I was a College Weresinewa 3

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I awoke mid afternoon in Dr. Zimbalst's parlor, with him sitting in an arm chair thumbing through a kindle reading a "newspaper." He smiled at me and raised a finger to his lips and then made a motion for me not to get up, as he walked into another room. I leaned back on the couch and then raised up a little and stuck out my arms and my legs as I began to stretch. My feet hit the end table near the end of the couch and knocked it over. I sat up immediately looking horrified.

"Worry not. Worry not, my good lad. I suspected that you would be not used to having these longer appendages and took the liberty of removing everything off of the end tables. You just knocked the table over, that's all."

The professor came in with a large breakfast tray piled high with food and sat it down in front of me. I, however, was caught up in trying to get the sheet wrapped around me as I realized my jeans had been down around my ankles.

"Oh... sorry 'bout that." stammered Dr. Zimbalst. "I took the liberty of examining you while you were unconscious. If it makes you feel better I'm not just a doctor of theology but one of medical science, too."

I kind of semi-smiled and stood up to pull my jeans, or rather the stolen jeans, up.

"Eat. You will need it. I would strongly suggest eating the dairy and heavy calcium laden foods first, then go for the proteins. If you're wondering what I examined you for, it is because I did realize who you were. Your voice and eyes were the tip off. People don't realize it, but one's eyes, for the most part, never change from birth. Not during all the time one is growing. And that is the problem you're having right now I believe. You are, by the way, 6' 3" tall, your stone...wait you're American I need to do you in pounds, uhhhh.....is around 170-180lbs you wear a size fifteen and half US men's shoe, and your John Thompson there is a solid 8.75 inches in length. Don't ask me why I measured it. The was just a feeling that kind of come over me that I had to touch it. I have a theory as to what that was."

"I.... I....."

"I know it's a bit of a shock, this growth, as is how you are going through it I imagine."

"I'm almost a foot taller than what I was a month ago!"

"Tell me, Master Werdun... You were attacked almost a month ago were you not?"


"And was there anything peculiar about this attack?"

"No... other than it being a man trying to rape me."

Dr. Zimbalst lowered his head and looked at me from under his brow questioningly. "Really, nothing at all? Nothing strange what-so-ever? I've heard some rumors to the contrary. That your attacker was indeed a man of great physical stature and strength, perhaps even knocking over very large, mature, trees with his bare hands."

I sighed and began to tell the professor everything I had come to know about Charlie Moore and what I was now doing.

"Curious...very curious. Tell me.... your attacker, Mr. Moore. When he attacked you, did he.... that is to say.... uhm.... penetrate you like you did your two victims?"

I flushed red hot out of both anger and embarrassment, but kept my cool for there was no judgment in Dr. Zimbalst's voice and his statements no matter how much I wish were untrue, were in fact very true; I had victims.

"Uhm........ no. I think... he was going to, but was interrupted by the police and my friends. He was starting to do something to me, I think like suck my cock when he got tazed and when that didn't work, he got shot. That caused him to bite me."

"I see."

There was a long pause as Dr. Zimbalst just sat there and stared at me. Finally he flinched his head upward and addressed me again.

"Tell me, are you happy with how tall and developed you are now?"


"Do you like your present size?"

"Well, yeah... I .... guess."

"Be truthful with me, and yourself. Would you like to be bigger or just right where you are currently?"

"Well.... this is a vast improvement, as far as I'm concerned, over where I was, but truth be told, I'd like to be a little bit bigger. I've always wanted to be a cross between a basketball star and a bodybuilder. I know it wouldn't make me a better man technically, but it was always a fantasy of mine. Why?"

"I have a feeling that I may know what you currently are, Master Werdun, but I need to see what you're doing to a victim to be sure."

"You don't mean you're going to .... like sacrifice someone to me are you?"

"Well, not in the killing sense, no. Although, we would be changing someone's life. Worry not, I wouldn't be doing it to someone who wouldn't want it."

"Who would want it?!", I screamed.

"Calm yourself, Stephen. You'd be surprised. As many men that wish they could be tall, giants, great hulking brutes of strength, there are quite a few who were born that way that wish they could be less than what they are. Too tall or big to fit into normal everyday things, having to squeeze into this, having to duck that, the back and foot problems it creates.... It's simply a matter of finding someone who doesn't appreciate their size."

