I was a College Weresinewa 17: Finale

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While the battle between my friends and Malinda had been going on, Joel and I were battling for supremecy over Malinda's weresinewa. We had started performing boxing moves, wrestling moves, martial arts. We each knew what we wanted and needed to do to get to the other creature, we had to have our cock touch him, if not be able to plow his ass. We were ravenous monsters, lost in a sea of lust, that was getting fed sights we loved to see as all three of us began to perform feats of strength and power in our attacks. We single handedly uprooted dozens of hundred year old trees and tossed them like balls; ripped off entire walls of two three story buildings and sheds, hefted cars like they were toys and sent them flying. And all of these acts got us pumped, made our muscles swell and become slick with sweat. We could see every bunch and bulge, all the striations come into clear, sharp definition, all the veins rise up to the top fully engorged with nutrient, oxygen giving blood that served to further build our muscles and make them grow! But for all our actions, all these displays of strength, it was to no avail.

Malinda's creature had realized this too and began performing thrusts with his hips when making some other confrontational contact with us. He'd try to get us into a lock of hands and play uncle with us, while thrusting and swinging his prick so it'd brush against us and take some power. Joel and I figured that out easily and began to swing back, our dicks meeting his and touching. The sensation was a curious kind of jolt for all we did was transfer power, his cock siphoning some of our size in height, musculature, cock and ball size, and strength, but our cocks would take some of his. We were simply trading back and forth.

I began to gode Malinda's creature. He was intelligent, and posing a problem for me to conquer, so I figured if I kept him busy, it might allow Joel a chance to take some of his power and grow and increase in size, and we could take him out together. Then... then I'd have to see if my lover would still love me and submit to me allowing me to take everything from him.

My plan began to work. I started making advances on Malinda's weresinewa, coming in for a punch with my fist to the face, followed by a twist of my waist and swing of my huge log. He'd shake his head to shake off the blow, then realize my cock was swinging towards him and back away from it. Joel, however, would be waiting, and for a split second the weresinewa would back into Joel's cock, and Joel would grow and swell, his cock become longer and thicker, his muscles become larger, defined, cut, harder, denser, veinier. On and on my attacks went, with Joel eventually joining in attacking, towards the end to throw the creature off balance mentally, but I would scoot back so as not to touch him with my cock and then attack again, so Joel could do all the siphoning. It took a while, and there were times Malinda's weresinewa got in some good attacks and dick poking, but soon Joel stood as tall, as broad, as strong, as hung as her creature and I. And there we were, three thirty foot something, muscular sweaty, pumped behemoths in a wrestling match fighting for male supremecy.

Finally her creature backed off in rage and anger. He realized what we had been doing, and we had been so hard in our fight to punch, kick, flip and pin one another, the match is what became the foremost thing in our mind. This meant our libido and lust was placed somewhat on the back burner, and although we could still drain energy and power from another male if our cocks touched one, our cocks for the last hour or so of the battle were limp and flacid. Malinda's weresinewa decided this was a tactical error; his weapon of mass depletion was also his best shield and should be front and center. He stood there looking at us for a while. We could follow his eyes, moving from our faces, down our necks, across our shoulders, lingering on our heaving barreling chests, drinking in our plumped and pumped upper arms, counting all the bricks in our wall of abs, and stopping, though wanting to go on and view all of us, on our massive members and huge ball sacks. Suddenly he stood still and shook. He let out a massive roar and his member just instantly pulsed to life, exploding into a gigantic, massive, throbbing raging hard on that bobbed and jutted so thick and far in front of his groin, abs, and chest.

Joel and I stood there transfixed for a moment. It was so beautiful...so manly...so verile...so strong, this display of masculine power, but we broke out of state of awe and wonder when the creature screamed and began to charge at us, his solid, erect prick in the lead. After a number of charges and us watching him, his bobbing cock, his bouncing pecs, his flaring thighs and calves, his pumped arms, the whole movement of power that was his body, Joel and I ran behind him at one point, turned back to look at him and his firm, bubble butt, his hamstrings, and we stood there and shook. I erupted in erection first, followed by Joel, and Malinda's weresinewa looked back with a slightly worried expression. There we were now, all three of us, with erections that looked like redwoods, preparing to continue to do battle, as if our schlongs were swords that would strike hard, deep, and true, or be parried away.

And so the battle continued, gigantic bodybuilders rushing one another with their cocks, slamming them into one another, grabbling, wrestling, fighting, to do whatever we could to get our cock to touch another. The fight looked more like we were all trying to wrestle two partners into submission for positions so we could frot with one another. We were still just exchanging power, no win, now power drain, no dominance.

