I was a College Weresinewa 4

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After breakfast and measuring that day, when I discovered I was now six-feet, five and half inches tall, with around two hundred and twenty five pounds of muscle and good ten inch erect cock, the professor found me some clothes I could wear and opened up the second floor of his house to me. It felt great to get out and move about, even though I was only shackled for one evening. I took the time to pace, but not in an agitated way. I was exercising, getting used to my new stature. I couldn't believe how small things were looking now, how tall I felt compared to so many everyday things. I was enjoying it immensely, although completely guilt ridden over my victims.

Around three in the afternoon the doorbell rang and Dr. Zimbalst pardoned himself to answer the door, after his bulter, John, called for him. I stood at the top of the stairway to listen, although I kept out of sight from the doorway itself so as not to be seen.

"Afternoon, professor. Is Stephen here?"

It was Pick. I was touched; he really sounded very concerned about me in his asking.

"No, sorry, Master Pickles. He is away at a hospital having some diagnostic tests run. He will be back soon and I will have a get together so you can all see him then."

"Uhhhh.... ok."

"Thank you for bringing all his belongings. Just set them there right inside the doorway, and I'll make sure that he receives them."

"Alright. Thanks, Professor Zimbalst. Uhmmm how did you discover him in his condition again?"

"I haven't told you. I feel that will be a story best left for him tell in a few days."

"Oh...ok, professor. Take care."

"You as well, Master Pickles."

The rest of the afternoon was very quiet until around four forty-five p.m. when the professor calmly looked at me and said, "It is time."

I got up and followed him downstairs to the cell where he shackled me once more. He looked up at my face at one point and as he clicked the last cuff in place stated, "Don't be so glum. It's the last night of a full moon cycle and it won't be back for another three to four weeks or so. I'll be able to let you roam the full house and we can even take trips into town if you like."

I liked hearing those words, but still didn't like having to be chained like a wild, untamed beast.

"Don't worry about keeping me awake. I will be out for a while this evening. I have some errands to run and then will check out the area where Mr. Moore lived. Worry not. If I come across another weresinewa, I have the proper talisman that can ward him off and keep me protected. Plus my van is custom built to withstand attack from many a mystical creature."

He smiled at me and mentioned he'd have another good breakfast for me in the morning as he walked out and shut the cell door.

Time passed. The night was going uneventful. Oh, I was pacing and panting like I had done the last two nights. Sweating a lot too. My cock was painful fully erect in my underwear, as there wasn't quite enough room for it to tent it, as full as it now extended. I could have walked all night mindlessly numb as my mind and body knew that these restraints were good and would hold me firmly in place. But then around nine p.m. things changed. Before I could hear them coming down the hallway, I could smell them. Their male scent riding the dank air of this dungeon like basement. My body and mind began to analyze them immediately. One was around 5' 11", slightly stocky, a just average penis, about a size nine shoe. The other two were around 6' 4" and 6' 6" tall, heavily built, both with muscle and guts, thick like retired but never quite made it professional bodybuilders in their third season of off training that never had a pare down, competition season between them. Slightly larger than average cocks.

As they came into the open area, they began to open each door and search the rooms until they opened up the door to mine and in stepped the shortest of the three.


"Pick! What are you doin' here? How did you know where to find me? You've got to run. You've got to get out of here. Don't come in this cell!"

"What has he done to you? My God, man.... you're huge!"

"I can't explain right now. I.....I..... oooooh, gawd. Get out... Get.... Out! ....GET OUT NOW!"

"I knew you were in trouble, Steve. I could read it off of old man Zimbalst. He forgot the reason why I signed up for his class. I wanted to know about a little legend in my family's history. A story that turned out not to be a legend."

"Are you... are you a weresinewa?"

"A what? No... my family are wergemynds. We were cursed to be able to read people's minds and do other mental feats during the days of the full moon. The only thing I can't do is read another wer-creature's mind. Ok... hold on buddy, I think I've found the key to this cell. Old fool left them here, right where I saw it in his mind this afternoon."

"No! Pick, you mustn't!"

But it was too late. Before I could blurt out anything, George had found the key and unlocked my cell. He tossed the keys to one of the two brutes and told him to unchain me, while he sent the other gentleman to stand watch, and he went to look over the medical charts and such on the wall and new desk Dr. Zimbalst moved into the room. As for the large oaf that came in to unshackle me, the poor bastard didn't know what hit him. Stepping within my grasp, I grabbed him by the shoulders and spun him around hard. His yelp of surprised caused Pick to look up into the cell.

"Steve, what are doing? Oh my god!"

Pick couldn't read my mind, but he soon saw what was happening as I effortlessly yanked the 6' 4" man's pants down and plowed into him. My head snapped back and my eyes rolled as I let out a guttural moan and felt the power begin to course through me, riding up my cock, into my balls, my solar plexus, down my thighs, across my hamstrings, into my calves, finally into my toes, while the other end went up into my abs, across my obliques, up my spine, into my chest, across my back, shoulders, arms, into my finger tips and finally into my head.