"But when it's upon me... I change... I lose my inhibitions and rational thought. I could go after you. I could..."

"I will be prepared for this. But first, I must prepare you and educate you on what you are."

With that the professor went into the next room and then came out with a very old, old tome of paper. It was a handmade book from ancient times, written in an ancient language and style of script. He began to turn the pages to find the right spot and show me the writings and wood-block print pictures.

"I believe you to be, Master Werdun, a weresinewa."

"A what?"

"A weresinewa. It is a seldom heard word, and a seldom seen creature. Which poses other questions: Who made Mr. Moore into a weresinewa? Was that person another weresinewa or a cursor who cursed Mr. Moore? And has Mr. Moore bit others? We will need to find answers to those questions, otherwise we could soon have a country full of gigantic hulking brutes."

"What exactly is a... weresinewa? I've heard of a werewolf but never...."

"It is a similar creature. In fact, there is actually a whole family of were-creatures, not just werewolves. They all have a similar curse. They will all change into something else than a normal human upon the nights of a full moon. The type of change and the length of the curse vary depending upon the type and reason for laying on the curse. In your case, you are a weresinewa, from the Anglo-Saxon words wer, meaning 'man' and sinewa, meaning 'strength.' It is interesting for it is the word that eventually develops not in something meaning strong, strength, or powerful but the body's sinews. But in days of old it meant strength and power, and that means muscles.
"Basically what it means is when the time of the full moon comes, you will change into a very strong and powerful man. You will develop a strong sexual urge, and whether you are gay or straight, you will wish to have sex with a male. Upon doing so, in your altered state, you will take from him, depending upon how long you are....well...fucking him... You will take from him the difference in muscle size and strength, the difference between your original height and his, sometimes even the difference between your original cock size and his. You will swell with this power and grow and get larger and stronger. However when the first light of morning strikes you, you will shrink down, losing all but one-fourth of what you gained. Hence the reason why you are now a strapping six foot -three inch tall gentleman before me and not an average Joe of five foot six, as you once were or a twelve foot tall giant as yet."

"But how long will this continue. What if I come across more than one gentleman in a night?"

"You will take from as many gentlemen as you come across and care to take from each night. So if you see twenty men...."


"Yes, twenty men, and if you wish to do all of them, you will take from all twenty men. If you don't care for one or two or three, then it will be that many less. As far as the duration goes....a weresinewa's curse length is dependent upon the cursor. How long of a time did the cursor choose for their victim? The victim who bites another, infects another with the same level curse. You could be done once this full moon cycle is over or you could be cursed for life...or anywhere in between."

"My life...is ruined..."

"No, not ruined Master Werdun, just in limbo for a time being. We just need to keep you confined during the full moon nights and see if we can locate the source of your curse. Speaking of which, it is now about an hour until dusk. I suggest we prepare you to a surprise room in my house."

"Surprise room in your house?"

Dr. Zimbalst opened a secret door leading to a passage and secret rooms under his house. He had chosen to buy this house for he knew at one point in time it had belonged to a master of occult lore and study, who said it had belonged to a great witch or wizard, who said... and on it goes back through history. He discovered the secret rooms quite by accident, but he said he knew they would be fitting for this occasion. Once down underground and around several stone-lined passages, the space opened up to several rooms. One had a series of what looked like jail cells. The professor took out a key, unlocked one, and bid me step inside.

"I know this seems extreme, but it will be necessary in order to keep you confined. You will be a changed man as you are already. I won't keep you completely uncomfortable, just on full moon nights until this curse stops or is vanquished. For the now we must chain you up, but in between you can stay in one of my spare rooms here. I'll make arrangements with the school to freeze your scholarships and grades for this semester due to medical illness, and have some of your friends bring your belongings here."

I wasn't sure that I liked this idea, being chained up like an animal, but what other choice did I have? I walked into the cell and the professor clamped shackles around my wrists, my ankles, and my waist. They were odd looking shackles, almost like handcuffs that closed in around one to fit, but the cut and design of them allowed for growth to make them more open, yet one couldn't simply push on one side and make them larger to slip out of. After that was done the professor told me there was room enough with the chains that I could lie down on the cot and mattress or reach the area where a chamber pot was. He set up a TV on the outside of the cell for me to watch, but I knew I wouldn't as I could tell the sun was going down and my horniness was increasing dramatically. He said good-bye and mentioned he'd be back shortly after searching the internet for a good candidate.