Finally, through my clouded mind filled with lust for size, power, strength, ass...I had an intelligent thought, a question actually. We siphoned off power through our cocks, if we touched it against another man. The drain of power was faster and quicker if we were fucking another man. However, I wondered, would the drain still be working, if we were being blown? Could my cock still suck in and drain off testosterone, maculinity, and power, if it was being sucked? I don't know how or why I thought of this, but this new idea appealed to me. Would it work? I needed to do something. This battle was going on far to long. To much time had passed since I received my prize for a fight. To much time since I was dominant over a man and made him puny, small, nothing!

Malinda's weresinewa, growled at one point shoving Joel away, and block a cock touch with his cock. Joel and he shrunk and grew right back and Joel stumbled a bit. This could have been a moment in which he could have taken and beaten Joel, and then been large enough to defeat me, but had noticed my being lost in thoughts and decided I was the easier pray. He screamed and rushed at me; I stood still and opened up my mouth. He hit me at a full run. I thought my jaw was going to snap off my head. But suddenly I felt a small rush, and I began to get taller and bigger. Malinda's weresinewa let out a scream mixed with sounds of confusion. He had started to smile wickedly, thinking I had made a huge mistake and my power was now his, but now he knew, this time the process was working backwards.

As soon as I could, I grabbed a hold of his cock with my hands and forced more of my mouth onto his head and began to suck for all my life. Joel noticed what I was doing and that I was growing and not shrinking and knelt down while Malinda's weresinewa was caught off guard and began to suck on the base of his cock and his balls. It worked for him too. Soon Malinda's creature was moaning and bucking in extacy over the blow job as well as in panic over loss of power, size, masculinity, as he began to shrink and become less and less developed.

Down and down he went, Joel and I eventually had to drop to our knees in order to keep sucking on him. We were lost in this drain of power and that could have been our great mistake, but it became Malinda's weresinewa's biggest mistake. Realizing he was losing size, power, and dominance but fast, he knew he had to do something, anything, that would stop this. Seeing that we were so drunk off of sucking up his power, he decided the best thing to do was knock us out and off of him. He let out a primordial scream, raised his hands in clenched fists above his head, his muscles defied us for one moment swelling in size and power once more and brought his fists down, and brought them down fast and hard on top of our heads. ... ... ...

The outcome wasn't what the creature had expected. It became his complete undoing. Having grown pretty large off our sucking the creature off, Joel and I now had either his cock or his balls completely stuffed in our mouths. His blow was harsh. It was severe enough to give us concussions, but he had grown just slightly too small for it to work. Instead of knocking us out, it caused us to flinch in pain and thus, grit our teeth in agony. This meant our teeth came down hard like a vise-grip upon his prick and nuts, and Joel and I bit them clean off.

Malinda's weresinewa backed away from us slightly with a look of utmost pain and confusion, emitting a scream that sounded more and more confused and higher in pitch by the second. In an instant he was shrinking down beyond his normal height, his body changed from man to woman, then all of him simply broke apart as if he became separating pixels that were drifting away, but into Joel and I. The balls in Joels mouth, and the cock in mine, became hot almost burning to our tounges, but then melted away sending a stream of power cascading down our throats. Joel and I felt the sensation in us like we had never before and our eyes rolled back in our heads, as our heads snapped back and our arms raised up, and we both assumed the stance of the victory pose so often given by Sergio Olivia or Lee Priest in competition.

And we grew...boy did we grow. Not only had we completely immascualted that man, we anihilated him. Up and up we went. Out and out we grew. We could feel and hear bones snapping, cracking, healing; muscles, sinews, ligaments, and tendons snapping and stretching, bunching and bulging, thickening and tightening, getting harder and denser, getting stronger and stronger. More and more we rose and spread out. We could feel our feet extending, widening, covering more and more ground. Soon we around fifty to seventy feet tall, with everything looking so small, tiny, puny! Our muscles were so swole and built, we could hardly move. Our arms relaxed looked like the biggest upper arms ever, in a fully flexed and pumped state! Our stance was such our feet were beyond shoulder width apart because our thights fought each other for room. This of course pushed our huge, low hanging, but still tight, and heavy, ball sacks forward for all to see our insane bulge, which in turn made our pricks jut even further out to there!

We stood there transfixed in our feeling of growth and power, knowing we were now gods among men...but now...now we came out of it, saw one another and knew.... ... ... WE WANTED TO BECOME TITANS!

Joel and I rushed one another in an attack, neither one of us thinking the other would be approaching in the same manner. In one split second our rushing footsteps that caused the earth to shake and building to rumble apart, had us meeting and both of us were sucking the other's cock head. Both of us reached out at the beginning a couple of times to swat at the other's head to try and get them to break free, but soon we were so lost in the power we were drinking in, our hands simply latched on to the other's cock and were sucking, and sucking, and sucking, siphoning for dear life, for total dominance, for growth, nothing but growth, more and MORE, AND MORE GROWTH!

