The HIMS.3 10

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“I’m glad we could all meet here tonight and get acquainted. We’ve got some new blood that’s come in, and from what I’ve seen, it’s sure to make this the best season of football this school has ever seen, period. We’re going to wait just a moment for the rest of the team to arrive…”

With that Coach Bradley stalled for a moment. Clint wondered what the hell was up, what was going on. Everyone outside of the football team, new to the football team had become huge muscle gods. He didn’t like the way things were looking, and he wished things could be turned around. For some reason though, he couldn’t move. Trey and Ike, this weird semi-twin of that dweeb, Ed, simply told him to stay close and from then on, he just couldn’t make himself move away.

The silence in the air was broken soon by the opening of the locker room doors that led to the outer hallway. In stepped Noah and Jesse, two of the bigger members of the team until now, and friends, or rather pack members of Clint’s posse. They entered but stopped abruptly upon seeing all the new, large, meat, in the locker room. They did a double take upon turning to see the now seven and half foot tall Coach Bradley. A triple take was given when they turned to see a woman in the locker room, nearly as tall and as buff as they were, never even recognizing her as Amanda. The two were in their shoulder pads, leggin’s and cletes, having been off somewhere with some football training. Turning around to reface the coach, they’re actions were stopped by the stammering Clint.

“Noah! Jesse! Guys, you gotta help me! Trey just grew up, and then up and up, this here is a twin of Ed, who somehow has sucked all my height and strength and everything a way, Amanda has become huger than Rachel McLish, hell, I think she’s larger than Arnold. You gotta find Ed’s computer, find Ed’s…”

But with a light tap of a riding crop from Trey, Clint was cut short. He simply stopped talking, even though he wanted to say so much. Noah and Jesse, sizing the competition up, decided to err on the side of safety and turned to look at the Coach.

“If you’re part of the team, go get changed and showered up. We’re getting ready to head out to eat.”

The two left, with a mischevious look in their eyes, and headed around the wall to their lockers. As they passed by Trey, two sets of those mysterious bells were heard, their sound fading off as the two young men rounded the corner. Clint’s heart beat wildly in his chest. He knew these two, they’d back him up, they’d do something to save him, they were just planning something out of reach and out of view of the others. The sudden sound of rattling pills in a bottle made his beating heart jump to his throat and he couldn’t breath. For what seemed like and eternity he stood there looking at the corner the young men disappeared around. The sound of the pills shaking became less, diminished, until one could hear just he sound of a few, a couple, and finally one pill rattling in the jar, then, nothing….

Clint’s eyes grew as wide as the space of time it took to find out what was going on with his friends. Clint’s fear within that space grew wider, far wider, than his eyes. Trembling, shaking, he pondered, what were they doing, what were they going to set up? They would find the baseball bats and come around breaking the knees of their opponents first. No, they would find the cargo nets and throw them from up above trapping all these freakishly large behemoths. They would….

Clint received his answer when everyone else did. Suddenly from out of nowhere, two shrieks, groans, moans, something very primal and very verbal came from behind the wall. It was an odd mixture of sounds between pain and sexual pleasure. The sound of hard plastic hitting the concrete walls occurred several times in an instant, for from behind the wall, shards of shoulder pad, leggings and clete pieces came flying towards the wall. There was another long silence followed with his friend’s voices crying in much deeper voices than he could ever remember:

“What the hell happened to our uniforms?”

“Whose fucking clothes are these they don’t…oh…”

And after that exclamation, the sound of fabric running against skin could be heard and the two young men came walking around, just barely having pulled on a pair of jeans, just now getting the zipper up and the button hitched over and enormous bulge. Bare foot, shirtless, the two strode in between the rest of the crowd and blended in! Clint nearly sobbed out loud as he looked to them and realized where their faces should be were a set of cobblestone abs. The two looked down at Clint and each one rubbing their bear paw of a hand over his head commented to him or too Trey and Ike,

“Heeeey, who’s the cutest little locker room mascot around?”
“Hey, Trike! Yeah, you two… can we keep the pet next weekend? He’s so cute.”

There was laughter all around until the Bradley began his duties again.