It was later that evening. Trying to guesstimate time by the TV and shows that went on and off, I figured it was somewhere around eleven or eleven -thirty p.m. I was going nuts. I had been pacing back and forth in my cell, desperately trying to reach the door, but even in my heightened strength, could simply not break the chains that held me. I was sweating profusely. My cock had become erect and was leaking a tremendous amount of pre-cum. If you had placed any kind of man in front of me, I would have taken him, but it wasn't just any kind of man that was placed.

I began to hear voices from down the dimly lit corridor. I began to smell two man scents: one belonged to the professor, the other to some man...I knew not who. When they stepped into the open space I could see him though. Tall...7' 3", Latino descent, very bulky too, a mixture of fat and muscle, still he was beyond normal size for sure. He lurched back a little when he saw me, but the professor began to talk with him and comfort him.

"Don't be frightened. I've explained what he will do and what will happen to you, if you go through with this. The change will be permanent. I can arrange to have folks alter all your records for you so you don't have to lose your identity."

The young man considered me for a moment. Then slowly nodded his head.

"No...I understand. If this truly can work, I want to do it. It's not just being uncomfortable because everything is so small, and bumping my head and my knees and all that, I'm somehow and odd ball in my family. The tallest out of all my relatives no matter how far back in my family tree you go is only five foot - eleven inches. I don't mind being tall and big of build, but this tall compared to the rest of my family is too much."

The professor nodded and went to the cell door. The young man slowly peeled off all his clothes and stood naked; he was exceptionally hung as well...extremely well hung. Opening the cell door, the professor stood back to let the young man in, who walked into my cell, slowly turned to face the professor and the bars, and then began to slowly walk backwards in my direction. Upon coming within my reach, I pounced and proceeded to bang him hard, fast, and continuously. The man let out a cry of pain and shock, which began to lower into a whimper. I dug my fingernails and tips into his arms to ensure I had a good enough hold so he couldn't break free while I plowed him. I grunted, I groaned, I moaned, I thrust and thrust my engorged cock into this man's virgin hole. He yelped and screamed and then....began to shrink. Slowly his muscles began to deflate. His body began to come down in height. I could even feel the weight and size of his cock diminish as it swung in front of him. Down....down...down. he was going.

But then... my mind began to falter. This wasn't right. This wasn't even a victim of my lust, of my crazed power. This was a man who was presented by Dr. Zimbalst. A sheep to be slaughtered by me, willingly! I could no longer do it. My mind and my body began to fight one another. One of my arms was trying to push and pry him off, while the other held on and pulled him close. Although I was growing and getting bigger and bigger, and stronger and taller and broader, thicker...huh....denser....HUH.....more swoll.... HUH!.....fuller.... HUH! HUH! .... more hung..... HUHH! HUH HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

NO! No, I just couldn't! I somehow managed to push him into the bars and fell back collapsing upon the cot. The professor unlocked the cell, came in and assisted the man out. He was much smaller than he was, but still a good sized man. My brain looked at him and cursed me on the inside for pushing him away at the same time performing an instant analysis. He was now 6' 5" tall, down to a soccer players build, and still had a cock a good eleven and half inches long when erect. I wasn't satisfied though. I wanted more... and needed to find more. I ran and pulled as hard as I could on my restrains, struggling in vain while the professor came, shut and locked the cell door. I would thrash and scream and pace all night wishing to break free and roam the country looking for huge men to fuck.

In the morning, I awoke. Dr. Zimbalst was sitting in a chair beside my cell with a tray ready like he had the afternoon before. I looked at myself, my body. I was a bit bigger than I was before, although not as big of a change. I looked back up pleadingly to the professor.

"For some reason you pushed him away. Which is good, as he liked the height he still had, and his size. If it helps to ease your mind, you've made him a very happy man, although he's doubtful his arse will ever feel right again."

I ate my breakfast and the professor set me free from my restraints. Bringing me over to one of the room's walls, he had set up a series of charts and medical equipment to see how I had developed. I was now six feet - five and half inches tall about two hundred and twenty five pounds and a good ten inches erect, with feet requiring a size seventeen US men's shoe. I inquired of the professor what I do now? He told me he had confirmed I was a weresinewa and now it was time to hunt down the cursor and do everything we could to keep me in check during the full moon and perhaps...maybe...just maybe I will remain a "small" man of almost six and half feet tall.

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