"Hmmmmm power.... yes.....Yes..... YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssssssssssssssssss. ....."

The power, the muscle was coursing through me... the man began to shrink before me as I began to stretch, swell, and grow. The shackles finally hit their size limit and snapped off of me. The new clothes on me had reached their limit too and were tearing and ripping and snapping and popping off in every direction this way and that. It all too soon became time to set down this man and break away. I dropped him to the floor now as 5' 6" inch tall man of around 100 pounds. I came walking out of the cell, stopped and dazed momentarily, my mind not realizing what has happened as I was now seven feet - three and half inches tall and very thick and broad with muscle, I had smacked my head on the top of the cell door frame and my shoulders had collided with the sides.

But I was totally lost in lust now. I had to have more. I need to take more men and there were two here in this room. I twisted and ducked and walked out of that cell growling to intimidate and simply roar with power. I lunged for the bigger man first, anticipating some kind of attack and moving to grab a hold of his arms, hands, and counter attack. However, instead of receiving his blow, I simply bounced away from him once I was nearly on top of him. This infuriated me to no end. I screamed and lunged at him again. BOUNCE! Fine, I'll take the smaller man and see if the larger one can stop me from taking him after I'm done. BOUNCE!

I stood up blinking and shaking my head. Slowly, eventually, I began to notice there was a slightly bluish-white circle around both men.

"Steve... you need to regain control of your mind. I don't know what the doctor did to you, but you must snap out of it!"

Pick was concentrating on me very hard. I could almost swear I was feeling someone massaging my scalp or trying to tickle my head, but that was about it. Pick still hadn't realized that I was a were-creature, and therefore he couldn't read my mind nor affect me.

"Steve.... come back to your senses. Come on.... COME ON!"

He was concentrating very hard and sweat broke out across his brow. I merely growled intensely at him and began to continually lunge at him or the other man. BOUNCE. GRAAAAAAAH! BOUNCE! HOOOOOOO! BOUNCE! AARRRRGH! BOUNCE! I must have kept it up for about an hour, but the mental shields held good, although Pick looked as though he was going to vomit and was becoming very pale. Luckily for him, my mind and body had decided I wasn't getting anywhere and although I couldn't get to them, I was free to walk past them and out of the house. I did so with ease.

I ran... ran out into the street, looking this way and that. Sniffing the air, I tried to catch a scent... a scent of a man. Any man. I had tasted the growth and wanted to taste more of it, much, much more of it. Finally I caught one...wasn't the best....but still it was a man. I ran in the direction of the scent. Running through fences, leaping over walls, jumping onto and from one to another set of roofs. Finally I came to the apartment building of this man I smelled. I hung upside down from the roof top and peered into his sixth story apartment window. He was a nicely built man. A little larger than a gymnast, not quite up there with an American football player. Very cut and very defined. Nice eight pack of abs showing. He had some strength in him. He was a personal trainer. 5' 10" tall. He was listening to tunes on an I-pod or Mp3 player, something. He never knew what hit him.

I crashed through the window, catching him completely off guard. I had his little running shorts off in a second, tearing them right off his bubble butt. I plunged and felt the coursing of power and heat again. Smelled his musk fill the air and then it become overpowered by mine. I rose just a tiny bit, but my muscles swelled quite nicely. In just a few minutes it was over. I dropped a helpless, twig of man, now four inches shorter, while I was now seven feet -seven and half inches tall, and really starting to pack some muscle on my frame. I stood there reveling in this power and my new size and then.... I caught a whiff. Sniff....sniff..... A man...SNIFF.... a really big man....SNIFF SNIFF.... a really big and developed man..... I needed to have him. I had to take him. It was imperative! The scent kept getting stronger and stronger, thicker on the breeze. The sound of a motorcycle passing, and then the scent started to get weaker.

I burst through the window of the trainer's apartment once again, bouncing off of the walls on the way down. I took to the street running like... well, like a mad man. My new body had such power, such strength, and the curse was magnifying it. No wonder Mr. Moore was able to fell trees with his bare hands. Faster and faster I ran, jumping over cars that cut me off. Running and running, until I caught up with that scent. I was running almost right behind the motor cycle now. The man wasn't paying attention to anything in his rear mirrors. He turned down an alleyway and into a gateway a little wider for a person, stopping in what I presumed was his back yard.

I burst through the fence as he dismounted the bike. He turned in surprise and let out a yelp. Swinging his arm up towards my face, he smashed his helmet into the side of my head. I reeled. My head moved with the force of the blow, as did my whole body. This man was big. This man was strong. I stood there for a moment, dazed, slightly confused. Suddenly there was a bit of shouting from a couple of voices. The man had friends inside and they had stepped in front of him to take a crack at me and help bring me down.