“Alright ladies! It’s time we let you know what you’re going to be doing this year. Now, I know this is very short notice, but as I said before, we’ve got a lot of new, fresh, and…” grabbing Jacob by the ass, “BIG talent. So here is the new line up in offensive formation…

“Hank! 8’, you’re center. Noah 8’, Jesse, 8’ you’re both tackle. Amanda, 6’6” you’re tight end.”

“Yeah, but not a tight front!” snickered Trey.

“Yo, c’mon man, that’s my girl!” shot back Hank.

“Alright, alright. You two can date off the field, just remember she’s all man on the field, nobody touches her hot box or cha-chas…Trey, Ike, or…Trike, I like that Jesse… You two 8’7” and are our full and half backs, ya can switch off if ya want, we’ll train ya in both. Dominic and Dmitri, 6’11” you two are our wide receivers.”

“Yeah, they’re wide receivers all right,” piped up Trey with a grin, while all laughed.

“That’s right,” said Dominic. “At 6’11” only in a group like this could we be tall twin twinks.” And everyone laughed again.

“Thank you LA-dies…. And just like Amanda, their stick-shifts and cabooses are off limits while on the field. Jacob! 8’2” you will be the new quarterback. Which means… which means… Clint…. Clint, I don’t know whom your daddy knows, but he must have paid a hell of a lot of money, kissed a lot of ass, slept with the university president or his wife, in order to get you on this team and have two scholarships, but son, you don’t have it in you. You’re too short. Sure others at 5’6” have played football, even professionally, but they had some serious meat on their bones…. You’ve got nothing. So sorry, but yer off the team and that means the two scholarships are gone too. Hank! You’ve got one of them, not that that brain muscle of yours needs it. Jacob, you’ve got the other.”

As Clint slowly slid down the leg of Trey and sat at or rather on the feet and in between the legs of Ike, the team asked a couple of obvious questions: who was the team captain and who were the guards?

“Oh, yeah, right… for his experience, transfer student Jacob will be captian with Hank, for his brains and brawn package, being his co-captain. As far as the two guard positions are, need you ask? If it weren’t for the legalities of football rules, they’d be the whole front line just the two of them. Where are they anyway? Probably taking care of pent up energy, they get so bored at practice. ED! MARK! The team is halfway dressed and we’re getting ready to go out and have dinner!”

Suddenly the wall-door that separates the two sections of the locker room was moved aside. However the door had been shut, locked, and a bar rammed through it, along with bars positioned to keep it from moving. The resulting stress in those items being over powered brought parts of the wall, the door frame, and the wall everywhere. Through the billowing cloud of dust and debris, a voice was heard, “Yo, coach! We’re right behind you.”

In the moments while everyone else had been growing and re-growing, Clint had managed to get the newly large-sized Ed and the even bigger Mark trapped in the visitor’s locker room. Ed had been trapped first and after trying the single door gave up for being trapped until he remembered that one side had a huge triple wide door that always was open except for game time. Upon reaching that side though, he had just managed to catch Mark stumbling into the room, through the doorway, and slamming his head into the opposite concrete wall. He turned and looked and there was Clint clambering to his feet, after tripping Mark, and slamming the mighty steel door shut and locking it. Ed got there a second to late but tried the door anyway, but it opened to no avail.

Turning around he saw Mark looking at him with a dopey grin on his face. Looking back with a quizzical glance, Mark answered the question by making an obvious statement, “You’ve gotten big.” And grin got even wider.

“You’ve gotten huge!”

“Happened about an hour after you left, I just started growing, and growing, and…HMNNNnnnnN!”

Ed started to take a step forward but knew better of it after the incident with Clint. Slowly but surely, Mark began to moan and grown, popping and flexing, reaching and stretching, and his legs began to get longer, thicker, meatier. His torso began to stand taller, wider, firmer. His feet began to inch out further and wider. His head rose up from the impact point a little more and more.

“I’m still growing… I hope you like giant things.” And Mark laughed a little but then swooned a bit due to the bump on his noggin.