But something had happened, of which neither Joel nor I were aware. Instead of merely being a constant flow of trading off energy, or becoming a battle to see who could suck the fastest and eventually become the bigger man till he could then dominate and take all, we were both receiving a steady flow of power, increasing power. The more and more we sucked each other off, the faster and stronger the power we received from each other became. We began to swell and grow again, faster and further, higher and broader, thicker and higher. If we weren't lost in lust and could pay attention we would have noticed everything was getting shorter and shorter, smaller and smaller, tinier and tinier, teensier and teensier, the whole world was possibly going to become microscopic. Growing and growing, filling out more and more, harder, denser, more swole.... We were so big suddenly, the incredilbe hulk at his angriest, his biggest, would look like a baby to us! And there we were, lost in our feeding of power.

As if waking from shock, Malinda shook her head, blinked at the sight she had just seen of the great weresinewa fight, and finally turned on the rest of the gang, screaming at the professor who was making his way out the back door and across the terrace. "You cost me another servant, you bastard!"

She raised her hands to do something, but suddenly was struck in the face by...nothing. A voice was heard however.

"Shut up and take a nap, will ya?"

It was Roger. He helped the professor so much out of so many traps and obsticals inside Malinda's house he was now the size of gnome, but still had all his strength and power from when he was a five foot nine power lifter. Malinda actually couldn't see what was striking her; he was too small to spot while a blur of motion. Roger kept leaping and jumping all over the place, striking Malinda with blow after blow to her feet, ankles, chest, face.

Mentally drained and tired, Pick called out, "Professor, what do we do?" He then pointing towards myself and Joel, and explained what had happened. The professor stared at us for a while, studying us and then proclaimed...

"They're trapped in a continual feeding loop. They're just going to keep feeding and growing, and feeding and growing. They'll become as big as the universe if it's not stopped."

"How do we stop them?"

"We don't have enough physical or magical strength to pull them apart. Our only chance is to end the source of their curse. We've got to kill Malinda!"

At that moment everyone concentrated upon Malinda. Roger started landing as many blows as he could to keep her unfocused. Pick began to concentrate on her mind, telepathically singing as many bar songs as he could to further keep her thoughts a jumble. Dr. Merrymen sent out strands of bandages that bound her legs and hands, extra tight, two, three, four, five layers thick, while the rest of her got covered up in a single layer and blocked her vision. Merril, after calling for Roger to get out of there, called up water from the local river and encased her in a ball of water so she had to hold her breath or drown. Ricky concentrated and caused her blood to boil and begin to run backwards. James threw a wire into the ball of water then caught the other end, and while holding it with both hands began sending currents of electricity through it and the water. Alistair called upon all the ghosts of Ms Malificant's victims to attack her mentally, spiritually, and physically and sent them soaring into and through the water ball and Malinda's body. Finally, Thomas and Eric in their supped up forms began to play catch with the ball of water tossing it and Malinda back and forth while everything else was happening.

It was going on for several minutes when suddenly there was a brilliant flash and an explosion of power that knocked everyone off their feet. They tried to shake it off, but the force was a bit of magic from Malinda, so when it hit the boundaries of the circle, it came back, striking them all with almost as full force as the release. The energy wave moved into the circle hitting itself, causing it to radiate back outward again in a circle. The gang kept trying to stand up but was getting struck repeatedly by the energy wave bouncing back and forth until Pick mentally called out to everyone.

"It's a huge shock wave. It'll keep bouncing off the outer parameter of the circle and then on itself in the center until it finally runs out of steam. Everyone just stay down for a bit!"

Ms. Malificant was looking quite the mess. A little blue from lack of oxygen, quite disheveled in appearance from the water, while black and blue from the beatings, hair standing up from the electricity, body all red from the blood boiling and flowing backwards. But as the energy wave kept passing over them, with each pass she began to look better, healthier, prettier.

Looking down upon Dr. Zimbalst, Malinda stated coolly and mysteriously, "Killing me, is easier said than done, old man!"

And with a wave of her hands all sorts of things began to happen. One large, concrete urn full of roses rose high and landed behind Pick. The vines then grew larger and thicker, wrapping themselves around him with one strand wrapping straight around the middle of his forehead while one thorn grew incredibly huge and began to press inward.

" Ah..ah...ah..ah... Mr. Pickles. One overly taxing thought from you and that thorn is set to grow straight into your brain giving you a cheap, but natural, lobotomy. ...I don't want to kill you. No, now, I want you all to become my slaves. And although I can not turn you all into weresinewas now, I can still make you just as drunk and dumb with power as your friends! Gauntlet of Michael! Spear of Goliath!"

