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Bienvenidos a mi casa! Mi nombre es Aaron. Haahahahahahaha

Well as you can see, friends and followers, I’m surviving the Spanish class from hell. Although technically I shouldn’t say casa as it’s a dorm room, but we’ve not learned a Spanish word for dormitory yet. Hahahahah.

So…. I tried another workout routine aaaand…..not good. (siiiiigh) It wound up being similar to 300, but worse because I kept switching up exercises too quickly. And the first thing that happened was I passed out one day. The second was I passed out due to my heart going into an abnormal rhythm.

Don’t freak out! I’m ok. The local hospital’s on call cardiologist has me all checked out. My heart is fine and beating normally again, but I’ve been warned not to do that type of work out again and not to do too strenuous exercises for a while. Why? It seems my heart is under developed or something. The doc said something about not being fully grown yet, but not sure what he means by that, cause I’ve been done growing since junior high, so my heart has got to be done growing…I think it just means it didn’t quite grow large enough for my body. Nice…

Well... it doesn’t mean I’m giving up on trying to fill this body out, I’ve just got to go about it differently than those two type of exercise programs.

Oh! Hey before I forget, I wanted to give a shout out… to…let me look at the list on my dry wipe board…ok going out to collegebud, MLBJock, Muscle16a… did you and a bunch of friends nick yourselves after a muscle chart or something? I’m muscle 1a … I’m 230b! hahahahaha just kidding man, any nick is coo. Uhm…. Umlerian49, aaaaand… Yachirobi! Sounds like Japaneese aerobics on a boat…Yachtirobi. Hahahahaaha kidding…kidding it’s all coo. I know it’s probably some cultural thing I know nothing about. Although if it’s something to do with Anime, hit me up, man. I need to explore more of that stuff, it’s awes-sauce! Any rate, all you guys, thanks for hitting the subscribe button and leaving comments and suggestions, they’ll really help my workout and motivate me!

So I’ve pared down what I’ve been doing and went to local gymnasium and saw what they were doing for their circuit and how they split the exercises up during the week, and I checked out a couple books on it from the school library. However, I’m still right where I am with the pooch. POOOOOOCH! Hahaahaahaha… cause I can’t control myself. Seriously, I couldn’t. ….

Over the last couple of weeks was the fourth of July, America’s Independence Day..YEA AMERICA! Well, I like it, I’m American. Hahahaha Which makes me wanna ask the question, do other country’s have an Independence Day of their own, or just a Birthday even of when their country formed? Comment on that down below, guys. Let’s educate ourselves!

Anyhoo, so it was big celebration weekend…and I…I couldn’t help myself. I totally became a pig! I mean even eating so fast I think I grunted at one point. I don’t what it was, if it was the site or smell of all that awesome food, but there I was diggin’ in…and diggin in and in and in and IN! It’s like I was a starvin’ Marvin or something. I don’t know why I was so hungry, and I think it’s getting worse. I’m constantly wanting to snack. I will never break this pooch up into a six pack like this. I may need loads of support, guys. What do you do to curb your cravings, hunger, and stay lean n mean?

However, all these celebratory lunches and gatherings did get me something other than another layer of “pooch” to work off. Number one, I met Austin. YO! AUSSSSSSSTIN! He’s the seven footer for the men’s basketball team here that I told you about. Well… someone brought my video to his attention, and it seems like the basketball coach has brought me to his attention, although not for what I’d hope for. They want to know if I’d be interested in trying out for the team.

So, Austin and I spoke about it. I’m not sure if I’ll do or not. On one hand it’d definitely would give me some training, proper training in how to train, and I could possibly get a scholarship to help pay for things, and all the guys on the team seem pretty coo. Austin introduced to me a lot of them. On the other hand, it’s not really my scene. I don’t really like it. Speaking of which, gay isn’t Austin’s scene. He’s coo with gays and their lives, no homophobes, he’s just straight, so no dates with him for me. And I promised to try and not faun all over him when making my videos so he’s not embarrassed. Hahahahaha

That leavessssssssssss…..Beau…the “older” guy that was following me around in the gymnasium, writing stuff down…. Well it seems he’s older, but not that much older. He’s twenty-two, just graduated and immediately starting on his Masters and guess what it’s in!.... … … it’s in Physical Training and Therapy! The man trains people to work out! So I’m hoping I can bend his ear and learn some tips and stuff from him. Although I have to say, I think he’s straight as a stiff board dipped in starch and frozen stiff, cause he was pretty much all professional. Of course he is also assisting a teacher too. Siiiiiiiiiiiiigh
Well, if you saw him you couldn?t blame me. That strawberry-blond hair, his eyes are deep deep brown, and expressive like a puppy’s, he’s tall, well not to me, but close as he’s six foot six, and buiiiiiilt! He’s actually a bit bigger than Blake Griffin’s physique, proportionately. And his accent! Awes-sause…his accent, southern, but when he speaks formally about something, his English is so impeccable he almost sounds British, and it’s a low, soft, yet firm deep baritone. ….. (shakes head) Needless to say I’ve not promised to not faun over him. hhahahahahaha But that won’t happen he’s an assistant, and like I said I don’t think he’s even bi-curious.

But… BUT!.... He has agreed to help me. And.. (rawrerawwwwww) Uhm..hahaha…sorry, that’s my stomach. I don’t know why it’s growling like that I’ve had lunch today, I don’t need anything else. Anyhoo, He’s agreed to help me and we made a bet (rawereeeeereeeaaaaauuugh). Uh…. Good gawd. I felt that. I feel so friggin empty. It’s only been a couple of hours since I had lunch. HUGE FRIGGIN SALAD! Ok so we’ve (RAWEREAAAAAW) got this bet about my current workout regime that I’m (RAWWWEREEEAAUUUGH) starting….oh….hell….(click)

Ok…sorry for that interruption. I couldn’t take it….and I….I was…..weak. I’m sorry…soooo friggin weak. But I felt so damn hungry, I just had to. It felt like my stomach was gonna eat itself inside out. So I just polished off two double cheeseburgers from the cafeteria downstairs. I KNOW! Not the way to loose the pooch. Pooch pooch pooch… (jiggle belly… jiggle jiggle …. Jiggle) fucking pooch. (click)

Alright… I can’t give in any more. I’ve got to stop snacking. Austin has given me a challenge, we have a bet actually. He says the program I’m attempting now won’t work, and in fact I’ll gain more improper type of weight. If that’s true, I lose the bet and #1 I have to follow the regime he gives to me to do to exercise and #2 He promises to show me one exercise that will really help to work off my gut.

So, that’s my goal again for the next two weeks. The last what..six now, have seem unproductive, yeah I know I’m still just starting out. But any rate we’ll see how the new regime works and if I lose the bet with Austin and what he’s gonna suggest. Leave me comments below. Subscribe. Peace out.

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