Instinctively, Ed ran towards his friend, his man, his lover, but stopped just hovering over him. He knew he mustn’t touch. He could still feel the strange feeling inside of him from whatever it was Clint had programmed into the game. For all his cautiousness, it didn’t do Ed any good. Mark, coming out of the dazing, seeing his newly sized lover, couldn’t help himself, and grabbed him, pulling him in for a kiss. Ed tried to resist. He tried to pull back. Mark was, however, the bigger stronger man by far, about two feet taller and many many pounds heavier. Ed began to flail his arms and hands against the titanic torso of Mark but he never budged, that until, it started to happen.

Slowly, inch by inch, pound by pound, Mark watched as his little boy toy became a man-sport. Further, higher, Ed’s head crept up above his own. The broad shoulders, chest, traps, lats, grew wider, thicker, blotting out more and more of his view of the locker room and the lights that glared down upon him, leaving him in an awe inspiring shodow. Closer and closer Ed’s knees grew to his face as the legs got longer and longer and more and more teardrop shaped of muscle grew on top of the thighs and out the back of the calves. Where Mark was able to hold on to Ed and keep him positioned there, soon the young man was too wide for the shrinking Mark to hold by the shoulders and his hands lost their grip and repositioned themselves upon the pumping and plumping biceps. This hold was soon broken and his hands attempted to move on to latch to the forearms, but they felt like massive twenty-five inch guns, more than his small tiny hands could hold. Soon, looking up into Ed’s eyes he began to moan slightly.

Ed, was watching in horror, wondering what he was going to do for he saw the end of his world, the end of his dream, the end of his boyfriend. Even at his new size of around six-foot six or so, Mark was a giant of a man compared to him, pure beef, the hulk, massive dominant, but gentle giant. Now, as Mark held him, Ed watch the changes as he saw Mark shrink and shrivel: the hulk down to basketball player built like an extreme pro bodybuilder. The extremely tall bodybuilder down to a pro football line backer. The line backer to a Wrestling super star. The wrestling star to a collegiate athlete. The athlete to a gymnast. The gymnast to average man. The average man to a skinny little geek. Mark lightly moaned and bucked a few times and shot a load upon the lowest area of Ed’s abs, just above his cock. Ed looking at the stick figure in his hands, realizing his arms were larger than Mark’s head, that his feet were nearly as long as Mark’s shins, he gingerly laid the man down and walked to the other side of the room.

Silently, Ed sat there sobbing in his new hulking form, wondering what to do about Mark, himself, how could he get to his computer to stop all of this, reverse all of this. Suddenly there was a whisper by his ear. “Hey.”

Ed flung himself up and back away from the voice.

“Hey, Ed, what gives.”

“S..s… stay back!”

“It’s still me, Mark. I’m just smaller somehow and you… you’re huge!”

“I know. I’m the cause!”


“Look, there’s something I gotta tell you. I got this game, on the computer…”

“Yeah something like the SIMS, I’ve seen ya play it.”

“Well, it has a store in the game that…well…caters to all sorts of fetishes, and I created everyone I knew in the game, and then had them buy these products and they all…”

“…they all started changing…that’s why I started getting bigger and stronger…”

“Yeah, but I didn’t mean for it to go on so long, for so much like this. Clint grabbed it from me and set the game in motion. He’s caused all these changes, including one in me. If I touch you I suck out all your physical traits. Mark, I’m sorry… I…I..”

Ed didn’t answer, he just dropped his head and sat in silence. Mark stayed where he was and talked to him.

“Did you change me on purpose?”

“No… I mean, I did at first, the first time in the game cause it was, ya know, fake, not real. And….well….”

“Well, what?”

“I did the second time, but only because you seemed so psyched about being bigger and taller, but that was all I wanted to do. I mean, I thought you were great, huge, to begin with.”


“Yeah. Even at just 6’5” or so, I thought you were hot.”

“And now…”

“I still think you’re hot. You may be small, but you’ve still got that big smile.”

Mark moved in as if to hug, but Ed moved back…

“Stop! I might make you shrink even more. I don’t want to waste you away to nothing!”

Quickly Ed got up and ran to the other side of the room where there was a wall that divided it for more locker space. Mark continued to follow, trying to keep up, Ed moving to the other side. Round and round they continued, Mark trying to reach for an embrace, Ed moving to stop it.

“Would you quit! I don’t want you to become the incredible shrinking man! I don’t to make you into a Ken doll!”