Malinda began to make many encantations and call forth things from out of nowhere. The first two made their way over to Thomas and latched themselves onto him. He suddenly stood up and arched his back backwards, face grimmacing, mouth open screaming a gutteral moan. The spear in one hand, with the gauntlet on the same forearm, they were spewing forth power into the body of Thomas and he began to swell. His neck lengthened and thickened, the increasing column of power causing the last remnant of his clothing from his previous growth spurt, his new clerical collar, to snap off and go flying through the air. His shoulders broadened and mounded along with his back while his lats flared further and further out like wings causing the back of his shirt and the arm pits to rip to shreds to reveal more and more of his holy muscular power. His breathing became heavy and his chest began to rise in full deep, but rapid breaths, expanding each time into larger and larger mounds of barreling power that covered more and more of his torso, squaring off, barreling out and oozing down over the top part of his abs. He had stepped into a pair of sandals after his first growth spurt, but his feet now exploded out of them, getting longer, wider, thicker, while his calves and his thighs ballooned with such muscle mass and thick chords of sinew they shredded the last bits of his pants to threads.

Meanwhile a circle appeared above Ricky in a sickly color of blood red. Suddenly it became a portal and a monstrous man-bat thing poked its head through. It opened its mouth and appeared to vomit a spray of blood upon Ricky, who upon getting drenched with it, became stiff as a board and began screaming in pain. It was an ancient blood god and he was filling Ricky with as much power as he could give and Ricky could take. Ricky's body swelling, inflating, everywhere, triceps splitting the back of his sleeves, while forearms burst the cuffs, calves tearing the hem of his pants, while the thighs ripped the side seams. He was hulking out only instead of green he was turning an slight burgundy color with much larger fangs and talons from his mouth and fingers.

An ahnk symbol came down from the sky and engulfed Dr. Merrymen, who let out a low moan and began to join Ricky and Thomas in swelling and growing. He kept trying to send out tendrils of bandages from his body, but the ahnk was filling him with so much power, every few seconds his muscles would burst through all his wrappings, shredding them, and causing the tendrils he sent out to fall to the ground. Out and up he grew, causing the magical wrappings to have to take time to rewrap the ancient Egyptian, and then once having done so, be shredded apart again by the mounding muscles and growing height of the phenominal pharoah.

Formulas began to be ripped out of Eric's clothing, pop open and various herbs flying in from a garden mixed with them, and then poured down Eric's throat. The affects were instant, Erics body snapping and popping, swelling, inflating, growing, throbbing, pulsing with height, size, and muscle, not to mention and engorged dick that just seemed to keep getting longer, fatter, and harder. He was also getting hairier and hairier...he wasn't becoming a giant of a bear in homosexual terms he was beginning to look like a giant sasquatch!

A strange ball of energy formed around James, which had the appearance of one of those Tesla like balls one finds at the store. The kind of item where one places a finger on the glass globe and all the energy focuses into one beam aimed at where one's finger is resting. It sent a shock of energy through James causing him to scream and howl in pain. Then from the nearby graveyard, bodies, body parts began to fly in a long line into the energy ball that surrounded James. As they did so, they began to dissolve, James began to cry out even louder, and then he began to grow and swell. This Frankenstein monster was getting even bigger, taller, stronger, more powerful his form broadening, thickening, lengthening. His body puffing and inflating into even larger and larger mounds and curves, crevices and bulges of powerful, light green marble of Atlas like power and size.

Meanwhile, from out of the river rose a shiny weapon of ancient times, a trident, but not just any trident it was the trident of Possideon. It flew into Merrill's hand, but not by his command and once firmly in his grip, started coursing godly like power through Merrill's already very strong and dense body. He too began to swell as large as tsunami waves, grow taller and broader, muscles bunch and bounding, growing and gaining in strength. He began to moan in some ancient language that sounded almost like what might have been a siren's song, as his body inflated thicker and fuller with his undersea dense musculature. The ground gave way under his increasing pressurized weight and he began to slightly sink into it.

Underneath Alistair appeared another kind of circle, in between the symbols laid out for our stationary sigel. It didn't break our spell, but our circle caused no interference with it either. It was a special kind of circle, drawn out to grant power to spirits. Usually used to help them stay longer in our plane of existence and help them communicate, this one was slightly modified and as the ethereal energy hit Alistair, his ghostly form began to increase in size.
Sensing what was happening, he concentrated on resuming his human form, but Malinda was ready for him. As a ghost he couldn't move in the circle she created, and so she placed a syringe full of a mixture of herbs, blood from Ricky, energy from James, and formula from Eric, right where the crook of his left arm was. When he assumed human form, the needle tip was automatically buried into the vein of his left arm and began to inject him. Alistair was now growing in human form. He tried to switch back to ghostly form only to grow there. Back to human and grow again. No matter what he did, he too was now becoming a growing behemoth of a man.

Pick, bound by the rose bush, was now joined by what looked like two aliens and a sphynx, who all gazed intently upon him. Pick began to sweat, then to shake, and after a few moments began to softly cry out several pub songs, until he eventually broke down, sobbing, and crying out in pain as his body twisted and contorted, plumped and pumped, growing here and then there, with snaps and breaks that nearly caused him to vomit everywhere. The other creatures were mentally causing him, forcing him to use his powers to heighten his body's size, strength, stamina, etc., by taking it from his mental powers. Soon he was reduced, if one could say that, to an extremely large, naked muscle mass monster continuing to grow on the cold, hard ground.

