The HIMS.3 9

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While Clint was awaiting possible doom in the locker room, the coaches Bradley and Jacob were awaiting more changes in the locker room office. Both men had grown, taller, broader, thicker, stronger and younger. Jacob grown back to his thirties, while Bradley went to his fifties. Fifties, however, was more than young enough. Now younger, stronger, and virile once again, he had shown Jacob the arrogance of being cocky, by bending him over a desk and giving him a good what for with his cock.

When done, he pulled out, backed up and laughed a little.

“You’ve taken that instruction well.”

Suddenly there was a sound of bells, or something tinkling in the air.

“Do you think you’d let this old coach teach you what you need to learn to coach others?”

Jacob still reclining somewhat over the desk, huffed n puffed his answer.


“Good, you’ll have to come over some time and I’ll show you the old techniques…”

But suddenly something changed. Bradley felt very hot, very warm, very tingly. He walked away, towards the door, then walked back, then paced a bit, somewhat agitated, restless.

“Are you sure?”

Jacob wasn’t sure what was about to happen. He wasn’t sure if he didn’t want it to happen, or if he wanted it to tear him apart. It didn’t matter what he decision on his feelings towards it was, the decision on it going to happen was out of his control.

“I think you need another lesson now.”

Before he could think, Bradley grabbed Jacob and flipped him over on the desk, face side up, hoisted Jacob’s legs in the air, resting them on his shoulders, and reinserted his rod into Jacob’s hole. Jacob’s head tilted back in pain and bliss at the feeling of Bradley’s stick forcing its way back up his ass. He began to slide up and down on the desk as Bradley got a rhythm to his fucking. After a while though, Jacob had to open his eyes and look down his torso and up to Bradley, for while his was humping he was groaning and the groans seemed to be getting lower and lower in tone.

To Jacob’s surprise, horror?, delight?, Jacob began to feel his legs being raised higher and higher. Looking, he saw the reason, Bradley’s shoulders were raising higher and higher, along with his head, and his pecs and his whole torso. Jacob’s feet began to look small compared to the shoulders on which they were riding. Bradley’s shoulders seems to broaden by bone structure and widen via expanding delts, back, lats. Jacob could see a glimmer, and more youthful appearance, come to Bradley’s eyes. The main coach’s hair began to become more kept, shorter, darker, and the bald spot filling in more and more. Like the hair on his head, Bradley’s chest hair began to become slightly shorter, curlier, more feathery instead of wild sprouting, and the color began to reappear from white to grey to silver to dark grey to black, and fairly thick. Decent stubble began to appear on the old coach’s face instead of sprigs of wispy hair here and there. It formed an incredible five o’clock shadow across his jaw, but continued to grow in to a nicely trimmed but thick jet black mustache.

As Bradley breathed his muscles continued to grow and swell more and more, larger, thicker, heavier, veiny-er. Poor Jacob didn’t know how he was going to survive. As the coach got taller, Jacob began to raise his pelvis and then torso higher. Making matters worse, as the coach got taller and broader, more muscled, his dick got longer, harder, fatter, and Jacob had to keep adjusting on the desk being pushed further and harder. And with all of that, Jacob was being rocked back and forth as well, for as Bradley grew more and more muscular, he had to keep adjusting his stance to accommodate his meaty thighs.

Suddenly Jacob had to adjust himself to try and look at the ever increasing coach Bradley. Something else was happening for he felt something cold, plastic like, underneath his ankles, which were becoming harder and harder to keep on the old coach’s shoulders without now arching back, neck, and head, or falling off. Sure enough something else was being added but not to the physical form. Starting around the shoulders and working its way down the sides, a dark, almost black shadow began to form. It also began to form around the coach’s waist, down the sides of his legs, coming round to engulf them, but missing his crotch completely. After a while, Jacob could see that Bradley was now wearing clothes, well sort of, a black vest and a pair of black chaps, both leather, and a thick black belt with a brass buckle holding the leggings on securely. Jacob couldn’t believe it but knew the look was there for after a while, as Bradley kept adjusting his stance, Jacob could hear the click of boot heels on the concrete floor.

The vest helped Jacob see what was happening to Bradley, for looking up and down this coach, he thought he was getting larger, broader, and fitter, but the vest proved that it was slightly different kind of fit. Where the vest would hang with ample room around the tight and narrow waist and cobblestone abs, Jacob could see it was pushed against the abdomen and in fact, Bradley’s midsection cause the straight lines of the vest sides to curve and curve quite a bit. Bradley was taking on some stock now, not really fat, but just enough all over that he looked like a bodybuilder in off season, but one could tell there was still plenty of muscle, plenty of strength, plenty of power. It was only now that he had a decent sized stomach, gut, ab ball, full, round, firm, but still solid, not quite flabby. Coach Bradley was now a big, big bear.