Ed doubled up his fist and slammed a locker door, causing it to bend farewell well. He looked at his hands and himself in shock. He started to talk to Mark again telling him why he couldn’t do anything until they got out, how much he really liked Mark, so much he didn’t want to hurt him. He talked for a while until he stopped, pondering, wondering…Mark had gone silent.


“I….I’m here.”

Mark sounded weaker. Ed moved cautiously to look around to the other side of the wall. Mark was croutched holding his sides, but he looked a little fuller than Ed remembered leaving him. Mark unwinced his face for a moment and caught Ed looking worriedly at him.

“I think I just grew.”

Ed turned back to the other side of the wall and sat there wondering. Poor Mark must be making this up. He can’t handle the fact that he’s been drained of all his muscle, his height, his…size. Ed wondered what he could do, was there anything he could do? Ed thought until he was drowsy. He cried while he heard the moans and groans of Mark on the other side of the wall. He almost feel asleep in great despair over how to try and work things out over a depreciated Mark and his inflated self. He was suddenly snapped out of his sleep by a firm but low shout.


Ed started awake and behold there was the Mark he knew, no the Mark he had created to begin with: huge, tall, bulging, massive, hung. He stared thinking he was lost in a dream, when again clarity was shouted at him.

“Hey! I’m big and buff again, but snap out of it.”

Ed shook his head and realized it was true, but still in protectiveness leapt back away from Mark. But Mark had a gleam in his eye and a smile on his face, something was up.

“I’ve been sitting here, right next to you, while I’ve grown back over the last hour?... Nothing’s happened to me except for me growing bigger and bigger again back to this giant self. It’s been quite a sight watch you. I can tell on by your face, you were worried, scared, for me…for you….for us. It’s quite touching, and makes me want you even more. But what if I told you, we can have what we both want, and get it together?”

“What?” Ed shook his head in disbelief.

“I’ve been standing next to you the whole time, and yet I haven’t shrunk, I’ve grown. So, it’s not a close proxitmity thing, it’s gotta be by touch.”

“And what does that prove? What does that mean?”

Mark began to twitch in his eye a little. He began to crunch in his abs a bit without moving.

“It means, when I feel this…”

And with that Mark threw himself into Ed’s arms.

“We both can grow. What’s better than me growing huge, and you growing huge? Hnnnngh! Uh…uh…uh….uh….aaaahhhhhhH…i…i…it’s both of growing huge!”

And just Mark felt the intensity spike in him, Ed felt it spike in his self and with that Mark began to swell larger, broader, thicker, harder, taller, and to Ed’s surprise, he was doing the same equal to Marks growth. Ed embraced Mark in a fierce hug.

“Ahh.. ahh…Ed….Ed….break…. c’mon….one…two…three!”

Ed let loose and Mark rolled away to one side, while the Ed rolled the other way. Both were breathing fairly hard, but staring at each other. Suddenly Ed got a gleam in his eye. He got walked over to a locker and pulled out a uniform and helmet.

Laughing out loud Mark responded, “Hey big buy, that li’l uniform ain’t gonna fit you now.”

Ed giggled, blushed, looked down. “I know.” And then he laid out the uniform, the cleats right were his feet were and the rest lined up as tall as an average man.

“This is Trey’s uniform. Not being completely signed on to the team yet, his locker is over here temporarily. He’s just a lil’ taller than me, about six foot maybe.”

Ed then proceeded to lie down next to the faux football player that was lying down. He laughed just a little and looked over at Mark.

“The top of his head comes up under my chest… actually the first line of abs I think.”

Mark not missing a beat, looked down at his feet to only a line of lockers. But he slammed his foot against one and proudly proclaimed, “I think my foot is about one fourth as long as the locker!”

Soon Mark began to feel the sensation in him again, the same time Ed was to feel his. On the command, “now!”, both men rolled back into each other’s arms. Groping, squeezing, kissing, fondling, they felt each other up while growing until they need to back away from each other. On and on this continued for what felt like at least another hour or two. Come together and they felt. Ed grabbing on to Mark’s biceps, feeling it pump. Feeling it plump. Watching it each time he came back to it as it not only grew in size to their new height but proportionately bigger. He watched as he felt his hands squeeze the massive bicep’s ball. He watched it grow till his hand could only cup it, but not squeeze into it. He watched as the mound became to big for his hand to hold and he grabbed it and the tricep with two. We saw the mound plump and rise higher and higher in a mountainous peak and lower bulge that eventually spread even his hands apart. He felt with his palms the coursing rivers of blood flowing through veins that plumped thicker and higher off the skin engorging the muscle bellies.