Roger too was joining in the growth, for Malinda had managed to freeze everything within the circle save Stephen, and Joel. Scanning several minutes to see where he might be, upon finding him Malinda hit him with several spells. He must have hulked out in extreme muscle first, and then his body set about growing taller. From nowhere there appeared a hulk action figure, which grew into a comic model display, growing into a bodybuilder doing cos-play, growing into a life sized version of the hulk, growing into the hulk at his angriest, growing into a hulking giant, growing into...growing... growing....

And there were all my friends: Pick, Thomas, Eric, James, Ricky, Alistair, Merrill, Roger, and Dr. Merrymen, all of them growing and pulsing, rising and inflating with muscle, height, balls, and cocks reaching James' eight foot height, matching Eric's formula induced twenty-five foot height, and continuing to grow and grow into hulking giants, as if they would match Joel and I. The air becoming ripe with the stench of manly sweat and testosterone, cum and it's otherworldly equivalent that came from vampires, adams, ghosts, mummies, and such. Everyone of us, except for the professor, lost in a lust of power and size and growth.

Malinda had played it smart this time though, not to underestimate, Dr. Zimbalst. After the attack on Pick drew the professor's attention away, another urn had landed behind him and its plant grew and enased him in a cacoon like pod, binding his mouth and hands so he couldn't conjur anything and assist us or attack Malinda. By the time she had all of us subdued and growing into huge, hulking men, some curious raccoons had wandered into the area wondering if they could have their pick of the fresh flowers, fruits, or herbs scattered here and there from the other tossed ornamental urns. Malinda caused one of them to grow a bit large and do her bidding, which was to open the cocoon Dr. Zimbalst was in, strip him of any and all of his charms and talismans and toss them outside of the circle. He was then bound with thorn bushes as well.

My friends did try to struggle a little bit. Thomas realizing what Malinda sent over Ricky, managed to get his sword arm extended over Ricky's head so the blood flowed onto and over it before it hit Ricky; it didn't look like it helped. Merrill used his powers to call forth a ball of water to try and surround James and protect him, but it didn't stop the body parts from entering, and only appeared to increase the intensity of the electric bolts in the circle, thus increase faster the infusion of the tissue into James making him grow more. They were now all trapped and the professor could only watch in horror as they all twisted and turned, stretched and reached, eventually assuming almost posing like positions, or thrusting the hips forward as their muscles inflated larger, bunched bigger, and their cocks lurched further outward while their balls hung heavier and lower. Muscular Mega-men on display soon to become so drunk under power and size they would be mindless grunts under the control of her. They had come so far to help me, to save the world, and now all was lost. Malinda Malificant had won.

"Well...." she said glancing over to Stephen and Joel. "It is true, not even I have enough magical force to pull them apart, but there are infinite planes of existence, with infinite size that I could send them to grow for all eternity." she laughed wickedly and proceeded to walk around us.

"You poor, poor dears. Thought you were a match for me. Well, surprise. As you've found out, it's hopeless to resist me. Pointless to fight me. No man is my better. No man will make me succumb. No man will ever defeat me!"



From over the terrace came an Amazon of a woman. She had to have stood around fifteen to twenty feet tall, with the most amazing musculature ever seen developed on a female body. Luxurious, long blond hair cascading down her back reaching to her tight bubbled buttocks. She had huge, sparkling blue eyes, luscious full, but not overly so, ruby lips, and a pair of boobs so huge, it had to have taken all of her body building strength to stand erect due to the weight of them.

Malificant had no idea who this woman was and as soon as she had stepped into the circle, attempted to blast the giantess with magic. However, her condition being a result of the weresinewa curse that was caused by Malinda in the first place, it hit but didn't have much of an impact, much to Malificant's dismay. The gargantuan woman wasn't here for Stephen. She hadn't sense him yet and had been roaming around sucking all the most powerful women she could find, draining them of their power, making herself more powerful and beautiful. Malificant's little display of strength in freeing herself called out to the giantess, who now knew she would have enough power to be beautiful enough for him.

Quickly the Amazon approached Malinda. Malinda realizing magic wasn't working attempted a nice well placed magic assisted jump kick to the larger woman's abdominals. The effect was a sprained ankle on her part. The Amazon, stepped back a second, then roared a primordial scream, performing a crab shot and showing such size, development, cuts, and striations in her chest, shoulders, upper and lower arms, and abs, she would clearly out match any Mister Olympia competitor today. Malinda stumbled backwards and in one quick snatch, the giantess had her by the waist, stripped her of her clothing and began to suck on her breasts.