“hmmm, nnnnn….., uh…..uh…. com’ on….say it….. say it!”

“s…s…say….say what?”

“Hmmm…. W…w….whooo….who’s..s.. s..sss… who’s your man?”

“I…I…. I…OOH GOD!”

“Who’s your coach?”

“I don’t know!”

“NO! You do know! WHO’S YOUR COACH!”


And with that admission, Bradley began to shake and quake violently, Jacob felt his insides becoming warmer and warmer with each volley. Bradley pulled out and away, collapsing in a chair – Jacob rolled off the desk, stumbling into the side couch. Both men lay there gasping, panting for breath. When all seemed to quiet down, Jacob slowly looked up and stared hard at Bradley. Slowly Jacob began to crawl his way over to the older coach, who began to slowly and lowly laugh. Half way to the destination, Jacob raised up and was walking on his knees.

“Yes! C’mon, boy!”

A pause, a stumble up, and Jacob stood on his feet.

“You can do it!”

He strode the rest of the way, knelt before the older man, bended to him…

“I want it.”


“I want you to train me!”



“Give me twenty!”

And Jacob obeyed, hitting the floor and beginning a set of push ups. Once the twenty was done the coach called for sit ups, thirty. Those completed, Jacob was ordered on his back and the coach began to stretch his leg.

“You gotta eat! You gotta stretch! You gotta work out! All in order to grow…. Are you gonna be a small college boy?”


“No, what?”

“NO, SIR!”

And the routine continued, more and more sit ups, pull ups, crunches, stretches, clave raises, donkey raises, push ups, stretches, running in place. Jacob began to sweat; he sweated a lot. The blood in his body coursed farther, harder, faster in his veins until they began to swell and ride the top of his skin across his muscles.

“AGAIN! More reps! More stretches!”

Watching Jacob, Bradley can see the blood as it was pumped through his veins. Pump…. And suddenly Jacob seems to inflate a little. PUMP….and like balloons being blown up Jacob’s body swells. PUMP! And the muscles have larger form, denser shape, bigger pops. STRETCH! Jacob begins to stand taller. PUMP!!! Jacob stands broader. PUMPPP! Much thicker! STRETCHHHH! Jacobs feet when walking make a heavy slapping thud upon the floor!

Again Bradley ordered Jacob through the paces, but his own body wasn’t offering enough resistance anymore. During the set of donkey raises for the calves, while Jacob was leaning against the desk, Bradley straddled his back and orders the set done again. Jacobs answered by performing the motions again, screaming as he tried to raise himself with Bradley’s weight upon him. Bradley sat there but began to feel his legs spreading a part. Even though in comparison to his legs, lats, and shoulders his waist was still tiny and tapered, his waist was getting thicker, wider. Bradley ordered him to do squats, after switching his sitting position to on top of Jacob’s shoulders. Jacob complied and as Bradley looked down he began to see his legs looking smaller and smaller in comparison to his former partner. Bradley’s shins are beginning to stick out due to Jacob’s bulging chest. Jacob’s hair is going from short to long and the somewhat dark brown to a very light brown with great blond highlights. Soon, Bradley started to notice something else sticking out from the front of Jacob and he had to think to himself…

“Shit, the boy’s not only gonna be pro material, he could be porn material!”

A bump to the head brought Bradley back around, and he ordered Jacob to drop down and begin doing push ups, after he’s switched his sitting position to mid-shoulders on Jacob. Over and over, more and more, exercises and stretches, and finally Bradley said they were done for the evening. As he got up, a very strapping young man stood before him, swollen with the largest pump, all over his body, the biggest coach has ever seen. Standing behind Jacob, Bradley was glad the young man took well to listening to him, for the top of his head only comes to the shoulders of the barely twenty something student.

“That’s it for this evening. Time we go meet the rest of the team.”

A tinkle of some bells was heard again, and suddenly a bottle appeared on the coach’s desk.

“Oh yeah, don’t forget to take these vitamins.”

Jacobs walked over and grabbed the bottle downing it, and as large as the young man was to Bradley, he became even larger.

“I’ve given those to every member of the team. They seem to be working nicely. Now, let’s get the new members to meet one another…”

And coach Bradley and student Jacob opened the door to the office.