But they had to break apart and Ed yells back, “He’s down to mid abs!”

Roll back together and Mark marvels at his lover, the once small framed, geek, now become a muscle God. He watched as each time Ed’s head moved up past a tile on the floor. Then past the next one, past the next one, beyond the one next to it! He saw as Ed’s shoulders and back engulfed sections of flooring tile, fifteen, twenty, twenty-five, thirty, forty, fifty, seventy…. Break away.

“Hey hot stuff, my foot is about 3/8ths the length of the locker!”

“Do you have a license of the boat?”

“It’s on me somewhere officer… better frisk me for it!”

Roll back together: Ed is feeling everywhere, the muscles developing so large, so full, so thick, so cut, he can almost get even his meaty fingers in the crevices, nooks, crannies that show which muscle groups are which. He’s outlining them with his fingers. He’s burying his nose into the cracks. He’s licking them with his tongue finding them deeper and deeper to fill. Away…

“Ha ha ha ha….Mark… Li’l Trey only comes up to our belly button!”

“Oh fuck that’s hot! But ya know what’d be even hotter? If old Noah or Jesse were that short to us!”

“Damn, you want to be huge.”

Roll together. “So do you big boy, ya know ya do, and my size only turns me on even more, if you can be the same size with me.” And Mark bent his head down and kissed Ed’s neck, then his shoulders, then his chest, his bis, his abs. Then he rested his face on Ed’s chest and watched as he felt with his cheek Ed’s chest filling out more and more, bunching and crunching, becoming fuller, thicker, hairier, rising farther and farther out from the abs and his torso. He also watch a particular spot on the wall and watched as he began to rise up and up to it finally passing and passing it all due to Ed’s growing larger, thicker, taller. Break….

“Whooo…my foot is almost half as long as the locker is tall!”

“Do you think Queen Elizabeth is missing that boat? Trey is almost around our crotch.”

“Speaking of crotch….”

Together: And Mark grabbed a hold of Ed, pinned him to the floor, and raised up enough to bring his prick out and up, Ed’s up and laying on his abs, and then laid his on top of Ed’s member. Then Mark began to rock…and rock….and buck….and sway…. And soon both his and Ed’s cocks began to grow, and lengthen and thicken reach up further and further up their own abs.

“Fuck, Mark, so hot, our dicks growing, while they’re growing…. I can’t tell when it’s erect!”

On and on it goes the back and forth rolling, the back and forth touching, comparing and sizing, growing, inflating, getting swollen, getting cut, never shrinking, only getting bigger, larger, broader, taller, stronger, buffer, harder, more cut. At one point Ed accidentally rolls over the fake Trey and lifts up to find his weight has caused the helmet to dent and buckle. The same time Mark’s foot slamming causes the locker door to cave in and the foot is now almost three-fourths as tall as the locker. The two look at each other and stand up, bending at the lower back due to the ceiling, they must stand on their knees. Their legs flair out from tiny, tiny, cut stone waists, and at side angles. Their arms attempt to hang down but push so far away due to upper arms as big if not bigger than their own heads, and lats that force them up and up so the arms hang almost straight out. Necks so tall so thick…is it a neck or just an extension of the head or is it the back or shoulders?

Embracing for one more hug they feel themselves again swell, inflate, get denser harder, and their heads feel some relief from the bending but only because they must do more from the waist as their shoulders and upper most back must lean and give way to that which is the ceiling. They break apart from their imbrace, Mark looking questioningly at Ed.

“Did you hear someone call for us? I think it was the coach.”

“I didn’t hear a thing, but I think we need to break out of here, we need ahem, more growing room.”

“Yeah! I like the sound of that. Everything is getting so small. Our feet are the height of those lockers man, so awesome!”

