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“Hello to my fan club!”

“Yo! Screeners!”

“That was a big hello from the man, Beau. We’re here to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving day, if you’re from America. If not, uhm…. I don’t know what all you celebrate in November, but hope you’re having a good one.

“Ok… first things first. I’d like to apologize for my big emo-moment on the cam last month. Uhm it was lil’ upsetting for a few reasons. 1. Kind of odd to be a late bloomer this far in my life or development. … …. …. 2. I don’t have anything against uber tall people. Let’s face it at 6’ 9” tall I was already one of them. But I didn’t want to get any taller cause it is a little harder for really tall men to put on really large muscle size. Aaaaaand I’d kind of like to build up a little muscle…”

Cough “powerlifter!”

“Ok a bit of muscle…”

Cough “bodybuilder!”

“…yes….. we know I’d like to be well built…”

Cough “superhero!”

“Beau shut up!”

Cough “Incrediblehulk!”

“Oooo kaaaaay! I’d really like to get built quite big and large. Like a bodybuilder. I have a desire…”

Cough “fetish!”

“ahem… a strong yearning….”

Cough “muscleworship”

“BeaaaaaaUUUUU! ?! A strong commitment to a goal…”

Cough “Sizequeen!”

“hey… to be a strong…”

Cough “duke…”


Cough “prince…”


Cough “sizeking!”

“ALRIGHT! I admit it, I want to be built like the friggin hulk! I wanna be so broad I have to turn sideways to get through a door. I want arms bigger than my head! Are you happy now?!?”


“Would you shush! Ahahahahahaha..”


“aaahh… oooof!” [tumble roll flip bump bang]

“SHIT! Aaron, you ok?”

“Yeah… you’re just quicker than I thought and I’m all clumsy with my feet and all…”

“Which is the other thing you wanted to post about.”

“huh? OH YEAH! Right. Sorry, screeners. So number one was my apology. Hope you all realize how a little freaked out I can be. I’m in college and yet, apparently I’m hitting my growth spurt now. A 6’ 9” inch tall man, hitting his growth spurt. And it’s starting with these!”

(whistles…) “ooooo big dogs.”

“Shut up, Beau! Do you have the outline?”


“Hold it up… Okay.. .as you can see this is an outline of my foot…. With a copy of a tape measure showing my foot to be….”

“sixteen point six six six inches.”

“Which means since we measured it from the last video, it’s grown a little more than one fourth of an inch in a month. This means that my feet are now…what was it?”

“You now wear a US men’s size 28 shoe.”

“You hear that folks. Size 28! No wonder my feet have been hurting since the middle of summer. I out grew my shoes now by 5 sizes! And my hands are growing with them! Beau, put your hand up. Look at this folks, look at this! And Beau’s not a small dude. He’s six foot six inches tall, with good sized feet and hands of his own. Yet now, watch I can do this…. See my fingers how they curl over the tops slightly of Beaus?”

“oooh ah..”

“What, Beau?”

“ahem nothing…”

“With hands and feet like these it means only one thing. Beau knows it… my family doctor knows it… who I spoke with two days before Thanksgiving…. I’m gonna be a giant. A GIANT!”


“Beau, you ok?”

“ahem.. .yeah I think I had a lil too much pumpkin pie.”

“Yeah.. we did put away a lot of food…me especially I don’t know what got into me. .. … I was scarffing down food like I was starvin’ marvin! I mean I ate a whole pie by myself!”

“two and a half.”


“Yeah you ate two and a half and that was after three plates of dinner.”


(knock knock knock)


“Son, not to bother you and your friend, but Grandma’s just gone to bed, could you keep your voice down, please. It’s become.. rather booming.”

“Ok, Dad. No problem… … … That’s the third thing as you can tell, my voice is almost done cracking and it’s gotten soooo low… BIG BASS!”


“You ok?”

“Yeah.. fine…”

“So I sound like that movie announcer guy. Like the bass man from those old country quartet groups, like James Earl Jones. It’s so friggin deep!....Deeeeeeep!”


“You need a tums or somethin’, Beau.”

“No no… I’m fine…”

“Let me see, that’s my apology…my feet…. my voice…..comment made on my gut. But I guess all this isn’t to bad… I guess it’s ‘baby fat’ growing right? So as you can see we’re not in my dorm room. We’re at my home, parent’s house. Home for Thanksgiving. I invited Beau because I found out something about my trainer. He doesn’t have a family. He lost them on a vacation a number of years ago… Mom, Dad, brother…. Poor guy. So I invited him to my house to spend the holiday here.”

“And I was treated very well! (pat pat pat…) almost a little too well, ahahaha”

“Anyhoo… he’s been a great friend too. Helped me come to terms with my new news, and I’ve decide I’m still gonna go for it. No matter how tall I become I’m gonna try and become as big and built as I can. How will you feel about that trainer Beau?”

“Hey what are you…”

“Me looming over you..thick with muscle, making the trainer looks like a skinny wimp. GIANT MUSCLE!”

“shh uuuuuhaaaah…”

“Ahahahaahh, just razzing ya Beau. I couldn’t loom and gloom over ya. Oh! I forgot… over here near this door… as you can see, one mark two marks…up and up and up… this is my last one before graduation of high school. It’s my growth tree notched on the door frame. Beau is gonna help me now as see if anything has changed….Ready?”


“ok.. take this here… let me stand… feet against the wall… here’s a pen….no you need the ruler to guide the mark…yeah like that…. Ok …. So we got it? Marked and all?”


“And so?”

“Six foot….nine…..and a half.”

“Oh my god! I’ve grown half an inch!”

“Yep… it’s starting…”

“Now we’ll just have to wait and see how tall I get. So hopefully once I stop, I can continue to work with Beau here and fill myself out. But only time will tell on that. I have no idea what I’mm gonna do for shoes. My twenty three’s were hard enough to come by. Better wrap this up as grandma went to bed. This is Aaron…”

“….and Beau.”

“Sayin night till the next video to all… oh crap. Item number five! People, ya gotta put something in the comment section below to tell me what to call you! Ok?! Got it? Write something down! Alright peace!”


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