- Milehigh Man - Workout Journal 1/25/-2

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�Hello followers! Ok, enough of this� this is a new year. I�ve been posting a vlog up for �well this is the seventh month now. Somebody�.ANYONE!....�

�Dude!....indoor voice. Your voice has gotten so deep you even think about yellin� you make the walls shake.�

�hahahahaha� shush! You�re just jealous cause I have a big manly voice and you�re still like a tenor.�

�Yeah, but I am Angel, and Angel has the stick!�

(crackle crackle, fumble, zooOOOOOM! Fumble fumble)

�Angel! Did you just pan down to your crotch!�

�Of course, I mentioned the stick, everyone must see the steeeck!�

�You are not Jose Jalepeno��

�On a steeeeek!�

�hahahahahaha SHUSH!�

�Oh gawd�..I love how your voice even rumbles through my barrel chest�wow��

�Would you stop, Angel. Hahahahaha this is supposed to be about me and how my workouts are progressing.�

�So I just showed them the big, thick, heavy bar you have to lift.�


�That�s right folks� Aaron and I are an item. He helps me work out with my bar, and then�he helps me workout with MY bar.�


�Well, okay, I do help put him through a regular weight training workout as well.�

�YOU!...that�s not what I meant. Anyhow� Angel has been helping me go through my paces, although I�m still packing baby fat��

�But that�s getting ready to fall off, or I should say stretch out.�


�What?!? It is happening.�

�Well, that�s what I getting ready to tell them. But first, anyone, someone please suggest in the comment section below� down there where my fingers are pointing� suggest a name to call all my followers� I�ll even mention you with a big thank you��

�Like a six foot � nine and something and grrrrroooOOOOWING guy could give a small one.�

�ANGEL! �. And I�ll even mention you with a big thank you in my video. Now for the news So, at the end of this month I�m flying over to England. The Guiness people are inviting me to be on their show and they�re going to do an official measurement of my feet. Which by the way, are now up to a solid seventeen inches long so I officially, well unofficially, but I looked it up, I wear a US men�s size 29�if they had any available. It�s miserable right now.�

�Yeah, Aaron�s toosties� can you call feet that big tootsies? Should just call them slabs.�


�Yeah, well? So Aaron�s feet..FEEEEET! Couldn�t fit into his old shoes what-so-ever anymore. He tried to buy a pair of the largest shoes he could get��

�Nike had a pair of twenty-fives��

�And feetzilla tore right through them.�


�The good news is, for extra credit, members of the fashion degree here at U. BUILT, are working on designing footwear and making it for Aaron here so his feet won�t freeze while walking in between classroom buildings during the winter. Show off their first pair, Aaron.�

�Let me lift my flippers up to the cam� Feet cheeeeeeese!�

�Ewww, that�s a gross thought!�

�Well I don�t know what say for showing off feet. Anyhow�I kind of like them, they almost look like converse sneakers, but a lil more stylin�.�

�Not only that but..�

�Yeah� not only that but�BUT! My vlog, thank you� not only that but they�re going to help make clothes for me too, when I�m done growing up. Speaking of which, I�m now� wait� Angel, pick up the cam� follow me�. Ok let me back up� can you get a clear, non blurry shot of the chart?�

�Yeah, I got it.�

�Yes folks, I�ve got a growth chart on my wall. I look like a big dork, but parents wanted it and doctor ordered it, so I can see how I�m growing and report to him, but hey, it helps let you who are following me know what�s happening. So I back up to the chart, place the thin piece of cardboard on top of my head, make the mark� and you can see, cause I checked earlier in the week so I already know. I�m now 6� 10� even, so I�m growing up still��

�Uhm�.more like about ten and a fourth��


�Yeeeeah�. Your head mark is just slightly above the ten inch mark on the six foot ten inch line, so you�re more like six foot ten and a fourth��

�I�m growing faster?�

�Well, you are supposed to grow quite a bit.�


�Hey, buddy, lover� I thought you were ok with this finally.�

�Well I am� but I�m not� the taller I get the harder it�s gonna be probably to pack on some size. I�ll be like fifty-eight before I can have size enough to look like an amateur bodybuilder.�

�Hey� don�t sweat it. When you�re done growing, your body will begin to fill out so your muscles can move that huge frame. Beau and I will help put you through paces so you can fill out really well.�

�Yeah, but I don�t think I�ll look as big and cut as you��

�Who knows� you�ve got a pretty skinny frame on ya now��

�Except for this�. Damn pooch.�

�Quit shaking it. Who knows you may wind up with a thicker body style by the end, and like I said, Beau and I will help out.�

�Except, Beau is really sick right now. I hardly see him at all, even in the gym.�

�Funny, I see him all the time. He�s always in the middle of assisting folks through their workouts� I think he picked up even more trainer�s time and he�s been in all the classes he assists.�

�Maybe he�s avoiding me.. maybe he doesn�t like the fact I�m gonna grow into a giant.�

�No, I think he likes that� I think he likes that too much, actually.�

�Well, I want to see him. I need to ask him about��

�About what?�

�About a particular exercise.�

�Would that happen to be the one that works your abs with a special lead ball, chain and cuff?�

�Uhm�yeah�very progress modern equipment��

�Not it�s not� I know where it is�..�

�He�heeeY! Angel, we�re on camera!�

�And I hate to tell you this, but that�s not for working out your abs��

�It�s not!?!�

�You really are a sweet innocent lil kid aren�t you?�


�That piece of equipment is meant to�..(whispers)�


�Not that I would know from experience or anything as my muscles in that area have always been big��


�Let me show you how you really work that area��

�What are doing? WHATAREYOUDOINGANGEL! Aaaaah ha ha ha! Oh� my��

�Now, we can rock back and forth��

�But you�re sitting on my thigh and you�ve made me sit on yours��

�Yes and together we bend forward�and backwards�forwards� and backwards� really working the abs and lower back��

�You�re like scotching on me� an..d�d�d�.. �. �. � What�what is tha��
�That is the result of a really great ab workout or naturally cut abs like mine IS�..uhm are��

�Aa�are� are you still scotching on my��

�No. No Aaron, I�m not.�

�Then that�that is�.(swallow)�that is is is�is your��

�Yes�. Ok, boys and girls, We�re gonna sign off now as I show Aaron all the correct ways to firmly grip a weight bar when working out.�


�Shhhhhhhhhhhh� now you make a firm grip, like your shaking hands with a real man��


�And then you�reach round to the camera aaaaand....�


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