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“Hey guys, this is Aaron here with another workout journal entry…

“So, I know it’s been two weeks and, well, ….seriously, guys. You have to kind of wait. I’m…uh…well totally new at this, both the vlogging and the workouts. Besides not a lot is gonna change in a couple of weeks. Especially due to my classes.

“Well…. Actually only due to one. Man is it killin’ me! I thought this would be a dream. I took a summer Spanish course to get my foreign language requirment out of the way. Well, it’s not a requirement. I haven’t declared a major yet, but it ticks off one of those general eds or something on the list. Anyhoo, it’s an entire year condensed into eleven weeks and whatever grade you get for it, they give to you in three separate grades like you took the three separate classes over the regular school year.

“But damn! We have a test every other day. I mean look at my room! I did like I said I would, got it cleanned up and straightened up for ya. Haahaahaaa. But I’ve got to keep my books open all over my desk all the time, and I’ve had to stick note cards on everything…EVERYTHING! Uhm… well… you know to learn my words. Libro, de las puertas, escritorio, silla, cama, cuarto de baño, camisetas, pantalones .. Even on me! .. hombre alto or as my classmates are calling me, el gigante. Hahahahahahaha well… only for that class.

“The basketball team does have a seven footer on board so I’m not the biggest man on campus. He’s skinny like me…red head…green eyes…cute smile…OH!(click)

“Ok… so I just let someone know I’m eyeing them and I’ve not even met them yet. Probably put me up with the campus police as a stalker. Hahahahaha uhm… No worries dude, won’t ask unless you want me too. Hahahaha Anyhoo….that has nothing to do with the reason for the journal and I went to rambling mode again.

“Ok… so here’s there reason for the journal today. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhooooooooooooo…..I know I’m standing here with my eyes closed now…building up the courage to do this….hellwithit! ……. ……. ……. Ok… here I am shirtless. Please don’t run away screaming and don’t gouge your eyes out just cause of me. I’m uncomfortable as hell and is there any doubt why? (shakes belly) But I will have a six pack one day. I’m gonna be built and cut…like this guy down here….it’s in the description section. Couldn’t figure out how to do the link over the video yet. Anyhoo, he’s an Australian dude, I think. Used to be a runner…blond hair….cut…built like brick shithouse and then some…hairy….accent…….and I’ve gone back to dreaming ‘n rambling again….

“So anyway. Screw Blake Griffin…not in that scene…(rolls eyes and wonders with a smile)… uhm, well you know what I mean. Forget him and his stats; I wanna be proportionate like that dude listed below. I think his name is Andy…Arin? I wanna look like that! But right now…I don’t.

“So, here is a height chart. Not like that’s gonna change. Hahahahaha I mean I’m eighteen. Don’t need anymore height, unless I wanna beat my old man, or ask that basketball player out. Hahaha I’d settle for some hair though. I’M A MAN! I SHOULD HAVE SOME HAIR RIGHT!?!? Hahahaha.

“Ok, uhm…er…well, onto stats cause I hate being shirtless, but this way it’s out there, I’ve got the goal set and the before pics. So I’m 6’ 9”, 205.7 centimeters for any Eurodudes watching, size 23 shoe US size…… wave to the folks flippers…they’re 15 inches or 38.1 centimeres long by the way. I know.. son of bigfoot here. Hahahahaha. Uhm…..I’m 260 pounds, not sure what that is in kilograms, stones, or whatever Europe uses. I’ll try to look into that for the next time between Spanish tests. OH! And my waist is 39 inches or 99.1 centimeters.

“Now before you go off on me in the comments. Look, I know I’m not obese or even really fat, I’ve just got a little paunch. Well, on my hairless body and baby face it looks like baby fat! Hahahahaahaha… Anyhoo…. I know I’m not like morbidly overweight and I’m not trying to convince folks to become anorexic or anything. I’m just wanting to get myself built up a bit and look good so I’m not a bean pole with a pillow tied around him. Not, that skinny guys aren’t a good thing or anything wrong with…..I don’t wanna be skinny. I don’t like having only 15.25 inch upper arms.

“And the rest of my body kind of follows suit… thin as a rail everywhere. You can count my ribs, see…..hahahahahaha well at least before ya get to the pooch. POOOOOOOCH! Ok, I’m putting my shirt back on…(click)

“Ok so there you have that. The other reason why not a lot has happened in two weeks, besides it taking a while for change to occur to the body…. Is because, I’m overwhelmed. Oh… my…god….the amount of equipment in there for this for that. Do they have equipment for each what? Each of the three hundred muscles or so of the body?

“So I’ve tried to find some good workouts on line. I picked up this thing called ‘300’ that they put all the guys from that movie through. I can’t even get through one sixteenth of it… but I tried……and totally embarrased myself. Middle of a workout one day…and suddenly got overcome. Like my body was rejecting what I was trying to do. And I popped! Couldn’t get to the bathroom in time.... just hurled all over the floor. (face palm)

“Needless to say I’m gonna need some help, but most of the staff is gone or helping the football team right now and none of them are gonna give me the time of day as they’re preparing for the upcoming season at the start of autum. But I may get some help….

“I noticed this guy…kind of watching me. I caught him a couple of times walking up to guys, with that look as if he’s asking a question and then does the ‘point with darting eyes’ my way. He’s even walked over to the machines I was using and written some stuff down. I’m sure he was unimpressed. I mean, you’d think at my height being a tall, big guy I would naturally, proportionately be able to lift some kind of decent weight. …. …. Doesn’t quite work that way.

“Anyhoo, so this guy kind of looks like he’s checking up on me. He looks a little mature…. Not mature mature as in daddy type. He just looks you know not like a freshman or sophomore of college…I’m thinking he might be T.A. you know teacher’s assistant? I think he’s somewhere between my height to a couple inches shorter…maybe…strawberry blond…..with brown eyes… and he’s got a bod like Blake. …..

“Dahhh! I’ve started to ramble again. Ok! Sooooooo this is my bod at the start. I’ve picked up some other workout programs on the web and starting them tomorrow. I’ll let you know if they wind up working out or not. Working out or not..sounds like I was making a pun there or something. Jeeze totally tired and total geek! I’m off. Peace. Comment below. PLEASE I wanna know if I’ve got a support group to help rally me to my cause! And out!”

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