Milehigh Man - Workout Journal 6/15/-1

“Uhm ok.. Hi, this is Aaron and .. whoops…

“Ok… had to adjust the cam there. All you were getting was my torso and crotch. hahaha I know.. I’m a tall freak. Before you ask, I’m six-foot nine. Yes, six foot nine, and no I don’t have that wrong. Been that height since I was somewhere between thirteen and fourteen years old. I’m eighteen now.

“Yeah, I know I look young. Got no hair on me except this black mop of a bush on my head, no beard, no ‘stache, no body hair, and I have no muscle. Well, that’s what I’m hopin’ to change this coming year. Build up a little on the stick arms, and …… get rid of this pooch of a gut. …. ….. hahaaha yeah, I know that was kind of gross making my tummy roll like that with all that fat. All 260 pounds of me. Let me make it up to you by showing my baby blues…

“Cheeeeeeeeese. Haaha Well I think that’s probably my best feature, my icy blue eyes. Although my high school coach said it was my feet. Let me back up from the cam again…and lift up these flippers. …. … … Don’t know why he thinks these are my best asset… ... as you can see they’re huge. Size 23. I think they’re too big. ...So does the shoe store.

“Any rate. … …. Well….not sure what to say. This is my first video posted up here on SelfScreen dot com. I decided to post ‘cause that way I’d have a reason to keep at it…working out that is. I’m hoping to lose the fat, gain some muscle. My goal is to look like Kris Humphries or Blake Griffin. Put some muscle on me so I’m not a walking stick, except for the pooch. Pooooch! Haahaha

“Oh! this is my dorm room. For those who are friends, I left early and taking some classes early. Uhm….well… I didn’t make any scholarships...not quite good enough, nor good enough for any teams, course I didn’t really play. Only did it cause dad wanted me to and I really didn’t like basketball, I liked volley ball, which dad says was a girls’ sport. Aaaaaand…. He didn’t like the announcement of me coming out either. At all. As soon as I found out I could get away from him and take some classes here during the summer quarter, I made arrangements to be here. He packed up everything of mine… everything. Helped me move it all into the dorm room. Left without saying good bye, except a note that said. ‘I disown you. I will not have a flaming pooftah faggot for a son.’ See….. yeah he’s got horrible penmanship. Hahaha.

“I’d love to take him on, teach him a lesson for all the crap he’s given me, mom…before she died. (sniff) You know I still think that bastard had something to do with her death (sniff) ….but I can’t take him. (sniff) He’s too big, too broad….and almost half a foot taller than I am. (sniff) hairy gorilla mother-fucker! ….

“Ok…back after…emo moment. Dad is history, the past, and this piece of paper means nothing, right? (crumple swish……pat) Hey how bout that! I can make college hoops after all. Excpet that basket’s on the floor and I’m six feet above it. Hahahaha. So I’m moving on from Dad and his stupid ways, aaaaand that has nothing to do with me working out and getting my body in shape and losing fat.

“So, that’s all for my first video here from the tri-county college of University of Buffalo-Illini-Terra, affectionately known as U-BUILT! I will have my dorm room cleaned up better for the next one so I look more presentable. I’ll try to have stats to post, measurements to do. OH! Everyone tells me because I’m tall I need to do a prerequisite door shot. So, here we go… an inch above the doorway, inch below the door frame, yes, I have to duck! Ok. Thanks for watching. Peace..register for updates, comment, and hit like if ya want.”

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