The woman began to grow and grow, faster and faster, swelling bigger and bigger, thicker and harder, every muscle on her began gaining in size, density, and strength. She raised her free hand to run her fingers through her hair and it showed that her upper arm was bigger than her head. But bigger than that were each of her boobs, which were swelling and growing, larger and larger, heavier, fuller, leaking milk from nipples, and causing a problem in trying to gain more power as they pushed her hand, and her prey, further and further away from her mouth.

But suck all the power out of Malinda she did and in a few moments, she dropped what had once been the beautiful Malinda to the ground. It was a extremely old, wrinkled, weakened, bearded woman that just barely managed to stand up, and as she did so and turned to walk, began to snap and crack, breaking apart and turning into dust, scattered by the winds she herself had called upon.

The death of Malinda began to break all the spells and curses she had created. Joel and I came too just enough to stop our sucking and sixty-nining of one another, although we were very near to climax. However, having devoured every last essence of her womanly prey, the giantess now felt the man she wanted in her was near, and had run over to Joel and I still chanting her cursed mantra. She stood transfixed for a moment, confused; there were two of us, and her fading powers were telling her we were of equal size to one another. She did the only sensible thing she could think to do.

Joel and I in a haze of thought or state of brain drain, she placed her horny self in between us, while chanting, "I must have him in me... I must... have... him... oh...him... in... me...." And she backed into Joel's cock shoving it firmly up her ass, while she pulled me towards her and had me ram her frontal slit. She began to buck her hips back and forth, which produced results in a few mere seconds. Joel and I having been in an eternal suck for so long were already close to cuming, and our size being so large, even for her new gargantuan frame, filled her and touched every part of her completely. It was just few pumps, a few short grunts, and all was done.





And as we all started to cum, the rays of the morning sunrise struck us all and we began to shrink down...down...down... down. But something odd happened. Joel and I shrunk down, but didn't seem to lose any of our muscular size proportionately to our height. We were still so developed at what was now our natural height, our arms still stuck out almost parallel to the ground and we could never walk with our legs kicking straight out.
But more amazing was as the Amazon began to shrink down to what would be her normal height, she began to change. Her hair began to travel upwards back into her head, stopping at her shoulders. It took on a little bit of a golden honey color instead of the platinum blond it was. Her enormous boobs began to recede back into her, but eventually began to square up and broaden out, instead of being two giant things shaped like water balloons. She began to get hair all over her body. Her hips changed shape. Her voice began to get deeper....Deeper...DEEPER. My cock began to get squeezed, no, pushed out from inside her. Somehow, someway, she was turning back into her male self, although it wouldn't be the size he once was; he'd never be that small ever again.

Once the transformation and supposed shrinking stopped, we three men stood there holding one another, I standing out and leaning in somewhat as my erect dick and the man's erect dick were touching head to head. Behind the man, Joel was standing chest to back, his cock firmly implanted in the man's ass. We three eventually collapsed to ground, completely passed out.

That wasn't the only set of changes. Snapping my friends out of their stupor, Dr. Zimbalst went to have my friends search the grounds for a barn, shed, or something with which to find tractors to pull and house the three of us giants. However, he became aware that all the criss-crossing of magic had tampered with Ms. Malificant's last set of spells, causing some permenent changes in all of us.

Pick's abilities developed into something much stronger and permanent. If he were to show off he would piss off all the Uri Gellars of the world as well as all those who would debunk them. He has astounding telekinetic powers now: ability to read minds, move objects with thought, object read, as well as remote location viewing from time to time, although he has learned how to shut these abilities off and down, after suffering a few weeks of being able to hear the thoughts of an entire town's worth of people.

Thomas's dive with the Sword of Truth over Ricky had caused Ricky to go from being a vampire into being what might be considered a new thing called a werebakke, or modernly a were-bat. He retained all of his vampiric powers, but none of the limitations. He was once again human: heart beating, blood pumping, able to eat solid foods again, but retained his abilities all the time just like a regular vampire, and not just during a full moon.

Alistair lost his ability of becoming a ghost, so to speak. He still had an ability to become intangible, but only for short periods of time; however, he couldn't completely cross over into the ghostly plane anymore. Interestingly enough though, he now had an ability of being able to disrupt the ghostly plane, so later on in other adventures, if we were bothered by a very troublesome poltergeist or phantom, he could disrupt their plane and cause them to dissipate for a few hours on end. Given that and his ability to still be able to see and communicate with them, ghosts don't particularly like it when we bring him along on investigations.

James experienced a Pinnoccio affect of sorts. The ball of water Merril used to shield him from Malificant's spell was of course teaming with all sorts of life and bacteria. Between the spell and the electrical charge as well as the other body parts, it caused his body's cells to become reanimated with full life again. However, he now had some new capablitlies: one being able to breathe underwater, two begin able to survive unaided in great depths, and three, being able to send out some very powerful bolts of electricity.