“Hmmm so sexy…. Ya think the door can withstand the two of us?”

“I don’t think it can stand just one of us now. Why don’t you give it a try. You’ve not had a chance to show off as a big, burly guy before, and ya know, I don’t think we’re gonna find a weight set anywhere that’ll challenge us now. Might as well do your wonder feat here even if it’s only for us to see.”

As they approached the door and Ed put his hand, well two fingers in the handle they heard the coach.

“ED! MARK! The team is halfway dressed and we’re getting ready to go out and have dinner!”

Ed looked at Mark who said, “I believe that’s your cue.” And Ed yanked on the door and set it crumpling accordion style, while causing nuts and bolts along with a bar that was jammed in the lock mechanism flying everywhere across the room. But the pressure was too much for the door and the supporting wall holding it so the doorframe shifted and groaned and the hinges creaked, and bits of concrete and brick broke off here and there and cracked. Through the billowing cloud of dust and debris, Ed’s voice was heard, “Yo, coach! We’re right behind you.”

“Good thing too, and for God’s sake, put some clothes on, we’re heading out to eat. Besides that’s what paid extra money towards you guys for was clothing. It’s over here in your lockers.”

Mark and Ed made their way and found suddenly that this side of the locker room was changed enlarged. There were steps now leading down from the second section to the primary section of the locker room and when standing on that floor, there was just barely enough room for the ceiling to clear their heads. They walked over to their lockers and found a pair of jeans for each of them and began to put them on. The other members of the team and the coach came and stood close by watching the young men’s ass flex and bubble as they bent over and watch their horse dicks swing and sway in pendulum like motion as they pulled the pants.

Ed being the first up looked down at Noah, Jesse, and Hank. “Hey guys, hey, Hank. Whoa! Holy shit, Hank. I never realized but you don’t even come up to my balls!”

“Well whaddya expect? You’re eighteen and a half feet tall, I’m only 8 feet tall, not even half-way there, you lucky fucks.”

“Better than being Clint.” Noah noticed. “They’re feet are longer than he is tall, by about half a foot, I think.”

Just at that time a crash was heard, followed by sparks and crackles and then heavy smoke was pouring out of the equipment cage. Everyone looked and the coach turned and bellowed, “What the sam-hill is that!”

“That…that… I think is my lap top.” Answered Ed.

“What’s it doin in the equipment room?”

“I don’t know…”

“Well, what were you looking at last time you had it out.”

“Plays for the game.”

“In the equipment room?”

“No it would’ve been in here.”

“Clint! Did you move his computer trying to study plays again?”

Clint’s mortified face, suddenly became rather blank and after blinking he stammered, “I….I….I g..guess so…”

“Well it’s all ablaze now, and we’ll need to get him another one. Ed, go get the laptop see if anything is salvageable and put that small flame out before it sets the sprinklers off.”

“How am I supposed to do that?”

“Pat it out with your hands, they’re fuckin’ bigger than the furnace. I don’t know! I don’t care! I told you to put it out! Whip out that natural hose of yours and pee on it. It’s in the locker room, not like we can’t hose it down later with water. Come on, girls, the grill is waiting and we need to get there before they close. Everyone on the bus… Ed and Mark, as usual you two can lightly jog there since ya don’t fit.”

“Alright, coach. Hey, Ed.”

“Yeah, Mark?”

“It’s still a little warm, but not too bad, say we go shirtless?”

“Hmmmm, shirtless, and shoeless?”

“Well, they don’t have shoes big enough for us yet.”

“What about the no shoes, no shirt, no service thing?”
“We’re football stars, and at this size…” Mark struck a double bi. “Think they’ll think to refuse us?”


And after Ed grabbed the water cooler, put out the fire, picked up the smashed, charred laptop and set it in the top of his locker, the two of them opened the doors and took of for a light sprint across the campus and to the steakhouse where they were responsible for polishing off four cows worth of the ten cows of beef n ribs the team went through. Afterwards they headed towards their specific dorm room built just for them, but halfway there got involved in a slight wrestling match, which led to a fuck fest and a dip in a campus lake to clean off and an accidental falling asleep on the quad. In the morning it was noted, before they awoke, their feet weren’t the only things taller than most average males.