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Malificant's weresinewa had figured out what Eric had been trying to do, and also that Eric was keeping his distance. He eventually let me place several good blows to his face, but was keeping his concentration upon Eric. Eric in his suped up Hyde-like form of around twenty-five feet of hulking muscle and throbbing cock was almost a match for either myself of Malinda's servant. Eric had begun ripping out some of the more older and larger trees from the surrounding forest area and throwing them at us. Malinda's servant caught the last one, an extremely large oak and clubbed me over the head with it, then threw it straight back at a charging Eric.

Eric had the wind knocked out of him to say the least. It would take him a couple of minutes to shake off the blow. Likewise for me. For the first time in my power lust and surge of gargantuan strength and size, I was seeing stars. It was taking a little too long to shake off that blow and the other weresinewa was approaching me.

Meanwhile on the inside of the manor, everyone was busy fighting Malinda and trying to keep her off guard and with her focus squarely on them. Alistair, in ghostly form began to race through Malinda's house looking for specific rooms and objects, in particular one spell.

Pick had managed to mentally tell us all to just keep attacking her, but not try to draw her out. We didn't want her to get the impression we wanted her outside. Indeed he began to try and scan her mind and see what items in the house she particularly liked, or started telling Ricky and Dr. Merrymen to make sure they turned her animal men into normal humans, broken from her spell and grip, right in front of her as many times as they could.

Looking very disheveled, Malinda kept pace with most of the attacks, although from time to time one of our blows landed, or tripped her up, but one could tell she was getting tired, agitated, and very pissed.

At last we struck a nerve. A can came bobbing around a corner all by itself. It was Roger, who threw the can towards Malificant. She of course blocked it, but Roger motioned for Pick to read his mind and told him to uncork the bottle as Malinda deflected it. When Malinda let down her shield for a second, feeling she had deflected the bottle, another came right after and smashed into a grand oil portrait of herself above the mantle which she stood before. The uncorked bottle went spinning and flying around spilling its contents all over a lovely living room set. The liquid in both bottles turned out to be paint thinner.

As the paint thinner began to dissolve the portrait of Malinda Malificant, Pick struck a match and caused the dowsed furniture to ignite. At the same time, a bunch of the animal men in the forms of rats, bats, wolves, and jackals had appeared and upon command from Dr. Merrymen and Ricky, had assumed human form and began to make a break for it out the side door. Looking at her portrait, whose face was bubbling, oozing, and running now, and her escaped slaves, Malinda shook in anger.

"Well now," called out Roger, "The portrait finally resembles the true face. Remember, dearie, I've seen you without your morning make up."


Malinda went ballistic and began blasting any and everything she could, this direction, that direction, this person, that person. She was just aiming and firing, but she was aiming blindly, hitting most of her own minions. She did manage to see Dr. Merrymen, Pick, Ricky, Merrill, Thomas, James run out the side door and gave chase.

Joel however, was already outside. He saw what Malinda's weresinewa was about to do to me and overcome by his love for me, ran out into the yard to come to my aid. Malinda's creature was about to bend over and grab me, when Joel had leapt up on my forehead, jumped off of it and threw himself into as much of a punch as he could right into one of the creature's eyes. That broke his concentration long enough for me to regain my senses and resume my attack, while Joel began to try and hit and push the other weresinewa's feet.

Pick called out to Eric who was unconscious from the oak tree hitting him in the head. Pick couldn't wake him up and called out to Merrill for assistance, who called up water from the nearby river to dowse Eric's face and make him come to. He rose and upon Pick's mental order, joined the others leaving me and Joel to deal with Malinda's weresinewa. Their fight was taken out in the large back yard of Ms Malificant's estate, where after running into the middle of the yard she saw them all and smiled wickedly.

"You are all fools. You do not know with whom you are dealing! I shall turn you all into my playthings and then calmly go back into my house for a good glass of brandy, then, and retire for the evening as if nothing happened!"

"I think not, Ms. Malificant." shouted Pick. "We've set you up in a trap. You're standing in the middle of a Stationary Sigel. You won't be going anywhere, let alone to your house and bed for a long, long time."

Ms. Malificant look a little frightened for a moment. Staring at the ground around her, she noticed the chalk outlines drawn upon her yard making a vast circle with many archaic symbols. She began to laugh.

"Fools.... you think this kind of circle will keep me?"

"It can, if done the right way."

"All this does is keep me from leaving the circle, this area. I still have my powers you ignorant pups!" And with that she raised her hands and cried out, " Venti: Aquilon, Auster, Vulturnus, Favonius, repente flavit in circulis!"