Dr. Maatdi Merrymen is now human too. Having all the artifacts of his funeral chambers suddenly found, Malinda had them hidden away in her mansion, his history and name are once again noted and intact in Egyptian history, thus his identity and godhood restored: Maatdisheps known primarily under his pharaoh's name, Tutanhkmerymin. However, apparently due to the loss of his life so young at the hands of Malinda all those eons ago, and his part in bringing her to justice, he has been granted the ability to live a full life here on this plane, although he cannot go and try to rule Egypt. He does however, get to retain and keep some of the mystical powers and abilities of his god-like status, such as commanding the dead, causing bandages to act like living vines, control and communication with cats and jackals, as well as a few magical properties.

Even Thomas had a few changes that occurred. The power of the Sword of Truth somehow came to reside in him now. If he touches you, you have no choice but to tell the truth. When called upon he has the ability to form spiritual wings that he can use to fly. And due to whatever power it is in him that he absorbed, he is basically considered a holy, angelic creature now, thus any water he touches becomes holy water, and any ground he decides to bless becomes hallowed ground. He also is extremely unwanted by many of the creatures we come across in later adventures.

Eric and Roger became opposites of one another. Eric has the ability to suddenly grow taller, broader, and stronger up to sixteen feet tall, while Roger has the ability to get smaller and smaller down to sixteen millimeters tall, although he retains all of the power and strength he has at his normal size, while Eric's strength and power increases.

Speaking of normal size, that was the other change. The great mash up of magic and alchemy decided that James' size was the norm and that's where most of the gang wound up. In their normal states they are all eight feet tall now, with builds anywhere from cut competition season bodybuilder to peak of competition powerlifter. The difference only being a little bit of fat. Otherwise, they are all hugely built with muscle mass being the biggest of any bodybuilder or power-lifter in the world, some smooth, some hairy, some with little "love trails." Nearly as broad as they are tall, and hung too. Course this turns me on to no end, not to mention Merrill, who still has all his Atlantian abilities, although when he goes home to visit, if they thought he was big and powerfully developed before, now.... well let's just say their new nick name for him at home is "sperm whale."

Meanwhile, while everyone was getting adjusted to their new bodies and abilities, Dr. Zimbalst, the only one who came out unaffected by growth, went around and began to see how many creatures were waking up, gather them all, and hold an impromptu meeting to inform them all of what had happened to them, where they were now and what time period it was. To thank Dr. Zimbalst and us for freeing them, many of them agreed to stay on for a while at the estate, which Dr. Zimbalst took over. He brought in people to help train them in various tasks and skills they all wished to learn, got them identification papers and put into the system, while they then came back an worked upon the mansion. Well, it was needed work, as us three mega giants, who were dragged by tractors an all my friends, into a barn on the property, couldn't live there.

One fourth of the mansion was turned into a private apartment for Dr. Zimbalst. One half of the mansion was transformed into rooms in which, myself, Joel, and Dane, the motorcycle enthusiast whom I attacked, now lived. The other fourth of the mansion was transformed into rooms which could accommodate people of normal size and Joel, Dane, and my self's size, in case we ever wanted to throw a party and celebrate with friends.

Dane was understanding, albeit a little upset. He knew I had no control over what was happening to me or what I did, so as he said, "there's nothing to forgive there." He also didn't mind his new size. He was always a big man and he enjoyed being one of the biggest men in the world now. He enjoyed it even more when he found out his two best friends really only hung around him cause they had a crush on him and a fetish for extremely big men. They live with him in his section of our apartment and we can hear them play mountain climber and repellers off of his cock on a daily basis. The thing that upset Dane though, was that he was too big for any motorcycle. Dr. Zimbalst found an answer for him amongst some of Malinda's documents. Him and his two buddies now take weekend "camping trips" into other dimensions where an amulet will make a motorcycle grow large enough for Dane to ride.

Dr. Zimbalst has continued teaching at Trinity College. With Pick's help they went back and affected the memory of all people involved and then set up a clinic and boarding house for all the men who were now stuck in short lives. Although many of them are returning to their original lives, somewhat. We managed to brew a potion similar to the one we created for the ladies and it had the same basic effect. Although, the personal trainer was pleased as it brought him up to 6' 3" a bit taller than he was originally. The clinic and boarding house is paid for by money from Joel and I.

On the week-ends you'll find Dr. Zimbalst and Pick studying the tomes in our mansion, or going off to hunt for paranormal activity. Although the Board of Trinity College would never admit it, the Professor and Pick are responsible for starting up a Cambridge Paranormal Society.
All of the gang belong to it of course, although Joel, Dane, and myself don't get to go on the outings. When not investigating a paranormal event, Pick stays at home with Alistair, what a surprise that turned out to be, but it winds up working out well. Pick could read Alistair's mind, but Alistair can talk to ghosts, who can sometimes read people's minds, and thus know what Pick is thinking. The two hold quarterly seances using their abilities to read people's minds and contact deceased loved ones. They're currently outdoing any medium around the globe.