Meanwhile, outside that door, Clint had been sitting down watching the young Trey become the young man Trey growing up to a foot and filling out like pro-wrestler. But now as he was sitting watching what had happened, the twin to Ed, now called Ike and with jet-black hair and sapphire eyes, along with Trey, were sandwiching him in between them. Clint wanted to get away, but try as he might, only one set of the two pressed against him were a more than a match for his tiny, puny frame--a frame that he didn’t have a couple of hours ago. He wanted to leave so bad, but suddenly there was a small tub, two small tubs, in two very large hands being held near his face.

Clint squinted in the dim light of the locker room to read the label on the package and a spike of ice cold ran through his spine and then through his heart. The package read: Worship Whipped Cream. He remembered, he had Trey buy those and something else something called what was it? … Dominering Duds. While he pondered what this was, what had he done, what was going to happen, the mysterious bells sounded off again and suddenly Clint noticed that Trey was out of his towel and into something else, far more skimpy. Wearing a pair of black knee high, riding type boots, black biker/motor-cross gloves, a tiny black thong which concealed nothing, and a bunch of black straps criss-crossing his chest. Suddenly a thin, black wand or something was tapping the top of the tub. No… it wasn’t a wand…it was a crop, a riding crop.

It looked like Trey was about to say something to Clint, but he cut it short, looked up at Ike and asked him, “Would you care to join us?” and handed the riding crop to him.

Ike reached out and grabbed a hold of the crop, but instead of actually taking it from Trey, it seemed to grow longer and longer until – pop! –it broke off it two, becoming a second riding crop and with that, suddenly Ike was in the same kind of outfit that Trey was in. That done their focus turned back to Clint.

“I got these,” said Trey, “this morning from UPS, and the package said that I had ordered them, but somehow the code for it was listed back to your address. I didn’t know you cared. For your poor treatment of me and Ike here, I think you should get to be the one to use this.”

Clint just stood there looking at the tub, not knowing what to do. Suddenly the was a resounding thud on the tub he was holding, and Trey yelled out a booming, “NOW!”

Trembling, Clint opened up the tub of cream and proceeded to rub it onto Trey. After a good coating, Trey stepped back and motioned towards Ike, and Clint likewise did the same to him. Then the two men sat down on the bench and both moving Clint in with their crops ordered him, “Lick it off!”

Now quivering hard, Clint leaned over and began to lick the cream off of Trey’s abs. Moaning Trey commented that is was nice and motioned Clint to go over and start on Ike. Ike made mention how good it was and pushed Clint back towards Trey. Eventually Trey ordered Clint to work, harder, faster, and the pushing began to get quite rough. Clint reaching the peak of humiliation began to sniffle slightly fighting back tears.

“You think you’re crying now. It’s not nearly half has bad, yet. Tell us, Clint, Who’re the big men on campus?”

Clint, squeaked out low and quietly, “Y…y….you are.”


“You both are!”

And Clint thought he saw the two men jump a little off the bench.

“And who have the most awesome muscles?”

“You do.”

And the two appeared to take in a breath….and hold it….forever.

“And who are the tallest men here?”

“Y…y…you are…”

And again they seemed to jump from the benches. More and more, faster and faster, Trey and Ike had Clint proclaiming them to be the tallest, the strongest, the hardest, the most massive, the most veiny, the thickest, the best built, the most cut, the most striated, the most hung, the biggest balled men on the campus. Every time he did so, they became it. Each and every praise he gave them, the got bigger. Each and every accolade they got taller. Every single complement they grew wider. Every time he touched them on command to feel their biceps in awe, they got thicker and stronger.

By the time it came to an end, after both studs had whipped theirs out, were jacking off, and exploding, it looked as though from the sitting position their heads were as tall, if not taller, than the tops of the lockers and their shoulders were as broad as four, five, or maybe six of them. Their feet having split out of their boots. Their chests, backs, shoulders, having broken the straps around their torsos. Their waists and bubble butts firmly destroying their briefs. What’s worse, after that, while Clint sat there silently crying over what they had become, over what had happened to himself, those damn bells went off and the two giant men now had a bottle of vitamins in their hands which they promptly downed and it caused them to swell even bigger, broader, harder, more hung, and ballsy.

Clint’s world was at a complete end he thought, but the worst was still happening for at the moment, out of the office door came coach Bradley and some young man that looked like a much younger Jacob. From one door entered Dominic and Dmitri wearing a different name tags but yet ones that matched each other. In another door came Hank and what appeared to Amanda? His girlfriend now looking like those fantasy pictures of the Valkyrie. In fact everyone was absolutely huge, giant, massively built, compared to him. He was a pipe cleaner, a tiny fairy. What else could go wrong?

“Good! We’re all here. Now it’s time to announce the team for this season. I know it’s late, but certain things have come to light and we needed to make some changes.” And as Coach Bradley looked to his clipboard, Clint knew his nightmare was only just beginning.

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