Suddenly the wind picked up and began to gust in great powerful bursts, harder and harder, until we all began to realize the wind was moving faster and faster in a circular direction. It wasn't quite enough to lift us up, but we soon realized the effect Malificant was after. The harsh winds were picking up and scattering all the chalk from off the ground, completely obliterating the Stationary Sigel. Ms. Malificant was laughing maniacally as the winds calmed down.

"We may be pups, but we're far from ignorant, you arrogant bitch. Look around you!"

And as the wicked witch began to look again across her yard, her eyes widened in horror. There cut into her yard was the same symbolic circle as before with all of its symbols intact.

Malificant tossed her head and gave a slightly nervous laugh. "Hahahaha... it still won't work. Drawn, cut, you need a holy man to place this, and I allow no holy men to trespass upon my ground."

"Oh, but you did. Thomas, I have a surprise for you. I have the results from your final exams and your ordination test. Would you care for me to read them?"

"By all means, please do."

Malinda glanced over towards the man Pick addressed as Thomas, and saw the tall, young, broadly built man, and looked at him very peculiarly as if he was someone whom she had once met, briefly in an encounter years and years ago.

"Yes, Ms. witch.... that's the same young man who mowed your grass today, a little taller, much broader and stronger, and with a great new head of hair, but it is him. He was able to resist your powers and magic of seduction because, one, he was wearing an amulet of moly, and two, because he's a minister. "


Pick ripped open two envelopes. "And let us see..... Mr. Wentworth's final critique on his doctorate thesis, gives him an A. All five of his reviewing professors on his committee have found his thesis sound, defined, well researched, and points proven. And behind door number two, we find that he has passed his ordination exam for his congregation's council, they are awaiting to hear from him to see where he'd care to be placed. Both of them signed off on in the afternoon and evening hours of yesterday, which means..."

"Which means, when I arrived here this morning, I was officially a man of the cloth. A holy man. And I cut these lovely patterns into your yard, dropped quartz stones while I made the outer circle and embedded them in your yard, and then came back and laid down the powder, all while my good friend here, made sure your mind saw a beautiful, pristine, cut yard."

Ms. Malificant screamed and made a run for the outer edges of the circle. She meant to run right out of there as she had run into it. PUNT! She suddenly went flying backwards as if an invisible hand came down and backhanded her, and she landed dead center of the circle.

Slowly getting up, she stared hard at Pick. "You ignorant twit! I'll make short work of you first!"

She raised her hands as if to start something , but suddenly screamed as her feet were picked up right out from under her causing her to fall to the ground. Her eyes darted towards Pick who was standing in a staunch protective stance concentrating hard upon her. She raised her hands again while on the ground, but had to scream and roll as a large concrete urn full of flowers came hurtling towards her, landing with a sickening thud where she had been. She had barely any time to think, only react, as more and more of the lawn ornaments came crashing into the circle.

"Protect yourself well from me, boy, but can you protect yourself from your friends?"

A bolt shot out from her hand and headed towards Thomas who was busy praying, but just before it reached him, he dropped down upon one knee, his head tilted back, and his arms extended down and out at his sides. In what was a position of "holy submission," a shaft of light came down from above descending upon him. He was now in direct communication with his God, receiving in his hands a most magnificent sword, and the bolt of light from Ms. Malificant bounced off of him. She wasn't exactly sure what Thomas was doing, but while in contact he was untouchable, but he was also now preoccupied and thus not a threat.

She turned her attention then to Joel who was still attempting to help Stephen battle her creature, but had stepped into the confines of the circle. She knew what to do. She raised her hands and the moment Joel had stepped back a little further from the fray... "Ég fylla þig með styrk Utgard-Loki!"