Although Dr. Zimbalst still teaches at the University, he does undergo a change.... Dr. Merrymen and him have managed to find a youth regeneration potion and given it to Dr. Zimbalst. He takes a disguise potion before going into to work to look old and the antidote when he comes home. The reason, he's coming home to Dr. Merrymen. Dr. Merrymen is writting books on his "discovery" of the lost Egyptian Pharoh, Tutanhkmerymin, his short reign, his murder, and the discovery of his lost burial chamber. He's currently on a world lecture tour.
In a few years however, Dr. Zimbalst will "die," and when his young relative comes to sort out his property, belongings, etc., he and Dr. Merrymen will fall in love and marry. They'll continue to reside in the mansion, along with their manservant, John. He was given the youth regeneration potion too, although he's told us all he's finding another wife, not husband.

Thomas went on to become an outstanding minister. He asked to be placed not too far from here. He visits us as often as he can when not busy with parishioners, of which he has many for given his powers and his size, he has a tremendous ability for creating converts. Although, he has joined a new more progressive church, as he couldn't really stay with the Anglican Church when he introduced his husband, Ricky. Ricky helps out at the church too, but went back and changed his degree yet again and has a thriving clinic as a successful veterinarian. He seems to have a great ability to communicate with animals, go figure.

Eric and Roger have opened up a successful line of gyms and work out centers, where people no matter how large or small, are all treated with the same amount of respect. Any trainer or patron that doesn't show respect, answer to the two of them. Eric also tested out of many of his classes and completed his bachelors, masters, and doctorate degrees in almost no time. He has used that knowledge to create a line of bodybuilding suppliments, vitamins, and health care products that are currently all the rage.

James and Merrill live with us on the property, although their house is under the river out back. After graduating they got married and then formed a new company that deals with cleaning and purifying of water, as well as working on new forms of energy not needing to burn fossil fuels to achieve. They are achieving some great success and attention, James being a nominee for a Nobel Prize this year.

About once a month or once every two months they all come to the mansion for a weekend out with the boys. They join Dr. Zimbalst, Pick, and Dane's two lovers and sit back and marvel at how much it takes to number one, fill what Dane, Joel, and I think is a pint of ale, and number two, how much it takes to get us drunk. Not bad for the guy who had to leave the pub early cause he was a short lightweight in drinking.

As for Joel and I....well, we settled down into a life of our own. All our feelings definitely came out and known to one another. I still to this day tell him how astonished, grateful, and turned on I was about him attempting to help me battle the first weresinewa. I was especially enamored at the fact that even though I was originally so much smaller than him, he was seriously thinking of me as a mate for life even after I had become a hulking giant to him. I'm very lucky to have him, and we married as well.
Obviously, we sleep in the same bedroom. Whenever the guys go spelunking in Dane, Joel and I tussle in our bed. Well, we do it a lot. Number one we both get off on muscle and size and big cocks, and we do have all that now... and two, we make money off of it. Our furniture is built almost to our size, so via the camera on our pay for view site, we look like two seven foot, muscle bound gods, with horse dicks going at it. We make enough money to pay the bills for the manor, give us extras we'd like to have, and support our help group for my victims and Ms. Malificant's victims as they get back up and work back into society.

And I suppose you'd like to know how big Dane, Joel, and I are. Well.... we are....we are giant mass monsters, that's for sure. I mean, our muscles are so big, it's a wonder we can move.
Yeah, we grew quite a bit during our suck off and somehow, while fucking Dane in his female form, gave her...him...lol...the same size too. 2131.5" tall or 177' 7.5"

Neck: 691.75"
Chest: 2,645.75"
Lower Arms: 752.5"
Waist: 963" I don't know how we don't snap in two there.
Thighs: 1,065.75"
Calves: 818"
Feet are 423.66" long or 35' 3.66" long.
And our cocks...damn near out grew our bodies, our balls too! Cocks hang and get caught up between our legs at 741.5" long soft and smack us in our faces at 1,077.75" when erect. That's an 89 foot 9.75 inch long steel rod we have there.
And our weight.... 10,340,652.31 lbs of pure solid muscle. That's roughly 5,170 and one fourth tons of muscle.

Now, I know a lot of you love the idea of being this big and powerful, muscle god giants, and yes, I can't deny that in many, many ways, Dane, Joel, and I love it, but trust me. Don't go looking for that curse. Not everyone can get all the loose ends tied up like we did. It'll just screw your life up and make it miserable. And don't attempt to coming looking for it here either. Dr. Zimbalst had Pick rip it from his brain, and then Pick gave it to a hare on the grounds, not that he can do anything with it. And the parchment it was written on, burned and the ashes scattered.

And should you ever find another copy and start this curse.... well just remember, you have six of these to contend with. Hmmmpph!

(Your vision is suddenly filled with a 907" or 75.5' round, cold, flexed bicep.)