most amazing happened.

“Ya know I can still teach boys a thing or too!”

“Oh jeeze man, put down the bottle, and pick up your life. Our team hasn’t won anything in years, you’re too old to impress, I’m too weak to show the required moves, you teach nothing man.”

“If I can’t teach them, I can teach you, you whining piss ant!”

“Oh really, Brad, you gonna make me?”

And with that, Brad took a swing at Jacob, and the two began to wrestle. The lamps went flying, the phones crashed to the floor, papers went sailing across the room. The two men grunted and groaned, reached and strained, cursed and complained as one tried to pin the other on the floor. Collars were ripped, but that was about it, neither one of them having the strength to really do damage to one another. Finally however, surprisingly, Brad got the upper hand and got Jacob in a wrestling hold, his arms locked around Jacob’s chest. He held him there, slightly laughing.

“I’ve got you now, boy. See, this old dog can teach new tricks.”

But then he felt a strain against his hold. No, Jacob didn’t have a hold of his arms. He wasn’t tugging at them. Jacob wasn’t trying to twist and turn, it was like there was more of something… more….of Jacob? Slowly but surely as Bradley looked upon the younger coach he was holding, he saw his shoulders broaden, he felt the arms thicken, the chest barrel more and more. Bradley struggled to keep the hold, hands to almost the elbows, clamping tightly. Then he heard the sound… skrip…skrip…pop….pop…and the little sounds started to get louder, and longer. Rriiip…riiip…He rolled over onto his back taking Jacob with him so he could see what was going on. He saw the toes of Jacob’s feet pressing further and further against his tennis shoes from the inside, the sides swelling out the flimsy tennis shoe side walls until the began to give in small little tears. Skrip…skrip…skrip…. He saw as the hem of Jacob’s jeans began to pull away and rise above the ankles. He saw the jeans begin to fill out a little more and more, the shirt began to swell taught and form fitting. He could feel the muscles that we a bit soft, saggy become full, harder once again. The hair on Jacob’s head began to grow back out a little longer, the grey deepening to a dark brown. Bradley swore under his breath, no he’d continue the hold, but the grasp he had was failing. Hands to elbows. Skrip.. skripp…hands to forearms….. strrrrriiiipppp….hands to above wrists…..pop…pop…pop….hands to wrists ….. rrriii…iiii….stttrrrrr….RRRRRIIIIIIPPPPPPPPPP…hand s to hands….RRRIIIIIIPPPPPP … interlocking finger tips and finger tips…. STTTTRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIPPPPPP…..


Bradley couldn’t hold on any more, wheezing, coughing, his arms straining he finally let go. Jacob stood up and began to laugh… As he looked himself over, he has the same look of bewilderment that Bradley did, for there before him wasn’t the middle aged coach approaching 40 something, it was a younger man just hitting thirty. This however was a slightly taller and broader man than Jacob was in his thirties, not that he minded.

“I don’t know what’s happening, but I like it!” Smiled Jacob and to answer back to his boss, he grabbed him and held him in a bear hug.

“If you were younger, or in much better shape and built, I might actually have liked to have some fun with you, old man. But for the lesson you thought you’d give me, perhaps I’ll just squeeze you.”

And squeeze he did. The old coach began to groan, swearing he was feeling his ribs break. Bradley struggled to get free. He kicked, he threw poor punches from below Jacob’s arms. He even tried to head but, but to no avail. Jacob loved this feeling, feeling younger, stronger, thicker, harder, broader, and then the sounds began. Skrip…skrip…….pop…pop….

“Yeaaaah-ha-ha-ha…” Jacob looked at Bradley with an evil look in his eye. “You ready for round two, old fuck?” and he laughed a little low.

Skripp….skripp…. strip..strrrrip….pop…pop…

“Yeah come on…more…More…MORE!....M..mmm..mmore?”

As the tearing and ripping sounds became more and more, Jacob felt his arms began to tremble and shake, his feet start to stagger. He looked down at himself, at his sides. He was still the same size, but his grip was slipping, his balance uneasy, becoming harder and harder to keep Bradley hoisted in the air. And suddenly he looked at the face of Bradley. He saw the eyes becoming clearer. The wrinkles lighten up. The sags firm up a little. The baldness began to darken around the crown, the white few strands of hair were joined by others, the white turning to light grey, to dark grey, to black streaked with grey. He felt Bradley’s shoulders widen, his chest barrel, the shirt on him splitting wide open. He looked as the sunken chest inflate and fill out and where once Bradley was smooth, hair began to sprout out here, there, across the nips, in the crevice, down the abs and into a trail. Where once an ancient coach stood before the team, there was now a man in his fifties, fit and broad, slight pooch to the abs, covered in hair.

Jacob could no longer hold him either by width nor by weight. He let go and back away from him. The once ancient coach looked at him and laughed, then looked down. What was left of the sweat pants that Bradley had on was now sporting a tent, tent that was quickly becoming a pavilion. He grabbed the remainder of the cloth covering his crotch and ripped it off of him.

“I’m ready for round two, pretty boy. You ready for what a real coach can teach you? You said you’d do something to me if I was fitter, stronger. Well, what’s on your mind?”

Bradley stood there his member throbbing and throbbing, bigger than he ever remembered it, thicker too. The head red, purple, angry as hell and hot to the touch.

“You take to long to call the play, boy. Your body has answered for ya!”

Jacob looked down and suddenly realized he was sporting major wood that threatened to tear out of what was left of his pants. When he looked back up at Bradley, it was too late, he had moved in for the kill. Grabbing Jacob by one shoulder, he flipped him around and bent him over a desk. He grabbed the cloth hanging off of Jacob from the back and ripped it off. In one smooth motion he plunged his newly rejuvenated prick right into and through Jacob’s ass.

Jacob let out a bit of yell. This in turn woke Ed out of his voyeurism, and he could see the two men were still changing, growing. Ed knew it was time to turn off the game. He backed up one step from the wall still not believing what he was seeing, the two coaches going at each other with lust. Suddenly the whole night came crashing down.

“What the fuck is this! You have me in a game you sick, twisted pervert!”

Ed turned around. There on the other side of the equipment cage was Clint, Ed’s laptop in hand.

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