A bolt of energy hit Joel dead center of the back. He arched backwards, giving low guttural grunts, a look of slight pain on his face. His whole head started to turn beet red as though he couldn't breathe. Then anyone who could see saw what was happening... his clothes began to get tight on him, very tight, extremely snug, form fitting, skin tight. He was blowing up with muscle, getting bigger and stronger by the second.
His neck became a huge massive column of marble upon which his head rested. The veins forming and running down into his shoulders as his neck swelled popping his shirt button and splitting his collar. His shoulders bunched and hunched mounding higher and higher, spread out farther and farther with his back causing his shirt to rip down the center.
His lats joined in this growth thickening, widening, hardening. He had a good solid "v", which became wide like a "w", wider still till it formed a bracket that shredded the sides and pits of his shirt.
His chest began to grow, inflate, mounding up higher and higher, becoming thicker and broader popping the front buttons, ripping the shirt front. His nipples began to become slightly enlarged making obscene points poking the fabric out further and further. And as they got larger and chest got bigger they began a downward descent, travelling further and further down moving in tandem with the tear in the front of his shirt.
His delts and upper arms began swelling, growing, rounding, thickening... mounding up more and more. It looked as though two bowling balls where stuffed where his shoulders would be until they ripped the fabric and showed exposed, striated, hard muscular flesh. His biceps kept mounding on up, swelling in to huge peaks, softball, football, cannon ball, the peak finally splitting nicely showing the separation between the two heads, rising higher and higher looking more like a mountainous peak until they too split from their fabric confines bulging larger than Joel's head.
Joel's lower body was not to be out done. It started with his butt which began to mound, and firm up even larger, rounder, harder, more and more bubbled, until it split the crack of his pants wide open. Then the power traveled down into his thighs. He kept standing there, acting as if he was performing squat thrusts, while his thighs kept growing....Growing....GROWING....the pants became so tight one could even see clearly his hamstrings running down into the calves. With a loud and quick rip his thighs burst the seams of the pants wide open, followed shortly by his calves which had gone from diamond shapes to hearts shapes to looking like large ham hocks.
Joel stood there in a slight stupor, moaning loudly. His body was an enormous mountain of muscle. Something like 450 pounds upon a 6' 4" tall frame. He stood there, the moonlight showing him to be an Olympian god, covered in strips of cloth just barely connected at the waist or hanging on to his shoulders.

It threw the fight between Steve and Malinda's weresinewa creature off balance. They sensed this new virility, the new source of power, this new thing to fuck! But before they could truly register it and form a plan of attack, Malinda Malificant raised her hands once more and uttered an incantation: "Maledictus erit apud vestram virtutem, a cunctis hoinibus bibere et nutrientibus virilitatis eorum unusquisque in plenilunio usque estis colossus!"

Another bolt hit Joel square in the back, and as the steam from the energy rose off of him and cleared away, he stood there dazed, glassy eyed, and then suddenly looked at Stephen and the creature and snarled with look full of lust! She had hit him with the weresinewa curse. But just after that moment, Malificant went down to the ground nearly passing out. Holding her head as she sat up, she felt as though she had a migraine that would actually split her head into pieces. Glancing across the yard, she saw Pick looking up at her house, then collapse to one knee, breathing hard and sweating profusely.

"Stupid attack, boy. It hurt..... it pissed me off....but it didn't incapacitate me!" And with an evil smirk, she raised her hands once again. It was a bit of a fight, but she would win this battle. Another friend was turned into a weresinewa, and with yet one more, the rest would be taken care of without worry. She could then have the were-beasts dig up her yard and destroy the circle, setting her free.

"You shall join your friends in becoming a mindless beast, like all men are!" she took in a deep breath and said the magic words once more, "Male dick, tons arid. A pud, ram vest. Virtue in a cunt is a horny Bieber bus at nutrient virility of rum, unquizzical in one planes, asked is this colors!"

Pick just knelt there and smirked. With a surprised look upon her face Malinda raised her hands and tried again. "Male dick, tons arid. A pud, ram vest....."

Pick began to laugh.

"Male dick....... .... .... .... MALE DICK!.... ... .... What is this! I know this is wrong, but I can't think of the spell!"

"And you won't ever again, until you relearn it, but that may be never."


"My mind blast wasn't meant to hurt you, it was meant to read from you the curse of the weresinewa and take it from your mind."

"That poses no problem." And she raised her hands speaking, "Quid dicis mihi et proieci illud posse, uti scis amet!"

Suddenly Pick stood up, raising his hands towards Alistair, and chanted, "Moldy cactus err in a pod, vested virtually a conscious horn billed barber at neutral tea buses, virile ta-tas of rum burlesque in played lunar husks, is it colanders?"

Malificant stood there perplexed while Pick fell to the ground laughing.

"I can't believe you think we're that naive. I didn't keep it in me. I sent it on to Professor Zimbalst, while Alistair has shown him the location of the parchments you found with the incantation on them. He's still in your house right now, set to destroy them."

Enraged the woman screamed and sent a ball of energy straight towards her house. It soared to the edge of the circle and bounced right back striking her.

"Oh... don't you know this particular circle? It not only contains you, it contains your powers as well."

At that moment, there was a large scream from one area of the circle. Everyone turned to look to see Malificant's creature with his head back screaming, his hands clinched in fists resting on top of the heads of Stephen and Joel, which were firmly buried into the giant man's crotch.

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