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(giggles off side cam)

“SHUT u-UUH-p, BOH-oooo.”


“aheeeeem aHEEEEEEEEM….(cough cough cough) It’s not f-UH-nny! I don’t like talking AH-ny mo-ORrrr… heeeeeeem hooooch (cough)”

“Quit making yourself hock a lugey. You don’t have a cold, your voice isn’t hoarse…”

“Then wh-AH-at….h..”

“Don’t do that!”

“siiiiigh……then what is it?”

“I told you, it’s what I can’t tell you about…”

“You me-EEAN WO-n’t…”

“But I think you’re going to find out in a couple of minutes, so just go ahead and do what you were going to do.”

“Ok….but I’m going to talk very low and slow because my voice doesn’t go nearly as h-AY-….haywire when I talk like that. I’m not sure what’s happening with my v-OI-ce… … … but it’s why I went almost two months before I posted another video.
“So-O.. … … (siiiiiigh) … First things first, come on people, post something down there on what to call you. I feel bad just callin’ you people. Give me something…anything you like. Just write it down in the comment section b-EE-low. … …. ….”

“It’s ok, Aaron. You’re doing fine.

“Next, I’m dressed up in this leafy green tunic for the big Halloween party today. It’s over. As it’s now like two AAeeee…ahem two a.m. now. No, I’m not the Jolly Green Giant. Austin went as that and I went as “Sprout.” Which for some reason, Beau said was apropos and A-UOO-stin… … Austin said he needed to be the Giant while he still could… …. Like what’s he gonna do, shr-IN-k?”

“He will to some of us..(giggle.)”

“What was that, Beau?”


“uh-huh….anyhow we had a great time playing the two giant guardians of vegetables. And… A-AA-aa-AAA-aanD! … … … ….”

“a-HA! Mrrrggghhhh-snicker-snicker”

“BE-ooo-OOO! … ….”


… …. …


“It’s ok, there’s a reason your voice is doing this.”

“But I W-AH-ant to kn-OH-w! … … .. it’s scaring me. I went to the Athletic Teams’ doctor, he said he knew, but wouldn’t tell me why. And I know it’s cause you told him not to; he had that look just like Austin and you do.”

“Just continue with the video… it’ll be revealed in a moment.”

“ok… … … … So, ….so on the workout front… let me take the tunic and shirt off… I’m not sure how it’s working. I’m gaining weight like nobody’s business, but it’s still piling on as the wr-ONG….wrong type. My arms and legs and chest are looking defined, but don’t look like they’re getting really built up or bigger, except for the fact that they look like they’re starting to pack on some of the fat my p….I’m not calling it pooch anymore… my g-Ut, my gut is packing on and even my f-AAA-ce is getting pudgy. But, Beau says I’m doing fine…”

“Right as rain, bud. Go on to the next item you wanted to talk about.”

“Ok. … …. So… got an message from one you fans of my videos. Loved the size comparisons from our last video, but apparently says we missed one. He says we didn’t notice the size comparison between my very own flip-flops and my fe-EE-eet. Of course this ridiculous, which I told him, ‘cause my feet and the flip-flops or my shoes are the same size. K correction on that, my shoes will be slightly larger as they cover my feet… duh…

“Anyho-OO-oo… he kept insisting so I told him I’d do a comparison on my next video. Here are my size 23 flip-flops. You can tell they’re mine cause my name is on the bottom of them see. (flip flip) and you won’t find too many of them ‘cause there’s not too many of us with size 23 shoes. The flip flops go down on the ground….(drop) cam gets pointed at the flip flops… and now I put my feet down on top of them and you will see that they….. …. … ….”


“mmm mm m m m mmy fe-EE-eet! M-AIY Fee-EEt are bI-gger thAAn my shOOES!”

“It’s ok… Aaron, calm down…”

“nn nnn n n n n n no NO! Look down at my feet! I can feel it even if I don’t see it…B…B..Beau? Be-AU get a ruler…”

“Ok.. I’ve got it…you want me to put it down next to your foot?”


“Ok it’s down…”

“REEEad i-IT to-OO-oo mE-ee!”

“Ok.. ok.. .take it easy… your feet are just a little over 16 1/4 inches long.”


“A..a…aaron? AARON! What are you doing?”

“Loo-OOk at that… LOOK AT THAT!”

“Yes, it’s the palm print you did at the beginning of the summer semester.”

“LOOK AT IT! My hand is…is…larger than the print! H…h..h,..Ho-oOOOW?!”

“Ok, Aaron, come in and sit down…. You’ve woken a couple of people they’ll call security if you don’t calm down. Just come in here and sit and I’ll explain it all… Here have some Dr. Pepper… … .. … you ok?”

“Uhm…no…but calm…Beau?”

“It’s ok. Now… I’m not tryin to talk down to you or be funny, but… you know the talk about the birds and the bees?”


“Well, let’s say you’ve gone through your birds but not through your bees yet.”


“You’re a late bloomer. You’re hitting you huge puberty moment now…after high school.”

“But I can’t get taller, I’m six-foot nine. I don wAaaanna get tAller, I wanna gEEt bi-IHG!”

“Well, you’re gonna get a lot taller. All that your body has been building up lately is pretty much kind of like baby fat, and it’s gonna be used to help fuel your growth which has already started in your hands, feet,…”

“and v-OI-ce?...”

“yep and voice, which is what’s happening right now.”

“but I wanted to become built…really tall guys…”

“We’ll have to wait and see… if you’re still the skinny morph and fat morph combination when you’re done, chances are you’ll be a slim build, but you can be an nice one… maybe still get to like Blake Griffin...just on a frame about a half a foot to foot taller.”

“A FOOT TA-AH-AH-ahhh-LLER!?!?”

“We don’t know…we don’t know how much… but uhm… you’re parents are pretty tall.. you may have gotten the full brunt from both sides.”

“WhY-y did you keep this from me, if you knew what was happening?”

“I wanted to surprise you with it after I got some data on you from workouts and it started to happen; I thought you’d like seem to have a thing for size.”

“Mu-UH-scle size. … …. Now I’m gonna be a supersized, extra long cut string-bean. … … ..”

“Hey, what are you doing…”

“Well, stay tuned Aaron-philes… We’ll see if I become Robert Wa-AA-dlow and Beau can manage to make some bumps on my sticks…aaargh!...”

“Hey, don’t smack the cam you could break it…”

“Yeah cause giants ra-A-mpage… … Oh my Gawd…look at my feet next to yours… they’re… they’re….”

“Four inches longer…”



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