My body snapped up, straight and tall, arching my back and head backwards, my arms extending back and my muscles flexing as tight as they could as I screamed in defiance. The first one approached and I back handed him, nearly sent him flying over the fence line. The second came at me and I caught his arm and twisted it, and I think broke it. He dropped down to the ground screaming in pain. My original prey came at me then with a tire iron. I kicked him in the abs and sent him flying. I don't think I felt the impact the iron made against my shin. Picking up the man whose arm I broke, I dangled him, and with the other arm in front of me ripped his pants off.

"HUH!" I grunted as I plunged in and began to ride him hard and fast. My mind began the analysis. 6' 4".... 245 pounds.... 6' 3"....6' 2"..... 6' 1"...... My body swelled even bigger, ever broader, a bit taller.... and soon it he was done. An eight foot -five and half inch tall muscular giant now faced the man coming too and getting off the fence. He was approaching me at full speed, but then his mind caught up with what his eyes were seeing and processing, and he began to try and stop himself. Too late. I grabbed him by the neck, tossed him in the air, and caught him in the abs, knocking the wind out of him. He went limp like a rag doll in my hand.

I think I broke his pelvis ripping his pants off of him. 6' 2" 200lbs..... HUH! hmmmm yes....more.....power.....more.....strennnnnnngth. ...mooorrrrrrre.... hmmmmmm 6' 2", 6' 1", 6', 5' 11", smaller and smaller he grows. Neither of them will stop me from my intended prey. I am a mountain of muscle growing bigger by the second! GRRRRRRRAARGH! Clump! and I let him drop.

Stepping over towards the porch, I see my target. The man I smelled. The BIG man. He looked sooo small to me now as I stood over him at 9' 2 1/2" tall. I had muscles like an Olympian on a giant's body. A cock like a porn star, and soon...soon I would have the body of a god! My man came too, but was too out of it to put up a fight. I yanked down his pants and placed him over the porch railing and proceeded to fuck him up good. huh.......Huh.....HUH.... HUH....GRRRRR..... AAAARRRRRR..... YESSSS... YESSSSSSS.... YEEEEEEEESSS!

I could feel this flood of power from him. So much more than the others I've had. Each stroke felt like a caressing pull on my prick that travelled across my balls, up my abs, over my chest, in my throat, around my chin and into my lower lip. The man began to moan and yelp, as each time I plunged the feeling that hit me would cause me to involuntarily clinch my hands that were around his waist. He was feeding me such raw power. Such masculinity. Such strength. Height.... and it kept getting more and more intense for he was shrinking and I was growing. He was getting tighter and tighter. My veins were popping up all over my body. My muscles were swelling with strength, getting so hard with density, becoming so swoll with power, getting so ripped and cut, defined in a freaky inhuman way, and yet still so large, so symmetrical. Striations appearing everywhere criss-crossing my muscles fighting against the crossings of mighty red rivers of blood engorging my veins.

"Oooh!" I could hear his screams. "Auugh" and they were getting higher. "Unh!" and higher. "Ach!" He was losing his size. "Ooch!" He was losing the bass in his voice. "Unggggh!" He was losing his height. "Uhhnnnnn nfuck!" He was losing his masculinity. I felt him growing smaller and smaller in my hands. I knew it was time to stop, but I had to fight to get this man. I had to fight to earn him, against other men. I was entitled to all of him! I kept plowing and poking, growing and growing, going and going. I felt his body continue to get smaller and smaller... his waist and hips began to change. His voice became so high. His torso that smacked on top of the railing now began to bounce... Bounce.....BOUNCE! And each time he did so, his high, high pitched voice let out more and more of a scream of pain as his chest smacked against it. His hair grew longer and longer, his body more svelte. Until finally....finally, the power stroked my whole inside and I felt like I was going to suddenly do a crab shot and crush this man completely into a ball.


I released in him... and released.... released...released.... released... over and over and over. It felt like my first volley took five to ten minutes before that string had completely exited my balls and dick. I stood there panting, nearly hyper-ventilating, trying to look down beyond my massive globes of pectoral muscles. I stumbled back, knocking limbs and some power lines to the house down. I was a muscle mass monster that stood 10' 6.5" tall! I roared again, and although I had been spewing several volley since I stepped backwards, I shot another that went over the railing and splattered the side of the house. I looked down to see how decimated my prey was. To gloat over the small puny man that I overpowered. ... .... ... There lay a woman.

I stepped back, stumbling again. A woman? ..... A WOMAN?!? My mind couldn't take it all in. I.... I was fucking a dude. I had caught the scent of a man. It was a man that was fending off my attacks. Yet there... there in my prey's clothes was a woman. I had to get out of here. I had to go think. Sirens were coming, getting louder. I took off and ran....

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